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8370 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70810, United States

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Nowadays the firm gets a score of 4.4 stars out of 5 and the score is based on 306 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Benny's Car Wash IN Louisiana

courtney yg

Great always

C Armani Trosclair

The best car wash in Baton ROuge ny far. If you don't have time for a hand wash by a local auto detailer. This is the next best thing. I love the drive through kwick, and it actually cleans my SUV unlike others it actually gets the full rear door clean.

Cristy Rae 1

Bob LaCour

Benny's is always good, even when they are busy. They keep the line moving and you are through in no time. Plenty of vacuums and they work well. Place is always clean and the staff is friendly.

Justin Bain

Fair job, tires still dirty

Toisella Junius

fast and really can clean a car

Travis Willie

I go to Benny's regularly to wash and vacuum my car. It's usually a smooth laid back affair. The facilities are clean and modern and the staff is usually friendly. But today When I pulled into the kiosk lane the attendant(white male teenager) pretended I wasn't there. He didnt come up to my window to ask what wash I wanted to purchase. But when the white customers pulled up he made sure to help them. Not that I mind choosing what wash I want to purchase but If he is standing beside the Kiosk when I pull up I assume he's on duty. If he's not on duty then why is he standing beside the kiosk? Maybe this is Benny's new way of dealing with customers of African descent in 2018? I mean I'm a paying customer- all I want to do is pay for my wash -vacuum my car and leave. I dont see why the attendant at the payment kiosk couldn't do his job when I pulled up but yet he could go two lanes over and attend the white female customer who pulled up. And when I was leaving he waited on a white elderly couple in white ford f150. But when I pull up I get ignored. If this is way Bennies is going to be in the future I will reconsider spending ANY of my money at their facilities.

sandra wilcox

Clean car for little cash

Nicholas Nicosia

Does a good job, never have to spend a long time in line

James Simm

Consistently good outcome.

Joseph Farhat

Great car wash

Linda Frommer

Scott Daniels

Good job cleaning car or truck. I like the one on Siegen Lane the best..

Dean Landeche

Fast, efficient and thorough. This newer location features the latest in automated washing systems and a high-efficiency conveyor that keeps the handwashing moving along. My $40 for 'the works' and an upgraded interior package. The Odyssey was dirt and dust free, inside and out. Since I had seats folded down, I pulled into the free vacuum area and finished the hidden areas quickly. The price and service was much better than we usually get at home.

Bruce Webb

Love this place.

Adonis Henry

Fast, Friendly and Professional services given in a safe environment.

Itzz Rome

todd pea

Sean Clouatre

James Myers

Great place friendly staff

Charise Patterson

It was my first time there. It could be me, but the process wasn't clear. They operate differently then the other locations and my car was not clean. I had to go back and have them touch it up. I will go back. Hoping for a better experience.

Rachel Waldrop

Went to here and my battery gave up. We ask the employee and Mr Kevin helped us! Jump our car and send us to our merry way! Thank you so much!

Wilfred reed

Alfred Mathews

Cheap wash

Rhonda DRAKE

Very cheap

Shamecca Brown

Scottay B

Nice place & courteous staff.

Eddie D Lacy

I think they were super busy the day I went,we all know the wash will miss spots, on the detail the employees missed several areas, I understood totally....

Robby Mckey

Great place

Anthony Deiorio

Being a member is a good deal

Peggy Grant

Great carwash and free vacuum

Leslie Moyers

Best experience possible

bryan newell

Didn't put armor all on tires properly

Brandi Boyette

Vacuums are the best at this location

Mickie Randall

Great wash and wax. My car shines now.

darkenlord 1

Great car wash recommend the unlimited wash membershio


Always a convenience!

tamatha beasley

Love my account with them.


Love Benny's car wash. Free vacuums are the best.

Kindra Jackson

Kanavis Egland

I always go to benny's when I'm in town!!! Great prices on wash and free vacuum!!! You can't beat that! The service is very professional and helpful!

Mr Donald Hill.

