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109 Cleveland St, Muscatine, IA 52761

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REVIEWS OF Miracle Car Wash IN Iowa

Meg Gordon

Is only place where you can get your mats cleaned. Dont go during busiest times like lunch breaks and after work. U have to wait in line on street and block traffic. BuT...I get the best interior and exterior cleanings every time I go there. IS well worth a bit of incovenience.

Vinny Proia

Great job..the best any were

Chris Reilly

Allan Abrahams

Exceptional service - I have a monthly pass and it is worth the 50+ $ I pay

Audrey Tompkins


Jon Currier

The broke my front bumper and didnt even care acted like it was my fault

DEBRA Dolleslager

Very over priced. I was under the impression that the interior would be wiped down.

Robyn Witchey Poo

Tim Mulanax

Melaine Gray

The BEST CAR Wash AROUND The owners are awesome VERY caring & APPRECIATIVE of customers! The monthly program is so great!! What you get done for price is amazing windows vacuumed washed wax & you relax with coffee pop corn water while done!

Angela Harris

William Skidmore

Better than average. Good service.

Paul Hand

Love this place , keeps my vehicles clean.

Geoff Runge

Barry J O'Connor

Good service, Need to clean Windows better.

Peter Petersen

Kurt Kritz

Refuse to wash my Jeep no explanation

Connor Taylor

Joe Agresti

Wife was not impressed.

Angela Rossi

This place is awful ai paid 100 dollars to get my car detailed and they destroyed my carpets. They left the chemical on the rug too long amd literslly burned the csrpet jist fell apart . They then tried to say it was my fault the car is old . The vehicle is an 06 amd prior to them touching interior was. Beautiful .. perfect . Now. Have to cover the holes they made with matts.. I would never give them business if any kind and the owner / manager is a complete douche .. worst car detailing ever

Eriberto Gomez

Very helpful. The front counter lady was very attentive to my questions and the cleaning guys did their best even though I could tell their exhaustion since it was almost close of day. My once very dirty car looks and smells good. Its not pefect, but what in life is? We recommend them.


Ahmed Abdalla

The worst car wash ever the owner is ignorant I didn’t like the way they did clean the car I ask him can the clean the spots that wasn’t clean he said we don’t detail here buddy and if you don’t like don’t come back again really good for the business

Christa Sloup

Jeffrey Resch

They detailed a cargo van for a reasonable price.

Landon Vance

Quick and easy


Ok for the price

Barry Joseph

Normal full service car wash. Only one in town. They do a good job.

Raymond Lagrow

Joni Hartman

Tim King

Car looked great, but they did a so so job on the windows.

Jessenia Bentine

The worst ever ... dont waste your money here almost 30 dollars lost... when i said something about it the lady at front she said. .. i don't know why they dont clean the middle dash... rug still with dust. .. never again.. not even for a detailed....

bp daddy

this place is not like it used to be before poorly vacuum the interior they leave the carpet all wet and they don't do a good job drying the vehicle.

samer aleid

I love this car wash, they vacuum the car, wash it and hand dry it.

Christopher Brook

These folks work hard, are very consistent, and do a great job for the price. Been going here over a dozen years. The only time you notice a quality issue with the work is when they are super busy and things don't come out quite as clean. Still a good value.


Good service and usually pretty quicker than many other car washers .

Mason Miller

Had a bad time with my time here, the best part was the popcorn

George Correy

Mario Mesta

maria castro

Buen servicio de limpieza para el carro

Dinka Carreras

Great service and prices

me only

Suni Jackson

Slick Goodwin

They do a great job and the prices are very reasonable

David Arnold

I absolutely love getting my car washed here. To be honest, the guys that work here should definitely be getting paid more than what they do though, they do such a damn good job! Great job Miracle Car Wash!

Pablo Sierra

ray ray

Mayelin Pacheco

Arthur Viola

These guys do a great job inside and out

Howard Schaffer

Great job ckeaning car and they do more than most other washes for the same price.

Luis Eduardo

Gail Bolden

Always get my car washed here. They are thorough, friendly and the prices are great.

Stephanie Federici

Marwa Abdel Sater

Liz Lussier

Chris L


Chet Tisor

They do a really good job and they really clean your car

Dan Stock

Friendliness and polite, I expect that every where. So that's the two stars. But these people have zero hustle. They're not managed or pushed. The owner has no clue how many people do a U-turn when people see the length of the line and the speed at which it moves. Which means he has no clue how much money he is losing. If he/she does know, than shame on them! Pay these kids more money! Make it the place people want to work at and then the hustle will come. And guess where that extra money will come from? From the people doing the U-ies.

