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The Luxoflux

Washed my car within minutes. Did a great job in and out. They also do dent repair and some other work.

Robert Martinez

I've been going here for a few years now and they used to do a really good job, but this past wash turned me off completely. I will not be returning. I purchased the Platinum Wash and the car was not completely dried upon leaving, so water splashed from the side mirror along the driver door as I drove, resulting in very bad streaking. They also did not vacuum the trunk. I drove a BMW X1 so it is a crossover. It is very easy to access and you don't even need to open the trunk door to reach it. I know they do vacuum the rear, as it was done on my last visit. The entire reason I went was to get the dog hair vacuumed out of the back. With the dozens of handwash places in a stones throw of this location, it does not make sense to return. I will be taking my business elsewhere.


Peter Caruso

As far as I'm concerned best place in the city to get a car wash in hand wax.

Charlotte Jenkins

If you want your car detailed this is the place to go. Great Service competitive pricing.

Patrick Carolan

Took the new car in for a wash and vacuum. Visible scratches from scrubbing! (not soaking) bird poop off the car. Did not clean wheel wells or bugs off of hood. Rag fibers left all over the vehicle exterior.

james Caruso

Jennifer Schultz

Quick in and out...Car looks great!

Julie Carrillo

Was there today for a car wash. Paid for a PLATINUM car wash (which is not cheap), I asked for the mats to be washed, the truck to be vacuum (shouldn’t have to ask for it to be vacuumed since it is included with the wash), left and noticed that they did not vacuum my truck & the passenger doors in the back seat were not cleaned. SERIOUSLY? I paid $24.95 + $7 tips for them not properly clean my truck? I went back in and talked to the manager and because it was New Years Eve, he couldn’t clean up my truck. So I said I would return on Tuesday when they reopen. I will not be coming back. I shouldn’t have to come back on a job that should have been done while I was waiting and included with what I paid for. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Kimberly McGee

The only place I trust with my Tesla. The best hand car wash with a price you cant beat. The staff are all super attentive. I highly recommend this place.

Jonathan Behenna

Chop shop for stolen cars. Will be shut down soon.

Timothy McGowan

Started off getting good car washes but the service is not what it used to be. Took my car in for a full detail and I was not fully satisfied with the work.

chetan saini

Fast n easy. Price is reasonable. For suv I paid about 15.

Maya Green

I came in for a wash and there were spots left on my car. They charged me $10 to clean the spots off because they said they're where Oil spots from train tracks. I paid the $10 but didn't notice at the time that the area they clean left a yellow tint. I saw it the next day and came back and they told me they did not see the spots but still clean the 10 top. I asked him could I come back another sunny day so we can look at it again and they refused. The cleaning attendant started to curse at me using the f word because my car had streaks of other stuff on it. I told them I did not want them to clean anything they weren't responsible for they still cursed at me then left.


Being a Pilsen native I make it a point to come out of my way to support the neighborhood business. I have been bringing multiple cars and recommending this place since it opened. However lately it's been getting worse and worse. The last of my 3 vehicles that I bring here was the last straw. I paid for a platinum wash to get the best service on my Van. Not only did they not dry my vehicle, but they didn't even bother to vacuum it. I had to ask the gentlemen to clean my floor mats and recieved a pissed off attitude. They then just threw my mats into the van without any care for organization. After inspecting my vehicle they didn't even bother to vacuum it. Now I do keep my vehicles clean and hardly use this van, but that does not give the reason to not even bother opening my doors to inspect or attempt to clean it. I remember before the owner or manager would come out to inspect the vehicle's to ensure they were done right. This made the customer feel like they were doing everything they could to ensure customer satisfaction. This effort is clearly lost. Now you are rushed through paying premium prices for a mediocre job.

Amed Ramadan

Faster than automatic wash

Kimberly Williams

Fast service, and very detailed.


We splash a little and that's it!

Timothy Walker

Fast and reasonable pricing

Jose Ortiz

Didn't do that good of a job

Brian Jones

Little pricey for my mini suv but they do a good job cleaning inside and out.

Abdullah Kab'ah

Good jalapeno burgers

Robert Bogolin

They do a nice job here. Car is always really clean and they wipe down and vacuum the interior as well. It is not cheap but it is more affordable than most hand car washes. Go early for the early bird discount.

