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REVIEWS OF Rainstorm Car Wash - Champaign, IL(Prospect) IN Illinois

Dow Jones

Pricey but has free vacuums with wash.

Andrew Erbes

Patrick Martin

Free vacuums and a wash that lasts

j m

Julie Greer

Mary Beth Early

Fast pass is a great deal. You can wash everyday.

mike haines

Going midday avoids the crowds.

John Sanders

Randy Allen

Great car wash gets my truck clean the first time no soap gets left behind ,love the microfiber drying towels and the air fresheners provided and the vaccum.

Amanda Bowman


$8 doesn't get your car very clean, left it a bit soapy and very wet. The vacuum barely sucked.

Alexa Bryn

A bit expensive, but totally worth it. They provide free vacuums, free towels, and free cleaning supplies to clean in interior of your car. Today they were giving out free air fresheners that had a $3 off coupon code. I definitely think next time I will sign up for the monthly pass because it's just a bit more than one car wash, and you can go as many times as you want in a month.

Tonia Jo

Excellent car wash!! Only one draw back everytime I go through it tears up my front license plate and cover. :/

Jessica Shade

Was upset with prices but rewashed what didn't come off and had free vacuuming and cleaning supplies

Ronick Frazier

This is the best deal in town . A great car wash for $20 a month and I can wash my truck anytime.

Kim Proemmel

Good value if you get the monthly plan and wash 5 or more times each month

fouad bouchama

Carmen Irizarry

Love rainstorm. Great staff, easy going.

Ramakrishnan Narayanan

The quick wash was fine but I think they were a little too hasty with the foam.

Veronica L Purden

Love it.

Emmanuel Conde

The membership is worth it.


Best and cheaper place for your car wash.

Aaron Rice

They wash the car as well as you should expect from a automatic car wash. I like their monthly rates.

Joshua Cox

Have been on the fence about canceling this for a while. Today was the last straw. After going through the carwash several times over the last couple weeks there is still a rolling brush that is not working. Says now not been working since late last week. Also Depending on time of day or whatever day washes take different times and you don't always get what you pay for. Today I go through and as usual one of the brushes pushed my passenger side mirror up but this time knock the housing loose. As I waited to talk to an attendant they were talking to someone parked in the handicap spot buffing their car and the attendant walked away. I will be contacting rainstorm and canceling my subscription and hopefully we can come to an agreement on getting my side mirror fixed.

Hannah Wright

Jared Brown Rn

Fun for whole family, wash then everyone grab a towel or a vac and have a detailed car in minutes!


Expensive, but does a good job.

Jack Zhan

dorine bradley


Glenda White

Nice place

BreAnne Meier

Dan Papuga

Lee Temple

Manjunath Guntur

Great place for car wash. A little expensive


Bryon Bennett

Best drive thru car wash.

J p

monthly unlimited wash plan. Towels and cleaner to dry your car. The drying sucks in the wash it self so you have to let it air dry or use the towels. free vacuums with the wash.

Yifei Teng

ed preusser

Tampa Tony

Erik Coleman

Manager's Special is always cheaper in the morning, great bargain!

David Evans

Lewis Toms

Skylar Bolduc

andrew shelton

This is probably one of the better car washes I've ever been to. For $20 you can get the works done to your car and it comes out looking great. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because like any other car wash it will still miss spots. On my car it missed the back window and the nooks between the mirrors.

Carolyn Johnson


Always fun!

Sanjiv Sarma

sameh kattom

Debarghya Bhattacharjee

Fast and very friendly

Parker F.

Nice workers always want to help and are super kind

Tina Olszewski

I had the monthly pass and it scratched my car over time. I would not recommend this or and car wah where anything touches your car. Fineld a good touchless car wash.

Ben Stoll

Managers special, didn't clean the whole car, and put a couple scratches on it. Probably won t be back


Been coming here for years. Love that I can cancel when I leave out of town and resume with basically no work or needing a new sticker.

Phobos Aresiana

Very fast, awesome amenities (towels/vacuum/different soaps so you can detail the car after the wash). Used it twice: first time car was filthy when it went in, and ok when it came out. Took it back with the “1 rewash in the next 5 days” cupon, 3 days after the first wash, no problems at all. Will come back as soon as the car needs it!

jason ensign

AWESOME car was!! Outstanding deal and great amenities.

