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4628 Mission Rd, Kansas City, KS 66103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mission Road Car Wash IN Kansas


Good but charges a hold of like 12$ which gets fixed but still annoying, I'd recommend Glass House over anywhere

Irma Pierce

Rigo Ortega

Some times the place keeper can be anoying but as far as the location is clean and all of the lanes work well with plenty of space on the back to dry your vehicle. I would say is one of the best car washes around to self wash your car.

Kevin Breitenstein

S-andy J

Was told by a man who identified himself as the owner that I can not use my own detergent with hand wash after I paid 4 dollars for the usage of their pressure washer. I didn't want to use their crappy shampoo and brush on my new car and was going to pay for the pressure washer again after I shampoo the car. Did not get to do that. He Then hovered around my car creepily, came by again to tell me that I can't dry my car in the bay even though the place was empty. If i could rate zero star, I would. If you want to do any sort of detailing while washing your car, stay away from this place.

Kevin Quinn

I wash my car, then it somehow gets dirty again. Why? I can't figure out why this car won't stay clean. My trunk/hatch door has so many finger prints on it. I continue trying to clean them off, but they never go away. This endless struggle has led me to question the monotony of life's little chores. Who among us hasn't considered throwing in the towel and calling it an early life over the most facile tasks. The credit card machine on Bay 5 was inoperable, but has since been fixed.

Marilyn Overman

Callie Grantham


An average car wash it gets the job done

Carl Carlson

Good time for the price, and only $1 minimum. Had everything I was looking for at the time, which was just a quick brush and rinse.

Hectoreloy Gutierrez

Janeen Lindsey

Heather Sport

Brandon Klosterman

I used to be a frequent visitor here but stopped coming a few months ago and today I was reminded why. I was told by the "owner" to not hand wash my car, which I can understand. I was only doing this as my car has a few paint chips and didn't want to use the full pressure to soap it down. When I go to dry my car he tells me that I "need to move along." This frustrated me but reading through other reviews, I'm not the only one who has had this happen. Safe to say there are better car washes out there that are more professional and don't have "soapy rinse water."

Dustin Mahurin

Great place to go in the middle of the night when you want to wash your car. Tip, if you use actual money it's way cheaper than using a credit card

Medicine Eagle

Where I go to wash my car.

Parker Tuley

None of the card readers work.

DaVon Thomas

Dianna Brendlinger

Never had any problems with this car wash!

Brian Eastep

David Cooper


Charlie j

Not the prettiest, not the best location, but good pressure and good prices

Scott Ellis

Very nice

Michael Bellis

Party Pooper

Strict rules: No hand wash even spray is on and a clock is counting. You must use their blush which are saturated with mud. Clean place but who cares if you cannot clean your car properly. Only idiots use this place while there are plenty other lower cost/ friendly car washes around. You won’t have any issue at this place if you do not know how to properly wash your car.


This place sucks for washing cars. I always have soap residue left on my car because the "rinse" water is soapy. The coin machine works well.

Robert Dorsey

Good place to get your car washed.

Jason Zheng

Spend your money else where, it's not worth it, even for $3.00. The staff and manager is extremely rude and unprofessional. I been to this place a few times but never again. The machines has weak pressure and could barely get the dirt off. I brought my scrub just for the tree saps on my car because there's no way the pressure could take it off, been there done that, plan on rinsing my car after. Manager gets in my face saying I can't scrub the tiny spots on my car and have the use the machine, wft, the machine barely works. Went in the middle of the day and there's no line, no one behind me, I'm not holding anyone up, manager tells me to leave and apparently does not know anything about operating a business. No need to escalate the issue due to incompetent management, finally use pressure washer to rinse the soap and the dirt of my car. Guess what, what soap is off and the dirt is still there! Consumers be aware, you have been warned. There are many decent car wash in this area, but this one is definitely not the one. Avoid at all cost.

J Reyes

Rey Reyes

Mark Mc Coy


Most of the place is fine. Change machine works and when you use change its an OK experience. They have a machine to use your card in place of change. Used three cycles with it because i didnt have cash. It charged 12$ for each cycle. Tried calling them but all i get is an answering machine and no way to actually contact the owners or anyone there.

Bobby K

Was told to stop “hand washing” when the clock was running on the sprayer (spending the same rate) and no-one was waiting - the attendants reasoning was that it was going to set a bad example for others... I know pay n wash etiquette and so I’ll just take my business elsewhere if I have to be always using the sprayer!

andy vanderwerf

They need a blow dryer

D inKC

I will never go back because I was charged $10 for a very short car wash when I swiped my charge card. I didn't find this out until I viewed my credit card statement. It is posted nowhere that $10 is the minimum charge. This is very crooked on the part of the owner. I intend to report this deceitful business practice, since the other reviews are in agreement that the owner is an A hole. I left a message on the phone, but it sounds like the owner is fine with stealing money from the public. I doubt if it would occur to him to do the honest thing. Yeah, the law needs to know about this.

Patrik Andrews-Ryan

Tom Creamer

Budget-friendly car wash

Stephen Brown

Corbin LeGrand

Began rinsing off my jeep, spending $4 to clean off as much dirt and bugs as possible from an offroading trip. From experience I knew I would need to hand scrub many, many spots that the sprayer would not clean; it's just how this works. After a few mins, the operator came over and questioned me only to return minutes later to ask me to leave because a car was waiting. I had planned on rinsing at the end, but I guess I'll find somewhere else to do that from here on out. TL;DR If you can't wash your car in 5 minutes your business is not wanted here.

scott harde


Lauren White

Terrible place! Do not go! The owner was incredibly rude and the staff was completely unhelpful!

Lindsay Wilson

I visited this wash several times without issue until today when I encountered an extremely rude staff member- same as other reviewer's experiences, telling me to move along. Note, there was only 1 other bay in use. Never will I give this place my money again.

jeffrey carson

Frederico Carvalho

A place if you don’t care about scratching your car. You can’t hand wash it and you’re obligated to use their brush, which accumulates dirt from other cars and gives your car tiny scratches everywhere. Unfortunately you are not allowed to use your own brush and the owner is not gentle. I tried to talk to him about it but he wasn’t willing to listen to his client.

Matt Gotschall

Charles Tholl

This is a great car wash. The location is convenient, the equipment works nicely, and the credit card payment feature is extremely easy.

Terry Mulcahy

Good location and reasonably priced

Anthony C

It's a quick cheap option for a manual car wash. That's what I wanted. I read complaints about overcharging when you use a card swipe and are charged based on time. I had a $10 pending charge that resolved to about $3.50, and I did a more thorough job than I usually do.

Darwin Barker

Tamara Dubose

Adriana Villalobos

Scott Strausbaugh

Kristina Ning


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