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999 S Perryville Rd, Rockford, IL 61108, United States

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REVIEWS OF SuperSuds Car Care Center IN Illinois

Matt Read

The prices seem reasonable and they typically do a great job. The kids can even spray the car with water guns while it is going through the wash!

Marjorie J Burke

I have not been back there since I moved to the West

Lori Williams

I used to come to this car wash regularly. For several years I was very consistent with all 4 of my vehicles they did an amazing job. Over the last 2 to 3 years they have become very careless and sloppy. They don't wipe the wheels off any longer ... And they do not even touch the inside of the windows....they hardly vacuum and Last week I went in for an express wax and at when I got home I was very disappointed to see that there was still wax all over the outside of my car in random areas. It was supposed to be a detail And they hadn't been wiped off at all. I was very disappointed. I'm definitely going to avoid going back here at all costs considering I had expressed to the sales person that checked me in that I have had badd experiences in the past and that I hoped that visit would be different. I had made comments in the past 2 other management and employees to please take care and what they are doing because I have had bad experiences. My complaints clearly went on heard. Definitely probably will not be going back here for $10 you should get an amazing job done. I can go to the smaller car wash on East state street for $3 ..wipe the car off and get my money's worth doing it myself for 3$... Extremely disappointed...I'm in management myself...customer service is key...they clearly arent paying attn: their employees performance...not all customers complain..they just go elsewhere...

Tom Girardin

Above average car wash. Consistency can be off at times.

Diane Maginnis

Gave them a $10 tip and they still stole all the change out of my car... Never again!

Dylan Hart

I go to SuperSuds for oil changes and car washes, and they do fantastic at both.

Debbie Anderson

Fantastic nd good car wash. Never had any issues. Always good about things if i asked for something to be done. Nice workers.

Dave Reynolds

sevice was good but when I saw my 2 month old truck in the right light I saw it was covered with fine scratches. every surface.

Ellen Oliver

They did a very good job in record time, missed 2 small spots left on the window by a bird but immediately cleaned it off when I pointed it out. I'll definitely go again.

Kelly Champion

Always do a great job

Lisa Martin

They don't clean your car like they use to

Ryan Winstead

Oil changes and car washes.

Jason Besco

HORRIBLE. DONT GO. I had an oil change done a few months back and they used a " after mark park" on the oil pan. ( because they dont repair oil pans) just found that out after getting off the phone with the owner who was the opposite of helpful. When i got my oil change this wasnt brought to my attention that this was a quick fix and that no on else besides them would be able to give me an oil change. I moved out of state, and went to get an oil change and was denied because of the quick fix that was done on my car and they didn't want to liable for any damages that could happen when changing the oil. I then went and called 6 other establishments and they all denied me for the same exaxt reason....... So now I have to replace the oil pan before getting a simple oil change. Which now I only have one car and this fix is at least a 2 day process. If this was brought to my attention when i initially got my oil change I would have went and got this fixed at an establishment that would have actually fixed it and not just decide them selves that the quick fix is something I wanted..... I feel like they just wanted my money and me to move along. I wouldn't suggest going to this establishment to get ANYTHING DONE.

Tad Douglas

Happy with it. Good job, fast.

Ben Clayton

Fast service, didn't try to up sell unnecessary services. Great car wash.

Matthew Jenkins

Will never use again. Had to remind them to vacuum the interior after they said they were done, wax lines all over the hood, water streaks down the side of the car when I got home... Waste of money

Jack Sokolski

Good car wash ...but windows needed more cleaning - ARRRG!!!

Frell Farscape

Nice car wash place. Workers are very nice and friendly. They do a good job.

K Fridley

Very hard working employees. Have never been unhappy with this car wash. They always do a great job!

Kari P

This place is awesome!

