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REVIEWS OF Sparkling Image Car Wash IN Indiana

Terri Garver

It's nice to be able to take my car in for a complete wash inside and out. I share a monthly expense with someone so I go as many times I want.

Christine Lewis

Best car wash in town! I probably go here too many times but my car always sparkles! They do a wonderful job and the service is fast.

Thomas Murdock

A great place to get your car thoroughly clean in-and-out then using it for about 20 years

Thomas R. Murdock

Great Car Wash offers full service detailing friendly staff

Ricky Holtsclaw

Nice place and friendly service

Nikita Landers

Car was clean. Cannot complain at all.

Theresa Nelson

Went there to get my car washed and the cover on the top that covers my antenna had gotten lost there I went up there first I called the day before they never called me back then I went up there and they still never call me back to even tell me that they found it or not bad customer service then I had some money setup in my change tray purposely had put a piece of paper over it to see if anyone would mess with it and they did so they have people that steal from your cars as well

Shaun Edmunds

The best carwash ever and everyone is so nice there i will alone take my car to them no one else

John Abernathy

Love the prepaid books by 3 2 free best deal in town.?

Blaine Schmink

Could not get what i wanted .

Tonya Grossman

They do a good job cleaning the inside and out side most of the time. They will vacuum, clean your windows, clean up dashboard and hand dry most of the outside.

Hexaholic JP

I do the monthly here. I like it better than Crew, because they do the vacuuming for you. I don't understand why they cost the same, but Crew doesn't vacuum, and makes you pay extra if you want to use their vacuums. Definitely recommend.

Debbie Brown

The car wash was good but the people taking care of the inside of the car miss several spots in my car and the windows were still really yucky


Went in for a basic carwash, and wasn't disappointed. The customer service was good and professional. When I'm ready to get my car cleaned out, I'm definitely coming back to this place.

Al Edyvean

Great service. Reasonable price and in/out time pretty good.

Marquita cohen

The ppl are nice and friendly but I hate coming to this location. I don't feel like they do a great job on my tires only because when I drive away the tires shine always end up on my car. And sometimes the wait time is horrible. I have a membership which I love.

Tania Ruiz

Maybe workers were upset about being out in the cold, idk but i wasn't passed with my service.


Just had my car washed and they had 5 people cleaning and drying it. Excellent work, excellent service. 5 stars. Great work guys.

Chris Wells

They did excellent job!

Blake Andrews

Usually not much line here early am. Good for a quick wash.

Bobby Plair

The Best carwash in town. The will clean your car inside out. Shampoo carpet and much more. Try them for yourself and see.

Debra Guy Strover

Today my husband had pricey mans watch stolen from his car console. We've had no previous problems with this establishment. Just wanted to let the community know you may want to put ALL ITEMS OUT OF SIGHT. THEY ALL STEAL!

Angela Lasley


Neisha Hardy

Great service! Clean car!


Very good service . I had my girl's car washed an detailed . turned out great.

Fai Thompson

I signed up for the unlimited monthly deluxe membership when they had a promotion going on for half the price. Over the course of my promotion month, I can say that I am comfortable continuing the membership and adding a car. The staff that customers speak to upon paying before washing are nice, and will answer any questions that you have. My car seems to stay cleaner than it did from when I had my membership at Crew Carwash as well. This particular location is close to me, so it also makes servicing convenient. Furthermore, it is nice that Sparkling Image has auto billing for their memberships. There are a few cons that I would like to address compared to my previous membership at Crew Carwash. The wash itself does not have the visual appeal of a Crew, but it still gets the job done. You get what you pay for in a sense; but the value of Sparkling Image’s wash is better than their competitors. I cannot speak for their detailing services at this time, but am eager to try it. If Crew was not so expensive, it would have been a no-brainer to keep my membership there. Customers have more spacing to park and attend to their cars there. Crew also has vacuums and other amenities to help customers put finishing touches on their wash; with some items given for free such as window cleaner (sometimes), trash bags, and drying towels. The overall customer service is better at Crew on the phone and in person, too. I cannot say the same thing for Sparkling Image since the front desk receptionist lacked basic customer service skills in regards to tone and helpfulness when I called about upgrading. The actual car wash at Crew is pleasant to look at and is well-maintained versus Sparkling Image has a shorter wash (still powerful for a good clean), and the side areas have dirt built up with no indicator of what service the customer chose. Since Crew is a vast chain, they also have several locations their customers can visit versus Sparkling Image has few to one in my area. If I move, then I would have to cancel. Speaking of; if I canceled at Crew, they only need 24 hours notice versus Sparkling Image requiring 5 days. Overall this is an honest comparison of what I used to have at Crew versus Sparkling Image. The bottom line is that it is not bad; but if you want luxury/superiority in all facets, then you have to pay more at a place like Crew. I will see how this membership goes, but think it is a solid choice for someone on a budget still looking for good service.

