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Here you have the opinions of people who are consuming the services of Zips Car Wash (Car Wash) in Indiana.

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REVIEWS OF Zips Car Wash IN Indiana

Archie Cavins

Charge for services they know aren't working , refuse to refund money

Chrissy Fowler

My favorite place to be when my car is dirty

Darren Stone

I think there is to many hidden extras that are not included in the price of the wash. There is a 15 dollar package that should include all services. Will not return or at least go out of my way to use this establishment.

Chrissy Clark

Loved the new location

Rob Fowler

Very nice. Quick and easy

Jeff Dahlstrom

Love the free vacuums the car wash doesn't get it clean like it should

Paul Raver

So far so good. I've been there several times without issues.

Micheal Briscoe

When Love washing our vehicles and keep them clean thanks to you we don't have to drive that far

Eddie Martin

Did what they said not.halfway.

Kayla Burns

my car looked move after I went thru. it was the 8 dollar one I got I believe

Thomas m

Good wash

Stephanie Troutman


Ananda Grace

Overpriced and the vacuum hose was broken never again

Arthur Hurlburt

Not a bad quick car wash. Very affordable.

Shane Ferguson

best auto wash


Thought this place was the blue Iguana car wash it's either mislabeled or change name since I've been there

Dancing anthem

Loved the free vacuum and car mat cleaner

Marcus McDowell


brian tidmore

This place sucks employees cussing at people and their car wash broke our antenna and than that's when a employee started cussing at me

La Kelty

The wash is pretty good

tabatha yelton

I’ve taken my car though this wash multiple times without an issue. Today’s experience wasn’t so great. The worker waved me into the wash waaay too far to the left of the wash so the passenger side of my car never got touched by the brushes. Then when I got home I noticed the whole roof my car had smeared bird poop all of it. That was enough for me to complain after paying for the $15 wash. I called and the girl that answered the phone said it was my fault for not washing it beforehand and that there was nothing that she could do. After asking to ride back through the wash again she said if it happens the next time I pay for a wash they would let me ride through a second time. I don't understand what it would hurt to let me ride through again considering I got the most expensive wash and left with a the top of the car more messy that it was to begin with. Absolutely horrible customer service.

Jon Parker

I hit it every 3 or 4 days. Always happy.

Elizabeth Manning

This car wash sucked. Will not be going back. Did not even clean the backside of my suv. There was dirt spots on the side too.

Jasmin Wade

Great car wash even has a free bug prep station (to loosen everything up) before u go to the wash(:

julie durham

Fantastic prices. Different levels of washes from just 3 dollars for basic touch up. They also offer monthly memberships. The actual carwash is visually pretty cool. Very open. Car always looks great. Never any damage or subpar cleaning. Favorite is the free vacuuming. And the vacuums work very well and arent falling apart. This is my go to car wash.

Jimmy Brown


Michael T. Bartholome

Nice, clean, non-abusive to your vehicle. I wish they had interior cleaning products like Goo-Goo.

Joyce Booker

Love this place! I always said I wouldn't waste my money on this type of car wash. But I love them!! Car came out clean! Love the free vacuum service that is available. Keep up the good job blue iguana!!

Richard D. Sleeth Jr.

Good service nice vacuum cleaner system

Kay McFall

Like that I can go any time . I don't mind that I have to do the inside I don't get it filthy so it's not that hard and love the price

Sandy Conatser

Nice place to have your car washed they have free vacuum service

William Reichert

Scratched my car

Brian Whitlow

Love the free vacuum service

Sammy Conner

Love this because it opens so early and staff is very friendly

Steve Holbert

Best car wash on Dixie for the money

Lynn Williams

Doesn't wash the back of trucks other then that ok

Jefferey Vance


Dale Dahlstrom

Great place for a quick car wash

Natasha Harbin

Great place to wash your car

Max Imus

The car was totally wet after going through… Asked management they said everything was working properly.conversely, love the other “Jerry‘s“ This one was very clean and personnel was friendly

Aimee Bland

It's nothing special.

denn onemadx

Cleaned the car

Wendy Costello

Charges for services they know aren't working. Refuse to give a refund ! Yall were great when it was free.. going downhill fast !

Jennifer Holbert

Ok, so when they 1st opened they were giving away air free air fresheners and little trash bags for your car. Also when they 1st opened all of the vacuums worked great and there was someone walking the lot to keep it clean. NOW after just a few months of being open no more free air fresheners as most places continue to do. Also my last visit I had to move my car 3 times to find a working vacuum. I will never go back. They probably will be out of business in a few months if they can't get their act together.

James Vick


Sevaeh Hardman

I went today to get my car washed and to clean the inside of my car and it left marks all over the outside of my car, looks like key marks and pulled part of my bumper off.. won’t ever go again!

Mom of Brandon Shires

Great car wash! Great deals!