Car came out nice.

erica banks

Love this place


Best and clean ess drinks in town

Amanda Willard

The bomb on car cleaning services

Mike Rollins

The new unlimited wash is a good deal if you get your car washed frequently, but I wish they cleaned the inside like they did years ago when Benny's initially opened. Back then, for $25, you got their best wash, they would wipe down your dash, clean the windows, vacuum, etc. Now they don't do nearly as good as a job, and after they finish cleaning my car, the inside is so greasy I have to go over it again with a towel. They don't spend as much attention to detail as they used to, and with prices becoming more reasonable for someone to come to you and wash/detail your car, this could effect Benny's business significantly over time.

Aaron Mayeux

Detail kids did a decent enough job. If you do get a detail, get the most expensive wash because they subtract it from the total $40.

Chad Thomason

I went there about 3 weeks ago was great went yesterday they was terrible didn't clean trash out the floor then throw trash on my back seat and said they don't clean trash left fussy stuff all over my dash cleaned my windows with a dirty rag

Jane McConnell.

Quick and easy way to clean my car. Pay with cash or card or gift card.

Bridget Landry

Exterior was done well especially not being hand washed. The interior prior to going was dusty and needed to be vacuumed so after paying extra for the interior to cleaned well I am disappointed was not vacuumed well and all the areas that was not wiped down. Such a disappointment to have bought the top service of $29 then added the super interior. I feel like I got the what I would have expected for $29 clean.

Taylor Stevens

No troubles yet. Friendly and helpful staff. DO NOT leave ANYTHING in the bed of your truck when going here or they’ll kick you out of line.

Felisha Gutierrez

Very expensive oil changes wash is affordable though

John Tooraen

This is one of the newest locations -- and it has, what I suppose, is all the latest bells and whistles. No more fighting with vacuums that don't suck... or having to wait for an attendant to come get someone else's clog out of the vacuum (yuck!). Lots of vacuum bays, car wash works fairly well, but could do a better job on the back of large SUVs.

Ingrid H

Love it

Tee Vee

The best car wash to go to in baton rouge!

Jennifer Brown

I visit here at least once a week if not twice. I usually get the 5 buck wash which is excellent to get dust or light mud from the rain showers off your vehicle. Some of the Benny's also do oil changes depending on the type of vehicle being drove.

Donna Johnson

Love it love it! It Really Dries...awesome...also free vacuum

Kim Martin

Great customer service

Beau Gibson

Fast. The blowers at the end get my truck super dry. No waters spots from wash water after.

Awesomeness To The Max

It's a great place to get a car wash.

Dakota harrell

oscar collins

Excellent job

Sam Riley

They have me in and out of there every time I visit.Great service.

Fran Garner

Love this!

Eracelia Mary Ellledge

I just left there all go no where else but here...... The wash, The employees & The carwash was a great experience

Martha Scott

Had I known I would have to hire someone else to complete the job your employees only did a half-hearted attempt at, I could have save myself the grief. People such as myself, who are physically unable to do the job anymore, are forced to depend on others. After discussing IN DETAIL what I needed and expected to be done and being assured I would receive same, I still came away with far less than I paid for. Being it was early in the day, it can not be written off as them being tired. They hardly had a chance to get tired. If this is the quality of employee you make a habit of hiring, it amazes me that people give you enough business to stay open. This was not the first time I have been so thouroughly disappointed with the service I received. I was however hopeful that it was a fluke. Apparently not.

Jordan Finane

Paid $50 for full service detail but they missed a few spots on the interior that were very noticeable. Staff was not helpful with letting me know where to go while waiting.

Michael Tortorich

Edison Robinson

Love it

Andres Gutierrez


Chantaye Walker

Seigan Lane Location is WONDERFUL

Clinton King

Left car wash with scratches and dents, way to hard on the exterior, won't go again .

Eshe Brown

$14.99 monthly UNTLD car washing is WHAT I NEED!

Lesia Cockerham

Good quick express wash.

Jerry Gair

Linda Butler

Fast courteous service!

