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6205 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, United States

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REVIEWS OF Geaux Clean Car Wash - Siegen IN Louisiana

Specter Ross

Great staff, anytime I had an issue they quickly helped me out. One time in the wash a plastic molding fell off my door. After letting them know, they paused the wash to help me find it, which we did. The ultimate wash really did make a noticeable difference, especially the 'Armour Tire Shine' and 'RainX'.

Mike c

Good place to go

Samuel Wells

Love this place any time I need a good car wash I can count on them and I recommend them to any one who is looking for a good price and detailed washing

Brad Rohman

What in the hell? It's part 10 and still close. I was using the prewash station and I seen 20 cars come and turnaround. Someone is lacking.

Desmond Bellard

trey fleuriet

Erica Wheat

This is the best carwash in Baton Rouge! Everyone is extremely nice. Would recommend this wash to anyone!

Greg Jack

Best wash and air dry in the city.

Joi Smith

Des Cal

Charles Holmes

Great place to get a quick car wash, staff is awesome and I got my car clean quick!!!

candace dunn

I was scared at first because i had never been through a car wash or saw the prices. Was very reasonable. Washes start at 5.00. Very fast and cleaned my car excellent. Friendly staff. Just follow the drive thru instructions and you are done. Free vacuums at this location after any wash also. Very satisfied.

Cameron Roberson

Darryl Thierry

CiCi Rmz

Very very very rude no customer service not a good environment


Loved this place when I lived in BR.

Tee Wee

This was my first time visiting this site. And I must say that I was very pleased with the sercices.


Faith Oakerson

Half the staff are friendly, hard working, and great. They make this carwash awesome. Then the other half are lazy ass hell. When the "Lazies" are on shift, the pre-wash buckets are empty or dirty, the unisex bathroom is gross, and they sit in the air conditioned office and stare at your ass while you vacuum your car out. The toilet seat is always up, no matter the staff. I've never seen a women working there. The carpet cleaning machine is pretty cool, but I don't think they realize it needs to be cleaned, too. The owner has obviously invested in GREAT equipment to get your car clean, and so long as it's maintained, it's awesome.

Jae Huh

Halie Waid

Good wash, Good vacums!

JoAnn Abbott

Suz Ratkovcic

Heather Ryan

Ashley A

Casie Priest

Go Himawan

$5 car wash with unlimited vacuum.

Felisha Gutierrez

Good car wash

Reagan Layne

Paid for a $18 car wash and the back of my truck looks the same as it did before I went in. Disappointed.

j. r

Manda Guidry

I've had better

David Myers

Tom Clark

B Glocklin

rosetta Armand

Car wash is fantastic

Bobby Givens

Abraham Gomez

Good prices, good services.

melvin sanders

Jason Blevins

Good car wash

Lisa Lively

Love Geaux Clean! Great deals, easy access, and great options for the car!

Alexander Reaux

I splurged and got the $10 car wash, and it was over in less than a minute and my car didn't look any cleaner than the typical six dollar. The vacuums or so weak I had to hand pick out animal fur. With so many other similar car washes they really need to raise the bar if they want continued business. None of the carpet clips held my rug -all were we Weak. Really disappointed in the weak vacuums and some who didn't work at all. Can get better service for same price everywhere else.

Audrey James

Lynette Pique'

Jonas Martin

Chris Reine

Great staff, facility is very clean

Siege Now

Should be open at 7 am.

Simply Green

Darrell Ward


Jared Scott


Seigen Ln location employee scout is awesome

Joshua Gourgues

Great price for a great wash!

Patricia Braswell

Love this place

Todd Dick

Latonya Seaberry

Katrina Varnado

This place is awesome, I especially like the mat machine.

.allison cavalier

Good car wash

Adam S.

lawrence hayes

Mike Sibley

Keisha Litton

Deputy Prepper

Fogarasi Csilla

Rosie Trevino

D Johnson

I love this place

Sura Alqaisi

Teresa Rayburn

Very nice

Al Miceli

Not worth the money , only reason for 1 star is rims and tires came out nice but my xlr was still dirty barely knocked off the dust.

Brandon Taylor

One of my favorite Geaux Clean locations. I like the way the dryers are set up here compared to some of the other locations.

Brian Jarvis

reyjavik harris

Nice clean place really gets my truck clean

Mandy Lubin

Adrian Chaney

Great place to wash your vehicle! Love the location..Lots of department stores and coffee shops near this area.

Elite Travel

Joey Phillips


Eric Mercier

Great value for your money get 20 dollar a month deal


Absolutely love this place, I pay the $19.95 monthly fee and get unlimited car washes per month! They have free vacuums and a great staff to help with any problems or concerns! This place is highly recommendable in book! #ILoveGeauxClean

Milton Borel

Sharon Martin


Free vacuum and good deal on autowash. Nice pre wash stations too

Stuart Carter

Aaliyah Butler

Mhai Agravante

lil Sexy


Victor Sanchez Cajal

Lisa Wilson

The car wash was excellent and the vacuums worked great

Toby Nichols

Strong vacuums, cleaning stations to clean the tough spots before the car wash

Mark Miller

Good wash

Tiffany Martin

I've always loved these car washes, until one scratched up my trunk pretty bad and I never heard back from anyone about it. I'm nervous to use them again. I think I'll stick with Bennys.

