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REVIEWS OF Five Stars Auto Detailing IN Iowa

Elizabeth Shehorn

I was visiting my friend in Iowa City when I decided to get my car detailed. I had heard great things about this business, and decided to give it a try. I couldn't have been happier because my car looked new again. The owner was fantastic, personable, and the job was done to perfection. I highly recommend it.

Kip Westgard

It was obvious that they put a lot of work in for the money I paid. My vehicle was in rough shape on the interior, and it was hardly recognizable when they were done. I felt like the goal was to make me happy. Well, it worked. Give em a shot, you wont be disappointed.

Chanwoo Kim

Last few days, a terribly heavy rain flooded my car. Fortunately the engine was OK but whole cabin was literally ‘flooded’. The owner sent me the picture of when they took of floor carpet and it was horrible. Now, the cabin looks a brand new. I would love to come back later for exterior detailing.

Jason Ruyle

They did a great job. Exceeded expectations.

Donna Mc Caskill

Brought my Red Phathom here and it came out as good as new. They really live to the promise they give to customers. Highly recommended.

sarah brook

!five stars auto detailing is great they full detailed my car they hand waxed my car cleaned the engine also they vacuumed and washed the carpet they cleaned my windows and the trunk the steering wheel its full detailing. every inch in my car was cleaned it shined i loved it when i came back to pick up the car i just couldn't believe its my car it felt like i just bought it from the dealer also five stars auto detailing is very friendly and my friend recommended five stars auto detailing to me. thank you five stars auto detailing !!!!!!SEE YOU SOON .

tracy calderon

There’s no waiting area. my seats were still dirty & noticeable once they were dry and the hot Cheeto I dropped in between my seat & arm rest was still there lol But. the owner is a nice guy he didn’t make it awkward while I waited we had a good conversation. Side note: someone i met at work also details cars.. said he charges $80.

Cindy Anfinson

The best service I have experienced since moving to Iowa City. The owner was very accommodating and went above and beyond to get my car done in short notice! My car looks brand new inside and out! Professional and courteous! I highly recommend Five Stars they deserve 5 stars!

Chris Sande

In eight years, I had never had the interior of my car cleaned. Then my husband drove it into 3 feet of standing water during a flash flood. Fortunately, the engine still started, but the car smelled like a sewer. After leaving it for detailing and carpet cleaning, Five Star returned my car smelling like shampoo and cleaned of eight years of grime. Truly a five star experience!

Chris Thomas

I took my 2008 Corolla to get the works done. I bought it brand new, and since then, it has been through about 3 automatic car washes and a handful of spray downs with a hose. It really needed some TLC, and that is exactly what I got with Ghanim and his company. He was quick to set up an appointment, explained exactly what all he could do, then asked me what I would like done. He made it very clear that he takes extra time to get the final product as close to "off the show room floor" as possible. When he was finished, I was definitely not disappointed. He made it look brand new. The exterior was perfectly waxed, the interior plastics were cleaned and had a nice shine to them, and all the cloth seats and carpets were freshly shampooed. He made sure to take me around when he was finished to point everything out and make sure it met or exceeded my expectations, which it did! His service is everything you could ask for with a hand wash and wax with interior detailing. I will definitely visit him again when the car needs spruced up!


My vehicle looked like new! Great customer service and price. Would highly recommend to others.

Lauren Rudolph

Great service!

Russell Sapp

Five stars Auto Detailing And Hand Car Wash is excellent! I love there service and they are by far the best auto detailing service in Iowa city, IA. Ghanim is the business owner and he is amazing the work he does doesn't even compare to anyone else in the area and he will assure you are satisfied!! By far recommend Five Stars Auto Detailing And hand car wash to anyone in the area.

Lizy M

I read the reviews for 5 stars and since he has a few good reviews, I decided to take my vehicle to 5 star detail shop. The price I was quoted, was different once I arrived at the business, but I decided to go ahead and get my vehicle detailed anyway. What a mistake!!!! I was told my car would be finished in two hours, so when I returned two hours later, I was very disappointed to wait yet another hour for my car to be finished. There was no place for me to wait!!! When my car was finally finished, my seats weren't cleaned, my tires were still dirty, my windows were smeary and .....I could go on and on. I believe the reviews that I had read were false!!!! My seats and carpet were soaking wet! and part of my interior wasn't even clean!!!! Unbelievable!!! I would not recommend this detail business-----to anyone!!!!

