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REVIEWS OF Park Place Hand Carwash IN Illinois

Michael Smith

OK job bit pricey for the service.

M Williams

The customer service here has taken a nose dive! They used to be pretty good, now with Randall no where to be found, they seem incompetent. They don't know what price to charge for my detail even though all of my information and past pricing is in their computer. It's like the head has no idea what the tail is doing over there. All I get is a run-around when I try to make an appointment. Sadly, after over 3 years of getting my car washed & detailed, I won't be back.

William Gabos

Caryn Gullifor

Nicole Fischer

victor paz

DO NOT GO HERE, they did a crappy job the first time they cleaned the car and missed a ton of different spots. Then when we take it there again(my wife because I wasn't there or I would have told her no) they end up destroying my car seat and won't give me a refund and won't give me some kind of help with paying for my seat or anything for this huge inconvenience. Take your car somewhere else these people do not care about your car or you.

James Bachelder

I like the total service. However, I think their quality hasn't been as good during my last couple of visits. The vacuum misses things. And a few things that should be easy to wipe down have been missed too.

Bob Dupre

Very reasonable, very good quality, needs to improve through-put speed.

Chris Jensen

Overpriced and extremely long wait. The staff works so slowly. Will not be back again.


You pay full price for sloppy job.They are not detail oriented !!! I always have to " recleaned "my car. They need to tell their workers to spend more time cleaning cars and less socializing among each other.

Big Herculez

Keeps my Cadillac looking sexy and new everytime!

Stephen Plumhoff

It's a $10 car wash for $25. Thought I'd give em a try. They are near my home. I'm in sales and get my car washed regularly. Thought the prices were kinda high, maybe they do a great job. Wrong, car was still dirty. Glass was not cleaned properly. No better than the place down the street that charges $3.

Laura Leiter

They open late and only the manager can do gift cards

Jim Starwalt

They do a great job but the wait is way too long. I guess it just takes time to do a good job. It's worth the wait but I have to plan ahead for some down time

Lisa Ori

NOT worth the money! Watched as employees used our van as cover to talk and socialize rather than work! Finally gave up and took van which was nowhere near acceptably cleaned! MANAGEMENT UNSEEN AND USELESS.

Sam Jones

Highly recommended, if you have some time on your hands....

Aaron Freeck

They sometimes do a great job and other times they leave crumbs and such in the car. When they do a good job they are great. When they don't l, they do pretty well but miss things. They always do a great job on the exterior of the vehicle. One thing I have to say is it usually takes about an hour or more to get it done. So make some time. So sometimes it's great and sometimes it's average. Not usually disappointed.

Finley George

Tom Reddish

Excellent place to get your car washed

Maria C Garcia

Wayne Burke

Purchased the hand wash. Looks like they did a good job.

Mike Ressler

Horrible car wash! I've been to this place twice and both times it took 50 minutes start to finish. I'll never go back

Marina Jakubowski

Jeffrey May

The price is a little steep for the quality, still a good wash and detail however its a time/ money matter

Michael Trifunovich

Good wash for the money - I went exterior only. Manager was very accommodating when my gift card did not work initially

Kristina Limperis

Not worth coming here if all you want is an exterior wash. For barely a few cars in line it took over an hour!!! And it wasn't really all that great of a job.

Art Tousciuk

Good job at washing and detailing but very expensive in my opinion.

Patti D

Apparently the owner is the person I have issue with. I was charged a $5 mid-size charge. The sign clearly says this charge is for SUVs, vans, and pick-ups. I have none of those vehicles. I asked the cashier about the charge. She apparently is the owner but I didn't know this at the time. She was rude and condescending. I later asked for the owner's card. She instead took my number and said she would have him call me. I'm still waiting for the call two days later, and I found out today she is actually the owner. This used to be a great place. Customer service used to be great, but not since she took over. I will never go back there.

Joe Lapera

Great Place for a Hand Car wash. My 4 year son loves to watch the car through the windows.

Mike Mohrfeld

Very thorough and nice people

Bob Jensen

S**t service ! OBNOXIOUS crew on hand. My fault for leaving some cash in my cars console and when I went to grab it to tip the guys, even though it was a piss poor job I had found that the guys already tipped themselves. Brought it to the so called managers attention and they didn't care what so ever .

