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70487 LA-21, Covington, LA 70433, United States

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REVIEWS OF Airline Car Wash IN Louisiana

Walter Askew

Terrible car wash. Pricey, bad design, vacuums lacked suction.

Orlando Stein

Stephanie Barker

They did a great job and went above and beyond you don't see that much in today's society

Fred Wendt


Constanza Williams

David McDaniel

Great carwash. Nice staff.

James Perry

Brett Monteleone

Charles George

Brian Migliore

Very good

joshua peed

Azn Ray

Marlowe Benson

Friendly staff/honorable to customers/consistant


Ok machine car wash, free vacuums.

Sandra Breaux

Quick, easy, affordable

Sharon Rudison

I luv Pelican pointe n dey is da best.


gwen preveau

Michael Siqueira

Does not do a good job ,jad to go through 2 times,and still was not clean,save your money

Matt Avocato

The only car wash I go to for my cars

Lonnie Johnson

Ricky B

Nature Jockk

Use it every day. They are clean and neat. Easy in and out.

David Chapote

Kristin Faison

Fantastic service, super inexpensive. Go back regularly.

The Tuxedo Operation

Dionn Crosby Frich

My debit card wouldn't work in the machine e, and the nice gentleman gave me a free carwash. I had no cash. Very blessed by a stranger!

Gaynell Robeaux

Good carwash however vacuums could be better

Stefan Maronge

Easy in and out car wash

Kyle Kennedy

August Doucet

Very good service at a moderate price n you get free vacuum service for you car or truck n the vacuum hose really does suck hard ok thanks guys

Kristian Burst

Mark Monson

Can't beat the price for a shine

Max Brooks

It's a car wash, it's automated, it washes cars... not much you can say. However, there was an African American gentleman that was working Saturday, 3/24/2018 in the morning. He would assist the patrons purchase different wash levels. Though there was not a lot to his duties, his demeanor was stellar. Treated me like I was a top tier customer and made me smile just getting a car wash.

Judith Perez

Shane Hodgson

Derek Dewald

Joshua Waltrip

Trey Frierson

Best car wash

Larry Arabie

Janell Magenheimer

Rachel Fleckinger

Augie Doucet

Attended was very polite and coursey n very good at his job

Lisa Sigsworth

John Meyers

Dustin Kirkland

They always wash the back windshield and tailgate my truck before sending me through the car wash

Katie Collins

The wash itself was fine but the vacuum is terrible, i went at 8.10am and the 1st vacuum was stuffed with candy wrappers and leaves, i unplugged it and 'used' it, gave up and tried the one beside it which didnt look clogged up but was not any better, a baby with a straw in its mouth would have more suction than these vacuums. I used a 3rd vacuum and it was marginally better, honestly i gave up even trying i was just wasting my time

Nathan Nicolosi

The wash is dirty. They are bad at keeping up with maintenance.

Qais Abukhadra

sandra fanguy

Good service

Maury Holmes

Jen Welsh

andree prows

The Best

Brian MacDonald

The vacuuming is free!

Chris Verdigets

Quick, convenient car wash. $2 off Tuesdays.

michelle gerard

Great carwash

Marcel Haik

Friendly Service!

Jessica Barrett

Affordable, well maintained carwash

Raymond Evans


John Tomlinson


Worker's are friendly and quick.

Debbi Anceravage

Track they put your car on either doesn't work or the person controlling it didn't know what they were doing. My car hit the one in front of me then moved back and then moved faster to hit the car again. I had to hit my brakes which you aren't supposed to do and tell the attendant to get control of the track. Car mat cleaner wasn't working. The attendant that is supposed to brush off your car before entering the wash never did.

Beau Gast

Great wash but I'd prefer it if the hanging brushes didn't hit the front of my car so hard. Really rattles the front. I'm a monthly subscriber and rarely have an issue.

