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REVIEWS OF Milito's Mobil Gas Station IN Illinois

ZRS Industries

I was filling up my gas can when someone came up to me and spilled their Gatorade on me as they stared me dead in the eye. I matched his gaze, while licking my hand , then I proceed to slowly wipe it across their cheek. At first he seemed surprised but then he said "the turnips have require your presence" and saluted me. As he was walking away I notice that everyone was watching us while this was happening to mediate the situation I said "fear not, for my presence is required with the president". I then picked up my gas can and took an exaggerated swig from the nozzle and threw the thing into the back seat of my car. As I got in my car and drove away I noticed the horrified expression on the clerks face as I left. I was a changed man after this. GODSPEED TURNIP BOY

Fuck You!

Thomas Joyce

Melissa B

One of my tires was leaking, I was told I needed four new tires and a new sensor. I knew I needed four new tires, the tread was gone, but the sensor seemed debatable. I sought a second opinion at Milito's. Dropped my car off at 7a and picked it up same day with your new tires that were in stock, no sensor issues. They did warn me my brake pads needed to be replaced soon, which I didn't hear at the first place if they even checked them. But given that my car is going on 9 years old and I've never don't anything except change the oil and get new tires twice, Milito's picking up on wear and tear on the brake pads seemed about right. Friendly, fast, courteous and much more economical than Midas.

Michael Unetich

Prompt, fair, and effective!

matt deneen

Georgio B

Best mechanic shop ever .100% satisfaction

Peg Suchan

These people are so kind and skillful! Kudos to JayJay for fixing my tires yesterday. Lizeth and Jeanette are friendly and efficient making sure I was well taken care of. It was a real pleasure doing business with all of them.

Matthew Pirotte

flat tire. they put on wrong tire. my regularly mechanic figured it out. drove back over there trying to get my money back. "JJ" swore he call me back within 24 hours. nothing.

Jolie Moody

I only take my BMW here because I know I can trust them. I work for a major 3rd party online automotive company so I know good service when I see it! Keep up the great work. This is my 3rd car I have brought to them because I know I can trust them.

Tyler Pey

These guys are life-savers! The 24 hour service is great and the staff is friendly. Got me back on the road quickly and affordably.

Edwin Pardo

Never used mechanic services, but car wash service is great and quick.

sam caravana

Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

I've known these people since my first car in 1990. Usually I'm pretty happy. If not, I feel good asking more questions.

Asher Miller

Very friendly and efficient. JJ was super helpful. I brought my car in to get an inspection for Lyft and he took care of it and threw in a car wash free of charge.

Amy Pacer

I have always been treated in a first class manner by the workers at Fullerton & Seminary and yesterday (9/1/13) was no exception.

Tim Lydon

I filled up my tank not realizing I had used the full service pump, which is 60 cents a gallon more. No one came out to my car to pump my gas or tell me I was using the full service pump. When I went inside to ask for a refund of the difference, the girl behind the counter told me she could not do anything about it. I asked her why no one came to pump my gas and she said I would need to talk to the guy standing next to the door. He had overheard my conversation with the girl, so his immediate reaction was to be defensive and said he was busy doing something else when I pulled up (he was standing at the door doing nothing when I walked in). He then argued with me when I told him that I paid for full service so he needed to provide full service. I let him know I felt that I was being taken advantage of since I needed to come inside and say something. His response was that I must not be from around here (I am) and that he was busy when I pulled up (he was just standing at the door when I walked inside). I understand it is my fault for not noticing that it was a full service pump, but my issue is that they would have let me drive off paying 60 cent a gallon more without offering any service at all. If they are ripping me off at the pump, how are they ripping you off when you bring your vehicle here for service?

Jae Dee Wood

Liars. Dropped off my car at 3.bcame in for oil change, break light replace, windshield wipers replace, and brake check (told them my brakes were acting up. Told me it should be inside within 10 min. Came back at 3:50. Car was still in lot. Ran more errands and called at 4:30 bSaid it was almost done and currently getting oil change. Asked about breaks and said they couldn't find the problem. Said they were acting up so please look and fix what ever the problem is. just give him a few minutes. Came in at 5:13. Said he's almost done. Never coming back here. If things are taking longer than expected don't lie just communicate.

