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REVIEWS OF Irving Park Hand Car Wash Inc IN Illinois

Adrian Cervantes

Owner allows his employees to steal from cars. Never going back here ever again terrible management. Also left my car with streaks all in the inside of my cars and my wheels were still dirty. After 45 mins of waiting... 5 employees and it still takes that long?

Bansari Anil

Nasty owner

Georgi Georgiev

The carwash is good but one of the guys that work there close my doors super strong and firm. Also moved the seat just like he plays football. He almost broke my seat.... I recomend the guys to be more gentle with customer's cars...

Alex Konopelko

Ramon Lopez

Lorenzo Rodriguez


I never recommended this place to nobody!!!!! I was here today...and before they get my car washed they asked me about tip. Weird!!!! My car was dirty after they cleaned .....they didn't vacuum good, my car wasn't clean.....I never go there again. !!!!!!


Elizabeth Contreras

Awesome service

Vince Reed

This is the third time, I'M DONE 25$ and my whole car was dirty tires weren't clean they didn't even vacuum dirty rags were so dirty it put TAR marks all over my car never again don't waste your time going there!! Trust Me!!

Jennifer Sefcik

Waited for over 30 minutes outside and not a single car moved in the line.

Roy Rogers Rodulfa

Eva Cespedes

Am very happy with the good job they do

Wayne Werner Jr

They show care and caution with my modified car at this location. They always do a fantastic job. The owner and staff are all very pleasant people.

Anita Jaworski

Just got my 1 year old black car washed by this place. I always did the washes myself (had no scratches), however, due to winter I decided to go to indoor car wash. Choose a hand car wash to avoid potential scratching from the automatic one. When I pulled out of this place and looked at my car I was shocked. My car looked like it was wiped with a sand paper. Even the rubber trims around the windows are all scratched up. Just horrible. Never taking my car there again. If you like and care for your car don't go there.

Saverio Donancricchia

Great job on the wash, and if you have plenty of time to wait, this is the place for you. And wait you will, oh you will wait. New ownership is great, so changing my rating. They do a really good job there.

Oscar Vazquez

Paul Osipavicius


Krajewski Paweł

Zaklina Spajic

Great service!

John Smith

The guys here do a great job. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. The owner is really cool and spends enough time there to make sure the business runs smoothly. Very friendly and helpful.

Peggy Bishop

I love this car wash. Your car is hand washed and they clean the inside with a regular wash.

Jocelyn Partida

Ricardo Rocha

Car wash is very good, owner danny is extremely friendly polite. He is welcome to criticism on his work and his approach is to correct the situation and keep you happy and coming back. Will definitely give him my business to bring my truck for a wash here. Hard to find a good car wash that does a great job, and if they don't they'll go above and beyond to make it right.

philip lenz

Outstanding job on my vehicle, A great place to go and get your car washed inside and out . Very pleasant conversation and very polite !


Best hand car wash in the city period




vadim bocancea

Chris Ikmanis

Had my car detailed today ,it was very dirty and let me tell you it looks like a new car great job thanks again !!!!!!!!

Eric V.

Great service

Ihap Hassan Hejaz

Billy Jenkins

Grzegorz Kaczówka

nice girl and good car wash

Jacob Behrens

m c

Brian Eggers

They had me in and out quickly along with a great wash job.

Jason Lopez

Don’t ever go here. First of all it took us an insane amount of time to actually drive into the place. It took them 45 minutes to do about 2 other cars in front of us. Once we were finally inside and they started to hand wash the car, two employees started to argue and curse at each other. One of them wrote a message on our mirror for the other employee to read. Luckily they cleaned it off before they headed to the alley to fight.

