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2601 Wilson Ave, Madison, IN 47250

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REVIEWS OF Jeff's Car Wash Madison IN Indiana

janet daugherty

Sergio Guzman

gregory reed

We get the dart off of the car's so they look good


Mike Krall

I had just road dirt on my truck and after a $13 wash. It was just as dirty as it was when I came in. When complaining to the attendants, they told they couldn’t do anything about it. I’ll not be back.

Mike Rumsey

robert swope

Jeff is a thief cold no pressure water 60 cents a minute stay home

Paula Blair

Mike Beavers

A lot of the equipment doesn't work correctly.

Scott Dawson

This place is a joke! Absolutely the worst car wash I've ever been to!

Edith Wager

Always clean my car there

misty Mcneely

Nothing works right cost to much

Danny Hartwell

Lizzy Everage

Brent Hamilton

Paul Schutte

The equipment is old, and what repairs theyve done to keep it running make it difficult to use. I was glad I found a car wash at first because, the Hanover one is shut down. The self clean bay wouldn't take most of the bills I had, didn't work on many of the settings, and was very difficult to use(not the right kind of hose). It appears to me, I travel all over IN for business that at one point this was a very nice car wash? My guess is change in ownership, or owners not budgeting enough for repairs of older equipment? I hope it can change someday, and wish them the best.

Adrian Armstrong

Nate A

Great carwash! Price is decent and the full automatic gets your vehicle really clean

Austin Anderson

Drive through wash with the employees is the only reason I come. Always have problems with self wash

Angelia Glavich

Jennifer Appell

None of the vacuums work. The car wash is old and needs to be replaced.

Teah Moore

The vacuum really sucks good on the one closest to the road lol

Pat Tilley

Kathleen Curry

Karen Hafft

I selected the $13 automatic service. I inserted a $20 bill and received no change. I have called three times to no avail! Today the phone number has been disconnected !!!!!!!

Phyllis Keene

This is a decent car wash. Some of the cycles didn't work or was out of fluids on a couple of cycles. Water pressure is fantastic & they've always had soap in it.

B Youngblood

Bill Lohr

Does a fair job a lot of sprayers not working

Rick Anderson

david ikerd

Deborah Boston

Good value

Sarah Evans

Eric Springer

Scratched my vehicle in multiple places.

Andrew Dumpert

Terrible! No change, no receipt, told to come back when the boss is here. Won't be coming back again ever.

Sarah Tilley

The car wash is a joke old man works is a prick rude I wouldn't go there if I had to drive 30 miles people running there mouth better be able to back it up banded people for getting quarter's he has got a big mouth I'm sure someone going to shut it for him running that mouth on the 26th around one

Brad Barron

The automatic wash does a pretty good job. I usually get the lowest- middle $ we get a lot of birds in spring and fall. I would recomend jeffs

Ashley Pruitt

amy Hazelwood

I put $4 in quarters in the 1st machine, the bug be gone and tire cleaner didn't work...and I ran out of time because I wasted so much time waiting on those two things to work. 4 dollars in quarters in the 2nd machine...totally took them. Didn't even register... Then move to another, i deposited $2.50 (only requires $2.00) and it was saying I needed to deposit 0.50. I deposited $6 total into the 3rd machine before it finally gave me $2.00 worth of time. Then I ran out of time and had soap all over my car. After spending $10 for nothing and having no more cash...I had to use my bank card to go through the automatic car wash and paid $9 (minimum) for that! WHICH SUCKED. Left soap on my car. $23.00 TOTALLY WASTED FOR NOTHING.

jason long

Waste of money, doesn't even clean your car and shuts down at times while you have soap on your car. Wish we had a good car wash in this area.

Dan D

Actual car wash works but just wasted 8 dollars on two separate machines trying to shampoo the car. Barely any shampoo came out on one and none on the other. Before that had to scrounge for change because their change machines were also out.

Phillip Brittain

Nice place to wash vehicles.

