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REVIEWS OF Simon's Shine Shop IN Illinois

Carlos Lara

Always a pleasure to deal with Christina and Melissa. They do stellar work here. Give them a try, you will not regret it.

Abraham Osuna

Jeff Terrana

Carrie Merritt

I decided to take my car in for the "Inner Sanctum" detail package after my son's friend delivered a little kid honesty and told me my car was "disgusting". Two hours later, I now have the most beautiful car. The inside looks about as close as it could ever get to perfect (given occupants include two kids and a dog). The carpet looks brand new, the dashboard is spotless and the seats look pristine.

Infamis Missy

Would have rated 3 for the cleanliness of the car but my experience was terrible. Dropped my car off Monday night. Informed them that there is a smell that I couldn’t figure out. I was scared it was an animal in the vent. They told me it should be completed by 10 am the next day. I get a call the next morning that they think its the carpet and want to shampoo the floors. I thought this was odd, I have weathertech matts. They also added an ozone treatment to get rid of the smell. The detailing is already pricey so I asked for an estimate. The woman said the total would be $225. When I arrive to pick up my car, the associate told me my total was $350. They spend 30 minutes trying to figure out where the $225 came from. Initially, I was trying to figure out how $179 detailing jumped to $275 on my reciept. I paid $225 because that’s what I was under the impression that I would be paying. The car was well cleaned as if new. They threw everything in my trunk, they could have at least put my matts back in. At the end of the night, I emptied out my trunk — luckily I did! I found a food container that caused the smell, that they threw back in my trunk!!!!!! I went through all that and they upcharged me on services that were not needed! All they had to do was throw it away!!!

Bill Barker

Over an hour for a regular car wash. No notice of the wait time when I checked in. They did a nice job, but the price was about double what you pay elsewhere for a similar wash. If you decide to go here, make sure you have PLENTY of time.

Brad Mason

Pricier than most hand car washes but best in the city and never missed spots or dirt in the wheels. They use high quality products to wash your car (ie quality mits that haven't been used on 25 cars before you which will leave swirl marks in your paint, wheel brush, etc). I only go once a month since my car is parked most of the month and get the To The Nines Shine which after $5 discount for booking online is $53 dollars for SUV. That may seem like a lot but that also includes shampooing the seats and door panels so it's like a mini-detail. Other places in the city I've gone it's close to $40 with tip and not even close to the quality (missed spots, no leather cleaning, etc). And the waiting room is great


Haven't been to a better place for service and effecective car wash. I have been keeping tmy car clean for years and proud to have the ocassioinal passenger with confidence. Location is eassy and I like the place I wait, other friendly people too.

Marisa Ellis

Outstanding job detailing my car. Nice waiting area, fair prices and great customer service. Love the free wi-fi, even has a kids area.

JP Shinebox

Steve Jensen

this is not your average car wash- its a DETAIL SHOP. been going here for 8 yrs and I won't trust my car with anyone else!

Ken D

Caesar W.

Andy MPC

Simons Shine Shop provides expert washing, detailing, and protective coating service for your car or SUV. I have seen some amazing collectible vehicles being cared for here, but dont let that stop you from going for a standard wash. They have a convenient and comfortable waiting room, and the service is a good value. 2 thumbs up!

Midwest Performance Cars

We continually refer our customers to Simon's. For everything from a simple wash to advanced paint restoration and coatings, they are the best, and our customers are consistently pleased.

Elis Diaz

The price is excellent for the thoroughness of the cleaning. It's pretty spectacular. There's a car wash near me in Edgewater on Broadway, but I gladly drive to Simon's Shine Shop for the quality.

Jasper Mayzik

Meagan Richards

Jordan Diab

Gustavo Pazos

Really Really bad service to bad. Manager is so rude all-time. With costumer


Love this place. This will be my 4th Wash. Fast and detailed.

