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REVIEWS OF Prime Car Wash IN Indiana

Kristi Roberts

Car wash does a pretty good job on the outside, but the inside cleaning isn't worth the monthly amount. I've had to redo the it everytime I have went. Staff is nice.

Ariel Russell

Everything was great until I pulled out of the parking lot to leave. I tried to roll my driver's side window down so I could continue to enjoy the warm weather that's finally arrived, only to find that my window is no longer working. I've never had a problem with any windows on my vehicle and for this to randomly happen makes me wonder what is really going on there. It had been working perfectly fine up until I got out of the car for the workers to clean the interior. I went back to notify the manager of what had happened, he then took an incident report and told me he would investigate the situation.. This is very disappointing for me, especially since I debated on many different car cleaning places and drove out of my way to go to Prime. The car wash was average. I'm not sure how but there are smudges all over the exterior, my guess is it's from them drying it with wet/ dirty towels. And on the windows there are smudges too.. This is why I don't do it myself, so I can avoid these problems, but I should have this time. Everything else was great, the employees were friendly, atmosphere was nice, they were fairly quick also. I just really hope they make this right because I'm not happy about this at all!!!

Heather B

Not very good detail job inside of the car. External wash is fine, gets the job done.

Richard Francis

Treated my car with the care I wanted. Great job!


Drive past and avoid at all costs. Their employee set up a membership without my requesting it and then when I discovered this and cancelled they still charged my credit card. The Sales Manager and General Manager were very unfriendly and not willing to correct their mistake. A horribly run business.

Connie Wilson

They did a great job both inside and out.

Jeff Rubenstein

Awful....everything is an uphill battle in dealing with Prime....great product and services available....terrible customer service and execution of services

Shayda Killebrew

I paid $39 for the full service elite wash. They did have friendly staff but the interior cleaning was horrible. I did not notice until I got to Wal-Mart up the street. When I received my car there was food and other items just laying/and tucked away in the back seat, and they did a horrible job wiping down the interior. Waste of money. I could have done better myself. I made a complaint on their website, but never heard anything from there and was not able to provide them the pictures on their website.

Josh Beaty

Used to work there, great service and pretty good staff as well.

Richard Windsor

Great car wash facility. Reasonably priced considering they practically detail your car.


Pricey, but they do a good job.

Iury Olive

What an excellent place to get your car washed. They washed my car like normal. Then, 2 attendants came and dried the car for me. They also hand cleaned my tires as well. I was shocked that they went above and beyond like that. They also have more services like interior cleaning and shampooing. Wow!

Timmy Broad

Carmel soccer moms and dads with no time will love this place, the fifth installment in a series of Prime Carwashes in Indy area and Florida. They need to be a little more consistent with quality of interior cleanings but for the price of what's offered, I don't hate it. I'd like to see another subscription option though, which costs less but only allows 2-4 360 cleanings each month. The folks who abuse the 'unlimited' subscription jack prices up for the rest of us and obliterate the environment in the process!

Jason Caraballo

Best car wash in Indiana.

Gods Child

Bad service they don’t know how to respect their customers even the manager doesn’t know how to speak.. I recommend personally don’t to go this place it’s totally waste of money

Vicki McCarty

Never do a good job on windows

Dawn McKnight

A great wash and coupons can usually be found

Allen Driscoll

Best place to get your car washed! Extremely nice people, line flows quickly if it is busy and cheaper than the "mega" car wash company down the road. They also do interior cleaning!

Kiana Graham

Great system but customer service amongst employees was pitiful. Plans were explained incorrectly and when brought to managements attention it was brushed off and no one took accountability for their error.

Carolyn Tye

Great job on cleaning my car

Kranthi Kumar Kotagiri

Decent carwash, definitely with the money!

Lori Lucas

First time I visited this location. Unfortunately had to go through wash 3 time's and car wasn't like I just went through a mud bogg, it was just 2 weeks travel dirty, so little disappointed with that. The interior was great however.


I've been a member for 3 years and I can't say enough good things about them!

David Weyreter

Very annoying when the service person directing cars into the wash has his iPhone ear buds in and talking on the phone. He’s spraying my car down and I’m not even on the darn rails. Never have been thrilled with this overpriced car wash.

sukhman harman

they don’t know how to speak to their customers there employees are very rude as well as there manager. They say there washes are so good but they can’t even get the bugs of the front of the car and they don’t know how to wash the outside of a car. I am very disappointed in the way there service is provided. I highly recommend not using them.

Chris Perez

I went there to get my car detailed for the first time today (3/24/19), and I can honestly say it was very disappointing. I paid $54 for the Prime 360 service, and the pictures below are what I was left with. Apparently there's some fine print with this service they don't tell you about. They'll give you some bs excuse about cleaning leather vs fabric and sometimes they can't clean fabric. I don't recall reading about that in the services sheet I had in my car. Interesting how that policy magically appears afterwards... While I was waiting in the lounge area one of the guys at the counter tried to upsell me and told me about some "spot" on the back of my driver seat that needed cleaning, and they could do it for an additional $15. It was dirt. That's it! Just plain old dirt, and they wanted to charge me even more than what I had already paid. They should be upfront about their services and what it covers. Seems like they'll try to snake every penny out of you they can while you're there. I won't be going there again, and I highly recommend that no one else does either.

