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REVIEWS OF Self service car wash IN Kansas

Eric Bye

Ripped me off, should of been charged $4.44 and was charged $10.00. I doubt people look at reviews for car washes but if you do. Dont go here, the owner lacks integrity.

Colton Burns

Highly over priced

L. Leyton Gunn

DOUBLE CHARGED - This place is shady... If you go, DO NOT USE YOUR DEBIT CARD, JUST USE CHANGE. They purposefully have no phone number listed.

Lukas Warden

The Engine Enthusiast

If anyone has any number for them let me know! The I use a debit card like a fool and the machine stopped so I swiped again and now I’m out $30. SCREW THIS PLACE!

Kyle O'Keefe

Alexxus Bowman

Went here a week ago using my card for the self service and didn’t want to work after I pushed all the buttons so I went to their change machine to get quarters. The quarters made the machine turn right over BUT THEIR MACHINE STILL CHARGED ME $10 ON MY CARD!!!!!

Joe Bodine

I paid for the fully automatic car wash but all I got was water and wax. In the beginning no water came out during the presoak. And only water came out for the actual wash. It didn’t appear that any soap was used. Afterwards my car still looks dirty.

Dr. Mary Coplen

I have been here several times and like the openness and cleanliness. .. however, on my most recent visit the change machine was out of quarters.. Was going to leave and go to a car wash across town. But, decided to use my credit card and go through the drive through....even though I am nearly 80 years old, I prefer to hand wash and get a much better job for the money.

Kyle Erwine

Complete waste of money- don't go here. Low pressure on self service machines, way too expensive, and they have been out of soap on multiple visits (against my better judgement). Won't go here again.

Ashton G.

Place ALWAYS has something wrong with something. Today is was half the bays weren’t working and the two automatics were only accepting cash. Won’t waste my time anymore stopping by. There’s other options in Lawrence. Use those businesses. At least they don’t mess with you time and money.

Tana Harmon

Tried to use the self-service to wash an aerator that truly wasn’t too dirty. 25¢ gets you 20 seconds of water and the pressure is so weak you could literally piss harder. The first bay we pulled into, the card reader didn’t work and it had a jammed quarter in it. I’ve also seen multiple cars drive out of the automatic wash with suds still on them. Don’t waste your money or time!

Wayne Ricks


Andrew Martin

If I could rate this place lower than one star, I would. We got stuck in their automatic car wash. No one around to help and the door was shut to get out. I had to figure out there was an emergency open button to get out! Still was charged. Sketchy operation. Probably a front for human traffickers.

Curtis Jones

Horrible car wash. I really wish I would have done my research so I could have seen the several other horrible reviews about this place before I ever went. All of the other poor reviews made about this place are absolutely correct. In addition to the horrible conditions of the spray hoses and the foam brushes, the layout of this place does not make any sense. The sink used for rinsing off your towels is located as far away as you can get from the vacuum stalls. So as you wipe off your vehicle and then need to rinse off your towel, you have to walk all the way across the parking lot and in front of all the car wash bays. I’m surprise no one has gotten ran over in the parking lot, because they have to walk back-and-forth from the vacuums to the main building. However, my biggest complaint is that I put $10 into the change machine and I only got five dollars worth of quarters back. There is no attendant there, and the phone number that’s listed on the internet does not go anywhere. So basically, they stole my money and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Please take your car someplace else. Take your car to an honest and a legitimate car wash. Not a fraudulent place that is run by a bunch of thieves.

Debbie Merz

Cheryl Trosper

No change given. Also phone number belongs to previous owner according to the person who answered the phone.

Dylan Torgerson

Used the auto wash today and the car wash stop after the first cycle, door closed, and I had to back out of the wash... charged me for the wash still...

Katrina Skidmore

It took a couple tries to get the card reader to work. The pre-soak wouldn't provide a continuous spray. But after we got past that it was a really good wash

Ulf Langgard

No soap on a nice sunday morning. Lot of disappointed people.

Sarah Gowen

Payed for a car wash, but the machine was not working. Still charged me for the wash. No number to contact for the business. Shady as hell.

Rich Young

I wish I could do negative 3 stars. 2 of the 3 bays I tried, the credit card reader wasn't working. Wouldn't have mattered anyway since none of the button for the wash had labels. Makes it hard to figure out which is soap, brush and rinse. The bay that finally worked, I was pleasantly surprised with an extra soap cycle. Unfortunately this button was marked rinse. Yep, I got to leave with a truck covered in soap on a 105° day for a sum today of almost $10. Rushed home to rinse the soap off, but it's pretty much baked on. There's no number to call posted. Googled it, and yep, the voicemail is full.

Sarah Harris

Tried twice to use the auto car wash , but there was no car wash. It didn’t even light up! Or turn on inside the bay. Don’t go there.

Sheila Klein-Weckman

Ed Steele

Total rip off on card reader, charged me $10 when it was a $3.00 wash called the number, voice mail was full, so I text "Jeff" and he said he didn't own a car wash, I wouldn't admit it either after seeing the reviews

Noah Deedrick

Selected wash in the automatic line, never turned on. There is no phone number anywhere to call for service

Jennie Washburn

$7 and I got a rinse. That's all.

Gemi Snow

Does now allow bucket washing; which is the whole reason I would even go to a self-service wash. Other reviews are correct; they provide as little time as possible regarding the water hose. Water pressure was not enough to get dirt off of car.

Jaime Gillman

My husband took his truck through your automatic wash today and it sat there and sprayed his windshield for 15 minutes. They were trapped in the bay until something broke off and it stopped. The piece that broke hit the top of his truck leaving a dent. Please respond as there is no phone number listed and we now have damage as well as having to pay to wash his truck somewhere else.


Owes me $2 as no quarters dispensed.

Justin Shrack

Put in $10 for a $7 wash. Got back $1.25 in quarters. Where's the rest of my change?


Jarvis Stirn

I paid for a $7 super wash and only received a sprinkle and wax. No phone number to call. I'm in a wheelchair and the office isn't accessible even if there is someone to talk to. Bad experience.

Olivia Castillo

Gabe Gibson

Went to a self wash bay. I slide my card and it said declined please see attendant but no one was there. I slide again and it told me the same thing but I know I had enough money. Went and checked my bank account and they charged me 9 dollars each swipe when my card was “declined”. This place is a running scam NEVER GO HERE!


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