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1275 N Green St, Brownsburg, IN 46112

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REVIEWS OF Crew Carwash IN Indiana

Nathaniel Sanders

Ok not worth 20 for a wash


Expensive buy great wash and q

Shel Lo

Crew is great, however I feel Prime is money better spent. I had to switch to Prime.

Echo Eternal

Seems a little expensive, but the car gets clean. The coupon book was a good deal.

Jay Estelle

Great services and fast. I love the monthly pay. It saves me time and money.

Cuppycake 1124

The only carwash I will use! It might cost a bit more than other places, but my car always comes out clean and shiny. Even when the lines are long, they get you through fast.

Protector of the Protector Of the Fluffy Boi

The actual car wash is good, and there is nothing wrong with it besides the price. i hate their adds because they are deceptive and are verry common to hear on the radio. if you need a carwash because you dont want to do it by hand, this place is not bad.

Christopher Semich

We have the unlimited pass. Love it!

Rick Scank

The crew car wash has great equipment and really cleans your vehicle but cant do big trucks

Doris Kovitz drive thru at any time for a small monthly charge.

Steve F

My place to clean my car!

Cody Campbell

Always quick fast and in a hurry to please you

chris tunberg

You go in dirty and come out clean, what's not to like

Jeffrey Ball

Good clean truck there

Beth Hoopingarner

They dispose of good employees like they are garbage. Example: If an employee says "Hello" the wrong way they get fired. This happened ro my son, who by the way is a very kind and polite young man. This conveniently happened the week after he finished classes at ISU and was able ro file for remembursment through Crew Car Wash. It also happened a week before Christmas. The very young manager cannot give a straight answer and is very rude. All,he would say is my son's greeting was not correct. Again, his "hello" was incorrect? So basically what I gather is your employees are trained to be scripted. Please, watch social media as I will tell the story to the world.

Chad Newgent

Best Carwash!

Don Cope

The best car wash possible

Jack Leo

Went in dirty, came out clean. What more do you want?

Ryan Pattengale

The staff seemed friendly and I got in and out very quickly. My only issue is I've had two separate friends tell me it's messed up their car. As a matter of fact one of them has shown me the paint chipping off of the top of his car and his license plate is bent and it sticks straight out. Freaking bent! They had both went once a week and I had thought of doing the same with their special deals and stuff. So I couldn't in good conscience take my new car back after reading through similar reviews of damage and experts saying touch cleaners are bad for your paint. Now I just go to one on 7th Street a few blocks away that's an automated touch less car wash. It looks janky but it's the only touch less one I've found as a Google search gives me nothing. I just happened to see it when driving by one day.

Bryce Elson

This place always leaves my car looking like new

Jeff Harper

Didn't pay attention to me. Didn't even collect my money til I was are the entrance.

Randy Allen

The service isn't the same as when it was Mikes car wash . Close to the interstate . Staff isn't as friendly and caring .

Brenda Strange

Expert service, friendly staff.

Russell Lester

Very good car wash


I visited here on vacation. With tons of travel and bugs to prove it. They did a quick and great job.

Harvey Roscoe

Decent wash

Jinny Amos

Best place to take your car for a good cleaning..

Aaron Wendelin

Best wash around!

cathy johnson

Had to go thru a couple of times and still had bugs all over the grill of my car...went to the wash just north and had a much better experience.

Michael Johnson

Does a great job cleaning my car.

Mike Norris

Fast and friendly

Franklin Henderson

Been a crew carwash member for about a year. Definitely enjoy the unlimited club, but the manager here is never friendly or greeting when i come to get a wash. I ask if he can quickly spray 1 mat as i am vacuuming my car. He always says they are too busy. Im done with coming to this location. The layfette rd Location is twice as busy as this location and always takes care of me. Point to note, improve your management!!

Peggy Bradbury

Best car wash around


Went here today fully expecting it to be busy, and it was. It was also super disorganized, and after paying nearly $20 for a carwash, my car is still not even close to clean. Neither of the pressure washers they usually hit the front and back ends of your car with were working. So while the team scrambled to find an alternative, and completely ignored the line, my car is sitting at the beginning of the belt with ZERO directions on whether I should be in drive or neutral....until my car was lurched forward and they started screaming at me. Then, one of the guys found some weird, very dirty scrub brush on a pole and scrubbed the wash number off my windshield right before I got inside the wash. Needless to say, this is not the service experience I've come to expect. I'm disappointed, and I hope they'll work to make things better moving forward.