Ronald Jones

I had an account with this place for several months. The quality of service was great for awhile. Then, maintaining the equipment began to falter. The consistency of good service became random. In my case i have car with an antenna wing that they knew would loosen and break off if the blue painters tape were not applied to secure it and turn on truck bed mode so the upper blowers would not blow directly on it. I assumed wrongly that the tape would be applied to secure. It was applied like a child learning to finger paint for the first time. Well, sure enough the wing began too break. But, that was not the issue that caused me to close my account. I drive for a living and had a scheduled large ticket customer and wanted to go in vacuum and wash fast. Well, one vacuum to the right side was not connected to the hose and the one on the left had no pressure. At that point I said forget vacuum, time is short just wash it. Well, the fast pass was not allowing me to enter. I checked scheduled ride and sure enough I was delayed just long enough to lose a $45.00 fare. In irony just what the monthly service at pelican Pointe cost me per month. That was it and I closed my account. If you drive for a living and need good cleaning fast do not go to pelican Pointe Car wash. End of story. Thanks

Price Mabry

Douglas Mecca

Rhea-olivia Rich

I pull in and the guy , he was about 17-22 yrs old, wearing a hat, wish I could have caught his name, very rudely motioned for me to keep driving and not stop to use the bug remover brushes, then came over to my window and again rudely said I can’t use brushes it’s too late , but we’re clearly still open, so I pull forward to car wash and then he comes around talking to the other guys that work there calling me a b!#*€, because I wanted to use the brushes !!!! So they just lost my business.

Mercedes and Family Cretchen

Nice classy car wash.

Alex W

Alan Whiting

todd flynn

Levee Mann

Good carwash

Greg Anderson


Mackenzie Eady

Love it

Michael Tranchina

Louanna Primeaux


Friendly staff! They scrub the bugs off the front of your car before it goes into the wash. Other car washes I've gone to make you do that yourself or you have to get in a different line. So it's very convenient!

Landry Rase

Chris Torres

Quick, quality, and convenient

Joe Morse

Great spot for a $5 wash with all the added diy tools to make your car feel brand new.

Zylith Forest

Andrea Kerry

Andre Laker

Mike Gennusa Jr

David Billiot

Brad Graham

Johnny Ortiz

Great service

Bruce Hebert

Got me all cleaned up, more than a few times. Really good job, too. I really appreciate that

Mike Downing

The dryer never gets the water off as well of competitors does especially the back half of my car

David Kampen

Eric Amick

Tracy Jenkins

Gigi Cardenas

Reagan Stapler

Lindsay Decker

I never write reviews, but this guy deserves one. I was having a horrible day, and on the phone with a friend. I had to go inside to get change to get a few things to clean my car. I wish I knew his name, but the guy working in the office had overheard my conversation and gave me a card for a free wash the next time I go in. It was a really kind gesture and goes to show that there are some really caring people in this world. Brightened my day immensely, plus it's a great wash with free vacuums. Can't say enough good things.

Tanya Brister

burnt potato

Nolia Mobley

The best


can't beat a $5 dollar wash

Jenny Curnutt

Rafael Rosado

(Translated by Google) Good services (Original) Buenos servicios

Andres Saldana

Breck Trevino

Jayne Weathers

Richard Pulling


Antonio Plascencia

paul clifton

Nice and tidy spit.

Joe Puipuro

Horrible, i was told to leave because my vehicle was too dirty. Last time i checked, car washes were supposed to clean your vehicles not turn you away.

Matthew Jamison


Dennis Bairski

Caleb Goodrich

Best car wash

MIke Henkey

Compared to Tropic car wash this place is just not up to par. I wish I had brought my camera along with me because not one person smiled or told me to have a good day OR that they appreciated my business !!! The only way I would return pelican point car wash is ... IF I got a apology and a free car wash Then I might possibly consider it. other than that steer clear !!!

Jason Felean

Helpful employees and the best wash in town

Scott Prazak

Always fast. Vacuums are free. Gets car nice and clean.

Diane Leach

Jessy little

I get the 6 dollar wash Everytime fills my carwash needs .

Samantha Miley

Chuck Lemoine

Does a great job of cleaning your auto

Woody Smith

Ronnie Douglas

Needs to be a bit better. My car still had dirty spots on the top.

LaShunda Carr

Be prepared for the young operators to yell at you when it’s the establishments tire tack that’s a hot mess. I’m not the first person to say this.

Jenny McCarty


Scott Servis

Johnathan Riley

Dina Judeh

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