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13015 Commercial Dr, Bonner Springs, KS 66012, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cascades Car Wash #11 IN Kansas

Roberta Berry

Does a fairly good wash job. On SUV,s it does miss the center of the back.

Alexis Gonzales


Shi C

Everyone always polite, good pricing and a nice location. I recommend getting one of the unlimited packages.

Jett jett

T Dunn

John Hall

Kent Goodson

I would never take my truck there again, and wish I never had. First off it didnt get the truck clean on the first pass. They wanted me to run it through again. As I started to look it over, before taking it through again, I noticed scratches all over. I filed a report with them to try to fix it, which they denied. Also when I went to turn in my report there was another guy filing a report with the exact same complaint. O ya and it took them 3 weeks to get back to me. I tried calling both the location and the home office multiple time and received voice mail every time.

Juli Hurley

Friendly staff. Good wash. I frequent.

Brandon Hazzard

Getting better great changes recently in employee's

Mr Keith Jones

Mark Ruttan

I paid 16 bucks for a car wash today and car still has dirt and bugs all over it. For 16 dollars it’s a ripoff.

Alisha Selvey


This carwash is alright. They have free vacuums, provide towels, windex and interior shine. My boyfriend and I did have to go through one time twice because we paid for wheel shine and it didn't work the first time. The second time we went through it worked on his car but not mine again. They did have an attendant come out and put wheel shine on my car by hand.

Sara Vokac

Leslie Oliva

Went in Sunday 22, 2016 it was 4 people in the car towards the end of the car wash we all heard a nasty "nails scratching agains a chalk board" noise and as were vacuuming my fiancé (owner of the car) noticed a lot of scratches (reminding you we have a new care with absolutely no scratches) so we immediately call an employe to look at the car so she gives us the managers number a few days later we come back so he can look at the car to see what he was gonna do and it turns out he says it wasn't his machines and that they're not gonna do anything about it. If it would be possible to give this place negative stars I would. HORIBLE service.

Natalie Rodriguez

It does not seem to matter what level of wash you get, it never gets it quite clean enough. Also, their vacuums have no suction power so you can't really get much done at this car wash. It is a last resort car wash, but you could just save the money and not wash your car at all. It is a nice touch that they offer towels and glass cleaner for free but clean windows when everything else is dirty doesn't make much of a difference.

Jeff Fletcher

Great price and free vac

Margaret Taylor

The carwash is so thorough, the vacuum is free. Window wash and towels are free. I won the car wash on a prize and I loved it. Thanks

Mario Claborn

Lori Colwell

Just learned they have free vaccuming, rags and window cleaner! Awesome carwash!

Tara Riedhart


Shiree Mullen

Best carwash ever! Well priced and amazing service!

marcar Packin

Love this car wash!

Tammy Godfirnon

Great place

Rob Hill

Jessica Hueser

Kofijeff Steudler

Nice quality place and price

Christine Baxter

Love the unlimited washes for a nominal monthly fee, staff is great and always greets you with a smile!!

Daniel Harmon

Good carwash, free vacums & towels

Jeff boyce

Patrick Rachford

Cascade Car wash is a mix of automated and hand washing. While you are in the automated car wash someone will come and scrub the hard to hit areas of your car insuring you get your car clean. They have great deals and specials too. I'd recommend going by if you are in the area.

Gary Matson

I like this place because it’s convenient, it’s easy to get in and out off and it’s a good set up. The system gets my car pretty much clean. They also offer free cleaning solutions, vacuums and towels to finish off your car and make it look good. The service could be better. When you drive up, the attendant speed out a script at lightning speed. I just wait til she’s finished and and order from the menu. I’ve asked her to slow down before and told her that people will buy the upgrade if she tells me what the offer is rather than read the script. Smiles go a long way with me. If you work here and make a standard car wash better by smiling like you’re glad I’m here, then I’m a customer for life - and I’ll upgrade too. Finally, when I report a problem with the equipment, I’d like to think you appreciate my input. Last time I did this I got half a nod and a half-hearted thanks. I’ll keep coming back just to see if things change. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback.

Yvette Mayes

whiskey midnight

Best car wash, free vacuums, free rags, and window cleaner, 6 bucks basic wash. You can't go to do it yourself power wash without spending 10 bucks by the time ya pay for a plugged up vacuum. I will come back even though it's 10 miles out of my way. Great people working there too. Thank you for a wonderful car was experience. God Bless everyone!!!!!

