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Here we offer you the reviews of people who are using the services of Blue Harbor Pointe Car Wash (Car Wash) around Louisiana area.

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REVIEWS OF Blue Harbor Pointe Car Wash IN Louisiana

Michael Riecke

Had extreme circumstances with the mud in my front end. Took extra care to clean it.

Megan Adams

The experience was easier than I've ever delt with. I was in and out within 5-10 minutes. Including calling insurance and filling the chips in my window. They handled the insurance company I just had to speak to them and verify everything. Defiantly recommend them to everyone!

Alicia Graham

Best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. Quick, friendly , and quality service.

Kathy Anyone

Paul Parrie

Good value.

Charlene Weaver

Fast courteous service

Jacob Saenz

Very happy to have a place like this available in Mandeville.

erick king

Tray Jackson


Marilyn Noto

I work here.

Usheeka Quinn

Eddie Clements

Overall pretty good. Have noticed attention to details are not what they use to be.


They do a decent job of cleaning your car, run it through a machine car wash then hand dry it (extra price). But the wait is made OK by offering you free popcorn on the weekend and there is a PJs coffee onsite.

Holden Hendrix

Fantastic service, can't beat the bang for your buck!

Thorsten Leighty

They could pay more attention to detail. Had to point out a couple things. Clean facility.


Car wash sucks half of the brushes do not work. Only way your car actually gets cleaned is if you get the interior cleaning because they wipe it down and they still do not do a good job. Everything is overpriced their gas is 30 cents higher than anyone else and treat their employees like garbage. Also their oil shop is missing half the floor and you know they are making enough money to fix it they just let it look run down and trashy.


Bob Gegenheimer

Great car wash. Lots of free vacuums. There are several attendants to pre wash, push in mirrors and help guide you into wash. They even have a deal where for as little as $20 a month, you gave get as many washes as you want.

Kasey Titone

Quick and easy ... they do a great job

Julie Veitia

Vacuums barely have any suction. Not enough to suck up anything. I told them and they didn't seem to care. One guy told me they don't keep the "self vacuums" maintained. What kind of car wash is this? No offer of a refund or other services offered.

Casey Loris

I always bring my vehicles there for the best wash & detail around & the coffee @ PJ’s is great !

Michael B

Great value, and the best customer service.

Andrew Albin

Donald Owens

Chad Rose

Great work

Stefan Maronge

Great car wash. They do a wonderful job.


Simply the best!

Mark Trimmer

Car wash and cleaning is ok but, the windows are ALWAYS left with streaks. You would think when you pay over $30 plus tip for a wash, wipe and vacuum that you wouldn’t have to clean the windows again when ya get home. I also think that trying to charge you for a 2nd air freshener in a full size SUV is pretty cheap of them seeing how they always used to give 2 without issue prior.

cameron goodreau

I had a fantastic experience. I had a problem with my trunk not being cleaned, I wasn't aware of the policy, but when I spoke to the a Manager, whose name I can't remember, he took care of it within 5 minutes. I am thoroughly impressed and will definitely be returning soon. Btw, if you want your trunk cleaned, pop it.

Sharon Rickards

Great car wash

Colby Hall

Car wash is free with oil change! Love this place.

Justin Bennett

Clean, easy access, safe environment

Joshua Waltrip

John Kiefer

Best car wash in town. And Veterans get either free enhanced wax or interior Armor All. This is the place to go for great service.

Laura Keels

Too expensive!!!!!

Brianna Langhauser

Amazing service and great price. For $30 you leave with a sparkling outside and sparkling inside. You can tell they do Maintance in their car wash. Always leaves my car sparkling. Highly recommend. Staff is great too!

Double B Gaming

Good service

Thomas Butler

Kevin Cefalu

Risa Dalton

One of the only places for a complete car wash. Keep up the great work!