Bought the "buy 4-get 2 free washes" book. Car always seems to come out sparkling. Husband was a little disappointed that some tar was not removed, but, it was tar and he did not know it was there. Nice carwash...

Jacque Eversole

Son loves it

Julie McIntyre

Clean car -FAST

ron herald

Gets the car clean

Larry Robbins

always a good car wash

Andrew Pedersen

Kreid has some wonderful customer service skills. Keep it up, man.

Bob Donnelly

their equipment did 1100.00 worth of damage and i was stuck with the bill..... they are not nice forget those smiling faces and big waves. very cold and ugly when something goes wrong,RIGHT ZACK!

David Johnson

Good wash. Good facilities to clean your interior as well.

mason miller

Its winter no wash

Rachel Higginbotham

Definitely overpriced. The vacuums are costly too.

Ellen Dery

Very fast helpful staff

William Atwood

They do a better job than other locations

Don Pencil

Luv the "Unlimited Washes" Give it a go.

Regina Zay

Love this carwash!! My car always looks fantastic after a good wash here.

Lonnie Lagle

Good service and friendly staff

Roland Fuson

Great car wash!

Brittney McKenzie

Love the place it's friendly and clean

Nathan Miller

Unimpressed. Been there on multiple occasions...always have to run the car through additional times. If you're going to charge $20 for a carwash it better actually be clean!

Stephen Lipps

Great wash. Not long there

Ernest Holman

Good car wash

Jayson Day

Kinda pricey, but outstanding customer service

Pablo Valadez

Brandon embodies the ideal Crew member.

Richard Harrison

This new Crew location is a welcome addition to Brownsburg. The placement of the detail stations is a bit of a mess for traffic flow but has a great, friendly staff.

Tommy Duke

As always, always solid.

Amber Slusser

I used the 10$ wash it didn't get the bugs off our New Challenger, so we thought the next time we would try the 20$ ultimate car wash it scratched the top of our car. We will NEVER Be Back!!! They SUCK!

Jamie Keller

Friendly employees

craig moore

Prime carwash is better.

Mike Russ

Scratched my vehicle a couple times. Had to have my windshield replaced once because the employee smacked it with the pressure washer wand getting too close.

Eric Wade

Overpriced for a generic wash/wax. Was not impressed. Certainly NOT worth 50/mo for a "membership".

Robert Ealy

Good experience they move you through it's just a little expensive that's why I'm giving it four versus five I just wouldn't go as often as I would if it was a little cheaper

John Candelaria

Tried carwashes in Arizona, Indiana and every state in between ... Crew is by far the best....all they need is self service/free vacs and they will be the best!!!

David Floyd

Its expensive but you get what you pay for. Also nice to know the staff are well compensated for there work, no wonder they look so happy to be there.

Jack Swartout

Friendly employees and great wash!

Mark Garza

Great staff

Dan Dunham

Fantastic service and always a great car wash. You can't go wrong with Crew.

Doug Greninger

Nice car wash. I don't recommend the automatic drive-through wash for lowered cars or sports cars with a nicer paint finish. The classic style rotating brush rolls damage the paint surface, and their soaps are known to be rough on certain types of tires especially on hot days. Their prices are reasonable. Great prices on self-service wash, vacuum, tree air fresheners and so on. Staff is usually always in a good mood and around if you need them, even after the ownership change I still go to the Crew Car wash often!

Virgil Castaneda

Quick place for a wash.

Simon Mwangi

Always on point. The crew is amazing

Dan Heikes

We now have the advantage, with Crew Car Wash around the corner, a quick stop and we are all shined up again.

J. A.

Great employee to customer service and overall great all around. Only SUPER small thing with me is I like when someone is outside spraying the passenger side before entering but sometimes nobodies out. Still a 5 star business, thanks Crew and it's crew


This location is worlds ahead of the Avon location. The car wash could’ve done a better job drying the car but other than that it did pretty well. The customer service was good, and I was in and out really quick for how long the line was.

john hopkins

got turned away because I had a brush guard, I'd get the ultimate once a month every month, unbelievable

Carol Sellers

Always cleans my car beautifully.

