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REVIEWS OF Eagle Auto Wash & Detailing Salon IN Kansas

Leroy W.

Laura Viergever

Great, place to get a fabulous car wash.

Willie Green

Great tunnel wash

Ruth Martin

Guys work hard for the money

Diana Stout

Went to get rid of bug remains. Totally clean now.

Evelyn Austin

I have paid for a car wash, wheels, dash board, doors, seats. As I was waiting for my car I have watched all the guys that were working use the same dirty towels they were using for several vehicles. I got up and complain to the cashier and I wanted to know where my car was because I wanted to make sure the guy use a clean towel. My car was placed on the side of the building when I saw my car it was already dried. I made a complaint to the manager who proceeded to tell me that I was lying. The dash board and doors were not clean at all. The dashboard has alot of spots where he didn't clean it right. For the owner this is unethical. I have waisted money.

Mike Morris

A little expensive but it is the best wash around

Quidam Threetwoone

I paid more than $100 for the "mini detail". After about 30 seconds of reviewing Eagle Car Wash's work it was clear to me that the staff who worked on my car sped through the checklist as fast as they could and did not pay any attention to detail at all. The wax was streaky, the windshield was still dirty, anywhere they had to actually lift up a mat was not properly vacuumed, any compartment in the car that had a door or lid that needed to be opened was ignored, and the surface of any compartment lid/door that was left open when I handed them the keys was not cleaned because, heaven forbid, they would have to push it shut to access the surface. Call me old fashioned, but I feel like any cleaning service on a vehicle that is represented as any sort of detail (even a "mini" detail) should at the very least include proper vacuuming. Apparently, Eagle Car Wash either does not see it that way, or they are failing to properly supervise the employees who are actually carrying out the services. Don't waste your money on this company. With just a small amount of time using your home vacuum cleaner and a soapy bucket with some Windex, Armorall, and a bottle of wax, you will be able to provide a much more Superior result then you will get for $100 at Eagle Car Wash. Good job Eagle Car Wash! Soaring below the lofty standards of mediocrity.

Brian M

Get the annual wash pass and save hundreds if you go there even just once a week. Unlimited... The detailers are good kids and work hard to please. I tip them accordingly.

Robbie Berry

Good service! My favorite.

Summer Summers

Keny Sloop

Polyana De Melo

Good service

G.Allen Hodges

Clean and clean.

Missy M000

Mikel Fairbank

I was impressed with the detailed cleaning inside and out with the Eagle Supreme. Thank you.

Jeffrey Escobar

Erick Ward

Recieved a full detail and they did an ok job. My roommate took the car in about a month later. She got a basic wash with full vacuum and wipe down. The car looked better then when I paid for the full detail. Was a bit miffed and confused by that. Mabe its because she was a girl. Dunno...

Jake L

I used to work here many years ago and I liked working at Eagle Auto Wash. I WAS EXTREMELY GOOD AT MY JOB faster and more efficient than anyone else there!!!! However I was extremely underappreciated for my exceptional efficiency, that's why I quit I also quit because they hired lazy incompetent worthless people that didn't know the first thing about how to clean cars and I would have to fix their mistakes. That's what this review is about!!! please don't misunderstand me this isn't just about me this is about the overall conduct of the current employees and how the place became in terms of what it turned into in other words worthless since I quit. Other people quit many years ago for the same reason as me. NOW many years later it's ran by a bunch of kids who don't know the first thing about cleaning cars the right way that's why so many people tell me about their stories about how their car is not being cleaned right and their items being stolen as well as their money & about how they miss having someone like me work there again who knows how to do things right!!!!!

Susan McDonald

I have a brand new car, no scratches before going in. But after sever scratches. When I told the worker, he said nothing they could do. Won't be back.

tammy mcghee

Great place to have your car detailed.

Miles Stotts


Dee Seetin

Great service. They do a great job on the car and provide awesome customer service

Erika 0000

Great customer service and quality service.

silvernight wolf

Jacob Fandrich

Great service. Pretty fast. They do a good job

butch lang

I have an annual pass 5* and have my new Rav 4 cleaned twice a week . The guys & gals could do a better job . I have to point out places they miss & they never do the whole roof.

