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15725 US-169, Olathe, KS 66062, United States

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You will be able to see the reviews of real people like you who consumed the services of Aero Blast Car Wash (Car Wash) in the area close to the state of Kansas.

As of day this firm receives a rating of 2.4 stars over 5 and this rating was based on 68 reviews.

As you can read, its rating is quite low, and it's founded on a very high number of scores, so we can conclude that the valuation is very reliable. If many people have bothered to rate when they are happy with the business, is that it works.

As you know, we don't usually stop to set tatings when they are positive and we usually do it only if we have had a problem or incidence...

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REVIEWS OF Aero Blast Car Wash IN Kansas

Darren S!tewart

Only place I wash my car

dirty white

Jeff Cooper

Horrible,horrible business! Never works and if by some chance it does your vehicle doesn't leave clean! No attendant on site for refund or help.

Levi Maness

Good car wash.

Laura Mccombs

I paid $12.00 to get my car washed on 11/02/19 and when I drove into the bay the wash wouldn't turn on. There was no one on site to help. I also saw a woman roaming around because the other bay had stopped working in the middle of her wash. When she got out of her car to find someone the bay door shut and she wasn't sure how to get back in. I tried calling the number on their website but the number is now disconnected.

ugly francine123

A negative rating would be more accurate. I paid $10.00 for the newly added automatic wash yet my small Acura looks exactly the same. Dust from top to bottom, bug juice & bird poo all still remain. #Worthless.

Greg Eakin

Convenient location, but in great need of maintenance. Both automatic bays have been closed for months, and hand held bays are leaky bird nests when they work.

Kendall Michel

kyle hunter

Used the credit card machine in one of the bays and was done so I pressed the stop button and water turned off. I looked on the meter and it charged $4.55... looking at my credit card statement the next day I was charged $10... Phone number doesn't go through. This has happened there before, I just thought I didn't press the stop button. Beware!! Don't use credit card there

glck20 glck20

Nosnikta Consulting, LLC

Chose the top option. I don't know how long it took to go through the cycles, but afterwards I felt like I received my money's worth.

Kevin Green

Janet S

Got my car sparkling clean

Brent Knard

Bob Gregory

Paid $8.00 for automatic wash. Wasn't able to get the wash and machine wouldn't give money back. There was no attendant around the property and no phone number posted to call with problems. I set a trash can in front of the bay so nobody else would get ripped. I wish somebody had done the same ahead of me. I found a phone number on the internet but nobody answers it. Apparently they prefer not to be bothered with problems and want to keep our money.

Eric Nevels

Elizabeth James

Sonia Lopez

Clint Callaghan

Best wash around!

Chris Bradley

Richard Allen

Been here twice now. Both times I was ripped off in one manner or another. Never anyone around. Never more.

Jet Pino

Water is very warm, nice soapy, great blast#

Julie Johnson

I tried to wash my car around 5:30 on 4/12 in the last automat stall on the right. I paid and the door never went up fo me to enter. I tried to call the owner but number was disconnected. $12 and didn’t get to wash my car

Suzy Corria

Dam thing took my money, after i drove in it "locked up". Afterwards i had to get out of my car, manually open door and drive out with soap all over my car. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, funny phone number is out of service and their reviews are bad!!!!!

Val Nelson

Like you can use a card and not required cash.

Angela Hernbloom

Swiped card and now has said processing for 10 min. No one answers phone. Is my card being charged? Safe to leave? Always a problem with this place....DONE!

Kristi Kennett

Awful. It looks dirty and unmanaged. Tried one of the two bays that takes cards. It ran my card and took my money but the sprayer NEVER came on. The card machine won't let you hit the stop button until it charges $1.50. I called the # on the website, no one answered and no voicemail is available. My car was filthy and the truck that was being washed in the other card reader bay next to me just left so I decided to use that one since I knew it worked. BAD IDEA. WASTE OF TIME, EFFORT, AND MONEY! Spent over $9 trying to scrub my car clean. Ended up going to a different car wash to finish the job. If you are the owner reading this, I will call back. I do expect my $1.50 back plus the $9 and some change I wasted at your crappy car wash.

