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REVIEWS OF Fountains Auto Wash IN Kentucky

Melissa Mudd

Awesome car wash one of the few good carwashes worth going to in hillview

Cherie Aldridge

Great. You can spray wash or drive through.

Darryl Lasseter

Didn't do a very good job. Only use if you want the dust off will not remove a little dirt.

Levi Grandmaison

I guess u get what u pay for 9.00 wash for nothing i will never go there again

Randy McMillion

Lost money in the Machine. Called the Company answering service to get refund. Called them back 4 months later, answering service said "we are just the answering service", and we only pass messages. My question, did you "pass" my message? Oh..yes sir. My response "why haven't I been reimbursed "? I don't know sir, I will pass message again. Two weeks later, I get a voucher. I will NEVER use that wash again!!

Alisha Conn

2nd time I've been there, paid for a car wash and it didn't work. I called the number and no one ever answers the phone, no voicemail, nothing! You owe me $20 for both times this has happened and I'll never be back. Went across the street to Moby's Auto Spa. Robbery!

David Lyons

What an unmitigated mess this place is. Broken spray handles, dirty stalls, and disgusting, worn-out brushes are just some of the pleasures awaiting you.


Half the time the settings in the bays don't work properly.

Michele Luce

took my money today and when I try to call - get hung up on - NOT GOOD!!!

Kirk Kirchner

It's not that crowded most of the time clean just be careful the fragrance will stick every time it's completely full and you'll need to buy 2. It's usually the black ice one. Also don't ever stick anything more than a 1$ bill at a time the change dispenser was low one time got me for 10$ but they made it right the next time I saw the worker there. He took my word for it. And he did the right thing. It's the dude that empties trash and what not.

Sherryl Duellman

Went on Monday afternoon to wash my car and bay malfunctioned . I have my receipt and called the number list here on site,yelp, you got it no answer and voicemail. It's only $6 and all I want is to wash my car! how many times have people lost money and can not contact anyone?

Melissa Reeves

Thieves! Took my money and car wash is broken! The thing spritzed for 5 seconds and then nothing. I understand that machines malfunction but I left a note at the office with my phone number and asked them to give me a call and we could work it out, but did they call? Nope. Only $7 but as you can see from other reviews they have a history of this stuff. Take my advice and move on!

Billy Holderman

Great wash

krist Moore

Just ok at best.

Megan Jacobs

This car wash was horrible for $9! My car still had dirt and salt on it. All it did was run some water and mist on my car. Even my windows are still filthy!

James G

Always takes my money now. To expensive if it does work...

Teresa L Macklin-King

I was sceptical about driving my jag through the wash but for 10.00 my car is still shining! You also get free vacuum which usually cost me 3 or 4 more dollars so I highly recommend this spot.

Brittany McAlister

Spent 9.00 and STILL have a dirty car. Wheel scrubbers worked great.

Charles Miller

Owner hovers over you. Place is falling apart.

River Rick Moore

So I'm trying to get a hold of someone I took my car I just got three the automated wash and it sprayed a black tar on my car!! I want this removed from my car who do I need to talk to or do I need to talk to a lawyer

Kenny saltsman

Can't give a negative star review or i would..... There is never anyone there to help you in any case.... Their change machine never works right and most of the automatic wash bays never do what you pay for and the pther bays the switches don't work.... To bad its the only car wash to go to around here the car wash across the way next to speedway is just as bad.... I'm tired of losing money by going to fountains auto wash... Every time I've been there I've gotten screwed some how or the other. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING THERE.... THEY WON'T HELP YOU.....

Adam Scherzer

Earns it's bad reviews. I've been here twice and regretted both. 1st attempt Bay 2 touchless didn't even get my driver window wet 2 months ago. I'll try to post those pics. Today, Bay 1 touchless got my car soapy and rinsed it yet my car is no cleaner than before. Didn't even get the rain residue off my car or windshield. Don't waste your money here!

Jeff Cornell

Would be nice to get a car wash with soap. Only water used in this one. Obviously very busy weekend and someone should be maintaining the equipment and supplies.