Guadalupe Napoles

This place sucks! I paid $16 for something I could’ve got done for $3 at a regular car wash machine. My trucked was not vacuum correctly, they didn’t even clean the outside of my car correctly! Not worth it! Not to mention One of the workers keyed my truck. Would not recommend to no one.

Isaias Benitez

(Translated by Google) Rapid (Original) Rapidos

Jaime Acosta

This car was is a garbage. First of all they charged 16 bucks for a inside and outside wash. They never touched the inside aside form cleaning the window and the floorboards. They washed the outside but left so many areas untouched. I had to come home and wipe it down myself. I don’t recommend this place at all. They take a total 5-7 minutes to wash your car inside and out. That should tell you something

Hasani Steele

Been my carwash for years now. I get the membership cards. The Platinum Wash is good. Car looks new every time ...

Aldo Rodriguez

Great price and quick service

Julio Viegas

25 dollars (their top price) and the inside of the car is still with pet hair, dirt marks on the inside doors, dust over the car panels, and dirty doors, carpets and cup holders. Unbelievable. No attention to details at all. Don’t spend your time. After talking to a friend about this bad experience, we both joked about a new name for this place. It should be called “better than nothing”. Because that’s what it is.

aydın BİLGİN

Please DO NOT trust store hours. I came by the wash 15 mins before closing workers wwere looking at me and said closed already. I drove 10 miles to get this car wash. I called main office which is at lawrance location they hold me on the phone and reapond there is 3 cars inside the line but there was only one then he said hold on please and respond by 8:00pm and said it is already 8 and they are close. !!!PLEASE!!!! If your workers dont wanna work after closing time please update your closing time early or be honest. Been Business owner is a serious job. Thank you.


By far my favorite car wash in the city. They can get really crowded on the weekends so be prepared to wait unless you go really early when they first open. The can sometimes rush through washing your car when they are super busy to kake the line go faster.

Actress Host Radio TBIZZLE


Christina Rodriguez

Horrible place did not was my car completely left streaks and salt on the bottom half my car and lastly wiped my driver's side interior door with a towel with wax on it. Will tell my family and friends to never come here!

Chris Pledger

Candace !

I used to go here all the time because of the quick hand wash but there has been a drastic change in the quality of work. I had my brand new black car for less than 4 months before I realized my paint was being ruined. There are swirls and tiny scratches all over the car and I have to get it buffed already. I won't be going back no matter how convenient it is. Not at the expense of my paint.

Derek Natan

Great wash.

Tas Pats

Washing my car here for 5 years,never disappointed!

beatriz alba

(Translated by Google) Very fast and friendly (Original) Muy rapido y amables

Gabe Toledo


yu long zhang

It's almost the same as before、

Estuardo Amezquita

For ten bucks an automatic wash could do a better job

Delane Murrell

A friend referred it to me. The best $19.95 truck wash ever. This is my new spot. And there are FAST

janita medina

Stacy Brooks

There towels where mildew and you should just do basic car wash there because your windows and dash will still be dirty and they are careless about letting there tools hit or tap on your vehicle. I will not spent another 30.00 there ever I’ll let the kids do it.

Ashley Boltrushek

Fast service at a great price.

Janet carneal

This region is a superb deal. The men there are thorough and short. I've most effective gotten the basic washes however they are more than sufficient for a person who isn't always loopy meticulous approximately their automobile however simply wants to hold it exceptional and smooth.

Daniel Mendez

Love the work they do. Small place but clean your car really well.

Lance Rack

Jeffrey Clay

Best Hand Car Wash and Detail Shop In Chicago!!

Tammy benjamin

They are always fast, give quality service car washes and good customer servic.

greg miller

Great work and fast

John Crosby

Great value

Claude Raines


Feb S

I highly recommend this car wash place. Got my car buffed and waxed and many scratches were gone! They have great and proper car wash equipment. I'll come back for a car wash again next time!

Yun Yang

I've been their customer for years, for 10 dollars you can get your car hand washed, no complaints at all.

Rose Quintero

Fast car wash when in a hurry good service....

Shuai Wang

Very good service and work.

Tanya Williams

Great! Fast operating car wash! Busier days can leave your car without the pristine experience. However, it’s nothing management wont take a moment to correct.

Mario Scalise

Frank W

they wash your car by hand..

Martin Cueto

Very good car wash for a good price! They vacuum and clean the carpets. Strongly recommend!

Will Davis

Rachel Wiley

Washed my car and removed all the floor mats. Most luxury cars have mats that hook into place. Mine were just tossed in the car out of place. I had to go back inside to have someone correctly reinstall the mats. It was very tacky and unprofessional to not put things back the way they were. I won't be back.

