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1460 N Convent St, Bourbonnais, IL 60914, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rainstorm Car Wash IN Illinois

Rudy Carter

Thomas Forbes

Jessica Donaldson

Daniel Adam Galindo

Fast run through/

Vaughn Schoon

This is the second time I have used this car wash. Two comments: First they are still holding down the cost of a basic car wash and second: they have employees use high pressure spray guns to get the front and back of the car. This I like as it seems these areas are washed the least by those big brushes. Great location also as it is close to several big box stores I frequent. I will be using this car wash more often now. I recommend this car wash.

Hiq H2o

Expensive but at least the guys are there to dry your car off but it's a nice quick in quick out car wash

John B

Vacuums are horrible they never work the car wash is constantly broke down The tire cleaner is not worked in a year The employees are a bunch of crybabies that don't wanna do their job And they hide inside I wish the owner would contact me I Have a bunch of interesting things to let him know about how His employees act Instead of doing maintenance in the morning before they open up they Decided do it during the day when everybody is trying to get their car cleaned I understand things break down But constantly there's a problem And the problem is the smart mouth little punks that don't want to do their job there

William Zacharias

great car wash t when not super busy

Susan Zanella

Nice staff

Tameika F

Robert Forsman

Miles Delaney

Susan Mullen

Really like this car wash!

Rosie Bayer

Betty Sepulveda

Dan Taylor

I used to frequently use this car wash to clean my full size SUV. During my last wash, one of the spinning brushes ripped my rear windshield wiper arm, blade and motor off my car. I contacted the business owner and manager and basically they told me that they are not liable for the damage and that I’m SOL. Attached are photos of the damage and the email I got from the manager stating they won’t do anything about it. I’m very displeased and hope anyone thinking about using this wash service will consider my situation before you subject your vehicle to potential damage.

ashley rose

Steve Hill

Řëďñêćķ Bíțčh

Andrea Higgins

Maureen Dubuque

Rart 317

It's great! There are plenty of vacuums so there's no waiting to vacuum your car. They even have a mat machine so you don't have to vacuum the car mats, just put them into the machine.

Booker Hammond

Amanda Wells


It works pretty well.

Al and Hilda Amadio

Linnda Gott

They didint have working vacs! They should put a sign !

eric coyne

Paid 10 bucks for the wash and I could've pissed on it and did a better job

Mike Harter

Jim Janusz

Pat Deschand

Devon Keigley

Joel Contreras

Joel Adam

Lucy Garcia

Cheap and dries my truck good.

Brianna Gifford

Emily Horrell

I've been using this carwash facility since 2013 and have been pleased with the services offered there. I noticed that this facility was under new management in fall 2018. One of the employees was very enthusiastic in sharing a new promo for unlimited car washes per month for a flat rate. The first month was very cheap and then went to the flat rate the 2nd month. I signed up and only had one issue in my 6 years as a customer. Management(Tyler & Eric) were professional and kind in dealing with me. The issue was resolved. I highly recommend this facility. The employees and wash are top notch.

Chris Pietrowski

Best car wash I know of. Love the free vacuums!!!!

Kevin G

Jennifer Munoz

ALBDuke Strickland

Great to wash my car

James Ellison

Car looks great. Thanks for the free vacuum.

Robert Findlay

I am trying to get ahold of the owner but I called the numbers both disconnected. I have a pass that I pay monthly that gets taken out. I had to pay an additional $15.00. I want to know why??

Chuck Houchens

I have used this car wash for a number of years it was great now with new owner it's terrible the seamed to have removed a lot of the cleaning equipment inside let me know when the get next new owner I might return.

Taylor Rapier

They gave us a free car wash

Dave D

Great wash at a great price. Love the free vacuums!

Mike Cyrier

Charles Sarbaugh

Best place

Sherry Struben

Only been once,but I was pleased with the wash I got on my car. Looked great!