Joel Vasallo

Awesome experience right through the door. Greeted by a friendly team member, introduced to all the options in detail. Great waiting area and great purchase experience. Car looks brand new with even the simple wash. Totally coming back here again!

Christopher Hongosh

They do a nice car wash BUT one time they decided to take a razor to my front window and they cut thru my tint and removed a section the size of a thumb. Never offered to repair it.

Joseluis Flores

scott chomicz

WARNING!!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!! If I could give it 0 stars I would! I took my car there after the white glove next door closed. I got the "To the Nines" package. When my car was done the buttons on my steering wheel(radio volume buttons, temp control, fan speed, and radio source selector) no longer worked and neither did my CD player. I called them as I was driving away and they said this is common due to humidity. WTF? Im pretty sure I drive my car in the rain and that 100% humidity. Anyways, they said to wait a day or 2 and if was still not working I should call back. Well, I did exactly as they asked when after 2 days things were still not working. They asked me to bring the car back in. Once again I did as they asked and they spent about 30-45 minutes looking at it and determined I was right, the buttons dont work. They told me I would need to talk to the owner and they would call me. Well I waited over a week for that call and to no surprise, it didnt happen. I called them back and asked what was going on. I was told the owner would call me. Well 4 days later that finally happened and this is what I was told. She "pulled the tapes" and found her employees followed procedures so there is nothing they will do for me. In the meantime I pulled the steering wheel controls off and cleaned them and got every button to work except for 1 and the CD player still does not work. I called the dealer and found out a new switch goes for $250! I looked on ebay and found one for $40 so I bought that and replaced it and now all the steering wheel controls work but alas, CD player still does not. I tried to help them out and fix things as inexpensively as possible and they still had no interest in sharing the expense or even offering me a free freaking car wash. They do a nice job cleaning the car, just pray that nothing gets broken because they do not care one bit about their customers, only their customers money!

Eric Mojo

I took my POS V6 mustang to this place once a long time ago. Been meaning to leave a review. I pulled up and was immediately embarrassed because these guys detail real cars. When I say real I mean classics and muscle cars. My POS had over 200k miles on it...but it was fairly clean for what it was. Let me tell you something .I picked up my car and was AMAAAzEEd!!! It looked brand new. They treated my car just like all the rest. Any price is worth it for this place. Totally professional. Trust me...if you are even considering it....just go.

Nick Allen

Jeff Kaldahl

adam callif

veryn good work awesome

Tom R

Junyi Fan

James Greenfield

Best in Chicago

Joe Murray

Completely way to expensive.

Capt Cal

Had an issue with this shop about an upsell on a service that should have been a couple of dollars and ended up costing me $40. The clerk just shrugged it off when I approached her about it but the manager made it right. So I'm changing my review. They took care of the issue. I commend them for it.

Marius Ibanescu

Bob Lang

Had my black car detailed, they did an excellent job of removing swirls , looks excellent

Samuel Cotton

Scott Camp

Juan Placido

George Carter

Best wash detail shop in city

Derek Entringer

Yolanda A


Erika Hauber

Jerry Craig

Awesome place to get a simple wash or a fine detail. The helpful staff really seem to care about the job they do. They made my car look almost new again!

Henry Franco

martha Del Rio

Heard a couple good things about this place WOW very disappointed. Paid approx $55 for wash and inside was completely dirty. Never coming back

Peter Staker

Michael Nickson

Damaged interior of my truck which resulted in a $1200 bill from dealership to fix. Simons refused to pay.

Dominic S

Simon's did an excellent job. The car interior looks like it rolled off the show room floor. I had salt stains in the carpet, dog hair everywhere and it looked immaculate when they were finished. Well worth the $325 to get the car sold and bring a higher value.

Rohan Galloway-Dawkins

Mark Perkins

Efficient and very clean. Will go back

David Wittig

I only wash my car at Simons. Reasonable prices and consistently fantastic work.