James Cox

Not really feeling this place. These touchless car washes are worthless. Got out after and the back and sides still where dirty. And I bought most expensive. Do yourself a favor and go to one with the scrubbers.

Michael Spence

Greg Beavers

Never cleans my vehicles as well as I think it should. Also leaves soap on my vehicles (even after it blow dries it).

Aaron Bauman

It sucks. I went there a couple of days ago and the sprayer didn't work and I put in 5 bucks and I watched the time run out

Elena Murray

James Vaughn

Just went there this morning and after the carwash, it said to drive forward and the front garage door would not open! I was stuck! 5 minutes later an older man who I think worked there and I think was in the bldg came and asked me what the problem was. He couldn't even get the door to open! So he had to open the back garage door that I drove in thru and finally I got out. Freaked me out. I was just glad someone was there or I don't know what I would have done. And good thing my preschooler was not in the car with me since I usually take her since she likes car washes. He didn't even offer me my $$ back. Never again!

Justin Johnson

John Krauser

Where do I start? 1.) Faulty equipment (leaky soap brush, just sprayed liquid from the ceiling all over my car) 2.) The wash bay didn't even have labels on over 1/2 the settings 3.) Dirty parking lot 4.) Major pot hole before entering the bay that could potentially damage cars pulling in, with no signs of even an attempt at a repair. Fortunately, there has been some new development in this area and a new wash bay owned by different people a couple minutes away. I strongly advise visiting there and never returning here. This place doesn't deserve your, or anyone else's money.

Marvin Sweat

Terrible rip off....your better off using a broom rather than these vacuum...or whatever those thing are they have.

Lyna Williams

This place is a joke. Paid $9 for Spirograph designs in the dirt! Arrgghhh

Sarah McKee

jaxon pilcher

Horrible. Left spots on the windshield I cannot get off. Kind of like an oil. We used the automatic car wash. This car wash is out dated and not worth your time or money.

ken anderson

Facilities need renovations

Gemma Benton

The automatic wash does an awful job! This used to be my go to auto wash place! It was great when it first opened. I don't think they maintained the auto wash right and now it doesn't even get the dirt off of the sides of the car. I have never seen one this bad.

James Davis

I have used this place in the past and it's really falling off. 1st bay selector switch is faulty, then I go to the vacuum closest to the bays and it takes my 4 quarters! There is no one in the office of course and nowhere to leave a note. This is my last appearance here.

James Schultz

Eratic don't clean well

DJ inFOEred

Always broke. Lines constantly disconnected. Low pressure. Knobs do not match the diagram. You spend more time waiting for the lines to bleed than washing your vehicle. Bad thing is, it’s the only car wash around really and people keep going there. Not worth time or money. I called once and they said they was sending me a refund. Refund never showed up of course. Not a good business.

Kim Kirk


William Guenthner

Worn out equipment. Barely functional. Avoid this. Unbelievably it’s actually gotten worse since my initial review. Go to the new car wash on Preston where Jerry’s used to be.

Kye & Donya Swanson

Tried to use the Vacuum/air freshener machine and it is broken! Tried calling and got hung up on! I WILL BE CALLING BBB

Jessicca King

Norma Avalos

Cleaned my dirty ride...


I wish I would have read the reviews before I used this touchless car wash, because this is the worst car wash, by far. I still have a film of dirt all over my car, plus these weird circle spots, maybe from the dryer, I don't know. Spent $9 on the highest level of wash and the car looks worse than it did before entering.

Fred Kroeger

Worst car wash ever. Don't waste your time because it will take your money an your car won't be clean. Never again, the rain does a better job then this place

Kyle White

Paid for $9 wash. Absolutely no soap came out whatsoever, poured wax on my dirty car now there are spots and run marks all over it! I will never go back to this wash.

Willie James

Tried all 3 auto washes at 9:30pm. 1 wasn't ready and thought a car was still in the bay. 1 wouldn't take my credit card and the last one just spritzed. I paid $9 bucks for a dryer. The water didn't even work properly. It's sad because I like to support local businesses, but this is the last time I go here.

