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10600 Roe Ave, Overland Park, KS 66207, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tommy's Express Car Wash IN Kansas

Jessica Willey

Went here the other day for the first time and loved it. JP was very nice and pleasant. Will be coming back!

Carolyn McCord

I was pleasantly surprised today to be asked by JP to clean my floor mats. She did a great job and it was sorely needed! Thanks for the service JP!

John D Fink

Tommy’s keeps me

Ron Stine

Came to the wash and had a great experience with this young lady JP! She had the biggest smile on her face and seemed so happy to be there to help. Love this wash

Refugio Garcia

Fast and easy car wash! excellent service, Logan took my mats from me and when he brought them back they looked brand new. 5/5 stars.

June Wright

I love it here! My husband and I come to this wash all the time! When coming in we are always informed of the membership, however never really though it was worth it because our family owns multiple cars. During my most recent visit JP informed me of the family plan for memberships which my husband and I will definitely be looking into now! As always great service and now hopefully at an even better price!!

Brittany Ebert

Great concept but... no one to assist when “loading” car in to the tunnel... very nerve recking because you could misalign easily and damage your car. Defiantly need an attendant to assist in alignment. Car bumped and jolted in the tunnel wash. I am going to check for damage when I get home. Also, rubber things off of dryer flew off and hit my car multiple times in a whirl wind action. Definitely did not do my paint any justice.

Carl Slater

Had a great car wash at Tommy's . Once I exited the wash I was met by Cooper who took my mats and cleaned them while I dried my car. He did a great job. Thanks Cooper!!!

Sean Lynch

I was in from out of town, trying to get highway grime off the family wagon to attend a family event. Had a great, easy experience from start to finish, suburban got clean. Attendant Skyler helped us through the process, kudos to him and the rest of the staff that was hopping on a busy day.

Lisa Hendrickson

Tommy’s has a great customer experience. My car always comes out spotless. This time, Johnny came to the vacuums to give my furry helper a doggie treat! He was very friendly and even fixed a vacuum that wasn’t working for me. Little nice gestures like these are the reasons I try to find when picking a service to use. Thanks Tommy’s!

Kyle Lilly

Wow, what a great day at the wash! I was greeted by JP, and she provided great help. Thanks for a wonderful experience, JP also vacuumed my mats and carpets, so big thanks for her for doing that! 10/10 will come back!

Conner Greenly

I think this car wash is great! Although a little out of the way for me, which is the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5, it is worth it! Every time I come here my car always looks its absolute best! When visiting last Friday I had one of the best experiences I have ever had at the wash! I had a regular wash and when going through my car to finish the job at vacuums JP offered to clean my mats for me! I happily took her up on her offer since my mats were too big for the free mat washing service the wash provides. She took them and sprayed them off which was a huge help! Totally recommend this wash in particular and thanks again JP!

Laurie Morrissey

Super friendly team! Max saw my car had a lot of mud caked to the tires and had me run my Car again for free. Highly recommend!

sarah henessey

Just had an amazing customer service experience from JP- she deserves a raise!

Andrew Ramirez

This place is phenomenal! Every time I visit I have a wonderful experience thanks to the amazing customer support! They work very hard to provide the best experience possible! One worker, by the name of JP I believe, made me aware of the membership program and even offered to help me clean my mats when vacuuming! Everyone here goes above and beyond to help every customer and their particular needs. This place gets 5 stars from me!

Mary Ann Lebranc

I went through the wash a couple weeks ago and a young man named Skyler asked about my day and introduced me to the wash. He was such a kind gentleman and a great example to my son. I have to say I am impressed and will be back soon to sign up on the membership!

Paul Bragg

I was here a couple days ago and the staff was incredible! Everyone was prompt, courteous and helpful! Kt stood out by offering to help me wash my floor mats, helping me get some stuck on spots off and telling me I was good to go through the wash a second time because some of those spots were very resilient. I've been going here for over a year now but this last visit really stood out!