Jessica Hill

They do a good job cleaning your car

Dusty Wyman

They cleaned the hell out of my car bet left some trachea on my dash. Other than that amazing job I'll be back again. The staff didnt smile very much they just seemed a little drained, but an over all I like this branch.

Brotha Ashyknees

rich ~

Management is really helpful and friendly clean facilities

Billy Ray

Bad experience. Half vacuumed vehicle for 23 buck. Complained and management namely" Allen" told me what they didnt do, and vacuuming has a low stadard.

Wendell Lawson

Wash your car good

Mary Palmer

Did not do good job on windows and drying it off.

Michael Fondren

Thier service is okay, just wish they were a little more sterile

james cotham

Unlimited wash holder.. I think they nees ro use more soap

Luz Gonzalez

DO NOT GO HERE!!! THEY ROB! Okay so, Friday may 31st, 2019 my aunt went in to get her car washed, she has a monthly membership with them. As she go off she left her wallet on the passenger seat while she was getting her little girl out, and she went inside to the waiting area with the kids, as soon as she got there she remembered her wallet and when she went back outside the guy that drives the car to the washing station was already driving it in, and when they finished washing it she checked her wallet and they had stolen $62 dollars $50 were hidden in between the bank cards and $12 were loose in the money slot in the wallet, so they had time to look through the wallet apparently. Okay so she went in and spoke to a "manager" he asked her how much it had been and she told him $50 i had hidden here in between my cards and $12 i had here in the cash slot in my wallet, and he had the audacity to say it's not even that much! And they told her to come back tomorrow (saturday june 1st) because saturday there would be an event and all the managers were going to be there. But when she got there saturday two people a woman and an young man came and told her to come back monday because they were really busy and they couldn't help her. So today we went back and we were waiting for about 1 hour for the regional manager to come because he was at another location. And when he got there we went to talk at the office and he just sat down and gestured to talk, and i explained what was going on, and he said "okay well what do you want me to do about it?" And i asked if they had checked with their employees and he said "yeah but we're nto responsible for your stuff anyone can come and say they got money stolen, what do you expect us to pay everyone?" And so i got agitated and told him that then he should watch what type of people he was hiring, and he said "well don't come raising your voice at me there's nothing we can do and i'm not going to waste my time listening to you get out of here!" Then i said i know $62 is not alot of money but it's the honesty of your employees and the establishment over it. What if it had been $2,000 or $1,000 , and he said "what you would be crazy enough to carry that much cash?" And i was mad at this point so i told him we had waited about an hour for him to get here and spent time coming back and forth just for him to say that, and he said "i stoped what i was doing at another store just to come here and waste my time so get out!" Which he didn't because the other manager said he would be coming back in 30 mins when we asked when he was coming back to this location. And they he kept mocking me and flinging his fat old hands in front of my face ,and moved me out of the way. And guys i cannot stress this enough, do not go here one of the employees of the place said the guy that drives the cars to the washing station had just got out of jail 2 weeks prior and that 2 week prior another customer had been robbed for $900, so watch out !!!

Cedric Price

Good effort for the price

Marcia Flaunders

Could be better need more workers but overall it was just ok.

Blk Man

Wash wasn't great at all dirt was still on the car due to such a fast wash system plus their were no towels to dry off extra water that covered the whole

Prophet Brandon Manuel

They don’t pay attention to detail, their work is sloppy and you have to show them the places they missed. There is also a horrible language barrier at this location!

Al Hall

Fast cheap and best value for unlimited wash.

David Hogwood

I’d love to give more stars, I get the $27 full service every time. And that includes tire shine. However the last 6 times I’ve been there they have forgot. And I personally like the tire shine as it sets off the vehicle after the wash. I mean I’m paying $27. I expect the FULL service

Roger Riley

Awesome wash job

Carmelia Eddinssmith

I only been to Sparkling Car Wash twice in a year and yes I will go back they were very neat and detailed they cleaned up a lot of areas inside my truck that has kids I would definitely go back to them customer service was okay

Paul Richardson

Waited in line for over 40 minutes for full service. Manager claimed he was shorthanded, but all I saw were workers more interested in eating and drinking than working the line. After paying for my wash, I noticed 7 other cars from the other full service line get washed before me. Finally when I got in the vehicle, the front outer windshield was not cleaned. I didn't have time to wait another hour for a Car wash. Worst experience ever. I won't be back. I WILL report to home office Monday.