Mandy Conrad

I had my car detailed at Five Stars and Auto Detailing, and could not be more pleased with my experience! I wanted to get my car detailed because there was a strong smell of smoke in my car from the previous owner -- now the smell is completely gone. He and the staff cleaned the carpets, cleaned the seats, and even scrubbed some stains from the ceiling -- the job was impeccable. I also appreciated the location of this business. Not only did the shop have a waiting area with several seats (and restrooms), but it is also in a prime location by several restaurants and some shopping areas. Once the car was ready to go, the owner let me examine it --- it was perfect. The owner was very kind, polite, and helpful. He was also punctual and had the car ready to go when he said it would be completed. This was a great experience, and I will refer my friends and family to come here. A+


Excellent and professional! I called first thing in the morning because of some minor flood water that had made its way inside my car. I was worried about future mildew problems. The owner answered the phone arranged for me to drop off my car and a ride up to the University. He explained that due to my specific concern he would shampoo the interior twice just to make sure he got as much removed as possible. When I returned to pick up my car the first thing he wanted me to do was to inspect their work. Wow most other services try to get paid and you out the door fast and hope you don't check to closely for a day or so. I looked around pretty good, but he continued to show me their work, he opened the hood, opened the passenger side door, the trunk, and he moved the seats around to show me that "every millimeter" had been cleansed. I couldn't have asked for a better result. I will definitely be back and I would tell everyone you won't be disappointed. Thank you Five Stars

Mary M

This is the 3rd time we have taken our cars to Five Star. They do an excellent job, getting our cars cleaner than I remember they ever were. They were very friendly, prompt, and reliable. I definitely recommend them.

Shelly H

Called in at 12:30pm to inquire about auto detailing and got a same day appointment at 1:30 pm. Got a really good deal and the car was done by 3:00 pm. My car was filthy from a cross-country road-trip and once the car was done cleaning, it was like brand new again! Car was shiny, the engine was cleaned, the seats and the carpets were vacuumed and washed, and everything was squeaky clean! Really enjoyed the service, thank you, Ghanim!

Susan Vos

They exceeded my expectations by far!! They can really make a car look brand new. I was delighted when I saw how clean my minivan was. The price was reasonable. And, they were able to work me in the same day I called. They also had my car finished earlier than agreed upon. I would totally go here again and again.

Daniel Beard

This was my first time ever getting my vehicle detailed and I could not of asked for a better experience! The owner was extremely kind and explained exactly what was going to be done to my car. He also also gave me a great price! When I returned for my car I discovered that he went above and beyond for me and did services for my vehicle that other places would have charged for! I highly recommend getting your car detailed here, I know i will be again!

Joseph Ring

Great clean felt like a new car

Saad Ansari

I was very happy with the cleaning job on my Corolla. I had an interior detailing done and after the cleaning, the inside was like a brand new car. The service was excellent and the owner spent extra time on a rather difficult spot without extra charge. I would highly recommend this service for your detailing needs!

Stacy Farmer

My car has never looked better! It is perfectly clean, smells great and so shiny on the outside. I found this place online by searching and reading the reviews.... they are 100% true! They are friendly and professional. These guys take their jobs very seriously and it shows in the product. I would recommend them to anyone!

Mackenzie Berry

I had a very good experience! My car came back before they thought, and was cleaned way better then I imagined! I will be going back!

Tom Vogliardo

I wouldn't waste time gambling with anybody else. Five Stars Auto Detailing was a great experience. My 12 year old car with cream-colored interior looks new and practically sparkles. Every crumb and piece of dirt under the seats is gone, the stains are gone from the floor mats, even the metal under the seat is shiny. The interior and exterior look great - even the engine compartment. It's pretty awesome to have that new-car smell and the people are super friendly as well.

Elliana Borreca

The service was very good and the people who worked there were very nice. My old beat up seats look fantastic now!

