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Mike A

These guys are a joke. My wife bought me a gift card here back in 2014. It has been in my wallet since then. I always meant to go in and get some cleaning done, it never happened. Fast-forward to now, April 20th, 2016 and I finally went to do it. They tell me the card has been used and will not honor it despite the fact I have not been in this place since the year 2000, (yes I actually remember because I worked there). The manager actually suggested that either I came in here, used the card and forgot (and somehow kept the card in my wallet even though it would have been used up) or someone in my family -mind you it's just me and my wife, no kids, which I told him- went into my wallet, chose (of all things) a CARWASH GIFT CARD to steal, you know, instead of my debit and credit cards, went to the car wash to use the gift card and then proceed to return it back to my wallet without me knowing - again, somehow I still have it even though it would have been used up. Talk about gremlins. This guy has lost his mind. I'll be calling the owner on Monday seeing as I have now paid for two services and only gotten one and that I was pretty much called a liar by that douchebag manager. I will recant my negative feedback if they fix the problem, but judging by the amazing 1 and 2 stars in here so far, I'm not expecting much.

cindi nystrom

My second time there,, good service,,, employees are very nice.

Randy Cole

Nice car wash

Maurice Lockhart

Joe G

royal car wash VS Octopus I went to royal car wash only to find out they charge extra for every little thing. Vacuum the driver area extra, vacuuming the back extra, SUV extra, clean the mats extra, you name it extra. That's not the worst of it, after paying extra they did not even do the job. Octopus cleans the inside front, back, extended back, even trunk if asked, outside ,door jams, wheel wells, rims, also clean scent smell for $8.95 Try Octopus and see what you are missing

Robert Hyde

Second vehicle in the last two weeks car wash didnt seem to get the rear of car clean.(Was even worse on my truck)And lots of missed spots during the drying. Glad I’m off in mornings so I don’t waste time in line the long lines. Think I might just start doing it on my own. Not worth the 18.95

Marc Friedman

Good job

Kelsey Hood-Christenson

Terry Singletary

Steven Clark

Poor quality. Quantity over quality. Evertime I go they don't wipe off the dash. No leadership . Only went back because I had a free wash. Don't forget they also put the wrong fragrance in my car .

Allen Williams

Got some spot's outta the seats I never thought would come out! Made it look like new again!

Brad Hanson

Not even close to clean. Visible salt near bottom of the car. Dirt sealed on with wax everywhere. Paid $20 just to make it harder to clean by myself when I got home.

Pat Tuttle

Patti Walker

Great place. They do a great job of cleaning my van. Highly recommended

Cristof Marron

Take my suv their all the time and always have my service k9 with me. Staff is great and since they offer a discoubt if you have your dog with and a military discount couldnt be happier. Especially with the 4 day guarantee

Tina Stupek

Kelly Lovejoy

Unfortunately, we had to take our new car in because it had road paint on the side of the car. They took care of it and the car looks as good as new. Our family has been taking our vehicles there for years and they have always done a great job with special needs and details. Thanks for the great work!

Denny Luster

Excellent service. This is my FAVORITE Car Wash in northern IL! They clean my car inside and out thoroughly every time.

Ron Mayville

Kathy Johnson

Janet Whitley

They do the outside of your car, and the inside.this is done by hand. Drying of your car. Vaccum,and windows. Plus a shot of fragrance. Very pleasant and courteous employees.

Brady Cosgriff

Did a great job washing the car, very nice workers. OK price.

Vince Lindy

I brought a dirty vehicle in for their 119.00 dollar interior detail. I left the vehicle there with my phone number at the desk were the reservation was made days earlier. I got a call to pick up my car and Show them my money, I got my bill for 146.00 I asked why? No One Called me to tell me it would cost more!!! I spoke with the manager who told me he had to shampoo the seats twice and the rear passenger door didn't open, so you guessed it, Sir It took longer to do the car. There were still stains on the seats and carpet. the dash and all of the instrument panel looked very nice including the plastic door skins. I'm not as upset about all the stains not coming out as I am about the extra charge without checking with me. Plus the had the nerve to hand me a coupon for 20.00 dollars off my next 119.00 or higher detail. Really you inflate my cost then hand me a million copy little coupon every who farts in the place gets, But you can't call me first,then when I question the inflated up charge you give me excuses,,, Bad Bad Business I will tell 30 people who will each tell 20 people,that's 600 hundred people who I hope tells at least 10 to 20 each Ok now we are at 6000-12000 potential customers, who I hope are smarter than me and go to Super Suds or TLC or at least get their detail in writing. 27.00 dollars isn't going to kill me and the interior except for the seats looks better. I was told by the manager when the seats are wet they look even better. wow that great I'll carry a spray bottle with me. So Beware of Royal Car Wash policy of up charging and not calling until your car is done.OOPS sorry yous had a tough stain here is your extra charge to try getting it out. I will never use them again

david long

Looked like my car wasnt even washed.did a terrible vacuum job for the money we paid car wash should have been 5 bucks or less.when i took it back to my wife. She asked if they used car soap on it. I said i dont know i walked one lap around the store and it was coming out the dryer area already. Seemed kinda fast to me.