James Boomer

Cooper was awesome cleaned mats while I vacuumed. This place is awsome.

Dayte Corbin

This car wash does a pretty good job. Once your done you can vacuum your car and clean your matts is you want to!

Christopher Hagen

Cooper, thank you for going above and beyond. As an Uber driver I believe this is one of the best car washes in town. We need a location further North, thank you.

Cody Moore

Really cool car wash best I have seen around and great employees this kid named Scott I think helped me and my family not only do our mats but then gave us wipes and air fresheners great car wash and great employees again thank you

Benjamin Walters

I tried Tommy's for the first this week and I had such a great experience. I was kind of in a rush to get back home, but decided to stop by Tommy's on the way to vacuum out my car and get a wash. I was so shocked when JP helped me wash my mats while I vacuumed out my car so I could get home as quickly as possible with a fresh, clean car. Definitely will be visiting again soon!

George Jeffries

I gave this wash a chance after I moved from out of town.. I am not disappointed. JP gave me lovely service! Will come again

Sophia Steckelberg

1 star off because there's no recycling. Great customer service. Clean facilities. But NEED RECYCLING!! My family and I have been asking since you opened for recycling! All my roommates say the same thing. They wished you had recycling so we wouldn't have to clean our car, save our trash, and recycle.

Steven Mills

I definitely recommend this place for those who want a phenomenal wash for a great price. Every time I leave the wash my car looks almost brand new. Not only do they have great prices for a variety of needs, the staff are very pleasant and always have positive attitudes. JP, a staff member who helped me at my most recent wash made my mats look spotless even though they were covered in dog hair! I really appreciate a company who puts this much into ensuring that everyone has the best possible customer experience.

Michelle Swanson

I work for Overland Chauffeured Services, And we have our cars washed here all the time. Every time I am in here, all the employees I have personally come in contact with both in my company car or personal car are very friendly and helpful, Chris and Scott to name a couple!

Robyn A.

Great car wash - it's very organized, clean and efficient! Cooper even offered to wash my floor mats - which was great because i always forget they have a machine that does it here.

Aaron Holtz

This place is the best! Came in to give my daughter’s car a wash and Chris was so helpful explaining how their wash works and detail about their membership packages. Very patient young man! Look forward to coming back!

Richard Wilson

I can be a bit old fashioned when it comes to technology, so I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks to JP and the entire crew, I had a very seemless experience. Will definitely come again.

Josie Reynolds

I really enjoyed how easy this car wash was! Logan Boss cleaned my mats for me without even having to ask.. great car wash experience

Jordan Liz

I came for a car wash the other day and had a phenomenal experience! The customer service was amazing, the workers were very nice and friendly, and the experience most definitely exceeded my expectations. In particular JP was such a help in vacuums! Overall I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested!!

Bryanna Hitchfeld

This is actually the first wash I've ever been to! Talked to JP, and she was so nice! lowkey felt nervous about getting on the belt, but it turned out alright. Overall, I would say it was a good experience

Kelsey Wright

I am so grateful I found this place the other day! My two year old is really messy and always gets crumbs everywhere! Scott helped me with the vacuum and made sure I had a good experience there, I’ll definitely be coming back.

Travis Homer

Was able to make time to get my car washed and happy I did. I’m a very active member and I know I’ll keep coming back. Had a great conversation with jp today, keep eating!

Dorthey S Yaws

Great staff at this car wash about to get signed up Monday morning was my first ever car wash there and Scott let me know about the monthly deals and I think I’m going to get signed up next time I’m in it saves me money

Caroline Solis

I have 3 (disgusting) kids. Thank goodness Tommy's is close! Quick wash. Efficient vacuums. And if you're lucky, Cooper will be there to wash your floor mats!

Donna Evans

This wash is my go to! It has all I need to keep up my car, so I can feel like I’m treating myself. Whenever I see JP I’m the vacuums, I can count on her to offer her services. All around, great service!

