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3103 IL-176, Crystal Lake, IL 60012, United States

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Here we offer you the opinions of people who are using the services of Valley View Car Wash and Detail Center (Car Wash) in the area close to Illinois.

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REVIEWS OF Valley View Car Wash and Detail Center IN Illinois

Joshua Jordan

Did an amazing job on my truck.

Corie Doran

Awesome car wash. Excellent pricing as well!

ignacio Juárez

Buen servicio,profesional

Tarja Anchor

Super friendly and fast service every time.

Tea Jay

Ponyboy Curtis

Never again. Since its a new local business, I wanted to give it a chance. Purchased the Ultimate wash for $26.00, I feel like it was a $10. I do have to say the staff are friendly, the wash was horrible. Get into me vehicle, the dash was never wiped down, windows have spots and streaks, the carpets and mats are ok at best, seats never wiped down, door jams are dirty and water blowing all over the vehicle while driving due to the blowers are too weak. Sorry Valley View, you claim on your website, 24 years of experience, I don't think so. I will stick with Fast Eddie's in Crystal Lake.

Adam Scalise

Dan M

Chip Goins

Spoke with the owner Randy. Great man who cares about hhs business and service. They did a phenomal job on my car and I will be a repeat customer. Definitely check them out if you haven't done so.

Jay Hamrick


They don't seem to take much pride in their work. When I was handed my keys, I was told that my car was done, but there was dog hair they couldn't vacuum. The employee was chomping on gum with her mouth wide open between words. I walked outside with another employee who explained that the carpet was thin, and some areas were to small to get a vacuum in. These were the large gaps between the seat and the door. If I'd paid five bucks, I wouldn't have been as dissapointed, but for 26, I might as well have done it myself and done it right.

Mike Lenzini

Valley View always takes great care to have my car cleaned to the greatest extent. Friendly staff always greets me and would highly recommend having your car brought there for either a quick exterior wash or complete detailing service.

Anthony Brusatori


Very nice people and great service! :)

Juan Perez Banda

It is a good place 2go and get your car wash and you can go and eat a hotdog next door

Tom Haynes

There an new black guy who works there must be new haven't seen his face there before. At first he come off as a little intimidating but once out the car he so handsome and sweet this is to that guy thank you have done a great job on me and husband car for the first time he commented on how good of valley view done to our cars. You even help me out the car and held every door thank you so much he's the best as far cleaning hand down thank you nice guy.

G Girard

Fantastic place. I had my car detailed here and they did an amazing job. I have 4 big dogs that routinely ride in my car. After it was detailed, not only was there no more nose prints or mud, I couldn't find a single dog hair left in the car.

Sarah D

John Dendor

Cancelled a years-long membership with this carwash. T&Cs don't state anything about excess dog hair in the interior. Having the car vacuumed hadn't been an issue until today. One staff member was rude about it and made a few unnecessary comments about upcharging us. There was also not a line for the wash at this time. Then the owner (a female) called to scold us and was also incredibly rude. At the end, she said she hoped we continued to come back for occasional service and we said no thanks, it would obviously be better for all parties involved if we didn't.

Lynn Grant

Always a great job!

Rich Aguilar

Slow. Slow. Slow. The speed of the wash would be okay if the wash was great, but it's just average. It's like they don't have a system here. Two lines where your car gets vacuumed feed into one and that's where the confusion begins. Last trip there I talked to a woman who saw five cars go ahead of her that arrived after her. This happens a lot. Most times I have been here it has been 25 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Unacceptable.

Robert Skelton

Ed Pazdziora

Cleo McCaskel

Great service , friendly staff and makes sure your is as clean as the day you purchased it.

Wendy Cox

I am very happy with the prices and Service! Staff is very pleasant to talk to and I left feeling like I had a brand new car after my detail.

Randy Harbin

G Review

This place is hit or miss depends on who is working and who gets your car. Have had them scrub the wheels and do a great job and other times might as well go through a touchless car wash . Early on the weekends seem best, evenings during the week forget. If there are only teenagers working no adult supervision forget it. However had a friend take a car in for detail and they did a great job inside and out, again adults working.

robert parfitt

Usually a car wash is a car wash, but I have never been disappointed here. When you drive around behind the place the first thing you see is the menu. It goes by price and services you'll receive. When you pick the wash you want the service people open your door and you go inside to wait or you can walk down a hallway and see the progress as it happens. First these guys vacuum the inside and wash the windows inside. Then they wet the car down and washed it by hand, including washing the wheels with a scrub brush until they were shining like brand new. Thats all before it goes into the soft cloth automated car wash. I watched it all the way through and again the machine does the wheels a second time. When the car comes out the other end they dry it by hand and clean the door jambs, the dashboard, and the counsel. They even opened my trunk and cleaned all the edges in there. The workers were all very pleasant and seemed eager to make sure I was happy with the job. All this for $16.00. Which is one of the least expensive packages. There is a tip bucket outside and with their attention to detail I felt compelled to give a tip. You just can't do any better unless you do it at home. I think you'll be happy. Also if you don't feel like tracking your car while it's being washed, they have a lounge and some free coffee and vending machines. Go there once and I truly believe you'll go back again.