Rick Nelson

Fast car wash for around $10

Jennifer Wellons


Paid for the most expensive wash n found several areas still dirty, like the tires, when the wash/polish/wash/polish/rinse/dry cycle stopped.

Judy Jines

Automated wash does a good job and you can pay with card.

Anitra Chatham

Went to car wash today, the drive thru for $13.00 didn't do a good job on my car! The one with brushes was down! I am very disappointed with my car wash! Hopefully they get this side fixed so does better job!

Nicole Walters

Courtney Sword

Kuiper _

This place is a joke things are constantly breaking and being replaced. Always dirty which is funny for a car wash

Tiffany Ruble

Very helpful employees.

Tosha Craig

Scott S

This place frequently takes money but doesn’t work. I would recommend avoiding it.

Joan Wollschlager

Quick and friendly service!

Mary Olusesi

This the worst place ever! To start off with I used the auto was for 10 bucks....STREAKS...STREAKS and did even get the bugs of front grill. Okay so I drive on over the spray bays thinking okay..I get it clean here...WRONG....Ended up dropping in another 20 bucks...brush didn't work (no signage to indicate so) the hose was torn from the spray spout ...cut my hand on the exposed wiring...the push buttons do not work properly BIG DELAY in cycles...over 2 minutes..the timer is way off...only ended up with 8 minutes actual wash/spray time..all for 20 bucks..what a joke....I could have had to 12 year old down the street do a better job for 30 bucks..or even better for a few more dollars had it professionally detailed. I WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND this carwash..unless of course you wish to waste your money/time for less than poor service!

Ron Kroger

Bobby Cook

Ryan Leach

Rusty Everage

Donnie Brison

A bit pricey but it does a good job and, i really don't mind the price since they have at least one attendant to pre-spray/suds the vehicle before it goes through the automatic wash


I have a New Dually and it didn't do a very good job,the truck had only road dirt and dust and still had some after running it through the best wash cycle!

Josh Carr

Best car wash around

Melissa Morales

Ryan Hartwell

Best car wash in town

Josh Ferguson

Lorene Norris

Machine didn't give me correct change back but an employee made it right but without a good attitude. Customer Service makes "a return" difference peeps

Neil L

Jennifer Bruther

Nothing worked

Sara Langdon

Price is right. Great job. Would be excellent if they wiped your car afterwards.

laz,Chloe spoon

Amber Kenworthy

High on there prices

David Wood

nakita neyman

Gets the job done

Eugenia Knox

Tucker Ball

Tiffany McCleery

Murrel VanWye

Good car wash!

sarah taylor

Melanie Morris

Nice place to go if you don't want to wash your car, attendents are friendly.

Kathy Schneidau

bill spangler

A decent enough car wash in a pinch. I just wouldn't go after it's been rainy or snowy out because the soaps will all be depleted. I've only tried the vacuums twice, and both times they were too clogged up or full to actually vacuum the carpets. If I have time, I go to the car wash downtown, but this one will work in absence of a viable alternative.

Jason Bell

If I could give this place zero stars I would. Junk car wash, nothing ever works!! I read on FB all the time where people get ripped off here, why is nobody fixing this issue here??? I myself have had several bad experiences so I wont go to Jeff's anymore, along with hundreds of others in Madison.

Jeanne Cleary

I never got a call deck from a number I finally found. But I went back a few days later and the guys there made it right. I still leave it a 4 since there is no way to contact anyone after-hour when I like to go threw... so I will just go when the operators are there from now on.

Matthew Weatherbee

They don't keep up the vacuum cleaners have been out for weeks and they don't put a sign on it saying they're out so they can get your money

connely green

Clean car good

Eric Kimmel

Terrible stalhs, good drive thru wash.

Lucinda Parks

Great service

Cathy Courtney

Janice Murray

taleen jackson

The touch-free, high-pressure automatic car wash is functional, but ineffective, while the lane on the left does a great job. The wash bays are essentially non-operational. However, the guys that work at the car wash are nice and try their best to help.


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