Peter Alexander

Came here around 4pm in the afternoon. Milito's Mobil staff assessed the problem and told me it was a faulty cell in my battery. He showed me the book of different battery prices and then gave me super fair deal. Changed the battery right there, tested it, gave me a free 5-year warranty. I was out of there in about 25 minutes. Super fair price - super fast! Definitely recommend.

Jennifer Clay

I just want to say that the gentlemen were terrific, they were very helpful, fast, and friendly and eager to help. I got off work and had a flat tire and Google this place it was up the street took a chance and it was the best decision. They didn't try and ripped me off and I really appreciated that.

Sara Calkins

I had such a good experience the first time I went to Milito's last summer, I haven't gone to another repair shop since. They never try to push me to pay for more repairs than I need, and have gone above and beyond trying to keep my (admittedly very old and worn) vehicle safe and running. I can't recommend them enough.

Allison Shimer

I LOVE MILITOS! They have the best customer service I have ever seen. They are super friendly and always do right by the customer. They give complimentary car wash’s, are super fast, and even clean the inside of the car too. I will continue to come to Milito’s as long as I live in Chicago!!

Ryan Kelly

CROOKS - They seam nice until they work on your car, screw it up, and then rob you. I will go into more detail if what I just said was not enough to scare you away. about 1 year ago had intermittent starting issues when it got cold. The starter would not turn over with a turn of the ignition but if I kept trying to start it eventually it would start (ended up needing a new ignition once they final figured it out) they determined that I needed a new starter ($450) 1 week later, gets cold again... same symptoms exist... took it back to them and they told me that it must have been a faulty starter and replaced it for free (as they should) 2 weeks later, get cold again... same symptoms exist... I took it back to them and I asked them to give me a quote for any additional work that may need to be done prior to completing the work After failing to call me back the day after I dropped it off I finally got in touch with the service manager a day later to find out that they already completed the work and they wanted an additional $400 for replacing the ignition. I tried to get them to provide the service for free considering the misdiagnosis but I was only able to get them to remove the $50 fee for towing my vehicle 2 blocks to the shop and eventually just paid for the repair because they refused to work with me and insisted that my car had 2 separate problems and they did not make a mistake (clearly not the case as the same symptoms existed with 3 separate starters and did not subside until the ignition was replaced) After I spent $750 fixing a $350 issue I was pleased to discover that they had cracked every piece of plastic that the took off in my interior to access the ignition (steering column shroud and lower IP panel) and they had also managed to disconnect my center console power port. 1 year and 1 month later the starter that they installed (probably from a junk yard) craps out and I take it back. I take it back and they inform me that I am 1 month outside of the warranty window so there is nothing they can do but they will give me a discount on a new starter (yeah right like I will let these idiots touch my car again). They also told me that I probably damaged the starter because I was starting the car incorrectly (are you Fing kidding me) I finally take it to another shop and get the starter replaced for another $450. So that's my story about how Militos cost me $1,200 to fix a $350 problem not to mention wasting allot of my time and disrespecting me along the way.

Barbara Sanford

The only place I will take my car to be fix. Rates very reasonable and very good customer service.

Thomas Rogers

My fiance ran out of gas at milito's I asked if they would take a credit card over the phone the clerk John said no out of my 40 years of experience traveling coast to coast I never heard of Mobil turning down a sell

Linda Taylor

Good prices,for location,

Ahmad Jafar

Michael Schraiber

Zohair Shakir

I used to love this place. I am a student at DePaul. I normally get all my snacks and stuff here. One time I just wanted to use the restroom and they made it super difficult saying I have to get gas even though I was buying snacks.

Kristina Costea

Great service! I had a vehicle inspection on the spot(they accommodated me even though I didn’t have an appointment). They are awesome, washed my car for free! Thanks guys!

Jennifer Austin

Highly recommend! Professional, excellent customer service and appropriate pricing.

Mackenzie Lay

As long as I live in Chicago, they'll have my business.

Bill Rutherford

Great job cleaning my vintage vehicle! Thank you!

Phillip Rutherford

My new garage!!! Diagnosed and fixed my brake light problem in less than 30 minutes and even washed my car. Entire staff was friendly and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to take my car back to Milito's

Aaron Adelmans Truck parts


Darrel Lambert

I took my car in for an oil change at Militos Mobil. All the service staffs are very helpful and funny. It looked like everyone was having a great time at work. Both cashiers are super friendly as well. Not only did they change oil, they also wash my car, they even did a multi-point inspection at no additional charge. Their mechanical technicians have been working there a long time so they are very familiar with all the problems and all the nuances of repairing them. So I just dropped my car off, went up and grabbed a bite to eat, visited the Apple store, and came back to pick up my car. Thank you Militos Mobil!