Rick Matherly

Place is ok they miss alot spots on your car!!

craig moore

Just discovered Prime recently. Better wash and service for the money vs Crew carwash. They hand dry your car for $12!

Sumeet Vats

Went to this detailing place first time yesterday. Got the top package for exterior and interior detailing. It was job well done. Was impressed by the manager Allison work ethic and commitment to quality. Had a few minor issues which she got fixed after I came and inspected the car. Overall good experience !

connie williams

Staff is friendly, but lacking in details of service. They never throw trash away, no new trash bag placed in car. Crumbs still in seat. This is my 3 or 4th visit. Something is always missed. Price is high for results received.

Kymeri Davis

Did a pretty good job cleaning my car, but not for the price.

Rand Walden

The outside of my car was fairly clean, though my rims weren't touched. The inside showed numerous places where dust was left and where the seats were not wiped down, even though I paid extra for the detailing.

Rick Byars

This place is great, i received an interior detail here. Everyone was professional and did their job well. They also start working on your car as soon as you drop it off, if you make an appointment (I've had issues in the past about this.). Its a little pricey compared to some other options, but you will at least know its done right the first time.

Sharon Kruggel

Wonderful people and great service!

Edgard Chavez

I felt really bad because my car was dirty inside but they powered thru the mess and got my baby clean. I was very impressed.

CBI Truck & Trailer Repair

very bad service. I got a new Tesla and I went to get a car wash and they scratched up my whole car. The employees are rude and disrespectful and the managers don’t know how to talk to their customers. Don’t go there, it’s not worth the money.

Sandy Shadley

Great job. Nice staff

Josh Wilson

They usually do a good job but ya have to watch them. It seems their turnaround rate is pretty high. Still waiting for reimbursement on vehicle damage.

Tonia Bazan

The actual car wash is Good but the Way they put you through is Alow and unorganized. I sat in line for 30 minutes waiting for drivers to think of it like a 4 way stop and take turns. Yeah well that didn’t happen. I probably will cancel and go back to Crew unless they have a Speed Pass Lane.


The service is friendly and welcoming. All types of vehicles are cleaned here and each clean is top notch.

Jenna McCaleb

Paid $23 to get my interior cleaned out of my car, no wash. They spent roughly 10 minutes on my car. There is still dog hair and crumbs throughout my car, trash in the door, spots on my rear view mirror and no signs of anything being wiped off. Do not recommended what so ever. Not worth your time or money

tony carlson

Great staff

Yolanda Moore

You get good service at a good price

Nichole Howard

Love this place they even dry your car.

Steve Norris

Spent 39.00...very friendly service....beautiful location...when I got home....all rims were still dirty....spent 20 minutes cleaning them myself....definitely didn't get my moneys worth

Michael Benjamin Young

Prime Car Wash on Emerson is awesome. My car looks freakin amazing. $17 for wash and wax. $29 for an inside and out service. Highly recommend. Bugs were all over my bumper which I did not have to point out or ask for special attention. Dude spent over 5 minutes getting them all off, didn't miss a spot. Towel dried by hand. Infinitely better than their popular competitor.

Kylee Powers

I went to get my car cleaned today and was very impressed with the interior cleaning. Let me preface by saying that my floor mats were a mess. Grass, straw, dirt all over them. The carpet was just as bad below them. Paid $25, and got a decent exterior wash (better than average, but not perfect) and an amazing interior clean. My floors look like they did when I first got my car. Seats were vacuumed, most of the window smudging was gone. The dashboard was clean. I had spent many days trying to clean my own floors and dashboard, but the $25 was well spent here. It took less than an hour. I will definitely be going back anytime I need my interior cleaned. Very pleased.

Harvey Studer, Jr

It’s getting better. My membership bill has been messed up for my wife and I that we had to get fixed. My truck wasn’t cleaned very well a couple of times, and you have to plan a time in your day to come here because it’s not fast. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the service.

Jeff Spicer

The inside of my car was still dirty during my last three visits. One of the brushes broke lose and stuck in my car. When showing this to the staff they claimed I hit something and the material inside of the car was coming out. I was able to pull the fiber out with plyers. It was definitely from their car wash. I will no longer be taking my car here.

Erin Gehrich

Would give lower if could seats were left soaked and white shirt turned brown when it hit the seat. Wax left on every wheel and on front end of car, bug splatter still on front end and the entire inside of the car was left with a oil all over it said something to them and they said it was just the cleaner and polisher was able to take a shop rag and wipe almost all oil off surfaces. There was still dust and dirt on the dash. When you pay $200+ for a full detail you expect it to be done right will not be returning since I have found elsewhere that does a better job for $50 and there was damage to the car they said was there before we left it when I know wasn't 5 minutes before when we stopped at the store.