Jude Aboagye

Job well done. My car looked great when it was done. I would recommend to anyone

Nicholas Bell

Yesterday I was looking for a place to take my 2009 Ford Mustang to get auto detailing done. I Google searched auto detailing in the Iowa City area and the first 2 places to come up was this one and Bader Detailing or something like that. I read through the reviews of each and decided to take my car to Five Star Auto Detailing and let me tell you I feel like I made the right choice. First off the gentleman I talked to on the phone was very professional and even told me I could bring my car in whenever and he would get it done as fast as possible. I was expecting to drop my vehicle off for a day or 2 before I got it back but it only took a couple hours at most. When I got back to pick my vehicle up I was immediately impressed with the work done. I hadnt seen my car so clean and so shiny EVER including when I got it from the dealership. My car looked BRAND NEW straight off the assembly line. The work done was also very reasonably priced for what I've seen other auto detailing go for. His base price includes detailing inside and out as well as the engine and even a wax. What made this experience even better was how much I felt like the gentleman at Five Star loved his job. The way he talked about vehicles and detailing in general is how I would hope everyone would feel or talk about their job. It was easy to tell that he cared about your vehicle and that he cared about the work he did to it. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO DETAIL YOUR VEHICLE THIS IS THE ONE.....I'm serious! You can stop looking for anywhere else. I will most definitely be taking any of my other vehicles here and I will even be telling everyone else I know to go here if they need detailing done. A+++++ work.

marisol cb

My car was in great need of a deep cleaning. So, I decided to bring it here based on all the good reviews, and I was not disappointed at all. My car definitely looked like it was brand new when I picked it up. Also, words cannot express how good customer service is here. I would give this place a 10 stars if I could. Highly recommended!!!

Matthew McDanel

They did a great job on my car. Having a small child throw food around in the back seat for months can make for a messy car, but they made it look like new! The outside was also covered in dust and bugs but there is no evidence of that anymore. I definitely recommend this place!

Shona R

They cleaned my car a couple years ago and I was so happy that I recommended them to friends. I've heard others recommend them too. I returned this week for another cleaning. It was really dirty inside and they made it sparkling new. I carefully inspected every bit of it. I did find one thing I wanted them to go over again and they immediately did so cheerfully. Their prices are also quite reasonable.

rahul vijay

These guys know what do they are doing and they do it right. I took my car there for full detailing because it was getting dusty and dirty. They said they will do what they can and when I got my car back, it was spotless. They are very reasonable and straightforward. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Aysar.

Jessica Biggs

Squeezed me in on a busy day for a super well priced wash and wax (which only took an hour)! Anything less than five stars is ridiculous. Heads up, cash is preferred.

Vince McAlpine

We were looking to sell my wife's car and it was pretty messy/neglected inside so we needed to get it detailed. Five Star Auto Detailing did an amazing job, much better than I had expected. We got the Spring Special and I would recommend that you come to Five Stars Auto Detailing over anyone else in the area. The customer service and cleaning job were both amazing. I know I will be bringing my car here very soon!

Kimberly Chexnayder

Incredible service and price! Took car of every detail with perfection. 10/10 would recommend and I look forward to coming back!

Becky Cook

I am preparing to trade my vehicle & It had been a LONG time since my poor vehicle had received some TLC. After doing some research and reading all of the good reviews, I decided to give this place a go & was not disappointed. The interior of my 11 year old vehicle does in fact look practically brand new! It's incredible. Customer Service was great, and price was reasonable.