Augie Doucet

they do a great job on cleaning your vehicle and at a reasonable place and employees are very well train

Kayla Killyah

My boyfriend brought his crv up to this car wash and they did an excellent job on the detail but forgot to mention they left the key (that is needed to atleast be near the car I’m guessing) underneath the windshield wipers. Careless mistake but it took me forever to reach someone via call once I did they put me on hold to go ask about the key; took about 20 minutes or so before I hung up so I left a message. My boyfriend drove from Mandeville to Covington with it underneath the wipers. Smgdh alas the detail was great just be more cautious of letting people know these type of things.

Luis Diamond

Southern Bella Donna

Their carwash scratched up my car and it took forever to get it fixed. Just wash it yourself and save yourself some grief.

Beth Lejeune

Wish they had more of these. Love it

Keith Bodin

Best car wash I've ever been to! They made my filthy truck look awesome! Extreme attention to details! Great value!

Ryan Baham

David Hernandez

I visited Blue Harbor on 8/26/13 due to hearing about the speedy service, etc. It was the biggest mistake I could have made in choosing them for my car wash needs. The speedy service was correct but the work was horrible. I was treated like a number. The only time an attendant spoke with me was when he was looking for a tip. The vacuum job was horrible. My 4 year old could of done better. They missed cleaning my passenger rear window, the tire dressing was spotty on 3 of 4 tires. I still had bugs on the front bumper and my cup holder was never touched. After bringing that to the attention of the crew, they attempted to correct the problems but kept blaming each other for the mishaps. In which I though it was very unprofessional. I paid over $30 dollars for this wash which included some upgrades. I will never use their services again. I did ask around about how people felt about Blue Harbor, and to no surprise, they had similar complaints. The only thing that was guaranteed was speedy service. I rather have quality work done then having my car back in 15 minutes!!! I am going to check out a place called Mandeebay?? on Florida St. I heard through some former Blue Harbor customers that if I want quality work and over all good customer service but can spare 30-60 minutes ( depending on how dirty my car is) I should give them a try. They spend the time & you get more than what you paid for. I will give them a try & will return to post an update. Anything has to be better than the poor quality work Blue Harbor does. Wish me luck!

Travis Motichek

Pretty good wash

Adam S

the machine scratched my vehicle and one of the employees stole my whole change seperater that was full, and left with half decent truck. When I told manager about it he denied it said the machine dosent make that type of scratches. The place is too busy for them to do a good job and now they are stealing, not sure what I'm going to do about that, didn't get much progress from the scratch discussion!

Brad Branson

Awesome Job at great price!

Hal Ross

Best Carwash On North Shore!

Laura Schouest

Very disappointed, we were just told that they did not have time to wash our Jeep... some mud, it's not covered. Craziness!

Dan Laporte

Does a decent job for the price, friendly staff. As a side note: I've observed my car moving from station only to see the workers clean my windows time and time again. I'd have been gone 15 min sooner if they had more space for the cars after passing out of the wash.

Trey Triplett

Great car wash at a great price. They fully detailed my car inside and out for under 30 dollars. I was in and out in less then 15 mins and was completely satisfied. I highly recommend this place for all your detailing needs.

Alison Rovira

Car wash barely took any dirt off my SUV

Varin Jacqueline Hoss

Great service. Everything in one stop. Car wash gas, dry cleaners and coffee!!!

Christine Evans

Only place I go for a inside and out carwash. They do a really great job.

Chris Drake

Great car wash, for interior especially. The exterior wash facility is showing its age and could use updating. But the team that we down your car and cleans the inside is top notch. I would go elsewhere, like pelican pointe, for a quick exterior wash, but come to blue harbor for interior, and great coffee at the attached PJ's.

Mike Beitzel

You need to do something about the prices

Beau Gast

Usually a great interior and exterior car wash.

Lanny Kilchrist

Rori Crowley

Marcia Oursler

Dorthy Bolden

I could have gotten my tires wiped around two CS instead of just once... then I would have been grateful

Christopher Reggie

They refuse to wash dirty cars. If you have a little dust on you vehicle they claim it might break their machine.