Mahamadoun Alassane Touré

LOOK for yourself the carwash I have recieved for $25. The job was poorly done, the professionalism of the employees was mediocre. I have never been so disappointed about a carwash than this one. I went in for a carwash, when I asked if that's what they offered for 25 dollars, they asked me to leave. I don't want to bother the police for $25 but I warn anyone who wants to know that this business is a hoax.

Brett Laughlin

If I could give a zero I would. Paid for a full detail and still had to clean after the detail. Was offered to come back along with an attitude of well you did walk around it. I’m sorry but you are not going to notice somethings right away. Will never return or recommend.

Ken Cain

The staff was great! My phone was about to die and a staff member had a charger that they let me use while my car was being cleaned! Going above and beyond. A++

DeWayne Martin

Wheels weren't clean ,liked the windows wiped after wash tho.

Ben Larson

Paid for the Elite wash for $39, they did a pretty bad job. Still dusty inside, exterior mud not even cleaned off, windows still dirty on the inside. Wish I would have caught it after they got done but I was in a hurry.


The other reviews are correct young teenagers not enough attention to detail. I had to remind the workers to add the scent to my car and also ask them to please wipe my tire rims . I lost side door my trim in the car wash .it was already starting to come off of my car and the car wash ripped it completely off .I had to wait for them to retrieve it. The manager helped me and was very professional.

K. Michael VerKamp

Always a pleasure.. Great service. So great this day I even called the manager after I left about one of the workers that dried our car. More than two + years I've been coming back!

Nathan Berner

I have the Elite membership. As with any car wash and how dirty my vehicle goes in every time due to my business, it doesn’t always come out flawless BUT that’s to be expected. Always greeted by friendly staff and facility is nicely kept.

Becky Johnson

I am not happy!! I have waited to send this to give me tome to cool off. I paid for the elite plus 15 dollars extra for you to armour all the inside and make it like new!!? You can see spots on the interior and areas on the dash that were missed. I tipped 10 dollars which came to a total of 64 dollars and I am going to have to pay for someone to do it right. I should have stood over them to make sure it was done right. Obviously no pride in doing a good job!!!! Managers need to be on the ball especially checking these things. Making that money but doing a poor job!! Thank you for taking my money for a service I did not get.

Pamela Miceli

Jeff and the team at this location are amazing. They work hard and make sure you leave satisfied. I love that in a short time I get my car cleaned inside and out! And they also have detail services available. I love that with a monthly subscription you can come daily if you want. I highly recommend this location! Give them a try and you will always come back!


This was my first and last time at Prime Car Wash. Paid for the Elite 360 inside/outside for my 2016 small economy car. I basically paid $39 for an exterior wash. Vacuumed a couple of leaves out. Spent 1 hr afterwards wiping my interior down and vacuuming. Place looks nice but don't deliver. They just push the memberships. No-frills place on Keystone does a much better job. Live and learn. Would rather patron a small buisness like that.

Cris Kimbrough

My husband brought his car; had to go 3 times to get it clean. The manager gave him a gift card. Two weeks later I used that card. Asked specifically for several things including a vacuum of trunk. “Yes, of course” turned to “ So sorry, Sir.” Had to be vacuum and several things wiped down. Forget this place!

Harpreet singh bajwa

I was going to get my car washed there for the first time today but it was closed there was no sign that why it was close at 6pm. you can’t call them you have to leave the message they will call you back. bad customer service complete waste of my time.

Brandon Samson

I wish I had more than two hands so I can give you guys 10 thumbs down I just wanted to thank you guys for breaking hundreds of dollars of stuff inside my Hummer and putting a couple scratches on the outside that I had to pay the have buffed out from another company I don't recommend this car wash

Stan Lawler

I go to the Avon prime 2-3 days a week. The Carmel location does not do as good a job as Avon.

Ray Henderson

All the employees were very friendly and the price was super good for the elite 360. Don't go in expecting a $200 detail for $54 or you'll be sadly disappointed. Very good middle of the road option and reasonable price. I would recommend this to others!


I've been a member for about 3 years and I wouldn't change ANYTHING about them!

Lisa Berger

They always get you in and out quickly. Check your running boards, they never get cleaned

Bridgette Perry

I am disappointed in this establishment claiming to be elite. I have attempted numerous times this week to contact customer service to ask a question about my membership expiration date. I was put on hold for 10 minutes the first time, hung …

Sharla Good

Not realizing they were not open yet, I swung in for a car wash. No on in the little house so I pulled thru which is not uncommon. I saw a guy inside and beeped my horn. He strolled outside, looked into the car wash looked at me and strolled back into the building. A real quick "sorry not open yet" would have been nice. They were very nice when I paid them for my annual membership! What happened to customer service!


Boo!!!! $54.00 Bird droppings remained on driver side of my Deep Blue Pearl Titan. How do they miss that? Dirt left on bottom of the driver door about shoe height. Dirt and shoe prints remain on kick plate. Did a good job cleaning my new mats. The mats very wet. I hope they don't mildew.