Ariadne Barcelo

Love the free vacuum they offer.

joshua fenwick

Went here to get all the bugs off my car-- paid $10 for that wash but didn't get half of the features I paid for-- tire shine & clear coat didn't come on at all-- think i paid $7 more for the same $3 washes everyone else was getting

Cilver Leaf

Love it

Mary Pool

Not what I expected. My car was clean but they didn't offer complimentary window cleaner or paper towel


Okay for a quick wash

Aaron Buchanan

Good people always courteous good service

Janilee Wach

It did a great job cleaning my car. No scratches and the vacuums did a great job as well.


Nice. Your on a belt verse a track. Clean car, decent prices.

Anthony Mudd

Nice car war. Very Modern

jerry douglas

Can't get much better for $3

mark Jackson

I sometimes wash my truck daily. They offer a monthly subscription that allows 1 wash at any of their locations across the country.

Raque Thomas

Great prices and it does a good job

Maria Torres

Free air freshener

Todd H

Quick and easy. It doesn't give the perfect wash, but it's the best automatic car wash in the area. I go there all the time.


This place is terrible this goofy manager won’t even let you spray bug remover before you go through, and that’s fine but if you won’t allow that stock an employee in the front with a scrub brush or a pressure washer wand, and I’d probably get rid of the blond hair dude who thinks he’s running a nuclear sub instead of a car wash or atleast invest in a few customer service classes..

Jimmie Keys

I like this place it's new I've been to the other one it's something different you might ask why I gave it five stars it is clean I'm very convenient a few glitches but overall I love it

Terry Boston

Their machines damages vehicles and they don't pay to fix your vehicle

Dawn L. Cox

Good cheap car wash.

Sean Ferrell

Clean place and all the equipment work

Robin conquest

Not the best car wash I've ever been through. But the vacuum cleaners and the mat cleaner work wonderfully

Clarissa Aebersold

Best carwash off Dixie Hwy

Ana & Michael


Bazilisk Gavialis

Car wash .

Michael Bedgood

Friendly and helpful staff

Michael Mattingly

It's ok

Norberto Perez

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy bueno el.servicio

Cody Sawyers

Free vacums

Ashley Ervin

Very nice and clean car wash!!

Shawn Mullins

Horrible service, no respect, and think they own comedy hour wants to laugh at people when they need help I wouldn't suggest this place to my worst enemy

My Own Opinion

New facility and very well maintained.

Jim Ligon

My first time to an automatic car wash. I paid for basic wash with credit card and it did a good job. Free vacuum cleaner available after wash .

Ruthie Bella

It's ok. Helpful gentleman's work here.

Lisa Goodman

It's new, fresh and they were giving free car washes..yes

Shana Cochran

Fast and clean!!

Anthony Chambers

Good wash I'll be back ty

Chuckie George Jr.

Nice but Antena breaks

Amanda P

Great value! You can get a really decent car wash for 3 bucks that includes free vacuuming.

Justin Lynch

Great cleaning job on car. Attendents need to check vacume suction better. Adding on to my review went to this car wash again I think it's ridiculous you have to spend a certain amount to get your vehicle all the way dry every other car wash including goo goo Timmy's and the other ones on Dixie will get you dry for three bucks or no matter how much you spend. I think I would know I've been in the car wash business for 8 years General managing. This new business better make some changes or they will sink before their 5 year mark.

Hope Bates

Beautiful placeee

Alante Unser

Nice carwash & the vacuum service is free

Judy Steiner

Like it very much

Richard Tower

Great wash

Mary Costner

Can't get ur vehicle dried...

Damon Hill

Clean lot with nice attendants and state of the art car washing

Tausha Brown


Jerome Swafford

Yeah it's cool

Jerry Downey

Great place for a quick wash. Free vaccuum with no time limit.

Brianna Barker

By far the worst experience I've ever had getting a vehicle washed. Manager and one of the employees obviously do not understand the concept of being respectful. The wash wasn't very well and it didn't even dry my car. Will not go back here

ocey holland iv

Priced right!

Tarra Francisco


Noly Duro

Bien ubicado excelente servicio q brindan

Nathan Grant

Staff were friendly,the only thing that I could say about this place you want to prep your aftermarket wheels before entering the car wash this place does not do that great of a job at cleaning wheels but does a fabulous job on the exterior of your car. can be a little pricey but highly recommended easy in-and-out access from the main road although traffic can be heavy at times.

Dorothy Stone

Car was wash very spots after the car had dryed.

Elisabeth Hayes

The drivers side of our car got clean, the passenger side did not. Not very happy about that.

Anessa Click

I love this place! Only 3 dollars for a touch up and free vaccume. They do very well guiding you though the wash!

Kevin Hawley

Clean fast not to pricey and you get a coupon for a discount on your next visit

DeAnne Carr

Very accessible and affordable

Luke Leonard

Brand new place, but I won’t go back. The new-dangled conveyor system is an accident waiting to happen. I nearly rear-ended the car in front of me. There is no power rinse before the brushes touch your car which is crazy, and no final rinse (on a $7 wash) before a weak-sauce dryer, so my car came out very wet and sudsy.

jeffery bishop

3 bucks auto wash & free vacuuming cant beat that

Cherylkaufman Kaufman

Oh my gosh I love this car wash

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