Eric V

Went the other day when it was finally sunny out (that didn't last long) and had a great experience. I usually hate having to wash my car but Tommy's car wash made it not suck so bad. Also the attendant I think his name was Chris really helped me out by helping me wash my mats. Great service 10/10 will do again.

Claudia Lynn C

This was the first time I have been to this car wash and let me say what a wonderful experience I have had there. Chris was very helpful my vehicle never looked as new in a long time. Chris offered the best car wash experience I have ever had. Very accommodating to what needs my car needed. My mats look so amazing my vehicle looks as if I just bought it and its 12 years old. Definitely will come back. Thank you Chris if I did not mention it when I was there last Monday you are truly a big help. Will recommend to friends and family.

Cindy Campbell

I love my dog and Scott gave him like 2 treats amazing staff.

kelliann somora

The people here are so kind and Scott helped me when I couldn’t get the vacuum to work today, he even gave my dog a treat.

Donna L.

Thanks to a young man named Scott for going over and above his job description. Hang onto that young man. Unfortunately this was the first time I had been to Tommy’s and did not realize that it was express only. I am above 80 and looking for a place that washes the inside of my car as well as the outside. I had hoped I had found it but I guess not. Hope someday you will add that service to your exterior car wash.

tabitha dancer

I love how this place gives out dog treats, (Scott, curly hair??) gave my poodle one. And offered to help me clean me mats.

Forrest Perry

Great experience and great staff. There was a lady I think her name was Ellie she definitely went above and beyond. I would definitely be coming back and recommending this place to my friends!

Bradley Weilert

Horrible customer service no one even cares to resolve my concern or issue. During a car wash at this place they damaged my car and won’t even return my calls. Drove into Tommy’s car wash in March of 2019. The car wash was packed people were backed up to get in. My membership was the best one they had to offer. Because I paid by the month for the best Wash. when the car wash starts it sprays your car and then visit with cloth strips. When you get towards the end of the wash brushes pop up and do your wheels. As I exited the car wash there was no place to park to wipe it down because they were so busy and there were cars right behind me so I had to exit. I went straight home to my home which is 3.9 miles away open the door to my car got out and seeing the damage to my car. I got right back in the car called him at Tommy’s car wars corporate and told them what happened that my car was damaged. They said bring it by Monday and they would look at it. I said no I’ll bring it by right now. I was back at their place in less than 15 minutes. Then the Man came out and looked at it and said what happened. I said something went wrong with your car wash and did this damage to my car. He took pictures of it and said someone would get a hold of you in a few days. The manager wasn’t there. The manager Kelsey Coil met with me and said she had the film of my car and The car wash didn’t do any damage. I told her I drove straight home and straight back. Within 15 minutes and I didn’t damage it the car wash did. She said she had it on film that showed it coming out OK. I told her I always stop and wipe my mirrors but I couldn’t that day because they were too busy and I went straight home and then I came straight back. She said it wasn’t her problem and didn’t try to find out what happened. I called corporate office of Tommy’s car wars corporate and told them what happened. They said it’s a franchise in the owners would have to solve the problem. I got a hold of the owners and met with them and they said the film cleared them because when it came out it didn’t appear there was any damage. I looked up the film and ask him if the dates could be changed on the film because I went in there a lot and had my car wash a couple times a week. They didn’t answer my question they just said they would never do that. When I looked at the film it was quite fuzzy you couldn’t see up close and I ask him to blow it up so I could take a good look and they told me no they didn’t have too. They didn’t make any effort whatsoever to find out if it did the damage to my vehicle or not and said no they weren’t paying anything to have it fixed. I didn’t damage my car they did. The machine you can see spun on the side of the chrome as if it was a motor something hitting it over and over. The customer satisfaction is non-existence because they don’t care.


I have not had a wash for a while and wow my car is shinning! Beautiful wash. As soon as I stepped out to make the inside of my car as beautiful as the out, Johnny stepped right in to help with the mats. Thank you so much Johnny!! My car is amazing inside and out!