John Pierrotti

Easy to get to! Great Wash

Lyn Hill

Best car wash

Arnelis Crespo

My husband went to the location in Gonzales. We been having a bennys membership for years, but for several months for our new vw. When my hudband went there saying that he needed a new tag because the windshield was replaced, they said that they terminate our contract . They probably made a mistake because we used to have a 300 3 years ago and they keep talking about the contract been terminated for that car. They doble charged me for one year last year for their $30 monthly wash. They also broke my ladt mercedes windshield and it tole them 3 months and letters from my lawyer to agree to pay my deductible. Bad business and even worst management. They need to put their stuff together. I am not going back. They charged us for the new car and we were not able to wash it.

P Henry

Bra Sandy

Konner was the sweetest when it came to dealing with my messy car. He was patient and hospitable with every question I had. The interior was cleaned well as well. 5/5 would recommend to a friend

Billy Grady

We spend a lot of time on the road and use car washes several times a week and this is one of our favorite places, especially this locstion. Price is on point, staff was helpful when needed and there are more than enough options for both the outside and inside of your vehicle.

Seth Henderson

Good service. Good detail. Average price.

robert taylor

I got scratches on my vehicle

Autumn Hitt

Wesley Broussard

This is a great value and normally quite quick. Pro's: Cheap, Quick, Thorough Cleaning, and Free Vacuum Con's: credit card readers are broken from time to time which causes a pile up of customer who can't go forward or backwards; sometimes vacuums aren't checked on and they become jammed, and vacuum hoses don't reach to the back of my van or SUV easily. . Overall, the Pro's are what really matter and the Con's are small things that don't truly characterize the business.

G. C.

Love the convenience of Benny’s at Seigen

Laura Turner

Love the wash clean car and vaccumm in under 20 mins

sergio cerda

Bad service payed $44 got detail they did a bad job need to train there Crew!!!!

Marie Mentzer

This past Monday I charged $64 to my Visa credit card for the best detail that Benny’s offers. I have read “worst” reviews after my experience at Benny’s on Siegen. I sincerely doubt any were worse than mine. After returning home, I found that the back seat was covered with obvious dust. The floor was not cleaned. In disgust I returned in spite of my home being deep into Greenwell Springs Road. This was an hour and a half round trip for me ..... but I could not let an expensive detail go unchallenged. The back seat was finally cleaned. Only upon returning home the second time, did I notice the tires. All four of them were caked with dark dirt. So much so that it could not possibly have been over-looked by anyone detailing a car. I chose not to once again make the hour and a half trip to your establishment. Nor will I ever again. The workmanship was appallingly inferior.

Britnie Cooke

Great place, quite, clean and very friendly employees

Ginger Veronica Harris

Didn't open my trunk like other vehicles surrounding it to deep clean; considering cancelling my membership anyway. UPDATE: Did cancel the membership as they reached out to me to resolve this issue & I have a better understanding now in regards to the trunk matter. Also, they handed out flowers 4 Mother's Day for my final carwash which was a very kind gesture. May reconsider my membership in the near future....who knows.

Me, Myself, & I

Fast, efficient, and fair.

mala mohammed

Love Benny's

Tywanda Jacobs

I will never return to this location. Maybe another one but ill try somewhere else brfore every coming here. The entire front of car was still dirty. I came out of a scratch in my car that was not there they swear it was there already. Then when i called the manger was rude as hell.

Amman Owens

Awesome monthly unlimited deals! My truck looks new inside and out!

Norris Warner

Great car wash

James Roig

Really good job on my car

Brian Weber

Amit Kumar

Clean and great service

Isaias Gomez

Service is great, workers are attentive and take their jobs seriously. Like the high tech Carwash setting.

Jet Set

Cheap and quick. Free vacs.

Roderick Bovia

Good for fast car washes.

Anthony Jackson

Brand new and very clean. Open kinda late too. That's a plus.

Nicholas Newport

Quick and affordable car washes.

Carol Stokes

Husband washed car there .

Karis Woods

I paid $30 for the super interior because I’m 8 months pregnant and can’t do it myself. There was a huge difference in what was advertised and what I actually got. I could’ve just done it myself and paid $5 for an exterior wash if I wanted a half ass dashboard wipe down. I wish I could post pictures. There’s still mud on my rugs and crumbs everywhere! They didn’t wipe anything down other than the dash and windows and my rugs were not cleaned. Thank you for taking $30 from a very pregnant lady who just wanted a clean car for her baby!