Bob Clark

Did a very good job. The guy at the entrance used a sponge to scrub the front of my car by hand after spraying it off.

Nathaniel Jensen

I ordered the top tier wash for $70 and they didn't even clean the back of my small SUV - which was clear of any gear or cargo to allow access. The wash also ripped off the emblem of my vehicle and bent my front license plate. I've called a few times and have been put on hold for 10min+ each time with no response. How about a refund and we call it even?

Robert Walker

Great people

Mike Woods

The exterior car wash is superior to Crew. Quite good, actually, and I appreciate the dry-by-hand finish. Happy to pay a few bucks more for the exterior wash when comparing to Crew or other local washes. The disappointment is in the interior work and attention to the details that matter. The interior vacuum job leaves behind enough that I have to go back and do more with my own shop vac at home. I just got back from a road trip and needed a lot of bugs cleaned off the front. I called this out at the beginning and the attendant acknowledged and made a note of it. After running through the exterior wash and interior cleaning, there were still quite a few bug spots on the hood, grill area, and areas near the fog lamps. When I pointed that out at final inspection, the guy grabbed a bottle of cleaner and quickly wiped over the area barely making a noticeable difference, stood up, and asked me if it was better. It was not, but I was now crunched for time and had to leave. There is no way he would have treated his own vehicle that way. I ended up vacuuming more, cleaning the remaining bugs from the front, and cleaning my all-season mats better. I don’t like to end up re-doing what I’m paying for in the first place. This makes me think twice about buying a membership. Not worth it.

Monica Keihn

Very nice staff! The waiting area and restrooms are super clean and they get the car washed and cleaned very quickly and they do a very good job as well! You get free starbucks coffe while you wait and they have an excellent selection of air fresheners for you to choose from. I would definitely recommend Prime Car wash on 98th amd Michigan road in Indy to anyone!

kassie Schaefer

3 times went back for prime 360....told them about bugs, wheels, windows, vacuum, interior wipe This is what is left after the third time and even told them each time. Tires not even done this last time, vacuum really?, wheel grime still....hey the bugs are gone at least....I’m done doing it myself

Tyler St John

Awesome place to was your car... memberships are def. Worth it and empliyees do a great job of detailing/wiping down the vehicles

Heather Fowler

Their website states the hours of 8am-8pm Mon-Sat. I just drove there and arrived at 7:20pm to see that they were closed. If your hours have changed you need to update them so people don’t waste their time. I tried calling and they don’t even have a recording with information. Looks like I’ll go to Crew Carwash. Poor business practices Prime.

Kirsty P

Make sure to check the detail work before leaving the lot. They missed several areas that needed attention that I told the specifically to focus on three times and they still missed.

Jaclynn Hamilton

Friendliest service ever! Everyone was so kind! They got my car looking great and overall a great experience! Sit in the cafe they will detail inside of car!

Kay Rossman

Car looks brand new good job


First time going here , I Spent 39 dollars for their top package car wash only to get horrible results, water spots and stains everywhere, wheels half way washed, door jams still filthy , only thing that I’d say they did a good job on was the interior , I guess I’ll stick with going to the detail shops vs these local car wash chains

Dan Swihart

Detailing they did was amazing.

Wendy Milhouse

I like the place cleaned up car nicely that I was planning to sell


Upscale car wash and detailing. Did a great job inside and out. Pricy but reasonable for what you get

nisaa jones

Len welcomed me with such enthusiasm. When my car was finished he walked to me and walked me to my car, while letting me know if there is a problem to let him know and he'd fix it.

William Kuhl

I reccomend prime car wash, they do a good job for the price, they are quick and they hooked me up when I had a spill in my truck even tho they were booked solid for the day. Great customer service

Gian Spadone

Overall good detailing service; however they did lose the rubber mats for cup holders. They probably ended up in the trash by accident but it would have been nice to get the call back I was promised.

Jai CLark

Best in town

Brad Nacio

The process in which to cancel is horrible not very customer friendly.

B Fish

Hit or miss


For 70 bucks I would expect a much better job, also lost my insurance beacon and for some reason they left my hood unlatched, lucky I caught it as soon as I hit the interstate.

Yingyi Tan

The quality of service got worse. They used to pressure wash both sides of wheels but recently it was only on driver's side. I was overcharged twice for outside wash and when I called to complaint, the responds sounded like it was my fault. Will go to the competitors definitely.

Alexandria Hudson

Canceled my Prime membership a week before it was scheduled to renew and they still charged me $70. When I try to call and talk to a manager it’s Always sent to voicemail. Very disappointed in management at this establishment

Alicia Hamilton

My car was in need a nice cleaning. Unfortunately, my car was still dirty after it had been "cleaned". I have dogs in my car everyday...but I have seat covers for them in the back, the driver's seat has a cover and the passenger seat usually has stuff sitting in it, so it was pretty clean. My dashboard and windows were what needed the most attention....they received very little. I still had hair and dust on my dash, the "doggy nose art" was not wiped off the back windows, and my front windshield was barely wiped down. Dust everywhere. The exterior of my car had a film of dirt that you could see and came off on your finger. I will not go back. I had one nice experience there when they first opened, but unfortunately it was overpriced for the terrible work. Nice people though!

