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REVIEWS OF Sparkle Express Car Wash IN Illinois

Kristin Lee

ines Barajas

(Translated by Google) Good place and good price (Original) Buen lugar y buen precio

Paul Covello

Car comes out really nice.they have free vacs and Windex and rags for you to use too....nice touch!

Samantha Vermilyer

Quick and easy!


Great Car Wah with Free Vacuuming.

Eduardo Orozco

The only place I go for a car wash good prices great service

David Esposito

Base car wash is $5 but I added a $4 upgrade for lava flow. The packages go all the way up to $20 which involved certain items even done by hand. I appreciate the space to vacuum and clean out my own car at the end as i had a lot of stuff …

Shaukat Al Saud

It's expensive compared to other. While we have to do our own clean up.

Susan Desalvo

Great car wash. Long lines but it went fast.

Brian Spengler

I'm thinking twice at 3 instead of once at 7

H Gakhal

Paid extra for was under car.... Still dirty. Also have soap left in certain areas.... If I'm paying $10 and coming here, at least make it so the wash is set so there's enough time to get the soap off

Jeff Sam

Decent wash, vacuums not always working

Ryan Humenik

I loved that they had towels and window cleaner for the customers to use after the wash but the wash itself wasn't very good. My rims were still pretty dirty and had to wipe all 4 down AFTER the wash

Angelina Beals

1 stop shop

Monica Samaniego


Darrel Wells

Gets your car clean

Richard Urban

Matt Savage

I go here once or twice a week, love the results and never have any issues with either of my cars.

Cesar Rodriguez

Microfiber rags are provided for inside and out drying and cleaning

Jaclyn Z

Always wash my cars here

Gustavo M Gabriel

Very good service

John Taylor

It's a good car wash

Mari Cervantes

The Boz

BEWARE DAMAGE TO RIMS. Took a brand new 40k mustang through and the back passenger rim was chipped about the size of a dime. I noticed when drying off the vehicle. Employees that were kids said they would check the video footage? So ofcourse they said it wasn't them. Had to pay 300 for repair. Would never go back.

Jake Hynek

This car wash has it all! The wash quality is better than any other car wash around and I can get in and out in under 5 minutes if i would like. My favorite part of the wash are the free ammenities offered, including a free mat cleaner

Lowanna Garcia

I paid for the manager's special which turned out to be $20.00. From what I could see, it didn't amount to much. The backside of my mirrors were still dirty and I had to dry and vacuum myself. There were plenty of workers walking around but I have no idea what they were supposed to be doing. There was total lack of direction . Of that is $20.00, I received a coupon for a 2nd wash within 5 days. I probably should have done a repeat right away.

Jasmin Sanchez

Good place to wash and vacuum a suv with kids

John Stumpf

Great car wash and they offer towels to dry your car.

Samantha Woestman

Need a quick clean wash. This is MY go to place! Be careful with the drying part I still cant figure out hiw fast or slow I should go. ;D. But no complaints at all.

michael spearman

Went thru on New Year's eve in frigid weather and my truck was filthy and was clean and dry afterward

Lavonna Honn

Ok car wash. Low stars for RUDE & IMPATIENT staff!

Chris M

Jacked up Price. 5 bucks just got basic wash.

Flor Mendoza

Onto Logos

Reasonably priced. Yes, they raised their prices recently by two dollars for a basic wash, but then added more vacuum stations, a floor matt cleaner, drying towels, self-serve bug-prep cleaner, and window cleaning bottles. I wash my cars here often and have had no problems.

Eduardo Plata

Loved for the price and extras

Michael Merrick

Good price for a wash, free vacuums, clean rags and window wash available for free

John Warner

Just get the car back from the body shop only for the first wash it gets in a month for the brush to hit the side mirror so hard that it gouged out the plastic I don't recommend this place they'll damage your car and tell you they're not responsible

Shrutika Haake

You can wash your mats for free!

Quanesia Brown

They see me rollingggg

Matt Cyncar

I had a monthly pass last year, and the wash really scratched up my wheels and some areas on the paint. They need to make adjustments to the equipment because it presses too hard against the vehicle. Do not go here if you have a new car or care about your finish.

Grim reaper

Nice pricing but you know you get what you pay for

Anthony Lopez

No good

Darrel Laczynski

Richard Wendel

Great car wash, no matter how dirty my car is, it looks show room new after a wash

John Fisher

croydon doulatt

Friendly, courteous and efficient.

Manuel Carrera

Best wash in the area

Howard W

Pretty much the only place I go. Really like the vacs, microfiber towels, window cleaner, and the mat washer! If I could make one possible suggestion...... those blowers that dry the cars are very powerful and nearly blew my wiper blades off one time. If they could be turned down just a bit that would be fantastic.

Joe Pfeifer

If it does any damage to your vehicle they will not do anything for you.

Ryan K

Quick and easy... A no-frills option for automated car washing.

Naomi Anderson

Good value for a great car wash

Kristin Pretzer

Basic car wash did the job, but there are $3 car washes in the area that are just as good.

Jeremy Gomez

They are doing a great job keeping my car clean. Their client service is next to none!!