Jivesh Toor


German Garcia

I recently bought a 2009 Cadillac Escalade and had a lot of swirl marks, light scratches and the paint didn't shine anymore due to the previous owner negligence. I called Simon's Shine Shop to set up and appointment to get that corrected as soon as possible. I got a paint correction, buffing,wax and sealant applied on the Escalade. At first they said it would take about 2 days to get that done but I talked to the guys that work there and they managed to get it done in ONE day! They detailed washed, clayed,buffed, waxed and placed a sealant all in one day. I am more than happy with the results. It is a little pricey but well worth it. The waiting area is really nice they even have a play area with lot of toys for your kids. I was planning on detailing and doing all that by myself but just havent had the time. I'm happy I found Simon's because I know they will get the job done and I can trust them. I will definitely be back with my other car (Passat) to get detail it. Really happy they brought my Escalade back to life!

Triet Nguyen

Esmael Gonzalez

I bought a new car I been hand washing it myself and I brought it here for the first time never took it to wash anywhere else I noticed My rims had a discolouration like if they spray something strong on them took it to the dealer they said someone Sprayed some strong chemicals on the wheels I notify them and they just said they do not use anything strong Chemicals Just taking my car here one time damage my wheels and I paid about a $100 to wash my car the wheels was only damaged on one side of the car so the person wash the driver side must of use the wrong spray bottle

Zhang Haosen

Scott Perkin

Best detailing experience in Chicago. Fast, thorough and reasonably priced. Excellent customer service and took my truck in with little notice. When I'm in Chicago for business Simon's has my business! Thanks very much to the team members that accommodated me during my last vista. A+++

Shay Jennings

Excellent. Honest and on time, hardworking and detailed. Came right to my front door, gave an evaluation and performed perfectly. Robert had the car in like new shape in just a few hours for a fair price. Don't hesitate to try these guys out.

Andrew Potter

The only place in Chicago to wash your car. They do not use pads on sticks like many other "hand washes". You can also add gratuity with your credit card!

Hayley Helms

They went above and beyond!!! My car looks AMAZING!!! It was totally WRECKED with grease from the el, absolutely caked on, and they were able to get it all off, removed my old decals from highschool, cleaned the inside of my car, and even helped with a damaged casing on the bottom of my car. My car was a disaster and now it looks brand new! Thanks!

Linda Calles

Joseph Lanza

Extremely over priced, and quoting prices above what is advertised on website and close to double prices of other area detail shops.

Yama Rahim

Eduardo Aquije

They always do an exceptional job on the exterior of my car. I took my wife's car (there were multiple spills and stains inside her car) the other day here and she said that her car has never been this clean. I usually do the "To the Nines Shine". The exterior is always incredible. The interior is usually super clean, but from time to time they will miss something very minor. But unless you are looking at every small detail (like I do) you will probably not notice it. I highly recommend this place!

Dhruv Chadha

Great service for a good price. Car is always clean and well done. I always get the Premium Exterior Shine.

Sarah Heinemann

Celine W.

I took my 2010 Ford Focus here for a To the Nines Shine. Honestly, the car was filthy. The dash had all sorts of disgusting grime built up and the seats were full of crumbs. I've never had a better car wash. The employees were so enthusiastic and helpful and my car looks better than it did off the lot. This place is expensive, but definitely worth it. You get what you pay for!