John Barrile

Good clean and quick service

Rachel Wilson

Very fast and efficient, professional and their prices are reasonable and they offer discounts

kuaya enkh

Dont go to this place ! they vacumed my parking entry key that was on the dash and said they are not responsible for it.also car wash wasnt worth it for the money i paid.

Anthony Ng

For $10 you can't expect anything better around this area.

Russell Simpson

Cheap and quick. Exactly what a car wash should be.

Jodee Rucinski

The quickness of the wash. And at the watching of each cycle.


(Translated by Google) Excellent place and very good jobs (Original) Excelente lugar y muy buenos trabajos

Andriana Suttles

Paid for platinum package.. what they did wasn’t platinum... still had dirt marks and stains that wipe off with my finger. Inside cup holder wasn’t clean did not notice until i got home. Fast job

Sad Kid

My go to 15 minutes in and O

ChingWa Chan

Wednesday lady's day $8 car wash && mon-thur from 8am to 10am $8 too! best way to spend your $8. It's hand wash, and they shined my corolla :)

David Navarro

Car wash sucked, didn't vacuum half the car and left it almost a lot of dirty spots on the car still

Jennifer Boldon

Miguel Hernandez

I had move out of the area and let me say i forgot how good of a carwash they did.

Foods Here

Usually a line during winter. I kept track of wait time, starting form the from the exit it is a 20 min wait. Once inside these guys are super fast, they have over a dozen members attending to the cars. Took about 8 mins to wash and dry outside of car. Even the manager helps to dry the cars.

Robert Gigliotti

Over priced and they do a crap job. Won't be back

Lorenzo Grant

Good place to get your car done

Charles Rushing

Always Top-notch Service!

marcos davila

Alma Sauseda

Really good and fast.

Barbara Parker

These guys are so good - they do elaborate, superior work and move pretty quickly. Try them now!!

Marvin Herrera

Just came from here. Place is no good. I understand there's a line of cars to get washed and it's busy but that doesn't mean the quality of the wash should suffer. They just washed and vaccumed my truck and it took like 10 mins to "detail" it. There's dirt steaks on my windows and nothing was cleaned on the inside. I took it there so they can clean it and it was a waste of 20 bucks. I'm going to stick to my guys at Superior car wash on Pulaski by Archer.

Ar Wilson

They Were OK

Arthur Butler

Loved this place for about 4 years because it was fast, reasonably priced and they did a good but rarely a great job. But it was good enough for how fast they were. But over the past year my car would come out half dried off. I always have to show them they missed spots. I only go now when I’m in an absolute time crunch.

Lily P

The closing time is completely mismanaged, wait 30 minutes to tell me they close at 8 refuses to provide service 5 minutes before closing time. I go there to remove the salt of my car you literally need to micromanage the streaks left behind on their assembly line approach to drying car

blake raun

Scratch marks all over the hood and car door. Didn't have them before, and the only thing that would cause this are the circular scratch patterns from being hand washed. Can't prove it, so I won't win the case. To the public, I would not go here. Pretty bad we can't trust someone to do the simplest job.

Gabby B


9.95 for a in n out wash. So you pull in, get out of your car, see 3-4 guys begin to spray and wipe down your car, walk into their office to pay for the wash with the rude guy behind the counter who doesn't say hi or thank you. And then they call you over to tell you your car is done and you get into your car to see dust on your radio screen and dash...Crumbs on the floor....its like wth did all these guys do? Oh I know, they relied on each other to clean, it was a half ass job, 4 guys but the work of one guy. What a waste of 10 bucks. Will I go back? NOPE

Edgar Barbosa

Been here several times since moving to the neighborhood. Service is mediocre at best. I brought my vehicle in yesterday for just a small interior detail. I just wanted a vacuum (including trunk), mat shampoo, and wipe down of the dash and console. I paid $13.95 and all they did was vacuum. Dash was still dusty and my mats were never taken out of the vehicle.

Michael Saller

I'm known here by name, I literally refuse to get my car washed any other place than here. I've seen high end cars come through here, brought a few ferrari's through and they are so careful

Q Unlocks

Best carwash! Doing a great job and quick. Owner is a nice man.