Michael Whittie

Its ok needs alot of work

Jacki Garcia

Paid $22 and the outside was washed and it was slightly vacuumed but dash wasnt wiped nor any other interior areas. My 8 yr old could have done better

Natholee Ward

One stop car stop. The manager Greg is such a nice person and very helpful. He is one of the reasons that I keep returning.

Tom Keating

Best car wash I've been to! Excellent wash, friendly staff.

Nathan Woodard

with the quality of work that I received at super suds you might as well have your youngest nephew detail it for you. The lack of experience and effort put into my car was unbelievably out of hand. Save your money do not go here

David Fisk

Great detailed service

Katie Gordon

Went to get a car wash paid 22 dollars and my car is still dirty and they threw trash in my back seat. Still bug guts all over the front and sides of my car

Ahmed Helu

Very great spot for your car care needs.



Mr. Promo

My entire visit to SuperSuds was great from start to finish. I searched online for an affordable oil change in Rockford and found their mobile app very helpful as well. They are really changing the expectations of what a car wash in Rockford should be.

greg woodford

Always a clean wash. One stop shop for an oil change and a wash.

K Hilliard

I guess I our expectations were too high. As you can see, we paid for the $60 Ultimate Grime & Synth Paint Sealant 6 month wash special. The staff we came in contact with were friendly however, once we started looking over the vehicle. We also noticed the dashboard, steering column, floor mats & door panels were still dusty & the floor was not properly vacuumed. We were instantly irritated because we realized as we walked into the building that the car was already being washed before we were even in the building so we knew the floor mats hadn't been lifted to have the floors vacuumed. We were told that was a difference service and would need to requested but it will be an extra $4 but because they didn't offer it to us he will only charge us $2. The outside of the vehicle was pretty clean however, a few other things were also noted so by the time we inspected the inside & saw that very little was done, we were over it. The dashboard, middle counsel, screens, and side door were still dusty and the floors were poorly vacuumed, actually the front passenger side was very clean but the others still had dirt and dust on them. The manager came out, saw exactly what we saw and agreed that this work was very poorly done. He stated he has an idea of who it was and offered to rewash the vehicle and give us a free wash. We decided we were not happy with the solution after brief discussion and because we don't frequent this area we decided we wanted a refund on our purchase. The manager told us that because payment was made and the car has gone though the system that he could not refund us ANY of our payment, and since we do not plan to return, we paid $60 for one poor Ultimate SuperSucking wash package. So, before you respond to tell me about how proud you are of your 5 star ratings, since our service was not 5 stars, we do not care!


Very friendly take good care of your car. Also keep detailed records of past visits


Abdyrazak Kurbanaliev

Don't come here, I paid $26 for nothing. Believe me.

David Gombosi

Where were the suds? I left, my car was still dirty! Not very detailed. Gave them another chance..... today I drove 45 minuts to find out they can't do the better wash because the system is down! OK but why cant they do the wax and wash? They can't do seat dressing? That has nothing to do with a machine being down!! They dis do a basic wash.... when i called you should of said something!! 45 min drive each way!! Thank you for waiting my time! They did not even wipe down the inside!! You forgot to put my mats back in the car - I had to go retrieve them!! Wow worst wash ever.....

Linda Owens

Do and excellent job!!!

Brian Sullivan

Great wash, quick and friendly service and a free cup of coffee

Scott Johnson

My go to car wash. They do a great job and even when busy, wait times are minimal. Also offer unlimited washes for a monthly fee. Staff is friendly and they offer free popcorn.

Ben Kelly

lavenia hervey

There great especially one worker go by he name lennel he went above and beyond thank. You.

mike rod

Great service for the price.

Chazney Dandridge

They did a wonderful job on detailing my car 3/11/18 but, $5 was stolen from my arm rest and to make matters worst I tipped them!!! Not good fellas

Staci Todd

Meh. I am used to a little more work being done when I pay thirty bucks for a car wash. Didn't wipe down my dash or the window sills. Didn't wipe down the step rail or door jamb. Windows are duties on the inside than before I came. Disappointed.