Ted Clevenger

Great value. Amazing staff. Very friendly and affordable. Had a few bugs left on the hood and the dash could have been cleaner, but they were super busy. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars for sure.

Lisa Burns

It is very rare these days for companies to care about their customers. Kyle the new GM went overboard to take care of a mistake and make it right. He was professional, kind and just above and beyond. I caught him going home for the evening and he stayed to make sure everything was made right. I highly recommend this carwash and location in our city.

Tom Braden

Not a very good job on the inside windows especially bringing it to their attention before the car wash. Not recommended

D Ferg

Good service

Susana S. Lopez

I went to Prime today (02/03/2019) and I paid for 2 elite car washes and even paid for the leather conditioning. I thought everything looked great, until I went to Target and opened my trunk to put in my purchases. The trunk was still filthy!! They never vacummed the trunk or the back of the car. I was extremely upset being that I paid for 2 cars and for their most expensive package. I don't have my receipt because you hand it to them to get your vehicle. My cars were #430 and #670. Very very very disappointed!!!!!! See pics below. They never touched the trunk and I would think paying for and Elite package, with all it includes, vacuuming the trunk would be standard.

Brady Rodriguez

Paid for the exterior wash only, but there were still smudges and streaks on the car.

Kurt Houin

The exterior wash is comparable to what you would get at any other competitor, just a little more expensive. I have a toddler and 3 dogs, so I sprang for the extra interior cleaning. Apparently this means a quick swipe with a shop vac and a spritz of Armorall on the dash. I understand that smashed cereal and pet fur are difficult to vacuum, but I seriously could’ve done a better job at home with my cheap hand vac. The center consol and most of the interior surfaces, save for the steering wheel and very top of the dash, still had a layer of dust and dirt, and had obviously not been touched at all. To top it off, I just got home and discovered the window tint on the passenger side window is severely bubbled and wrinkled. I can’t even imagine how they managed to accomplish this, but I know it wasn’t like that before I got there. I should also add that while waiting I overheard another customer complaining because they had somehow managed to lose his floor mats! My overall impression of the services provided is that they are unprofessional, unorganized, and irresponsible.

Smith Family

Went for a 360 car wash and carpet shampooing, total cost of $64. Waited for one hour and the results was worse than sloppy. The interior was not wiped down, there were spots everywhere, the interior was so poorly vaccumed, that we have to do it again. The trunk was not even vacuumed at all. I had brought to their attention the lack of interior wiping down and poor vacuming, waited another 30 min, just to be greeted by a lady saying she took the courtsey to wipe down the console again. THAT was supposed to be included in the job you were hired for! The vaccuming was not even addressed. This was a beyond ridiculos experience.

Elissa Guevara

They missed major dirt on the passenger door and ignored the trunk all together. Also, they did a poor job explaining the different services and which would be best based on what I expressed I was looking for. Ended up confused, disappointed and spending more than I wanted to.

Lance McGee

Quick and thorough service, excellent pricing and the staff is courteous and professional.

Hunter Wiseley

I normally have pretty good experiences here, but this last time was really subpar. Even after they hand dried the car, I had to get out and dry a bunch more off they didn't get on the back. In doing that, I found a bunch of spots that got missed on the car and had to go back through.

Bernadette Lopez Donahue

My husband got his car wash once and they continued to charge his card $69 over and over 7 times for a total of $483. I wonder how many other people have been charged fraudulently? If so, call manager, Cameron, for a refund.

Becky Spears

There are a couple of teens here who work hard. The rest act entitled. This location is closer to my home so I go there more often. I always have to ask them to vacuum my front floorboards and sometimes back again. A few times when leaving the airport, I've stopped at the location in Avon. Those teens work so much harder, are friendlier, and I've never had to ask them to finish the job. Is there an mgmt hiring issue in Carmel?

Anthony Hampton

Just took my car in and got the $40 wash which is "Suppose" to include exterior and interior cleaning as well. The exterior was a good clean, could've been better, the people that dried my car did an okay job as well not the best and missed couple spots that I had to go and hand wipe clean and dry myself. The real problem here is the people doing the inside of the cars, they half vacuumed, half wiped the windows, all of the door jams were missed, my dash and touchscreen still hand finger prints and debris on it. I to go home and basically clean the whole inside of my car myself, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. And what happened to the new car scent? #shrugsshoulders Over priced for the work performed, will not be back!

Harry Hodgdon

Great service and do a thorough job of cleaning car top to bottom! They make you feel appreciated.