Jason Hay

For an automated wash it does a pretty nice job. They also use handheld pressure washers to hit the problem areas before you enter the wash. The lines can get really long on days when the weather finally turns nice. I get tired of them always trying to sell me the unlimited wash. It is only good for one vehicle so I prefer to purchase the books when they have the ‘get two free’ deal. Sometimes I have to ask for a second time through when some spots don’t come clean. On an SUV the dryers do nothing to the back of the vehicle so I have to hand dry it after I exit.

John Moyer

Car wash gets the car clean. I usually get the Ultimate. They will spray and scrub any spots that are exceptionally dirty. Very happy with the service.

Timothy M Schwenk

Fast and friendly. Drew a small picture to amuse child on their window.

John Murphy

Great Service and fast today!

KoreanScope Thomas Yuk

They got my rear window blade yesterday oh well

Terri Mahurin

Took paint from car and car wasn't clean after going through


Well as usual it's a bunch of little children trying to run a business. They have no concept of what Express Wash is. You go through the express lane you then have to wait in line while everybody else pays for the wash. Why even have an express lane if you still have to wait in line while everybody else pays

winda combs

Nice friendly customer service. The staff always takes care of any special needs I may have

Becky Baskerville

Best car wash in town!!


Best car wash in town. The Unlimited pass is great and not that expensive

Chris Alvey

Nice carwash

Gina West

I love going to this place.

Paul Galloway

It works and if it doesn't then go back through for free..

Juicy Bean

Great place to get a car wash. I visit here every once in a while, but the staff is super friendly and the carwash itself does a pretty good job. I usually go through a second time because it is free!

Large Larry

Always polite and our cars look great.

Mike Tharp

Great location with good service and nice vacuums


Good customer service and a good clean wash job

Mr G

Ahhh just ok.

Jason Ayers

Used to be great the last time I was here maybe a year ago. I purchase the most expensive wash and I have to go through about three times. Teach these kids to scrub the bugs off before the wash. I get frustrated with how they rush everyone through. I will just keep circling around untill they get them off. Would be quicker to wash myself. Considering doing just that if they don't get better soon.

david ikerd

Normal not great

DeWayne Martin

1st time with coupon still 15$ expensive.

Brent Hylman

Wash rubbed my emblems off.

Sabrina O'Connell

Great. Car wash

tiff hedden

Verry nice workers that work there

Jackson Vaught

Fast easy and a great clean!

Steve Bishop

Only place to wash the car!

Bob Bailey

If it is busy don't waste your time. Went through it today no one pre sprayed vechile down and was running them through as fast as they could. Came out of other end still had road salt and soap on my car. By far worst experience ever in the 10 years I have been using Mike/ Crew.

Ashley Pezan

Crew carwash is the best! Worth the money spent on washes! Only the best for my ride

John Shea

I am a regular and go there 3 or 4 times a week. My cars always look good.

Rhonda S. Easton Davis

Staff very friendly. Go out of their way to give customer a positive experience.

Brian Lawson

Went through paid for the most expensive wash. Had the car for 3 days and left with a busted windshield. They refused to replace it saying it was cracked previously. I just got the vehicle and didn't purchase with flaws in the glass.

Gary Hosking

Car got scached and will not be back

gustavo perez

A good place, to wash your automobile

Vincent Ciresi

Attentive staff, most of the time.

Dixie Burkett

Always great!

rick keeton

Only 1 attendent to kind of prewash 1 side All 4 tires and wheels were still dirty enough I had to clean my self 5 dollar carwash for 16 dollors

Lidi P

As all of Crew's Car Washes, they pack you in close and tight (not sure why they can't allow a little more space between cars). Twice at this location we have been stopped while inside, as the rotating wheel beat our car :( yeah, you start panicking after just 15 seconds, the same employee was at the main control panel & directing the cars inside, so I'm not sure what the problem was each time. We've had a mud flat ripped off and a small windshield wiper spray piece missing after washes, but that's the risk you take when you get automatic car washes.

Joseph Williams

Very fast service and very friendly people

Jared M

I always hand wash but they are expensive

Mel Lake

Expensive but does good washing

Jason Hoggatt

Great wash but often busy with a long wait.

Austin Proffitt

Great staff!!! Best car wash around!!!

Calvin Runyan

Not enough attention before entering carwash. A quick squirt and they motion u forward.