alatkinam nurat

I'm really not sure what the only Yelp review or the 19 Google reviews are trying to suggest! Blame me for paying attention to detail but I was under the impression that this is exactly the kind of work where it matters. To be honest, I should have gauged the professionalism of the place and person, or lack of it, when I was given an appointment without giving any details whatsoever about my car or myself. I had no clue how I would be identified and convinced myself thinking maybe mine is the only car expected that day (or in a while?). I went ahead with it as I was to be in the area around that time anyway. The owner welcomed me with a "You're late" as he had probably confused me for another customer. Shocker!! I chose the best package they have and dropped my car off. I got a call about 3.5 hours later that the car was ready. This was in line with what was told to me. When I got there about 30 minutes later, I started inspecting my car. I noticed that the engine was detailed really well. Overall, the car looked quite clean, inside and out. Upon taking a closer look, I noticed a clear difference in cleaning between the curves and the straighter body parts, which he quickly tried to fix with his fingers alone. I noticed the seat belts had been left untouched! When asked, I was told that no one in the Iowa City area can clean a car's seat belts. I told him that I have done it myself in the past. He brought some cleaning spray and cleaned/toweled the front ones only, seemingly thinking that that's all that's "visible". Next thing I noticed was that parts around the trunk were not touched either. At this point, he came and dropped the mats in the trunk. It is then that I found out that neither the carpets nor the mats had dried out yet. I was wondering what the 3-4 hour estimate and the call thereafter meant. Now maybe this is totally expected but I guess I was looking for clarity. I was ridiculed for spending way too much time on the inspection. I tried to explain to him that he can learn to appreciate feedback from a customer who signed up for the best service on offer. He didn't seem to like it very much and kept bombarding me with superlatives about his work. I then noticed that the foot-rest on the driver's side had probably been ignored as well. He told me he had tried really hard to get the dust out but it hadn't work. After saying this, he got some equipment, spent maybe 3 minutes on the thing and poof! It was clean. It started to look as if everything that I pointed out could be addressed but had not been. Things took a turn for the worse when I noticed that some chrome on the front grill had torn and was about to come off. This wasn't the case when I brought my car in. The owner's first reaction was that it's a little thing and how it can be fixed (apparently with glue!). He never accepted that it happened during the detailing and when the conversation heated up a little, he threatened to call the cops on me. He walked away (as he had done a few times by now) as he "had other customers to attend to". Some dude from the workshop next door seemed really interested in all this and theorized that English language might be the problem and offered translation services. I was pretty sure there was no translation needed but he went ahead with it anyway. The owner came up with the air-bubbles-beneath-the-chrome-that-chose-to-­burst-today theory, because he had graduated to "not even touching the grill" by now. Part of a detail job, you'd think! I paid up and drove off, not without noticing stains on the rear windshield as the sun shone on it - something just rubbing it with a microfiber towel can take care of. Maybe all the other reviews are the about the $30 light detail job that is offered here and it's probably easier to achieve customer satisfaction there. If the service I got is the best this business have to offer, I don't think the bar has been set very high.

Terry Smith

If I could give this "shop" a 0 star rating I would, but that is not an option. I went to get my car detailed (the interior) and was told it should only be a couple of minutes till they got to my car. Then it wouldn't be long for them to finish it. That was the first strike right there. They took an hour and a half to start detailing my car then a couple of hours to actually finish it. The second strike was that they didn't have a place for you to wait till your car was done. I had to go to the K-Mart across the street for those hours and walk around. I didn't want to stand outside in the heat for that long! The third (and last) strike was that my car clearly was not even clean. If there is visible dirt on my carpets, you did not do a good enough job. I was very disappointed with how they cleaned my car. I could have given it to my 3 year old and she could have cleaned it better than 5 star!! I will never be going back here again. That was a huge waste of time and money. I will have to go to other places in Iowa City.

Singh Lion

I'm Satisfy with their service. Those guys did such a great work in my car, everything perfect clean up .I been around iowa city but I wasn't satisfied from other people. Worker also nice Good job

Liz Hollingworth

I'm incredibly happy with the service. After moving our daughter home from college six weeks ago, there has been a lingering smell, which is why I Google searched for an auto detailer in Iowa City. He found a patch of bacteria under a seat and got the car smelling like... well like nothing again. Highly recommend.

Bertaud Ngomsi

They did a great job of washing and detailing my car. Very thorough work. Car looks like new

Kerry Bowen

Excellent service my car is like brand new again fast and friendly service I highly recommend 5 star best in town!

Erin Kaufman

Wow! I hardly even recognized my car when I picked it up from being detailed at Five Stars! Wonderful! Our car looks brand new, better than I thought would be possible! Service was friendly and prompt, and the price was more than reasonable. It was very easy to set up the detailing -- Five Stars worked with our schedule, and the staff was very attentive. If you have a car that's in need of some care, go no further than Five Stars. You won't be sorry!

Laymous Edwards

Great place to get your car detailed.