Miles J

Ashlie LeBlanc

Horrible service very rude ppl.

dirty sprite

do the interior yourself... the 4 man team is lazy and leaves the interior dirty

Kevin Corcoran

I purchased the $30/month anytime premium car wash membership. I love it. I pass through almost ever time I drive by.

Katherine Moen

Fast service. Does a great job. I love the free vacuums

Shawn Fleming

Support our Veterans!

Gert Williams

Best car wash in town

Lauren Woods

This was the best car wash I've ever been to! Simply laid out, clear directions, quality clean. I actually had a lot of fun with it and my car looks great!

Greg R

I was very pleased with both the exterior and interior of my car. The staff was helpful with navigating the choices and the work was done efficiently and with good quality.

Maritza Matamoros

I’m pregnant! My kids had muddy shoes on Wednesday and I really didn’t want to be bending over and reaching out places to clean, so I decided to try the $30 interior wash (that was recommended for me by the person assisting with the card/payment) from Benny’s Siegen Lane on Thursday May 9th in the morning. It didn’t take much and I was surprised! The front was spotless, I drove a little bit away and forgot to check the back which was where I needed to check well. When I turned around to see it it was just a little less muddier than before! Why did I even pay $30? Thought that by paying it was going to a deeper clean... here are the before, during and after pictures.. almost no difference. My pregnant self should have just done it myself

Stacy Holmes

I love this car wash and the management and staff is awesome..very helpful and the bathroom is always clean..this place is great..I consider one of the best in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas ...WE LOVE U BENNYS CARWASH ....

Enrique Carrero

I think drying,vacuuming and wiping the windows should be your part of the works and above! But besides that the car comes out looking great

Jonnie Fingaz

Luv this place

Amanda North

Latasha Muse

Trint Aucoin

The worst car wash/detail I have EVER payed for. I payed for the $70 Big Deal wash and detail and got what looks like a kid washed my truck.

Eric Rempe

Awesome car wash, too bad I can't give it more than one star. I watched a female employee in a team of two people drop the buffing machine for waxing onto the hood of my new car leaving 2 small dents and scratches down to the primer I am livid at this place and this woman needs to find another line of work as she is going to cost this business more than she's worth to keep around.

Honeybun Same

Nice place

Angela Fairchild

Charles England

Reasonable wash for reasonable prices.


Cheap and fast.

Jason Adams

The unlimited plan works at all locations. Great option.

Michelle Lee Taylor

Easy to use.

Damien Leyva

James Szolis

vet friendly

kianna deloch

Free vaccuming!!

Fat Dick

Worst car wash in Gonzales and even worse employees

E Grim

Terrion Daniels

Dora Willis

sam mart


William Brister

Easy peasy. In and out and not a bad price.

Sandra Jordan

Great car wash. Does a wonderful job. Love the free vacummes. I can take my time and do a thorough cleaning job.

Jose Solorzano

I paid for the top tier wash package and was disappointed with how the cleaning was rush by the employees and then saw various parts of the windshield that were not wiped properly. I would return, but only for the automatic wash.

Karel Burford

Awesome car wash and free vacuums always a plus. Will drive outta my way to go there if I'm town and my car needs it

Al Amantea

This is probably one of my favorite car washes in the whole chain! As an unlimited club member, I have visited most if not all of the locations. The Seigen lane location has some of the most courteous and most conscientious employees! Highly recommended location.

Felicia Spears

Great place to wash your vehicle and can vaccum your car for free.

gday cool

1st visit was good. After that got ripped off 3 consecutive time and today the 4th time. Paid $29 and the truck was halfway cleaned. One of the supervisors was a lady and pretty rude. Don’t think going back again. Or may try another location just to burn my hard earned money! Lol

Lew Myers

Good place to wash the car and you vacuum.

Frances Jenkins

Multiple times they tried to close my hatch with a cleaning bottle hanging from the hinge and when I went and told management they laughed! Not funny, they could have damaged the hinge on the hatch closure.