Jerry Buck

The car wash somehow took off my wiper blades, I reported it over a week ago and haven’t heard from anyone. I have tried reaching them on Google and get same recording over and over. It has rained nearly every day so I am unable to drive my car. I will have to find another car wash.

Doug Highfill

Great wash for good price, friendly staff

stacie wortley

Little pricey, but my kids love the adventure!

Brandon Kollar

They have detailing air hoses at this location they are great.

jeremy dewitt

It always gets my car clean every time. The only issue I would say is I would like the dryers to get more of the water off. But I also like the fun of wiping down my car if its a nice day outside.

Melinda Crane

Horrible and ridiculous.

Lanny Browning

Or you get my car washed there

Karen ORourke Dyer

Love this car wash! It's quick, and they do an excellent job!

LaNisha Clark

Clean and nice staff!

Kevin Rice

I want to own one!!

Cory Hill

Exactly what you would expect from a car wash.

chris hamlton

Hands down best wash and service

Denise Bourbeau

it's not confusing and cheaper than I thought

Dema Lee

If you have a monthly pass, they could careless if they spray the sides of your vehicle!

Brenda Homburg

Fast, always cleans my vehicle, crew is friendly!

Steven Tolbert

Cant go wrong with crew

Vera Kyle

I had to have my car go through the wash twice. People were quick and courteous and managed the problem without drama.

Kylee Blanford

Great car wash

Biggboy King

Great car wash fast

edward bender

Fast ,good before clean spray I like the vacuums on both sides of the car


Workers do a good job. Always space to dry off car afterwards. Very convenient in Brownsburg.

Rosemary Pierce

Paid for ultimate, still had water spots,

Dustin Landwerlen

Best quick car wash

Ken Beere

Never have any issues, build more

Randy Turner

I love the vacuum clean up inside your car area.

Carla Alexander

Does an ok job of cleaning your vehicle.

Christy Siggers

They do a decent job washing my car but it seems a little pricey for a car wash. Sometimes I have to go through a second time because the brake dust doesn't always come off the first time, if it's been awhile since the last wash.

Tiffany Elkins

I find it to be a little expensive, but prefer not to wash the car myself. I have also noticed that the rear of the car doesn't always get clean, but you can go back through. People seem to be friendly, but you can't always understand what they are saying when they are moving you through. Overall, we prefer to keep coming here.

Ron Crosley

Did a pretty good job getting the vehicle clean when going thru the automated wash. Wish one was closer to home.

Keith Johnson

Staff was great!

geoff franklin

great service

Jeff Wilson

Would like a reminder that they are renewing my unlimited wash package. Right now they don't do anything.

John Luecht

Best car washing service!

Joe Proctor

Fast and efficient with plenty of drying stations. The monthly plan is the way to go here.

Dan Rudman

Great carwash

Wendy Greer

Lower water pressure than usual today. Hope it was just a fluke.

Angila Lindley

Never gets the back of my suv clean

Ashley Swalls

When in Terre Haute, this is the car wash of choice. It's a little pricey, but they do a great job. If you aren't satisfied, take it back through on them! Friendly staff!

Richard Niehoff

I did not like the fact it is not a full wash site it only cleans the outside of your vehicle and no hands on after wash. They don't vacuum nor clean the windows inside. The outside was spotted and still soapy after driving down the road to another business I noticed how bad the wash really was. I would not return to this wash site in the future for any reason. What happened to the old full service wash I am used to, this is overpriced and disappointing.

Nathen Mathews

Total meh

Jeffrey sutter

Fairly decent wash. Never as clean as I think it should be for the money, but it gets the job done. Prices are a little silly I think, but it's one of the nicest places around me. If you aren't going to self wash, I think this is probably the best place that's always around without having to go out of my way. It's like good fast food. For a chain, it's good.

Aer L

Best carwash in town!

john blankenship

I love the grat wash you get and the pass makes it so easy

Marsha Hall

I bought the 3-month wash every day or any day and I love it my car's never been cleaner

Robert Williams

Worth the money.

Bill Herndon

Does the job very nicely.

ron wallace

I walked in with the idea of buying a carwash book for a gift. My son had scratched a neighbors car. Gabes customer service exceeded my expectations. Thanks

Ella Dearinger

Very noce people.!

Ame Lahiff

It’s ok but a bit congested and most people need to learn how to read the sign that tells you when it’s your turn to merge and it’s left to right not when you want to make it your turn !!!!