Carl Tarwid


If you download the app you will get a discount on different services.

Scotty Carughi

Membership is awesome! Car wash is.the best in town

Cam M

Austin Darouse

R3 Bail Bonds & Recovery USA

Keeps my truck clean

BR Bandfan

Brenda Kyle

Cory Darbonne

yadiel Blanco


Clean and kept up. Pricing the same as other similar style washes. Unlimited time vacuum with purchase of wash.

Nerf Car Wash And Vacuum Videos

The fire and ice is amazing their wrap around provide deep cleaning the dryers are powerful and so are the vacuums and I love the touch screen pay stations

Brooke Alexis

John Goudeau

Low cost and quick

James Snyder

Favorite place for car waah

Dominique Mills

Brianna Beeson

Katherine Payne

Good place to wash your car , and unlimited time to vacuum.

Holly Midd

Juanita Butler

Amanda Sirikul

Heather Nettleton

I like this car wash. Free vacuum use after every wash. They have more vacuums than others so it's not a fight to get one.

Jacob Miles

They do advertise free vacuums, but you need to buy a car wash 1st. Although you have to buy a car wash 1st even the cheapest $5 one is amazing. I thought my paint was ruined with stained water runs but I went to that car wash and they came out 1st try.

George Jacobs

Mallory Perrault

I purchased a basic wash on 7/5/2019. My wash started when all of a sudden the car in front of me stopped and I had to hit my breaks not to rear end him, as did the truck behind me. The attendants had to stop the car wash and have all three of us drive partially through the wash. I am very claustrophobic and was anxious by the time they had to restart the car wash to get us all the way through. My car wasn’t even clean afterwards. You would expect that they would have came out to the three of us in the vacuum section and offered us a replacement wash at the very least, but no. No one even came to see if our vehicles were okay. Would give 0 stars if possible. Update: I was put in touch with the manager and he apologized for the situation and it was rectified. They really want their customers to be satisfied and I, as a customer, genuinely appreciate that. Thank you, Geaux Clean.

Lincoln Tomkin

Jim Laville

If you want your car to be clean here, clean it at home first. My car was moderately dirty with some bugs on the front. I asked the attendant after if I should expect the bugs to be removed. He said “no because they were embedded in the paint.” Wow! The back of my car is also still very dirty. Not worth a cent.

Mike Wang

They shows "free vacuum " but their free vacuum means free after you pay car wash, you should know the difference between "free" and " condition free ", like "buy one get one free" can't be just show as "get one free"! Is this tricky or stupid?

Myra Ford

Awesome car wash, strong vacuum system

Nate D

Great car wash with pre-wash stations, excellent vacuums and rags to use for wiping down the interior. Not the cheapest, but a high quality car wash.

Mia Alexander

Starting to love this carwash better than bennys

Marc Cazes

Very good carwashes

Bobbie Favaron

Best car wash n town

Kirk Kanatani

Mike Womack

Eric Blevins

Marcel Mary

Car is somehow still dusty right after the wash. Will not return.

Corey Borne

Karen Cortes

Britt Dizzle

Kayla Andrus

I hate to get to a place and see that the workers are there but the place is not open, when it says open at 7am. Change your time online please. Saves some of us time.


Great place to get a clean car.

DeAnna Marchand

I understand the antennas are to be removed/lowered before a wash, therefor the worker was nicely asked if he could remove the antenna from the vehicle and therefor was given permission to touch the vehicle before the car wash. Worker then said hed be right on it. Attendant never removed the antenna and the car wash broke it off and damaged the vehicle. After the wash all the worker had to say for himself was 'my, bad' and all the manager had to say was 'it's not our problem' I am aware they will not just go out of their way to remove items, however a request was nicely asked and the request was not turned down. I would feel better going to car washes that have better attentive workers than going to one based on the comfort of its location. Quality matters.

Anna Van V

One of the best places I’ve visited to clean your car

Nabeel Eltahir

Raven Spring

Car was as clean as i was expecting.

I Mike

jared bitzer

Jenn Squirrel

Krystal Trinh

Stop-by. Definitely use the bug cleaner area! Worth your money, strong vacuums, and free carpet cleaners.

money young

Paul N.


Darolyn Williams

Cleaned really well

Chantell Loving you always

Very nicely just not friendly staff

Charlotte Melder

It only took me one visit to become a permanent Geaux Clean customer! Everything is so neat and organized. The floor mat cleaning machine is truly amazing and truly FREE! This place is easily the best wash in town with high-tech options and plenty that you can't find anywhere else.

Ronald Johnson

Kyle Coats

King Rivas

Ty S.

Robert Quasdorf

Leonardo Cassan

good atention

c wms

Tim Lajaunie


Linda P. Seal

For automatic car wash . .a good job . .wonderful prep area

Nicholas Fleniken

Good place to wash your car .

Brian Ramsey


Larry B

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