Joseph Kappel

Excellent job. Car looks good - inside and out

Brett Grooms

Decent car wash, with just ok customer service. I was told to cancel my membership on a certain day, little did I know that was the day they charge me and there are no refunds. Cool right? Remember to cancel a week out from the day they tell you to cancel it. Shame, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Lori Farris

Fair carwash. Love the hot wax but the attendants expect a tip and I expect dry windows and mirrors.

Debbie Bowles

Very nice. They were unable to get more dog hair off carpet. I had inside and outside done. Pleased with windows and dash area.

Charles Henderson


Amarpreet Singh

Bad service, workers do minimum effort

Blaze Begley

Quick service and their team of cleaning experts have a great attention to detail!! Super satisfied

Landon B

Upon leaving Prime Auto I noticed a buzzing sound occurring in my truck. I had mentioned something to my detailer (and young man with braces). He immediately did the right thing and got a manager. He brought over the GM Victor to come …

Shannon Whitlock

Absolutely awful experience. Went once, the did a terrible job cleaning, looks like they just swiped over the things they were supposed to clean with a dirty towel and did a terrible job sweeping. Decided to give them a second try a few months later. Same thing, but this time they used my bank account information to partially sign me up for a membership. They show in the system that I do not have an account, but somehow they are debiting my account. Their response, "the system is terrible, none of us like it, but it's the best we can get" Unacceptable! Its been a week now and no refund, no resolution, had to file a claim with the bank for unauthorized transaction. Big pain, terrible service. The idea is great, maybe other location are better, but avoid the one on Michigan road.

Eric Proctor

Great place and well run. Would have easily given 5 stars if hours were expanded to say 7a - 7p, M - F.

Allison Watson

This team cares, they listen and execute. Satisfied everytime I leave with my car so fresh and so clean. Highly recommended.

Deondra Davis

Really nice atmosphere and staff!

C Satterfield

Service is always fast and complete. Have monthly account, love it. They dry the car and remove that plastic bag on the rear wiper. Yes.

Brandon Condon

I pay monthly for the unlimited ultimate and interior wash at crew carwash at HTC. In figured I'd give Prime a try since I see them opening a few locations. By far the worst cleaning ever done to the inside of my car. Im not a dirty person but first builds up and when I left I still wiped off my dash. On top of that it looks like someone dragged their feet across my passenger front seat. And $40 for it just high in my opinion. Plus I guess I'm suppose to get an air freshener too which didn't happen. Definitely will not be back.


Just save your money. I sprung for the Elite wash because at 8.5 months pregnant I wanted my car to be ready to bring home baby #2. This was supposed to include wipe down of the obviously didn't. Upon first inspection I thought it was fine and went back to work, but sitting in the parking lot I saw goldfish in the backseat crack from the drivers seat! I went to clean that up and then saw the seats still had residue on them. I keep car cleaning wipes in my car and as you can see from the photos this was my cleaning AFTER they did. Unacceptable for a $40 car wash. I should have just done it myself and saved the money.

Michael Heath

They did a fantastic job cleaning inside my messy car!

Nicole Whistler

Came here for a “buy two” detailing package. I chose the hard surfaces clean and the carpet clean. They outside of my car looked amazing and the hard surfaces were so clean; they got in every crack and hole around the car. The problem was with the carpet clean. They were cleaned but not dried and the person who gave my car back said nothing about the back seat rugs being soaking wet when they returned my car to me. So that day while I was at work, my car was parked outside in direct sunlight and I came out to my car after work to find my car smelling like mildew! I had to leave my car doors open in my driveway all night so the carpets could dry. I’m sure it would take too long for them to blow dry carpeting, just wish I had been warned!

Christopher Bottorff

Have dog...360 membership is great. They are good at getting the dog hair out.

jack masonville

not bad for the price. I like the inside cleaning

Chris Beasley

Extremely disappointing and disgusting that I pay over 40$ a month and yet they can't seem to provide clean chairs to sit in, also they don't even maintain the drive thru car wash it is missing all of the cloth wash strips. Multiple wash bars missing all of the wash strips.

Kegan Glover

Cat wash was not as good at Crew Car Wash AND cost more. Interior detail was the real miss here though. Paid $40 for a wash and detail and it looks like someone simply ran a wipe across my dash a few times and called it good. Door jams, floor mats, seats, console, etc. were all untouched. Save your money and go to Crew car wash instead. Unacceptable

Darin Tucker

They do a good job. I would have given them 5 stars but we paid extra to have the interior done and several easy to see and reach areas weren't touched.

Brandon Zimmerman

Josh is fantastic! He did a wonderful job with our Jeep and was very courteous! Will go back 110%!

Amy Dorr

Staff is excellent. However, for $25 I expect the interior of my A6 to be spotless. This is usually not the case. Additionally, the door jams have never been dried properly nor has the trunk jams. But, if you take the time to point out your areas of preference, the staff will attend to them.