Savannah-Jo Rollo

Mary Hickie

Love this car wash, as there are employees there that will scrub the heavily soiled areas of the car and there are places with vacuums and towels to use.

L Stewart

Bad customer service at this car wash. I have the monthly recurring plan for a year. The price has changed twice and they don't even notify you. You check your bank account and there is the higher amount. Then when you call about it, they state it was printed on the receipt. Well I keep my receipts and am still waiting to see this print. Wouldn't it be better customer service to tell your customer about the increase when we come to clean our cars. After all they can tell when you are on a monthly plan.

Teresa Cone

Great value and my caddy looks great.

Kathy Batesel

I spend $10 a month for unlimited automatic car washes, which is what they provide. If I want detailing, of course, I'd have to go somewhere else, but my $10 goes a long, long way every month!

Kateri Swears

Jay S

Place had gone downhill since it was finish line. They used to give you towels and detail spray but recently took that away.

Judy Lesiak

Great car wash! Bug guarantee is worth it!. Free vacuum

Debbie Casey

Joe Gamez

john reedy

Awesome if u do the monthly plan

Marcella Kendrick

Tom McMillan

Good price, but struggles to get rear of SUV clean

Cynthia Hill

They are always nice and helpful there

Paul Cordt

Kylene Campbell

I paid for all the bells and whistles for the wash. Had to go through twice and still there was mud on the wheels.

Chaz Brown

Paid $25 for this was. I went through 2 times. Both times exited with soap all over my car. Dirt still present. Just horrible. Spots all over car. Have to go to another carwash to clean off the soap. I would never recommend

David Painter

Reasonably priced with different options for washing. If I could recommend anything to the staff. It would be for the person scrubbing the windshield to make more than one pass with the brush to ensure getting the bugs off. Complimentary self vacume and glass cleaner is a nice touch at the Bonner Springs location.

Paul Dixon

Ok car wash charge you extra for bugs!

Ryan Weifze

Todd Nielsen

This place is the best! Great washes for a decent price. But the kicker is the vacuums, glass cleaner and towels after your wash. If you have time, you can detail your car for free after your wash! It's very nice! Hope this place stays around forever.

Laschell Crook

This was okay but I bought bug removal and did not get what i thought I would have. The tire cleaning was good but bugs were more of a problem

Arturo Escobar

Was super Disappointed last time I was there No Clean towels and vacuum Did not have any suction.

Tracy Smith

Levi Schmaltz

Worst car wash ever! Car has never came out clean, the track has been known to slice tires, the employees are told to spray only the bumpers and when I complained that the windshield still had bug guts they told me that they're an express car wash and they can't clean everything. Management is horrible

Ron Johnson

Sean Ok

The best and best priced. The only place I go to wash my cars.

Lana Pier

Well yesterday, the wash wasn't as good as previous visits. I'll chalk that up to waiting longer to clean my car. I do love the free vacuums , glass cleaner & towels set out for customers to polish up after a wash. I would like to suggest to owners/management that they get on the HUGE potholes in the drive. Most expensive wash is a $20.00 bill

lucinda kelsey

Worst Place! I just got a new car 2 months ago. I bought the monthly deal when i still had my 30 day tag on my car. When I told them I was getting my new plate on within the next few days that they'd have to switch my tag over. They lady working said no problem as I'd just need to tell them my first name and it would get switched. The next time I go to get my car washed, they said i was not in the system. I told them that i got a new license plate and the name it was under. That still didn't matter, they were still having problems finding me in the system. They manager said he'd give me the top of the line wash since we were having problems. I thought that was nice of them to do. I went there 3 other times and the same thing happened. I even talked to the manager every time it happened and he promised me it would get fixed. So the 4th time I go there it still wasn't fixed so i filled out an cancellation form. Never again will I go there. Not to mention they had to shut the place down for an hour because someones tire got popped in the process of it getting washed. Make sure you check your tires/rims every time you go to places like that because your wheels could get scratched. Just a little fyi.

Joseph Santana

Yusef Harris

Horrible car wash. I went to get my truck washed and the front line missed the whole right side of my truck, the back and the wheel shine was sporadically sprayed on my tires. This car wash was worse than an Amoco car wash and there were people working there doing manual cleaning. I called the car wash the next day (because I am a Dialysis patient) and left a message first thing in the morning. Never got a call back. Didn't drive my truck and took it back up to the car wash and was told since it was 2 days ago they couldn't do anything and after I told him I called the next day and never got a return call he called the manager (supposedly) and came back and said the manager said she wouldn't honor a re wash or refund. Horrible service especially since he could have walked around the car and seen the results of a fresh wash and completely missed spots with the manual brush.