Noah Cox

I had a wonderful experience. One particular member, Jp, offered to clean my mats. Although I declined, I was very grateful for her generous offer. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Lynette Palmer

Tommy’s has great customer service! I was having trouble loading on to the car wash and Johnny and Cooper kindly explained the process to me. Also thank you to the young employee that helped me when I went through again(sorry I didn’t catch the name). Highly recommend and I will be back!

Nathanial Keogh

Just had a great experience in the vacuums with Jp! Very friendly in extending offerings to help. This is a great wash, with a clearly great bunch of people.

Kris Dougar

wonderful staff! Scott always helps me with the vacuums and love the high-tech wash!

Lauren Kurle

Tried Tommy's for the first time and will definitely be back! Great wash and fair prices. The best part was Cooper washed my mats while I vacuumed the inside of my car. I've never been offered this type of service elsewhere! I've found my go-to car wash!

Jace Pen

This is one of the best car washes I have ever been to Staff is very kind and very willing to help

Connie Richards

This is my new favorite place to wash my car! Staff is great and is always looking for ways to help, I’m very thankful Scott helped me vacuum out my car bc I just recently got back surgery and wouldn’t be able to do it myself. Sweet kid

Shania Whitsworth

Staff is great, car wash is great, everything is great! Went here today after my friend recommended it and I do not regret it! Scott helped me clean my mats and helped me with the vacuums !!!

Brad Stratton

Always a good quality clean and I especially appreciate the high quality vacuums and mat washers to use for no additional fee after the car wash. On my most recent visit, Cooper came by while I was vacuuming my car and offered to run my floor mats thru the mat washer which I appreciated.

Greg Hilton

My car looks magnificent! Even though I do like to wash my mats myself Jp was there to get me dash wipes and even air fresheners.

Tiffany Wallin

I love that I can drive up and get in immediately and get a great wash. And when I went to vacuum, Cooper- the attendant offered to clean my mats for me saving me time! Thanks Cooper!

Mathew Thomas

Thanks you to Scott nice guy game me whipped and air fresheners for my car.

Joseph Campagnuolo

I stopped by last Saturday for the first time in a while and as soon as I got to the vacuums Johnny greeted me with a smile and offered to help me clean my matts and even gave me some information on the memberships. Great experience, I will definitely be back and will be getting a membership!

Austin Smith

I know JP will go far in life! She’s an asset to the team, and makes each visit worthwhile. This place runs like a well oiled machine.

Jackson Willsey

Cooper has always been a big help and provided great customer service! I love bringing my vehicles by for a clean it’s just a joy!

Megan Summers

I came in the other day and I just wanted to let you guys know that it was a great first time at Tommy’s for me! I was helped by JP? Yeah, her name was JP! She offered excellent customer service and kindness that made me feel welcomed!

Jorden Reyes

Today was a good day to see big smiles. While at Tommy’s, one of your employees really stood out to me. JP was very positive and got the job done. JP helped out in many ways, greeted me and left me with a smile on my face! Good work!

Abigail Patrick

This wash has great service! When coming through for my car wash today JP offered to help me clean my mats! Although I declined her offer, she then offered me a dog treat for my puppy!! How awesome is that? The staff here truly provide the customer with the best customer service I have seen in a while! Recommending this wash to all my friends from now on!

Phillip Morris

Thought I’d take advantage of the weather and come in for a wash earlier today. Love this wash, the crew and facility both! Jp always has a smile on her face and seems to be such a hard worker! Thanks to all!

Carter Jamison

My visit yesterday at Tommy’s Car Wash was great! I got the help I needed and was greeted by great customer service from your employee, JP. She was very kind and helpful, so big thanks to her! Will be back soon. Thanks

Dierre Johnson

I just swung in a few minutes ago and I was greeted by Johnny with some suckers for my kids. Awesome experience and now they love the car wash too

Lynn Anderson

I always go to Tommy’s for the great customer service. The employees are always nice to me and ask if everything is going alright. This time Johnny even surprised my granddaughter with lollipops! My favorite car wash by far!

abbigail pratt

Best car wash in town! My tires look amazing

Arb Jamie

Big thanks to a guy named Scott took his time from doing the trash the other day to come help me and get me wipes for my car big thank you to him and great car wash!