Larry Davidson

Very friendly, very efficient, went out of their way to make sure my car looked good

Ralph Lisby

Terrible wash dont clean wheels for $29 not worth the wait they have I will not come back to this location

LaDaun Nelson

I had a great experience going to this car wash. The staff were great and my car looks fantastic!

Sandra Wilson

Very busy but lined moved smoothly.


Great service and very clean. I would recommend this place also for detailing the vehicle and getting a quick wash.

D'Reil McClain

Great service and friendly people

Kelly Floyd

They lost my mats...

Jesse Greene

Did a good job!

James White

They do a great job

Albert Torok

Good job washing the company car

Creshia Davis

I go to the wash every other day.

Grace Christian

Went here today and the employees were so cool and chilled... car wash had my truck sparking... got it way cleaner than crew wash and was cheaper ☺️.. will come here from now on.. A+

John Earley

An awesome place to wash your car....

Annie Puckett

question? why do you guys only spray one side of the car down?

Phillip ONeal

A great place to have your car wash they will even do the inside.

Michael Gordon

Quick and fast service, always does a great job on my car!!!

Sheila Green

Love it

Mary Arcega

My husband goes here every day he has the monthly plan went to get baby out the car forgot his wallet in the car guy stole it out car he went to talk to person inside they. Was like well we dont have cameras nothing we can do they didnt ask the guy about it or nothing my husband just went back praying he threw it in the trash so he would at least have his id and things wasnt there. Was my husband fault for leaving it in the car but u shouldnt have to take everything out ur car to have it washed

Chief Lawson

Wash is always good. But some of the staff have attitudes. They do a good job.

Geovanny Sanchez

Best full services

Barb Rath

They are always fast and efficient, even where n they are extremely busy.

Debbie Bowles

Surprised! Pulling in I thought I made a major mistake as it seemed so chaotic, unorganized and unclean where you exit your car to go in side. BUT TO MY SURPRISE... in the chaos of employees coming and leaving, going in, coming out, eating and kind of blocking the entrance hallway... THEY DID AN EXCEPTIONAL JOB!! WELL DONE. I would suggest management organize employee breaks and provide a place to to take a proper break they well deserve.

David Earlywine

Fast amd easy

Courtney Rodgers

Total cat care

mark g

Had to take my car through a second time. It do not wash suv's well

brian s

Fantastic job, the team makes sure your care is cared for. Much better job than most other drive through car washes I've been to

Mark Alderson

Top notch work. Love this car wash.

Craig Johnson

I usually wash my own truck, but this place is a great place

HANDS Thompson

Great service and at a good price.

Chrissy Jeffries

Went on a hot day for a car wash and detail. They were busy but kept everything moving pretty quickly for how busy they were, had plenty of staff on site to get the cars done. Everyone was polite and the car looked great when finished!

Ashley Marie

Always a top place to go for a quick wash. Haven't had the full service experience yet but so far so good. When that day comes as will another review.

Cherita Long

I got the unlimited wash a few months ago cancelled it. And the company countinues to charge me. They said they would make it right. But I feel like they stole 119.47 and olny gave it back because they were caught red handed

Jose I Garcia

Great price for the two car unlimited package. I chose an exterior wash only package to be conservative as I enjoy cleaning the interior myself. It was a tough decision to make though considering their locations are not in many and can be a bit inconvenient to get to. The car lines need a bit of adjustment also as some cars doing the interior detail are holding up us folks who just need an exterior wash. Typical wait is about 20 minutes just to get in, which is also a bummer. No major complaints as the ultimate solution would be to "just wash the car yourself then" and keep your money, but I'm rating the overall experience since I'm paying.

Jerri Thompson

Too high priced.

Marilyn Earles

Good job

Anaya Walker

I used to give them the benefit of the doubt but after realizing that they damaged my bumper and don't want to take fault for it they're very unprofessional they half clean your car they half wipe out your car then when you let them know that it's not clean they get an attitude but they don't have a problem taking your money. I had a finger length dent in my car the top part of the foot rest of the bumper corporate told me that since I had that dent and paper plates that cause the brushes to bend my bumper all the way back not only that but it pulled the screws out of the bumper as well as ripping my camera

Zoy Avgerinos Brown

I have never had my car detailed before, so I didn't know what to expect. When I picked it up, I couldn't believe how amazing it looked, both inside and outside. Not a speck of dirt anywhere, and it looks brand new. Strongly recommend, especially if you are going to sell your car. The full detailing service is worth every penny! Also, the employees were all very helpful, and the manager made sure I was happy with it before I left. 5 stars for this place!!