Michael Landgrebe

Hello, This is my first review, but I felt compelled to share how my experience was at Five Star Auto Detailing. Firstly, the man I dealt with, whom I assume is the owner, is a wonderfully kind man and I felt he truly appreciated my business. Secondly, the detailing, was beyond what I even expected. I have two dogs, and hair gets everywhere. In the past, other places said they couldn't quite get it out, but not at Five Star. Seriously, my Jetta looks 100% brand new. I highly recommend their services for both old and new vehicles. Thanks, Michael

cesar macias

The experience that I have today at this place it was amazing!!!! The service that I had it was great. My car it was really really dirty and were able to turn an old car into a brand new car!! even if I wanted to I couldn't ask for more!! Thank you so much FIVE STAR!! For anybody that wants your car to bring back to life five star is the place!!!

Chelsea Gonzalez

Ghanim is the best! He's super sweet, but more than that knows what he's doing when it comes to cleaning cars. Brought my Scion TC for a wash and he exceeded my expectations. My car looks great inside and out! I felt as if I was just driving off the lot with a brand new car. Awesome service and happy with how my car looks! There's no point in looking anywhere else I will definitely be coming back here

Ruben theIowan

This man did a great job at a great price! I found this small business on google based on reviews... Wanted to get some interior work done on my Altima so i figured i would take a chance and have someone do a complete run-down of the interior. Came back sometime later to find my car spotless and clean and refreshed. I am a happy customer and will be back many more times when i get to lazy to clean my own car lol Hes legit check him out.

Ethan c

I have brought my white Honda to Five Star Auto Detailing several times. I have always had good service, gotten a fair price, and received my car back quickly. The quality of the work done is outstanding. I recommend Five Star Auto Detailing Highly.

John James

Did a great job with my charger. My interior was a mess and afterwords it looked brand new. Rest of the car looked great including the wheels. Well worth the $$$

Aaron Mertes

I had never taken my car to get detailed before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The owner told me that the interior would look like new when it was finished, even with the pet stains. They did a great job and I'm really happy with how clean everything turned out. I even came early to pick up my car and he made sure that I not leave disappointed by finishing small little details as quickly as he could. Very happy.

Tim Zhang

Five Stars is the perfect place you go to have your car cleaned as brand new in every millimeter. People working here are super nice and friendly, they help you solve real problems with reasonable price. I go there on a periodic basis because they provide superior detailing services for both inside and outside of my car in a timely and effective manner. I fully recommend this store because it will give you the best auto washing and detailing services in Iowa City!

Tommy Stuart

Brought my car here recently and I was very pleased with the service provided. Ghanim, the owner, was excellent and very accommodating. I had the interior, exterior, and engine bay detailed. Would definitely come here again! Thank you!

Alexandrea Morelock

I contacted 5 stars via email and got quick responses every time. I was able to get my car in right away! It had been stolen and trashed. Smoked in, fast food everywhere, just nasty! What they were able to do to it, and for the price--was unbelievable! Easy to work with as well! I would recommend them to all of my friends and family! Great work!

Diane Grosland

The detail work completed on my car today was far above my expectations! The inside interior was completed to perfection as well as the console, floors, etc. The engine and trunk were spotless and the exterior was shined to a new gloss. I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in an exceptional job at an extremely affordable cost.

Andrew Schrepfer

Very great job! They made my car look like new. Made it a lt easier to sell quickly! Well worth the $ for the carpet shampoo and exterior washing. The owner/staff was great. I am very satisfied. Thank you!

Jordan Mattson

My experience with this business was fantastic! My car looked brand new and I could tell that the attention to detail was superb. The owner went above and beyond in his customer service. He was incredibly friendly and up front on exactly what was to be done on my car and how much it would cost. I would highly recommend this business for auto detailing if you are looking for top of the line cleaning at a good price, and with excellent customer service!

Tracey Morgan-Harris

Owner was able to fit me in the next day. My interior was spotless--Cleaner than when I first bought my car. I will definitely use them again!

Yusuf Alghamdi

If you want to get your car very well cleaned, do not even think to do that at the dealers. Five stars is the best, they did my two cars and turned them into like brand new, I would highly recommend it, also the price was very very reasonable, they are fast, honest, kind and punctual. they respect people and believe me you won't regret that when you see the results. Thank you five stars

Brian Martinek

I went in wanting a simple car wash but was delighted at the level of detail given during a quick demonstration of how they would get the door panels cleaned off on the interior. The interior plastic panels of my car were full of scuffs and marks. When I came back to pick up my car it looked brand new, inside and out, and I didn't even get the exterior of my car waxed! I highly recommend having your car cleaned at Five Stars.