Dana Beck

Does not get car totally clean in wash. Detailers aldoissed some window spots and dash board center spot

Kaveh Sheikhrezaei

Powerful vacuum

Kenneth Ennenga

Destin Hunt

Fast and friendly....keeping my car cleaned inside and out! Great detail team! Can make mishaps in your car disappear

Tiffany Shah

Clean,fast and friendly.


Very good

A Google User

Benny's is one of a kind vacuum, full service detailing and car wash service. I am thinking about becoming an franchise owner. I can see the potential and profitablities.

Quanna Maghee

Best carwash place and cheap

Fernanda F.

They broke my middle compartment and don't wanna make a claim. Manager Trey was very rude with me and said that he didn't see anything and my car is old. so he doesn't care. Shame on Benny's. Bad costumer service. Manager Trey needs to learn who to handle problem and treat better costumers. He didn't want to make a claim. Said the computer was frozen so he couldn't re print my receipt.

james brown

Single wash and monthly membership available at different price points. Full interior detail available

Jc Reichle

save your $30 and just use the free vacuums. I was able to clean my truck better with the free ones than the crew of 4 in the detail line.. I had a binder on the passenger seat it wasn't even moved to vacuum the seat under it. I had unhooked my sons car seat and had it moved in the back seat sideways so it would be easy to move out of the way to clean the whole back seat.. nope. just cleaned around it. good thing the vacuums are free.... been 4+ hours and the spray they uses still has wet spots all over the interior..

Michael Germany

I got a full detail and the job was poorly done. Water spots all over,the wax job subpar and the bay supervisor didnt inspect the job. Spent 64 bucks. I will never go back.

Reine Campbell

Great car wash!

Shantell Narcisse

Be Careful or just stay away. If I could give 0 reviews I would. There are no sensors in the car wash. The track rollers pushed our car into the next vehicle and now we have to get a lawyer to fight for repairs to the damage on our vehicle. The claims adjuster for the company was rude and not willing to accept responsibility for the damage to our car. There are NO fail safe switches in the car wash to stop their equipment from slamming your car into the next vehicle once your car has been placed in neutral per the techs request. Beware of the hazards of this car wash.

Stephen Padgett

Rusty Jarrard

This place is always top notch and clean and is ran very efficiently and reasonable priced.

Lae Lae

Love the facility but this location does not have the air pump for your tires.


Great quick detailing.

Carol Chaney

Tim Gates

Best car wash in town

Eduardo Quintanar

Donald Medernach

Brandi Brown Jones

Love their carwashes. Always friendly faces and the kids would have loved to see this as much as I did today!!

Francesca Faust

My sister went to get her car cleaned for $30 here and they broke her child lock switch off in her car, told her to get it serviced. It’s a $300 replacement piece.

Nerf Car Wash And Vacuum Videos

It has the best new technology and the best cleaning equipment powerful vacuums and my favorite part are the cascade foamers and the pay stations.

Reggie Davis

Free vacuums. Brand new

Jenna McCarthy

My large SUV was clean and didn't need to be dried after driving through. The price was reasonable at ~$6 including self-serve vacuum.

Mary Adams

Has room for lots of vehicles, clean and neat.

Ulric Spears

Top shelf..

Danielle Berg


Had there monthly car wash. Loved it. Fresh car every day and a whole lot cheaper than buying one once or twice a week. And most of us wash our vechiles way more often. Just Do it

Angie Williams

The carwash is a good one. Don't bother paying extra for the detail job if your have a truck. They vacuumed it real well and buffed exterior but didn't wipe anything down inside. The running boards were still dirty, when I said something they said they don't do running boards.

Ramona Broadway

Susan Manuel

Frank DeLeon I I I

Macky McKinley

Best car wash around I work at grain elevators so I purchased the $30 anytime wash. Well worth it

DJ Evans

sandeep kontham

Very bad detailing work. Please choose the Benny's on Essen Lane or Perkins, as the one in Gonzales , didn't even take the time to clean anything by the driver's handrest and barely wiped the surfaces. Really bad experience as I am used to excellent service at the other Benny's. The employees should all watch the crews at the other locations and learn to do a better job. Really disappointed.

Mitzi Freeze

I like the $3.00 quick wash and FREE vacuum!