Michele Berger

I came in today for a car wash, the total check was for 22.95, I went to pay with my card and it was declined due to internet was down, I tried to get on my internet as well to make sure the charge did not go thru and I was unable as well. I told the girl at the front desk I only had enough in cash to pay the amount of the bill and that I would not be able to give gratuity to the men who worked on the car, she said " that's not my problem" she said there is a cash station I could take out cash, why would I take out cash and be charged 3.00, I asked to take 3.00 off the bill so I could give the men there gratuity, she said she could not do that, that's not how they do business here. I asked her name and she absolute refused to give it to me, she actually walked away from me, I walked outside to ask the men what her name was and she was already out there, complaining to them, I asked the men what her name was and she said to them " you don't have permission to talk to her" I went to go get my car and asked them men who was cleaning it what her name was and they told me Daniella, as she was walking over to them. So many things wrong with this whole situation, and I will follow up with the appropriate parties on this, this women is rude, and should NOT BE WORKING in customer service. It was $3.00 that she could have taken off the price. And then of course she used the Walmart scenario do you ask them to take money off, I will tell you I work retail mgmt and if it makes a customer happy then yes you take 3.00 10% or what have you. This was something that could have been completely avoided by much better customer service. I will follow up on this, this women Daniela has no business working in the public.

Brad Hemesath

I read the reviews were bad but still wanted to give this place a chance. The wash was good but this place lacks good management. I did a detail and they put the wrong floor mats back in my car that were way less quality. I am trying to sell this car and I explained myself thoroughly and they put me on hold 3 times with no solution. I left my number and now I'm going to have to go back to get them replaced.

Marko Kondic

Best car wash around! Great job!

Christy Sachs

Always do a great job

Osvaldo Ramirez

Jack Gorman

great car wash for the money

Imran Haq

Sarah Hagen

Paid for a basic wash which included side panels cleaned and trunk Neither we're done I had to call and complain and secretary said I had to come back the same day if I was not satisfied I can't come back same day They spoke with management and I can come the next Such terrible customer service I will not go back It was the worst car wash I have EVER had

Zahkia Haywood

They had my car looking like I just got it off the lot, I was very happy about the work that was done to my car

tushar agarwal

For $14.95 I think they did a pretty good job in cleaning my car in and out. As long as they clean my car I don't care of customer service like other reviews have pointed out. However, I would prefer to pay in cash here since they charged me twice for 1 car wash . I did get a return for that but after 3 to 4 calls. They were helpful in resolving the issue.

Jason Bruckner

Absolutely awful experience. We will never go back here. They locked the keys in the car of the car they were working on ahead of us and we were stuck there waiting to get out. The car wash was also $22 , a complete rip-off for what we got. They should have offered us a refund for what they put us through. Never again!

Ronan Kaiser

ive gone there a few times, 4 with my lifted wrangler and once with my brand new Range Rover. they either grind my reverse on my wrangler or have people that dont know how to drive stick and stall my jeep multiple times and when i went in with my range rover they scratched the trunk and the area around the windshield while washing it

justin crosby

It shouldn't be an hour wait for your car. And that's not even for the detail service. The workers move slow.

Mike Combs

TERRIBLE! Total over-priced rip off! I have been to this so called "high end" car wash 3 times and every time I walk away wondering why I ever used them. Never again. In short, each time they have done just a crappy crappy job, and with attitude, too. All of the negative reviews are most likely true! The outside of the cars get cleaned because they really do use soap and water, but the windows and interiors look like crap and in no way justify the exorbitant prices this place charges. One time I brought in a car that had a gas smell and I asked them to try get it out. I was told they had a special odor removal package that included a thorough inside/outside car wash with all the trimmings for $100.00. It's hard removing gas smells so they asked if I could leave the car for 24 hours. Well, I checked back the next couple of days (they never called to give an update) and 4 days later I finally needed to have my car back! When I came to pick it up, I was shocked that the gas smell was still there and the car looked dirtier than when I had brought it in. The exterior looked dusty, as if someone had been driving it on a dusty road. I wiped my finger and on the top and it was filthy. I told the cashier there is no way I was going to pay her $100.00 and I showed her the condition of the car. She was embarrassed and understood why I wasn't going to pay that amount, but then she still felt like she needed to charge me $30.00 for "something" just because the car was there for 4 days! This latest time I brought my son's Nissan 350Z in and paid $19.95 for an "Elite" full wash and vacuum. I waited over half an hour for them to finish but then had to leave quickly, so I tipped the last guy $5,00. As I drove off I noticed the interior and it looked like it had never been vacuumed at all, including the trunk. I could have done a better job in five minutes with a hand vacuum! Honestly, if I could I would give this place less than 1 star, just because of the attitude of some of the staff: uncaring, lazy, a sense of entitlement, etc. Please don't take your car to this place if you want your car to actually be cleaned because if you do, you will just be wasting your money.