Michael Vinardi

O.K. for brushes. But I would rather wash it myself. midnight69

Free vacuuming nice. Prices a little high for carwash. Seem to be going up. Free cleaning mats nice. There carwash does do a great job.

doglover softball girl

Does not clean rims very well or at all actually but otherwise not bad

Landon Stark

Washed up good

Serena Martinez


Mr. Leprechaun

Nelson Gowler

Made me take off my ball hitch... Constantly have broken parts. Also no under carriage spray when you pull in anymore.

Brian Hill

They have free vacuuming and an awesome floor mat cleaner (also free) their car wash does an excellent job o yea they also have two separate dog wash rooms there (I have used them) and they are really convenient it has all the shampoo and conditioner flea and tic shampoos and you don't have to deal with struggling with the animal washing it in ur bathtub the wash table is at the height so u can stand up and wash it it has a short chain so you can clip it to these collar so they don't jump off and best of all NO CLEAN UP u just rinse the table and pick up the hair from around the drain and throw it away

Emma Wieliczko

Dennis Cobb

Matt Walker

Tracy McClory

Not only is there a car wash with many options, there is also a pet wash! I took my dog, everything worked and it saved my back! You can stand normal and get Fido all cleaned up with every type of shampoo that you need. Loved it.

Cynthia Redd, Rev. Dr.

Cheap scarches the car.

Leonora Berry

Clean, good price and valuable

Cynthia Ortiz

Just left there and they didn't offer to spray my car first! I wasted my $.

Meghan Fowler

Doubled their prices.

Terry Martin

Trish Mainard


Lucas Meents

Good wash with actual brushes.

Kate Spencer

Since True Blue Car Wash has changed ownership, we have not had a good experience at this location. Today specifically, on the first nice day of spring, there were TONS of people there to get their cars washed and cleaned out. No surprise. That said, the worker inside the car wash was extremely impatient and seemed irritated that we were not moving at his pace. Then when we came out of the car wash, hoping to vacuum out our car, only one row (the shorter one) of vacuum stalls was open. While my husband waited on a spot, I went to find someone to see if they could open up more vacuum stalls. Could not find anyone. After paying $10 for a basic car wash, we ended up leaving because we could not get into a stall. We will never return to this location.

Carla Hoover-Rushing

james schell

Brian carter

After it was bought out a year or so ago it has went downhill. The first few months were good. I bought 2 monthly memberships and go through twice a week or so, and something is broken every time I go through. brushes, soap dispenser, water sprayers, you name it. Your vehicle doesn't get much cleaner than before you washed and sometimes even comes out dirtier. If don't have a membership, it's not even close to worth using. In fact, even with a membership, it's starting to not be worth it.

Annalisa Erickson came out clean and was out of there in minutes

Lora W

I only pay $20 for a car wash up north that includes someone else vacuuming, wiping out the inside, cleaning the windshield and windows inside and out,drying my car, plus a couple other perks. Yes this place offer vacuums but I have to do the work then pay a ridiculous amount of money to get my car washed. If I go back it’s only for the $3 to tide me over. I just read some reviews and needed to make a comment about the response from Jennifer Marketing Specialist for true blue. She has 2 form letters one for upset customers and one for happy customers. Even if its just a three star review with no comments she adds her form letter thank you but right above that review was a 4 star with a simple comment. Very funny but unoriginal and all corporate wording. This belongs in a big city where people dont care not out here.

Sydni Halston

Heath G

christina stimson

Very good wash at a low price. Free vacuums and mat cleaners. Alos has a pet wash station on site.

Jeff Kuckie

Changed owners new system has a lot of bugs hopefully gets better

Miranda Crew

$$$ to much Went Down hill new owners

Joan Roger

It's a good car wash I only get the $3 washing it does the job acceptable job I should say on my car. I drive a 300 Chrysler and it looks good when we're finished. So I am very pleased I do get a bang for my buck. On occasion I will get a $6 wash but that has to be when the weather in the winter has really done a number on the exterior of the car. I like that they have free vacuuming and they also have a place you can do your format side which is good and that's also free. Another really great thing about this they don't have their hand out for a tip and that makes it really really doable and inexpensive it's really good going to Aqua.