Brian Gayley

bought a car wash. The system stalled out before the spray bar passed the truck cab. So now I have a truck covered in soap, and nobody answers the phone to assist. There are no numbers posted anywhere for customer service either. There was a note on the pad lock of the office door from another customer dated 2 days prior so it appears nobody even attends the place.

kevin simpson

Get a clean car, but parking lot needs attention

Danilo Chavarria

For $12. I rather pay my kids to do the job. Still when ho


Horrible pressure and hardly any soap also the entrances and exits are so dirty and the roads so chipped up that even when you finally get your car somewhat clean from no pressure or soap your vehicle is just as dirty again as it was when ya got there this car wash used to be great 10years ago but it sucks now... not returning!

Floyd Cates

I paid 10.00 for the automatic wash, it ran for about 7 seconds and stopped, tried to call them with the number on the Google search, ring, ring and ring no answer that was Saturday the 16 tharound 9:30 in the morn. I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!!

Brian Sack

Equipment eats money and does not work. I put money in to one of the vacuum machines and there was little to no suction on the device. It also smelled awful like it had not been cleaned. The car wash bay ate $5 without even turning on. There is no one available to talk to on site and no one answers the phone. Avoid this place. Do not come in here, you will be ripped off.

Nelson Umana

The dryer needs a little bit of work other than that nice place to get the car cleaned up

Vance Allred

Jordan Kruep

Great place lots of room to do your own thing

Corrin Weaver

Shelley Homan

Put $4 in - soap lasted for about 15 seconds than the sprayer in the soap mode literally died..... no answer on the phone number. Seems to be a familiar theme throughout the reviews.....


Read the terrible reviews.... But was close by so I stopped in. Tried three different bays. All broken. Do not give this terrible business owner any of your money and hopefully this place will die.

OutLaw Shit

Bill McCracken

Tammy Bryant

David Stubbs

Automatic wash was good for 8 bucks

Erik Guevara

Adam Boeckman

If the number provided online would ever get answered I probably wouldn’t leave this review. Paid $12 to have the wash turn off leaving my truck covered in soap. Obviously had to try again cause I couldnt see with soap all over window. So paid $12 more and actually ran the full cycle but never cleaned all the dirt off and that was the top tier wash. I would not like to see what the basic does! I will continue to use Green Lantern from now on.

Casey King

Access to roads are difficult. The auto car wash was decent but the instructions were not clear and the forced air dry at the end of the wash didn't do much.

Jeremy D

Always open even when its below freezing

Corey Bacon

Was there 3/10 and 3/17. Did the $8 automatic wash. Dryer never came on either time. Called number, no answer.

Trenton Stambaugh

Visited on 12-4-28 spent 5 mins washing the truck the Manuel bay using the credit card charged my account $10.00

Michael Loux

Waste of money. Had to hand wash the car again when I got home. Left the van looking like a zebra and didn't seem to clean the back at all.

John O'Berg

Very poor wash when actually working and will auto charge your CC $10 for manual wash. Go down the street instead.

David Sosebee

It got the job done!

ghut 1973

The pressure at this gas station is not very good

Joseph Bradin

Rebecca Sullivan

Wasted $4 on 4 vaccuum stations and none worked.

William Robbins

09/11/2018 - Words cannot express how bad this car wash is. It's not worth noting everything that's wrong with this car wash, just don't go. The phone number doesn't work so I can't get my money back. Maybe I'll hire a private investigator to find the owner and get me my refund...

Stephanie Sparks

Waste of money. They take card now but nothing got cleaned. I paid for the best wash & my car is still grimy. It sprayed water on my car while it was in the drying cycle. I am very disappointed with my experience & will not return.

Kory Brinton


Josh Pharr

Don't go here. Looks like our vehicle was never washed. Waste of money and time!

Jim Dice

Not the best. Coin machines are a pain. Credit Card machine may work.

Casey Wells

Jeep Wrangler was covered in salt and dirt, and the $10 automatic wash did a really nice job. The back wasn’t perfect but it’s great to get the salt off.

Zachary Hogarth

No card readers

Barbara Rothe Brinkley

Went through the automatic$10 car wash wheels and tires and windshield where the wipers did not go we're all still dirty

Kim Whitford

Not a damned thing. Took my money no wash and they won't answer the phone

Lisa Carter

Took my $ but didn't add time. Also didn't beep with 1 minute left. # is disconnected. ☹

Lannie Schafroth

Driveway about ripped out our suspension.machine wouldn't take the credit card, had to dig for cash. Under carriage spray lasted for 5 seconds. Wash was pathetic with no pressure at all.

Jeanna Fink


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