Adam Walker

Bruce Alley

After using these folks for 3 years, they continue to exceed expectations. I took my 2013 Sorrento to the Kia dealer for minor recall work. The service adviser told me that I have a safety issue with a loose front right ball joint. Dealer price to repair approx. $320, plus $140 for a required alignment. Also, I need a license plate bulb replaced @ $50. Finally, I need rear brake pads and rotor resurfacing for about $268. The above include tax. I declined the service and went to Milito's Mobil the next morning. Jay Jay showed me the ball joint, which is in fine working order - nothing loose. He also showed me that the rear shocks were leaking and needed replacement. That repair was missed by the Kia dealer. Milito did the rear brakes at a savings of $104 below the dealer. I got the replacement bulb for no charge. I saved $560 for a ball joint which I didn't. I was able to use a portion of those savings to pay for rear shocks, which I DID need. I get that the dealer is going to be a littler higher, ie the brake job. No problem with that. I don't get that they tried to hit me for $560 of work not needed, plus $50 for a light bulb which I got for free, all while missing the bad shocks.

Meel Tickett

This place has bad service. They didn't let me in the store. So I waited across the street. Another car pulled up and they let them in. So I walked up again after the other customer was in the store. And the clerk told the customer to tell me they were closed. So the customer told me they were closed. I told the other customer I'm not leaving from in front of the store until he came out the store. So he left the store and waited outside. So the clerk brung the customer his card and whatever he purchased. I literally walked up to go in and he told me they were closed and moments later he let another customer in. I feel it was because of my racial ethnic. I'm very upset about this.this incident happened 7/16/2019 at 1:30A.M.

Daniel Egan

Great deal on a car wash, and even better when you buy fuel. An attendant vacuums your vehicle and sends it through the carwash for you. I spent a few extra dollars to get my rims and tires cleaned and it was well worth it. I had waited far too long to wash my vehicle and they did a great job at Milito's.


It was late at night on a Friday and I had a flat tire. I came into Milito's and they fixed my issue. I never seen such fantastic customer service. They fixed my tire at a low and fair price and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a tire shop.

Christine C

Usually overpriced considering location proximity to DePaul and Lincoln Park neighborhood but not usually super busy which is a huge plus

Margaret McGraw

Love this place! Full Service gas stations like this are needed and appreciated-wonderful staff!

Nickolas Daniel

Ben W

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!!!! My daughter took her car because she had a nail in her tire. Two days after her visit the wheel fell of her car because technician failed to tighten the lugg nuts on the tire and the tire worked itself off the wheel studs. When my daughter went back to bring this to their attention they denied their responsibility. Now her rim is ruined and needs to be replaced, but not by them because they deny any fault. Fortunately no one was injured! Milito's Technicians are careless and neglegent!!! Don't go here

Maura Salisbury

I love this place. Milito's has the friendliest, most helpful staff in Chicago. They always work with my budget and explain what's going on with my car in a straightforward way. As a new car owner, I really feel like I can trust them. Thank you Milito's!

marie cashaw

They gas sticks. And the cashier was rude!!!! Don't go there

Kevin Harrigan

Got my tire fixed in 3 minutes back to business

Ramon F Aguirre

I was driving down Fullerton avenue and suddenly noticed that I had a tire problem. It was late in the middle of the night and I could not drive for much longer with these tires. I quickly grabbed out my iphone and started to search for the nearest tire repair in Chicago. I found milito's mobil that was 5 minutes away and was still open. There were no lines and the repair man was quick to fix it. I paid only 30 dollars for the tire repair and if someone is in need of a tire repair in Chicago, then Milito's Mobil is the best auto reapir shop in the Chicago area

Paul Smith

I have taken my cars here for a few years. All my friends take their cars here as well. We have all been very happy with the service they provide and their prices are extremely fair. I highly recommend them.

Jordan Fitch

Needed to drive 5 hours to Cincinnati and discovered I had leaky tire about two hours before I needed to leave. Found Milito's nearby and they had found the source of the issue within minutes. I was able to get on the road on time, and the price was very reasonable. Great service.

