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12400 Blue Valley Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66213, United States

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REVIEWS OF Travel Clean Express Car Wash IN Kansas

Thomas MacDonald

I like that it is tall and accommodates my work truck.

Ariel Broderick

Shaikh Ali

Fantastic cleaning of my Chevy. I am in USA since 10 years and had car wash in several town several places, but I found Travel Clean Express is best so far. Vaccum is very strong. Mywife ould not recognize my car when I am back home. But I am having an issue. After I came out of wash bay, I noticed my dash board shows light is on as if the door is not closed properly although I checked all the doors are tightly closed. It surprises me too. But it happened right after the wash.

Raphael Thomas Jr

This place is legit. Grab your detailing tools from home, get a nice soft-brush car wash, then hit the vacs and go to town. Plenty of stalls, nobody there nagging you, and always clean. Staff is friendly, and I'd bet their detailing services are good too. This is my new regular spot. 5 stars!

Kurt Lading

Car wash was good except it opened my fuel door and it got banged quite a bit. Not sure what to do about that. 2019 Silverado.

Debbie Robinson

It's the best car wash in town, but it's gotten too expensive to be able to use it very often. Most likely we won't be reloading our card once it's used up.

Jonathan Modisett

Wish the car would come out dryer. But its pretty good and has a lot of options plus good price

Amy Burnett

Re claimed water = a raunchy, horrible, stays on your nose smell that had me plugging my nose throughout my wash. Not to mention the service attendant, at the beginning of the tunnel, was just munching away on a bag of microwave popcorn. Really! One of the sprayers didn't seem to be working correctly and they offered no air fresheners. At $16 for the top wash, I'll be going elsewhere where my car will be fully washed with professionalism and my noise will be happy. Ten minutes later and my car still smells! EWW!

B. k. G

Great Professional place to get a car wash, without all the hood rats and loud bass.


Does a great job and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Luke McCune


Very effective carwash and it doesn't scratch the paint. The bottom blaster helps eliminate and minimize the amount of rust on the undercarriage of the vehicle. The spot-free rinse is very effective and minimizes the amount of drying you have to do. Also has free vacuum when you get done.

Jason H

Affordable and easy.

j l

Great car wash. Unlimited vacuum. Always plenty of staff.


adrian milner

Clean and fast

Ashley Wells

First time visiting this car wash and loved it

Tony Justesen

Harsh Patil

One of the two car washes I have been to in Kansas, definitely the better one. Did the $11 wash with tire shine, turned out quite well. I mostly looking for a better blow drier at the end of the wash which this place did have. Still have to clean using a mf towel for spot free wash. Edit: been a year now and almost tried all other car washes and I still believe this on has the best overall washing and drying experience.

Jay Copeland

Very good place to get your vehicle washed


Used to having an attendant precheck the car and remove hard dirt prior to car wash. Didnt happen here and the prices are high.

Sai Gorantla

Tony Trinh

Fantastic wash and dry drive thru here. The vacuums have super strong suction and a narrow tip to get in between crevices. They even have carpet shampoo and fragrance machines, and a carpet mat cleaner. The only thing missing for me was a station to power spray rubber mats.

Christian Trozzolo

i would do 5 because everything about this car wash is amazing, but 5 would be if you upgraded or adjusted the big brushes so they didn't hit the car so hard. Also the spotless section doesn't last very long, i notice when it rains its not very spotfree, so maybe more concentrated solution would help :)

Clayton Kelley

I hope you see this review before going through it. I went through the OP location. It ruined my brand new F150. The cleaners leave about 8 3-5 inch swirls on your vehicle which is a scratch and chips the paint. I approached them after. Talked to the manager in person. He showed me that my new F150 had no marks upon entering (yes I agreed) and all damaged upon leaving (they installed HD cameras which I guess they ignore if they don’t see what they want?). I tried to file a claim with them. They claimed no responsibility. It’s ridiculous. Please don’t go if you care about your car. I don’t want you being left with a ruined vehicle and having to cover all costs. Go somewhere with professionalism and accountability if something goes wrong, instead of denial. I’ll be proceeding with legal action. I’ve seen some comments below having the same experience. Can’t let them get away with this.