Juan Aguero

good service

Linsey Rose

Gelacio Ramirez

Fair place they do not clean the wheels and they doesn’t dry the car I don’t recommend this place

Erica Williams

This car wash is a best-kept secret. They only charge $10 for a wash vs. $20 at places in the west loop and south loop. They are fast and the service is friendly. I will drive an extra 10 minutes out of my way to get my car washed here - great deal!

Chirag Patel

They are pretty quick, decent price for a inside outside clean.

Doug K.

Not good. They didn't vacuum on the inside and didn't get all the suds off. Does the Russian guy still own it?

felix amoatin

The worse wash bay Cleanings ever.

Elena Suslova

Fatima V

I went to get my car wash and literally got done in 10 mins but did a horrible tires and the interior of my car was still left dirty ..for 20 dollar cost I've gotten better job done

Jacqueline Romero

Worst car wash ever.... can't believe it was done in exactly 6 min and they didn't dry nor cleaned the doors it was the worst $25 car wash ever. Plus the employee's were goofing around and when my car was ready they whistled at me like I was some kind of dog. Geez never again

Stefanie Shaw

Paid for Platinum, they didn't do anything -zero- to the interior. Definitely will not go back, I just spent 30 minutes vacuuming and cleaning the interior and windows.

Jib Xerium

I always take my car here, very good service and fast!

Alex Levit

Horrible service and fraudulent pricing. Manager barely speaks English. They advertise on their website $10 in all locations standard car wash without any size restrictions. Took a minivan there and they charged $15.95 and refused to honor their own advertised price. Also part of the wash was to vacuum interior and wipe interior surfaces. None were done. Stay away!!!!

Mike Moreno

SCAM ALERT!!! Do not get your car wash here. They scammed me out of $165. The prepaid card they have for discounts is used as a scam method in order to take your money. I left my card there and they told me they didn't see it and then the owner lied and said he was not the owner in order to pretend he couldn't help me. They took down my credit information and ID for the card and they tried to pretend they didn't have a record system. I was a customer for 2 years and they had no remorse or customer service.

TheRealFlyy FatBoi

Best Hand wash for 9.99

Marvin White

Can't beat it for 10 bucks


Cori C.

The exterior cleaning was fine, but the interior was very poor. Dust, spots (new ones) were everywhere, and it smelled funny. Would not recommend!

Timothy 1:22

Not a quality car wash place, and don't leave valuables in the car with this place.

Marcos Resendiz

I have a car wash pass from this place. It's $100 for 10 regular washes. The car wash people are motivated by the type of car. It's hit or miss sometimes but enough to get superficial stuff off. Pay more for more attention.

Gerson Zarat

Good service plus they have phone charging cords for sale and really good car fragrances.

Edward Williams

Fast and efficient! Very professional! The way it should be!

Crystal Cotledge

I understand it's a fast drive thru but they need to take their time when drying off the cars, especially when looking for a tip.

Laz Cerdan

Slacking on washing my vehicle.. this is now the 3rd time I had to turn around bevauae of the horrible Job they did to cleaning my car.. you have 20 guys cleaning ypu car some how still manage to screw it up ???? How with so many eyes on the car..cmon

Katrena Fielder

Quick & excellent service @ a fantastic price

LaTanya Montgomery

They did a decent job washing the car.

Itsel Rodriguez

I came here yesterday and they did a horrible job on my car they took nothing but five minutes washing it. I asked for interior and exterior and I understand it's light interior work but they are supposed to vacuum the inside and they didn't even do that. They didn't even dry the outside correctly. What a terrible place. I will never go back. Don't waste your time going. They are lazy and very unprofessional. The moment I walked in I was stared down and one of the workers whistled at me like a dog. That is unacceptable at a professional setting.

Raeanna Coleman

Danil Khrustov

Great exterior & interior wash for $12 (car). The service is quick and efficient. Waiting area is nicely stocked.

C. Joseph

It’s fast!

Brenda Lewis

Good job on cleaning but everybody had attitudes and mean mugged me as if they have never seen a black person before. I felt very uncomfortable. & I Will not be going back......


Sarah Arel

Super cheap, fast + good wash. Inside and out for $10, can't beat it!

Bulmaro Damaso

Fast and cost effective place for a car wash conveniently located East of Pilsen and China Town of 190/94

Alexa Villasenor

I expect the inside to be cleaned as well as the outside. The inside was on vacuumed nothing was wiped down. Not even the dash board or middle compartment. I will be sure not to return.