Libra Ester

John Chatman


Jo Gauthreaux


My car was waaaaay bad off. Hadn't washed it in a long time. The car came or better than expected. Shiny, with a few spots that need some handwashing tlc. The vacuums at the Seigen location have way more suction than the Perkins ones. Car interior looks great with little effort.

Ashley Tillison

Great service and love the quick detailing option.

Edmond M

Has free vacuuming stations.

Keithroy Charles


Nick C

Good vacuums and great wash

Thighlan Moore

It's worth it

Tom Daniel

Got an immediate rewash when I pointed out an area that still looked not so great! Very nice employees!

Steven Rogers

Good car wash...I wish there were more locations around Gonzales

Louis grimes

Really good Car Wash

Alec Singletary

Good service , quick vehicle wash.

Cody Martin

I usually wash my own vehicle but haven’t had the time to these past couple of weeks. I went through the automatic wash and it left a few scratches on the top of my trunk.

Brittany Greenwood

Absolutely a disgraceful experience. If there was a lower rating available I would have given it. Paid for a service ( including addt'l fees for hand wipe, windows...etc) and my vehicle ended up in worse condition than when I arrived. Water marks on the windows and body, lint and scratches. The manager is unprofessional and provided me with the worst customer service; I have ever experience.


Pros: -Cheap and Quick actually cleans vehicle. -Free vaccums. Con's: -Scratches after every wash. -Brushes removes wax from vehicle. -After several washes paint will start have spider web scratches over the entire vehicle. -Any upgrade service performed is not with it. Stay away from the horrible detail service.

Rick Newton

Good wash. Good hours.

Joel Smith

Free vacuums, reasonable prices. It's where I go to clean my vehicle

Ricky Gibson

Best car wash in town.

PianoMan AtHisBEst

This is by far the best car wash i have been to.... besides the prices the service is great, the wash is AWESOME and the details are Fabulous!!!!!! as long as they are in business they have my business!!!!

Noemi Lynch

Had a great experience. The employee who helped me, Durrel, was extremely courteous, helpful, and professional. And now my car is finally pretty!

Roger Johnson

Very convenient

ooh ah ooh ah ah ooh ah ah walla walla bing bang

Car cleaning was amazing

Debra Lavergne

I highly recommend this place! They have helpful staff if you have a problem. I love being able to take my time in using the free vaccum service. I was able to take as long as I needed to clean out the inside as well as drying off the areas that was needed.

stv 2.0

It's good except when all vacuums are occupied

Carline Dilbert

I like having my car detailed at Bennys

Rodney Schoemann

Like this place, but there card readers do not work well, should be updated or replaced.

Paul Melancon

Great value

Alvin Lewis

It's ok

Bruce Collard

Fast and good with good personell

Deandranette everett

Oil and Lube tech are perfect wouldn't dream of going anywhere else

Joel nicolas Villa perez

Solo. Dee._

Jesse Bernard

Like this car wash

Daniel Clouatre

Best wash!

Christina Augillard

Trent Woodard

Staff is attentive and helpful. Prices are reasonable.

Randy Jenkins

I rarely post reviews, but felt I had to in this one. The quality has really declined. Just had my truck washed and paid for interior clean. They had to redo some of the carpet and I look at my dash and it hasn’t been wiped down. Door panels not wiped off. Loose dirt that could have adult been vacuumed. I have a 2018 truck that is kept very clean so there was little to do. Just had my golden retriever in the back so I needed a good vacuum. They didn’t even do that. I was told to get a lent brush. I could have gotten a better job for the money at a self service place. Very disappointed.

Lanette Cutno

5. Good service on your car cleaning!

Lance Trahan

These guys go the extra mile and are very friendly! I'm not sure about Fernanda's claim that "Manager Trey" is rude as I've never had a problem with him. He's always been able to resolve any issues I've had without any fuss.

Katy Crase

the wash itself is nice and the workers seem to be friendly. however, not worth the money to pay extra for them to vacuum or wipe down interior. they do not pay attention to detail at all. i had to vacuum my car and wipe down myself right after they finished. they did not do a great job on interior at all. wasnt busy enough to justify why they didnt even vacuum when thats what i paid them to do.