Life is a challenge

The BEST car wash in Overland Park, Kansas. Customer friendly. Employees are very kind and helpful. Greatly appreciate it. Naten Smith , Stephen Fairgen are wonderful people there. Highly recommend this car wash service center.

Chris Steinlage

I think I have tried most of the drive thru car washes in the Overland Park area. With an exception to my own bucket of water in my driveway, Travel Clean without a doubt does the best job, even if you are just doing their basic wash. There have been some lower priced drive-thru's open in the last couple years, including one very near the Blue Valley location and it simply does not do as good a job on the hard to reach areas. I had a one minor issue with after a recent wash and I feel they went above and beyond to see that the issue was resolved. It was a refreshing experience. I wasn't really expecting them to take any type of action, I just wanted them to be aware of what had happened, but the management contacted me and made sure I was 100% satisfied. Great Customer service separates great businesses from the average. Keep up the great work.

Allen Poe

I consistently get good results here. It is my carwash of choice in Lee's Summit.

Dan Elman

Great Customer Care with an excellent wash and vacuums.

Mitchell Ransdell

Jesus Radillo

They open late and excellent wash

Mar Jeff

Good car wash.

Jason Bigler

Wash did a good job cleaning road grime off the car but the water left an unpleasant smell that took a while to air out of the car.

Richard Rice

Terrible car wash. The car came off the rack causing tire shine to get on the side of the car. Paint chips due to car coming off the rack. Brand new car so was very easy to notice, wasn't from just normal wear and tear. I called to speak with a manager and his name was Spencer. He began yelling on the phone like a child claiming I was lying. Luckily its a lease vehicle, but the service here is beyond awful.

Melissa Palmer

Forgot my wallet but, they let me go just get a basic wash. I thought that was nice...

Ken Hupp

good value since you get unlimited vac

Kelly Lewis



Equipment and building are vary outdated, car didn't get cleaned as well as it should have spent more time cleaning the spots that should have been done by the carwash. To many other places to go that give you more value for your money

Cindy Carey


Keith Anderson

Dirty stations & no staff

Timothy Blom

Wash does a great job! Had an issue with my tailgate not being cleaned, ran me through again for free. Never disappointed. Also, the vacuums really suck!

Mw Li

Jill H.

This is a great car wash and it's conveniently close to 69 Hwy. Everyone is so nice and I love the free vacuums. Especially helpful for all the extra cleaning needed in the interior after a long road trip! Great customer service. I would definitely recommend Travel Clean Express Car Wash!

Tom Shino

Weak vacuum

Jenifer Regnier

Easy to get in and out of and great vacuums!

Jerry Bock

Great vacuums.

John Koehler

Great power wash. The vacuums included after the wash are super powerful and get everything cleaned out of the hardest to get places.

HS PSacct

Accessible. Fair fees. Easy process. Free vacuums. Look for promotions, sometimes 50 percent off.

Samir Muranjan

It does a good job of cleaning and free vacuum after the wash. Reasonable prices.

Beth Pearson

Vacuums were great, but that was the only plus. Brushes were harsh and didn't get my entire car clean. Recipet machine was busted, so I don't get my guarantee. I didnt even get my stinkin' interior wet wipe. Will not return

Kellie Snell

One of the best ones in overland park. It's a simple process, pick what wash you would like and drive through. The cleaning itself is really great. I've been back multiple times. It is a clean and well run establishment.

Nirav Vikmani

Nice car wash

Sean Reuter

This place is a complete joke. Nothing ever works and your car never gets clean. Vending machine jams up and service sucks. Never coming back again.

Corey Orton

Nice carwash and does a good job. We have the budget monthly pass and it helps us keep our car clean and vacuumed on a regular basis at a fairly reasonable cost. The vacuums really suck - in a good way!

Victor Adam

Best auto-wash I've been to, only thing missing is a place to hose off your floor mats.

Dan Durig

This is one of the better car washes around for the price. Vacs are powerful and it does get your car cleaner than most with a single pass. I don't like how they round the tax up or down as it gives the air of dishonesty. Not sure why they cannot just run transactions like normal or include taxes in the price if they don't want to make change. Most of the transactions should be credit based anyway. I have been there when really busy and you need to wipe your car down and then on average days you don't. On slow days (look for dropped vac hoses) the wash is turned down and so is the suction...skip those days because you won't get anything cleaned but every other should be fine. Quick service and if you are not happy they will refund. I prefer the 48hr rewashes on the higher tiers just because it makes sense to me.