Tracy Villarreal

Zac VanKeuren

Best used as a drive and go car wash. As long as they don't actually touch your vehicle you should be ok

Tim McCabe

Great service

Cruz Hernandez

Is OK !!. it is just a carwash

William Reed III

I spent over $30 to get my pick up truck washed and inside cleaned out, which meant just the inside wiped down. Very disappointed places were missed inside and outside. And the worst part about is that I have rubber mats that just needed rinsing off. Which could not be done I was told it was not apart of the price that I paid. I paid extra to get my seats wiped down which seems crazy because I was paying to have the interior cleaned. So all that money and 45mins of my time and I could not get my mats rinsed off. This is not a good deal and I won't be coming back too much money for not a good deal

Dan Marchiafava

Thomas Ashbacher

Great job everytime i go there. Love this place worth every penny. Gave a nice sports car and they bever scratch your car or rims like alot of cheap carwash places. Dont understand all the bad reviews.

Trina Jones

After the responsible staff finished my car, I noticed areas that were not clean on the outside and my windows were not cleaned. I informed the manager/owner (whatever she is) and she made excuses up. She said she would have them correct it, but I was already running late for an appointment. I told her I didn't have time because I had to leave and could bring it back. She said NO, same day policy. Although the receipt states that you can come back within 48 hours for a wash in the event it rains or snows. I said I can come back before you close. She again said NO. Then she had the audacity to say that I offered to correct it but you don't want it done. I said I never said that. I said that I had to go because I am late but can come back later. Then I told her that my car should have been cleaned properly the first time. She was unprofessional, uncooperative and just plain rude because she kept making excuses saying that they just missed it. There was bird mess on the hood of my car that you could clearly see. She made the excuse that it was caked on. To show it was caked on, I took a wet towel and removed it. They didn't take time to clean my car and she was clearly too worried about trying to look young to honor the payment I made to get my vehicle cleaned. I then yelled at her and said they can go ahead and take care of my car now since you are being unreasonable. She said don't yell at me. I then told her not to be silly with me by making excuses. She then said we're done here goodbye. I will not ever visit them again for services. I had visited once before and had to ask them to clean my wheels good and clean my windows. The second time was clearly a sign that they do not provide good service and the owner is an unprofessional, rude, unreasonable individual who doesn't know anything about customer service.

Edward Minor

Just moved here and so disappointed. Well below average cleaning for $29.95... Attention to detail poor. Door sills left dirty, bug marks on front untouched and windows streaky. Had better washes for half the price!

Don Overton

Tony G. Gioe

Magdalena Chudecki

Had bought a express detail package for Mom for mother's day and car came out dirty!! Took it back, manager said he was sorry but they were so busy so they had to rush. What kind of excuse is that? Manager gave me a coupon for a free future express detail. Took MY car in yesterday. When I saw them clean my car, they must have used a used and dirty sponge because it left hair line scratches all over my black car. Called manager today. They can't do anything!! Hope you go out of business!!!!

Doug Duker

These guys are great. Professional, thorough, and reliable. HOWEVER, first thing in the morning is not their strength. Their hours say that they are open at 8am and they'll take your appointment at 8am for a big project (extensive detailing) but you shouldn't expect your car to get started until 9am.

Michael Sacco-Gibson

Philip Castro

I have been to this car wash a half dozen times now and will continue to come back. Top notch!!

Craig Tucker

Great job!! Great value!