Craig Van Aalst

Katy W

This place rules! Yeah the line might be long, but it's worth the wait considering the price is right and quality is awsome. Clean, nice waiting area and fast service once they get your car in. Beats cleaning it myself!

James Powell

William Hansen

Great place to have your car washed, my car was dirty,well beyond dirty. When they finished washing and detailing it, it looked like a new car again. Highly recommend this place. Great people

Terry Colling

45 minutes to wash and vacuum a pick up truck when they are very slow on a Friday @ 3PM.

Abby Zimmerman

I've been to Eagle several times, but my visit today will ensure I do not return. Not only did it take 55 minutes once my car came out of the wash carousel, the cleaning job was absolutely terrible. My dash wasn't wiped down in multiple areas, my windows had spots and streaks all over, and my mats looked like they had been shaken rather than vacuumed, or both. In 55 minutes, I could've done a better job AND my car wouldn't have been scraped in 3+ places. When I asked to speak to the manager, a guy came out. I say a guy, because he didn't even introduce himself. He made more excuses than I can list, but not once did he apologize or own up to his mistake. This is hands down the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will be taking my money elsewhere, and I'm hopeful others will learn from my mistake and do the same.

Sheryle Ortega


It was my first time here and I picked out to have a mini detailing done. When I got my car, I had them vacuum again because it looked like it was never touched with a vacuum and then they didn't even wipe down the inside. Literally I paid $60 for them to wipe my windows down to death and skip over everything else. Highly pissed. Won't be back

Sharon Hassett

Pam Partridge

Paid more than I would have liked- looked great at first but noticed later that windows weren't very clean and other little things that could have been down better.

Corbin Reed

This was my first and last time here. The exterior wash of the vehicle was great! I got through very fast which was amazing, if everything was done properly. My dash wasn’t wiped down, it didn’t look like anything was vacuumed, and a spray bottle was left in my seat. The spray bottle didn’t bother me but I did have to go back and return the bottle. I drove 40 minutes back home only to realize that the spray bottle leaked all over my seat and stained it. At the end of the day I would’ve paid them to stay away from my vehicle. Worst car wash service in northeast Kansas.

Ronald Banister Jr

Fast, professional service.

Hardie Welch

Jennifer Toland

Earlier in the day this would have just been one star but Shelby did try to make things right. About 10 this Tuesday morning we stopped in and then returned about 3 to correct the problems with our wash. We were greeted by a very friendly attendant but the young lady at the desk seemed apathetic and more interested in her phone. Our $22.95 +$1.50 for an SUV 5 star wash was worth, at best, about half. I do not expect detailed work at that price but obvious debris should be vacuumed or wiped away and the bug guts should be wiped off the windshield. When we returned, Shelby was friendly and readily agreed to vacuum and rewash the car. The end result was little better than the first. We opted to go home rather than pursue the matter futher because it was hot and late in the day. The pictures show the results after each wash. If you need a quick, basic wash Eagle is just fine but I would not pay above that point.

Saul Begley

All of these 1 star reviews are confusing me. I just had one of the best car washes for the price. Definitely give this place a shot, don’t let the 1 star reviews get you down. I went with the Three Star wash and it didn’t disappoint. The main disappointment is it appears to be better work than the $250 detail I had done somewhere else.

Carrie Jennings

Donna Flack

Chris Ashbaugh

Went here for $6 wash. Expected quick, drive in and out .... Nope... This place will cost you 30-45 minutes of your time and you have to get out of your vehicle and go inside to pay while someone else drives it through the wash.... What?.. Going here is an awful waste of your time you are better off elsewhere.

Manohar G K

Service is very pathetic and expensive. Instead wasting money here, outside automatic wash of $10 is better and cleans much.

Patricia Forbes Clark

They did a great job detailing my car, my friend thought I had a new car.

jamie tibbits

They offer monthly packages starting at $14.95 and they dry it. The new car club packages start at 25$ you have to dry your own car. I’ll stick with Eagles!