Stacey Trapp

Fast and done ritw

james moragne

Great experience! Daughter enjoyed her PJ's coffee.

June Selzer

Dr Hebert

Kewane Edwards

Love the place

Desiree Waguespack

I don't know why I keep coming back. They NEVER do a decent job on the windshield....EVER! It's always hazy and streaked. This last time. they didn't even wipe the car off well. There were areas of road dirt all over the place. Given the price you pay to have the car cleaned, it's extremely disappointing.

anna abram

Fair enough

Jason Olivier

Expensive but quality all around

Ross Jordan

Fast service...but they missed the entire back window.

Carl Eberts

Always good cleanings

Carolina Allers

Very disappointed of Blue Harbor Pointe car wash service!!! I paid for the most expensive service and even included hot wax. When finished the windows had so many stains (like rain drops) and inside there was still a lot of dust. In summary, the wash outside and cleaning inside was the worst I have ever seen!!! I can vacuum my car much better... DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!! When complained to the managers (the one in a red shirt and the other one called “Josh”) they said we should try another car wash

Sarah Chiasson

Great service! Worth the drive from Covington to get a shiny car with an oil change.

Greg Anderson

Clean nice people and no thugs or hood rats hanging around. Safe

Kaitlyn Millet

Great fast carwash. One of the best

Mackenzie Eady

Always great job

christopher barton

We use this place a ton. $29 for in/out wash while u sit a coffee shop.

Jody Finzer

Car wash was great, but pushy sales people on the property tried to push just about everything on me! Everything from repairing a pebble sized chip on my window to replacing my headlight coversI have an eleven year old car, if I really wanted to spend money I would just purchase a new car. First and last time getting my car washed here.

Lynne Campo

Expensive, OK wash. (Update March 2019.) I’m updating my review to 4 stars. We just went through this carwash and they did an excellent job. They offered to take off our antenna even though we were getting an inexpensive wash. Our car cane out really clean and shiny. The staff were super friendly and didn’t try to push us into expensive detailing packages. I would definitely return!

Bryan Shaw

Replaced bad wheel cover.

Keatin D. Viets

Silver Snowflake

I have been bringing my vehicles here for years both for car washes/detailing and to get inspections completed. They have great customer service and even when you get the complete car wash with the interior detailing they manage to complete it quickly. They always seem to be very busy, but I've never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time. They have a great number of gas pumps and a service station that seems to handle alot of various vehicle issues. There is also a Pj's Coffee Shop attached to the convenience store if you'd like to grab a coffee while you wait for your services to be completed. If you're looking for one stop to get alot of vehicle issues resolved this is the place to go!

Symple_ Man

You really can't find service like theirs anywhere anymore. Friendly, hard workers. Nice extras for the kids (popcorn man). Seating inside or out. Coffee bar. Clean. Very nice

Emily Canter

Incredible integrity! My elderly mom had her car in for a detailing and the product that was used to clean the stereo console ended up causing the face-plate to be permanently clouded over. Nothing could make it clear again and the display was very hard to read. We lamented the situation (the stereo was only a few months old) but she finally stopped back by Blue Harbor to let them know what had happened. When they saw that it couldn't be fixed, they REPLACED THE STEREO with the same model - and then INSTALLED IT! Everything is back to normal and they were very gracious about it! These sorts of things never happen with businesses these days, so these people are rare gems!