Kamau Phillips

Angelica Cisneros

Ed Hickey

Started out ok with the wash. They took the car outside to dry it and do the interior. It took forever. The group outside spent too much time socializing with each other. When finished, the car had water spots all over the back of it. Very expensive wash. Appropriately named Park Place. Lesson learned; don't go back.

j gould

My family of 5 and I have been coming since Park Place opened. The service is awesome and the people are friendly. Great work!

Sweta Lee

Good team cleans good for a low 25 cost

Adam Roseman

I WAS a repeat customer but not anymore. I was greeted in the parking lot by a man questioning me about my reason for being there .....when I stated I had an appointment, he questioned me about the service I requested. After being ignored for 3 minutes by the front desk attendant while she was on her phone I was informed she over booked and did not have room for me .....HELLLLO I HAD AN APPOINTMENT!!!!!! Anyways instead of calling 4 hours later to see if they could fit me in .....I choose to take my business elsewhere.

Ken Schnur

A good wash just a little expensive

Nick U

Stay away from this place. Tried to wash my van and since it couldn't fit using automatic lane they suggested hand wash. I was priced $29 for quick wash and I agreed. Suddenly some Hispanic broad showed up and after I pulled in she tried to play games with me by saying since van was larger then usual" she wanted $40.I refused and left. Don't like games.

James Hallberg

Overpriced, rude staff, extremely long wait. Have come here for years but new ownership is not customer service oriented. Will not be back again.

Swats B

WARNING!! Customer service is very poor.... I got a gift certificate from a friend to use for a regular car wash. He had sent me a screenshot from the doubletakeoffers site from where he purchased it. Park place has frequent deals on doubletake offers site. The gift certificate had the redeem code clearly printed on it. After the car wash, when I presented the screenshot, lady at the counter insisted on giving her the number of the site from where she could redeem the coupon. At one point she says, she does this frequently, there has to be a number on the screenshot and then she says, she does not know the number! Why put such a deal, when you cannot even redeem it - Swindlers totally. She has the audacity to say if I do not show her the number, either I have to pay or she will not give me the car keys. Then she goes and keeps the car inside as though I will run away with the car with some spare keys!! Please be wary of the lady at the counter...

Wendy Allbee

Good car wash but takes way too long already been here over 20 minutes and my cars not even in the wash yet.

Brian Moran

I was there 2 weeks ago and got the ultimate $32 and they don’t wipe down car seats. I went back and the front desk girl told me they don’t do that, Ok. For $32 wipe the customers seats. Also didn’t vacuum my trunk. Today I brought my wife’s car in it’s an SUV so it was $36. They didn’t vacuum under the seats and didn’t vacuum between the 2nd and 3rd row. Not asking a lot just do what your the brochure states. Very disappointed take some pride in your work .

marco rodriguez

Today is the last time I will be going to this car wash n I've been coming here since it opened over the years u can see the decline in quality of service and the prices go up today is the last straw I decided to give him one shot because I had a voucher for 2795 from the last car wash that they messed up got the ultimate Wash they didn't spray Wax it they didn't clean the cup holders didn't clean the dash I wouldn't even give them one star but I had to do it to leave the review sad as an owner of a business as well I would feel ashamed of getting review like this

Keith Mez

terrible service and manager no where to be found. Paid for ultimate car wash and the employees didn’t even hand wash it with sponges when it had soap on it. Car just had a thick layer of soap on it and went under the water sprayer. As I mentioned to the lady at the front desk she then went to talk to the employees in the wash tunnel. As 10 mins go by, I followed up and she said oh they said they did hand wash it. As I told her they didn’t she proceeded to watch the camera footage and noticed the same thing I have stated. Another 10 mins went by and the manager finally agreed to put my car back in the wash. As my car was waiting for the second time I had a teenage employee come up to me and ask why are we washing your car again? I said well you guys didn’t hand wash it. Of course he came back and said WE DID in a nasty matter. I then proceeded to say well the camera footage doesn’t show it as the lady up front looked. She agreed with me but for some reason the kid did not believe it and He walked away angry. As I finally was getting my car washed again I had every employee staring at me through windows with angry looks and then even the guy cleaning the inside of my car kept giving me looks. Overall, I will not be coming back here to get my car clean unless management straightens up these employees. 30 dollars for a car wash and having to go through what I did is not worth it.

