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4020 E. State Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46815

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REVIEWS OF Mike's Carwash IN Indiana

Paul Forbing

I've washed my car here a lot. Its nice to have the option to rewash when something hasn't come off your car. No wet-vac at the vacuum stations though.

Larry Jordan

Have my car lookin good..

Angela Stroop

I just love Mike's carwash. Great service every time.


I haven't had an issues with any location. Always quick service.

Ning Sanderson

Our truck came out dry and clean, friendly service.

Angela Carver

The employees are always nice and friendly. Unfortunately I will never be a customer again. My van was scratched and I made a claim waited 10 days called to check the status and was told there was no way the marks came from the car wash they are "inconsistent with the wash process " . I've only had the van for 12 days when I got it washed I look at my van every single day and the marks were not there before. The lady told me to take it to a body shop because she's sure it's paint. There are no signs of my van being hit to transfer this paint. So now I have to pay more money to prove that they scratched my van. And they still probably won't do anything about it. I've used this car wash for years never had a problem before. She even tried to tell me they don't use anything red! Excuse me? Have you ever went through the car wash there's red everywhere in there.

Lisa Wester

Love Mike's! If it isn't clean the first go through, they let you go through again for free.

Tim Shelford

I love this Mikes location! It's pretty orderly and easy to find. It can get REALLY busy during peak hours.

Mikhailovna Inna

I go here for the customer servicemore than the washes lol. The people are so nice and adorable!

Caleb Fear

good place to just go and have a nice relaxing carwash

Matt Pope

Got my car washed and it felt soooooo good

Rose Jackson

Why do they only ever spray one side of the car before wash starts? For the prices they charge, the company should use an extra minute to spray both sides. Amazing waiting for my turn I watched them spray a both sides of a funeral car

starr garey

One of the workers heard my kids in the back and specifically drew a smiley face for them! Way to personalize the experience!

David D

Gets your car clean

Scott Johnson

Good car wash service with many functional options

Nolan Richhart

Nice staff. Clean car. There's not much else to it.

Josh C.

Mike's Carwash does a really nice job. Go during their early bird hours and save yourself a couple bucks.

Mary Witte

They do a great job on your vehicle

Nick Crook

You get what you pay for.

Alan Maier


Andrea Soil Hill


Dale Tucker

Always happy with the service. Books are great value.

Christina Graham

Love the works at mike's. ...easy and friendly staff

Angel Witch

A bit pricey. Otherwise a good job.

Mike Trulock

Great car wash as usual. Helpful attendants. Thanks

Laemond Kimbley

Great service

kamdyn solga

I use the do it yourself wash for my vehicle.. It's the perfect spot to wash a car! For only $4 It's has every soap, scrubber, and sprayer you'll need to perfect your vehicle.. plus there's a coin machine that is always full and never has problems exchanging currency. There's a large selection of coin products to help you achieve the best clean for interior and exterior. Vacuums have great suction. For only $1.

Todd Bastress

Great car wash with very friendly and well trained staff. Their facilities and properties are always well kept. I buy the monthly pass which is a good value.

Steve Butler Sr.

Great car wash. Very friendly personal.

Trista Presley

Always a good car wash. A little pricey tho

Adrian Thompson

Love the workers even in cold unbearable weather they greet you with a smile and offer up there specials. Great deals great prices and there machines leave your car showroom ready.

Westley Bailey

Fast friendly and always leaves car looking clean

Joseph Vaccaro

Would be great if they had interior service.

Eric Johnson

Fast great service keeps the salt off my car

Daniel Schmidt

Never had a problem with my car after getting it washed. They seem to always get the dirt off.

Rick Araujo

Good wash

Cathy Dashley

Such a good staff and great wash!

Wes Maier

The attention to detail is no longer here. You car is kinda clean but not like it used to be when you drove out of a Mike's.

Ed Leonard

Friendly service and a clean car :-)

Carlton Farrie

Keep your car clean

Jessica Borger

We always go to Mikes for a car wash and we are always happy with how clean our vehicle is. However, we did get the ultimate car wash and our vehicle did not get fully cleaned but when we talked to someone about a re-wash they were very understanding and gave us a re-wash at no charge. For that we will continue to use Mikes.