Great place to get a quick car wash

Stephanny Anderson

First time going there today, I would definitely go back. You got a customer for life. Lines are long so not the best place if your in a hurry but defiantly best place to get the job perfectly done and without paying an arm and a leg.

annette todd

Not happy for a $130.00 car wash door jam not done windows were all dirty, I washed them when I got home. Luggage rack had dirt not sure if it was do at all. Lots of spots on car also. Hub caps dirty.


My first time using them, and it was a pretty good experience. They move through cars quickly, and are was clean when i got in it. About what i expected from a auto wash system. Not as good as a hand wash, but still still pretty good.

Jason Thomas

Horrible customer service. Brought my car in for a oil change and wash. During the process some how my tire valve stem was broken. I was told that it was a known issue for my vehicle and that it would not be fixed or covered. They offered to put air in the tire so that i could make it down the street to the tire shop. Not wanting to take a chance ruining my (new) tires i asked to have the spare tire installed, which they agreed to. During the wait the mechanic that did my oil changed approched me and the manager and mentioned that they wont even check tire pressure in that paticular car in case of the valve stem breaking. however i had a check sheet that they filled out that said they did check my pressure. He had no answer for that. Only after that conversation did the manager offer a free car detailing , which i declined , because at this point i didnt want to come back to this establishment again. After i requested he did credit back my bill. When they finished my spare tire install they offered to vacumm my trunk do to some debri the found in it. Funny the wash I had paid for included vacumming. So my 36.00 oil change and wash cost me a 100.00 after having my valve stem fixed.

Emilia Hickey

My mother-in-law's oil filter was not getting changed. She had been coming here for months getting her oil changed but they did not replace the filters even though they marked them as replaced on the receipt!

Krista Henson

Horrible! Inside of my windshield has dried glass cleaner spots, they didn't even wipe it clean! Had to go home and vacuum again too! Worst car wash ever

Dave Wilson

They do a great job. I will return.

Charles Williams

They are starting to let me down. They use to be so good and thorough. Now they miss simple things like vacuuming out an empty trunk or leaving streaks on your windows. They need to get back to 5stars fast.

Natalie Gaziano

Nick was super fast and efficient! He buffed out the marks on my jeep that I pointed out then went above and beyond by buffing out other marks on my 2018 jeep renegade. My jeep looks like the day I bought it brand new!

Lois Price

Roof of my car is never clean. Sunroof is dirty when I leave. You wipe off the bottom how about cleaning my top of car.

Nightmare Syndrome Beerus

Great place to get a carwash plus I work there

gamal zayed

Mickal Weems

Made our 2012 Ford edge look brand new !!!!!

Brandt Kuntze

Excellent job on an internal detail. Great headlight restoration. Looks new!

Shareen Franklin

linda bates

Fast service as always

Christine Stolz

Confusing process to get into the correct line. Had one tell us one thing and another guy telling us something else. Please consider the people who have never been here before.

Erin Timmons

This is the only place I will take me car to get washed, detailed, or oil changed! I have been going there for 8 years! They are friendly, have great service, and my car always looks awesome!

Ray Wolff

cccw the best BELVIDER IL...

Dale Fildes

Did ok, could cleaned inside better.

Luis Torres

For the price they could've done a better job

Mike Peterson

Damaged my new black E550 Mercedes! I thought it was a bad idea to take my black car to this place, however, I wanted a quick stop to wash off some recent salt and grime. I should have left when the kid told me the wash could break the MB emblem off the front of the car. I just had the car detailed two weeks prior and I know every mark on the car, it is not a daily driver and the black paint was almost perfect. After the wash, I stopped in the parking lot to give the car a quick look and my worst fears were confirmed. 2 scratched up areas the size of a baseball on the hood and 1 on the corner of the trunk! The manager who was well trained in how to deny any possible liability totally insulted me when he said, "you or your wife may have scratched it up with an ice scraper". They pulled the car into the detail area and tried to buff the scratches out. Did not come out folks! They didn't even ask me for my contact information to have an owner contact me. The head detailer told me I would be a "smart man" to keep a car like mine out of the automatic wash. I guess I should be happy that the Ultimate Grime Fighter wash was on sale.