Diana Wilson

I went to use the vacuum and it was clogged. Johnny immediately called his manager and they were up on ladders fixing it then and there! Good to see that Tommy’s doesn’t disregard their customers, and actually takes action and make sure everything is working correctly. Hard to find good workers like that on a daily basis!

Matthew Tate

perfect car wash! very high tech, customer service was great. Your employee Logan offered to spray off my mats.

Christy Lunez

Don’t come to the wash often but whenever I do it’s always a good experience shoutout to jp for helping me out!

Cayden Lynch

Great service! They all were super helpful And Scott outside sprayed my mats for me. I recommend this place to anyone! Great job guys keep it up!

Shannon Lee

Scott helped me so much with my matts!! I love this carwash!

Dave Foster

Great guy named Scott really help me at the window today and told me about the monthly club which I will be doing this winder to keep the salt off thank you I really appreciate that.

Laura Peetey

Car washes can suck when it’s in the colder months, but not here. They make sure I get in and out in a breeze! JP always offers to clean my mats to make the process as quick as possible, which I appreciate as the weather starts to get colder

Ryan Winters

It didn’t take long for this wash to become my go to. Makes taking care of your car super easy, and the membership saves a lot of money. If you’re in the area, definitely check it out! Very customer oriented staff- Jp has always gone above and beyond!

Rachel Langly

Can’t get over how awesome this wash really is! I love having a car that looks clean and the customer service is great. Jp even cleaned my mats and offered me window cleaner to get the insides of my windows !! Super great!

Makayla Towns

Scott did an amazing job and helped me with my mats the other day thank you Tommy’s for having the most nicest workers!

Dave Bollman

Friendly staff, wash gets all the marks off, tire shine and free vacuums cheap monthly unlimited on the Ultimate wash. Go 3-5 times to here and the one in Manhattan

Scott Fischer

Love the wash, thanks Johnny for cleaning my mats! I didn’t even know that there is free mat cleaners. I will definitely be using those more often!

Lindsey Reckner

Shout out to Johnny! He showed me the neat little kits that are sold in the vending machines. Never knew they were there, and the towel did a great job of drying the car! Will be back in the near future!

Stephen Madix

Came by the other day and the wash made my truck look amazing! JP was so friendly while I was vacuuming and really made my first time here memorable. Will definitely come back when i'm in the area.

Chris Santiago

I usually don't waste my time with reviews, but JP was super friendly. Not sure if everyone cleans your mats but I didn't even know it was a thing and she offered.

Tony Rios

JP was outstanding! Her customer service was great, she always had a smile on her face and greeted me with kindness. She was very helpful with my first time at the wash. Looking forward to returning in the near future.

Michael Black

Pretty decent as far as a tunnel wash goes. The place is always clean and the free vacuums are a nice touch. I like how an attendant puts a plastic sleeve over the rear wiper to save it from being ripped off. Why not five stars then? Because of the dirty strip down the center of the back of my Range Rover. I've tried this place a few times and tried different positioning left-to-right on their belt but nothing seems to get that center of the back clean. Same goes for my wife's Range Rover. If they could get our Rovers clean, I'd get memberships for both for sure. Oh well.

Michael Steed

Great service! Cooper even washed the floor mats for me.

Dawson Smith

First time at this car wash, and I am pleasantly surprised! I don’t usually have the extra money, but if you do- a wash is totally worth it! Jp was very helpful in the vacuums. Will come again!

Brayden Wheeler

Crazy cool car wash. Messed up pulling in but Scott told me it was good and told me what I need to do next time thanks guys.