Lloyd Mosley

Jake Wetzel

Armando Ugarte Castelar

Bryan Rivera

I taken my car here a few times and they do a good job. No complaints here...

Shannon Duffy

Did the trick! Not such a good job for 23$

Deannett Cruz

Will make this my new carwash spot!!!! Great work and staff

Michael Rushford

Budda Worth

They get you RIGHT

Busra Toprak

Always Satisfied! and Hardworking people!

Denise Jackson

Ok but you have to watch them to make sure they do everything you paid for.

Paul Mosley

Edwin Foster

C. Howard

Deb Bibby

Not happy with the job they did. My car was not very dirty and it was not clean and they did a bad job on the inside also!!!! I will never go back!

Bruce Masterson

Very poor job last two times I've been there. They can't or won't dry the top of my car. I did not ask (or pay for) the ArmorAll on my dash but they smeared it every where anyway. They works scratched my hood and the car was still dirty after the wash. I'm done with them after 10 years of being a customer.

Christopher Corbett

Great for a quick wash and vac

Carter Holmes

Ac Levine

Charles Parisi

Albion Imondi

Debbie Reisen

I go there often. I like watching my car get washed. They also have free popcorn for customers.

Jenn Rose

Rickie McKillip

Best Car Wash in Town

James T Crowshaw

Service much improved - quality of work up a bar - quite satisfied - will continue to patronize.

jamie bailey

Can you say slow? On a road trip, stopped in Muscatine for a coffee and thought the car needed a quick wash. Forget the quick. We've been here 1/2 an hour and the car hasn't come through the wash yet. There are car washes in my hometown in Michigan that would have pumped through 10 cars in the time these folks have done one. Hope the car is squeaky clean when it's finally done.

Terri Huffman

Lady J Galmer

Miguel Escobedo

Kevin Salgado

Roderick Davis

Claudia Sousa

They suck rims didnt come out clean everytime I have gone there the car never comes out good I have learn my lesson for the last time dont waist your money

Laura Kinyon

For $30 plus tax I expected my car to be at least reasonably clean inside and out. It wasn't. Save your money.

John Coletti

The key to a good car wash is drying the car and this place does as good a job as any car wash I have ever been to. They completely towel dry the car. For a very reasonable price they will also wash the mats and shine the dash and tires. Highly recommend.

Isabella Tejada

Tamra Roberts

Nick Locey

I loved how clean they got my car but i instantly noticed a chip in my windshield that was not there before and i just bought the car basically brand new i am pissed

Linda Vigniero Pujols

Love this place

Glenn Brown

Prices have gone up... You can go get the same wash down the street with free vacuums for $5


Timothy Scotti

Fast. Professional. Quality.

Armando Herrera

Jackeline Sical

This place SUCKS. I don't recommend it to anyone. I rather clean my car on my own then take it to them. I think my 6 year old can do a better job then these people. This is the second time I take it to them and they leave the inside dirty once again. They are a ripoff and the customer service SUCKS. The only nice person is the man at the window tall dark Guy. NEVER GOING BACK!!

Wes Fazio

Great wash . Close to home. Fav car wash when i do it myself

Aviles Ruíz

Kristian Boehmer

Best full service car wash anywhere!! Get the miracle special.

valerie ehlers

nicholas messier

They do a good job

Neil Glenney

Crystal Deal

danilo ortiz

Muy buen labado

Betsy Duffy

The owner has a strange anger management issue. Yesterday, when my sweet father reported scratches likely caused by Miracle Car Wash, the owner threatened him, threatened to file sexual harassment charges against him (what?!), and swore at him. The man is off of his rocker.

Daphne Burgos

Very great service.

Dan Wright

friendly staff. Always shining!

William Wheeler

Not a bad place to get you vehicle cleaned


My csr is now a miracle

Jaclyn Barnett

Dottie M.T. Joyal

Not bad but way way way to expensive for me. 18.00 for a drive through...I had to go through two times...did not get my car clean the first time. Wheels were still all black inside chrome wheels...for 18.00, I want them to shine like a diamond!!!!

Senneh Briggs

Galadreal Simmons

Fast, clean, and inexpensive.

Terri Vaughn

Love this place. They do a professional job and great customer service

Joann Hess

I've been there several times, but not once has my interior been cleaned well. Many places not even touched or one side of the car done but not the other.

