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REVIEWS OF Mister Car Wash IN Iowa

Laura Johnson

Interior was a joke. They do not wipe down doors, clean cup holders, anything besides the dash. When I inquired about a spot that would easily came off with a simple wipe i was told they only do a “light dusting”

Beth Greer

I went to Mister Car Wash for the first time yesterday. I got an exterior wash and interior vacuum. My car looks great! They must have powerful vacuums- I've never seen the interior so clean! And the employees I spoke to we're all very nice. Thanks!

Elizabeth Foster

I had my truck detailed. They do a good job. I've gotten better.

frankie 22

Jamiahus Walton

Ben Hogan

Maritime was top notch, I always knew that when I took my car there they would find things to clean that I hadn't noticed. Now at mister all they really did was vacuum and clean the outside. No real hard work. They didn't do my dashboards, my windows, my cup holders, my armrests, my center console, any of it. Maritime did all of that. Looks like I'm going to maritime in Annapolis from now on.

Sue Hall

Lost.mud flap there and will pick up in am now need to get them to put back on

Courtney Arthur

Sean Earleywine

The Merle Hay location is the best in town, great job in taking car of my vehicles.

Rod Hobbs

I'm always satisfied with results when I go to Mister Car Wash. I think they offer a good value for the price.


Unlimited car wash for 23 a month! What more is there to say?????

Deverette Magee

They do it big

Dean Higdon

Heather Rawson

Rude staff, car wash damages cars and they deny it happen even with a dash cam rolling and capturing it.

alec ginsberg

Bernadette Savoy

Just joined the wash club and am enjoying the quick wash and go. Staff have always been friendly

Vanessa Bass

Great Customer Service

John Baker

Samantha Letourneau

I paid $32.00 for their full service wash and was totally disappointed. They didn't even put the wheel shine on one side of the car..need I say more. Over priced substandard level of service and quality. I will not be going back.

Monique Wiles

William Bailey

Marc White

I have seven vehicles all of which I like to keep clean and looking presentable at all times. One of my vehicles was under this so called platinum membership they washed that vehicle for the fourth time and the rims were not clean, they left white residue on the interior dash of my car (BMW 750li 2014) they claim they put tire shine on the tires while the vehicle is in the tunnel but there was none on my vehicle. The “GENERAL MANAGER” Nick came out and told me that 15 “kids” called out due to proms and also stated that they were doing the best they could.... we agreed that I as a customer would give them another try. Soooooo...... I went home had breakfast, after said breakfast I decide to take Mr.Nick up on his offer for another opportunity at great customer service and a great car was and he and Mister Car Wash Failed horribly. I was denied the option of having my car washed only on the outside with a hand dry. I was told that in order to receive a hand dry I had to get a full service wash which is $20 more just to get a hand dry. After speaking to someone at the corporate level I was told that if I want to add a hand dry to my exterior only wash I had to request such a service, which I did. This complaint has been escalated to a regional manager whom I am really looking forward to speaking with very soon!

Brian Owen

Just canceled my monthly membership. Was told they no longer wipe down the rims with the exterior only package. I asked the manager if he was striving to be mediocre and he said they are far from mediocre. He's correct; they would have to improve to be mediocre. Would leave zero stars if this were an option.

Brian Williams

Great carwash!!! Fairly descent employees

M. Smith

Mister Car Wash now records your license plate number ... like it or not. I was completely taken aback today when the young lady who collects the money for a wash casually stepped in front of my car and candidly entered my license plate numbers into a handheld device. She did not ask my permission, nor did she offer an explanation. Why is a car wash recording its customer's personal information? When I questioned why she had entered my license plate number into her device without so much as a word, her response was, "It's something I have to do." Have to do? I'm sorry, that's not an explanation. I was not purchasing a dangerous substance; I was not purchasing a controlled substance; I was not purchasing a firearm; I was not booking an international flight. What I was purchasing was a giant shampoo. Why was my license plate number recorded in a computer? - My privacy was invaded. - I feel violated. - I will never return to any Mister Car Wash locations again.

malik latif

They do good job but they let those cars which doesn’t need inside cleaning and twice I had to wait more than 10/15 min for my turn. One of their supervisors was very rude so I cancel my membership

T. Lynch

Stopped by for a wash after the snow and the workers here did a very good of explaining the various washes and options and did a great job cleaning my car. Will definitely be returning.

