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REVIEWS OF 79th Street Dog & Car Wash IN Kansas

Araceli Wagner

Will England

Specifically reviewing the self-serve dog wash: Well, I guess if you catch the place right after it was cleaned, it'd be great. You have two dog wash bays. You pay via credit card or cash. Many options are available for soap, plus rinse, conditioner and several speeds of blow-dry. There are no brooms, squeegee or wash hose to clean up after yourself. Thus, the bays quickly get filthy. There was no attendant present to clean up after use. When I went in, one bay was unusable, clogged with curly dog fur and dirt. The other was mostly clean with a light film of dog hair over everything. Price was fair - $5 for the first 4 minutes, then $2 for each 2 minutes following. Just too dirty to consider returning.

John Yelper

Put a $5 bill in the changer, it only dispenses $1 tokens. Two of the five tokens wouldn't work in the car wash bay, which does not accept bills. Last year I put in a $10 bill and it dispensed 8 $1 tokens and 2 quarters, so shorted me $1.50. Will not use this care wash again.

Steve Estes

James Clingan

I do the dog wash a lot

Ismael Diaz

Cailin Dreams

The car wash names are cute, but the cleaner just didn't clean the car very well.

Mike Lawrence

Sign says the dog wash opens at 10am every day. I was there on a Monday at 11:15 and the door was locked. Very doubtful that I will ever return with my puppy. If this place would be more dependable with it's hours, I would frequent it regularly. I'm not sure I even want to waste my time to drive by to see if it is really open.

Josh C.

Jimmie Murphy

Horrible vacuums!! My $50 vacuum at home has more suction. Wasted $10 dollars.

Curtis Menzer

Tim C

Works for a quick wash, but doesn't really get the grime off.

whitney fountain

Better than using my bathroom to wash the dogs! Unfortunately the vacuum was not functioning that day. Will be coming back again!

Ralph Hewitt

Yea after you get change which is of course tokens. The stall you pulled into seems to only accept credit cards. Seems like a waste just give quarters instead of your tokens.

Robert Pastinack

My go to carwash close to home and I like the automatic brushless wash.


Very reliable.

J Means

Would have to rate as 0 stars. Hours for dog wash are 9-5. Here it is 1:56 and it is locked up. Packed up dog and supplies, but no wash today. Very disappointed.

Larry Hicks

Amie Thompson

I love this car wash!! You have lots of choices on soaps and such to wash your car and if you need to wash your dog they have a separate section of the building for dog washing. There is a ramp where your dog can go up to a tub where you can wash them!!

Michael Haynes

Horrible place. The money machines only dispense tokens and not quarters. Then the washers and vacuum systems support credit cards but 90% of the stalls I tried didn’t work or accept the cards. It took me five different stalls to try before my card could be accepted. Don’t waste your time at this place.

Lauren G

Need to update your hours. Pretty disappointed- really need to wash my dog off- it’s 936 Monday night and online you state you don’t close till 10pm drive 15 min to come here too...very disappointing!

M Harper

Matthew Davis

Don't are your money. The machine ate my last $3.25 I had to wash my car. Being an uber driver I like having my car spotless before driving. Today I don't get to do that

manny carrillo

Always issues with the machines but the staff always takes care of you. Good deal on a car wash.

Rafael Mojica

(Translated by Google) Very good wash (Original) Muy buen lavado

Courtney Ahnen

Vacuum barely worked (on the one machine that actually did anything) and the real reason I was there was to vacuum out a stain. But none of the shampoo settings did anything. Meanwhile each machine I tried took more of my money without giving coins back

Sarah Kenney

Vacuums always stink like dog, which makes my car stink. Also, half of them e usually out of order.

Michael C.

Open bays every time I've been there to pretty the car up.

Pat Westerhoff

Steven Kohlmeyer

Jason Allen

The owner is an awesome guy great to talk to by far the wash in the area

Robert Miller

car was still dirty when I left

Thomas Productions

Michael Pittman

$5 minimum on credit cards


August 1, 2015- arrived with 2 dirty dogs and was greeted by a note "effective 8/1/2015 the Dog Wash (system) no longer will supply soap ." We brought our own soap just in case it was empty ( which it is about 1/2 the time ) so we thought no big deal. However, after putting in the $5 and the clock starts ticking, we soon realized that after we wet the dogs, we had to drop the wand and soap them up- and of course the timer kept going- we were't even using it. By the time we were ready to rinse we had almost run out of time. So we had to reload to rinse. We will no longer go there. Their process, without a soap selection, does not make sense.

Nicole Watson

jennifer reilly

Everytime I try and go through the automatic cat wash it takes my money

Noemi Garcia

Alex A

Matthew Wilkerson

Washin' the dog! Washin' dog!