John Wagner

Nice place. far lets see if it stays clean in a couple years..

Ivana Miletic

There is a better carwash for that price, my tires are never clean on the best option,-highest selection

Erik Anderson

Best car wash I have ever had. Fantastic service from start to finish. I have come back multiple times and the quality is always on point. Highly recommend.

Chris Provis

The manager had poor customer service and is loosing a monthly paying customer because he wants me to put a sticker on my brand new truck and I don't want the sticker on it. I've been going there for months now and suddenly he has an issue …

Isabelle Muniz


Jeremy Schwartz

Simple and effective car cleaning with great after care bays for vacuuming and cleaning windows.

Robert Lightner

20 bucks for a wash and they dont even towel dry it. Never again. Rip off. And very unorganized.

Jeff Mcdermottsr

Good place to wash your car

Reynaldo Rosales

Love the aftermath car looks nice and clean

Katie Franklin

It gets my car super clean and the staff are nice, havent had a problem with this business.

corey tyner

Good place for a wash, clean, good equipment.

Matthew Howell

Great prices, cleans well, and great vacuums with free to use microfiber cloths and interior cleaning spray!

José M Hernandez

I love this car wash.

Josh Katsimpalis

Honestly I've been coming here for years. I know no wash is perfect but this one looks the part. Always fresh towels to dry and clean your car. My issue is the wash itself, it scratches my car every time. With my old car I didn't care but this is a new car and was its first wash ever. Been trying to buff out the scratches for hours.

Brigette Ambrozewski

Pretty decent car wash. You can get a standard car wash for five dollars and they have free vacuums to use plus a washer for your car mats and they also supply window cleaner and towels. Would recommend

Victor S

This is one of the best car washes in the area with free vacuum. They have really good pricing and the service is great. Highly recommended!!

Christopher Michael

Tyler Foley

Best car wash ive ever been to!

Carmen Valentin

Alisa Burris

A family member of mine discovered this car wash and it's one of the very best around. Not only is the wash thorough, but customers get two for the price of one for the premium level. So it's a wonderful deal at an extremely affordable price.

Rich Fuchs

Great car wash, Highly recommended

Jason Flood

Great price. Quality wash. Be mindful of the wait on a nice day during the winter. Waited 45 minutes the last time I was here in February. That's a long time for a car wash.


Highly recommend

Brandon Marcus

Will Surdynski

Free towels, vacuums, mat cleaner, and window cleaner after the wash

Jesus Islas

The manager awesome (night time), I was confused about my re wash and with out a question he replaced. Great job

Yari Desimoni

There are no rags to dry, and you have to pay to wash mats! All this is free at the carwash on rt 30! Will not return!

Herb Smith


Ernesto Vidales

Alysse Meiners

Free car mat wash, vacuums, windex, interior cleaner and air freshener if you buy a car wash! I'll definitely be back!

Mike K.

A little expensive but has many options and supplies to clean your car. Mostly for the person that likes to do their own work.

Alessandro Mendez

Some of the workers don't seem to like being approached or have a tough time answering questions. But the carwash its self is really good but also a bit pricey.

Terika Smith

Very good car wash and I love the free vacuum.

Rogerio Fragale

Not a bad place

Ray Cahill

Much better than Delta Sonic in Naperville. Not a hand wash so still some wax residue especially around the curvy parts. Highly recommend basic wash + salt treatment if your OCD like me.

Timothy Landry

Nice spot!

trish makuvaro

Affordable quick clean

.America Espana

My favorite car wash

Joe Parsons

David Garcia

Love this place. Very clean

Greg B

Great car wash. It does a good job cleaning the car. The bug prep station and free towels are brilliant. The prices are very reasonable.

Luis Delao

Excellent wash

Aaron Degler

Love this car wash. It's well setup and it does a good job washing and the dryer gets the vast majority of it done (at least for my car). They provide dry cloths for you to finish the job or touch up if you want. And there are free vacuums for people who use the car wash. A popular business for a good reason.

Jeffrey Fullone

Love how they supply cleaning towels at the end of your wash!

james manfre

They give towels and window cleaning supplies included with a other car wash does that

Nancy Schwartz

Found them and will be back

Bruno Rendina

Very expensive for a wash and doesnt even get the car clean

Eric Collin

Great place to get a quick car wash, what I like about this place is that they provide with microfiber towels to dry your car and also they have machines that clean/sweeps your car mats.

Patrick Thwaites

A great bargain for $5 car wash

Wade Rowley

Mark Olbrot

Great carwash

Jaime Hernandez

Magaly HighonLyfe

I like coming to this car wash because the pricing is reasonable the men and women working there are detail oriented and at the end of the carwash you can vacuum your vehicle, and they have a section with terry cloth towels and spray …

obsolete optics

Luis Nevarez


Tim Devine

A new cars best friend. They do a good job at cleaning the outside and underside of your ride. The vaccums are very strong but some of them don't work well because people have sucked up clothing that was left in the car for some reason.

Tonya Cotto

Good car wash.


one of my preferred car washes

Jewel Hupe

Great car wash. Many different option. Decent pricing and vacuums are great!