Keyshell Scott

Horrible customer service. After I went through the car wash it ripped my bumper. They basically said if you come through their car wash and it’s been previously used it will happen but if it’s new it won’t. Their customer service was horrible. Instead of putting me at ease , they caught a attitude. The manger that’s a GM handled the situation by saying “we didn’t cause the situation”. I said I have been coming here for 2 years with the same car. He said oh well I guess you got lucky. I highly recommend NOT to go here. I rate them 0 stars.

Christy Bond

My husband loves this carwash

Chakara Spurlock

Very very busy location but always a spot.

Nicole Spellman Group

Jeff Haddox

One of the best car wash facility in baton rouge

Cuttie Pie

Before and after of my car Mr. Daniel helped me out a lot .

Carlos R.

Brand new location, which means brand new equipment. I prefer Benny's newer locations and this one here is the cream of the crop. It's a much longer tunnel. I also love how low the ramp is for loading your car, see I drive a very low sports car and I learned my lesson at the airline location.

Phyllis Tate

Wash is as though you just bought a new car

Perry Williams

Fast svc.

Randy Harness

Hugo Widjaja

Superb car wash service.

James Williams

For $ 10.00 you can get a very very good wash on your car people are very nice there.

May Daigre

Darryl Waker

Love it

Minhtri Vo

It was great

Vic Pic

Horrible job. Every time. $29 for a wash and interior vacuum/wipedown... they can’t seem to pay enough attention to detail to clean glitter from the Middle back seat, but cleaned the left and right side... really..?

Raymond Christopherson

Quick drive through car wash

Willie Matthews

Need to calibrate equipment more frequently

Christopher Mason

My car was surprisingly clean for an automatic car wash.

Terry Corkhill

Beautiful. Looks very close to detail

Desiree Barnes

Cleans your car good but the brushes need to be changed because it's scratches up your car will Fine Lines

Garrett Gibbens

I bought the works wash and an inside detail upgrade. They didn't even wipe down my entire dashboard. Good for a quick wash, but don't expect good service on interior cleanings.

Tami Wolf

Tee Jay

Went there with no scratches left with two. My car not even a month. Was told it must have came like that from the dealership. Second location I have had issues with. I will not be returning to any of the locations. $29 to get damage to my car.

Ray Suggs

Fast, friendly service. Great job on our car detailing.

Eddy Van Kerkhove

Best car wash in town

Teri Blu Eyes

Tiffany Kleinpeter

Had a bad experience at your Siegen location yesterday and sent a private Facebook message to get some clarity on my situation and why people spend extra money for interior cleaning and your team responded with a thumbs up?? I am not sure that this is customer service?? "I am really disappointed with my full service clean that I received yesterday. I paid extra for an interior clean at tour Segien location and this is how my car looked after. I was trying to avoid cleaning my car in the heat at 9 months pregnant but had to do it myself anyway." I had to reclean the car myself directly after and it was obvious that a damp cloth could have removed all spots/dirt. Won't be visiting any Benny's locations again. Will spread the news.

Beth Artall

Best Benny's

Joyce Christoff

GOOD place to wash your car and clean

Brittany J

Very fast and affordable. The monthly plan comes in handy. I would recommend this place

Eric Williams

Always a pleasure!

Royal Armelin Jr.

My place for my car wash tops in cleaning in and out.....

Brian Thibodeaux

Good for maintaining a clean vehicle. Not very good at the fine details. They miss interior corners and edges; exterior they don't get all the bugs off, and my wheels arnt clean in the crevices. For $50+ I expect better.

Thomas Jolley

Better car wash design than the older Benny's in town. Same solid service.

Dee D

The manager at this location unprofessional I believe her name is Rachel she has a very unprofessional attitude an likes to hang up in the middle of people speaking on the phone it's really sad great location but I think she needs a word from someone above her on that subject

Carrie Holmes_Nelson0610

Great service

Andrew Acosta

Best carwash I have found yet

Timothy Estrada

Great car wash. Decent prices. Free vacuum.

Jacob Decker

Nice quick place to clean your car

Mona Dalton

Quintrel Chattmon

There protect and shine was 6 bucks now its 8. They went up on their price.

