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252 S Gary Ave, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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REVIEWS OF Turtle Wax Car Wash IN Illinois

Doreen Puralewski

Got the premier full wash. It's better but still dirty inside and out. Disappointed.

Danielle Pritchard

This is typically my absolutely favorite car wash to go to in the area. They’ve always done a great job. That being said, today I went in & got the Super car wash ($28). I go to put the kids back in the car & their car seats are SOAKING WET. I mean drenched. I had to hunt down the guy that dried it down to ask why it was wet. He’s like “well he said he accidentally cracked the windows & it got wet. BUT it’s A LOT drier then it was before.” The fact that this wouldn’t be mentioned when they came to tell me it was done is frustrating. If anyone knows car seat safety, you know the straps can’t be soaked & who knows what type of cleaner got on the seats too. Waiting on a call back from the car seat manufacturer to see if I need to replace them ($400/piece for these Britax), & I’ll be calling. So frustrating.

Ethan Meyer

Tonia Small

Great automatic wash, interior wipe down could be better.

Ben Nelson

Very disappointed at the wash I received from Turtle Wax in Bloomingdale. After getting back into my car, I had to show the attendant all of the spots they missed.

Oleg Morgunov

Syed Sohaib

I like the service. The staff is courteous and fast paced. Never really had a problem with them. And when drying your car you can tell them how you want it cleaned from the inside and they'll do it.

Adil Khan

Save your Money and Time, Don't go to this location. Spent $25 on a wash and waited 45 minutes for a car wash, No vacuum under the mats, Windows not cleaned. No wipe down of any seats. . If I only needed exterior wash I would have …

Glenn Majcher

Great service and quality of work. Would recommend to anyone.

Ryan Pettit

Barb Bennis

I made an appointment to have my car detailed. After dropping it off and returning five hours later, after I was told it would take 3-4 hours and telling them I needed to pick it up in five hours, it had not even been started. There was no manager on duty and the young staff repeatedly told me it wasn't their fault. What incredibly bad business!!

No Bull

They were accommodating and very reasonably priced. All I needed was to have the driver's seat of my work van cleaned. They took me right into the detail shop and I was out in 15 minutes. He did a great job. Very happy with the seat. It looks brand new.

Aneta P

Did a horrible job. I paid for the extra service and they still messed up so much stuff. I wish I would have read the reviews before I came in. Could have saved some money.


Never again. Paid $22 for a wash + $5 tip and they didn't even wipe my car from inside. The reason was that there might be personal belongings in the cup holders and we might damage the radio by wiping the dust off. Sounds like they wash the interior not wipe it. My take is simple, will never go to this place again.

Sal Anzalone

They do a good job cleaning the car

Michael Stregg

Took forever owner kept saying there were delays and making excuses

Ruslan Mamedov


Jay Sandifer

Does a decent job washing my truck. Never had my oil changed there. Just had my truck done, I side wasnt really done. Not even seats.

chiboy LV

Good for a fast and cheap car wash.

Gustavo Inzunza

Ersom and his crew took care of my Volvo, I definitely loved what they do, they're very friendly, young and hard workers. For $16usd I have all my car super clean and I dont have to spend hours trying to get my car clean, they did it in just a few minutes. Thank you guys.

John J

The service was not good. I paid $12 for the Ultimate wash, $10 interior package, $5 for the floor mats to be cleaned and $2 for an oversized vehicle. When they gave me the car back, saying it was all done, the exterior was still dirty in numerous areas, the rims were filthy. They did not shine the tires, the interior looked as if they didnt even touch it. There was still dust on the dash, crumbs on the seats and floor. I was not watching them and they were done rather quickly, so I would assume they did not vacume. I did start pointing out all those things that were wrong and they started to fix them. I was in a hurry and didn't want to wait around for them to fix everything. On top of all of that, they even managed to bend the front license plate over 90 degrees breaking the license plate frame. I would highly recommend going somewhere else.

Omar Haddadin

Horrible Experience with their detail department The bad experience started from minute I picked up the phone to book an appointment with their detail center: 1. The person who took the call, didn't have clear understanding of what they offer and he sold me something incorrect. I asked him many times about wax and polish and he told me $109.00 (I found out later this is only wax). 2. I asked them to call me back when the car is ready. Never received a call back and decided to go there and luckily I was there few mins before they closed. The detailer claimed he called (Not true). 3. When I picked up the call I found few spots that are not right and they said the waxing doesn't take care of it. I told them I asked for Wax and Polish (I discovered then that the person sold me didn't provide accurate information) The way they handled this situation was very poor and they need to hire people with basic skills in customer services, but what they have now is a group of unskilled people in any aspect of customer service. I will not go to this place ever again, and I strongly recommend that you search for other car washes with better service.

Charlie Vazquez

Great servive, nice work!!!

mohit chaudhary

Not good service they don’t know what are they doing. Never come again.

Michelle Parks

My car was a little overdue to for a full inside outside cleaning, especially with moving and trips we had recently taken. This was the first time we had been there. The first gentleman was patient and kind explaining things. The gentlemen at the “end of the line” not only did a terrific job but asked what I wanted the most focus on. My son and I sat outside and watched as 4 people vacuumed and clean my van. They were absolutely terrific and I was really happy. They even took the time to go through the cup and change holders. I will definitely be back for sure!

Sista Mary Hozjan

I spent over $14 for an ultimate wash. Car was not vacuumed. Nor was dash wiped down. Vacuum should have been done before I saw finished. I did not have the additional time to wait to go back to vacccum. I could have went to $3 wash down the street and got free vacuum. I have been here before. Dash always clawed and vacccumed.

David Tedeschi

Have been going here for years. They give a pretty consistent clean. Good value if you use coupons which are pretty much always available in mailers if you live in the area.

Dan Reily

Coming here for years. Elena totally not helpful. Tutlre one is $15.99, ultimate exterior is $15.99, she wouldn't honor the coupon I had. This is my wife's car. My car on turtle one monthly plan, ultimate exterior is interchangeable. Omar why is she so difficult?