Kathy Easter


Vincent Chiu

Blue Harbor Pointe consists of a gas station, convenience market, car wash, and oil change station. As a former employee at the Car wash, I can personally tell you that anyone considering a job here should really reconsider. From 10 and a half hour shifts with one 30 minute break, to poor starting pay, at $7.50 an hour plus tips if you are a wash finisher as I was for a year the wash is certainly not a career and shouldn't even be considered for a summer job/part time job for high school and college students. Hours are rigid and woefully inflexible, you will work as stated before, long hours in either grueling heat or frigid cold moving constantly throughout your entire shift. . It is of course a tough job, but the manager seems to think it should be nothing simply becaise he "worked 50 hours a week while on college." Don't expect to get anything done after you're worn out from the shift. The Managerial style is quite tyrannical, with fear tactics used on all employees to keep them in like ants and bees. Even if you are accused of something you most likely weren't at fault for you can expect to be yelled at and have the police threatened on you.... there is no "great starting wages" and other benefits lied about. If you're looking for a job to build a little character? Maybe but if you don't wish to suffer, go find another place to work, go to college, don't be stuck working for the fools at Blue Harbor. Its a nicely run business except for how the employees are treated.

Zachary Lyons

Lewell Hayden

Gas station, convenient store, car wash, PJ Coffee Shop.

Billy Gatewood

Fast, convenient, friendly

Charice Langla

Love the idea of In And Out. Its a decent "quick" job but I would love to have the option for a better detail service.

Jamie Wiles-Smith

My car was a wreck. Two kids and a can imagine. Dog hair, crackers smushed into the carpet. A mess! The staff was amazing. Car looks great. They were extremely courteous and speedy.

Gary Fank

I liked it .!!!

Jennifer Cahill

Spencer Trichel

Nancy Gervais

Worth the extra money to get oil changes and car washes done quickly and right. Exterior is better than interior washes.

Friendly Guy

9-11-2019 (10:30 a.m.) The car wash is excellent. But, the moderately overweight male cashier that ran up my merchandise at the attached convenience store was aloof and rude. He never said a word as I walked up with my merchandise, rang up a package of crackers and tossed them back at me across the counter. I paid him, but not one word saying thanks or please come back. On the other hand, the female cashier spoke to me in a friendly manner even though she was ringing someone else up. Perhaps it’s time for this rude gentleman to get an updated in-service on how to treat customers. Otherwise, he’s just going to drive customers away.

Darrell Ferguson

Still full service

Raenell DuBroc

Marlaine Butters

Melody Warren

Always friendly!!

Ellen Smith

Tim Klibert

William Black

Great car wash! The service was good, and I was able to get through quickly. Afterwards, my car looked great! What more can you ask for?

Maezy J

Horrible my wedding ring was stolen out of my middle console that was closed and should not have been dug through!!

suzi kloiber


austin folse

worst job i’ve ever had. boss/management is horrible, very rude and uninforming. here for about a month and still wasn’t on time clock, barely knew what i was doing bc boss(Josh) barely told me what my job was. never once sat down in office to go over schedule or job duties or anything. was supposed to start at 10.50$ and only got paid $9 “+tips” but only made $30 in tips in 2 weeks of working.

S Johnson

Good deal in a convenient location.

John Bergeron

shawn zirkle

Mark Ovits

Had tint applied to front door windows by tint place. They used legal tint and measure. However when you go to Blue Harbor they say it's not legal by 10%. BTW they never had and issue before on this two year old new car with same windows. Seems like rookie inspector change.

Tristan Fielding

David T

Did a horrible job cleaning streaks everywhere! Windows had water spots on all windows and mirrors!!! To top it off someone took my medication from my truck!!! Questioned them on the meds and of course no one knew anything about it! I will never go there again!!!! Beware people, beware!!!

mr josh

There is nothing like this place!

Mrs. Lisa

Carissa Chaves

Shawn Martinez

Great service, very clean and one stop for gas, car wash, dry cleaners, oil change and FREE popcorn during weekend!

