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1004 W Eldorado St, Decatur, IL 62522, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hurrican Car Wash IN Illinois

Andra Robb

Chuck Lowe


Phillip Stambaugh

Veronica Platzbecker

luke alsup

This is a perfect example of a once great car wash ran into the ground. IMO IT WAS the best in town. Now jump forward 2 years... this place is over ran with hobos asking for change and the soaps are always empty or halfass work. No attendant to help. And no working number posted on the door. Wash at your own risk here.

Matthew Jahns

Took my money no wash no answer from phone [out of service] total scam. 1go eslewhere!

Brenda Lee

I'm at the car wash right now. I was going to drive through the machine took my money after I put my 20.00 dollar bill in it then said use correct change. When I call the number listed on google no one answer. Who has a business that doesn't answer you call.

Andrew Overheul

The car wash it's self is pretty good. The problem with it is the other people and the music. We were there today to wash both vehicles and it was nothing more than a music competition. Lots of noise and NOT KID FRIENDLY due to the cursing in the music and the foul language being tossed around by others, people didn't have any consideration for others there they just kept turning up their music to try to drown out the other cars. All of this going on while the attendant was standing right there and didn't say a word about it. Needless to say probably wont be back for awhile due to this.

Myra Dreibelbis

Rob Lee

Austin P

Lori Pond

Jerry Cox

Ran out of soap halfway thru manual wash. No attendant present.

Will Smith

Joe Prosser

Leslie Casner

Robert Withington

Julian Carson

Kurt Atkinson

I went in there to wash a truck door put $5 worth of quarters in and of course the pressure doesn't come on till you put a certain amount in ? By the time the water hit the hose as you can see the hose was blown out wasted my $5

Lane Singleton

BEWARE OF THE PANHANDLER! black middle aged man on a tricycle.

Ben W

Chris Miller

Shampoo machine doesn't work wasted 5 bucks for it to not do anything phone number out of service so guess I'm scteeec out of 5 bucks

Ron Collins

Justin Bledsaw

Steam Engine

I went there this morning to wash my car. Every stall was full of garbage and mud. I chose the least dirty and spent 5 minutes cleaning out the stall. Then everything was broken. The foam brush didn't foam. The wax sprayer was missing the nozzle and splattered tire foam everywhere. The air dryer fell apart when I grabbed it to use. I'm not sure what I spent because I swiped my card but I can guarantee it was too much. This place is in dire need of maintenance.

denise puckett

Great place to get your vehicle really deep cleaned inside and out! Free vacuum with car wash. A variety of washed for your car at good prices.

Zachary Roan

Great value for your money

Gene White

$20.00 per month for all the car washes you ever want. What a deal.


$12 car was and it look like I didn’t even get my car sprayed off!

Melody Boomer

Steven Donaldson

Best carwash in Decatur. I use it every day and have never had an issue. Easy and quick. 5 stars!

SnK's Shabin

Nice looking place. Soap doesn't take road grime off. It might if the brush was any good. Spent $10 and my truck looks only slightly better. Going to have to go home and hand wash it.

Dawn Summers

William Smith

Always something broken or out of.

Latrice Rice

T. Hutchins

Great job and good prices.

Diana Crouch

Okay period


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