Edwina Swanson

Quick service reasonable prices and friendly personnel.


Do not have your car detailed here. They asked me to look over the car when they were finished. I asked where the floor mats were. They had forgotten to do them. It was closing time so they quickly washed them and threw them in the back. When I got home and started to install the floor mats they were soaking wet and still filthy. I have a lift gate in back. It stopped working after they had my car. I don't know if they were hanging on the struts to reach into the car to clean, or if they cleaned the struts and removed all lubrication, but it's going to cost me a lot of money to get it fixed. They had my car 40 minutes past closing time just to deliver a terrible job and a broken hatch. Do not go here. PS: It cost me$1200 to fix the rear lift gate they damaged.

Vincenzo Pasquale De Rosa

They do a pretty good job for the price.

david grove

A bit pricy but am very happy there.

Matt Ahmann

Ala Yousef

The worst experience ever , paid $7.99 plus tip ,no vacuum and the manager was rude and not respectful. Never go back there

Hector Huitron

Had my Subaru Outback cleaned here and I couldn't be more satisfied. An older gentleman I think his name is Nick, went above and beyond when cleaning the interior. I will definitely be back soon with my other vehicle, thanks to Nick.

Jon Haas

Great service, moderate pricing, good results.

Needs Sense

Great service at Turtle Wax in Crystal Lake. The employees are terrific and very detail oriented. I will definitely be back for sure!!!!!

Stacey Contreras

Very nice and hardworking young men. Eco-friendly too!

Janet Kroll

A great place to have your car cleaned

Leopold Lugardo

They could have done a better job for a twenty dollar car wash. But it was my first time visiting this location and the exterior of my car was pretty dirty. Hope they do a better job The next time.

Victoria Bressner

A place that still vacuums your car


I purchased a gift card for my wife for Christmas to use towards a detail. We finally redeemed it in June. Luckily I was the one to drop it off and pick it up for her. I ended up leaving the car for the second day as the first attempt of their detail was just a good washing. Fingerprints, wax on non painted surfaces and streaks on the window were evident and that was just on the first panel. I didn't complete the walk around. I left the car for a second day and it took until 3:00 the next day to complete. I paid the difference and left. I figured it wasn't going to get any better. Radio station was changed ( I'm okay with that ) but the bass and treble setting were all jacked up. The kids aren't smart enough to cover their tracks. I'll continue to use the $6.00 drive through but never pay $209.95 for a detail again. 2012 Acura MDX ( You should remember me if you're reading this ).

Julia Butler

Last time we went here it was a TERRIBLE experience, but this time there was a noticable difference in management. It was very busy but running very efficiently, and the attendant who detailed our car did an excellent job. We have a 12 passenger van, and it was thoroughly cleaned and has truly never looked better. His name was Peyton, we were very impressed with his customer service.

T Jackson

Feb., 2019: In fairness to this business I tried Turtle Wax again. I met and watched as the general manager worked side by side with employees on the cleaning line not only to clean my car, but other customers as well. The result, beautiful work a very clean interior and outside shine. I highly recommend, will visit again, and give this business a 5 star rating. Sept., 2018: This used to be my favorite car wash I always felt that employees were attentive to the details of a clean vehicle. Now, it reminds me of a gas station drive through with a quick towel dry. Jan., 2019: I spoke with the general manager at this location, who cared enough about his business to discuss the last visit with me. As a result of this conversation, I will be trying Turtle Wax Car Wash again, and posting s subsequent review.

Tricia Alfirevic

Have to say that after reading some reviews, I was hesitant to go here. Got the $28.00 car wash for the inside detailing. Let me tell you, this kid spent 40 minutes cleaning the inside of my car! Very pleased with my visit! Also on a side note, while I was waiting, a guy came through with his BENTLEY! If it's good enough for a BENTLEY, it's good enough for your car!

megan beelart

Excellently service! The staff was friendly, quick, and helpful! After the wash, my car looked like the day I bought it! I will be going back!

William Zurakov

Starry Night

Good place to get a car wash...except that when I called and made an appointment they told me discount rate of $107..and when we went to drop off the car they said $109...after they were finished cleaning the car ...when we went to pay they charged us $119...I thought that was really rude that they didn't keep there will have second thoughts on going back...but over all they did excellent job on cleaning the car from inside and out..and I was very please with that.

Bre B

I was disappointed for the amount I paid. I had gotten the Elite service and they did an okay job. I had some numbering on my back windshield and they didn't seem interested in taking it off. I had pointed it out and the young man stated "I tried window clean...." And walked off. I also still had leaves in the groves of The windows and streaking on my windshield. Additionally, the cashier was just as non responsive, I had stood there for a few minutes waiting to be checked out and he was talking to his co worker who had pulled out a wad of cash and talking about getting good tips. I had to get his attention to finally take my payment. When he was processing my card, I asked how long does the wax service take? His response with an attitude " just like any service, 45 mins to an hour". Definitely not customer service friendly esp since they gave their full-undivided- attention to a very attractive lady that came in after me. The facility was very clean and cool looking but unfortunately I will be taking my services else where.

Tuma Muusa

Turtle wax car wash are life saver because my children made my car so ugly in side but their professional cleaning with the refreshing was awesome and I thank them so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ recommend to anyone who needs it

Vasyl Dzivoronyuk

Don’t take your car here if it’s manual. A bunch of stupid kids work there and think it’s funny to stall your car or drive fast

Dan Sleezer

Fast and friendly. Coupons on website.

Morning Star Management and Technical Solutions

This location is ok the do an all right job for the price you can’t complain. I brought the deal on Groupon wouldn’t pay full price considering that they don’t have a military discount for Veterans who served this country. I honestly think the gas station car wash is better for waxing and the vacuum job they gave me was not good considering I have three kids who spilled chips they weren’t able to get my floors clean. So overall I use my Groupons then probably try another place for my car washes.

Raymond Vanderhulst

Most of the time they do a good job but don't always do the windows well. Best auto car wash in Blommingdale.