Jacquelyn Jones

I go for interior cleaning (the exterior is a bonus). They did a good job pretty quickly.

John Marino

Always do a great job. Please move to Ankeny!!!

Tompall Vanantwerp

Delores Brown

Christopher Puleo

Premium plan service is terrible. Go somewhere else. Complain about a car still being dirty and get laughed at by the manager “Nick” Rim drying and wipe down is not part of the package and they do a half a.. job at everything. Not to mention the 30+ minutes it takes them since they are extremely under staffed. The one star is because the young lady that meets you when you pull up is extremely kind and a very nice friendly person. To bad the rest are lazy and disrespectful. Go somewhere else and save your self some money while getting a much better wash else where

Goutham Reddy

Douglas Vaughan

These guys can wash my car!

Kelly-Marie Sullivan

The quality of service is inconsistent in the several times I've used them. We took a recent trip to the beach. There was a significant amount of sand in my all weather floor and trunk mat. Yesterday I paid for the premium car wash.The exterior was done well. However, when I got home and opened my trunk none of the sand had been vacuumed. I expected better for the cost.

Erin S

So they raised the unlimited Car Wash Club $11 per month. I just signed up in January and in February they raised the rate. I was supposed to be notified by email; I wasn't and billing just verified that during my inquiry. I cancelled immediately. Good job losing a brand new customer. Should've locked me in for a year rather than raise the rate on me one month later.

Elliott Butler


Keep a myride clean!

Alexis Portillo

Dear Misty Car Wash Customers, I do not enjoy writing these types of reviews but I find it very important to inform future customers of Misty Car Wash to be informed regarding this establishment. Yesterday, 3/2/13 I purchased a Full Serve Platinum Car Wash for $37 and left extremely dissatisfied. Enclosed you will find pictures taken after leaving Misty Car Wash. The pictures speak for themselves. Please don’t go here unless you want to waste your money and time. The one star was given for the friendly staff. Sincerely, Very Dissatisfied Customer

Jeff Locke

carlitos w

Great I love it very friendly staff my car always clean

Natalie Storm

Excellent Job cleaning both the interior and exterior of my car. Reasonably priced.

Joshua Horvath

Nick Wolfskill

I have a membership and love it but the air dryer keeps blowing off my front license plate

Casey Sampson

I have a basic membership here which allows me to come in and go through an exterior wash as often as I need. The exterior wash does a great job and employees give my car a quick hand dry when it's done. Today, I opted to upgrade my wash to include an interior service (the one time upgrade cost $8). This allowed me to enter the waiting room for the first time and WOW! It's a very nice waiting room. Lots of clean, comfortable seating, popcorn and drinks available, places to charge you phone, and lovely bathrooms. When my car was finished being cleaned, the woman running the waiting area called out to let me know (and during my wait she was very friendly and was clearly making a great effort to keep the area nice). As far as my car goes, it looks great! For the price of this membership, they really do a great job here. Keep in mind, this isn't high end detailing. It wasn't perfect, but for the price, I'm very pleased.

venkata kameswararao s

TK Rhae

If I could give these guys zero stars I would. Not only did I have to stand there and tell them to wipe the soap off of the undercarriage and tires that they missed, but also I had to re-vacuum my seats and rear floor myself after purchasing their elite car wash. Thank God I didn’t spend the extra $20 to get a monthly package. To top it off, my iPhone charger was not in my vehicle after the wash. When I made a complaint to their district manager, he stated I should contact the location and resolve it with them myself because they have cameras, and that they could re-do the wash. It should have been right the first time! Personal items should never go missing from a vehicle at a professional business. This is the second time and last time I’ll ever go to mister car wash, as I’ve had an equally awful if not worse experience at their ingersoll location as well. I tried to give them a second chance, but they just can’t get it right.