Robert Bauman

Outside of car comes off clean. Purchased ultimate service $22. They could care less whether or not they even wipe off the dash. In this case they didn't as I stood there and watched. Workers seem completely uninterested as if they don't want to be there.

Tena Davis

They always do a nice job cleaning my car

K Pratt

1st time visiting this location, great fast and friendly service. Would highly recommend! Got the ultimate car wash and express six month hand wax, my BMW looks great!! Will be going to this location in the future for all my car wash needs...

Ted Taylor

Really like this place. Car wash, wax, and oil change facility.

kendra worthing

This is THE only place I trust to take care of my car. Not only are they thorough and pay attention to detail, the staff is pleasant and courteous. Their assistant manager is helpful and knowledgeable, answered all of my questions. I hope this company keeps him, and other staff like him, around for a long time! Thank you for a great job!

Kelly White

Horrible job!! So windshield n other windows don't even look like they were even touched!! Sad to say, my windows look better from octopus!! What a waste of my time and money!!

David Sydow

I took my car here for a $20 car wash on 7/23/18. When the car came out of the wash, it was missing the driver's side front wheel cover. I told one of the workers it was missing, and he went to look for it. He found it in my back seat. It was in worse shape than when I brought it there...part of the plastic was broken off. I asked for the manager, and he said sometimes if the wheel cover is loose, once the brush and water hit it, it will pop off. The wheel cover was on there tight when I brought it in there. The wheel cover was still dirty...water never hit it. It was obvious that they broke my wheel cover, and when I told the manager that I should be reimbursed for the wheel cover, he told me they only reimburse for damage to original factory parts, which is not right. I had a cassette stored away in a compartment, and when I entered the car, the cassette was sitting on top of the lid of the center console. They went through my stuff. Don't trust this place.

Thomas Stephenson

Excellent service

Sarah Wells

Fast and easy

Daniel Reiche

Wash and oil change available here. Also full detail shop

Mario Reali

Usually good. Last visit, paid for best wash, terrible vacuuming

Joshua Way

The detail shop has fantastic crew there. The price is very fair as well.

Lori Johnson

Dishonest employees that steal from your car

Omar Sepulveda

My Jeep looked like new when I left. They always do a great job. I am an Unlimited Car Wash member. Great value!


Been going here for years and they do a good job and inside out for 10 bucks is very affordable. I usually just get the 10 dollar wash but the 20 is worth it, especially in the winter. 4 stars because I have had change stolen here that was sitting in the cupholder, just keep that on mind.

Kristen Leon

Took our newly purchased used car for the $190 detail and it came out looking like we just went through the regular wash. $190 and it definitely doesn’t look like we had it detailed. This is the first time we used the detail and we won’t be using it again.


I rarely use automatic car washes as I'm particular about my perfect black paint but when I do, it doesn't get any better than super suds.

shawn Moore

Spent nearly $50.00 and and they did a substandard job of any interior work....vaccuuming ,cleaning floor mats, put $8.00 in the tip jar. I'm on disability and can only do this once a month. I know their job sucks but brutha, don't take it out on me!! Last time I'll be back!

Ashlee-Lynn Lauer


Something Something

This place was terrible, broke off one of my antennas and my car is now riddled with scratches everywhere, don't come near this place!!!!

Michael Daniel

Lisa Harris

Always good quick service

Nichole Smith

Great place for an oil change and car wash. We have had our car detailed here too and have yet to be disappointed! Great service by great staff! Thanks!

Harrison Crespo

Oil change cost more than at the dealership but Jon, the auto technician, took a real interest in servicing my truck. Was worth it!