Neal Stoller

Wish I could rate a zero. I had one fresh bird dropping on my clean car I wanted to rinse off so I thought I’d run it through rainstorm. This car wash couldn’t even wash one bird plop off! One big observation is that this wash uses very little water. It’s kind of hard to clean a car without using enough water. This place definitely doesn’t live up to its name. I probably won’t return.

Mohammad Hilo

I mean if they ever picked up the phone that would be cool. Plus got way too many scratches from this car wash


One of the better car washes around

HeTian Huo

Jordan Ouellet

brandon burton


Jack Trade

I've only been to this car wash about 3 different times now. I had signed up for a subscription which I think is the cheapest option In town for car washes especially if you do a lot of driving. I'd have to say for all of 30 some dollars a month, I can get the nicest car wash they have everyday if I wanted. It's actually a relatively good deal to as I said if you drive a lot like I do when your car gets really muddy and dirty over time. It may sound like not a lot for that 30 some dollars just to get your car washed but when you figure for an automated car wash in the area is while over $10 at Circle K for the highest quality car wash that they offer and I paid 30 something a month and go daily if I want. If I had to say one negative thing as I said I've only been going for three times, I have to say it would be their schedule I've heard questionable comments online about their open hours, but have not personally experienced any such abnormalities.

Dikai Ni

The monthly pass is strongly recommended

Jennifer Hernandez

I love this place dont get me wrong but the customer service is awful! You dont yell at the just doesnt look right! I had to take my seat belt off to pay so as i was putting my seat belt back on the guy comes out yelling HEY MOVE UP!!!! So unproffessional!

Beanie boo collector 101

Great service

kenneth odom

Nice to see a car wash that gets the job done

Qiao Tang



Overpriced auto wash


Bruh you get that laser light show when you go through. Plus the free vacuums and sprays.

Monica Braggs

My car was in a PILE UP at the Prospect Location.. A car hit me from behind and I was pushed into the car in front of me.. I was being dragged through the entire wash... my car sounded like it was being crushed!! The police was called and we spoke to Brandon /Management! We were supposed to be compensated.. I was told the exact amount of my check as if they had it in hand.. i was assured it Was to be mailed out on that Friday and would be to me ASAP.. NEVER RECIEVED COMPENSATION OR A CHECK MAILED.. NEVER RECIEVED A PHONE CALL . NO EXPLANATION.. every time I call no one ever calls back.. and my Honda is Visibly Damaged!! I will never suggest going here.. go at your own risk.. if something happens you’ve been warned

Augustin Mayaudi

The best

Torri Leek

matt headrick


Nice place and chip$

Shatori Tatiana

Claudia Lee

Colin Balsbaugh

Fast and clean.

Lesli Pettit

Best value in town!

Sheri Sheri

Scott Weaver

Jay Guelfi

Let me first say that Rainstorm does one of the best car washes anywhere. Plus, they have free vacuums, and they provide slightly damp washclothes - perfect for drying every crevice of a car and picking up every bit of dust and dirt inside of the car. The only downside is the price.

donald tetter

Ok car was can come down A little on the price


Not the best experience you would expect but it's an acceptable service for its cost.

Riley Balikian

Cheap, good wash, nice vacuuming area

Derrick Clark

Good car wash. But... I've never encountered a wash that closes... weird.

Rufina Cortez

Excellent service!

Tina O

When they first came to town I loved them. They did a good job of pre-scrubbing the front of the car and windshield to remove residue. They stopped pre-scrubbing and they was isn't as clean. I even had to go back through immediately more than once because the windshield was not clean after the wash. I finally stopped going after I started noticing scratches on my car. It was from the car wash.

Edward Horne

Shawyor Scott

Lewis Holcomb

Qishi Zhou

Randy Dhom

Doesnt get bugs and bird poop off with one pass through.

Egemen Ökte

They have free vacuums and cleaning products after the wash


Decent car wash, however they have charged our card for our long cancelled membership each month. After calling many times, I finally had to get my credit card company to block transactions with them and refund the incorrect charges. Thank you Chase Bank, no thanks to Rainstorm

Rachel Hazen

Always liked the washes I got here.