Gregg Durr

Great location and friendly staff

Patrick Boggs

Probably one of the best car washes I have ever visited. They automatic and manual washes, along with a vacuum area for cleaning out your car. The manual area even accepts credit cards, which is great! My manual was seemed a bit expensive at $13.00, but I was washing a white van that had quite a few bugs on the front.

James Bishop

Good wash.


Wheel wash guy ran off before spraying my wheels or I would have given 5 stars.

Chris Bennett

Good car wash, but not great. I think Prime does a better job on the outside honestly.

Al H

Crew car wash is a nice car wash with friendly staff. Best to come with the many coupons that are available. Got the ultimate was with coupon for 15 bucks. If they ever put a car wash on the east side of town I would opt for a monthly pass


Sometimes the workers there dont understand the requests, or completely ignore them. You still get the money's worth though. (I've bought the most expensive one or whatever)

Brenda Kenyon

Great location awesome new vacuum and blowers. Fast speedy, and hot air dry! Great CREW!

Chassity Hawkins

Horrible customer service, cold water, no pressure, water spots, went through twice, had to wait over 10mins for someone to even come and get my money! Without even offering a clmoinsation for me wait and needing to go through again! Not even an apology or have a nice night, nothing! Nobody was in front of me but there ways a line behind of cars behind all waiting too! I'll continue to go down the road from them to a family owned car wash and get what I paid for...

J Davis

Hands down the best car wash in Terre Haute. Usually a wait on good weather days. Always friendly service.

James Sisco

It's ok for a quick wash, and it might help if you had time to go through it frequently. But it doesn't clean the whole car. It leaves a big portion of the back untouched, especially around the license plate. There is several things it don't get off, bugs, tar, gum, and not road grime very well. We wash our car by hand after a long trip.

Eric Willman

They do an okay job cleaning the car. It is certainly faster and more convenient than washing it myself, provided I don't show up the first day after a thaw when the rest of the world is waiting in line. But don't waste your time or money on their vacuums, those things suck, or rather, they suck at sucking. One vacuum broke off in my hand. Save the vacuuming for home.

Wob Russell

Automatic wash not for jeeps. Self wash bays full of mud.

wayne tucker

Good wash for the price

david white

Very good but a little pricy

Rick Wood

Great people with an excellent product. Needed to knock off the salt and get my son's truck back into professional looking summer cruise mode. Add the works for the best wash. Thanks Crew Carwash.

Nathan iliff

Professional staff great service. Good products. Not the cheapest car wash in town but you get what you pay for

Bitsy Ramsey

Love the convenience but I always have areas that they miss. I wish that when they would let you go to store

Chris Lynch

Never use auto but the was yourself bays are always clean and do a great job

Roxanne Flower

Doesn't clean as good as other places


Quick and clean

Alexa Legacy

Super friendly service!

Clyde Simison

Fast service. Helpful employees.

Jason Fayette

I went to the self service and did the steps that they recommend and it left streaks all down my car from the spot free rinse. It looks worse than before I washed my vehicle

jason wright

Great service

Alexzandria Poindexter

Don't like that the vacumes cost but the service is great.

Robert Brown

Top notch people

Zachariah Cannon

Very good service as usual

Loren Horn

Get a great cleaning at Crew Carwash!

Larry Reed

The tire shine just splashes all over my truck. I tell them don't put it on. It's just not a good wash anymore. I hope things get better.

Carmen Worlds

Great customer service!

MichaelJ May

Good and quick service

Roy Watkins

Wash is starting to show a decline. When first opened, it worked very well. Think slowing down the conveyor may help drying. Staff are robotic. But, consistant.

Bob Williams

When this was Mike's Car Wash it was great, clean first time. Now being Crew must be different chemicals because last 4 times not clean and I will not go through twice. I now go north on 3rd st to new car wash, its clean first time.

Dustin Striegel

Always come out with clean and shiney.

dixie gale

Good wash for your money

Roy Robertson

Great wash

Matt Mauck

I love the new location with the fast lane. Just what we needed.

Carmen Warnick

They always receive you with a smile, they are all polite and very friendly.

Jamie Nicely


Nicholas Engledow

Good car wash

monica light

Didn't get all the dirt off, long lines...need more direction in which car goes first

China Doll

Love this car wash. The worker's are always smiling.