Rick Dufresne

Always a great place for a good car wash.

Wajdi Abendeh

“Not” My favorite Mikes location, best team & customer service. I got denied washing my truck here after months of washing, says too wide. Editing my review, i wont be Washing here anymore

Greg Zelt

It's a Mike's, so naturally the staff is incredible and they do a great job.

Matt Lincoln

Great Service !

Richard Horst

Always does a great job on my Jeep.

Lo'Ron Gill

Best Car wash in town. These beautiful young ladies let me go thru twice because I had a lot of bugs (I drive from FW to Lima every day). She said they wanted to make sure they got all the bugs. I will return and will refer much business to this specific location. Thanks ladies!!!!

Sunny Smiles

Nice and friendly workers always greeting you with a smile.


Does a Great job of keeping my truck CLEAN, THX

Terrance Golden

Quick Clean! Great service.

Chris Ehrhorn

Mikes is just the best ! The easiest way to keep your car looking great....

Jerry Pletcher

Spent $20 on ultimate wash, car is only partially clean, lots of water spots. Wont be going back.


Good ultimate wash..somewhat pricey.

Gerald Vandeveer

Ultimate was is great. Car and tires have been shiny for days now.

Melody King

Cleans the car good

Brian Howard

My car looks fresh!

Renee Hernandez-Maples

Car wash doesn't do well for anyone that has one of those little spoiler, lip, whatever you call them, protrusions over the rear window of a hatchback or SUV. Left the whole rear window and hatch still dirty, and still wet after the dryers. Paid for the most expensive wash, and pulled around to the vacuums, only to see that they charge for them. I've never seen a carwash that charges $9-$20 for a wash, then makes you pay for the vacuum. I came here because they have undercarriage wash, and they're right by my house, but I'm pretty certain I won't be back.

J Steinbach

This location is usually very busy. I can see why. Does a great job on your vehicle. The line moves quickly so just sit back and relax.

Jean Fussey

Nice spiffy youngsters perfectly align my car for the best shiny carwash ever.

Sean Ryan

Staff is always nice and helpful

Jaycob Masri

This car wash scratched the entire side of my 2013 Yukon Denali. When I filed a claim with them they never got back with me and totally disregarded my claim despite showing them multiple pictures. I came back within 30 minutes of my wash to notify their manager and he told me I was wrong and all the scratches down the side of my car had to have been there before. I'm sorry but I would have noticed multiple long deep scratches down the entire passenger side of my truck during the time I've owned it. With no call to follow up on the claim and also not even attempting to make the situation right i will never go back to the East State location of Mikes. I've been using Mikes for years and this was the worst experience i have ever had!

Jaimee Wilkinson

I have the unlimited plan. As an uber driver, it's important to keep a clean vehicle. Sometimes I even have to go 2x, they always say....welcome back!

Cortney Harris

Nice smiling workers, quick service

Roy Krouse

Rough on you vehicle after a period of time

Hella Good

Always nice to have a clean car! This is the place to go!

Brenda Rowe

Great fir your car

Barb Meese

Great job.

Daniel Stuerzenberger

There the BEST!!!

austin knox

Just got my truck washed with "the Works". When I got out to hand dry I noticed there were still dead bugs on my truck. However, the Staff was very nice.

Cindy Stephens

Always fast and friendly.

Lucas Hughes

Great service, great wash. Pricey

Clara Anderson

Miss Clara says, they do a great job, lots of friendly faces.

Danielle Daugherty

Did an ok job for just a quick run through, staff always friendly

Dale Sulser

Great place, good service recommend highly!

Phil& Sipe

The Ultimate Wash held keep your vehicle safe from Mother Nature's elements!

Kaytlyn Koch

Always have a great time here. Staff is super helpful

Brandon Faucett

Didn't wash my vehicle very well.

Pamela & Marshall Clarkson

Great service!

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