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2239 Nicholasville Rd, Lexington, KY 40503

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REVIEWS OF Jeff's Car Wash IN Kentucky

Rodger Liley

Jeff's has had it's better years. I was unimpressed with the job recently done on my jeep. With an influx of full service autowash into the Lexington market, Jeff's needs to take it up a notch or risk losing more of its customer base. It took nearly 10 minutes for the I side vac and it looked like they only spent two. My vehicle was covered in water spots in spite of hand drying and the tire-shine barely touched my rubber. Not currently worth the price tag for the ultimate.

Debbie Price

I used to frequent this wash and I quit because of bad service. I went to have my car washed again today (27.00) dollars. Ultimate package. Still not sure what that means because interior not cleaned - crumbs left- dirty - and outside was left with soap still dripping down on doors from both sides of mirrors. when I went back to have them clean I was told by "manager" "well if i could fix the design of these mirrors I would but I cant and thats just what they do - they hold soap." are you serious??? not sure where these great service stars are coming from - maybe friends??? will not be back.

Brittney Mills

Just pulled up in my Prius and was told my car was too muddy (we’re in a drought folks, haven’t been mudding in my tiny Prius). I was told I would have to leave, spray my car off and come back. Um, no thank you, I thought with a name like Jeff’s Car Wash y’all washed the cars. Silly me.

Beverly Ball

The machine took my dollar but they were quick to help out and was super nice about it.

Leonard Clark

Always a top notch experience.

Ralph Pate

My girlfriend works out front waving cars into the carwash.

Jacob Guerin

I've always been a fan of this place. They have great pricing and do an amazing job.

mrJoshua b

Staff was all rude and unwelcoming. Plenty of other choices out there. Water running down windshield during rinse looked dirty

Monty Carter

I lived in Lexington 20 years ago and Jeff's was the place to go! My mother was in Central Baptist and I came in from SC to visit her and needed to get my car washed. Wow, was really disappointed in the service. I had to wipe my rims …

Salah Shakir

Jeff’s car wash provides a great service and fast. Weekdays much better than weekend as they get very busy


Have to say I was not impressed! I was in town visiting my mom from Seattle and took her car to get detailed. I bought the Ultimate ll package. The interior was hardly touched, still dirty. The exterior had water spots as well as dirt on the roof the top of the trunk and hood. I took pics, too bad I can’t share them. Very disappointed especially for what it cost. I go to Brown Bear Car Wash in Seattle and get The Berry Best Package $15 and it does a way better job! Too bad they don’t have those in Lexington!

Steven Murphy

Was looking to get car washed and detailed and was turned away. I was informed, after sitting in line for 5 minutes, that they do not touch Corvettes. No signs regarding this information or stating it. Very unpleased.

Miki Woestman

I have faithfully used this business for the past few years. My last experience, they barely wiped anything down on the inside, there were water spots everywhere and still dust all over my dash. Not worth the $30 I paid on account I had to go through the car was again, and wipe down my my car myself. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I took my brand new mustang in there today only to leave, get gas and see this HUGE scratch on the top of my trunk. Since I have scratches on the door handle from my nails and rings, I assumed they will try to say the scratch was already there, when it wasn’t. And the owner argued with me when I complained about the lack of cleanliness the last visit when I called. HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR THEIR PRICE! OR IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR LEFT WITHOUT DAMAGE! Very, very upsetting.

Jacklyn Vieth

So I took my boyfriends truck to be washed to surprise him after a long days work, and realized once I got there that the underside of the truck was too muddy to run through the wash. The gentlemen directed me to stop next door at the self spray n wash and knock the mud off, and then come back and they would run it. I drove over and was surprised to find that one of the workers met me there and offered to knock the mud off for me, free of charge!!!! It was so nice of them to do that!!!! After about 10 minutes of knocking mud off, I took the truck back and they ran it through the wash. She turned out clean and shiny as ever! Can't thank those guys enough for taking care of me that day. Now I know better than to bring a super muddy truck to the car wash! Woopsie !

Luther Dankwa

This place is terrible, I got a full exterior “detailed” car wash and towel home and had to rewash my car because there was white marks on everywhere on my car. There’s no attention to detail they just rush you through. There’s hand prints on my windshield.

Gala Lindon

Everything is awesome there and all the machines work!!!

Wayne Akers

I remember this place from when I was 18...over 30 years ago!!! Obviously, this place is doing it right. I have never been disappointed with the full service here. I do miss the good ol' spray New Car deodorizer they once used, though.

Laura Ferrell

Had a coupon for the Ultimate 2 wash that I used. I didn’t think I needed to check out the quality of the exterior wash while there but when I got home discovered there were alot of white dried spots on the exterior and some new scratches on the hood. The service here has really declined especially for the price charged for the service. I won’t be going back after many years of going there.