Rob Green

Good wash but only ever prespray driver side and it shows. Back of suv always left dirty

John Callahan

One of the better Crew car wash locations I've visited in Indiana.

Dave Day

Luv everything but the residual left from chemicals in wash solution. I'm required to towel dry by hand or streaks occur☹

raul acevedo

Very classy place except if ur truck has a brush guard they wont let u drive it thru there brush car wash

Jennifer Abrell

Always friendly. Good service.

Elle gen

Powerful vacuum cleaners to really get all the crumbs the kiddos drop, great service, just the way I like it!

Paul Cooper

What can you say. Great service and product.

Rachel Stemshorn

Fast & friendly service. Everything you would expect from crew

Nancy McElroy

Love how clean my car was!!

Brooke Drew

I don't wash my car as often as I should but when I do this place is great.

Breanna Shaw

The best automatic car wash in town. Friendly staff but over priced car washes.

Mandy Lynn

The new vaccums are amazing

Dan May

Get your car squeaky clean with friendly staff and a quality wash

Brandon Knoepfle

Keeps my car spotless. Friendly staff


Best place for a car wash

Adrienne B

This is the same as a Mikes car wash, just a different name. They put out giant sesame street characters and my kids love pointing them out. The crew draws a funny face on the window if they see there's a kid in the back. They're out there, waiting to help you out, even in the winter.

William Sapper

Only thing they are missing is someone to vacuum out for u

Nathan Brown

Quick service. Issues with cleaning off pollen spots and under spoiler on hatch back. Price is a bit high compared to similar services at other locations. The monthly passes are more reasonable for the amount you get. Staff is friendly and helpful to your needs.

Vickie M.

Very professional and nice staff. We have the ultimate and we go as many times as we want. The car always looks great when we are done. I take pride in my Caddy and they take pride in what they do for us. I love going there.

Mike Vance

Great cleaning and tire/rim the best.

Jamelle Hoehn

Not attentive associates!


It is the best automated car wash in this area. If you are there when they have 2 people spraying the vehicle before you go through it is much better. Last time I went, l had to have it washed twice (no extra cost) because they didn't get the bugs off of the windshield.

Kristina Halling

This place has a sensor for the unlimited washes program...gets you in and out without having to wait on an attendant!

Joseph Catauro

The perfect Xmas present.

Jared Melcho

Manual machine often rips me off, automaticac never cleans my 12 challenger right ... Might consider changing to a 5 but only if compensated for the $25-50 the manual has eaten with no one seeming to care

Robert Lawrence

Very expensive or what you get

Marv Ulmet

Always great, even if they don't get it right the first time the re-wash gets it.

Tamica Burgess-Jones


Brittany Garred

Be cautious make sure your vehicle ain't scratched..

Ryan David

This place in my opinion has went to hell in the last month or two . Jordan ran the place nice , they really messed up letting him go and some others

Sundra L. Swails

Always great service

Maggie Hampton

I always prefer the local carwash but enjoy the coupons from Mike's

Chris Simpson

Got the 9 dollar basic crew wash and my car was really dirty. I mean 175 miles in the snow delivery , dirty. Will return, and I do recommend

Karen Eddy

We keep having issues w/ our credit card. Sam's changes them I presume for security reasons. However it interferes in coding with places like Crew where I'm signed up for a package to use anytime. I believe it's cleared up now.

Kathryn Moor

Good service & wash.

Douglas Fauber

Did a great job on my truck. Took off Antena to protect it

atoms images

I love crewcarwash

Cody Bender

The staff was nice and knew exactly what they were doing

Ron - Knightscode Adams

Love this place. Great car wash. Always friendly. Service guarantee.

cowboys 74

Staff very nice

George Hipps

Very nice and nice employees

Dan Owens

Okay for an automated car wash

Joe Soldonia

They do a good job

Sammy Hagar

Always friendly and get a clean car!

MLE Fieldbloom

Fast and friendly! My cars look great!

Rick Raeburn

I have ran my truck through these car washes for 15 years. Now suddenly they won't let trucks through that have brush guards.

Scott O

Could of done a better job... But it was good enough...

Claire-Anne Aikman

Clean car = happy car...and this place does it affordably

Rick Keeton

Car usually only gets half clean due to under staffing only come here when im fealling really lazy

Mark Rinehart

Nice staff

Gary Clift

Best carwash around. Friendly and fast service.