Michele Gedeller

Writing a review of the reviews. It seems if you want the interior clean it will not happen at this location, and as management says thank you for letting me know not to waste my time or money. Most DISTURBING is the number of vehicles damaged at the Crystal Lake location and management only says fill out a form. DO THEY EVEN HAVE INSURANCE??? This sounds like a BBB issue that needs some complaints to be filed right down to the 6" scratches. It is unexceptable to hear how many cars are experiencing various forms of damage. IF you continue to go here please photo your car before and after in the lot and post to show how clean and shiny inside and out is for a comparison. Should there be an issue of scratches or missing pieces, then you are covered. PLEASE take the time to "file a report" with the BBB. So glad I took the time to read your reviews. I hope those with good experiences continue to have them, and are not just because you "know" someone well who works there.

Steve Allen

Dirty cars shoul fear the turtle

Chris Niziolek

C-tin Dan Petruc


wow this place is amazing the workers are amazing and so nice!!! highly recommend it!!

Paul Gilliam

Suzanne McKenna

Nazli Mamedova

Unprofesional employess and the Services they provide is garbage

Matt Sisco

Rudy Vasquez

Denise Nalysnyk

Angela Diem

I did not have a good experience with the Crystal Lake location. I wish I could add pictures to my review. Not only are there scratches that look like my doors were banged into a wall, but all my windows/mirrors are super streaky, and there are wet spot all over my doors/console that look like something was sprayed but not wiped off. Manager said I could file a report, but he would deny it. The carpets and seats were cleaned nicely. I will not be recommending or returning to this location or business.

Adriana Villanueva

The service is very bad they left my car very dirty i think they did not even clean it. I do not recamand this place. Very expensive for the service that they give.

Paul Becker

I’ve been going to this location since it opened. It’s always had great service and helpful employees. They always ask if there is something they should pay extra attention too. The current manager Joe is fantastic, always making sure I’m happy with my service. I have purchased unlimited washing passes for both my cars. Best wash in town, hands down.

Zarina Kostrytsia

Good full service!

Ignacio Gutierrez

SDS Smith

Twice over the last month the car wash wasn't giving you what you paid for. So I reported it to management.

Adrian Gch

Haroon Qureshi

Did the basic turtle wash, bad vacuum and big wrappers were not picked up. The $3 car wash next door is much better option - at you can clean car 5 times in the same price.

Angela Munson

Nicholas Bullock

Kind of expensive for a car wash but it's worth it.

Richard Zuno

Join the Monthly Club and say bye to dirt

Brent Kwasiborski

Lara K

Phenomenal customer service! Called them this morning to make an appointment for interior cleaning and they had one available for the same day. The manager oscar is great and will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the service you are getting!

Patricia Schwartz

$30 for shampooing the my front two mat carpets. everything else in my car is still dirty. the windows have Streaks on them. My dashboard is dusty. and the parts of my carpet that they did not wash are still covered in crumbs from a bad vacuum job. the cashier also spent more time watching TV then assisting customers. Will not do again. Thanks for the robbery.

Jubayer Ahmed

Terrible !! I had the ultimate service today ! Not a single wipe inside.. extra five dollars for mats. My rims are still dirty !! So dissapointed ... i never do reviews but their terrible job forced me to . This was my first time going there and definately the last time .

Lehn Shepherd

Very disorganized and slow. It took 30 minutes after the wash before they started to clean the interior. Also, they cleaned the car behind mine first and let that customer leave before attending to my car.

David Barth

I'm extremely p issued off it wasn't until I got home that I had noticed both my my drivers side wheels were damaged. The track that they use scraped up my wheels. Going back there to find out if anything is going to be done about this as they are not cheap.

Ray Nutter

Had them detail my ford flex. Interior looked great but the exterior actually looked like it was covered with water spots. Didn't have those water spots when I brought it in. Looked like it was a rookie that messed up the wax somehow.

Catie Rea

Antanas Andrusaitis

Love the service and the quality!

Lainie Fifer

Russell dispenza

Car Wash was good Windows could have been done a little bit better overall I'm happy has been washed in so long it's really my fault

Ivee L

Got my car interior detailed on a Saturday afternoon, they weren't busy so there's no wait. They did a pretty good job, but missed some spots like inside the seatbelt buckles and the car seat latches. They told me that it would take around 3-4 hrs, but they were done in 2.5. My car wasn't that dirty to begin with, just food crumbs, dirty shoes, oh and a chocolate milk spill on the seat O.o They made everything shiny and clean!

sean sain

A lot of options,but never get the windows and rims and trim clean

Jeff Peters

Had great experience here before but the last time I went for a hand wash with my maserati they ripped off the sport gt logo from my c pillar and somehow scrubbed paint off of one of the windows trim peices

Gary Conrad

Good wash with eftras

Rachel Czipo

So friendly and Fast

Robert Rinehart

Dolli Camarra

I've been patronizing this car was for many years. Always consistant. Even the lowest priced wash gets the job done.

krista mccloud

Called twice to be sure they would clean my car inside after my dog got sick. Asked a THIRD time when I dropped it off. Was told yes but would pay an extra charge. Sure no problem! 4 hours later they call me to tell me no they won't clean it but if I wanted to "make a deal" with the guy cleaning it he would wash it. So after agreeing to pay $200 to wash my car and detail the inside I get told no after I drop it off and the guy tries to hustle me. This is got to be the worst experience of customer service I have ever seen.

Ronald Masukawa

Issues with consistency. My car rarely gets washed or dried on ALL sides, one something often does not work.

Nate Powers

I needed a carwash after a family road trip with a two-year-old. They vaccumed out the car very well and made sure I was satisfied with the overall cleanliness of the car. Overall, the experience was great!

reese samin

The guy standing at the front was very unhelpful. He didn't give me any direction or help what so ever. I told him it was my first time being there and he didn't explain how anything worked.

Oggie & Annie Laine

My car was the cleanest & shiniest in the parking lot. Great job!

Jane Reese

They really clean up your car

Daniel Velasco

I brought in my wife's 97 lincoln town car on Feb 2nd for the #1 detail package and I was very happy with the the job that was done on it. I'll admit the interior looked horrible and did not think it could ever look good, but whoever did the car made the interior look brand new and the same for the exterior, needless to say my wife was ecstatic when she saw and got into her car. Thank you for the great job!

