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1733 N Main St, Wheaton, IL 60187, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mickey's Car Wash IN Illinois

Dees Catz

This place sucks! The Asian owner doesn't give a tub of hummus when you're ripped off. Had the nerve to try to justify his crappy machines that were set on short cycles and not performing. It's a shame that this clown is allowed to operate in the good city of Wheaton.

Bill Karschnick

Gary Snyder

This place has sensible prices, and they do an elaborate job!!

Armando Carrillo

merek spodek

Terrible half the machine you put your money into don't work and the other half don't give you nearly enough time to wash your car.

Pauly D

Valerie Soncek

Washed my car yesterday at Glen Ellyn and Army Trail. I had to use my debit card because none of the machines had change. When I was done the machine said $7.25 but when I checked my statement this morning it said $15.00. What is that all about?? I will trying calling the number today but from the reviews I have read nobody ever answers the phone!!

Peter Bivol

Need an update!

Ricky Rose

sergio galindo

Nice quite place

Alfredo Ortiz

DO NOT WASH YOUR CAR HERE WITH THESE THIEVES!!! I wash my car on Mickeys on Army Trail Rd and Glen Ellyn Rd. I used my debit card so I wouldn't have to used coins. I ended up spending $7.80 for washing my car, the following day I was checking my bank statement and they deducted $15.00!!! Not $7.80 what I used. I tried calling them but they never answered their phone... STAY AWAY FROM THIS RATS!!!


I didnt go her

Rick Haynes

Didn't WASH good

Meg Fish

Best DIY car wash around! The timer is super deafening though. Makes my car look fantastic!

Jacob May

I put $8 in and it only gave me 5 minutes that's BS

Norma Rodriguez

tim rausch

Brad Dolbeer

Self serve is your best option. The touch free machines do a decent job, but can't compare to good old elbow grease. They have everything you need - vacuums, coin exchange, drying cloths and more.

DJs For You

Nice car wash but just be aware that when you hear the beeping sound you may only have about 30 seconds until machine shuts down. Bring a helping hand and you may be able to wash the entire car in one cycle.

RLH 54

Easy to get in and out

Demitri Raftopoulos

phillip david

Dylan Hayes

The best of the best in terms of client service

John Zefeldt

$2.25 for maybe 2 minutes of sprayer time if that and the first half of that is waiting for the soap to come out and when it did it was barely anything, no suds.There was no beeping like it used to when I last went there years ago, to let me know to put in more quarters. It just shut off before I was done washing it with the soap spray let alone rinsing it off. I have a small Jeep, I can't imagine something like a full size pickup or a van. That must cost 10 bucks in quarters to finish. That $2.25 will only last you long enough to maybe wash and rinse your floor mats or a bmx bike, which I did used to do there as a kid for a buck. Needless to say I was angry and drove straight to a real car wash, basically just to rinse it off. This place is a rip off. Never again. Don't waste your time and quarters here.


Ashley Carradus

Walt Martineau

Rob Owens

Great place to do your own car wash, change machines available. Roomy stations with foaming brushes and wands. Great for us offroad SUV owners with big tires and offroad equipment . Powerful vacuums too. Always seems to be a neat clean facility. Been coming here for years.

Akshar Patel

Golf Mill Shell

This is a great car wash its been here before I was born. I never had a bad experience. call the number on the door owner/manager (asian ) answered right away. @Dees Catz : Just so you know Asian people don't eat hummus middle eastern do, One more thing you ignorant piece of $%#t. people like you will always be unsatisfactory.

Alex Senyuk

Gives you like 2 and 3/4 of a minute for $2.25, ridiculous!!!! Won't even show you how much time is left, plus its cheaper to go to any other place on Roosevelt Rd and get your car washed automatically for the same $, only with out sweat from doing it yourself!!! Will never go back, ever!!!

Nathan Long

Jonathan Nkhoma

Krystal Robinson

Do NOT get your car washed here. The owner was so rude and while we had soap on our car still we he told us to move because people were leaving while waiting.. ITS A SELF WASH! So of course it's going to take a little longer. So we spent $ on getting a half fast car wash with HORRIBLE customer service. I wanted so badly to tell him to F off..

ben hunter

Liam McNeary

Christine M.

I like the convenience of this car wash but the brushless car wash is not great it just poured soap down the middle of my car and that's it then rinsed. I bought the top of the line option. Last time I came it poured suds acrodd my entire car. I feel as though they are always needing repair. Please fix them as I would like to continue to give your car wash business if evrything can be in working order.

Lisa Sanstrom

I like to take my cars there. Never had any problems

Bryan Gonzalez

The machines were not well kept and the did a terrible job. I would rather go to a different carwash.


Great place to wash your car. It is self_service

Petro Nazaruk

Open 24/7. Have a change machine, vacuum cleaners (extra charge). Haven’t had any issues in a few times I’ve visited.

Dan McFalls

Thank you for being open all night!

Peter Guthrie

Steve Regier

A do it yourself car wash that supplies good products and real wax.

Morgan Phillips

Don’t bother...pretty sure I’m going to need another car wash to wash off the residue from cleaning my car at Mickey’s. Only good thing was the Armor-All dispenser, which is a great feature for my black car.

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