Kip S

I've been through a few times for the drive through wash. Never had any interior work done but I've been more than pleased with the washes I've received.

Damon Griffin

One of the best car washing places in the area.

Jamie B.

They cleaned my car Exceptionally well she. I got it back from being serviced for repairs.

Comfort Manyame


Inside Out Renovations

Why doesn't everyone have the unlimited car wash?

Heather Simms

I’m very disappointed by the service I received. The car was given back to me almost as dirty as when I arrived. I purchased the almost $40 package thinking my car would sparkle upon its return to me....$40 dollars....for a car wash....come on!!! The interior was not wiped, there was cleaner sprayed on the back window that was never wiped, all the wiped windows had streaks, there seemed to be more brake dust on my rims after the wash (completely ineffective tire wash I paid extra for) and was half dried with water still pooling in places when they claimed it was done. Just very disappointing especially since I paid half the price at another local car wash to get my other car washed earlier that day and it came out ten times cleaner. They are really dropping the ball and will not be receiving my business in the future.

Tammy Solis

Jeffrey Hughes

Great service and good wash. I appreciate the care and friendliness.

Billie Bergmann

I liked the vacuuming they did. The employees were polite. When paying $35 for a car wash/vacuum/dash and window clean, I guess I expect to get back in the car and have the dash wiped pretty well, the cupholders not just vacuumed but cleaned too, and for the inside windows to be cleaned well. I shouldn't have to ask another time to have all these things resolved... done right the first time you know. They did spray extra scent for me!

Justin Fox

Totally worth it.

Raiven Anderson

Unlimited carwash membership is totally worth it!

Doug Butschky

Love their monthly unlimited plan. Keeps my car looking good on the fly.

Steven Isleman

They often have one prewash employee missing. They don't prewash the front and wheel well sorry side and back. Employee does not speak English. Windshield and wipe off crew do a very poor job of wiping off spots and glass. No attention to detail or quality. When I circle to have it rewashed the girls first comment is "I don't see anything wrong"I'm a monthly subscriber and deserve a better wash

Cameron Cooper

Best car wash spot in Md.!!!

Stephen Ryan

I had an incident with asking one of the girls that worked at Mr. Car Wash. If she could get a group of people that worked there to go bowling. The next thing I knew I had three supervisors ganging up on me ! She probably lied and said something else. Not a very good way to be treated as a customer ! The rest of the crew is cool !


Rob Rouze

Could do a better job on the interior, seemed a little rushed and incomplete.

TREI Hillary

I was a member since maritime opened up. They where the best car wash in town once they fired the Mexicans it went down hill.. He sold the business now its Mister Wash! They are the worst car wash I wouldn’t waste your time. They raised everyone prices which I thought we should have been grandfathered in at the rate we was already giving. Exterior only they don’t whip down or dry wheels “so I’m suppose to drive off with wet tires” like it’s not gonna get on the car. Sometimes I would catch them not whipping off the car period. You have to stay on top of them or less they will slam dunk u outta the door.. the employees are really nice but for the money I would go back there

Philip Rogers

Good value for being able to bring your car or truck in anytime with the monthly package, but they do miss things inside almost every time. They get visibly whiney when you show up 15 to 20 minutes before closing.

Mitchell C

I used to come here when they were maritime and even with the re-brand they still fail to thoroughly clean my car. You are better off using a private detailer or someone who cares about cleaning cars. They are more than friendly, but I can't justify spending the amount of money they want for the bad quality they produce. Take your car to a better place!

Jason Moore

Lydia Mathwig

Beatrice Amador

Great costumer service, fast and well done service too !

Dontae Jacque

Danny Harrelson

Reasonably priced I have a monthly subscription. Car comes clean here and it's always quick. They have great hours of operation and are open 7 days. I would recommend the monthly even the basic to keep your car looking sharp. I don't like driving a filthy car.