Zofia Kornacki

Had my car detailed there's only interior. They were fast I can see why.(detail look the same as when I dropped it off) when I went to pick the car up worker lady at the desk look like she didn't know what was going definitely not the lady I usually deal with. I paid her as I had the other employee the one who must of help detail stand over waiting for a tip. So the person that I am tips him. He counts it in front of me no thank you or anything. Then he proceeds to bring me to my car to another guy not professional at all tells me he help I told him thank you. I asked about my mats he had them still in the trunk drying . I was ok with that I get in my car and the car still is dusty! Seats are barely shampooed. Then I noticed when I got home that my front and passenger seat organizers were not there smh! As I put my mats on there are armouraled and then I flip the mat and there is a gummy bear still stuck to it! I guess you get what you pay for! Sucks because the owner was so nice sucks he has a bunch of unprofessional people working insufficient people working for him! I will never return here!



Jefimija Đokić

Very good service!

Paul J Przepiórka

Luis Garcia

Overall great experience in and out quick! and car looks great!!!

Bekmurod Mamatisakov

Francisco Gomez

Great people did a amazing job on cleaning and removing all the tar that my car had the owner daniel is a nice person very polite and honest guy!!

Joy Bigidea

Sinisa73 monitor

Excellent Badzane.

Maciek Wawiorko

Mediocre car wash. No line outside, my car still took almost an hour to get washed. Rear window wasn't wiped down and had streaks, side mirrors same thing. Multiple spots on the car weren't washed or rinsed because they're still dirty. Dash must've been wiped with a dirty cloth or something because there are streaks across all reflective surfaces. Back seat looks like it wasn't vacuumed at all. Been here a handful of times and there's always an issue. Considering the cost there shouldn't be any issues.

Huy Vo

Monika Xhemo

Best car wash!! Great customer service!! Thank you guys!

joe fuentes

Great Work! I came in with my filthy pickup that I use for work. I left with a new truck! The cleaned up every inch of the truck! The owner and staff are friendly and pay close attention to detail. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Mujo Sm

Joey Law

Just sat in line for an hour because they closed early for NYE and they didn’t tell anyone in the long line of cars that they were closed. They just let their potential customers sit out there in line. It was brought to the attention of the employees to let people know they are closed and he just argued with the woman and left. I always drive past this place, I’ve never gotten a wash from them but after seeing how unprofessional these jokers are ... I’m gonna stick to the royal touch car wash and I don’t mind spending the extra dollar there.


Visited earlier today. I've gone to this car wash for the last five to ten years. With my last several visits it's been anything but satisfying. Years ago they used to provide exceptional work. The last few times I've noticed areas of the exterior of the car have been missed as well as on the interior. Car mats are removed and when replaced they are not secured with the hooks in the floor. Today I also noticed that a carton of cigarettes which was brand new in my console look like it had been torn in two and also a losing lottery ticket in the console was taken. Other things enclosed compartments also appeared to have been gone through. The owner seems like a nice guy but the service isn't what I would expect it to be

Urmat Dzhakypbekov

I wouldn’t recommend this place for washout because I was standing by the car and watched for them how they’re working and felt are not paying attention for each vehicle they were just doing job but wasn’t concentrated from r job

Vasilije Markovic

LeRoy Bernard

I still stick to the old adage if you want it done right do it yourself no Slam on the Hand Carwash but I have tree sap on Vechile and doesn't come off without some elbow grease and a bit of remover

Lidia G

(Translated by Google) I have been here for years and now is a failure, I paid 23 dollars and even the glass did not wash away from the middle of the failure hour of waiting no one is in no hurry, I will not recommend (((I will never go there again, it's a pity, maybe the owner I understand that there is something wrong, ,, ((( (Original) Bywam tu od lat i jest teraz porazka,, zaplacilam 23 dolary i nawet szyb nie umyli od srodka porazka godzina czekania nikt sie nie spieszy porazka nie polecam ;((( ja juz tam nigdy nie pojade,,, szkoda pieniędzy,,,moze wlasciciel zrozumie ze jest cos nie tak,,,(((

Ivanka Milasik

good service

Nor Jobarah

Exceptional customer service. Danny is a really nice guy and will make sure that you are satisfied with your car wash. Johan put in extra work to make sure my windows were shiny, clean, and even took all the glue from old stickers off of my windshield. Highly recommended.