Jennifer Johnson

Hector Nava

Me and my boyfriend took our two door Mustang in today. I saw they had a good pricing for the express detailing for interior and exterior. I called and spoke with a woman and asked a ton of questions and were answered very well. I was told that it included a hand wax and a spray wax on the wheels. I asked what the difference was, I was told a hand wax is more durable. My boyfriend dropped the car off and he even got a $5 off coupon. When I got there, while we were waiting I noticed that we were charged an extra $30 for the hand wax. We tried to ask them not to, but they said it was too late. Though they had just taken the car in so even though I don't know much about wax, I know it's applied once the car is washed and dried. The car was just pulled in. Maybe they couldn't issue refunds but I just felt wronged. As college students who had their car detailed for the first time in 2 years, I wasn't thrilled about the extra $30. Maybe it was just miss-communication with them and my boyfriend but they could have corrected it once we requested it. I was also told by an employee that the wax was included. If you can't trust what employee there tells you then who can you? The finished work was great. The car looked beautiful. Though the three guys who worked on our car did not speak english. We just asked if it was ready and they just starred even after we asked if it was good to go. We know spanish so then they understood us. I felt a bit strange about that. I hope they at least pay them well for those damn $120+ they charged us. We might come back here, I'm contacting the manager soon this week. I didn't do so in the time I was there because I was a bit distracted by something else. Hope everything works out. Make sure, as always that you don't get charged for something you didn't ask for.


Jace Cole

Peter Granberg

This place is awesome!!! Inside is super clean, neat waiting area. There service though was spectacular. I'm picky with my car, I'm a car enthusiast, I track my car, I do all my work including detailing... But I was amazed with the attention to detail this place has. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs a detail. They will take care of you.

Kim Enderle

I really wanted to like this place...but! Unfortunately the detail in their detail leaves a lot to be desired. I took my 2013 Hyundai Elantra in the past weekend for the "Exterior Detail Service" First of all I made the appointment on-line for Sunday, August 17th. On Friday, August 8th I received a call from Simon's wanting to confirm my appointment for Saturday, August 9th. When I called them back to say I made an appointment for Sunday, August 17th not August 9th I was told oh yes, the appointment was written incorrectly on their books. This probably should have been a warning sign. So I drop my car off at 8:30am and was asked when I needed the car back. The young lady working the desk, she was the best part of my experience, said it typically takes 4 hours and would a 1pm return time work. Sure, why not. So off I go, only to get a call shortly after 11:30am saying my car was ready. Hmmm, 90 whole minutes before I was expected to get the car back (warning #2???). So I hop in a cab to go pick up my car. Yes, I can't wait to see it!!!!!!! Well I start walking up to my car and think something looks off. So i walk up to the car and what do I see...wax, wax between each panel of the car, Wax on plastic pieces of the car. I see wax that wasn't removed...ummm I did pay $189 for an exterior detail right? So I go in to the nice young lady working the desk, again still my best experience, and tell her about the wax remaining on the car. I'm so sorry she says, I'll get someone and we can go take a look. Out we go. The gentleman that met us outside was very nice and when I showed him where the wax was still visible on the car he said I'll be right back. Back he comes with a brush and a cloth. He starts wiping away the excess wax. Then he says the wax on the plastic won't come off by just wiping it and suggests putting Armor All on it. Ok great. I'm thinking to myself, "shouldn't have all this been caught BEFORE i was called to pick up the car?...but ok". So he comes back out and wipes down the plastic. Looks much better...thank you I say. Off I go. I get home and start looking at the car. I see areas where the wax, while not stark white on my black car, is still visible. Look more, more spots. So after spending $189 less than 4 hours ago to have my car "detailed" I'm wiping down my car to get the wax that was missed by my detailer. Something wrong with this picture??? I basically paid $189 for an exterior detail that does not include any type of buffing and the person that actually performed the detail wasn't very detailed. I'm really surprised this place has the high ratings it has. Maybe my experience was because it was weekend or maybe because I don't have a fancy car they don't care as much about it. I realized on the way home with all the hoopla I forgot to leave a tip for the team. At first I felt really bad about that but after having to wipe down my own car I don't feel so bad. A tip is something you earn by providing good quality service. That's not what I feel that I received despite the hefty price I paid. Sorry Simon's I won't be back as I feel I can find another shop that will provide a better quality service. I'm willing to spend the money but the service and quality has to be there and you lack it. The young lady that worked the desk is the only thing that gives you 2 stars. If I based on the quality of my "detail" alone you would only get 1 star. This place is way overrated in my opinion and I know opinions are like armpits, everyone has one and they usually stink.