Harold Courter

I could have done better for myself and saved 20:00

abigail hehe

Adrian Marin

Lisa Woodman

Slow and hardly worth the money. I dont come here because I cant clean my car I come here for the convenience and the luxury of getting it cleaned for me. 30 min for a wash is ridiculous.

Bob Amyx

Does a good job and gives me a discount.

Lynn Drake

Short line today. Indoor and outdoor seating. Car came out nice and clean, inside & out.


Great service.

susan kennedy

Did an ok job. Not as busy as they use to be which was good for wait time.

Amber Sellers

Must have been an off day...wasn't impressed with the quality of work, maybe next time?

Mary Lewis

These guys are great, always great service.

Natalie Nations

Joe is the greatest person to detail your car

tony crawford

justin mcfarland

Richard Wilder

I literally just left there, I paid 20$ for the four star special , which includes ( washing outside , cleaning windows, good vacuuming and cleaning off the dash.) The only thing that was good was the outside wash, because the damn machine did it. MY FLOORS STILL HAVE DIRT ON THEM, THE TRASH UNDER THE SEATS IS STILL HERE. DIDNT EVEN LOOK LIKE IT WAS VACCUMED, WINDOWS WERE NOT CLEANED AND THEY EXPECT A TIP! I highly recommend you cleaning your car on your own, after this experience.

Jennifer Kellerman

We have been disappointed every time we've gone to Eagle Auto Wash and this time was no exception. This was a free wash to make up for the terrible job that was done last time and I had to ask twice for the dash to be done. I finally just asked for a rag and cleaned it myself. Definitely won't be coming back.

Leah Haake

Been here twice. A couple years ago and received a mediocre detail. Second this evening hoping for a better experience. Not only was the car not clean when they called me out to get it, when I pointed out obvious dirt on the back and bugs covering the front, he sprayed the areas and wiped them with his towel. I asked if it could go back through, he said not really and kept spraying spots. He called another worker over to help and stood out in the freezing cold thinking they were finishing up. Nothing was said and they both went in and around the car wiping spots for about 10 minutes. Horrible experience and I will not return.

Michael Keffer

Laurie Page

Lenny Valenzuela

Car looked amazing

john fitzpatrick

Steve Kendig

A 5 star rating for a 5 star car wash. My car is always perfect.

Jacob Dennis

Joseph Frye

Angel parks

Autumn Menage

They do a good job at getting your car cleaned

Chris Tomlinson

Took over an hour and i was not impressed.

Charlotte Maxwell

Quick and clean


The basic car wash here really does get my car clean. This business has been at it for decades.

Jason Hetherington

Did a horrible job detailing my wife's car for the money we spent do not recommend it

Kayla Hutzell

Nadia Marroquin

Awesome service! Very generous military discount!

Anjee Shinkan

Marledeen Joy

Only wish I didn't have to point out the details that were overlooked.

Larry Graen

high dollar but did a good job

Ric Barr

I have the unlimited monthly plan. Good buy, if you can use it.

brad Brad

Josh Tipton

Barry Richardson

So nice to turn the car over to these professionals and know it will be clean, smelling good and looking it's best!


I’ve tried Eagle 3 times and every time the work they do is so poor, not worth the money. Exterior isn’t cleaned, inside is fair at its best and that’s from taking a new car in! They sure push you to “ upgrade though”. Maybe if they spent a little more time “cleaning” they wouldn’t need to push up grades. They’d have more business than they could imagine. Check their reviews and save your money.

Justin Barnwell

Great people

Bear's SGS

Excellent service. Veteran discount.

Rick Dean

Excellent work and convivial atmosphere

Tony Zima

Shell Bell

What has happened? We have been using them for YEARS. Today was a HIRRIBLE job. Not sure they even tried to vacuum (or there is something wrong with the vacuum), the wipe down on chrome was zero. And looks like the dash or front of the dash near the radio wasn't touched? I'm not the type to stand there and nitpick the job. I find that super embarrassing. I will post a review and not go back. You guys do know Topeka is getting several new full service car washes soon right? Someone better up the quality control or you will be hurting for business very soon. By the way, as we sat there waiting for our vehicle we watch about 80% of the other customers have their car gone over again because they weren't happy with the results so it's not just us! Too bad. I would prefer to support a LOCAL business that has been here a long time!