Matt Sump

Can you please let me train your employees? I just need 45 minutes. Basic car wash etiquette is not followed here. I really want to like this place as I'd like to support the local business vs chain car wash but it's tough. Dip the wheel back brush, do wheels then the back of the car. Aggressive with towel drying (swirls) or just lack of separate towels between wheels/underside and paint. Door jambs/trunk jamb are hardly wiped. I was hoping this would get better as the place was in business longer but between that and efficiency issues other reviewers have mentioned, it's 3 stars for now. Passable

Dan Norton

Samantha Noun

Took my jeep in for a full detail. They were friendly and did a great job with the interior of the car. The job was completed before I expected too. The only thing I didn't like was that I asked them to lock the keys inside since I was picking up my car outside business hours (they closed early since it rained that day). When I arrive to pick up my vehicle, the doors were unlocked. Otherwise I would recommend this to my family and friends.

Mark Sherly

bob church

Stay away very sad. Been coming here from day one last two times very pour service they don't know how to vaucm. dirt under seats dust on dash had to go to a do it yourself car wash and clean what I already payed for myself. No pride in there work.

Will Frits

Had my truck detailed...5500 mile road top across the US with family.... returned my trick back to looking new again.

Paul Koyanagi

Chris Leathers

Devil is in the details

Ron Spears

Good automatic car wash. Monthly wash packages available.

Peter Armstrong

I love this place! Very well ran, updated equipment, clean and great prices. I go here and use both their Automatic car wash and their Self Serve bays and its been such a fabulous experience. I recommend!!!

LeeJay Stewart

Just a step above do it yourself wash. Brought car in paid for ultimate wash and did not wipe anything on interior down. Will not be going back.

Francisco Javier Patino

Joe Darby

Nevermore Gaming

Staff not very friendly. Prices are a bit high for the mediocre wash.

Wes Ley

Barbara Daiello

Not very nice to women. I don't appreciate being spoken to like I don't know anything about cars. I also know the management doesn't return calls so please don't respond with a reply about I should call your business to discuss this. I'll go elsewhere from now on.

Jennifer Nielsen

Just got my car washed. I pulled over to place the mat correctly so it did not continue to interfere with the gas pedal and brake. Pulled out of wash and noticed a pulling sensation thought it was the wind. Looked at dash and my tire sensor was on. Pulled over immediately, my valve stem was broke in half the tire completely flat. Called for a tow, got it to my mechanic. Called Valley View they said it's not their problem. No it's my problem that they caused and now I'm paying for it. As for the $26 ultimate wash inside of car dusty, tires still dirty. Funny the wash broke the valve stem but didn't remove the dirt. Stay away!!! Can't give Valley View 0 stars so I'll have to settle for 1.

John Felde

Emily Grant

Giving this place 3 stars because my car did come out clean.... Very expensive for a basic car wash and took quite a long time (15 min) considering there was no wait or interior cleaning. The part that was really upsetting to me was that they let their employees lounge around in the customer wait area to the point where I felt extremely uncomfortable waiting for my car. One woman working there clearly did not feel well and was sleeping on one of the chairs, but before I left she was walking around watching the video cameras inside with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Just extremely unprofessional. I hope this place gets better with time.... would like to see a small local business succeed.

Daniel Butler

Great service with a smile!

Paul Sindberg

Douglas Sardelli

I am very happy with both the price and the service! I needed to get my car cleaned up so could sell it. They did an EXCELLENT job cleaning both the inside and outside of the car. They even did a great job at removing surface scratches. also, the staff was friendly, courteous and professional. The best part is they charged me LESS than the estimate and had it done 2 hours early! I wish i could give more than 5 stars!

Jc U

Brett Swanson

This is a really good car wash! Clean comfortable waiting area and everybody's always friendly. I've been here twice now and I really like it. My car and my wife's minivan look great! If you're looking for a great full service car wash in Crystal Lake or Cary, this is it.

James Horcher

Jacob House

terrence gordon

Pretty new place, well run.. partially automated/ part hand wash and dry. Detail services. Good prices. Clean, with a waiting lounge.


I really like this place BUT I’ve given them 3 chances and they miss a lot. I have leather seats and nothing is wiped down correctly. So I have do it myself after paying for the umlimited wash. My tires weren’t done PERIOD! They didn’t touch the inside at all to wipe it down. I’m really disappointed because I want to give a local business my money.

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