Shirley Watkins

George Hilbert

Heather Hankins

Love this place

Bryan Bulcock

This morning I decided to wash my dogs to get the winter stink off of them and after reading several reviews on several sites (google, yelp, etc.) I figured I should give this place a try. I had previously used U wash Puppy in Shawnee but because it was a Sunday morning, they were not open yet. As many had stated the place wasn't the picture of cleanliness but it wasn't awful, several of the shampoos were out or not working, and there was no attendant. This final part is why I will never return here. I own two giant breed dogs, great danes. When I walked in I noticed that the tubs are smaller than you would expect at a dog wash but in my naivette I assumed this would be ok. After beginning to wash my first dog someone else arrived with their dog and my dog became aggitated. To make a long story short he ended up falling out of the tub and hanging himself from the steel chain secured tightly three feet above the tub. Being that he is 135 lbs it was a challenge to unhook him from this. He is ok now, but in my opinion this place is not suitable for anyone with a giant breed animal. At U wash puppy Pat is there to help throughout the process. Yes it is more expensive but having someone there to help not to mention the full size bathtubs to wash your dog in is priceless. I rated this place Poor- Fair based on my own personal needs. If you own a smaller dog this place would more than likely be fine but if you have a skittish dog or a large dog either bring someone to help you or wait til noon and go see Pat.

Flor Orozco

Braden Kallin

I would have preferred to use quarters rather than tokens but this is otherwise a pretty standard self-serve carwash

Sara Sanchez Pineda

Esta bien para lavar el carro pero si quieres aspirar el carro no sirven las mangueras no tienen nada de succion.

Jane Brown

Once you arrive you see NO shampoo supplies sign.. which is strange. That's like going to a car wash but it supplies NO car wash soap.

Christopher Bartlett

Alex Rendon

Great price better result

Barry Sutherland

Never too busy and their weekday deal is matchless.

Patric Garrison

The sprayer is really good at making my scooter clean and shiny

Justen Obrien

Good place to wash a stinkin ass dog

Damien Loggins

Richard Streeter

Used their "Credit Card only stall. Used 3 minutes max and ended up being charged 5 bucks. What a F.....G ripoff! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikayla Olender

The doggy wash isn't actually a doggy wash at all. It doesn't off shampoo/conditioner yet still charges you as much other doggy car washes don't waste your time driving here.

Lee Guerro

They make you buy tokens instead of getting quarters. Good thing I only bought a few dollars worth, which worked fine for the vacuum. The car wash had the coin deposit blocked, so I had to insert bills. Other than that, the facility was clean and well maintained.


Not happy with the change in the tandem touch rite wash .. it should be fixed . Been this way for months now 6/14/19 Hope it changes soon

Hannah Renollet

Just got done at this place and truly I have never been more frustrated with a car wash location. I used this location because it’s close to home and when I went to use their vaccums they were HORRIBLE! Did absolutely nothing!! I tried 3 different ones and they barely did anything at all! If you need your car clean...don’t go here.

JP Glauser

Great $5 wash between 10 am and 6 pm. M threw Friday

erick yurliane sagastume

No cirven las aspiradoras y solo me gaste 5$ y la maquina enciende pero no aspira nada

Christopher Emery

Kat Zapp

Great prices every week day!

planet panda

Good car wash, Got everything dirty off the car. Would recommend to a friend.

Julie Greene

Great touchless wash.

Sandy L Miller

Dude was very polite

Eunique White

So the rite touch bay broke while I was in there and the roller part dropped on top of my truck.. No one has answered the phone.. overall I’ve never had a problem until now

Jose Cordero

andy clark

On Saturday, 6/16/18 I had the $10, "rite touch" wash done on my car. I usually do the other automatic wash option but it was closed. I was very dissatisfied with my purchase, as multiple areas of my car were still dirty when I left. I would love a refund and will not ever be using this wash again. Please see pictures.

Retta Schumacher

I only give 4 stars because I haven't had the opportunity to use the dog wash so I can't really rate it.

Steven Harris

Everything always works. Great car wash

Mo Torres

I had a problem getting one of the machines to work I called and got the problem solved! They're also super nice so I appreciate that.

Ravi Kishore Chatti

Car wash is good enough..!! I haven`t found a better, automated place around... 12177 Ravi

Wesley Hill

Super nice car wash. Very clean.

Kris Madsen

Used to be a good place but has gone way down hill. Equipment keeps messing up and the automatic cycles seem to not always work correctly. Too bad. Really liked using them since they were clean and close.

Will Babbit

Shouldn't be allowed to include "Dog" in the description any longer. No soap, not even any to buy. Dryer broken, Credit card machines broken, change machines broken. Worthless. Go elsewhere, there are several close by.