Michelle Stevenson

Anthony DeIorio

I don't like this car wash. They do a terrible job and are not frendly.

Carline Williams


John Michelli

Great place to use for your car wash.

Chris Bradley

Can't beat the subscription.

Keenan Torrence

Staff is very friendly and helpful! Super clean job!

juanita mason

I love this car wash, the people there are nice, and helpful

Kandice Kelson

Great service

Sydney Epps

The car wash can damage your car. I received several scratches and a very noticeable paint chip going through with a small SUV about a month ago. There's no point in complaining about it because they never take any responsibility for any damages their machinery makes; my last car went through the one on Perkins and the entire bumper came off. Their customer service is horrible. My best advice would be to take before and after photos just in case.

Patricia Williams

Love this place always get stuck when using my card

Anthony Cristina

Great place to get the car clean. Lots of free vacuum bays, and their car washes are very reasonably priced.

Lonnie Falcon

Carolyn Guess

Conveniently located to wash and go!

The Jarreau Family

Vaccuum.needs better suction

Pete Boccarossa

Dexter Burrell

Monthly club membership!!!!!

Isabell Spencer

Truck clean.

Thomas Southon

Carwash does a decent job but doesn't always clean my tailgate well. Vacuums have very low suction so I don't waste my time with them. I have a plan there but not convinced ther computer is always giving me the same wash.

Dale Minvielle

Good place, does a good job on my car

X. V.


Tishara Cushenberry

Quick & fast

Angela Cobb

The vacuums don’t work.

Jerald Augustus

Perry Penland

Don't ever come here for an inspection it's a scam place. I had brand new windshield wipers and not the cheap kind. The lady said they were in terrible condition and needed to be replaced but don't worry they sell em for a jacked up price there. I said show me what's wrong with em she tried but they were still the brand new ones I just had with nothing wrong. She then said if you don't buy ours I'm gonna fail your inspection. Don't waste your time or money it's a scam

AMANDA & DRE Gambino

@dareal_dregambino Instagram Dre gambino PSA on youtube

Geaux Louisiana

Best car wash service in town! Full service detailing is available also.

Rodney LeNoir

Best car wash drive thru in town

Chase Cook

Good value

Sadie Statham

Washes my car up great. Love coming here to give my car a "Car Spa Day"

Jennifer Herring

I love coming here. Staff seems friendly. Be careful though. I have some mysterious scratches that came up all over one area of the hood of my car that will require professional buffing. I have a suspicion that something may have gotten hung up in the hanging or rotating cleaners. From now on, I'll check before I enter and after I exit.

David Hill

Ryan Graves

The best Benny's in Baton Rouge. Spacious and very clean!

Jorj Filler

Some vacuums weren't working

Wade Patrick

Just get the cheapest wash they have, currently $5, its good. I got the $9 last time and there was no difference except I was missing $4 extra when I left.


This is absolutely the worst car wash I've ever been to ... Rachel one of the managers is incapable of diffusing a difficult situation ... Brung my car in for its usual car wash and I heard a loud thump or something on the left hand side of the car got out of my car to clean it like I normally do after it's washed and to see if there was any damage a piece on of my side skirting have been damaged by the car wash and all Rachel did was dismiss me as a customer and my claims she didn't want to listen and she refused to give me the number to the corporate office ... I had to look up the number myself .. when you see a manager walking to a group of employees and everyone looks back at you laughing and pointing it's very disrespectful Waited on her area manager to arrive to the location and the first thing he said was that didn't happen in my car wash and we can take this in front of a Cort room and I can prove that it didn't happen in my car wash ... That's the first thing that he says to me after saying hello ... I have never been treated so poorly in all my life and I will never take my car there again

First Last

Great staff, easy to use, quick in&out

Joshua Robinson

Great place

Feisal AJ

Easy and fast washing. Monthly membership worth the price paid for

Ethan Evans

Can wash up to 3 times a day free vacuum. Super fast very efficient. 29.99 membership well worth it. Update. The membership wash is still great but the add on interior is not worth $10. The first free interior clean was 10x cleaner than what I just paid for.

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