Peggy Jester

Great service, very helpful friendly staff, competitively priced! They washed my car for free with my oil change, an unexpected bonus

Kristy Hernandez

Great friendly people! Thank you for everything! :)

x y

It’s all about trust. And I simply trust these guys to give me a no-b.s. answer — one I can understand, and one that is consistent with my issue. And they remember me and my car from one visit to the next! I also am pretty impressed they, for the most part, can get me in right away and resolve my issues right away. Price is consistent—maybe slightly less—than dealer’s shop.

Andrew Tisler

Went in to fill up my tire, there had been a slow leak that I planned to take to my mechanic. Mechanic there said he can check what was causing the slow leak. 40 minutes later, he cannot locate a leak. He tells me to tell the attendant inside that he couldn't find anything and I'm all set. I felt obliged to give him a tip for checking. I go in to tell the attendant, and he said he has to charge me 10 bucks. When I told him I already took care of the mechanic - he said 'sorry bud' gotta charge you. So I drive away with time and money wasted, and no fix. Poor service - will not recommend.

Rhonda Koulermos

They did a beautiful job of getting all the road salt off my car, wiping down the interior door frames and vacuuming. Nice!!

Long Yang

I always go there to get my cars fixed. The managers there, JJ and Jose, are super friendly and very straight forward and honest with prices/service. Highly recommend this place. Plus they always do a full service car wash your car is fixed.

Trish Page

Talk about scaring away your customers! I needed a quick full up. I had no idea there were full services stations anymore. It was dark around 8 pm. I pulled INTO A PUMP... I was quickly approached from behind and scolded for pulling into a full service pump! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Just let me get some GAS! Let me GIVE YOU MY MONEY AND BE ON MY WAY! NOOOO! You have to GO OVER THERE!!! It frightened me to be approached from behind and told what I'm doing is WRONG! I quickly left without giving them my business. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! I will NEVER go to this station again!

Mark Burns

I've been bringing my cars to Milito's for several years now. They always take good care of us, and I feel that they don't overcharge. They look for the simple repair first. On our most recent visit, we needed help right away and the guys were sure to solve our issue quickly and still not charge a "rush premium."

Margaret Suchan-Pickert

Augie is a wonderful and helpful mechanic. I came in several weeks ago not knowing what a warning light meant on in my dashboard. Augie knew exactly what the problem was, checked my tires and reset the button with a smile and such speed. He is quite a guy! Thank you for your kindness and competency! He made me a loyal customer from here on out!

Scott KRACKER Surface

Kim Thorstenson

I bought a new truck and have not had to have service for a long time. Jay Jay was always my go to at Militos. Well, we are driving back in town on 55 today and a big plastic bucket flys off a truck and we hit it going 75 mph. It goes under our truck and gets lodged in the wheel. We pull over and get it out from under the vehicle. We weren’t sure if our car was leaking fluid so we drive it into Militos. I tell Jose the story, he says he’ll check it out. I walk over to the grocery store and when I get back they have already had it up and checked it out. It’s fine. No charge. I love this place. Jose is another decent human being that makes me feel the world is a good place. Did I mention they were busy? Best place ever.

Pantelis B.

Nick Tejeda

Went once but my second experience there was dreadful. They put 0 effort into the interior. I'm convinced there isn't a difference between their 3 price levels. And I was trying to see if I could grab a towel to clean up the 10+ spots they missed, but after they pulled my car out, they sprinted back into the car wash to pump out another car. Fine for me...I kept the tip I was going to give them. Express Car Wash is up the street is better priced and while you have to vacuum your own interior, at least someone is doing it!

Mark Smithe

Great full service gas station, repair shop and car wash. The wash is a good compromise between low end $3 places and high end hand washes. A good wash for $8. I recently needed 2 tires replaced. JJ the manager was very helpful and knowledgable both times. They did a great job for a very fair price. They are open weekends which ended up being when I needed the repairs.

Nicholas Fulton

To date I've had an oil change, 3 flat tire repairs, a car wash my starter replaced. My honest review of Molitos Mobil? Friendly and professional staff (Jose, you rock!), quick turn-around time, great attention to detail (car wash especially -- thanks guys!), reasonably priced, excellent location in proximity to my residence and a solid job. In the past I have done most repairs to my vehicle myself and am hesitant paying someone else to maintain my 2001 Jetta MK4, however, Militos Mobil exceeds my expectations every time, which is why I continue to trust them with my ride.

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