Jennifer Johnson

They did an OK job but left a lot to be desired with regard to vacuuming and cleaning my windows.

Ashley Vandenbusch

Got there and the girl that was asking what we wanted was lovely! Definitely keep her there! The only thing good about the place.... I’m Highly disappointed because I use to love this place! The wash wasn’t great at all, they hardly wiped anything down, the vacuum job was half-fast, I didn’t get the new car scent I asked for, so basically nothing was done for the 20$ but they sure offer a lot for the 20$. Super suds is a waste of money, maybe something needs to change. I’ll never go there AGAIN!

maurice hagen

Purchased the Super Suds Ultimate Grime Fighter wash, most expensive one. My truck came out of the wash, they spent 3 minutes on it after that, I said that was fast and he replied " that's why we wear the blue shirts, we're management ", I got home, my truck still has bugs splattered on the bumper, the mirrors and the hood, bird poop still on the hood, wheels not wiped off and dirty, tire shine is a joke, looks like a 2 year old sprayed it on the tires and there is dirt around the wheel flares still, looks like I paid for the basic wash

phil c

Good job. Saved me the time of doing it myself.

James Bailey

They do a great job

Michael Hughes

If you are coming in for a car wash, detail, or oil change Super Suds does it all. I find it interesting reading some of the reviews of people that expect detail quality on a $10 - $20 car wash. There is a difference between the two services. Most of the wash club members here go in to clean up the regular dirt and debris inside and outside their cars and Super Suds does a great job taking care of us! They combine quality and speed to get you in and out with a sparkling vehicle and if you keep it washed every now and then it stays that way. If you haven't washed your car in a year and you expect one $10.00 wash to clean away all of the filth and garbage you have piled up inside of your car you should check your expectations and get a detail instead. With a detail they will clean the seats, crevasses, shampoo the carpets, and buff out old scratches to get your car looking like new. If you drive a luxury vehicle you should only do hand washes and details because they will better take care and service your investment. I have used gas station car washes before and the cheap brushes that they use will leave lasting scratches on your vehicle. You get what you pay for there and the equivalent at SuperSuds is a $5.00 "No Touch," wash similar to a gas station but with better quality.

Jeremy Nesemeier

I was quite pleased with my first experience with this wash and a full service wash in general. Quick service, adequate vacuuming, good interior wipe down, and an excellent wash to the exterior. I will gladly be back.

Wownative Lady

Great service

Lee Eisenmann

Clean and efficient operation. The unlimited monthly package is a very good deal, especially if you have a black vehicle.

Gregory Conley

Does a great job

William Heitz

Barb Klitzsch

They did a wonderful job cleaning my car. I wish I would have asked for the guys name. They have a person on each side of the vehicle when it comes out from being washed. The guy on the right side just did his thing and walked away. The awesome guy on the left side really impressed me. He wiped and cleaned his side PLUS part of the right side guy. He didn't finish until it was he was satisfied. VERY impressed with him. So SUPER SUDS if you are reading this I hope you are following you're employees to know who we are talking about.

Cristina Hughes

SuperSuds Summer Hours: Open 8-6 Monday - Saturday and Sunday 9-4. Winter Hours are Monday - Thursday 8-5, Friday and Saturday 8-6, Sunday 9-4. Thanks!!!

James Felts

Best car wash I've been to. Great early bird deal $15 wash, vacuum, clean windows, dress tires and complete dry. I go every week.

Zach Osipczuk

Super suds is great. The first person I spoke to there was a woman who began the process of my full service car wash. She was outgoing, friendly, and told me everything I needed to know. From then, to the time I left, everyone who worked there was similarly pleasant. When I left, my car looked great. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a car wash

renee evans

They are doing less and less everytime I go. They didnt wash my back window and pretty sure they didnt vacuum the back floor this time.:(

Mike Piper

Would like to see one in princeton ill

Joe Schade

Good wash. Terrific staff and personnel

Ramonda Finister

ashton andorfer

Dave Davitt

Great wash and shine. Reasonable prices.