Lindsey Morris

I’ve had a membership for awhile, and time and time again I’ve had amazing treatment from JP. She’s a star employee and they’re lucky to have her!

Keith Summers

I’ve yet to have a bad experience at this wash! Everyone’s so welcoming and accommodating- especially JP! Thanks

Rachel Bateman

Always such a friendly and helpful staff here. During my last visit, Scott taught me how to operate the floor mat cleaning machines (after offering to clean them himself). I truly appreciated this, especially since I had arrived just minutes before closing time. Thanks for the great customer service!

Charles Miller

I stopped in at Tommy’s to get my car cleaned and noticed a very welcoming face. JP was very helpful and offered to vacuum my carpets! What great customer service! Thanks JP!

Martin Lynch

I had the great opportunity to experience the great customer service from one of your employees, JP! She’s so fun and great to converse with! She provided excellent customer service and a very contagious smile! Looking forward to my next visit to Tommy’s!

Jason Brewin

I swung by last week to get my car washed, just finding time to write this review. My car battery went dead in the vacuums and Johnny came down to help me out. He even jumped it for me and I was on my way! This act of kindness saved me a tow and a really bad day. Thank you so much, and continue to give good customer service, it goes a long way!

Bradley Winthrop

This wash has yet to let me down. I hope they know how much of an asset JP is to their team! I recommend this wash to anyone who likes a customer focused group of people!

Claire Berns

I had such an amazing experience at this wash! A nice young lady by the name of JP helped me vacuum out my car. I really appreciated the nice gesture because sometimes it gets hard doing everything by yourself as you get older. Will definitely recommend this wash to family and friends.

Dominic Smith

I love this car wash. I came here yesterday and Scott was kind and offered to help me if I needed any assistance, even though I declined he still made sure I knew he would help if needed!

Tom Supernault

Thanks to the people at Tommy’s I’m signing up for the month of the works this winter to keep salt off my car big thanks and thank you Scott for showing me what it the membership is about!

Rachel Swindle

I love Tommy’s! I am an animal lover so my dogs frequently get in my car. As you can imagine there’s dog hair for days, but Jp was able to clean my mats and get almost every piece of hair off. My boyfriend and I are very impressed.

Benjamin Krebs

After being told they couldn’t wash my car at Waterway countless times, I drove to Tommy’s. Logan at the window provided clear instruction and great service for my first time being there. Best wash I’ve had in awhile totally worth the extra for “The Works”

Kevin Donovan

I always have great experiences at this wash! Jp is very focused on customer satisfaction. A membership will be worth it for anyone interested!

Brayden King

Scott helped me and my wife out big time by saving us time by doing our mats and making sure our cars were both clean thanks kid!

Brandon Ast

Great customer service a kid named Scott the other day helped me out with my mats. I didn’t even know they had the mat cleaners. This place just keeps surprising me!

Lindsey Cattanach

I have always been so pleased with the customer service I receive with you guys but today, Cooper made my experience even better! He was very friendly and helped make my trip to Tommy's quick and even interacted with my little one. Thank you, cooper!

Casey King

I really appreciate the hard work these people do to make sure customers are satisfied. Scott did an amazing job and helping me and my husband out with our car. Keep up the good work and what amazing people you guys have apart of this wash.

Miguel Sosa

This wash has a great staff! Maintaining my car is very easy with their very convenient membership options. Quick and friendly service from all, but Jp always stands out!

Sandy Sullivan

Scott went above and beyond to help me wash my car mats today. He said he would show me and then he did it himself. I was very impressed!! Great initiative!!

Kindra Wilson

Great car wash and my kinda loved the colorful soaps. Scott helped me and got my mats for me. Next time I come in I think I am going to sign up with their membership.

Susan Newman

Yesterday was my first experience at Tommy's as I received a birthday coupon. The clerk at the window was very cordial and helpful. My car was so much cleaner than the gas station car washes I normally use! I especially appreciated how helpful Cooper was in cleaning my car mats and informing me of all that was available to me at Tommy's. I'll definitely be back!