Sean McCormick

It's the best automatic car wash in town. Really friendly employees great air freshener

Candice Lerille

Was there early morning. Not busy. The inside of my car was barely wiped down. Very dissatisfied. And I paid for the "Ultimate"!

Tara Shangraw

They are very good at this place.

Sean King

They are the best drive thru car wash you can go to. I highly recommend them for a quick clean up. Of course, nothing beats hand washing. But they do a good job.

Kevin Hammons

This place does a great job everytime for a reasonable cost. Always quick, even when there is a line. Friendly staff as well. You wont be disappointed!

Christian Madden

Took my husband's truck to be washed the outside was great of course because it's a machine doing that. But the inside was horribly done. While I was still there I had to have them wash out the cup holders. But after I got home I had to lift the center console up and it was still very dusty and dirty. So I called Jeff's and spoke to the manager. He cut me off while I was talking to him. Then the only thing he offered me was to either bring it directly back or bring it tomorrow. I told him I live in Lancaster Kentucky and I dont drive the truck on a daily basis. And he didn't offer a a free wash for the next time I'm in Lexington Kentucky or anything. Not even a discount. I believe that it was poorly handled and they should offer something different for out of town customers.

kara miller

Good place to get a carwash..been around a long time

C Cobane

Best wash in town! Tires are the cleanest they've ever been. In and out 5 min

Matt M

Has very high pressure sprayers. This is good to cut dirt off but also good at breaking a tail light on my old corolla.

jacob richardson

Good quality cleaning, reasonably priced... too bad it rained right after we went

pam rowe

They did a great job for an excellent price!

Elliot Fraim

Best car wash in Lexington no question about it!

Gayle Bourne

The last two times I have been to Jeffs, including today, I have been very disappointed. I got the ultimate II package. But the guys did a very half a$$ed job on the interior. There is still dust and dirt in all the corners of the dashboard, cup holders and console - and they didn't vacuum very well. When I complained about a sticky area left on the console, the guy wiped a dry cloth over it and said, "see, it's sticky." Well, no joke. That's what I just said. "I can't do anything about it." Apparently spraying some cleaner on it and wiping it away was not going to happen. So what was I paying these guys for if I have to go home and do it over again myself?

Julie Speaks

I pulled up on the side toward Burt Rd to pull in to get a car wash, and people on the opposite side kept pulling in the car wash ahead of me. A rude man who claimed he was the manager told me I had to drive to get behind all of those people. I told him I had been waiting longer and that wasn’t fair. I have always gone in that way in the past btw. He told me he was the manager and if I didn’t, he would refuse to wash my car. I backed up and pulled in front of someone on the other side and he accused me of almost hitting another car and said again he wasn’t going to wash my car. Needless to say, I gave him an earful and cussed him out. I guarantee if I had been a man I wouldn’t have been treated that way. I used to go here a lot, but I will never return after this man treated me so terrible. Go to Clean Sweep on South Broadway, was able to get in a timely manner, with friendly staff and much better service. They also did a much better cleaning detail to my car. I feel that even if I were on the “wrong side” to come in, he could’ve at least allowed me my rightful place in line. Funny it was never the “wrong side” before.

Erin Carpenter

Usually they do a decent enough job, some times are better than others, but today I went through and it doesn't even look like they touched the inside of my car. There are still large pieces of crumbs and trash in my cup holders and on my console, my floor mat was just tossed in the back, there's still very visible dirt on the dash and backs of the seats. I understand that this isn't a detailing, but this was just pathetic. I paid for the ultimate 2 and left immediately to get some Armor-all to clean it myself.

Josef Mansour

Best car wash in Central Kentucky! You cannot beat this place! They always run deals on services and I've been a patron for 15 years. I always get the Ultimate 2 now and it never disappoints. Everyone is always friendly. I live in Georgetown and still drive all the way to Jeff's for my car wash. Keep up the great work!

Eric Wolfe

Normally a great wash. Today I paid $27 for them to not clean my entire car. The dash is still filthy as is the back window area. I'll be finding a new company for that price.

Emily Devine

still spots all over my car. Had my juul plugged up right before i went in for car wash and came out and it was gone. All manager said was well he tried and it’s not there. Well then why was it there before but it’s gone now?? will not go back and wouldn’t recommend to anybody. You’re belongings can just go missing and no one will do anything.

Elijah Hunter

Used them two times and would use again! Quick. Quality. Qudos! $12 and go! Nice! #iRecommend!

Victor Solorzano

really good service!!! nice job

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