Jenny Green

Great service and fast

vernon henry

Paid for wash and tire wheel treatment. As well as all the vinyl of the bumpers and fender flares on my 2018 Jeep Wrangler. It was parked at the back of the building with employees cars. And left not only unattended. But left to dry in the wind. Which left a film on it. Brought this to managers attention. Response was we are busy. 30 minutes after that kis came out and started spraying the paint with Windex. Kids response was. I always do that. Brought it to managers attention. His response was. Nothing to Jeep being left alone. And Windex is paint safe. Don't waste your money if you think you are getting quality service. I will not be back. Hour and fifteen minutes.

Loren F. Hasenkamp Sr.

Leif Dolan

They were giving out free car washes on the 4th very nice of them

Alexandra Seelbach

John Horn

They offer all types of service except cleaning engines. Order just what you want. A mini detail is popular if you have time. You can wait inside or on benches outside which is fun. There are places inside where you can watch cars go through the wash. They do a great job and will go over the car with you when they are finished.

Katelyn Cook

Disappointing... I had my car washed and interior cleaned (carpets and seats shampooed, vacuum, etc) and it was really poorly done. Missed spots, spots that weren't done at all... It wouldn't be a big deal except it was $80 and that is way, way too expensive to be done badly. For that price I would have expected professional work.

Steve Morgan

Scratches. Scratches. Scratches. Better check you car three times before you leave. Better yet, don't take a chance. Go somewhere else. Less than 10K on this car.

Jijo BP

Andre Phillips

Excellent service.

Jeff Romine

They did an excellent job, also leave money in the car and was still there, will be going back!!!

Christine Baker

Steve Miller

meghan leihy

Waste of money. Inflated prices. Asked a car washer too clean off a few bugs from the front of my car and they just shrugged and said they couldn't get them. Also never expect the cup holders or console to be cleaned even if you paid for it, waste of money. Better off with SAPPS Brothers Car wash.

Rick Scerbo

Always a great experience. My car is always well taken care of

Cafer Turko Akdeniz

They are charging decent price but not doing good job. They did not even vacuum the inside of my car even though it was included in my package. They were also supposed to clean my rims, and seems like they only cleaned it briefly so when the rim moved, other side of the rim was still very dirty.

rebecca Wi

Dane B.

10/10 wash. Best carwash in kansas

Jerry Schroeder

Fast in and out today, they do a good job

Tony Austin

Adrian Hall

Excellent service and staff

Shandy Vollrath

Yvonne Duncan

Good Service (Could vacuum a little better)

Ray Miller

They do a very good job and are full service.

Seth Cosby

They do a really good job cleaning your car but it takes a VERY long time.

Joseph Richey

Slammed doors on a 2019 and left the door open while spraying the car infroin of it letting water into a brand new vehicle. Did not see this happen with any other vehicle we watched only ours.

Jacob Heffern

Took my truck in there today to get washed and it completely broke off my license plate frame. You think they'd reimburse you for the wash that damaged your property, but no. They didn't seem to care at all.

Milton N.

They always miss a spot on my car and me rarely clean around the 5 speed gear shift.

Cheyenne Kahler

william pettyjohn

Today I went to Eagle and got the supreme wash. I always watch my car being wiped down because the last two times I have been there not all work was being done. Windows were not cleaned inside and the door jambs were not wiped down. I can no longer trust Eagle to give a complete job without being there to make sure the job is completed. Not satisfactory at all.

Stacy Bitts

This is an awesome place, I am no longer in Topeka, KS. I will miss them!

John Carney

Mike Brown

Had my car detailed on 4/30/18, the detail inside and out is absolutely the reason for the 2 stars, apparently the tech who cleaned my inside has now caused my radio and bluetooth to quit working and am told it may new a whole new stereo system. I understand that they will be paying for this, but I am about to leave on a trip in 5 days for a week and not having a radio or bluetooth is not acceptable. At one point my power windows weren't working either, but that issue seems to have been fixed at this point.


Nelson Wong

Brest service !!!

James Watson

Sherrita Valentine

Montegus Goudy

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