Sajjard Rifkey

Decided to give them a try for a change since I work right up the street, by far the best decision I’ve ever made immediately greeted by the friendly staff. Walked into the lounge and was extremely impressed in and out in less than 15 minutes. I will be back you guys are great. Shout out to the girl who greeted me give her a raise haha

Debbie Dinsmore

Went into have car washed and inside cleaned. Especially wanted seats cleaned because a muddy dog was in my car. It was not that busy but was told they didn’t have time to wipe down the seats and that it would be extra which I was willing to pay, but they were not offering full service because they were so busy. What will be the excuse when summer comes? Also no car wash has ever cleaned my windows correctly and you would think that they would do an exceptional job on the windshield since that is the first place you look out of. But the outside was cleaner than what it was but still had a whole dog worth of hair on the inside. But I will go back because it’s easier than doing myself.

Annie Keller

This place was awesome. Very friendly and the car looked great after just a simple wash.

Dan Gray

I like the one on Merle Hay the best

mandi Tresente

They don't clean for the price u pay

carrie shade

Everyone DO NOT GIVE THIS PLACE YOUR MONEY!!! I have worked here and I can tell you this place is a SCAM! They have customers pay $19-37 for an interior and exterior car wash and that's not even including the cost of the washing all weather mats which are $1 soon to be $2 PER MAT you'd think they scrub them but they don't. they use a simple "power" hose that have 0 power... They have customers pay $50 a month for membership and don't do anything! Customers everyday complain over quality and laziness and they are ALL right! every single one of them! The quality of mister car wash is terrible, they are so cheap and give customers the bare minimum of product that they pay for!! Management is terrible and lazy! they try to make it seem like people care about what color employees shoes are when in reality customers only care about the QUALITY of their was that they paid for! Prioritize the customers! They treat their employees so poorly here. That is why they are consistently understaffed. No-one wants to work for them anymore because they have all gone nuts! they make us freeze in the cold and burn in the heat which I understand is the name of the job however the management stays in the office doing nothing! We have a strict dress code! I was told I could not wear a scarf (which must be BLACK) in the winter ??? why not?? I DON'T KNOW! This place better change before they go out of business at this location! Good Luck. I normally don't speak or leave review but this place as shocked me and I need everyone to hear it!


Very poor experience. They lacked any detail, my interior didn't even look cleaner. For $37 I expected better. I will never return.

Gixx Kidd

Brian Bertness

roberto garcia

I will not come back to this place the staff there are nice but they don’t do a good job had to finish washing my car at home and to make things worse they scratch my car

Nichole Jennings

alex schillinger

They dry and service the interior of vehicles better than any place in the area. The process has evolved to protect cars and the small pieces that may break off over the course of their existance. Get ready for long lines if you go on a weekend.

JoEllen Gass

Love this car wash!


Michelle Chamberlin

They did well cleaning my floor mats but they didn't touch my dash which was still dusty and didn't clean the inside of my doors at all which still had obvious stain and crumbs. Won't be returning.

Matthew Frideres

You would think that a guy that just stands there and points to where to stop for the wash to start might actually pick up a wash nozzle and try to get at least some of the ice or mud off your running boards before the wash starts, but not these guys, they are way too busy standing idly about. I usually have to run my truck through several times because they are too lazy to wash the ice and mud off running boards and wheel wells.

Suzanne Valentin

Great Systems for getting cars through in an orderly fashion. Manager is always available and talking with the customers. My cars always come out clean and I am very satisfied with their service

Eddy Tinnivlioglou

Nick and it's crew do an outstanding job. I highly recommend this car wash more than any other.

AdsIntelligence Marketing

This location has turned over ownership several times over the past few years. Mister Carwash has been a significant improvement over the prior owner. And when I had an incident that required a repair they took care of everything without question or hesitation including arranging for a rental car while my bumper was being fixed. A professional operation with integrity. Oh, and they do a great job cleaning my car with professional and courteous staff. Highly recommend them!

Debbie Klodt

Paul Greenwood

Nice job.