Megan McDonnell

Paid $8 for an automatic car wash and during the process only the soap was administered - no water, no wash, nothing. In fear of the soap freezing on my car, I had to go back through the second automatic wash to get the soap washed off, for another $6. I definitely would like a refund. I called the number on the receipt/website several times with no answer and no answering machine. Impossible to get ahold of anyone! But as I see from other reviews, this is a common problem.

paul wilson

i paid $8 to have my car "washed" that being said my car is still very very much dirty. this automated car was is a joke at best. glad i didn't spend the extra $2 for the next step up. don't waste your time or money please people!!!!!!!!

Emergency Line

Very frustrating place of business. I paid $20 for a $8 car wash. The machine produced an error message and did not give me my change. The receipt said to call the manager @ the phone number provided. Well guess what... No one ever answered the phone and there is no voice mail set up on the number provided. So here we are 3 days later and I am still out $12. UNACCEPTABLE!

Ruth Harris


Jose Ramos


Russell Schmidt

Sitting here now in their parking lot very disappointed. Car wash was not effective and vacuums did not work at all. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

Benjamin Eukel

Google User

Worst dog was. Credit reader doesn't work no dog shampoo mud everywhere drain clogged. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Robert Braithwaite

Good car wash selections to choose from!

Mark West

Good car wash that always works well for both my car and my dogs

Juan Chavez


jared mitchell

It got washed so yeah. Issa car wash.

Mario Avila

Robert Breddin

Marissa Williams

My car looks just as dirty as it did before I went in. Will NEVER go to this car wash again.

Violet Baxter

Leah Cade

Charlie j

Not a bad carwash. All bays have card readers and they have the triple foam clear coat polish too

Toni Wright

It needs a dry longer for the price

Michael Holcomb

Stephen Mwangi

Not bad. Its Serenely located.

santos ornelas

Travion Leapheart

I go here everytime I need to clean my car. The vacuums use these weird coins to start but otherwise it's a great place to go. They have plenty of options on helping you clean your car. I haven't taken my dog here yet, but it's on my to do list

Kurth Roland

They make you use car wash tokens when you change in your bills for coins. So make sure you get what you only need or go there there the next time again to get rid of unspent tokens.

Sandy Miller

Really freindly service

Roberta Daetweiler

The car wash was quick and easy. A very reasonable price as well. I have no problem recommending this place.

Gustavo Valerio

Me gusta este lugar y lo recomiendo para lavar tu carro

grace welsh

Crazy expensive and when i tried to get a treat for my dog ever machine was either broke or out

Paola Reyes

I went to wash my car the machine didn't return my change I called the number on the receipt no one answers the phone or there's no one there to assist you. Not fair. Need to fix that NOW! I want my money or my change back no gift card or anything like that my money.

Lori Sprenkle

I use this place because it is blocks from where I live for the most oart its ok. However the last few visits the wash has been half ass. Half the items didnt work whether the holes were clogged or what but I always get the most expensive wash for the wheels and undercarriage wash. If its busy it jams up pretty good as the design is a little off. But its ok most the time.

Steve Franiuk

andrew hogrefe

Accommodates tall vehicles. Always clean.

Angeles sto

I woudnt even put 1 star because when i put my credit card in it and the machine works at first but then wont work and it stole my money so dont even come its a zero star rating and when you call them they are "busy". Nobody answered. ZERO stars.

TheLittleBig UniverseOfMarcos

gp johnson

Don't let the owner's problems become yours: #1 Sign on wall says $5 dollar automaic wash till 4pm NOT TRUE. #2 No soap in automatic Car wash $8 bucks out the window. #3 Bill changer gives you TOKENS...Not Quarters #4 IF You really want to roll the dice ,good luck with a working ,token/ quarter/paper dollar, (minium) vacuum cleaner.

Christopher Bunn

Too expensive and the hair vacuums had no suction.

Krista Lewis

Can't use credit card. Worst vacuums ever. Now I have useless coins because the change machine doesn't give quarters, but coins instead.

Christian Stromgren

What kind of "dog wash" doesn't have shampoo available? A more accurate name would be 79th Street Dog Wet and Dry. Would rate 0 stars if I could. UPDATE: No, this place is still hot steamy garbage. However, if you are looking for a great self-service dog wash that ACTUALLY HAS SHAMPOO and is very reasonably priced, check out any Pet Supplies Plus location!


Miguel Garcia

I get my car washed here and dog as well. I know, it's strange but they have a car wash and a dog wash.


linda floyd

Love this place you can get a car waah at any temp in drive thru

Gary Huskey

Smiiles Marie

The vacuum hose was falling out and wasn't really working as well

Amanda Perez

The water pressure is very low, it's always dirty. If people picked up afterwards then I'm sure it would be nicer.

a Schway

The business is garbage and has been for the past couple of years. Power washers and vacuums barely do anything. Much better off spending time and money driving further away and getting a better wash.

sandy barrera

Henri Lopez

Uziel Bonilla

Is good ,only the vacum is to old..