J. Alisha M

I've used the brushless and the brush car wash and both just do an okay job, they still seem to leave spots of dirt on my car. I only go here when I'm in a hurry and won't hv time to stop anywhere else. It's right by my work so I pass it daily. There is not a car wash close to my house!!

Kc L

So I’m pisssssssed and reporting this place to the BBB, I paid 9$ for a car wash get in the auto thing and then all it does for 15 minuets is go back and forth no water, no soap no nothing!! The number of course if a fraudulent number, this business should not be in our community as it is clearly stealing from people. All these 1 star reviews is pathetic, whoever owns this you are a piece of garbage and you’ll be lucky if the cops don’t show up soon!! This is theft!! Stealing peoples hard earned money.

Michael Perkins

Tyrone Wilson

Man I paid my money and I walk through the drive-thru and when I come out the other end after all that water there was no soap my nuts didn't even get cleaned worst car wash in Louisville

Sarah Watson

Got the best wash available and my car is still dirty. No one answers the phone number and nobody is on site to assist you.

Mick Icy

The machine doesn't do anything. It doesnt wash the car, just blows water at it. Even after paying for the highest car wash there was almost no difference

Vicki Allred

Use your water hose it will do a better job!

Julie Craft

Paid for a car wash, and never got it! The bay doors never opened. Couldn't get in touch with anyone to complain!!

mark helms

Terrible car wash! Spent $10 to have my mirror broken and car still soapy. It hardly rinsed, and no one answers when I call the phone number. Stay far away if you care about your vehicle.

Kevin Tarmac

This place is TRASH. Didn’t wash just wanted to vacuum. I went to the building to get quarters put in a 10, took the bill and didn’t give me a single damn quarter. NOT ONE! The machine lit up red “out of service”. Called number it rings and then says it can’t take messages. Don’t waste your time and money at this $hit pile.

Cathy Ann

Went to car wash almost 3 weeks ago, took my money, didn't work. It's on video so she says. I've got nothing to hide, damn thing didn't work. Was told with-in 5-7 business days would get a refund check. Still no check and they don't answer their phone. Never!!! however i did receive a coupon. WTH , i won't go back. Don't even live in area, sure not driving 40 miles to go and it be broken... This guy gets rich off of this. Sounds like others have same problem.

Kimberly Todd

Put $7 on my card and never got a car wash and it wouldn't print a receipt. Tried to call for a refund and no one answered? Who is in charge over there??

Andrew Johnson

Went to the touchless got to the rainbow wax and it stopped called the number and they told me to put more of my money in and wash again there would be no help dont waste your time or money here

Jordan P

Close this place down. Everything’s broke. Takes your money. Don’t waste your time guys. Go elsewhere. I only give 1 star because I can’t go lower.

Jessie Barrett

They need the vacuum to work and if they don't work they need to put a out of order sign on them. There was antifreeze all in the Drive-Thru wash bay.

nakita newman

Vacuum did not work. Wasted $1.50 on it. No one answered my call when I tried to let them know. Will not be returning.


I would give this place 0 stars if I could. Went yesterday (7/27/15) at 5:25pm to clean my car. I see cars in and out of this place and thought it would be a good experience. Boy was I wrong. 1. Their vending machine, which at other car washes in town usually has interior and glass wipes was completely empty. 2. I used Bay 3 and all the machine did was rinse my car. No soap. Nothing. I paid for the $7 car wash. I could've rinsed my car in my driveway for free. 3. The dryers did not work either. So now my car is covered in water spots. I should have just set my money on fire for a more enjoyable experience than coming to this place. Only plus side is the vacuums, which anymore you can get free vacuum with the purchase of a car wash at other places around town. Needless to say, I won't be back. Edit: Tried to call the number to request a refund, it just rings. No answering machine. Guess I'll just chalk this up to a $7 lesson learned.

Debbie Robinson

They stole my money and won't call me back

Leasia Kirk

Highly upset waited for about 30 to 45 mins to "try" to get my car washed. Took my money gave me a receipt. And then the machine wouldn't work. Tried to call the number that is on here and Google not even a working phone number. So my car isn't washed and they took money that I won't get back. WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO THIS CAR WASH!


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