Roberto Sabas

At both locations in town, you get in and out with a generally clean car and there's a decent selection of products for detailing not to mention ample vacuum hoses that are powerful enough to do a decent job on the carpet and upholstery. I like the bug and bird poop prep bay where you can pull in before entering the car wash.

Scott Foss

I go to this place every day

Chad Allen

Love the fast pass the ability to go to other cities and use it

Sheree Fruzen

Went today at 4:30 to get the salt washed off my car. Sure enough, they were CLOSED. THANKS FOR NOTHING RAINSTORM.

Aaron Nijjer

They have fastpass. $5 to sign up and then $18 monthly after that. Fastpass gets you what is the $20 wash once everyday for only $18 a month. They will even wash your car for no extra charge again if you're not satisfied with the wash, along with they will wash your vehicle a second time in a day with fastpass if it gets super dirty. I have no complaints about this place. They open at a convenient time in the morning and are open til a decent time in the evening. They have free vacuums in every bay. Along with towles to wipe your vehicle down they also have a caddy that consists of multipurpose cleaner, and window cleaner. AND sometimes if you get lucky, free air fresheners!! And they smell really good!!

Denise Savannah

Love it

Nicholas Bell

Darrell Poe

Sarah Bransley

Rusty Sempsrott

A good deal for the monthly wash pass if used regularly.

Melanie Carter


Their service is excellent but sometimes the pink soap would remain on the exterior of the white color cars. It is hard for us to wipe the pink soap.

Justin Heath

Brent Deal

Not sure why I waited so long to use this facility. I signed up for the $20/month at their newest location on Neil St which also gets ability to wash at any other Rainstorm. Does a good job of washing and even shines your tires. Vacuums are very powerful

ray hughes

What a bargain for the price especially if you have more than one vehicle. They got a sink. You get towels cleaners vacuums. Like do the math.

Tom Fidanza

Vladislav Ekimtcov

The place offers a plenty of coupons at participating fueling stations.

Skitty DatsMee

Youcef Issad

They charged me 22 $ without my authorization, i called them and they said we can't do anything you have to talk to the manager..i used to wash my two cars here but not anymore Bad experience

Nathan Rogers

It’s a joke didn’t get a single bug off after went through twice back to back and we spent $20

Susie Gawthorp

I like the membership and j can go as many times in want with out having to stop and put money in machine..

Chris Migotsky

juan tamayo

Chuck Zelinsky

Good value I can wash my car every day if I wanted

Matt Dalton

Most of my truck was spotless from the managers special, but my back windows still had bird poop on them when i left.

Leah Grabowski

Amazing experience! Super well maintained car wash that did a great job cleaning my car (soap smelled good too). They also offer your typical free vacuums plus a detailing cart including bug removing solution, all purpose cleaner, windex, and towels! I will definitely be returning!

Donggun Kim

Free vacuum with a car wash

Mark McCleary

The washer caused damage to my car, I filled out a form with the attendant, and was told the manager would contact me within 3-5 business days. That was 3 weeks ago, and I haven't heard a thing since then. EDIT: Since posting this, Rainstorm has contacted me and sent me a check to cover the damage.

John Schoonveld

Great pricing

Michael DeLand

The 10 dollar car wash leaves bugs, doesn't clean windows very well, and rims are left nearly un-touched. But for 10 bucks hey, I don't mind wiping down the remaining spots myself after vacuuming and washing my windows. Vacuums could be better, some had pretty poor suction. I had a much better experience at the one on South Neil street. Similar concept if not the same and better quality.

Keith Gudeman

Took the El Camino Sunday to the carwash. Automatic carwash grabbed the antenna and bent it and dented the fender. I filed a report with the attendant and he said it would take 2-3 days for the manager to get back with me. Well today is day 3. I received an email saying they wasn't going to pay for the damages because I have a power antenna. Well I emailed 2 pictures of my nonpowered antenna and dent. I don't think their gonna get back in touch with me so now my car insurance will handle this matter!

LaTonya Wright

Cool, fast option for on the go wash.

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