Don Gervais

Ivon Webster

I haven’t been to the Bloomingdale location in about 4 years because they did a poor job cleaning our car. Decided to try again and did the Ultimate wash which included tire shine. The young man who cleaned my car did not clean my tires and said it was not included in our package. My husband gave him a great tip and the kid ran off. When I got in my car, my windows were disgusting. They were filled with streaks. So another young man came and did our tires and “cleaned” the windows again. There are so many streaks in my window it’s ridiculous!!! The inside windows are still dirty. I WILL NEVER go back to this pace again.

Augie De Fronzo

Inside of my car was FILTHY after purchasing ultimate wash. Pointed it out and they told me twice it wasn't their job to clean it. Huh? I told them I was going to share pics with corporate and let them decide if it was their job. They finally made a real attempt, hardly. DO NOT COME HERE. I wish I could attach the pics in this review. Worth over a thousand words.

Paul Lerner

Mary Milawski

Sam B

They take time to do a quality job cleaning

Paul Ross

omg quick lube nothing quick about it, We are the ONLY car getting oil done been 45 min so far,

John Koranek

Good swrvice


Good wash, decent service

Kelly Bryan

Mo Patellio

Newly updated Turtle is impressive but it all depends on who is cloth drying your car. They have several different pricing options and services.

Rodney Bell

Skunk Bear

Augusto did a fantastic job detailing my daughters car looks new again. Jose was great also. Definitely would go back. Thanks guys!

David Szach

Randy Nowak

Made an appointment for a fetail. They couldnt find my reservation. No manager on site . Then they said they would call you when your vehicle is done., that never happened. Poorly managed and the employees are obviosly not trained properly. Shows poor ownership. Will never be back to this location.

Craig Asbach

VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. After spending $22 plus a $10 tip...this is was the result. And keep in mind, this is better than when they first turned the car over to me because I had to ask them to go in an clean up some locations that were fully neglected. Now I'm not saying for $22 I'm going to expect perfection...but I do know that I have never been this disappointed when having my car cleaned at Fast Eddies.

linda shanahan

Always have GREAT service. Have had a yearly pass for myself and daughters for years. Have also used the oil change station and have my vehicles detailed regularly. They always are able to get me in when I need to and Joe, who's the latest manager, is always concerned if I'm satisfied with their service. Employees are courteous and helpful.

Nilesh Parikh

Super slow always Enterance waiting to much no buddy there

Braede Jacobson

Got there 24.99 wash that was supposed to be inside clean as well. Or maybe just vacuumed. But they didn’t ever do a good job on that. Their was a hat on the floor that had some rocks and dirt under it. They didn’t even bother to move that to vacuum it up. Spent over $30 plus tip on that was and still had to do stuff when I got home. Only good part of the experience was that was. And that was done by robots. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

Matthew Schill

8/5/2016 - Got lucky and my wife found a deal on Local Flavor for the $189 dollar detail package for only $90. They did a fantastic job. Car is spotless, they were very nice and it was done on time.

James Shaw

This was the first time I’ve visited Cary car wash. They did a phenomenal job cleaning my car both inside and out as well as getting up my dog hair. Simply amazing!!

Mariah Ortega

I personally feel that they did not do a good enough job. They missed a few spots and for what I paid, the job should have been a lot better


Cindy C U later

The guys here were so helpful and courteous. I had to get my car cleaned off from some fluke grime. They made the time for me and did a great job. Highly recommend.

Claire Koch

We had a fantastic experience! My car was sadly 11yrs overdue for a clean and they made it look like new! Thanks Turtle Wax I'm so happy with the results!

Craig Celia

Paid for their ultimate car was, got that in return. They did a great job all around!


The worst car wash I have ever taken my car to! For $20 I could’ve buy more than that and lucky I didn’t get out of the car becasue refund would be guaranteed. Got home and what I saw after getting out of the car was as bad as rain on my car in the middle of December! Don’t waste your time and money and don’t even look towards that place


They did a excellent job on my truck. I had it detailed and my truck looks brand new. They got some bad tree sap off and made my truck look like it did when I bought it. They are the best around. I love how clean my car looks after the wash. They use high end products to make your car look like it the day you bought it. The staff is absolutely nice and very helpful and works with you. Thank you again. Been coming for over 10 years

Vincent Ferguson

This was my first visit at this place and they did a massive job overall. I was searching for great hand car wash place for my car and I think I found it. I will definitely go back.

mario dilorenzo

Good wash, don't like the fact that I need to get of my car, why? 2018.....

Wil Wells

Service is usually good; be sure to look your vehicle over to be sure they got everything. The new $47 per month unlimited washes is awesome.

Amber Dixon

Fast service. Friendly crew. Good prices and location.

tousy jours

good service

Kristina Jam

I had a groupon for here. Staff was quick and did a great job

Jerry DeLuca

Scratched my car heavily and than said that it was already there. I think I would have noticed a 6in scratch. Ridiculous.

Kristopher Kick

They do an okay job. The staff is very friendly but they are rushed through the cars. I thinking that is a directive from your management (owner). That causes a decrease in quality.

Everett Usher

They did a great job cleaning my car.

Giorgio Vidali

Vito Vitulli

Always does a complete thorough job regardless of cleaning package.

Nick Shimp

Always a better job than you can do yourself. Courteous, friendly and helpful.

robert clark

Nestor Espinoza

3 dollar car wash with turtle wax products. Cant beat that at all.

Erin Philpot

Poor experience here today. I paid and pulled up to the wash, but no one was there to turn the machine on so it would pull my car in. I literally sat in the car and called Turtle Wax (could hear the phone ringing) and asked the employee to come outside and get it started. Then, the vacuums were not working so I couldn't clean out my car (half the reason for going). When I got home, I noticed the entire back of my car is still very dirty, almost like it didn't get wet or washed at all. Very disappointed.

