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840 W Stanford Ave, Springfield, IL 62704, United States

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REVIEWS OF On Track Car Wash IN Illinois

David Visk

Shannon Hoots

Great experience overall. I read through the reviews after visiting here and was a little appalled by the negative feedback for having to vacuum first. There is signage posted and directional posts to help guide the cars . I have been through several other washes that are like this. So why the negativity

Percy Smith

Steve G.

Car damaged by car wash, management refused to accept responsibility. My car was damaged by the car was on 8/27 around 8pm. When I pulled out of the wash my car was followed by a person carrying 2 parts of my vehicle that had been torn off by the machines inside the tunnel. When I got out of my vehicle I saw that the back bumper had been pulled back and bent around the back of the vehicle. The only reason it stayed on was because my trailer hitch held it in place. The employees I spoke to were unconcerned and instead of accepting any kid of responsibility, they blamed it on there being rust on my vehicle. They pointed out their sign that said any presence of rust meant my vehicle was damaged and it was my damage that caused the accident not their machines. No apology was offered, no offer of a refund for the wash I had just purchased, and while they took photos and a report I had to call them and try to follow up. I held off writing this review for 3 days and contacted them multiple times waiting for them to review footage so we could discuss the incident and try to come to a solution. The people I dealt with had no interest in finding a solution and instead expected me to be thankful for the zip ties I was given to get my bumper back on so that I could leave their parking lot. They took no responsibility for the damage and when I talked to the owner was told it was my damage that caused the issue and I should be thankful I didn't cause a bigger issue by damaging another vehicle with parts of my car caught in the brushes. Photos are of my bumper after 30 minutes of work to get it on and attached so I could drive home.

John Boll

Julius Kasniunas

Jason Thomas

Been coming to On Track since day one! Best wash in town! Friendly staff and my car always comes out looking great

k s


Is k

Bryan Weckmann

New favorite car wash

Maurice Mosley

Dryer needs some work, but great experience.

Kyle Wetherell

Amazing and super clean!!!

Dave Houle

Good car wash

Max Kragen

Not too bad. Service can be a little shady on rare occasions and may even frustrate the hell out of some ppl with OCD but I'll still give them 4 stars. At least they're concerned about their offered service and trying to make it better.

Rebecca Hamilton

Vennisa Hold

Nicholas Boucher

I don't know what all these bad reviews are about but this is the best wash I've ever gone through. I signed up for their membership it's so good. I can even go through twice a day unlike rainstorm which limited me to once a day.

Wes Boyd

This place always gets my car squeaky clean. My tires have never looked better!


A quality clean car wash with strong vacuums for a monthly fee. NO the staff are NOT rude they just want people to PAY just like the rest of us. Always people who want something for nothing like I see them drive into the vacuum area without paying while the paying customers wait. This gets old real fast. Lame excuses. I have heard the lady working there tell non-payers in a kind way that they must pay for their car wash first like the rest of us. How about following the rules like the hard working payers. If you do not own the place then follow the rules or try to take this free loader BS to another car wash and see how it goes there. Bogus takers. Any how a great new car wash that is definitely worth it, but sorry it is NOT free, duh...

Mohammed Abuhzaima

Taylor Lawerence

Very nice wash for the money! Convenient detail cart, well maintained. Workers always smiling, owners have been there every time I’ve have gone thru. Landscaping is starting to develop, 100% family friendly wash! My kids love going thru. Keep it up ontrack

Michael Stone

Superior technology

Tyler Noehre

Cory Burris

Steven Robinson

colt Mathews

Wash club is amazingly priced . Frendly staff

อุ้ม'ม ไม่'เอา'ไหน'นน

Staff not friendly at all and must have the chemical mixture wrong because my car had spots throughout afterwards. Might give them one more chance to get it right

Daniel ballenger

The new manager lady is the rudest person you will ever meet. Don't ever go there if you want your day to stay good.


Very good car wash, not too expensive friendly vacuumings for inside of car too!

Shenan Gilleland

Really nice car wash good deal on packages

Batman 217

Looks fancy but just another average carwash. More water is needed to wash off all of the soap left on vehicle which is an issue with nearly all car washes it seems. Membership packages seem like a good deal.

Paula P

Tiffany Hughes

Too expensive

Gina Guillotte

I love this car wash! $7 for a basic wash which then gives you access to free vacuums, cleaner and towels, and the floor mat cleaner/shampooer.

Jena Austin

Hell yeah

Regina Anti

Mellow Galaxy

Denise Logsdon

Best car wash in town

Kyle Adams

Best wash in town!!

Kevin Washington

I'm not going back after you walk over to my Mercedes to tell me that I have to pay to go through the wash before vacuuming my car. Do you have a rain check for me? It was about to rain, so I decided to vacuum first so that I could wash my car and get it into the garage to prevent a return trip. MAKE SENSE DOESN'T IT!!!! I'd like to add, if you trained your staff to ask politely and offer for us to pay, I would have paid her. But, to have someone walk up to me and tell me to leave was not proper business sense. I went down the street and washed my car for a fraction and used their vacuums first as I intended. Please refrain from replying again.

Surya VNK HV

Jessica Pickard

Does a pretty good job but too over priced. They don't offer a family plan and when asked about it they're very pompous that their car wash is superior to all others which is why they charge more. Been to others, they're not much different. Their dry buffing at the end of the car wash doesn't work anymore.

Virginia Bolt - Mogle

Best car wash and super friendly staff!!

Akeem Sargent


Phoebe Meyer

Friendly service, easy to use. Love the convenience!

Joelle Masiulis

The wash club is a fantastic deal! I’ve never waxed my car (sorry car!) and “the works” wash is already improving my Santa’s Fe’s exterior after just two washes! The owners are awesome and helpful, there are free vacuums and a mat washer, and now that I have a membership, I can have a clean and shiny car without breaking the bank!

Kimberly Goldson


Amazing customer service , im new to this washing club . Thanks for Nick for helping me , you are the best .

Bryan Hubbert

Rich Wagner

Love that I can drive in get it cleaned and drive out. Plus free vacuums and wipes and supplies to clean windows and all else


Went for the first time and loved it. My car was really clean after going through carwash. Will definitely be back.

Michael Rhodes

By far one of the best car washes in Springfield.

Sandy Billings

I signed up for the unlimited plan by accident (wanted a car wash locally) and I called to cancel, the gentleman I talked to was very helpful and understanding. He cancelled my plan immediately and I was refunded my money within two days! very impressed with the customer service. If On Track was in my state I would definitely sign up with them!!!!

Rachel Gifford

Saw a car in front of mine get damaged. Staff didn't even refund the poor people's wash! Never will go back

Dee Stockon

This place is great

Beth Lynch

Greg Yearian

Very good automatic exterior car wash at a fair price, with friendly service. Free vacuums, window cleaner and non-smearing towels are included at all price levels, if you desire to clean your vehicle's interior.

Joe Smith

I Love this car wash!!!!! It does a fantastic job washing my jeep. I signed up for the wash club a couple weeks ago, and for $15 the first month you can't go wrong. The vacuums work great and they have a complimentary detail cart that has microfiber towels, window cleaner, and an all purpose cleaner. Thanks On Track

Kirk Preister

slokine 666

LD Kresse

An amazing car wash. Free vacuum and cleaner and microfiber clothes for your interior. The car wash prices are also super reasonable.

Joseph Evans

Danna Stewart

I'll certainly go back..

sonia kaiser

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