Jack Burnett

Lisa Gunther

I understand short staffed but adjust accordingly and have just one lane open. I am at 1.45 hours for the #3 car wash. Ridiculous.

Bob Miller

Been coming here for years and the current staff does a great job keeping the cars moving and clean. My car always looks great inside and out when finished. It is a hand car wash so it takes a little more time but it's worth the wait (and worth not having the brush marks in your paint).

Tom Lentz

sharon m

Great for price but lazy on vacuuming

michael goldman

They do a good job. Cost is a bit high. Cleaning options are itemized.

Jennifer Dattolo

Excellent Clng and service But you have to be on the hour and minute for the come back wash

Chris Lambert

Great wash &dry good people

Valeri Schmidt

Express detail on a fleet model pick up truck ($65). Supposed to include vacuuming of the inside and wiping it all down. Get back in the truck 45 minutes later and there is still grass, gum wrappers and dirt on both front and rear seats and dirt on the back floors. When I returned inside I was told because I left a jacket and blanket in the car they were "not able to touch customers belongings sorry about that" they did take it back and vaccum it, but still dust and such on the dashboard and the handles are still dirty. NOT worth the money at all. Won't be returning.

Brian Hynes

It's a hand wash so it takes longer. Best wash ever. Machine wash doesn't compare.

Kaitlin Rae O'Neill

best car wash

Aaron Rodriguez

Terrible car wash. Don't waste your time and money.

Jil Vaughn

My car always looks like new when they are finished with it Great car wash!

Dean Brady

Great wash and inside cleaning for a reasonable price

Melanie Ricchetti

Brian M

Just got back from there this morning. I purchased the #4 wash which included a interior vacuum. I get home and move the seat forward a little and find all sorts of food from my toddler and dirt. They half assed the entire interior clean, except the floor mats which looked good. I will not be going back and suggest you avoid this place.

Emily Lopez

Have been taking my truck here for a while but only due to it being closer to home. However, won't be happening any more. Not only do they have extremely bad customer service but they locked my keys in the truck and cost me another $30 in uber to go get spare keys but they claim it's the customer fault for not carrying spares!!! Not only do they not do a good job at cleaning but extremely rude and will not go back!

Jessica Mullinax

More than just disappointed in the quality of care, which is zero. For 30 bucks they could at least gloss over the back of the car. The front was seriously half a$$ed, they didn't even touch the back till asked. I had to ask them if the services no longer included even trying to wipe off the paneling. To which I was met with a rude dark haired woman who made me show her where the car had be neglected to be cleaned. It has been about two years since I had stopped here, and I don't know what has happened since, but the service is terrible now. I wouldn't waste your money here. I had to finish cleaning my little sedan myself at home. I could've gotten the same amount of detailing from a drive in car wash.

Shan Prakash


Smita Sajnani


Not the best wash.

Jim c

I just paid 40 dollars for a car wash that included interior mats to be cleaned and dash cleaned these guys only did half the job cleaned 2 of the 3 mats wiped half of my dash and half my truck down . the worst car wash I have ever had the quality of there work has gone way down hill over the past year I will not be returning.

Mark Kettering

They do an okay job but the attention to detail has declined. Not expecting my car to be detailed for the price but a little more effort would be appreciated

Joe Pritzel

Did a good job for a good price. Downside was that it took a while, but that's understandable due to how busy it was.

Jason Powell

56 minutes from start to finish. There have been so many negative reviews on this place I decided to review and comment for myself. The problem is the lack of staffing on the inside of the carwash. In theory, the idea of a hand carwash is a good one. In execution, it can be a challenging task as you need enough hands to move cars through quickly while customers wait. Now, waiting isn't so bad if the customer service exceeds the norm compared to what I would get at any of the carwash. Unfortunately, this is not the case at Park Place. I believe that there is been a change of management and therefore a change in the level of Service provided as well. In short, if you have an hour to blow while someone else does a decent job washing your car, then have your car washed here. If you don't have an hour then you should probably try one of the carwashes just down the street.

Sebastian Gniedziejko

David Braun Chicago Mortgage Specialist

Nora Krakowski

Tanya Beaver

John Lacson

Not worth it. $3 drive thru does about the same level. Dealer car wash is free and they do a much better job.