Cheryl Jewell

Kim King

Great place for a great job. Friendly staff

Nicole Fetters-Murphy

Extremely poor car wash. Interior was still dusty, counsel not wiped down, the floors were filthy even after vacuuming. I asked them to please come back out and wipe the dust and dirt off the counsel, dash and doors, employee did drivers side only. I called and asked to speak to the manager, as the car wash was not busy, I drove right in. I was transferred to the manager Damien I believe was his name and he told me that's what I get for a car wash. I definitely would not recommend nor will I ever return. Will drive to Belvidere to Ultimate Car Wash

Madame Señora

Morgan Kay

I just got my car’s interior detailed today and I’m thouroughly impressed! I was worried because of the bad reviews on here but my car looks great, practically brand new! I will definitely be coming here again.

Brian Remmers

Great car wash they do an excellent job

Arron Butler

Nancy zalzalah

I always take my car here they do a good job and I love that air freshener they use in it

Mark Warnecke

This place sucks! I got the deluxe package and they couldn't clean the bottom of a rock. Will never go here nor should anyone else! Worst place ever..... Aside from the inside of a septic tank!


This place is a mixed bag. The actual car washes are usually "ok" and i would give three stars for them because usually miss dirty spots the brushes miss and they are horrible at doing windows (which is harder to do right than people think). The guys that do the interior / exterior detailing are actually very good and have always done an amazing job on all my vehicles. I did detailing professionally for 5 years and these guys are the only ones that are as meticulous as i was when doing it. For them, i would give 5 stars. So overall 4 stars.

Bobbie Lengjak

Roger McGee Sr.


Mediocre wash, takes forever, expensive. Huge line all the time and I'm not sure why.

Sherri Moll

My car was still dirty they only vacuumed on top of the four mats and the windows and mirrors looked like kindergarten kids got to them after snack time.

Robin Appel

Took my brand new car that I had for 3 weeks and had 2600 miles on it through this nasty car wash. I noticed later that my new black rims on one side had gouges and jagged scratches. I showed the manager both rims and he dismissed immediately that HIS car wash did not do this. He told me that I hit a curb. Please people if you have a nice vehicle do not take it to this craphole. There is a place in South Beloit that does excellent hand washes. I just want to prevent anyone else from having this done to them. You SUCK Royal Car wash and you are overpriced for a crappy job.

David Seitz

18.75 for ultimate wash and it was basic at best. Rim cleaning included but they never touched them. When I got my truck home I had to spray detail the entire vehicle.

Angela Winterland

I don't usually get my car done there because they don't do a good job. Every once in a while I will give them another chance.'s awful. They are terrible. Not thorough on the vacuuming. Didn't even wipe off the dash. I won't be back. Ever. Is rather do it myself or drive ten miles to a real carwash!

Matthew N. Fuller

On a sunny day this place is very busy however its worth the wait. Once you tell them what you want your car moves along very quickly. They vacuum it out very well and dry off the windows and clean the outside and clean the inside very good.

Michelle Mather

Horrible car wash!!! Paid $14.50 to have my car barely vacuumed and dripping with water when they instructed me it was done! I asked if the kid could please dry it more since that's what I paid for and he acted like it was going to kill him. After swiping my car I few times, with little effort, he said that it was done as water continue to drip. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

David Lewis

Excellent wash for the price.

Travell Bates

Melski Z

Does a good job

John Ainsworth

I am tired going there on weekends coming home and have to finish the job I paid them to do, the door seals and seats still have to be vacuumed by me, the weekend crew really need to be given a little more idea on how to do the job I always ask for the ultimate wash job on my truck and they charge a bigger price for it i feel they should do a better job

Twyla Ottowitz

Damain Lannon


quick service even when there is a line

diane Moore

Jane Larson

Belinda Palmer

So sad this is our closest option. Worst car wash EVER! So many things wrong with this place.. Today i left with a completely dirty window.. it's not worth it anymore..

Brenda Pinson

Nikki Hendrickson

Ashley Winterland

For a "full service" wash at $12.50, there should be no water drips or interior dirt, but there is! For that many people cleaning your car and double the eyes, this shouldnt happen, but it does everytime! Going to a mobil drive thru with no people-- will clean your car better!! These people also need to be cautious of their customer's cars when opening and closing their doors when they have a vacuum in hand-after I got home I noticed a scratch in a slant that wasn't there before I went to get my vehicle cleaned. Conveniently though, they aren't responsible for any damage to your car...