John Collier

Paid for an Elite Car Wash ($39.00) and an additional Doors and Dashboard ($15.00). I’ve come here numerous times and not had a huge problem. Today, though, was different. I have a minivan that was completely empty of all car seats. The back seats and floors and cup holders were not even touched. The trunk was not swept out. The back windshield was not wiped down. Overall disappointed about the most recent visit and I will be taking my services elsewhere. Be sure to look over EVERYTHING before you pull out of the lot. For the price I feel as though this should be done.

Lori White

Earlier this afternoon I took my son's car to Prime Car Wash on N Michigan Rd because it was near our home & they offered interior cleaning of your vehicle as well. We were getting it cleaned and detailed to surprise him when he arrived home later today after summer long Army training sessions. The exterior cleaning was excellent. The interior cleaning was not excellent. Vacuuming & cleaning of the floor mats was good. However, on the brief drive home I noticed that the dashboard, console & door areas looked as though a cleaning had not been done. I spent 45 minutes once at home cleaning those areas the Prime staff missed. The number of soiled paper towels I generated while cleaning testify to very little interior cleaning having been done. My son's car is not brand new or a luxury brand. I wonder how the cleaning would have gone if I had brought in my Acura RDX?! Since we are new to this area, you might have gained a new customer Prime, but the result did not match the cost for the 360 cleaning; therefore, we won't be back.

Liz( Lion )

Im a Very dissatisfied customer. Today my husband cancel all of our memberships because the manager refused to wipe clean the back window from one of our trucks. When we call to file a formal complain the manager refused to take the complain and was rushing the call, no info given. Very poor customer service, the have a lot of kids working there but the training and soft skills to deal with customers is none. It was almost insulting our experience today in front of other customers. We are taking our 4 car business somewhere else.

mallikarjun v

very poor service. They clean only visible places.

Leah Anderson

Went to the Prime car wash in Greenwood, IN on Saturday February 2, 2019 paid $50.00 to have the Elite wash plus the interior console, dashboard, windows, washed, floorboards, cargo area, floor mats vacuumed and none of that was done. We I let them know I wasn’t satisfied and pointed out that they didn’t do what I had paid for the attendant wanted me to come back a different day to have it redone. I said no I paid for this service to be done today and I expect it to be done today. She did not like my response. So I give them a piss poor rating for their huge lack in customer service.

Marissa Swyler

Love! Super friendly, always making conversation with my husband and joking with him when they scan the car tag. Been a customer since they first opened up in greenwood!

Darla Parrett

very good service and fast

Diane Smith

Great service for the modest pricing. Staff is great.


The first time months ago was great! The second time they had to redo my car, because they missed a lot!! I decided to give them another shot! Needless to say, they are redoing my car again. I won’t be back!

Beanner Burns

This place is brand new I got a free car wash voucher in the mail so I decided to check it out. My car looked so clean and the employees were very helpful and nice!! My favorite perk to getting my car washed here was the Free Vacuum with a paid wash

Hunter Hughes

Truck wouldn’t fit. Said it would when I called ahead. Drove over only to find that it wouldn’t. Very difficult to get out of the lot if you can’t fit in the car wash. Line was backed up and I could not back out. Clean new looking place. Three, Half-friendly employees spoke with me.

stephanie finney

Even before the work was done, I experienced above and beyond, exceptional customer service from Neff & Josh! Josh really took his time discussing my options on interior cleaning. Great customer service goes a long way! Thanks Josh

Doug Yohler

Always satisfied with the results although sometimes they do not get the door seals and back hatchback seals dry enough.

Neil Mack

I took my car in for the basic wash. The employees were friendly and very helpful. The car was washed and then they hand dry. They did a good job overall. Check them out sometime.

Scott O

I had my wife's car detailed at Prime, they were very professional and did an excellent job, the car looked brand-new. I had this done as a gift for my wife, she absolutely loved it. One last thing it was quick and very efficient.

ashley lester

Crazy slow service as of my most recent visit... used to come here often, and never had this problem... something might have been not working in the car wash itself... kids goofing around while "working".... desk help not very friendly... outside of the car looks much cleaner... inside... well... meh, like usual.

Charles Coleman

Great job every time...

Lyndsey O

This was my first time using this company. I got the 360 wash. I constantly have people getting in and out of my van and a toddler that makes a mess. They did a great job inside and out. The van looks great and smells good and I am no longer embarrassed to drive company around. I am pregnant so I am unable to clean it out myself. The $25 wash and cleaning was definitely worth it. I will definitely be coming back and referring my friends.

Baltimorefatts Coates

A great carwash service. Inside and out


Always room for improvement...good job.

Doug Hart

I love Prime! a much better experience than Crew/Mike's and do a better job with cleaning the inside every time I take it. Membership is great especially on the weekends when the lines get long, a quick 180 wash is a good way to keep the outside clean and also get it hand dried and better wheel shine. Great product and great employees so far.

Mercy Bestman

I have gone here many times, however this will be the last time. The pro is that they do always offer a free month of washes. Cons young teenage employees with poor attention to detail. I witnessed one employee nearly wreck my car into another. It came so close that the emergency brake had to be used. That should never be the case... especially at a car wash. The people are nice, but it’s just not worth the risk. I’ll do it myself from now on.