Christina James

I just love this car wash its the best. Cant ask for a better car wash then sparkling image keep up the good work.

Larry bates

great place to get a car wash.

A Tr

I've been coming here for years and have always loved the way my car looks when I leave. Unfortunately the last two times I have been disappointed. On my most recent visit, on the inside there was spray that was not wiped off and the previous visit they did not clean the windows inside my hatchback or dry the hatchback at all. I will be back and hopefully these were just oversights or new employees.

Angelia Brown

Do a pretty good job on cleaning your car

Carlton Young

U get wat u pay for real talk

Peggy Privett

Had an awesome experience

Ta-Tanisha Hamler

Great prices! My car always come out sparkling!

Cordilia Flonnery

They clean your vehicle spotless and the staff are all friendly.

Bill Groover

I go to Sparkling Image Car Wash probably one time a the month to get a real good clean up the employees are always busy doing a fantastic job to clean your vehicle always crowded sometimes it takes up to 15 minutes to get your car done but the job that they do is worth the wait!

Carrie Lynn

no complains the bird poo is gone :)

Fred Collins

Much as they charge. Service poor. Had to leave before car was done. There 45 min late for work.

Richard Hinkle

Always great service.

Christopher Fowler

Would have given 5 stars but when I asked for them to spray both sides of my car the employee acted like it was a inconvenience to do

Adewale Adekoya

Everytime i go there my car comes back with a scratch or stain. I wanted to cancel my subscription with them but the lady said she cannot do it, that i will have to call a number on the receipt. Like my car was supposed to be clean and spotless after wash but all i get is a semi washed car, some mud looking dots and occasional scratches on both my car body and tires. I'm so done with them.

shannon hoskins

Great place for car wash and it's reasonable

Jim Clark

We get our trucks cleaned and detailed here. The transaction could be more streamlined and client friendly. The Quality of the work is above average but not exceptional.

Violet Moore

Convenient only because it's close to home. Prices are not terrible . But I would much rather drive out of my way and spend good money to have my car washed and detailed than to deal with them again. Workers stole out of my car . My money and change where stole and i was told theres nothing they can about it . I even gave them the Benefit of the doubt and came back when a different crew was working and to my surprise it happened again just the change and music cd' s right out the radio this time same thing happened with my husbands car as well. It's a shame. ☹

Cecilio Roldan

Better then mike car wash don’t let they take your money out from your pocket

stacey kirkand

This used to be a really good place for a wash and detail. The service has gone downhill, I paid for a tire wash that I almost didnt get, and I still ended up going back tomorrow because they didnt vacuum the trunk of my truck. The new group of people they have up there need to be replaced. ALL OF THEM.

Jeffery Ryan

Would have been 5 stars but they don’t spray the whole vehicle before entering automated washing area every time. I understand staffing can be difficult and you can’t always have 2 people spraying; 1 left side + 1 right side. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Not over crowded.

John Gullion

Same quality as the other guys who torture the plushies but priced better

William Roberts

Always a great service, never had a problem!

Domonic Gray

I like the service at this place

Katherine Starkey

Great service

Billy Louk

Great place a good service but don't lose your wheel covers there you'll never get it back

Abacuc Garcia

Sheri manager customer service this guy's not I understand that this guy make his paycheck about customers

Consetta Horton

20$ monthly drive in and out daily washes compared to $9-11 once a week..

ki Silk

I really wish I could give this car wash a -5 stars because that's exactly the level of service they render. They're lazy, rude, ghetto and have NO RESPECT FOR YOUR VEHICLE

Misty Spaw

Went for full detail was told cars left over from night before so just a wash

Yolanda Barnett

One of the best places to go to get your car washed in Indianapolis great place to shine

Angela Jackson

So freSh and so cl8,clean

Novak Blackwell

My rides so clean

Chad Cory

Best carwash in town hands down

Durdey Dolla

never open on time. service is real slow with staff conversating about personal life topics and not business oreinteted matters.

Alexandra Huang

It was neat that they had someone wipe your car down after you exited the car wash (I got the most basic wash). I just sat in my car and he did the work.

Pamela Shelman

They do a great job cleaning your car inside and out

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