Mike Maksin

Always a quick in and out at right time of day. Love the free vacuums!

Kristen Fink

Best vacuum suction of all car washes I regularly visit. Great value for you dollar!


Best cas wash in town

Huey Huynh

Didn't like the price increase, but I guess they have to make money too.

Jennifer Creed

Great customer service and loved my clean car. Highly recommend Travel Clean car wash.

Ravi Monga

Powerful vacuum and good clean

Audrey Martiny

Car wash

asia young

Great car wash!

Jared Douglas

Been here twice, car comes out clean but could not help but notice that the large spinning cleaning mechanisms in the wash put a lot of small surface scratches on my car. It is a black car so they really stood out to me when I got through and had a good look at it. Not sure if others have had the same experience or if it's just part of owning a black car, but I will not be returning to this establishment.

Drsmith Gaming

So, where do I start I went there to clean my car. When it was done I got out and my pony emblem on the front of my car was bent like no tomorrow hanging and the chrome on it was gone. It’s like a $50 replacement. And on top of that the driver door was scratched to high hell. When I confronted them about it they tried to pin it all on me it was a complete waste of money and I’m ashamed I can’t give them a lower rating

Marsha Alexander

It gets your car clean and you can come back for a free wash within 48 hours.

Bishop Concierge

Clean and fast car wash!!!!

Ievgenii Tsyngalov

I would like to recommend full wash

Makelle Berry

It's my favorite place to go get a car wash. I usually get the best wash because it comes with a 48 hour garrantee.

Carolee Estelle

Excellent carwash. Process is efficient but with high quality equipment & nice employees. I love the towlette for doing an interior spruce up while going through the wash.


Best drive thru car was in OP. I have the monthly pass but these prices are creepy up to an almost ridiculous amount.

Stellah Ngobiro

Awesome Car wash

Natalie Thompson

I love this car wash!!! Good value, and I can always get a vacuum!!!

Chinmay Pati


Richard Wallace

They do a good job and work to resolve any shortcoming that may occur.

Carl Jones

They have two lanes for car wash and whenever I used the one on the left it would knock my door mirrors in. To make it worse this side also broke off some trim facia on my roof rack. When I reported it to them they treated me with attitude like it was already damaged! They located the piece that had broken off inside their car wash gave me a claim number and said the manager would call. Few days later he did call again very unprofessional implying it was already broken and asked if it was damaged before the wash. No is the answer to that and I had a couple of car washes on the right side with no issues. The replacement part direct from Acura is $25 so instead of dealing with their attitude best to never go back and replace it myself. I would recommend going elsewhere.

Chris Bradford

Car wash is always great, vacuums are really good and included in the price, never have to wait, staff is friendly and keep it clean

Ryan Woodson

Far as automatic washes go, this place cleans really good. I am a true enthusiast too, serious good and free vacuum too. Kind of busy but when stuff is good people go.

Alexander Vallar

Best automatic car wash and vacuums in Southern Overland Park. Simply, clean, drama free experience with short wait times. Only development area would be their heavily inflated prices.

Scott Croy

Like the facility and staff, not liking the value now that the price went up significantly.

Jan Rowlett

Very detail oriented business. If you have a problem, they fix it!

Chris Duncan

Nithin Asokan

Probably one of the best car wash places in town. Does a fantastic job and free vacumn in the end is great way to keep interiors nice and clean. The place is expensive compared to others in the area but I this their wash is better compared to rest.

Swapnil Desarda

Free vacuum is the USP

Paul Weiner

Great job at a great price.

Jason A. Savage

Hardly ever a wait and the wash is great! Love taking my car here.

Frank Drake

Good car wash

Josh Threlfall

Solid wash. I always go with the $8 wash and vacuum it out with the included vacuums... especially needed and helpful with a toddler. Conveniently located.