Gregg DeKing

Fast, reasonable prices. Love the self vacuuming area.

Royan Forbes

Great place for you car

Jason Schisel

Nice job cleaning car, few choices depending on much you want to spend.

Sara Silva

I almost got hit inside the wash by a car behind me.... They told me to let go of the steering wheel and put on neutral i did, by in the middle of the thing me car wasnt moving.....


Good, I like the free vacuums, but it’s pricey. Maybe that’ll improve when the new car wash just down the street gets built.

Reg Silva

Good car wash. Nice drying station. Plenty of towels. Vacuums work nice.

Mikey Foryous

Complimentery towels, windex, car scent, and wash your car mats free.. Definitely the best around..

Ivan Rios

Greg Pew

I used this car wash without any issues for years as I drive by every day. But recently the guy who lines you up didn't align me well and both left wheels thumped into the guides. My perfect wheels now have scratches on both left …

Chad Tedrow

Extremely slow. They’re not busy yet have been sitting in line for 15 mins and barely moving. Will never return!

Chris Poulos

Good body wash. Free vacuums are a plus. Owner is caring about his/her customers and the issues they may be experiencing at this place of business. Lines move fast. I continue to visit often.


July 15, 2017 Around noon I went to staff to report dozens of long odd shaped jagged and swooping scratches on both sides of the car. He took notes and photos, but called 4 days later to saying they believed the scratches were there prior to the wash. Really? Some are thru to the metal, no paint left, silver underneath, no rust or dirt, what are the odds. I Will Tell Everyone in the area, who will tell everyone they know, and hopefully exponentially reducing their business. No stranger will be missed, I will tell everyone at every store, every restaurant, every one.

Janine Pipkin

Scraped the side of my car.

William Vazquez


Nice quick car wash. Easy to get into and free vacuums

Vanessa Mason

I paid $20 for a car wash but was not able to vacuum the car after because they closed between the time i paid and drove thru. What a rip off. You should close the front before you close the back, otherwise, you are ripping off customers.


Eddie G

Awesomecar wash free vaccum

Javier Zavala M

(Translated by Google) Super place (Original) Super lugar

Zach Zielke

Declining in quality. For example one of the heated dryers has been not working for 6 months. It's not as cheap as it used to be either. You can't beat the convenience but the quality is not really worth the price. I think new management could turn this place around.

tom engler

Not too bad a place. Reasonable price for a good car wash

Natacha Augustin

This location is efficient and close by.

Steve Kraft

This place is close to the house it does a good job it's got free vacuums free towels to dry free liquids to wash windows with in spray bottles free floor mat cleaning

Alen Zulfic

Raised price to 5$, and my car was damaged by the brushes and they don't do anything about it except tell you to call your insurance. Your crappy car wash damaged it, why would my insurance pay? On Eola and 34 it's still only 3$, GO THERE !!!

Ricky Guerrero

Great car wash at a fair price. I like the free window cleaner and rags, the vacuums are also very powerful and always work. The wash itself is very good. There is also a mat cleaner that you can use for free and it's fairly decent at cleaning the mats.

Christina Velazquez

Denise Dugo

When it's packed the line goes quickly. The area to vacuum your car is well kept.

Eli Michelle Zabib

Excellent options. Love the free towel service.

Veronica Butts

This place is usually packed but I stopped by for a basic wash tonight bc the birds used my car as a toilet. The guys really scrubbed it clean before I went through. I’m very grateful and I owe them a bigger tip next time!

jesus Juarez

Sometimes full

Enrique Rojas

Very good car wash.

Amanda Lanahan

Had to wash our car after a 19 hour drive. Busy place, machine stopped working when we were there, but another worker quickly fixed it. Liked the free debug station. Car was nicely washed paid $15 and used the free vacuums and free towels and window cleaner. Nice facilities.

Laura Tessmer

I have a $60/month pass, and each time I've come by, they have been "closed for maintenance ". Im definitely feeling like a 1 month refund is in order.

Ida Ingram-Barnes

not happy with this place, I was being guided through car wash, part of my wheel covering got caught in the conveyor,wasn't satisfied the way the manager handled the situation. So I will never go back. NEVER!! was a customer for approximately 4yrs.

Thomas Dean

Good car wash,

Ken Game

Ok place till delta sonic opens

Ronn Young-Black

Marcia Johnson

Quick and easy!

Anthony Meyer

Great place to get your ride looking fresh

Hi Avis

Last June 2015, we bought a new black Chevy Tahoe and we used Sparkle Express every time we washed our suv. We bought the monthly plan for about 9 months. First we noticed a slimmy product after every washed, then scratches started to be more noticeable. A report was taken by an employee but never heard from them. I would not recommend this car wash if you care about having scratches on your vehicle.

Alexei Kichakov

i love this car wash because all of those topics are good and they should also make a new one like their name sparkle express.

Jordan McCroskey

Good car wash. Raised prices recently.

Dan Skarr

Fast and cheap car wash. Line can be long but moves fast.

dan hinkle

Illinois Jeep Cherokee

Joseph Johnson

I like going to this car wash, but go early, it can get very busy.

Drew Wolos

Great price and it does a great job.

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