Nacelee MiloHolden

They have all new equipment and it's just for out the best place to wash your car

Mike Rhodes

Car was clean Quick Service

Tonya Dahl

I seem to always have to run through a second time. It never gets the back of my van

Diana Ramsey

Friendly staff. Great vacuums. Clean and well lite,

Christine Duell

I went through the car wash to get bird poop off my passenger window. It was only partially cleaned off. As well as my hood and grill still had bugs on it. I’m not impressed.

Andrea Sharpe

Nice Employees!

Pavik Patel

I like the unlimited wash deal

Craig&Nicole Team Sharp

This place put scratches on my Brand new Ford Explorer and refusing to pay for the damages

Judy Dawson

Looks good

Jesse C

Customer service is outstanding! Car wash is fantastic! Price and convenience perfect. Always a great place!

Gilbert Carter

Too pricy and too busy

Zachariah Hoffman

It's a car wash...meh

Melissa Larsen

Awful. I had to come back and have my car run thru again and it was still dirty.

Robyn Jackson

They never spray the back of my car, so I am always having to clean it when I go home

Travis Wirth

Went through with my truck that was very gravel/mud packed, had to go through twice but was never questioned, truck came out looking great as it always does from here, the only crew car wash I go to!

Jackie White

Thier soap turned made yellow spots on my car. My Insurance company had to pay to have my car painted they did notjing about it.

Roy West

Not real easy to access.

Jason Windle

Great people and an awesome carwash..good work guys

Esther Thornton

Great deals. Car is always clean. They do a great job.

ernie wilson

Its ok

Kerie Emery

GET THE UNLIMITED PASS!!!!.... If you wash your car regularly you'll pay for it in literally 2 washes

Jesica Mccullough

My favorite car wash! Love how it has the brushes that scrub your car for you

Francisco Farfan

Best place to go for a clean up

Keith Hay

Dryers don't seem to work as well at this location.

Sydney Brown

This location will forever have my respect and appreciation. We lost a small piece on our car and I called the Brownsburg location and spoke with Justin who quickly found the piece and held it for us saving nearly $300 in replacement costs. The service and professionalism was incredibly appreciated and will be shared with others in the area. Big thanks to you and your team!

Cory Baggett

Great place even better pricing

Dustin Wood

Fast and affordable way to wash your car!

Christopher Gigante

One of the best carwashes there is, but prices could be a little better and the waiting lanes could have a little better order to them cause people don't get the concept of how to wait their turn to move

Jennifer Johnson-wade

Always great.

Elza Ray's Son

Great car wash. Very helpful attendants.

Michael McLaughlin

I was involved in an incident with 2 cars infront of me going off the track. Their insurance denied the claim and Crew told me to get an estimate. Had a check within 2 business days for the damage. 5 star service from beginning to end of this situation. Crew still has my family business!!!

James Mitchell

Full service car wash that provides everything from a basic car wash to a complete detail. I have always received good service here.

Gregory Ryan


Aaron Poland

Awesome new facility!

Cleta Wilson

Use this car wash quite a lot but lately it seems they run the car through too fast not enough free cleaning and then when I get out the other side my car is still dirty and I have to go back through again it be nice if they just did it right the 1st time. Even when I tell the attendant for up front that I need specific cleaning on a certain area to me it seems like they don't care at all they just do what they have to do throw you through and then if you have to come back through and it's a long line you still wait for everybody else to go until you go. I'm up to pay the money they're asking for a car wash but I'm not up to paying for half way service.

Alex Bedecki

Best carwash in Terre Haute. This is NOT a brushless carwash though. They do however have a car port where you can wash your car yourself.

Rob Wuthrich

Doesn't dry very well, but unlimited car washes 2 months for one had to do that...

Ken Cleghorn

A $20 car wash a this business couldn't get bugs off of my brand new car. The workers could care less when I confronted them and actually said something along the line that it's just a paycheck to them. I vowed never to use this car wash again, but what prompted me to write this post was when I found out that this car wash did over $200 worth of damage to a kind old man's mirror the other day, and they completely refuse to fix it or accept any form of responsibility. This is unexceptional Crew Car Wash.

Michele Charles

My son took his car there, goten the salt and snow off

William Alley

Great place to get your car washed at a reasonable price

Pam Klingler

So friendly

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