Jose A Martinez

Not the type of service expected for an Ultimate Wash. I took my car there for a wash and as I was walking to my car I realized lots of the snow and salt was never cleaned. Most of it was located on the fenders and undercarriage. I asked the gentleman wiping down my car if it was possible to re-run the car through the wash so that my car can be clean, so he went to get a supervisor. The supervisor came out and said, "Sorry, we are not a snow removal company and cannot clean that off your car, we are just a car wash company. If you want to re-run the car through the was you need to pay for another wash". I would imagine that me paying a premium price (ultimate wash is priced at $22.99), would at least get my car cleaned. Perhaps it was a rude supervisor on duty, but this is a bad business model. Especially when you have JetBrite half a block away charging as little as $3+ a wash with decent service.

Jennifer Addison

Was there this morning for a car was. I paid for the Ultimate Full Service and I had to tell them to vacumn my car. They didn’t apply the extra tire shine and didn’t even clean the cup holders. Just a poor experience in general. I would not recommend this car was to anyone. I usually go to Delta Sonic and now I know why.

Kay B

Trevor Folz

Nicholas Peter

Paid $140 for a compelte interior detailing. The insides of my windows were not touched. If I ever come back I will make sure this does not happen again. Jonathon behind the counter has great customer service.

Courtney Bonnevier

The employees are extremely polite and thorough. My car has never been so clean! Will be coming back to this 5 star place.

martin garcia

Norma Solberg

Connor Hines

I took my mothers SUV in for an interior detail on mothers day and she was thrilled. She had raised 3 kids and 3 dogs with it. You could imagine how dirty the car gets after so many years. They got almost every little spot you can find inside of the car. Money well spent for mothers day. Last week I took my personal car in for a full exterior and interior detail and the car looked/smelled brand new. I took it back today after my car got destroyed underneath a tree over the weekend and Darnell fixed it no questions asked. Thank you, Darnell! I am satisfied with the service Turtle Wax provides.

Vincent Lopez

They do a good job and offer many cleaning and price options.

Raymond Marek

Very fast and they do a really good job.


I bought a $30 car wash and it’s just not worth it! For that price they could do a better job! My floors are not vacuumed properly nor is the dash wiped down as best it could be! This service should be $15 if it’s going to be half done like this.

Patti C

It was okay. Paid extra. I don't feel I got extra.

Michele King

I am a frequent customer of Turtle Wax in Crystal Lake, I always feel I receive the best service from everyone who works here. I've had my truck detailed there several times and have never been unsatisfied - the inside and out always done to perfection. Highly recommend for Spring cleaning!! Definitely 5 star service!

neil kuntz

Much better than dupage auto bath.

Deanne Desparte

Lazy employees. Didn't do it right the first time...I had to go back. Not worth the money

Deanna Lopez

DO NOT GO TO CRYSTAL LAKE. Bad customer service!! I am a first time customer, who just got back from a long road trip. I wanted a "good" car wash since my car was really dirty. I get free washes from my dealer, however I decided to drive 20 min away to get (what I thought) would be a much better wash. Long story short, the car wash left blue streaks around my WHITE car and I didn't notice until after running my errands and getting back home (2 hrs later). I called and all they said was "come in". Drove the 20 min again and spoke to a manager. He was able to get the blue streaks off, blaming it on my car's gas cap (which is like everyone else's, nothing special). I asked multiple times for my $12 back for my inconvenience and all he replied was "No, but I can give you a free wash." Why would I want a free wash and get more blue streaks on my car again?!?! He continued to blame my car (Honda Fit) and started to say, "Next time you come in...." I cut him off saying I would NEVER be back. Then he walked away and that was it. This was my first and LAST time to ever come here. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!

Thomas Niemczewski

Davion H

Its a good place yo get your car wash if you dnt have kids. If you do dont go here

Tim Behrens- Lefty guitar

Robert Kosin

Hand dryed and the attendents really due follow-up on those requests for detail attention. Good location to judge the service line but cars move through ... there is a hustle.

Amanda Weber

I bought a monthly pass for the winter so the salt wouldnt ruin my rims.. every time i go through the wash, my truck is still covered in soap and the last time i went through, the whole bottom was still covered in mud, there was even mud still on the sides. Time to cancel the monthly membership..

Tony DeAngelis

Very thorough and efficient. Car really feels clean when they're done. Thanks T.W.

Kari Kokes

Vishal Mehta

First time I came here was for the free car wash promotion that they have. I was very impressed - I have been going back there ever since. Awesome staff.

Erica Reining

Kostas Sfakiotis

Andrew Dingman

2 Trips through and the car was still dirty inside and out. I have given then 4 or 5 tries and always the same result, a dirty car for $36. I will be going to Fast Eddies from now on, got a spotless car there on the first try.

Reid Sanders

There's always a massive amount of soap left on my car from their premium wash

Eko G

They should hire workers that care, yes they will pretend like they will fix or go over it one more time and apologize, but results are poor! Not happy at all after sitting there for over one hr.

Adela Romero

Sandy Barnas

Decent price. I was not impressed with the clean.


Do yourself a favor, vacuum and wipe down your car yourself. Horrible experience paid extra for additional seats, dashboard, center concept after walking up to the car vacuuming poor job, nothing was wiped down, unlimited car wash included tire shining, wasn’t done. After pointing out everything they got back to fix it, and still wasn’t wiped down and vacuumed great. Exterior okay, interior if I could give them a 0 i would.

Brandon z

So my job just recently moved out here and I WAS excited to find a car wash out here so on my lunch breaks I can run a grab a wash. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case; I just paid 18 dollars for nothing!! To a regular individual, I might …

Matt Thompson

Jim Petykowski

I bought a Groupon and headed over to this location to get my car cleaned. The line moved fast and checkout was also speedy. I waited about 10 minutes to get my car back after using the Ultimate Full Service wash. I have to say I was rather disappointed with the final product. I paid $5 extra to get my mats cleaned. The person brought my mats back and they were still full of salt and said he couldn't clean them. Once I drove away and entered into the sun, there were a lot of streaks on my windows on the inside. Not sure if I will return to this location again after my Groupons are done.

