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Michael Stillwell

I've been taking my 2016 Golf SE for over a year now to Ivan/Roman. They are magicians and true professionals when it comes to getting your paint dialed in. They are the only guys I trust with my car and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Spiro Karras

There is no one else I would trust to detail my cars. Ivan is a true master of his craft and a perfectionist. We are very fortunate to have someone so talented in the Chicago area. He has done an outstanding job with our cars and is always available to answer questions and provide guidance on maintaining the superb finish he achieves. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Michael Shao

Stefan Varagic

craig stinson

Car came out great Ivan keeps in touch every step of the process highly recommend Lustr Detail

Nick Suarez

This guy is great, thank you for the work.

Mike Anderson

Having just purchased my first BMW (used), I was looking for someone that could educate me about taking care of my car and the options available to remove the imperfections in the paint from the prior owner (likely took the car to a regular car wash). I needed someone I could trust as I had limited prior knowledge or experience. Ivan was referred to me by a service representative at the local BMW dealer who was fanatical about his car. Ivan took the time to educate me and provided me with various options. As noted in other reviews, Ivan never up-sold me and that was important. In fact, I was the one asking questions about potential higher price packages. I ended up getting a paint correction with sealant and the car looked outstanding. There is no question I trust LUSTR Auto Detail and plan on taking my car back there in the Spring for regular upkeep. I highly recommend this company.

Sadat M

Hands down the best place to get your vehicle detailed (and I've had quite a few places detail my vehicles over the years). I'm a perfectionist and study the vehicles paint from all different angles and under different lighting. Ivan and Roman worked their magic on my car and the car looks beautiful. I'm happy to report that when it comes to detailing, no one will ever touch my vehicles again except Ivan and Roman - hope they never leave the area!! Thank you Ivan and Roman for your professionalism and treating my car as if it were your very own. Looking forward to maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

Kaero E

I recently had my car detailed by Ivan, including a clear bra on my M3. Ivan is a total professional. He cares about your car, what is best for the car, and every detail. He actually talked me out of services, even though it would have been more money for his company. Ivan's work was superb. I would 100% recommend him - he is knowledge, he spent a ton of time talking to me on the phone and writing emails ensuring I felt comfortable about the work, the process, and the fees. If you are looking to detail your car - go to Ivan, seriously. He's the best. There's a reason he came so highly recommended to me. Thanks Ivan!

Kenny Lage

I recently had my vehicle detailed with Ivan at LUSTR and was more than pleased with the results. I had purchased my car not long before the detail and it was BETTER than delivery. I highly recommend LUSTR for professional results at a very reasonable cost for the services offered. I will continue to work with Ivan going forward.

Arun Jagannathan

I have used Ivan and Lustr exclusively for all my detailing needs for the past 5 years, and have nothing but the highest of praise for their work. Honestly, I would not trust anyone else with my car. Any new car I get, I have the dealer skip the prep and take the car straight to Lustr to get it looking like it should from the factory. He uses nothing but the highest quality products with a technique that cannot be matched.

Leo K

What to say except wow what a excellent work .. Highly recommend this LUSTR place to anyone looking to make their car/truck look new again.. Excellent service and staff.. Dropped off my truck and the next day it was like a brand new truck again from the inside out.. they even made the rims so clean and shiny i thought they were new rims... Light polishing and I'm sure they even did more then light polishing after that ceramic coating application. Black truck came out better then when I drove it off the dealer lot when I got new truck. Dont waste time looking for another auto detail shop just get to LUSTR this is the one. I know I will be going back for many years to come... BIG THANKS TO IVAN AND ROMAN FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND WORK ON MY BLACK TRUCK. Thanks guys!

Jimmy K

THE BEST!!! Their work is truly spectacular and can not be replicated anywhere else. I have taken all my vehicles to Ivan and Roman and will continue to do so. If you are a perfectionist and need someone who is more detail oriented than yourself, then look nowhere else. LUSTR is best in class and their results speak volumes.

Luke G

The team does fantastic work. Great attention to detail.

Quang Nguyen

Ivan and his team are some of the best high end detailers in the country. Ivan is a very knowledgeable and humble guy. I really like how he was very honest with his assessments and promises. This place is not your $99 detail shop, so please don't go in and scoff at his rates. You get what you pay for. I had a 2-3 stage paint correction, and added some paint protection film and paint protection coating. I left my car with his crew for about a week, and came back astonished at the job they did. If you want to protect your car's paint, new or old, this is the place to go!

Patrick Dymora

Ivan and Roman are detailing MAGICIANS!! I own two sports cars and have taken both in for washing\detailing, you name it they did it for me. Absolutely Incredible, I've never seen better detailing done in my life. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for saving my cars LUSTR!