Reyna Martinez

This place has gone down hill hours of operation are at 7am there has been numerous times where they were still closed .Just today at 8:50 i went there and they were still closed myself and a few others were concerned as they have also noticed the same.Also finally as of today i called and the phone is now working it has been diconnected for about a month .2 weeks ago i went inside and spoke with someone and told him i had been calling he said oh its our internet with comcast they had a problem but its fixed now our phone works.again i informed him it did not and on monday at 7:06 am i went to wash my car and of course they were still closed only the workers suv was there but i didnt see him amywhere and i left went home and got ready for work. So after i left an hour later i went back and they where open i asked the attendant what happened i cam in am,he stated oh sorry i just got here i had car trouble.i told him i was there at 7:06 and he was there amd his suv was there.he stuttered and then tells me well i had to set up everything to open(lying ass) i said yeah is your phone on now.he tells me oh yes it is...i mention funny thing is i called u this am when you guys were closed and it doesn't work says numbers disconnected and that the number you guys have online....he says oh i dont know then it should be working. Anyways bottom line is what aggravates me is i pay monthly and if you have posted hours of operation i should be able to use it those hours. Maybe they need reliable trustworthy honest people who can be there on time and get the place open.oh and i dont give them any stars only 1 because i had no choice!

Josh Carlile

Free vacuums and the wash is great.

Amanda Travis

Ken Flournoy

Rasha Mahmoud

Gabbi Cousin

Bird poo didnt even come off my windshield

Linda Cooper

Miss Monika

You get a great wash for even the minimum of $6 plus the vacuums and floor mat cleaning machine is free. Love the special going on for a month of washes for just five bucks!

Vincent Bellamy

Gets the job done

Rodney Gates

Free vacume. Cleans well. However they do not open early enough.

Janelle Fleck

Tonna Jenks


Great equipment, enjoy the free vacuum.

Mary Carnes

Jackie Unger

Bigg Nate Wright

Free vacuums, and the wash system does a good job for the money. Only complaint is the local, huge pain getting in and out of there.

Detra Barker

Kathi Cintora

Free vacuum, enough said

Andrea Toler Jackson

Some vacuums didn't work.

Nick Stanfa

Shannon Fr

$15 wash is best, but don't suggest the $6 wash. I get a better wash at $3 and $10 than I do at the $6 level?! Go figure. If you get a bad wash, pull right back around and tell them what was missed, they've always sent my car through again when I wasn't happy (only 2x)

Jer Kizum

Not sure who it was but either the manager or owner is extremely nice and very knowledgeable. You cant beat how cheap they are and their vacums are free. At least they were last i checked. I recomend this car wash over most of the others in town, based on price, availabilility, and friendlyness toward customers.

bob manley

Good car wash

Marsha Denton

Gary Waller

Greg Ford

They no longer offer the $3 wash. Kankakee Gas & wash does, moving my business to Kankakee.

James Shafer

Joseph Haynes

Haven't been here since the change in ownership/name, but will most likely not come back (I'm not one to go to automatic washes regularly anyways). No middle ground in price structure and $10 wash was disappointing at best. Also disliked having to deal with attendants trying to sell you on the monthly membership while they control the kiosk and take your CC payment. No thanks I can handle the kiosk myself. Overall washed the car ok, tire shine came out decent, but the water spots and remaining soap residue left all over vehicle is not acceptable. I am one to go over my vehicles after washing anyways, but it took me an additional 30 minutes or so to wipe off these spots with detail spray. Thank goodness I was only going home after the wash and not out on the town lol. Black cars beware!

harlan Judd

Great place to wash your cars

Floyydd Mumford

Good for the $15 full service.

Cassie Hahn

David Bryant

june landers

Free vacuums

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