Kevin Haro

Mediocre job for the price i paid.


Giri Krishnarajah

Poor service and looks like the people working here are not interested in working at all. Terrible don’t desk/ customer service. They have no clue !

Corey Tyhurst

The service here is extremely slow. Once I finally got an attendant to take my car in, I waited around for a long time to even pay. The car was done before they took my payment. Overall it took over an hours just for a wash and vacuum. Not worth the time- go to a Royal Touch and it will be money and time better spent.

Jim Larson

This is my car wash of choice. Gets busy on hot days. Best to go early. They do a good job. I had one car detailed inside here and didn't car for the work. The surfaces were greasy and they didn't get some easy spots off of the seats. Not worth the 90 I paid. Stick to just the car wash.

Ron Boling

Never again


I have come here many times and the wash itself is good. Customer service is TERRIBLE! There is always a long wait and no communication when you arr waiting. This place has the potential to be great, but you better up your customer service.

Alex Penate

Really like the place, they took their time to clean my vehicle, little pricey but is worth it. I definitely recommend it. Good job.

David Bubenicek

I regrettably rate Park Place 1 star due to the fact that 0 Stars is not an option. If you haven't met the owner consider yourself lucky. After having been a long time customer today I can guarantee I will never return, and advise all others to stay far away. I was concerned when I purchased a additional undercarriage wash but after watching the process I saw no such action. I asked a lady at the desk where this component was located and she pointed me to a pvc pipe laying on the ground with a couple holes drilled in it which had less water pressure than my kitchen sink. I clearly watched it shoot water no more than 4 inches off the ground, it would not clean the bottom of a sandal. This water did not touch my vehicle in anyway, far from it actually. The lady I was talking to told me its broken, a screw is loose on it but that is how it works. I expressed that it did not even touch my vehicle and I do not feel satisfied with the additional purchase. She then again tells me it did it's job and she cannot please everyone. Taken back by the insane idea that something that didn't touch my vehicle somehow cleaned it.. I asked for the additional charges to be refunded which I was denied. I then asked for her name "It doesn't matter what my name is" she replied. I then let her know I plan on describing my experience on Google. "oh did you just go there!!?!!" was her reply. Clearly seeing no resolve in this issue I walked away and outside. While im waiting there are five guys drying my vehicle and this lady walks up to them, all their smiles disappear she whispers something to them looks at me and walks away. I cannot describe how uneasy she made me feel. NEVER GO HERE!!!

Alex Mayer

They need to do something about those busy days. People wait a long time until their turn is next. At times there can be a mere 15-20 cars in line. And if you're in the middle and wanna get out cause you changed your mind or whatever you're screwed, it's impossible. So you're wait time could be between 10 minutes upwards to an hour sometimes. For what? For a car wash?? No thanks. Better be free if i need wait an hour.

Jimmy Garcia

Went here to get just the exterior of my brand new car wash and my rubber mats cleaned. Instead my seats got dirty from them yanking my mats out and some how got my headliner dirty. Note that I said brand new car with omly 1200 miles. So I pointed this out to the owner and she told me that no way could they had done that. Then she acted like I was crazy, and was very arrogant towards me. I guess she figured she could treat me like one of her employees. Since im Hispanic, never again will go here and I'll let everyone know! This place sucks! I went home and had to clean seats and headliner myself.

Cindy D

Not even busy on a friday at noon. I don't see anyone that looks like a manager. Person taking my car is nice enough. Receptionist lacks personality. I used to have this job drying and such. These guys have no hustle. Don't they know the faster the go or appear to go the more tips? 1 HOUR to get it done. Just washed!

Rolando Hernandez

Jules W

Great service

Cecil Lampkin

Armin Ludwig Hofmann

They are pricey, I've learned to tip the people at the vacuum, or your car doesn't get vacuumed right. The wait is brutal, I love the service but you will wait longer than any of the other places in the area. Cost is higher too, but I will say the shine on the car lasts longer.