Adam Rood

Joshua Mitchell

We love this place! The car wash works great and the employees are very friendly and professional.

Mr Tickles

Rodrigo Perez

Okay, only when they change the cost of packages that are paid monthly should they inform the customer

Matthew Payne

Scott Thorpe

The wash itself does a great job, but it always takes FOREVER to get through the line, no matter what. Today only had 4 cars in front of me when I pulled in and it took over 20 minutes to get to the cash register. Time to find a new car wash!!!

Koty Henry

Absolute worst car wash I’ve been too, such focus on selling package deals but I had to go through the wash twice and still left with a film of dots on my car. The rinse section should be adjusted to actually rinse the soap off before the dryer is activated, both times through we noticed the blowers were just spreading soap suds on my car. The tire shine used left a collection of “shine” on my rims that I can only describe as gunk, instead of evenly being spread out on the tire it accumulated on my rim. I am giving one star because the employees I talked to were more than understanding, the one gentleman couldn’t even believe what he saw the first time through and asked if the machine even touched my car Because it was dirtier coming out than it was going into the wash.

Adam Headley

was in the area so decided to check it out .. I went from a dirty truck to a to a dirty truck with nice wet looking tires.. spent 20 bucks on a car wash that didn't get most the dirt off my truck .. I will never use this place again ..

Caitlin Kresh

Jay Thompson

Got the car wash with the under carriage drove right to my destination to notice none of the wheel wells were even sprayed during the wash, so I returned to the car wash and was advised they don't do wheel wells. But yet they have someone right there when you enter the wash with a high power wand and someone else with a brush. Will NOT return there for 15$ I could have done a better job manually, looks as if they are interested in just selling packages than actually cleaning your vehicle.

Ronni K

Romona Smith

Consistently clean

Mitch Mellick

Tim Vitt

Poor customer service. After years of going here, a recent recent poor experience has made me decide to take my business elsewhere.


rusty avrett

Sometimes good sometimes bad service

Steve McKinney

Ran my truck through twice & it still isn't clean. They were nice enough to comp my second trip but if it can't get my vehicle clean I won't be back.

Jennifer Coffey

Came in and was disappointed that there was still soap and dirt all over my charger. When I parked and got out there are a scratch all the way down the passenger side of my car. Spoke to attendant who texted several managers and took photos. I was told to arrive back on Monday by 5pm to meet a manager. She decided to go home early today. They had my phone number and never called. Took off work early to be here. So now the attendant is texting and calling managers while I have waited 20 minutes. Use caution with the management and equipment!

Seth Higgs

I paid 15 dollars for the second best car wash (no hot wax) and my car still has unclean dirt streaks from where the brush (which i believe are hard plastic brissels) didnt wipe off the dirt. I will not go back to this car wash again... its horrible!

jose chavez

Brian King

Little pricey but dose a good job cleaning our vehicles up

David Alexander

I ran across this gem while I was in an area I'm rarely at. I need a wash and said "Why Not!" While they offer no inside services other than free vacuums for us to use, the wash turned out being top notch for a mostly automatic car wash. The biggest surprise was how cheap their unlimited monthly wash services was. Mind bliwing Look them up. I'd say the prices here but I imagine they are seasonal like everyone else. If you're remotely in the area, stop by.

Miahyliby Wild

They just upgraded their vacuums. Got to love the free "Armor All" and "Windex". I recommend the place!

M Ha

Didn't get very clean and the spotless rinse is worthless. Just not with the money.

Drew Zeck

Mike Stinnett

Got gift cards and no where on them has an expiration date. They would not accept them. Will tell everyone I know to use carwash elsewhere. If I could give 0 stars I would. Horrible customer service from manager!

russell collins

Decent car wash. Free use of vacuum to clean out your car

Chris Lentz

Mr_ Successful

Good car wash. Wish they had one closer to where I live at.

Valerie Mann

Polite employees, nice car wash. The towels and spray are a Nice touch when stocked. It is odd that they have no way to actually get heavy grime off the floor mats. It would be nice if they had an option for that.


Took 3 times to get my car clean and would not refund my money what a waste of 20 bucks!!!

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