Adrian Ibarra

Dave Rodriguez

Sorry but not worth the $15. I've been looking for a good hand car wash for the winters and have tried a few to see if there is one that actually does a good job. Went to Irving Park Car Wash based on some of the reviews and was not very happy with the results. The owner was very nice as we talked about our Challengers and the staff was friendly but the service not so good. when I got my car back I pulled out and stopped to check things out and the rims were still dirty side mirrors were spotted and they only vacuumed the front carpets. Still looking for a good hand car wash so if anybody knows of one that actually does a good job please let me know!!

Robert Nava

x22 x22

convenient location, not too far from my house. poor vacuuming. they left my passenger seat with a large wet spot . found a kick on my right visor. back seat was not vacuumed properly. My rims showed dirty spots. they ask to tip the crew. The owner is never there. Poor management.

Marco Ortiz

Olivia S

They do a great job with my car

Michalle Penaherrera

It's an hour before it is supposed to close and it's closed.... waste of time.

Liliana Pareja

Facebook place for the last 8 years ago

Pamela Eismueller

They treat the customer right!


Great wash at a fair price. Staff is very friendly

Pavle Milanovic

Rosa María Segovia

Tomek Chmielewski

Sloppy job :( missed a lot of spots. Tires cleaned but not wiped down, now both sides of the car has grease stains. I will wash my car by myself from now on.

Brenda Johnson

Service is very slow but they do a great job

Steve Barba

They do great work, I wont go anywhere else for a detail.

Brian Wasilk

Terrible Car Wash! The lady at the register is rude. Because i had my kids she had an attitude and hid the free candy so they couldnt have it. Paid $30 with tip for number 3 car wash. Not worth it. They didnt bother to vaccum under my rubber mats. Back windows and mirror were not cleaned. Center console and cup holders not cleaned. Didnt vaccum trunk. Never again. I rather drive 25 min to 123 hand car wash in the city. $10 and way better job. Place is a joke and over priced.

dorothy bebenek

This is the second time within 4 weeks I wasn't able to get my car washed.. It's now 3pm and they close at 4, and I was told to leave because they already have two cars in line, and won't have time to clean mine.. I mean wouldn't you want the business? I always get the premium package with them and have been a loyal customer. I have a promo card that keeps track of my visits and I would like to be able to reach my 9th visit, so I can obtain a free standard wash, but it seems impossible to get done. I'll be taking my business where it's wanted. Very disappointed because I like to support local businesses.

Nemanja Arsić

Great service!

Pete Perricone

Best place to go to get a car wash

Kristine Allyn

Nicest people! Amazing car wash!!!!

karol B

Burak Balta

The slowest car wash ever

Paru Shah

Gisa Duma

Mike Spelz

I have been to the car wash twice. First time they did a wonderful job. Yesterday the owner or manager were definitely not there. I got the executive, they didn't do half of the things they were supposed to to. Didn't wash one of my floor mats. Did not condition the leather or spray with new car scent. Did not wash the running boards. Streaks all over the car. I went home and spent a half hour doing the job right. Kids smoking and messing around when they should of been working.

John Mariduena

Bimmer Fan

Brought my X5 for a car wash. Dash board didn't even touched, finger prints on my windows. Probably never go here again. Poor service

Laura Garcia


Awesome car wash


Sara Abinska

The car wash is good but the fact that you have to wait for at least half hour even when there is no cars sucks..

Edviga Gurbelea

Ernest Wegiel

The exterior was clean, the interior however was wiped with a dirty rag. Windows are all smudged. Had to spend 45min to reclean everything at home. Not worth the long 30min wait just to get my car into their garage.

عبدالله ابو حشيش

I was there at 8 o’clock and they open 30 minute late after that they said there is 4 cars before you and you have to wait another 60 minutes , Very bad customer service

Jacek Hnat

Mark Kenar

Got in with no wait. Done fairly quickly. Paid attention to details....two thumbs up! :)

Kayla Beam

Owner is super nice and my car is always clean.