Heike Bates

I've been going to this car wash for the past 6 years and have had my car damaged there twice now. The first time they left the passenger door open and pulled into the car wash and hit the door into the brick wall. Of course they didn't tell us and we made the discovery ourselves and had a battle on our hands to get them to to fix the damage, but eventually they did the right thing. Yesterday, I went to the car wash and this will be my last time. I was greeted by whom I believe is the new manager, she has zero customer service skills and is incredible rude. Unfortunately my bad experience didn't end there. I left with a cracked windshield, I'm not sure how the windshield could have cracked other then with intentionally force. Very disappointed in this car wash and I will never go back again. The quality of the car wash you get for $35 in my opinion is below the market standard. The last three car washes there, I've gone home and had to clean my own console and dashboard. In addition to the cracked windshield my floor matts were never cleaned...... Very unsatisfied customer, I do not recommend using this business.

Brett Marcowka

Deserves lower than one star but apparently Google won't let me paint just one of the points of the star.

Amanda Cunningham

Just outstanding. Great geographical location which keeps business going. Amazing quality vacuum for cars, and a quick cost efficient manner to wash your car.

Andrea Kraenzle

anthony bennett

Expensive, but a great cleaning inside and out.

Irving G

First time taking my car here and I wouldn't take it again!! I've been living in grayslake area for several years and I see this carwash everyday on my way to work... I finally decide to stop and giving it a try... BAD IDEA!! I got robbed there, I had a ziplock bag inside of the car with $10 in the passenger floor and I ask for a EXTERIOR WASH and the guy that wash my car took it. How I know this... Well simple, because before put my car in the line to get it wash I put my money on the passenger floor covering it with a large t-shirt and my lunch bag making sure that it wouldn't be visible, and as soon I got home I grab my stuffs to realize that the ziplock bag was open with $10 missing. I know they are just $10 but is the trust that someone put in a company what I'm talking about... That guy had to search my car to find that and that's what actually pissed me off, and the lady in the front desk is far from helpful she took a "whatever attitude". I'm leaving this now and I'm going back to talk with the manager.

Rhonda Nitto

This place is going down hill fast! First off the lady that worked Saturday 28th .. I think she calls herself a manger she is more worried about going out to smoke then wait on customers, she told my son the debit card didn't work so I had to drive in with a credit card & then she said that one didn't work either...suspicious*** When I went to ATM it worked fine and I had to pay a fee to get the cash when the CARD worked fine!!!!!!! Paid 29.00 to walk out and see areas of my car not wiped and dirt visible. I could of done a better job blindfolded......... All these reviews are poor hope the owner cares to do something about it.

Paul Rosenthal

Robert Dusek

They scratched my car and then claimed it was already like that.

Melissa Diedrich

The front desk associate Daniella was no where to be found for 15 minutes. My car was finished before I even made a payment. Daniella was extremely rude upon accepting my payment. I asked for her name and the owners name, which she declined to provide. The gentleman who dried my car apologized for the inconvenience and provided me with her name. Absolutely the worst business ethic and customer service I have ever received. I will definitely not be coming back. Shame on Park Place for hiring and continuing to employ an absent, inconsiderate associate. There's plenty of people who are more than qualified to fill her position and would not disrespect your customers the she did.

Jarael Cosmano

Timothy Dempski

I love going to this car wash, however my wife said to stop tipping, because they don't clean inside the car very well. I would agree, my windows still have streek marks and foggy dirty areas.

Anthony Psak

Katelynn Putkonen

Horrible customer service. Just tried to get my car washed, they took two people ahead of me even though I was there first. Guy didn't even approach me or make contact. Other times I have had my car cleaned there before and they never get all of the dirt off I have had to take their rag and clean it off myself. Serious lack of detail. I won't be going back!

Thread Rolling USA

Tyler Pickett

Christina Lind

They did a great job:) very professional and helps you right away:) car looking good!

Alvin Vizconde

Matt Safiejko

Andre Velazquez

Ozzy Saldivar

Masud Sidiqi


Frank De Seno

Kalman Kahn

Good operation

Darlene Holop

I have been coming to this car wash for years. Today I was charged and extra 5.00 for a full size vehicle--I have a Kia Soul! I think you need to rethink your definition of a full size vehicle. Im very unhappy and will probable not patronize you car wash any more. I did not even have enough money to tip the guys at the end of the line. I will be looking at Fast Jacks or the Car Spa moving forward. The only good thing was meeting Martin, who very kindly tried to calm me down.

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