Ashley C

This was my first time getting my car washed. I got the $6 classic turtle wash, plus "full" service add-on for $10. The exterior was cleaned pretty well, but it was done by machines of course. But when it came time for those guys to clean the inside of my car, they could've done a lot BETTER job. Parts of the interior still have dust and dirt, especially the trunk mat, which was sticky from a busted case of soda. I forgot to specifically mention that to them, but it's clearly dirty and they still didn't bother to clean it anyway; so I think that shows how thorough they didn't care to be. All they really seem to do is vacuum and QUICKLY wipe the interior down with a dry towel. I understand timely service, but I'd say QUALITY is more important most of the time. (Side note: the employees were polite though.)

Zack O'Grady

Brian Kirkish

Wania Abbasi

Didnt clean it well and said we cannot remove ice

Drew Boy

Jacob the manager was very friendly and all of the guys did a great job on my car. Fantastic attention to detail. Big improvements since my last visit.

Gretchen Becker

Robert Torres

Friendly staff, they always treat my car great, nice and shiny. I go there every month and they have some decent yearly offers

Andrea Wolter

Went just for a basic exterior wash and interior clean. The attendant asked specifically what my biggest concern was. The ONLY thing I cared about was getting the dog hair out from my suv's trunk. When I came home, I looked in my trunk to find that it wasn't even remotely cleaned!!! Legitimately, there was no way they even went back there for a second. So disappointed, and such a waste of money.

Hassan Tahir

If you have any concern or issue call area manager Jim. Great person !

Michael Pace

Best $3 wash in town!

Tom Pera

High Expectations but Low Performance. Needed a full service interior & exterior wash and was met with a great question "Is there anything you need us to focus on today?" loved the question. We wanted the backs of the seats wiped down from the little footprints. Made sure I had extra tip money and put it in the bin then happily drove away. We noticed the inside windshield looked exactly the same as when we came in and checked the backs of the seats, they were never done. Next time I will check BEFORE I time and pull away. They are not getting my spring detail business.

K Fletch

Not bad... I'd come back. No one ever gets the windshield right, so I can't fault them for that. Be sure to use the $5 coupon from ur Mariano's receipt!

Sally Sheahan

Clean car inside and out!

Sam Nelson

worst car wash I've been through in a long time. Had to go through twice and just to get my car clean and it left so much residue from chemicals that I had to go to another car wash to have it re-cleaned.


Best deal in town,,$9.99 a month and was your car as many time as you want.

David Kruth

Had a full service wash and interior was still very dusty in obvious areas on center console and dash. Door jams were also dirty. Upon realizing this and questioning the gentleman who washed the vehicle, he told me "that's why we ask you if there are any areas you want us to focus on". I will not be returning as I don't need the hassle of itemizing all areas that I would like cleaned. I want all of it cleaned.

Johnny ComeLately

Place doesn't rate a 1 star. Better off at $3 wash down Gary Ave. Watch your mats, they conveniently forget to put them back in. They vacuum like a 6 yr old. $27 lol.. Won't be around much longer.

Jason Spulak

Its in my nature to always give people the benefit of the doubt as that's how I expect to be treated. Nothing is perfect. It's my belief that if you always expect perfection, you will be disappointed 100% of the time. However, this location has taken advantage of that good will - and now I am going to call it out so that others can avoid a similar situation. I love my car. I love keeping it clean and looking sharp considering the time and money that goes into owning such a car. That's why I chose to purchase a monthly pass from Turtlewax to help me keep it in top shape. I began to notice just how sloppy some of the workers could be when pulling the cars into the wash. Leaving parking brakes on, not taking the time to align wheels with the wash tracks - etc. Well, low and behold, I've got a few gouges in my Audi S5 Rim on the front drivers side. The gouges had fresh grease marks from the incident and while frustrated - I know mistakes happen and you have to give people an opportunity to make things right. I went and spoke to a manager, he filled out the claim and took pictures and said the store manager would call me. I thanked him and let him know I'm not out for blood - just looking for you guys to make it right. We shook hands and I went on my way. 4 weeks later, no call, no follow up - no acknowledgement or apology from the store manager. I called in to speak with the on-duty manager and was told the general manager has been on vacation and that's likely why I haven't heard back. Vacation for 4 weeks? Maybe thats why you are seeing reviews all over the place saying service and customer experience has been tanking. Bad leadership = bad experience. There are too many alternatives to pick from for this place to hold such an arrogant position. A buddy of mine went in with his car and was telling one of the workers about my experience and he said "yeah, people get sloppy and we just had a meeting about that very thing." So they know this is a problem. Keep this in mind the next time you consider bringing your beloved car in for a wash. I'm done being patient and understanding. Turtlewax will now be receiving an estimate to repair damages and I will hold them accountable for the damage caused to my vehicle. STAY AWAY


Sutton Smith

Imran Ali

They did a great job on my car, clean, quick and great service. Car looked good after the wash. Might be slightly overpriced.

Rafal Bosowski

Excellent job!!!

Sophie Norton

Always get our cars done here, it is so worth it. They *always* do such a great job!! Been going here for 6 years now.

kevin simak

The detailing at this turtle wax lacks the detail portion of this statement....... I took my car in on a Saturday and left my car there for the day, when I returned to get my car I took a look at it and was shocked. After spending $200 I got next to nothing for it, they missed under every seat, most of the vinyl in the car, all door jams, didn't work in all the wax, and it appeared that they didn't even touch the runners on the car. The only good part of my experience was the 2 employees who assisted me for the better part of an hour fixing all of the missed areas. For the money I spent on this detail I was supremely disappointed in the service I received. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this for any detail job and I would be skeptical of getting even a normal car wash.

Eddie Afanador

Quick service, can't beat $10 full service to clean interior of car.

Shilpa Desai

Cleeeeen car

Sherri Mears

The guys did a great job. Full service wash and a hand wax was delivered on time as promised.