Iliana Washington

It's a self serve car wash. The only bad thing about it is that their vacuums don't really work.

Christina Hagan

Stephen Kalnasi

Best wash in town. Love the brushless

Nicola Ptak

Extremely disappointed with my car wash today. It was a complete waste of money. My car wasn’t even clean after going through. I won’t be wasting my money there anymore.

Jasmine Bidwell

This place rips you off and takes your money. I paid 10.00 in cash for a 6.00 wash and the machine did not give my change back. It said to see an attendant or call their phone number. There is no attendant on site and they never answer their phone. Another time I went there and paid the machine for a car wash and the wash wasn't even working. So, I have been ripped off twice now and no one ever answers the phone or is there.

Kent Balkenbusch

Convenient location but the but both the touchless and the rite touch automated car washes do a terrible job and don’t get my car completely clean. I’m tired of wasting my money here.

Reed Woodworth

Kristin U.

I have mixed feelings about this place. It's tough in this area to find an up-to-date , clean, GOOD and Affordable car wash without driving 15 to 20 minutes out of the way. So I come by here sometimes when I am too lazy to drive to south OP... I hate dirty car wash bays with trash everywhere and this place does a good job of keeping everything tidy, the soap and other solutions they use seem to be of good quality (top shelf)( lol), the equipment is up to date and well taken care of. VACUUMS TYPICALLY have decent suction, they could be emptied more often to help with loss of suction... but they'll get the job done. My main issue with this place is that I hate their silly token system!!!! Not everyone uses a credit card for the car wash and at this place if you decide to use cash make sure not to cash in too much money bc you'll be stuck with their TOKENS! WHICH OF COURSE YOU CAN'T USE ANYWHERE ELSE AND THEIR IS NO WAY TO CASH THEM IN FOR QUARTERS OR DOLLARS TO SPEND ELSEWHERE BC NO ONE IS THERE TO ASSIST YOU WITH THIS! Lastly, I find this car wash to be overpriced and always busy when I need a wash.... but even still they are the cleaner option in rice area. There are several other car washes in the area but they are old and ran down... and you can just tell their soap is bottom shelf as far as car wash soap goes... and the vacuums have little to no suction.

Terry Mulcahy

Lot's of options for a car wash. Drive through or self service bays.

Kyle Parks

Muhammad Kamran

j money sr

Mandy m

Oscar Rodriguez

Love this car wash. They use tokens to run it instead of quarters which I think it pretty cool.

Mike Varel

ZERO water pressure at the Dog Wash. The unit in the back was completely worthless and we could’ve just stayed home rather than wasting $5 for water that’s barely coming out of the nozzle. Don’t waste your time or money!

Patty Roberts


doug8 I stuart

Stacie Foster

Great car wash, reasonable prices

jon plasky

If i could give this car wash "0" stars, I would. If you plan on visiting this car wash get ready to bend over and get hosed. If you have exact cash, great. They probably won't screw you over. If you need change, there is no attendant and the automatic car wash will take your money. NO ONE will give you change because NO ONE is there. If you call there number, NO ONE will pick up or call you back. I wouldn't go back to this car wash ever. I'd rather lick my car clean. WORST car wash in O.P.

Mary Cardell

John Laundy

Hit and miss on the shape the place is in and if the equipment works.

Andrew Hunt


Gladis Rivero

Renee Milligan

Went through the automatic car wash here at Stubby's and paid $8 to only have my car sprayed with soap and nothing else. I then proceeded to the manual car wash and put a dollar in to the machine and then noticed that the coin slot wouldn't work. I only had a 5 dollar bill left on me so I had to use that. I had now invested $14 into this business and it is by-far the worst investment of my life. I had to wash my car off in 22 degree weather and work attire (heels) only to drive around in a solid block of ice because I didn't have the luxury of the air dryers that I had paid for. Boooooo

Alejandro Martinez

Usually not too busy.

Joshua Sampson

Drove a long way into town to use their dog wash and even though the sign said it should be open, it was closed. it says weekdays 9 to 5 but the sign said closed and the door was locked. It was a Wednesday at 11 so if they don't ever open the dog wash I guess no one can use it.

Charlene Hughes

My rims had gotten pretty bad, this is the first place where their machines really work

Mission Resident

Absolute scam. The machine charged me $8 for 3 minutes of the vacuum. You can us a vacuum at a gas station for like $1.50. Don’t waste your money at this place.

Jennifer Smith

Love this place! $5 deluxe wash during the day

kaylee sides

J p G

Lisa Hulbert

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