Courtney Copic

Staff is very pleasant and knowledge.

Vick Hale

Over did what I expected. Will be my carwash forever.

Mariha Wrich

Bill Frye

Very friendly staff!! They do an excellent job cleaning the inside and outside!!! I just traded my 2008 Ford Edge in. The dealer thought it was a 2015 because of the pristine condition of in terror and exterior!! The inside waiting area is very clean and comfortable!!

Pampam Jr

Very fast and easy process

Amber Winn

They do a great job and they are fast. Just wish it wasn't so expensive

lps nahdea me and Mom Channel

I've been here 4x and the customer service is good ..but they're not as proficient in cleaning my car every single time I come and pay $30 I'm like for what..I won't be back!!

Jackie B

Had to redo all the insides of the windows when I got home. Didn't realize how poorly they were cleaned until the sun hit them. It was like they did a quick swirl with the rag right in the middle, no more.

Hardy Whiteman

Just what my car needed after along trip in winter


I recently had to go to get my truck cleaned after going to the landfill. I have been a VIP member for several years and even hung in there during the worst buyout I have ever seen. When I pulled in I got out as usual and was told I needed …

Karen Bailey Young

Very poor job, they did not wipe down the doors or clean the side mirror, was not even sure they were finished since the person wiping down my car just walked away. Last time I spend $37.00 for a half way done job.

Keiosha Hunt

I paid $36.99 to have my interior and exterior washed only to get inside my car and see the same dirt, dust and lint that was there before. They half assed pretty much every aspect of my car wash and made excuses instead of just fixing it. I won't be returning.


Car wash is convenient to my office and the unlimited wash for a monthly rate works out great.

Len Sniegowski

Nice people

Alex Andreadis

A great car wash with wide variety of services.

Daybreak hasme

I lived in GA for the last 5 years and they are everywhere. I have relicated to MD and they are way too far to travel to. Thats my only complaint. They need to to expand with more locations. Until then, good bye to my unlimited membership.

Andrew Little

Decided to stop by and give them a 2nd chance. I'd say for 37 bucks and the size of my vehicle not bad at all. But their vacuuming is lacking and on the dash there was a beetle right at the front they missed when wiping the dash off. Also the cup holders definitely were not cleaned. From start to finish I was out I'm less than 15 minutes. Approximately 5 was vacuuming, a couple minutes to go through the automated washer, and 7 minutes of the employees standing around talking and doing very little interior cleaning. Photos attached. Also the tire shine used is horrible, little black dots all on the paint job after a 5 minute drive home. Either it was put on too thick. Or is just poor quality and doesnt stick.

Matt Erisman

Horrible service! Get worse everytime I go.


Gready and bad they keep raising the prices and lower the services inward with them for over 3 years and now I stopped because they are like seriously greedy and dont give a damn about thier long term customers. I use to like this place but now I hate it and I hate the corporation.

Robert Beener

Gary Pickering

Quality of service provided has really declined in the last year.

denis suljic

Broke my car, scratched my car, someone stole money from inside of my car, and they deny my claim saying they didn't do anything!!! Worst place ever


Someone new must have cleaned my car because they used something to clean the steering wheel that caused it to flake, and now my steering wheel looks horrible

Lee Martinsen

This is the only full service car wash in town that's affordable, so I keep going back. The service at the Merl Hay location is AMAZING. The folks at the Ingersol location could learn a lot from them. The Ingersol location is iffy at best. You might get your windows cleaned, and they might get the floor mats back in place properly. They Will not however, remove trash, unless you ask them to. Even then it's iffy. I wish I lived closer to the Merl Hay location.

Greg Stevens

You're paying twice as much as other car washes for half the work. For $35, the inside was still dirty and the outside wasn't great either. Will not be returning, despite the convenient location.

Jason W

Nick Schumacher

Poor service for a 18 dollar car wash I get better service from a attendant at the Casey’s car wash down the road at half the price

Colin Coulter

Mr Car Wash does a great job every time, but what spurred me to leave this review was that they corrected my seat position! I didn't know my own car could be this comfortable! The check-in person can run your card for cash for a tip.