Dennis Humphrey

I was near this place and pressed for time so I took a chance. The exterior clean was fine. When I got in my car it looked like it did when I arrived. The center consol was not cleaned or vacuumed. The dash and gauges were not clean. The tail gate if my SUV was not opened and the interior of the tailgate was not wiped down. I had a hunch I should just get the outside done and not the inside. I wasted the extra dollars on an interior clean. I was pressed for time and left instead of trying to find the manager. I know to never go here again.

Arthur Curro

$35 for a car wash? My exterior was cleaned. Vacuumed? No. Washed my mats barely. My windows were cleaner before they touched them. I will never go there again. I don't know why they are still open. Too many kids with no car wash expertise, and overpriced. Best car wash is Sudsational in Addison, IL

Ruby Roque

This will be my first and last time going to this place. Just because I paid $9.99 ($14.99 + $5off Jewel Osco coupon) they didn't care much. It's better to have your car washed by those $3 deals by the gas stations. It says it includes vacuuming, wipe down your windows and dash board. He did an awful job!!! It's like I want to vacuum it and wipe it down myself. Don't tip yet till you see your car!!! I wish I didn't give him a tip at all! Lesson learned!

Christian Haremza


Good if you're going to wash exterior only. They do terrible job on the interior. You better off cleaning it yourself...

Vera Omokhua

i had a horrible expirence, I will advise the public not to patronize this people either for car wash or oil change. This is my story: took my car there on the 4th of July for oil change, Joe was the manager on duty, very arrogant and rude guy. On the 5th of July my garage was flooded with oil, immediately took my car back and joe became very abusive and defensive saying they are not the reason why the oil is leaking, oil was not leaking prior to my visit, I asked him for the number of his manager or cooperate office, he said his manager was on vacation, I demanded for the number still, I called his Manager Jim Jarach in corporate office, and left him a message, he called me back immediately, he apologized and said my car will be fixed and my garage will be cleaned. They pick my car up and brought it back 2hours later, without me driving the car, they insist that I should sign a paper first, I went back two weeks later to wash my car and my car stopped and engine knocked in there conveyor. Jordan, one of there assistant manager used chain to pull and tow my car out. On the following day I went back there to speak with the Manager, I meet Joe again and he ask me to wait for his manager another Jim, very arrogant and rude guy who threatened me that he will call the police if I don't leave, he used all the f**** and z*** word in the book. So I left, only to find out by my mechanic that my car engine knocked for lack of oil. They messed and torred my oil pan, they forced the oil pan open and messed up the cover, they could not close the oil pan properly reason for leakage. There customer service is horrible, there so called managers need training. Especially Joe and Jim that works there. My garage was never clean, I still have the oil spill all over. They have high school students that have no mechanic background repairing cars and doing oil change on people's cars. So sad.

Zeeshan Malik

Went for a full car wash. They did a sloppy job, I had soap dripping from the door jams, trunk, rear view mirrors. Extremely poor service. Stay away from this place.

Manan Joshi

Molly Calhoun

I was really looking forward to my interior being vacuumed and dusted. I cleared the cup holders and all to give them easier access. I told the associate twice that I was “specifically here to get the interior vacuum and dusted well”. I was disappointed to find that the cup holders and door handle wells were completely untouched with crumbs and dust still there. There was one gum wrapper in the door pocket, which they didn’t even remove. My empty trunk was never opened, and there were still some leaves on the floor of the car. There is still dust all over the steering column. $30 wasted, as far as I’m concerned.

Karina Maksimova

Jason Young

Jeff Topolinski

Great place to have your car washed They remodeled from the original layout. The full service guys did a great job detailing my car. The wash equipment is all completely updated . Fast Eddies is usually my go to place but after going to Turtle Wax today in Crystal Lake I'll be switching.

Kc Rohleder

This plan can be a real crap shoot. Sometimes they are on but when they are off they are off. I have waited almost 45 minutes for a basic wash, there machines have sprayed wax all over the cars and they couldn't figure out how to get it off and then today I paid for the turtle one wash and they didn't vacuum. Waiting another 15 minutes while they figure out how to vacuum now that the wash is done. They need to get stuff together. They could be good but they need some work.

Kelly Lynn 13

Alexia Santos

Paid $30 for a car wash, mats etc...and I got something that a $4 DIY car wash could deliver. Sorry guys under performed. I usually do it myself but was recommended to bring it here and was told that I would be happy. I was not. Handed the guy $5 tip purely for etiquette.

Kevin Hammer

I've been a long time customer and for the most part have been happy with the service!! Today was definitely not the best for the car wash!!!. I brought my car in and bought the altimate wash. The young gentleman that greeted me was …

Jim Cocalis

They do a pretty good job. It all depends who does the cleaning and wiping down that day. Some are lazy some are real good. Tip the bad ones nothing and they will get the hint

Mary Anne L

After paying almost $30 for a car wash I got home and STILL had to clean my car... Never again

xx yy

Friendly staff, ok wash.

rudy Vogel

Good service!

Victoria Rohe

Worst experience ever! I paid $20 and my car was never cleaned properly. I had to call 10 times to get my money back. Never go here and expect a clean car.

Jeff Taylor

They always do an exceptional job! I get the monthly plan, and get more than my money’s worth every month!! I’m a clean freak, and no one else competes!!

Tara Lewandowski

I have to say I've been tight on money cuz I just moved ..... But this Wonder man Austin while he was cleaning/detailing my car found a $50 bill was so honest and brought it to me.... Now days who would be that honest I love you Austin your great god bless you...... Staff was amazing the manager the woman at the register were all great I will be returned referring my friends and family here thank u again for being amazing people here have a great group

jazlyn laboy

Had an amazing experience had gotten a full detail and my car looks brand new inside out. Worth the time and money! Will be going back!!

Jean Ramirez

I had detail service done on June 2, 2016. I forgot to leave a review back then, but since the techs did an rexcellent job I thought it was important to so. They even removed some scuff marks on car door that which was an unexpected bonus. I had $30 coupon so it was definitely worth the value and my time.