Joseph Carley

Run of the mill car wash. They do all the work for ya, if it isn't clean enough they let you back through

Ashwin Sivakumar

I have been going here for my car washes for last 2 years.. they always gets their wash done as expected.. i dont have any kinda of monthly membership or reward points with them.. i go there once every 3 months.. get my car cleaned as i expected.. i have a 10 year old car.. so don't care about utmost detail of cleaning.. but at end of the wash my car looks very clean.. i get of the the trash in my car and vaccum and i zoom.. this winter was too harsh in KC area.. i did not car wash for a few months.. my car had too much salt and freeze dirt.. waited till temps became above freezing.. did my car wash today amd came out spec clean.. i am not a car wash enthusiast, especially cuz so i have a very old car.. but i think i kinda noticed that they spec'ed their settings with more forces of water spray etc. to accomodate for weather and take care of of their customers based on seasonal needs.. not sure if they are the best in the area or sorts.... but i feel confident and satisfied everytime i go here and that my car is washed and cleaned at very reasonable rates and move on with my other more important worries of life... one less worry..

Greg Klein sr.

Great car wash for the money!!!!!

Dan Reardon

The car wash is second to none...The monthly pass is AWESOME!!! I work in an area with a lot of dust, so being able to get a clean car everyday is a tremendous option.Thanks

Matt Helms

Best car wash in the area.

talal fadl

I love the place. The people who work there are super nice. I just wish they had more powerful vacuum in their lot.

John Dodson

I always likje to come in for a wash, they take great care of me with a great wash, I never have any worries with it, great value too!

Bobby Reddy

Free vacuum for any carwash

Jim Piper

Best car wash in the city.

Harish Chowdary

Nice clean of my car


Expensive. They should have an under $5 wash. Experience is good, friendly folks.

Alfredo Hughey

I like the skylight ceiling as you move through the automated wash.

bal cheema

Slower the chain more the cleaning

sharath chandra


Mindy McCalla

Love it! Fast and free vacuums!

Nitesh Reddy Mudireddy

Depends on what car you have. A little rough on the car though. If you want it to be a "soft" wash, go to waterway.

Amy R

My car always looks great after a visit here. If it doesn't they will wash my car again for free.

Adam Tuggle

Fast and efficient. The wash tunnel /automation mechanisms seem to be on the higher end of car wash systems. My car actually comes out clean with no sud residue and fairly dry.

Brooke Hlavacek

Great wash, gets everything off, completely clean and they top it off with vacuums included in the price

Brian Herrmann

Susan L

If you don't mind your car falling off the car wash track when you bring it here, then by all means, come on by! There is a guy that works weekdays here that will do everything possible to ignore the customer, including texting on his phone or smoking his cigarette, or eating his lunch while you, the CUSTOMER, are waiting for him to direct you into the car wash. Don't bother complaining to the owner . . . . he is nasty and will yell at you for even THINKING about complaining. So, if you are ready for certain abuse, this might be the place. Far too many car washes in Overland Park area to be treated poorly.


Terrible. Didnt have proper cleaning supplies. Staff were rude.


Great car wash! You really can't beat this one!


Always gets the suv cleans and free vacuum.

Brian Wilson

I love this place! They do it right!

Timothy Welvaert

Horrible car wash. While going through I felt the only half the brushes torched my car and the ones that did best the hell out of it. I purchased the $11 wash which was suppose to clean the under carriage but after getting home I realized there was still dirt on the bottom side of my cat and the hood was still dirty. I will not be returning to this car wash.

Sara McDaniel

Used to love this place. Great service great vaccines. However they increased their prices to $17 at a minimum to get a second wash for free within 48 hours. It used to be $12!

Kory Kirkegaard

Nate at travel clean express (and the entire company) are awesome. A piece unfortunately got damaged on my Jeep Wrangler and they have bent over backwards to make things right, and I didn't have to argue with them. I didn't realize customer service like this still existed, gives me hope for humanity

Leslie Blanchard

Inexpensive and it cleaned the car of road salt and grime very well.

Jim Fogel

I had an issue with a trim piece coming off after my car was washed and the problem was resolved in a very professional manner with quick response. I feel they really do care about their customers and have great followup!