Dante V

It makes your car smell so nice because of the wax. Ugh it smells so great.

eric devine

The super duper is the best around for the price.


Striving to do better every day.

Loida Padron

Jason Cantrell

Car wash is always clean, and equipment in good repair. If you ever need anything the owners are usually around or you can always get ahold of them by phone. Great car wash, and great prices!!

Joan R

Better then most

Colleen Green

My car always came out beautiful thank you

Phyllis Jackson

big ron

Great car wash

Simon Manser

Sometimes the windows have streaks, sometimes the cup holders arent touched. I would highly recommend more attention to detail and worry less about quantity of cars. You will have more repeat customers. I have tried 5 times, and will be looking elsewhere

Jonathan Orozco

Karla Castillo

I paid $140 for a full service. I was happy when I picked up my car because was clean, but the next day my car started to have a smell. The day after the smell was worse. I think the smell is coming from the rugs, but I think they use dirty stuff to clean cars. This was my first and it is my last time going to this Place.


The owner is very nice and care about his customers. I call him about my carwash not working. He paid for my carwash and vacuum cleaning. Plus they keep their carwash clean and maintenance up.

Dagoberto Cabrera

Chris Shaffer

Leonard Burrell

I was a regular customer there but I'll tell you the service has really began to slack they act like their doing you a favor to clean your car no your not doing me a favor I paid for a service you definitely have to check behind their work wheels still dirty come on man wipe a little bit better

Jennifer Carstens

Definitely not the worst experience at a car wash but not the best.... staff was very friendly, wash itself was OK. Cleaning inside the vehicle definitely needs work.

Walt Valiant

Excellent car wash and wonderful staff.

Osvaldo Sanchez

Ameliav Villar

Rudy Schellekens

Over the last 12 months, service has gotten worse. Windows on the inside just grease-wiped, leaving streaks all over. Outside windows wiped with the same cloths that was used to wipe out entry way into the car - leaving grease on windows. Decided to quit using this carwash when I asked staff to make sure tires on opposite side of the car were washed, like the side I could see. Told me they were wiped - when I pulled out, stopped to take pictures, they offered to wipe them before I left. Informed them they lost 2 customers.

Bryan Ricci

Great wash and vacuum for the price it can't be beat

Jerry Coffman

Kay Rooff Steffen

These guys work hard as they do a great job cleaning cars.

Abner Santiago

Argie Stokes

Sarah Santiago

Huge line....they could have done a better job for the price they charge.

Diva Woman

Watched a guy old enough to know better..but just didn’t give a care..put dripping wet floor mats back into car and I mean dripping wet!

Thomas Bilyeu

Hugo Otero

Good car wash

New England Sheet Metal Inc.

James Neels

very busy need more help.

Phil gagnon

Diane Lana

I've been to better car washes

Iani Taveras

Worst car wash that you can ever go, Poor vacuum & they will leave your car dirty now if you want your car or truck free of salt or xoxo go there cuz the guys are cool but the owner suck can’t complain to him also don’t pay the expensive wash they will leave like it’s the cheapest one

Robert Martin

Good service, usually not much wait, good car wash.

nevr mor

Peter Crisostomi

Great place for a car wash

Rob Schmidt

They usually do a great job on the outside. They tend to miss a few spots on the inside.

Sarah Krieger

Lottie ramsey-morrison

Nice place, did a nice job on interior. And windows. Ladies room was clean, stocked. Always a long wait in line. But not too bad this day.

RIcardo Williams

Dirty rags You can't dry a just washed car with dirty white rags!!! That should be a automatic thing to change at a car wash! Paid a Lil over $20 for a wash that ended too quickly. My wheels were still filthy, and interior looked as dirty as I brought them in. Smh never again!!! Don't waste your time ppl.

Kathleen Finnegan

If there was a negative to give, I would! Damaged my daughters car and then pointed to the sign that says they are not responsible. BEWARE! Not responsible for anything they do!

Gregory Jones

They clean my truck really good and quick.

Stephanie Pierce

Feels like a full interior/exterior detailing for the price of a wash!!

Steven Kaplan

Dante Baker

Good for the price


(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Genial servicio.

Cara Boysel

Very good carwash inside and outside and great customer service

Wilson Lenidrik

Drive thru wash and clean also self service got change machine

Jacqueline Munson

Best car wash around. They do such a great job. Keep up the good work.

Lenny DeLeon

michelle gonzalez

joseph kopels

Floyd S

I usually get the premium wash which is inside and out. Great deal for $13

Omar Rodriguez

This place is always clean and great working equipment.

donald lemaster

Excellent service as always.