Rebecca M. De La Cruz

They do a bad job Yes they are quick, but they rush to wash your car and don't do a good job.. bad service. Don't recommend it

Brian Posada

These guys are crooks. I got the Platinum wash and asked to get the carpets cleaned. They didn't take more than 5 Minutes to finish cleaning out the car. I had a few items stolen from me. O carry lots of equipment for my business and a few items were taken. The carpet was not cleaned whatsoever and I had to do it myself after I gave them a $10 tip. Ridiculous. I'm going to take these guys to the BBB. I am never coming back here again.

oscar villalobos

I was there today 11/2/17 and I didn’t have an appointment so they told me that detailing my car would take about 6 hr because honestly my car was a mess. My 3 and a half hrs later my car was ready and immaculate clean. This guy know efficiency. I highly recommend them, you will be happy to bring your car here. You guys are THE BEST. Thank you very much.

Vashon & Karen Edmondson

One of the best car wash places when they are not busy

Brendan Ryan

This place rocks

sjp stevenjohnsonphotography

This is a for sure clean!

Zenaido Vallejo

This a good place to get a hand car wash. The prices are reasonable and the staff does a good job. The place is always busy, but the wait is worthwhile to get your car cleaned.

Sandra Soto

Terrible!!!!! Not only was it a terrible "half-ass" wash they barely dried it! When I asked one of the workers if they can please dry it, he sarcastically said "if she wants her car to look new she needs to buy a new one"! Wait?! What?! No, sorry it's not the year of my car it's the problem it's that you can't seem to know or care to do a good job washing and drying my car. I spoke to the owner/manager and he was equally as ignorant. I will never EVER come here again!! Go anywhere but here!

Isabella Figueroa

I been bringing my car here for a while now and recently I brought my car to get a full detail car wash And when i picked it up my side mirror was damaged and when I brought it back so they could fix it the owner said he couldn’t do anything about it and walked away. Very unprofessional on his end because people are paying for a good service , if people don’t come to your car wash you wouldn’t have a business .

Al Martin

Don't come after 4pm low soap in wash

Ellis Williams

Nice place

Daniel Velazquez

I would rather pay 8 dollars at a gas station than to come back to this place. The description of the wash sounds better than the way you receive your car. I wont be coming back.

Che Bijarro

This place sucks. For $15 they didn't clean the inside windshield. Dust spots all over my car. Then they look at you funny when you bring it to they're attention. For $10 on the north side at Ruby car wash you get everything done. Never will I recommend this place.

Miguel R

Been here 2 times both to get an interior detailed. 1st time. Great service. Second time, was this past weekend during the Presidents' Day weekend. I went Saturday at around 8am just to notice there was a big line around the block so I decided to go the following day. Sunday I get there at 7am., was the first one there. When they finally open the door. They tell me they are not doing interior detailing because they are too busy and to try to come Tuesday!

Al lopez

Good car wash and fast clean

Adam Taimish

The automatic car wash does a better job cleaning the outside but I go because I also get the inside cleaned. They are fast!

P King

Did a great job !

Lisandro Rivera

They always do a great job on my vehicle. Good price too!

alex garcia

I went to wash my truck few mins ago and they did a horrible job!!!! It was still dirty from the inside. NEVER going again!

Alex Blas

Paid $20 to get a nice car wash. Stepped into the car and my dashboard was just as dusty as it was when I came in. Doesn't look like they did much, except sprayed the outside of it. Strongly do NOT recommend. Very disappointing!

gene townsend

These guys do great work.

Beata Gadek

Best prices for quality wash.


I’ve been coming for a long time. Unfortunately the service has fallen of late. There is less attention to detail, despite repeated requests to cover specific areas, and, no one does a final QC pass as in the times past. Check the work before you leave and think twice about tipping.

Arthur Gray

Due to the sheer number of employees, one spends a minimal amount of time here.

Angela Greer

Called just now to get a quote on a detailed job! They where very rude and short on the phone. I was instantly turned off to spending any kind of money with them. Which is surprising cause I used them in the past. I will never spend my money with them again!!!


Allen Chen

Fast, reliable, efficient hand car wash ever

Kriz Zara

It was $7.95 but I guess I was still expecting a lot more from a hand car wash. Driver side mirror looked more dirty than it did before I came in and there was a significant amount of lint left on the windshield from the towels used for drying. Rims weren’t thoroughly cleaned.

Jon Domingo

Service is good when it's not packed. When it's packed they rush the wash and sometimes miss a few thing/spots.

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