Tommy Tee

60$ for a car wash and I was left with drips from door handles and streaks on my windshield. Dont waste your money or trouble.

Benjamin Yabut

Omair Khalid

Sean Thornsburry

I've used Simons for years because they truly the best at washing cars. The price for a basic interior/exterior wash on a car had been 29.99. Pricy, but acceptable because of the quality of service. My last visit showed me that the price of my wash had been raised to 36.99. With a $5 tip applied, I'm now in for over $40 for a basic wash. This is excessive, and will result in me visiting less to avoid being taken to cleaners. On a separate note, I had my car's exterior detailed with some minor "paint correction" on the hood, a buff and a single coat of wax. While I don't remember exactly what I paid, I know it was a few hundred dollars for the service. When I picked up my car, I noticed that the paint correction job was ineffective/poor, the buff did very little for minor swirl marks, and I could barely feel any wax on the surface. For this pricing, and this shop, the car should have been delivered to me with a deep coat of wax, that would hold up. This experience was disappointing.

Ted Souder

Great wash every time. Clean and comfortable waiting area.

Mike Podyma

AVOID THIS PLACE IF YOU ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR CAR!!! If any damage happens to your car they'll just "look at the cameras" and give you a call within 48 hours! I came here to get my new car detailed and paid $90 on the first visit after reading some good reviews. Which now I believe all these reviews are done by the employees that work there. I heard the bell ring and saw my car pull up. Just from looking through the window I already saw damage that was on my car. On my passenger door there was a good size paint chip!!!!!( I know it wasn't there before I arrived). When I pointed this out to the service advisor he didn't even seem to care!! Probably was just mad he's not going to get a tip!!! The cashier came out and took two pictures and said " well look at the cameras and call you within 48 hours". I should of never left and demanded for them to fix it!! BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART. I even sent them a email when I got home(two hours later). I was hoping a manager was going to call me. On Monday a manager called me and left me a message. I call back about 20 minutes later and of course the manager is not available and she'll call me back later on. 4 hours go by and no call!!!! I just decided to call back my self at that point. " Oh the manager was busy running errands and she left for the day". SOME MANAGER. Next day I got a call but I missed it by 10 MINUTES!! I call back asking for the manager and the cashier goes like "is the mike? um yeah we looked at the cameras and we cant find a way the damage happened so yeah". I work in customer service and this is just horrible how they have no idea how to treat a customer!! I should at least get to talk to the manager especially after the email i sent them!! I mentioned that I just wanted to get this taken care of and treated right and I would consider coming back for more services. DEFINITELY NOT GOING HERE EVER AGAIN!!!! IF YOU DONT LISTEN TO MY ADIVCE AND GO HERE MAKE SURE TO GO OVER YOUR CAR AFTER ITS DONE!!!!! POINT IT OUT AND DONT LEAVE UNTIL THEY FIX IT!!!!

Nikolas Taraba

Excellent hand wash! The staff was friendly and the waiting area was more than accommodating. I made an appointment and didn’t have any problems. I will be back. Highly recommend!

Victor Cazares

They did a really good job cleaning the exterior of my new 2019 truck with one exception, the clear coat was swirled up completely by the hand towels that were used to hand clean/dry the exterior. This was it's first wash, and I picked Simon's because of the recommendations on Reddit, but now I regret taking it here. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to get rid of the swirls covering the clear coat of my New truck. :/

Richard Wang

This was my first time at Simon's Shine Shop, and overall they do a good job. It was relatively busy with many cars lined up before me, but they go at a good pace. The inside has 4 very comfortable leather seats, so they will get snatched up if you leave for a second. I am only giving four stars, because I checked the inside of my car afterwards and there were a couple of missed spots (large crumbs under the front seats). The roof of the car also had some black stains marks that came out, but were not there originally. Mention you heard about them on Yelp and they will give you a $3 discount if it is your first time.