Amanda Washburn

Fast and affordable service. Friendly staff

Julie Smith

Allen Watts

Delia Tapia

Kathleen Ashbaugh

Eric Toye

Purchased full service. Steering Column and dashboard untouched.


My dash board was still dusty when they were finished. But they were also very busy.

Bob Beagley

The car looks a lot better with all the salt removed

Rich Lam

Left swirls in the paint

Cindy Stevens

Always do a great job.

Adam Sharp

The line is not fun to get in the carwash, but carwash is popular, and the crew do a great job. I thought I had a new car.

Carol Fryar

Tracie Vasseur

Sandy Berg

Had a complete detail done but it was sloppy. mats were streaked,one door jam not cleaned, a back panel had some baking soda on it and was still there. Not the quality that was there years ago

Rey K

Chad Toye

My only gripe is price, other than that, i have never left disappointed. I do get streaks on the inside of my windshield from time to time, but not often enough for it to be a deal breaker with me. I would love to see the Protection Package reduce in price. If the prices were a bit lower i would drop in much more often.

April Almanza

Judy Kersch

Shashil Shah

Thomas Hartwig

They do a great job.

Dennis Gillig

Good wash

Bobbie Franklin

Alicia Butler

Disappointed in the service of the only full service game in town. Paid for deluxe wash which incl wash, clear polish, wheel cleaning, vac, glass and wiping interior etc. Received a basic wash and vac. No lights came on to indicate polish or wax. When questioning the staff they said oh those lights have been burned out forever. Really? Not once surface was wiped, dash, console, door handles none. We usually make the trip to Ultimate Car Wash in Belvidere for fantastic service and attention to detail but were pinched for time before a trip. Lesson learned. Step up your game Royal.

Sharyn Gooder

Great place to have your car washed. They too the time to dry off everything. Friendly staff.

Dro YouKno

John Kaufmann

Amber Gottman

When you pay almost $18 for a car wash I expect that my dash and inside of the windows to be cleaned but nope. Still as dusty and dirty as before I entered...I will not go back nor will I recommend this place.

Charity Smith

Seriously I love this place. Awesome prices, fantastic work. Speedy and thorough. My car always looks amazing when theyre done.

Veronica Rogers

Daniel Crain

Ryan Lovejoy

Had our car detailed this week and it looks amazing. Detail team did a great job!

Duane Introwitz

Does a good job.

Tammy Theisen

shaun huba

ginger Corey

Car was still very dirty

kelly mcwilliams

I wish we were able to separate the car wash from the detail. The detail work is excellent! The car wash, not so much. In the last year the car wash has drastically declined. My suv is not even clean when it comes out of the wash and then to get the employees to make any effort to wipe the car down properly is difficult. If you ask them to get a specific area, they roll their eyes with attitude. We are going to give the south beliot car was and detail a try, it couldn’t be any worse than Royal car wash!

Robin Johnson

Save your money- use a drive through car wash. Didn't get what we paid for. We paid for the Ultimate Wash, but when the Jeep was 'ready' they hadn't touched the inside or wiped the marks off the outside. My mother asked them to do it and they wiped off the seats. She pointed out the dash and console were still covered in dust and ashes (she smokes). When I came out she was pointing out the piles of ashes (yuck, I know) in the cup and coin holders were still there and console was still dirty, but I didn't know about the previous conversations to just get ANYTHING done. After the guy begrudgingly vacuumed the ashes, I pointed out the rub marks on the handles and doors, which came out with a microfiber cloth- they just hadn't bothered. He still left a few so I asked him to just give me the cloth. I got them out and said 'see, they weren't dings, you just had to rub' and he said 'I never said they were dings'. I asked why he left them then and he said 'if you rub too hard you can damage the paint'. WITH A MICROFIBER CLOTH. And I'm a disabled Vet with nerve damage and damaged spine, I CAN'T rub that hard and I got it out. When asked why the floor mats weren't done he said it's extra, but the carpets were supposed to be vacuumed, so how did they vacuum them without at least taking the floor mats out (which would have shaken the dirt off)? This place is a RIP OFF. a church youth group does a better job, and for a good cause. By the way, I told my mom that if I'd realized she had to ask 3 times to get the interior done halfway passably (I still consider it dirty) I'd have spoken to the manager. She said she asked for the manager and THAT WAS HIM.

X2dg Gavin

Poor job

Tim Brugger

If you want a car wash to your car. This place will wash your car in mud and dirt. Because this is how your car will look when they are done. FOR A HIGH PRICE!

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