Kim Demaria

Great car wash service. I have used the detail center and was very pleased. Car came out looking great.

Marv Ulmet

They will steal your change!!! Nothing is safe if they would steal $4 in quarters. I guess I tipped $7 So I had my change in the holder for the toll road before I stopped. Got on the toll road and it was gone. Super suds To the manager: Great response but I have never found a vacuum that only picks up quarters and NOT penny's, nickels, dimes and a couple half dollars. At least one of your employees is a Thief!!

Colin McGroarty

What would you do if you went to a car wash which took out both of your car's side mirrors and the car wash site manager then told you that they would neither repair the vehicle nor refund the cost of the service? This was my experience today at Super Suds Car Care Center on Perryville Road in Rockford, Illinois. Please spread the word that this place does not deserve any business from Rockford residents. Better Business Bureau report submitted.


Average car wash...Service was good

infinite warfare gaminig

Got my vehicle a complete detail today, inside and out. The guys did an awesome job. Thanks.

Michael Getzendaner

They do a great job washing my vehicles and they are pretty darned quick about it! All this for a fair price that certainly won't break the bank, whichever cleaning level you choose.

Neil Kessman

Terrible service, it was obvious the people washing your vehicle didn't care about the job they did. Had to go home and finish the job that I paid them to do. Wish I hadn't tipped them, they didn't deserve any extra. Never going back.

Todd Shively

Visiting Rockford for a wedding and needed a quick wash. For $10 these guys did a great job. I would highly recommend them. Friendly and seemed to really care about the quality of their work.

Linda Mhoon

If you take your car to subwash and u r a lady they will mess your car up wash .watch your car . I give them 0 dont do it.

Nathan Kremitzki

I visited for the first time this week. My first impression is that the price was a bit more expensive than average for a standard car wash until I saw the service. The workers go beyond the exterior of your car, even for a basic wash. They wiped down the dirt on the insides of the doors and even cleaned the inside of my windshield. The guys are also courteous. My first experience was great. I’ll be coming back and I would recommend this place to others.

manda baugh

These guys did an amazing job on my car

David Sheley

Did a great job on one car on Saturday, and did a terrible job on my other car on Sunday. I definitely have mixed emotions about this place. I consider having my car washed and cleaned at a place like this a luxury. I need to just do it myself.

Harry Erickson

Do good work

Michelle Gibson

Check your car before departing

david withrow

Service was poor at best. Staff was rude and unhelpful. Just look around when you arrive you get what you pay for

Dale Clark

Quick and friendly service

Jon Muranko

Every time I come, they do a good job.

James Blue

My wife and I drove from Tucson, Arizona to Rockford only to accumulate thousands of dead bugs all over the grill as well as windshield. Super suds were speedy, polite, professional, and I would highly recommend them. Even the teamwork I noticed deserves applause,


They did a decent cleaning job and wax for 20.

Mike F

Great customer service and a pretty good job.

Janalee Politsch

Worst carwash ever. Never touched the inside & for $30.00 the inside should have been at the very least wiped.

Jerrica Beck

I am never one to complain about service because everyone has an off day, but today I have never been treated so badly. I went here for the first time to get my car washed. I pulled up because I didn’t know where to go and asked a woman where I should park for a wash, she proceeded to look at her coworkers and then look at me and say “I’m on break.” Which I understand she cannot do work while she is on break, but it would have been nice to just point in some kind of direction. There were five other people outside (employees) who just laughed instead of telling me where I needed to go. I spoke with the manager who then said the girl was right to tell me I she was on break cause she can’t work. I was LIVID so I ended up talking to another manager. My wash ended up being free because of how unbelievably rude the employees were. I will never in my life return here.