Nick Ish

Dženan Lulic

joke rude staff bad job not coming anymore

cathy davis

Came in for number 2 wash. I have came here many times before, however the staffing choice right now is very poor. Not sure what exactly happened....but unfortunately I no longer feel welcome, and service has declined greatly. My car wasn't vacuumed properly, and my cup holders were left sticky. I asked the workers that were cleaning the inside if they could fix the mistake, in which the one worker that maybe smelled of booze? (I cannot be 100% percent but I swear I smelled some type of beer or something.) , gave me attitude about fixing the problem. It was still wasn't the greatest job still but at that point I just wanted to leave. I was shocked at the rude rushed, experience I had when it is usually quite pleasant. It seems now all the workers care about now is moving the cars as fast as possible and not really caring if it's clean or not. Once upon a time this was a great business, with attentive welcoming staff, that would fix a problem no issue, and say hello, and welcome you with a smile...that is no longer the case and and it is hard to even have a conversation with some of the workers because of the language barrier. What happened to to this place? Ridiculous!!!! You have lost many customers..I will tell my family and friends to stop coming as well.

Zelina Christina Paupaw

What a wonderful place for a car wash! They are a family business with caring workers. I love how friendly the owner was and how nice the employees were! They did an excellent job cleaning my car inside and out!

Josue Hernandez

undarmaa baterdene

Today, january6th wednesday at 12 to 22 38pm. I went to this place for my car to be washed. I chose 15dollars super wash service. But my driver side front door is damaged like paint is completed chipped and got dent. It looks like the door hit the wall. I never have this damage before once i noticed that 30 minutes later when i got home i called and they said that they will check camera. At 4pm i called them 2 times. They just hang up on me as soon as i ask about camera.

Jiratt Phonlapat

Been here countless times. Fast services, nice people and fairly clean.

Bri Bin

I've been going there ever since new ownership took over and haven't been disappointing yet, even if they "missed a spot" or I wanted them to concentrate on a particular area they've always went above and beyond to make sure it was done and done to my liking. Price's are very reasonable, Danny and the crew are great and always welcoming. Nice addition to the neighborhood for a car wash!

Abed Rahman

Very bad job

Ahmadali Abuhasheesh

Horrible experience. They broke the key to my car and then told me that they didn’t. I asked them to fix it and they just kicked me out. Very rude never goin back again . They just kept talking to each other in Spanish and I felt left out because I don’t speak the language. They should at least respect thier customers. They know they did it they just don’t want to admit and fix it.

Alexis Gomez

Anthony Bavone

I actually had mad respect for this establishment until today. One of the workers stole my Phone mount. I will make sure to tell everyone to stay away from this shady car wash

Chris Papana

You have to appreciate hard work and attention to detail inside and out. Take advantage of the monthly wash, I was impressed to see that as an option, and it pays for itself very quick.

Christian Buendia

Eileen Muniz

I gone to many car wash but this is my favorite they do a awesome job ,just one thing be there early cause is a wait but worth it.

Trust Me

Marcin Jackowski

Really good experience. I always have a good service and my car is taken care of nicely. They work pretty fast too so don't be scared of line of cars waiting. Well people are waiting for a reason. Staff is friendly and helpful. Owner is there often, he makes clients feel welcome. In the world of franchises, big chain stores and fast paced life this place reminds me how important customer service is. I don't feel like another customer greeted with fake smile and memorized greeting. Highly recommending this place. Added 5/5/19: Unfortunately I have to change it from being five starts. Idk if they changed crew but the quality of interior wash went down drastically. There times in the row I had to do MAJOR touch ups myself. Windshield was not even touched and dust was everywhere. Carwash option mark on rear view mirror was still there when I left. Unfortunately I need to look for a different place.

Sanel Jakupovic

Marilyn Suriano

This was my first time getting my car washed at Irving Park Hand Car Wash. Everyone was very friendly. They did a great job washing my car. I will definitely come back.

Kochubii Yevhenii

Konrad Chmura

I came in for a level 2 wash. Not only my back windows weren't even touched. My back eat was not wiped and they didn't even bother to vaccume my trunk. When I go for a hand wash I expect it o be spotless.

roadglide x

Not so good wheel wells still filthy and running boards never touched

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