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22203 W 66th St, Shawnee, KS 66226, United States

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REVIEWS OF Whale Spout Car Wash IN Kansas

Dylan Marcus

Does not take credit cards at the self- wash and change machine was out of order.

Joanna Kaup

Joe Gorup

Good local wash

Joe S

Great for a quick wash. Most of the time it's clean. Too bad others have to destroy it...

Reid Crowe

Althea Townsend

Kris Kitchen

It doesn't take credit cards so you have to have change or money and if you don't because you don't carry that you're not going to be able to clean your car

Tara Kubick

Washed my SUV here 6/2/2017 and it did a terrible job. Left dirt "stripes" on the side of my vehicle where it didn't get clean. Won't use this car wash again. My daughter followed behind me in her Ford Ranger and it left dirt stripes on both sides of her pickup and the back window didn't look like it had even been rinsed. Disappointed!

Mark Wynne

not good, not bad

Trish Lang

Jessie Roach

Scott Hamele

Annisa Barnett

I went the the automated car wash. It left a dirty film on both sides of my car. I will not return to that car wash.

Jason Allen

They are starting to let it go downhill vending machine next to change machine took me for $2 and nobody on site to help

Arin Lecluyse

John Foley

Did an ok job for a touchless car wash

Jennifer Clarkin

There is green slime all over the inside of the car wash and looks like mold on the wash/ payment selection machine. I paid for the expensive wash and the back my car looks like it was never washed. Don’t waste your money, go somewhere else.

Brian Heikes

Lots of bays equipment is always working and in good shape, the bays are always clean. Been going there for 7 years

Kris Myers

Tony Randall

Austin Parks

Costs are high but you can definitely get a car cleaned well here.

Bruce Cooper

Used the auto wash and bought the top wash. The soap didn't dispense toward my vehicle because the tubes were evidently messed up causing soap to shoot everywhere but my vehicle. Wouldn't be a big deal if they have me another wash or reimbursed me but they won't return my calls. Never going back. Save your money or go somewhere else.

Kyleigh Jeffries

Always hand wash my car because the machines are not really good at cleaning all the nooks and crannies on my car. The vacuums are $1.00 and usually last long enough for me to clean the front, back, and trunk pretty well. It's simple and quick and there is a cash to coin machine.

Philip Read

Is so so

Nyssa Crawford

Lynn Smith

Can a car be as dirty as it was before a car wash? The answer here is YES!

Tim Gomez

Does a great job

polo donjuan

Thursday July 19 7:50 am The The maintenance guy said. I going to call the police soon as you leave if You don’t clean this mess (someone else left before I clean my car) I have this on tape. And pictures. Before and after

Tj Chambers

Does not take credit cars

John Hall

I don't like giving even one star. I told my wife to use this wash because it was a good one. Ha! Paid $10. for the Killer Whale wash. Most of the car still had a layer of dirt; we could tell the sprayers and the several applications were all screwed up; a long stripe of dirt was on the side of the car, the blow dryer shut off after 10 seconds, despite showing 60 seconds were left. Their web site shows they are closed and they should be. No attendant to see.. We willl NOT use these cheaters again.

Jeremy Boselly

Run on the mill car wash, has automated brushless and manual bays, as well as vacuums. Manual bays do not accept credit cards, some only accept quarters (bill slot broken). All the manual bays had lots of large chunks of mud in them, as well as mud splatterings all around. I passed on washing my car here.

Greg Glass

Pretty good options for washing. Dont let the time run out because its a $2 minimum to restart.


Very nice

Jason Keeler

Like that this is eco friendly, don't like that they have so many issues with their credit card intake, and that there's no way to get your money back if it screws up and doesn't serve a wash. It is a little on the $$$ side if you want wax and an air dry. Also, units may occasionally not be working, and you won't know until you pay and sit and wait and nothing happens. Too frustrating for me to keep using...

Christy Stephens

I paid $10 and it doesn’t even look like my car was washed at all. What a waste of $$.

chris freckelton

Little pricey

Simon Elwell

I have never had an issue with this car wash. I am not sure where other people are having repeat issues but everything always works for me and gets the job done for the money spent.

Melissa Davis

This is the closest car wash to our house so we come here often and have been pretty satisfied with the manual and brushless automated car wash options. It is a little pricey. I put $1 in the vacuum and it did not turn on. I went to get a refund and no attendant so I called and was offered the refund by mail or to come by and pick up. We kept missing each other on location so they sent me a $10 VIP wash for my inconvience, great customer service, I will be back!

Brad Sprague

Attendant was rude, apparently not happy that my vehicle was dirty and left behind some dirt. It's a car wash!

Mike Fenton

Not even worth one star a total waste of money!

Larry Moorr

Matt Legler

DIY doesn't accept cards. The money exchange doesn't work either, and the machine doesn't give refunds if you don't use all of your purchased time. Had to leave and come back 3 times in order to do it correctly.