Travis Stuckel

Disgrace!!!! The wash I got at miracle car wash in Muscatine iowa was terrible. Not only was the wash terrible they took 3 inches of pint off a brand new car.. After all they won't even accept responsibility for the damage! I truly recommend going elsewhere to get your car wash if you want no damage done!!

Lori Graham

Great job

Samantha May

I paid for the upgraded wash and they didnt even take my car seats out, they did not clean the cup holders.. the carpet was literally still dirty. Your better off putting quarters in the vacuum machine and doing it yourself. Ridiculous..

bill heither

They do a good job. Only negative thing they are close on sundays

Chris Bierman

They always do an excellent job. My only complaint would be that sometimes I do miss a spot or two. But, even then once you tell them they are more than happy to get it.

Kim Williams

JoDee Stoneking

They do a great job

Pauline Rodriguez

Jerome Higgs

Alicia Carl

John Karwashan

Ed Lafontaine

Lazy people manager the worst

Deuel Reyes

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Danette Remarcik

Fast and friendly!

Ernesto Zanabria

It is ok, it is just good for a quick wash if you are in a rush, overall it is not that expensive.

Cary Tinkler

Susi Weber

I've gone there quite a few times and my car is never clean. They "surface" clean. And they do not do that very well. Staff is nice, but definitely not worth the money to get your car cleaned here.

susan nat

Very reputable car wash that moves along quickly, and done right!

Steve Nienhaus

Great affordable full service car wash

Piotr Szewczyk

Donna Bianchi

I have been going to this car wash for over 30yrs.. Will not go anywhere else.. They always do a great job.. I give it 5stars..

Michael Huang

A staple car wash in Cranston. The service is great and affordable.

Lindsey Ford

Prefer the Muscatine location to Burlington. They do a much better job of getting car clean

John wiechert

I took my car to this establishment to be washed on July 9, 2018. My car has a push button to start and stop the car. When the button is pushed to stop the car the first thing that happens is that the car is automatically shifted into park. This action can not be bypassed. When I took my car there for a wash the employee that set my car up to go through the wash line pushed the button shutting off my car and this resulted in it being shifted into park. My car was dragged through the entire was line while it was in park and the front wheels sliding all the way. I learned this when the employee at the exit end of the line needed to get my key to restart the car so it could be moved to the final drying area. I was very unhappy and contacted the manager regarding this incident. He totally blew the whole incident off and said straight out that he had no intention whatsoever of taking action to correct the situation. I have been getting my vehicles washed at this car wash since 2010 and this is the first time this has happened. Previously my vehicles were always shifted into neutral and never shut completely off. It will also be the last time this will happen as I will NEVER take my car to this poor excuse for a car wash again

Juan Jose Capellan

Al D

They clean the car very well inside out , great management and staff .

Matt Santiago

Quality has slipped slowly over the past 5 yrs. They seem to be in more of a rush than they used to.

Deveraux Spicknall

Susan Rasmussen

What can I say? It's the only place I'll take my car to be cleaned.

Anne Salisbury

Satra Nay

Bernie Ambrifi

Philip Cinquegrano

The best

M Harris

John Keefe

A Coughlin

Valarie Taylor Crawford

$30. Car wash not worth it. It cleans like the other prices. Save YOUR money. Then they give you a scent paper vs air freshener spray for your car.

gilberto cruz

Paid 22.95 for great wash car look dirty inside and out better washer ur self for excellent clean

Francisco Parra


Stephanie Antonaccio

Get ready to wait in line for this one. Also come with your car emptied out. They detail the car as part of the car wash. The last time i went, the man in front of me took about 5 minutes to take everything out if his backseat/truck so they could vacuum it. Not fun. But the service is fast, friendly, and efficient.

Kirk Whiteside

Nice facility great carwash. The owner(Joe Kilgore) takes great care of me.

Kevin Smith

Best in the State!!

Nick Kilgore

Suzanne Feist

Terry Elliott

Charles Adeyefa

Jessica Beason

xXx wetz xXx

gianna suarez

I have been visit this olace for a 5 years, and today when i took my car today when i checked the back seat everything was dirty when i asked them why they dind't clean the back seat the answer was that they only clean the front seat and the from rugs but the door inside in the from seat was dirty too. Also the customer service is horrible.. this was my last time i go to this place

JenJen Hall

Rickey Roberts

Love this place!

james scowcroft

Thomas Venticinque

They do a great job inside and out for the price

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