Francine Murphy

Had my car washed they did a good job, but a little expensive. $15.00 for a basic wash

Bryan Shaw

Efficient car wash, lines go through quickly and the staff is excellent. Very helpful and knowledgeable . I strongly recommend

William Cummings

Martha Mika

Asked them to clean the windshield inside, they made it look clean but doing to the sunlight it has not been cleaned properly

Amber Mysliwiec

Do not go here!! I noticed when I left that I was missing some items from my car. I called them and they said they will look for it. They declared they did not have it. I then explained to them I will be heading there to speak to the manager and look at the cameras. They then hang up on me. I get there and they happened to find my bag. Even after they declared they didn't have it. Keep your valuables close to you with this location.

Jennifer Mendoza

I had a very good experience there for my first time about two weeks ago and I will definitely be coming back :)

Ankur Sharma

Was was decent. It’s expensive and leaves your car still covered in water. Won’t be coming back

Stephanie Swietek

I'm done with this place. All I ask special is that they wipe out my cup holders and the foot panels and they miss it every time. Why do I pay extra for a minivan?

Doug Frank

Agostino Chiaramonte

Great car wash and they do a great job!

Sandy Rusek

They always ask is there something special to pay attention to and I always say the inside front windshield. It never gets cleaned. But it's the only place around that does vacuuming and washes floor mats.

Jason Kufel

Augie did great job on my ride.Brought that paint back to life

Mags Steps

Very lazy employee that washed my car! Purchased the super wash and that was NOT worth the money! Used to come here all the time and everything was great! Now they are just lazy! I had to take the cloth from him and clean myself while he stood and watched me!

Damian Mielcarek

My windows and mirrors was not clean I paid 28 dollars for the best car wash and they did not clean well this is my last time here I will not recommend this facility. Now the Manager take my car and she cleaned very well. This facility need …

vincent almendras

Can't believe I only a started getting carwashes here this past couple months, have lived in the area from about 2 years now. Wished I started getting carwashes here before! They do an awesome job and something about hand drying cars is the best!


Fast service and great quality cleaning

Jen Kuhner

I paid for a full service classic wash but they did not even wipe down the dash or center console or cup holders. My car doesn’t look touched on the inside. Will not return to waste my money here.

Christine Cerda

JP Clouseau

Love those guys, I have my cars waxed every year, twice a year and it's the best these cars ever received. Notwhistanding the washes on a regular basis. Perfect place to get your car well cared for.

kathy young

Visiting from WI.Took my rural, back roads abused Lincoln MKX in for a spa day. I got the ice premium professional detailing. Two hours later, my SUV looked better than the day I bought it! Brilliant body, rims, wheel wells & windows. Scratches on the hood, gone! The inside spotless with just the right amount of clean smell. Every nook & cranny including the edges with the tail gate open, pristine! Ken and his attentive team provide a high quality service for your dollar. And.. you get a complimentary car wash when you next need one. Just show your receipt for the detailing!

Brian Klein

The wash quality isn't the best (still quite a bit of dirt & salt left) and the "full service" drying/vacuum/window service just isn't worth paying for. If you're particular about your car, do it yourself and save yourself the frustration.

Kimmi Nichols

Although it's a little pricey for some people my mom loves the service they provide whether it's inside or out and if they miss something they will go out of their way to fix it. The employees even tell you if you don't really need one product compared to another at a lesser charge for the same results very helpful good workers.

Mary Egan

Car is fairly clean outside - sloppy inside. They use the same rag from the outside of the car to clean the windows. So far have always had to redo windows myself - no one uses spray and a dry rag. Pet peeve is the windows!

Eric Smith

I got the Turtle 1 package. $14.99 Outside of vehicle is clean. Inside was done very poorly. Came back a 2nd time with my wife's car, on the same day. Same experience. Nice job outside, poor job inside. Both me and my wife will NOT be using this facility again. By the looks of the most recent reviews, this is an on going problem that isn't getting fixed.

Michael Patterson

A better job is done when not so busy.

Mustak Alam

I bought a Groupon and headed over to this location to get my car cleaned. The line moved fast and checkout was also speedy. I waited about 10 minutes to get my car back after using the Ultimate Full Service wash. I have to say I was rather disappointed with the final product. I paid $5 extra to get my mats cleaned. The person brought my mats back and they were still full of salt and said he couldn't clean them. Once I drove away and entered into the sun, there were a lot of streaks on my windows on the inside. Not sure if I will return to this location again after my Groupons are done.

Cynthia Bavaro

Great to have a really clean car!

Bryan Smith

Need to look for wax getting into your exterior plastic trim from the car wash. You’ll notice your black plastic trim will now be stained partially white. They have a trim cleaner but you have to ask and noticed you have wax on your plastic trim. Also over time the white color may come back. Hand wash is the way to go.

victoria zepeda

Second time visiting this location. First time I was with a friend who got her car washed inside and out. When she received her vehicle it was subpar. When she complained about the wash, they spent about 15 minutes re-vacuuming and re- cleaning the windows. The vehicle looked better but very standard at that. My husband brought my vehicle to have it washed on the inside and out. Same thing again. Inside of the vehicle was vacuumed poorly, windows had smudges and a film from the rags used. Not what you expect when spending $25.00 on a car wash. He was short on time and didn't speak with management. Either way job should be completed correctly to first time around. Can't stay in business when your main service is below average most of the time.

Derrick Murphy

Sarah Haenel

Bryan Gathman

Daniel Tibbitts

Did a great job on my truck inside and out

Sleepy Cat

Not only they do the shittiest detailing job ever, but they also steal your personal belongins left in the car (with clear instructions NOT TO TOUCH) and do not return them, unless you happen to notice on your way home, drive back and ask …

Brad Sherman

Nice job. You can follow your car down the line. Comfortable waiting room. Decent restrooms.

Sara Guzman

Car wash is ok. But they don't wipe or remove stains such as coffee very well.

Di Bart

Had to come back twice for the same service that they haven't done in the first place and still was not done, terrible, terrible, terrible experience do not go there!!! The worst is the manager Omar who talk to you like he is doing you a …

Vicki W

Cool car wash.

David Hill

Too slow ... Service no good!

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