Zach Crisman

Expensive. I prefer touchless car wash. I did like that they finish drying your car completely afterwards.

Lucas Rifkin

Full-service carwash, reasonably priced. Was pleased with the interior and exterior. Friendly service. They have a subscription package.

Neesheka Gray

This place has continued to disappoint me more and more over the years. My family has been a 4 car customer for over 4 years now. Most of the staff consists of teenagers who do not have much attention to detail or customer service. Since we are monthly members, I do not appreciate constantly being asked to upgrade and in hand drying my vehicles why do I always have to get out and find that the cars or trucks are never dry and the tires have not been buttered as they should b?. It is this lackadaisical service and inattention to customer care, that will likely drive me back to the competition. **** In a very recent instance, my vehicle (H3) was damaged by one of the dryers. The appropriate report was filed and I was assured that a manager would contact me timely to Remediate the problem and repair the vehicle. This did not happen!!! After 3 weeks of calling and waiting I filed a claim with my own insurance for the repair. To this day I have never heard from the manager. And my insurance company is seeking resolution from Prime. Very unprofessional and unexpected and unfortunate.

Ugly Director

They dont Drug Test Employee...I've seen workers there doing drugs out of work....they under pay employees based on how they feel about you....employees yell at each other...lots of profanity is heard around there! Would not recommend!

Dennis Buis

Great customer service in very professional

Heather Clark

Best car wash I’ve ever been to

Elizabeth Dove

I just bought a Silver 2004 Toyota Sequoia yesterday and brought it to Prime Car Wash to get a full detail. They did amazing job. It use to be smoked it and I wanted it turned into a non smoking vehicle. Prime was able to get that done. Thank you all.

Rodney Campbell

Started a membership last year and canceled it for poor services. This year apparently they havent changed a bit. Forgot shampooing my mats and incense and also wheel shine and also left my truck with spots all over it and dirt that didnt get washed off by the car wash. I paid $39 for the best possible service. guess sparkling image will be my go to for now on. Until this place gets a better team that knows how to take care of customers I wont be back.

Erik Olen

Excellent service, but I wish they had additional locations.

Jerome Denzel Barnett

My wife is a loyal patron and loves the service its located on my street which is very convenient lol

Lovely Gupta

Worst service.. they don’t know how to treat customers..

Shady Wahba

I was very disappointed with my car detailed.nothing good

Elaine Lelakowski

Usually a great Place . Car washing and drying is very good,but had to have them reclean and vacuum my car. This time as it wasn't even close to clean and they forgot my airfreshener I paid extra for this time also.

Prime Sucks

Since Prime Car wash has moved into the end of our neighborhood they have been nothing but a nuisance. There are dozens of other company’s right here but the only one that causes any problems is Prime Car Wash. They let a bunch of immature children run that place. They have rev and burn out contests almost every night they close (Join us around 8:20pm to watch). They have even had these contests at midnight on Sundays!!! After numerous complaints there management says they can’t do anything. So please join me in boycotting Prime…. I mean, they have a lot of 1 stars anyways so why not just go to Mike’s (There is one 1 mile north or south no Michigan).

Beckie Schroeder

I wish I read these reviews before I stopped for a complete detail at a cost of $170. What a big waste of money that was. My car looked like it had been sprayed with grease all over the interior. All the dirt and grime I went in to get cleaned was essentially just covered up. In addition, my carpets were soaking wet and after 5 days my car began to smell terribly because they were still wet. I called to let them know my disappointment and they said to come back but when I did I was pretty much dissed and they were extremely rude. They did run my carpets through a cleaner again but they put them back in my car dripping wet again so I went home and tried to dry them myself. Worst experience ever and I would never use this company again. If I could give zero stars I would. Think twice before going here!

Megan Rush

The only reason I'm giving 2 stars rather than 1. Is because after complaining several times. Along with them watching me clean my own car in front of them. I usually get the basic 25.00 vacuum and wipe down. I paid 50.00 and got the same results as the basic 25.00. The detail manager Josh finally came to my rescue after complaining to two different managers. I showed them the dirt they missed by splitting on it and wiping it off. After they told me it was a scratch. I DO NOT RECOMMEND them. Will never go back

Ken Hill

Brought in a car for a complete detailing. Pretty high price point, but seemed like a professional operation so was able to get beyond that. The actual results though were less than I expected... was like someone was racing to do a car and just hit the big/easy areas and didn't really care much for the details on how it looked. The outside wash was fine. No real complains there. On the more value-add (non-automated) services though, just seemed like everything was sloppy. For example, 85% of the windows/mirrors were done ok, but could see that that the edges were missed so looked like a clear window with a hazy frame on it. Console treatment was uneven and missed large sections. Rims were like 75% done. So, when mirrors, console and wheels all require rework by me, I might as well have saved nearly $200 and done the whole thing myself. Overall was disappointing.

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