Peter Curtis

I just came in for a wash and it was great. Very high tech facility and JP was very accommodating and friendly- one of my best customer service experiences to date! I would recommend this wash to anyone in the Overland Park area.

Thomas Blankenship

I love the fact that everyone here’s so kind and helpful! Every time I come here someone is always offering me help with either vacuuming or my mats ! Earlier a young man named, Scott helped me!

Madison Keltner

Ah I love this car wash so very much! Not only are the prices very reasonable, the staff here are amazing! When I came in the other day all of the staff greeted me with smiles as I made my way through the wash! When in vacuums I was met by JP - who is such an amazing conversationalist! She offered to clean my mats and just chatted with me about how my day was going thus far! I really appreciate the personal connection that every staff member attempts to make with their customers! This car wash is by far my favorite!

Marcelo Gonzalez

Received great customer service from JP! Love this was, and the staff make you feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this wash to anyone looking for a personalized experience.

Collin Kirkland

I'm not normally the type to leave reviews, but for this wash I must. The service here is just out of the park wonderful. Every staff member works their hardest to provide excellent service and it shows. Just the other day JP helped me use the FREE mat washers and wow was I impressed. Not only that but the interaction was by no means an awkward one (we've all been there). She sparked good conversation and before I knew it my car looked spotless. If you're looking for a great wash, I definitely recommend Tommy's!

Cheyenne Backus

Will always come to this wash! My car looks great everyday. Just wanted to give a thank you to Jp for helping clean my Matt’s in the vacuums!

Jim Sterner

This is the best car wash in the area by far. Runs you through on belts instead of having to fit tires into tracks. Does a great job of cleaning my car leaving very little to even wipe up after. The vacuums work great and there is a machine to clean your floor mats as well. The prices are reasonable, but my favorite thing is the monthly club. I wash my car twice a week now and in a weeks time the monthly fee is more than paid for. Staff has always been super friendly. Even when they are super busy it doesn’t take long.

Sherri Appleton

By far the best car wash I’ve ever been to! Scott offered to help me and helped me clean my mats! Overall an amazing experience and will definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Debra Finnigan

This was such a great experience. JP offered such great help for me and my vehicle. I’m very precautious of my vehicle and JP knew how to do it right. 10/10!!

Paulina Vincent

I loved my visit Tommy’s Express! Everyone was so welcoming and kind! JP, who helped me, showed outstanding customer service to ensure my experience at Tommy’s was great! I’ll see you guys again soon!

Manny Smith

love seeing jp in vacs! Every time I see her she seems to be running around everywhere but still finds time to make sure my family and I are doing alright. Keep it up !

Adam Fuller

I came in earlier, around lunch, and had a great experience with JP! She goes the extra mile

Rick Henson

A little far from home would like to see one in Grandview or closer to there. A guy by the name of Scott did let me know about the July promotion going on after he showed me how to use a vacuum. I did think about it and next time I come by I am going to sign up for one thank you guys!

Gavin Mohar

Had never been here before, stopped by on a whim. Guy at the window was extremely friendly, and gave me a complimentary reusable shammy towel. Gotta say I wasn’t expecting that and it made the experience even better. The two styles of vacuum hose attachments grabbed debris I couldn’t get with a regular vacuum. Will drive out here to go get my car washed again for sure.

Sylvan Rinker

Scott helped Figure out the vacuum cleaner when I couldn’t. He then gave my dogs treats. One very good employee for a great car wash!

Preston Ellsworth

Great car wash! Service is always great. Cooper always makes sure everything is perfect. Recently had the pleasure of meeting JP who also made sure that everything was great! Great customer service!!!

Hayley Dwyer

Love love love this car wash! Always amazing service. I went through it yesterday, and JP was one of the nicest workers! She gave me wipes and some air fresheners it was a really nice gesture. Definitely will be my number one car wash!