Derek Sammann

Ivan Rajic is without a doubt the most talented paint correction specialist in the Chicagoland area. After some really strong recommendations from the Porsche guys on the Rennlist Forum, I took my black 2010 Porsche 911 4S Cabriolet to him last Fall for a full rear-end paint correction to have him match my freshly repainted front end. He made the original paint look literally brand new, cleaning up the tired paint and matching it perfectly with the new paint on the front end. Even more impressively, after I had some unfortunate lime/salt garage seepage onto my 911 while it was stored indoors for the Winter, Ivan was able to COMPLETELY restore the entire car with a full 3 days of paint correction and polishing of both the rear end as well as the Xpel-covered front end. He was even able to completely clean up the cabriolet top that was also badly impacted. I'll try to post a few "Before and After" pics if I can as this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to write a review for work on my car (I've also posted this review on FaceBook and Yelp). Ivan definitely is the best, and suffice it to say that he literally worked a miracle and saved my 911!

Martin Bozek

Nick W

AMAZING RESULTS!! ---- I had my new car for about 4 days and someone dented the side of my car. I parked it in the back of the lot and someone still managed to slam a door into it. I took it to a paintless dent remover. He did a good job removing the dent, but he buffed the side of my car and created holograms in the black paint. I took it to his detailer and he just tried to cover the problem. I washed it and the holograms were back. I did some research on the internet and found LUSTR. I called them up and had a great conversation with Ivan. I then stopped by their shop and Roman did an assessment of my car. Both guys were great to talk to and took time to answer all my questions. I decided to get the Paint Enhancement Detail. The results are truly amazing. No more holograms. These guys are artists. The car looks way better than the day I picked it up at the dealership! -----Thanks LUSTR

Ryan Bahrke

Highly recommended. I'm very particular when it comes to my cars, and I did a ton of research before deciding on LUSTR to perform a paint correction on my 911. Porsche black paint is notoriously difficult to work with, and Ivan and Roman did an truly exceptional job of bringing my car's finish back to a level that even a perfectionist like me could be satisfied with. Ivan took the time to explain my options beforehand, updated me along the way, and patiently answered all my follow up questions. I look forward to working with Ivan and his firm in the future as I know the work will be done right.

Brian Dodge

Excellent results. Ivan and Roman took a car that I thought looked pretty good and made it look even better than I could have imagined. I've got a daily driver that lives outside parked on the street. There is a ton of information on their website but I'd advise setting up the pre-detail assessment. I had preconceived ideas on what I thought i needed, but we went over what I was I was trying to accomplish and they recommended options that were in my budget and would suit my purposes. The most important thing is they never tried to up sell me on anything and I never felt obligated or pressured to purchase or to upgrade my service. We ended up doing the Long-term protection detail which included the new Optimum Gloss-Coat. The final result was and is simply amazing. For the level of craftsmanship they exhibit in their art of detailing, they are very down to earth. I feel like they treated my car and I and with a high level or respect. I never felt second fiddle to the the McLarens, Ferraris, and Aston Martins and their owners that theses guys also work on. In doing research, their prices are very reasonable given the high quality of the finished product. You pay a premium and you get a premium service. I'd also like to point out that some of the other shops will have 4-5 guys pound out a car quickly, but it was nice to know that 1-2 guys who I trusted were taking care of my car. It felt much more personal than just "another car" to detail. If you can't tell, I highly recommend them. They've definitely won a customer for life in my case.

Elliot Rosen

Ivan and Roman are professionals who know what they are doing, and have been doing this many years. I have studied the art of automotive paint correction as an enthusiast but I know it can be hard work and requires skill to do it correctly. There are numerous "detailers" around who unfortunately know less about proper paint correction than myself. I'd be very careful about taking my car just anywhere. So if I need this done right - ESPECIALLY paint protection film and coatings - there is no other place I trust.

George D

Ivan and LUSTR take Auto Detailing to a level most people are not aware of. This is not your corner "buff and shine $99 special". They specialize in paint correction which works your clear coat to a level that takes out all/most of it's imperfections. They work every square inch of the car with surgeon like precision. They also offer protective coatings to further protect your car after the correction. These coatings are not some sort of smoke and mirrors products that just look good until the next wash like most guys use. I would suggest reading up and educating yourself about the art of detailing and paint correction to fully appreciate Ivan's skills. He is an elite group of a handful of guys who do this level of work across the USA. I have had full confidence in him working on my multiple Porsche's over the years.