Matt R

The gas station itself is very clean inside and outside. I wanted to join the Blue Harbor rewards thing, until I found out it cost $5 to join. Yes, that's not really a lot. But think about it, Shell, Exxon, and any other gas station I've ever been to doesn't charge to join their rewards program. So I really can't justify spending $5 for a gas station rewards program when I already have a Shell and Exxon loyalty card anyway. The BIG problem with Blue Harbor that finally was the last straw for me is the service from the people behind the counter. Holy cr@p do they need new staff. There's this one lady in particular (can't remember her name unfortunately but I'd know her if I saw her again) that had an AWFUL attitude. I had stopped going here for a few months because they're a bit overpriced for a lot of stuff and a few of the staff were always unpleasant. But I went back today and sure enough, rude people who can't be bothered to simply check out two items. If you want a clean gas station, yes, this place will do. If you want nice people helping you inside at the register, go somewhere else.

Regina Mailloux Jensen

Great service

Stephen Dale

I love Blue Harbor, it is the nicest and cleanest gas station in Mandeville. The staff are extremely friendly and really take care of your car.

Laurie Laurent

Daniel Garcia

Good place for your vehicles to be treated , not a good job to work for ...

John Landry

Probably one of my favorite gas stations to go to. They had diet Coke icees which is a favorite of mine.

Ana Bachtell

Tonya T

Great service.. worth the price


Good wash.

Jessica Winters

Tracie Barrios

Very nice staff! They did an awesome job cleaning inside and out! They also fix windshields that are cracked from a rock for free.

Cade O'Brien

Really convenient. I can get my oil changed and inspection sticker and get my car washed and one spot! Can't beat that!

Kelly Neece


Excellent car wash. Everything you need in convenient store while you wait.

James Williams

Shannon Troendle

They haven't done as great a job wiping down the interior the past 2 times I've been :/

Pennie Ferrazzano

Those guys work really hard and do a good job cleaning up my children's mess in the car. Lol


Good car wash. Can get gas. Candy. Slushies. CHOCO MILK!


Great place for inspection sticker, shielded from weather and open on Sundays.

drynlock bloodheart

The best gas station bar none. This place has fantastic service, especially with their oil change services, parking tags, and car washes. Their detailing is awesome. Got PJ Coffee or Icee while you wait.

Anthony Bertuccini

Over priced and for what they did as far as inside cleaning

Matt Key

Heath Martin II

Tiffany Ruffin

Bridgett Sheppard

Love this place, Great job cleaning your car!!

Frank Prattini

Great wash, best in town

Laurie Munster

Wasted my time waiting in line thinking they were open. While I was waiting I should have been told the outside wash was closed. They saw me waiting and it wasn’t until I pulled up at one minute until six did they tell me the outside was closed so I could not get the inside of my car clean. Very frustrating to wait that long before being told they could not service me. I’ll never go back!

Susie Welch

I had my car washed and ut rained that same day. Blue Harbor told me to come back the next day and they would clean my vehicle again. When I returned, they cleaned the whole car again. Service is always amazing the staff is polite. Extremely clean bathroom! Helps there is a PJ's coffee & Shell Gas Station.

Eva Conner

Best oil change I've ever had! You don't even have to get out of the car because it's so fast. Took five minutes tops. And the guys seemed very honest, since they told me that my filters looked great and didn't need a replacement. I'm never getting my oil changed anywhere else.

Dr. Elisha Rose Bayer

Christina G

Paid for TOP OF THE LINE CARWASH, WAX and DETAIL. My car was returned with big stains still covering the entire front and top of car...AFTER wash and wax! To top off a dent and scraped paint in the driver door! When the manager called me to text me the number to the Dent repair company, he text me MY CELL PHONE NUMBER! I called back Several times and Throughout the day AND Left message. No Answer, No Response!

Ryan Broussard

Great place. I just purchased a car. I filled it with gas, oil change/tune-up, Inspection Tag, and a car wash. Great one stop shop..

Alex Shows

These guys are the best! Great service. Always extremely helpful.

Kurt Hanks

Eric John Nagel

Bruce Montreuil

Mr T

The car wash is quick and thorough. They also have someone there --- not affiliated with the car wash --- that will take car of nicks in the windows. Recommended.

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