Albert Lewis

Amazing car wash! Very friendly staff. Logan offered to clean my mats witch I didn’t know you cause had. Will be signing up now!

Jennifer Crum

Had a Great experience . Cooper was especially helpful and gave me tips on getting floor mats cleaner!!

Paul Teller

Cooper went above and beyond today with great customer service!!! Having the Unlimited #1 WORKS on all 3 of our vehicles is totally worth it because of the staff that make Tommy’s awesome... and we always have the cleanest car in the parking lot at work! Thank you, Cooper! Paul and Erin Teller

Jane Ramirez

Great wash! Love the environment and technology! Jp is great!

Christine Dalton

Cooper was great today at the car wash - helping get my mats cleaned. I love this car wash. Fast and affordable!

Lilly Hatfield

My experience here today was phenomenal! JP and Johnny helped me out tremendously in vacuums and even went inside to grab me wipes for my dash. They also informed me about upcoming promotions and their membership program. Really recommend this wash for their amazing customer service!

Stephanie Swischer

I drove to this location on advice of a friend. I usually go to a closer, competing car wash, but decided to give Tommy's a try. I was definitely impressed. The wash removed all of the summer's bugs from my car and left it looking great. I had questions using the vacuums and an employee (Scott?), assisted. Thank you and I will be back.

Rajin Vekronadigama

I was drying my car when Johnny noticed my windshield didn’t get completely clean. He offered to send me through again for free before I could even notice! Great attention to detail and the second time cleaned it well!

Kayla Rayton

From here in Lawrence KS...I support Overland Park Tommy's Express, and I love their Facebook page and pics and videos!!! Not sure who the manager is, but I would love to have an awesome team photo of the Overland Park Tommy's Express team and crew if they can send a picture to my Messenger soon!!! I am a huge Tommy's Express fan...Dad is too!! Anyway, I would love to have a team photo!! I also wonder what the tunnel looks like at night time!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Walker

Sometimes I don’t come in because it can be so busy. They’ve certainly got this business down to an exact science, they’re very efficiently run. Jp was great in vacuums!

Lauren Yonke

I just tried Tommy's for the first time and had the best experience. Johnny informed me about the monthly membership and I am now considering signing up for it! I will be coming back!

Will Nicholas

I didn't even know that there were free matt cleaners until this morning, thank you Johnny for cleaning all four of my mats. The least I could do is write a review! Great wash overall and highly recommended. The soaps even smell good when you are on the inside, which is a nice touch!

Jasmine Richards

This is a great wash! Jp helped me out in vacuums and there were many other smiling faces! Always have had great experiences here- keep up the good work!

Cara Weston

I always have a great experience at Tommy's and today was the best yet. Cooper was very friendly and offered to wash my mats for me, I didn't even know that was a service. He did an excellent job and I could tell he loves what he does. Thank you!!!

Ricki Clemons

just wanted to give jp a shoutout. Always has a smile on her face and is willing to help anyone out in vacs!

Paula Smith

Came in for a wash during my lunch break, and I just love when JP works! She’s always very chatty and makes the membership even more worth it. Thank you for great service

Lindy Watts

The best car wash experience ever, today, I was greeted by Scott when I needed help with my mats. Everyone here is so sweet and willing to help with anything ! This is my new favorite car wash

Jaime Mairufo

I like my car vacuumed and cleaned well. JP did that. JP was a great service today. I hope to see more JP’s around. Keep up the good work!

Rapid Facts

I went here and got a 10$ car wash and then asked about the membership and JP told me about it and I do have to say I'm generally impressed of what I'd save! Thanks to her I get more washes and save more money!

Jubilee Schmidt

Outstanding service! I didn’t think I’d have time to wash my carpet mats but Cooper came by and saw them laying there and asked if he could take them and wash them for me while I vacuumed my car! I’ve never seen service like this!!!!! A little gesture went a LONG way for me today, all thanks to Cooper!

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