Ray Cessna

Clean your car the easy way and let the car wash do it for you.

ice berg

Good but too pricey for worker like me

Jacob Drum

I've used this car wash once and turned out my Neighbors Car was So Extra Clean that it shinned would recommend this place

Preston Price

Fast, affordable place to get your car cleaned.

Hugo Perez

(Translated by Google) Excellent place (Original) Exelente Lugar


Only place to get your car washed

VS Services

THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAR**STAY AWAY**Absolutely WORST experience ** On 3/19/17 , I took my 2015 Mercedes GL 350 to this carwash and instead of coming out with a clean vehicle, it came out damaged. Damaged my hood, cracked my windshield (took out a chunch out of the window and the driver side glass. My wife almost had a heart attack, its her car and she was so furious, she couldn't even speak... I calmly reported this to the manager on duty, who without even looking at it, said the following: It wasn't us, we aren't responsible, but I will go ahead and file a claim and someone will call you".. didn't care that my vehicle was just damaged , didn't care to look at the crack,and I had to remind him to take a picture..... Today is Thursday, no call... Just got off the phone with an absolutely unprofessional , obnoxious and rude guy with extreme attitude.... said again we aren't responsible and someone will call you back later today....***STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS*** THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAR AND WILL TRY TO AVOID THE RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!

Andrea Liesinger

I brought my 2015 dark color SUV here for a wash. The wash seemed fine. I then noticed scratches all over my vehicle.

robert kozel

$9 for a CarWash, forget IT!!!


Love it

Steffi Noneya

Best car wash in Johnson County, they have many packages available for all price ranges.

Madhusudan Padmanaban Gopalakrishnan

Keith Coleman

Brushless, good for high end vehicles.

Matt Dexter

Best quick carwash with self vacuuming.

Chris Lynam

Good wash and free vacuum!

Terry Leighty

Half the time uh ou font gets TV what you pay for something always broke down

Alex Schimmel

Easy place to wash your car over lunch.

Aaron Castro

Free vacuum with the wash. If you buy the top wash, you get a rain-check good for a free re-wash within the next couple days (rain or shine). The people are really friendly too. I've gone up there just to vacuum my car and offered to pay and they've let me use the vacuums free of charge.

Sara Shabat

The best Car wash in Kansas!!! Highly recommended !!!!

Jared Wood

Fair pricing and good machinery. Please extend the rain guarantee to other wash levels.

Alexa Meier

The only car wash in the area that I can get my large SUV into without any problems while still getting the whole thing cleaned.

Nolan Donovan

Best car wash for sure. drove out of my way to get to it. The best part is having the vacuums and trash cans after the car wash to really get into cleaning out the car without worrying about quarters or time limits.

Asaid Khan

It's a decent wash for the price

Brian B

Decent job at cleaning a car. Great covered area where you can vacuum for free. The vacuums do a great job.

Hanuman G

I got basic wash 8$ still see lot of tree sap and dust. Need to go to car wash again later. But the free vacuum is good.

Mary Ellen Hassell

I’ve been a customer since they opened and love the Travel Clean Wash Card discounts! The customer service is always outstanding and the facilities are well maintained.

Terri Dixon

I bought the $11.00 car wash and it was a better wash then I have received at other car washes paying more money. The vacuums were amazing! Plus this car wash is close to work. Very happy and will return!

Taylor Dexter

Great quality car wash!

Santi Go

Their vacuums are the best. Very strong suction & unlimited. The tunnel has amazing pressure on anything it sprays leaving the car very clean.

Amarie Stevens

Able to get in and out quickly. Free vacuums.

Tom Edmondson

Great customer service, and always works well

Norma Orton

Quick and easy. Love the free vacuum.

J McNicoll

Strong vacuums and amusing car wash. Amusing because it’s carnival

Brad Heckey

Free vacuuming after carwash is nice.

Bryan Tobiason

This is an excellent car wash. It does a good job on my Jeep, Suburban and Silverado. I love the $16 wash that includes 48 hour guarantee. You can go back anytime in the 48 hours to rewash it which is great.

Danny Warren

Worth the money.

Kelley VanGoethem


Paul Singh

Very nice drive through fully automated car vacuums...great monthly rates

Niq Howard

I got the basic car wash. My truck came out clean, undamaged and the vacuums worked great.

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