S Steele

I was referred to Ivan by my SA at Knauz BMW after ordering a 2018 M3 and deciding to due a full PPF wrap. While waiting 3+ months for my car to be built and delivered, I nagged Ivan with countless questions via email and text and he always provided timely, detailed responses. After having partial PPF installed on other cars, I've realized it's only as good as the installer, and Ivan is the best in my experience. He is extremely meticulous in the application of PPF and made several great suggestions for protecting some interior parts of the car (at no additional cost). In addition, since it's only a 2 man shop, Ivan is able to quote very competitive pricing compared to the larger detail shops that have more overhead. If you're looking for a top PPF installer, you should contact Lustr Detail!

Kris Iwanicki

Ivan and Roman do fantastic job. They are truly the best in business. Super happy with their work; I highly recommend them.

SRTSpeed 847

In searching for a place close to home that would detail my car and meet the expectations I wanted, Ivan & Roman exceeded those expectations. Their professionalism, focus on detail and desire to make the customer pleased is second to none. Last spring they made my Infiniti G35x looks look new, last week they just finished with my 2014 Jeep SRT with a showroom finish and next is my 2017 Corvette.


First and foremost, Ivan and Roman are not only amazing at what they do, they are just amazing, polite, professional, honest and genuinely great human beings!! After researching top detail shops in the Chicagoland area, I took my brand new obsidian (metallic) black Tesla Model 3 Performance to LUSTR Detail. There are several reasons that led me to choosing LUSTR Detail. I researched elite level detail shops in the Chicagoland area for about a month, I live in Chicago, but was willing to travel a bit for top results. I ended up visiting 1 other shop to understand their services and pricing (I may have been persuaded by a fancy YouTube channel haha). This visit included receiving a printout of pricing for the services that I was looking to have completed, but I ultimately decided on LUSTR Detail for several reasons. After receiving the runaround from the other detail shop and being told that they couldn't get my car in for 6 weeks, I immediately called LUSTR Detail and left a voicemail, as the paint protection film (PPF) was the priority for me to have put on my car to minimize the possibility of chips from everyday driving. I received a call back from Ivan within a few hours, so I find it very difficult to understand a separate review claiming that they never received a callback. Ivan didn't just ask what I wanted to have done, he actually explained, in great detail, the different services, products and brands that had anything to do with the services and products for which I was interested in. Ivan even recommended cheaper products and levels of detail/paint correction, not because I had a lower budget, or even gave any type of rebuttal or questioned pricing, but because they run a refreshingly honest and fair business, which is more and more difficult to find these days. Ivan gave me frequent updates on how the process was going on my vehicle and was incredibly personal and professional in every aspect. The most impressive thing for me was that Ivan made a huge effort to get my car in ASAP to get it wrapped and protected since it was new to try and minimize any chips from happening. This was just an example of the bigger picture of care and consideration that LUSTR Detail takes in their service. I chose to have whatever paint correction Ivan found needed throughout the initial cleaning and polishing, which ended up being very minimal, Suntek PPF, 22PLE Ceramic coating on top of the PPF, full wheels off ceramic coating including the brake calipers, and window tinting. When I dropped my car off I chatted with Ivan and Roman for a while about general detailing stuff, and they showed me specifics and explained the detailing needed on other vehicles they were working on in the shop. They used a flashlight to show me a few paint imperfections and explained what caused them. I was floored at the extent of Ivan and Roman's knowledge and detail. Throughout the process Ivan updated me on how everything was going and an estimate on when my car would be finished. Ivan also put together a list for me of products that they use and recommend for me and talked with me to narrow down the list to properly clean and preserve my car going forward based on the type of protection they put on the car. When I picked up my car, l was stunned at how good it looked. This was not a high mileage car that had been through some years of daily driving, this was a brand new car, which I ordered to spec and picked up within a few days of arrival. It was washed and prepared for me upon delivery, but the finish it had on it after LUSTR Detail (Ivan and Roman) performed their magic on it was absolutely mind blowing! The paint looks like a mirror and the precision and depth of the images reflected by my paint is incredible. My rims and calipers are unthinkably clean and look like they are wet. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience and better results. Thank you again Ivan and Roman for making my car look absolutely amazing and protecting it. I can't recommend LUSTR enough!!! You will not be disappointed.

David Gross

My 8 year old Corvette looked better after my detail than it did when I bought brand new. These simply are amazing!!! Truly the best in the business.

Jim Gary

I purchased a annual paint paint protection package through an internet special with some reservation. I feel like I struck oil. What a great experience and a professional job. I am very anal with my car and felt it was in good shape despite the Chicago winter but what an outstanding job on my car. Roman did an unbelievable job and took time afterward to talk about what he noticed with my car and answered all my questions. The location and facility is pretty basic but the personnel and finished product could not be better. I will be a regular at this place.

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