I asked for the interior and exterior of my car to be detailed. The interior of my car looks amazing! It looks better than when I bought the car 8 years ago. However, I assumed that the price for exterior included a buff and wax which it did not. It was just a car wash. Make sure to ask what all is included in the price you are paying for. Since I assumed, I got less then I expected. I am very satisfied with the customer service though! The owner is wonderful.

Amanda Xu

True five star interior car wash services! You need to spend time drying your car too, which surprised me. Everything else went smoothly! Thanks!

Jasmin Zejnić

Wow is almost all I can say! I am posting reviews on every review site to tell the world about this small business. I had not had my Jaguar detailed for a couple years, and had a full detail done. My car looks as good as new and the price was half of what the competitors down the street were asking for. If you love value, this is where you get it.

James Bloomfield

I have only good things to say about this business and my experience and will be returning each time i make my annual trip to see my family. I received excellent, efficient service I brought my BMW 1M in with only 10 minutes notice. The gentlemen was very kind on the phone, versus the other 4 places I had called prior, 2 of which i received a voicemail and 2 others had stated they only work by appointment and are over a week out. Without me asking for a special price the gentleman informed me he had a special going on, and I received a great deal for the tremendous detail that was put into my car. I was ashamed to even take my car to a detail shop with the shape it was in. It was cleaned detailed, clay bared, waxed, wheels, engine bay cleaned and polish, and exhaust polished, without any comments of the state of the car when I brought it in. Just the reassurance it was going to look like new. As it did when the job was completed. Within a few hours the vehicle was complete and was far beyond what I had expected. Thanks for keeping 2009 1M in the condition and beauty it should be!

Baoxing Sun

Good work! Excellent experience! I have been here several times. Very prefossional! My car is like grant new after every detailing.

Suzanne Bekker

Five Stars did an amazing job detailing my car! Everything from the tires, exterior, interior, carpets, car mats, and cup holders looked terrific - like brand new. Would definitely recommend them..

Natalie Myers

Doing this review for my husband Matt. He wants to thank you for making the Elantra look great again!

John Anderson

I have been to all the detailing shops here in town and they don't get the job done right. the way five stars does. Their customer service is great and very helpful, also great prices.

Frederick Newell

My experience at Five Stars Auto Detailing was definitely worth the price. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner. Look like I have found the perfect place to take my vehicle.

Bob Jensen

Five star Detailing is an appropriate name. These guys do a fantastic job!!! My car looks brand new again. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend.

Rachel Joselson

This is a really wonderful detailing shop the owner goes above and beyond what you pay. Treats return customers very well.

Benjamin Deuerling

Very unhappy with the job completed. Owner tried to make me feel like it was my fault. As a novice detailer I immediately picked out many things not cleaned or addressed, then was told it was because of my car being older.

Ellen Hallin

Five Star did an amazing job -- interior and exterior looked dramatically cleaner! Money well spent.

Zachary Bluvstein

Worth the money, got a few bug spots off the front of the car I couldn't get off with a pressure washer (and didn't scuff anything), and got a few spots that I was expecting to be skipped over. Great attention to detail for everything I paid attention to.

Jenn Brenner

I am so amazed how clean my car is. The owner assured me he could have my pet hair covered car look brand new. Not only does it look new but they worked to have it done because I needed. I am so pleased. Also, they have a chemical that eliminates pet hair!!!

Noor Alwaan

one of the best auto detailing places here in Iowa city. My car looked brand new. Good people to do business with Friendly and nice. Great work i recommend it 100%. Great service.

Yihao Yuan

Really a nice work done!!!! Everything on the vehicle is clean. The vehicle looks like a new one. I will recommend my friends who wants to do an auto detail to go there.

Megan Shook

Had a throw up situation in the passenger seat of my car one weekend. They were able to do the whole interior of my Corolla for $200 (+50 for anti microbial to get rid of the nastiness). Smells great now and my car has never looked cleaner. My one critique is that the windows were left rather streaky, which dives me nuts, but it’s an easy fix. I would recommend.

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