Chris Doubles

Great wash. Skip the tire shine, put on too much and it just ends up splattered on the outside as soon as you leave. Very professional staff and the wash is excellent. Less tire shine

Kay Walls

Great service and speedy too

Aaron Rodabaugh

What a great car wash. Can definitely get pricey, but the full service car wash for $10 is awesome..

Deb Stiles

Got the $17 car wash (mid range service). The outside looks great, as does most of the interior. However, the console didn't get touched, which greatly disappointed me. The biggest reason I stopped by was to eliminate the crumbs from my granddaughters and I eating breakfast in the car on our road trip satSatur.

Jimh H

Great service, clean cars

Olivia Killebrew

Car came out nice and clean,plus I cant believe how fast they worked to dry off my car,omg were they quick and did an awesome job

Tom Windelborn

Went there to get my oil changed and got the car wash, which came with it, on November 17 2018. When the car came out of the wash and was ready for me to pick up. I didn’t realize the significance, but the car was not running when I got in, so I had to start it myself. In the wintertime, I keep my spare key fob in my coat, and the other in my pants pocket; I gave the fob to the person changing the oil which was from my coat, he must have passed it to the person at the car wash because they were able to drive it around and have it enter the wash while it was running. At the end of the wash, they have a crew who does touch ups and dries off the car, so my guess is that one of them put it in their pocket as they were driving it the last 20 feet outside the wash area, since it was a cold day. The problem is, they kept my fob. Aside from this, my passenger side wheels were filled to 39 and 37 PSI which is WAY TOO HIGH. I called to ask if anyone had turned in a key fob to a Chrysler, and the lady on the phone said no. I said it must be there and it wasn’t left in my car because the doors do not lock if there is a fob inside. She passed me to someone else, who simply repeated “our employees don’t put keys into their pockets,” and dismissed the idea that an employee may have put it into their pocket while quickly moving the car. We went back and forth a few times like this, without any offer to ask the employees who were working that day, or do anything about it except tell me that the employees don’t put keys into their pocket. I have been going to SuperSuds regularly for the past 2 years, but never will go again because of their inept customer service. They regularly overfill my tires but I just let some air out and go on my way, but now I am out $350 for a new fob and the manager didn’t so much as offer to even ask the employees if any of them came across a Chrysler key fob after working Saturday. Thanks for nothing, guys.

Michael Gardner

I love this place. Car wash and oil change all in one and better than any other oil change station in Rockford. Didn't try to sell me a bunch of stuff that I don't need. Highly recommend.

Joey Ricotta

Good job with my car. Spotless

David Shuff

There was an empty juice bottle on floor of my car. They left in car rather than putting in trash. Paid for wheel cleaner. Wheels were not cleaned properly.

Suzan Cushman

Always great service !!!

Carol Boslem

Friendly staff.. Great choice of fragrance to make your car smell good the reason I give this a 4 is because sometimes they don't like off the dash and a lot of times they don't pull my mirrors back out to the right position

Mr. EmmyNiko

This wasn't my car but my cousins dad's car, they were really nice but we found an empty m&ms rapper that we didn't eat and random papers but they were super nice about it.

Braxton Webster

Service was slower. Which I don’t mind. As mine car get vacuum out super good. It also got sprayed down good before it went into the car wash and it also got dried good and the interior wiped out super good. That was one great car wash for wining it with their gum ball machine.

john hill

Always a well done car wash

Jacob Jones

Very quick and easy

Howard Barch

Great car care at reasonable prices

Angelita Cruz

Love the service

Jr Ismael

Didnt vacuum right they didnt even lift the floor mats up , car was as dusty as it went in , the outside the only thing that looked clean .

Jane Bond

My second time there.They do an awesome job on my truck.Friendly staff always answer any of my questions. I definitely will be coming back again!

Johnny 3D

Very friendly staff, did a great job

Tanner Hummel

Frank Caniano

They do a good job here, both interior and exterior. Best in town.

Roger West

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