Robert Atzeni

Nice tire dressing and wipe foe real thural.

Blake Lee

This Mister car wash is better than some of the others. The only reason I say that is because I have the unlimited wash club and the dryers dont completely dry at other locations but this one employees hand dry as you are finishing through the wash. Love my wash club membership!

Susan Webber

$25 for a wash and vacuum..outside ok inside less than adequate. I won't go back!

Ellen Johnson

Fantastic wash.

Doug Cochran

This place is not worth the gas money it took me to get to it. Ever since ownership changed hands their level of service and attention to detail is complete garbage. Do not waste your time or your money in this establishment. It’s not worth it and it’s not worth the frustration


So nice and does a good job, I buy the monthlys

Anthony Genovese

Very hard working staff. Get you in and out in a timely manner.

Orli Gubani

I am just tired of being dissatisfied. I am writing the review to remind me not to come back. Dash board is still dusty, mats are stars.

Carolyn Lewis

I could have went through a gas station car wash for half the price. Purchased the $19 exterior car wash. I was convenced by the employee to purchase this option because it includes tire and rim cleaning. Pictures speak for themselves.

Judi Breese

Get the unlimited car washes- just saying, great value. Nice people!

Jacquelyn Campbell

Best car wash in the area. My car is so clean and smells great. Very organized and professional compared to all of the other car washes in the area. Also so much quicker!

Debra Adams

This is the best, cleanest, most friendly buisness I've encountered in quite some time. I'm letting everyone all that will listen 3333 Merle Hay Mister, well let me put it this way, " you can't do any better" that's a fact

Kirk Schappaugh

Good people

Barbara Bauer


Beth Schmitz

I was extremely unsatisfied with the customer service and the quality of work on my car. I came here yesterday for the first time in a long time, I paid $37 and I had requested that they take a wet cloth and wipe down my seats. The attendant said that she would, when I got my car back the seats were not wiped off and the center console which was supposed to be included was a mess (not even wiped down). There were also dirty footprints on my carpets which were not there prior to the cleaning. When I retrieved my vehicle I told the gentleman that I had requested this to be done and that it doesn't appear that my car was cleaner than when I brought it in it actually looks dirtier with footprints on my carpet. He just stood there and did not try to remedy the situation. Because I had already been there for 25 minutes I could not go back inside to address with management as I was on a schedule. I usually go to BG's car wash in glen burnie, where I consistently get good service, and if there is anything that I request to be corrected it is corrected immediately. I recommend this business starts producing better customer service practices or else they will lose more customers that have a similar experience as I did. If you want a good customer service experience for a lot less money and a better quality cleaning of your vehicle I recommend going to BG's car wash in Glen Burnie and do not even try to come to this overpriced, under servicing facility. Very disappointing.

Nick Carlson

Friendly people that are working hard but they need more help to deliver a more acceptable finished product.

trudy hodson

Love the monthly plan for unlimited washes!

Arlene Griswold

Amazing group of kiddos who take the best care of your car and YOU!! :)

Scott Manley

We were members here when it was Maritime with the Mexican crew... they were great, attention to detail and very friendly. When they sold to Mister Car Wash and terminated the employment of their Mexican crew and hired dirty, shady looking people, it went down hill fast and I cancelled my membership. Terrible quality for the money. Definitely miss the old crew... they were great. Mister Car Wash is aweful!!!

Clark Sperry

Outside of my truck was great but inside of my windows were bad

David West

A good car wash. I paid for the unlimited wash option, but some days it's so busy I cant get in.

Steve Ruepke

The worst wash job ever

Kelly woollums

Sheryl Patton

Joe A.

I was very unimpressed. I'm just going to go back to washing my own car. Paid $32 for exterior/interior. The interior didn't even look like it was cleaned. They maybe went over it with a dry towel to get the dust off the dashboard. My weathertech floormats were still filthy, they were too lazy to pull them out to clean them up. Waste of time and money. Never again.

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