Vaso Lazovic

I would give them 5 star for paint correction but 1 star for interior cleaning. Trunk full of dirt,footwell dirty,seatbelts dirty,headliner dirty,cup holder dirty panel scratched.Big dissapointment on interior cleaning.Wont be coming back.

Mark Lazar

Always a positive experience.

Von Bryan Lapuz

Paid $140 for Top Of Line. Exterior was washed, some parts of inner door still had stains so wasn't wiped thoroughly as you'd expect to be paying this much. I brought my car in since the night before, I had friends who drank a little too much and left some stains on the leather in the back. When my car was finished, I looked in the back and the stains weren't even touched! I assume since my car interior looked clean when I arrived, they didn't even bother wiping it down anyway. So much for 'detailing'. I told them and the guy came back and wiped it down in like 10 minutes. I could have done that myself and not pay over $140. Pretty disappointed, just seems no-one will care about your car more than you. Im just gonna wash my car personally from now on. CAR DETAILING IS OVERRATED, well at least at Simons.

Michael Tishler

Empirical Phage

Kyle Cornille

David Dedinsky

Jimmy Le

"If you want something done right, you're better off doing it yourself" I brought my car into another car wash shop and immediately scratched my driver's side mirror. From then on, I swore I would wash my own car. I spent a few hours on Youtube watching professional detailing videos so I see a lot of mistakes that almost all car wash shops make nowadays. Anyway, onto my review of Simon's. I want to start out by mentioning I don't ever let anybody wash my car but me because nobody knows how to do it right without damaging the car's paint. So I'm extremely picky about where I go to wash my car. If I go somewhere new, I always ask the manager/owner if they don't mind if I watch their workers' techniques and attention to detail before I pull my car in. Most times, I rather skip and wash it myself for another day. Nearly every hand car wash shop uses towels from the previous cars or use bad techniques that potentially scratch your car. At Simon's they use new microfiber cloths for each wash which I appreciate. I got the cheapest wash at about $30 and overall it was pretty great. However, somehow they missed a few obvious spots, such as the middle of the driver door panel (odd). I had to pull my car to the side and do my own wipe down because it was so obvious it was still dirty. Hopefully, next time these guys will be a little bit better. That said these guys are professionals in every aspect of the word.

Gregory Devonshire

I went with the Top of The Line Shine which cost me over $150 and was not impressed. For that price I thought my car would have come out looking a lot better. There was still dust on the dash board, my wheels were not satisfactory (still dirt throughout the wheel wells), and my interior did not look "Fresh and Rejuvenated" as advertised. When I brought my car in I had the back seats down, they did not even put them up to clean them. I had to continue telling them different things they missed even after they were "done". The staff was great, but they finished product for over $150 was not satisfactory. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Marc McCarty

Ra Ga

My first visit was a 5 star visit. Second time I went I gave it one star. It depends on who is doing your car. Generally older guys are better.

Maggie Panagakis

Luis Maya

Was really satisfied with the outcome of my car. They definitely went the extra mile to clean places I never thought of. If you're a car person that cares like I do, definitely visit them.

James Hawks

Provides an excellent car wash and wax for a reasonable price given the high quality of service and the superior results. It's probably the best hand car wash you'll find in this area

Melissa Cornwell

nicol rojas


Used to be a regular customer but they only now take 'reservations' for a car wash and interior cleaning; mind you, this is not a full detail. They do good work but making a reservation for a $50 car wash is a waste (especially when I see the place is empty). It's nice enough if you have the time, but it's become a bit too bougie and took my money elsewhere.

Eric Wehling

This place was awesome!! Got the full interior package and the car looks brand new. Mind you I have to English bull dogs that shed like no tomorrow. Awesome job Simon's!!

Tiffney D.

I went to Simon's today to get my car waxed. The receptionist was friendly and the job was done well. I'll definitely be taking my car there again!

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