Shannon Gustafson

Good but not great, auto clean didn't clean that well.

Jim Carpenter

It's a quick car wash.

Dave Chapman

James Walker

This car wash is adjacent to a place I used to work, so it's extremely convenient. The automatic side does a pretty good job of cleaning the car and the blowers, well... there's still places to be dried off, but that's to be expected. I'd really like to use the manual bays, but since the machines don't accept credit cards, for now, it's out of the question. I keep track of expenses by using a credit card, so when these bays get updated to those machines, I'll spend more time here.

Bryan Lappin

ami keopke

I used the auto wash. My card was charged but the stall never came on. I called 3 times to leave a message to get a refund or credit and was NOT called back. I will not support this place again! BOO

Rick Stones

Well below average car wash. The biggest problem is the rinse mechanism in the auto wash does not rinse the soap completely. It leaves bad soap residue on the roof and windshield. This flaw alone will keep me away, but there are others. No free vacuum is provided, even for the most expensive wash, and the vacuums do not accept credit cards. Also, the blow dryer mechanism are located directly inside the wash bay, instead of outside a bit. This causes major delays in the line. No more of this place for me.

Steph Godfrey

Michael Barger


Aubrey Allenbrand

Sprung for the "killer whale" wash...the machine shut off mid wash. No attendant on site, phone number is only a busy signal. No way to get my money back...and no way for them to get my business back!

Julie Schwed

The automatic bays never clean my car well enough for the price you pay.


I go here once or twice a month there are automated washing stalls and also stalls for hand washing your car. I usually use the automated wash it is brushless and you have choices from $9 up to $12. Both automated and do it yourself accept credit cards

Wendy Litterick

Nick Dobbs

No credit card on the self wash so had to go through the automatic. Paid 9 bucks and it stopped a minute into the wash. Attendant gave me attitude when he had to come up here and reset it!

Tim Miller

Entered the wash and part way through my bike rake made the automatic washer stop. I pulled out of the bay expecting to be very disappointed as suds still covered my vehicle. As I pulled out a man stopped me noticing there was an issue. He directed me to the auto bay next the one that had stopped and personal made sure my vehicle was safe and cleaned. I'll be back!

Steve Capell

This is my favorite car wash. I like the fact that it is brush-less and is well maintained. It's best to hit this one through the week as on the weekend it is really busy.

Ed Raner

Quick and easily accessible.

Arletta Classen

Ashley Lindemann

My car looks dirtier after the auto wash than when I got there—there’s a film all over it and the windows are incredibly spotty, worse than If it had just rained on the car. Also the base level wash either doesn’t include the air dry or it didn’t work (cmon, a $7 auto wash that doesn’t even include 30 seconds of drier fans?)

Cameron Cooper

2nd time with this local wash. Won't be going back at least through the automatic. White car looks like a zebra as it didn't clean well at all.. I usually hand wash our cars when the weather permits and I don't expect that result but I expect better than this. Probably fine for the mower but not my cars.

Nick Alexander

Good local wash. Accepts bills and coins but no cards for manual wash. They just raised prices on the auto wash (does accept cards).

S Sum

Automatic or self wash n wax your choice.

Daniel Kiah


Leonardo Simbaqueva

Washing your car is a simple task when you know how and you are ready for it. I have been here several times with no issues at all! Customer service is great too (when someone is around). Perhaps adding a credit/debit slot will make it even better.

Scott Endsley

Keep raising prices yet the equipment is getting older and rarely does more than an average job.

Tim Johnston

A nice clean car wash place. Sometimes it can be a little windy but this is a great place to get your car washed.

Jason Cady

Benz Lotus


I have visited this car wash on multiple occasions and have had enough. Rude customer service *if anyone is there at all* and on a repeat basis the automatic wash is “down for maintenance.” I want to point out an opinion as I respect and am understanding of occasional equipment maintenance. Over time however I have come to realize it is lack of maintenance and equipment failure, possibly causing the breakdowns. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

Tech Wizard

It's a nicely located do-it-yourself car wash. If the vacuum happens to eat your quarters and not work (like happened to me, once), if you return when the owner is there, he'll take care of you.

George Guthrie

Lyndsey Anderson

Gets my cars clean!

Peggy Burns

Matt Gorman

Keith Mayfield

Had an use with one of the days and the manager made it right. Very happy with service!!!

Steve Finell

DIY car wash is best but, work quickly as it costs a lot per minute. Auto wash never gets my car clean enough - waste of money.

emma goering

The service is amazing. The workers are so understanding of one’s car needs. I would recommend to all people who need their fellow cas washed.

Sarah Lee

This car wash was absolutely lovely. The service is beyond spectacular and the washes are so cleansing. Would go again. Truly the best car wash institution in Kansas

Lynn Bishoff

Pd 7$ for a car wash dryer didn't work

Aaron Brooks

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