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REVIEWS OF Fast Eddie's Full Service Car Wash & Detail Center IN Illinois

Grampa Joe Nowosielski

Great job always. Just wish it was a little cheaper!

Brandon Ballard

This place is great. Car looked amazing when I pulled out of there. They did a great job. Very accommodating of me trying to organize some things before I turned it over to them. If I lived closer, would probably do the month to month washing options.

Robert Hein

My experience is always fantastic. I drive from Appleton Wi and it's the ONLY place I will go in Illinois

Daniel Palmisano

Monthly car wash club is a very smart choice if you plan on getting your car washed more than once a week. Very nice staff members.

Patrick Junior

I'm a monthly unlimited subscriber and the convenience of using any of their 4 locations along with the quality and value of the services can't be beat!

Scott Essex

Good wash but the inside cleaning could always be better

Donna Nolen

Great service, my vehicle always looks great

Joyce Ford

Michael Budnick

Always provide prompt, courteous service

Karen Goodvin

Sheri Irwin

Scott Kasules

This place SUCKS, Piss poor detailing and Piss poor management and customer service. First and last time there. I set up a 0930 interior shampoo detail on my SUV that really needed it. I did some per detailing to save time. The company said it would take a 2-3 hours to complete or it would be done by 1pm no later. I went back at 130pm to pick up my SUV, thinking it would be done. Nope... The company was just pulling my SUV into the garage at 1pm to start detailing,when I stop by the shop to check. The guy detailing my SUV couldn't tell me anything about the status of my vehicle,"He no speak English". Went to go speak with with management at this point, to get some answers. The management was no help, I ask them what was the point of setting up an appointment if it wasn't going to be honored. They came back with an answer of....well we had this other car that came in this morning for a wax job. And that push my SUV back in the line. Well long story short they gave me twenty dollars offs my $160 after 30 mins of bullshit excuses..and still had to wait two more hours for my SUV to be done, and they still missed dirt around the door fame. SAVE YOUR MONEY,AND YOUR TIME.

David Scharringhausen

Best quality car wash you can get; they clean inside and out.

Bill Meyer

Great cleaning inside and out.

Jim Barron

This place is the best car wash ever. 4 locations and always a fun time

Christine Pulley

Slow eddies

Roy Pinzon

Extremely disappointed in Fast Eddie's this morning. I paid for the Ultimate expexting the mats to be cleaned, a good vacuuming throughout the car, and the good service I usually receive. I guess I was asking for too much this morning.

John Brady

Lawrence Mortimer

Paid for the Ultimate Car Wash and a $5 tip and was very disappointed in the overall cleaning inside and out. Outside was still dirty and I asked the employee cleaning it if he could get the couple spots that were still dirty cleaned off. He took a couple wipes at it then said I might need it detailed. Got home and cleaned off in under 5 minutes. Then I found the back of my vehicle not even vacuumed and I got charged an extra dollar for a larger vehicle. Would not recommend this car wash.

Dan Magallanez

Jay Spillan

"Fast" Eddies? I arrived at 445PM Saturday afternoon with no waiting in line. It is now 527PM and my vehicle is still not complete. Why you ask? Probably because the workers are standing next to the vehicles in the drying line joking with each other rather than cleaning vehicles. Also, the car wash stops every car for two minutes because the drying line is "so backed up." This place is a joke.

Taylor Ward

This place is awesome. Very quick service and my car always looks great!

Jimmy Lawrence

Sometimes not so fast

Jeff Brunstrum

Kera Radke

Patricia Kwasnik

Bob Reed

The only place I will take my car to be washed

Jorel Kilcullen

Great service and the monthly wash club is well worth the money

Rosalie Powell

Professional and friendly staff. My SUV looks better than new after the interior, exterior detail and scratch removal package.

Cindy Fillmore

Nicole Joy

fast food price

Randy Shullaw

This car wash is always very busy and I've had to wait upwards torward an hour before. Wash line does a good job but it's really all about the guys drying the car. In the winter it's so busy you're lucky if it gets dried right out of the wash and even then it's only one guy that will be able to do it. Lots of streaks and water spots due to this but otherwise very good wash.

Melissa Baartz

Very friendly! They do an amazing job every time! Great prices! My car looks brand new and it's a 2015! I had tar and film all over it and no matter how many car washes I went to nothing worked. Finally I went to Fast Eddie's and they used the clay bar and buffed it. I couldn't be happier!

Robin Syphers-Hill

Mark Vaughn

Anthony Nicosia

Jeremy Bower

Oh man what a service! My car hasn't looked this good since I bought it.

Joaquin Fetus

I've been a subscriber with them for well over a year and they typically do an excellent job detailing my car.

David Camp

Not only do they do great work every time I have been there, but the last time I went in for a detail on a vehicle we just bought, I had accidentally left $1,000 in cash and a blank check in the drivers side visor. I just realized it and guess what. It's all still there! Unbelieveable!

Rich J

They do a good job, little on the expensive side.

Stewart Perez

First time using this facility. I made an appointment over the phone for an full interior cleaning. I came in the next day at noon and was told my car would be ready by 6pm. I came at 6pm and found workers still cleaning the interior, (not working on the carpet). The manager on duty stated that there were some stains in the carpet that when initially cleaned looked good, but after 30 minutes the stain would return? He asked if I could leave the car and return the next day. I was not able to leave the car but agreed to come back the next day to have them finish the carpet cleaning. I was told it would take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Upon returning home I inspected the interior, there were areas that were not cleaned, and the entire dashboard and all the side panels were saturated with cleaning solutions. My hands were coded with greasy cleaning fluid from the 10 minutes it took me to get home. The next day I pointed out the areas that were missed and again asked how long it would take to finish cleaning the carpets, I was told around 30 minutes or so. I waited over 90 minutes and they were unable to remove the all the stains due to "deep saturation". When I received the bill there was a $20 extra charge for the headliner cleaning. This was not disclosed when I initially made the appointment. I let the attendant know my concern over the extra charge and stated to her I would have not wanted that service done had I been informed of the extra charge, she basically shrugged her shoulders and said that was my amount due. The fact that I had to return the next day to have my car completed, the poor communication in estimates, and the lack of attention to cleaning details left me not endorsing this detailing service at all. I have been to many other establishments and have found much superior services. On a side note, I was brought into the detailing area and found the garage floor was littered in all kinds of hazardous items. Golf tees, metal objects, plastic scrap, etc. I was afraid to pull my car out in fear of getting a object stuck in my tire. Very messy and unorganized working areas.

James Helgesen

Took 4 and a half hours, car smells like bad bathroom deoderizer. Seats are soaking wet. Carpet on the back of the third row seats is shredded from whatever they scrubbed it with. To be clear, the staff was pleasant and professional, albeit they missed the 3 hour time quote. The products they use, however, are substandard and smell awful, leaving a greasy, tacky residue. DO NOT RECOMMEND. **UPDATE** so 3 weeks later we get a response. "We do not scrub the carpet", you should explain that to the front desk guy who showed me the stone you use to remove dog hair. Whatever they did absolutely shredded the material on the back of the seat. Very nice of you to passive aggressively call me a liar though.

Jerry Halbmaier

Only place to get your car cleaned up...right!

Robert Wynn

Did a great job inside and out

Tim Hall

Good wash at a reasonable cost. The wash will take sometime.

Brian Loftin

Steve Gizzl

Always do a great job!

Scott Petrocelli

Looks and smells like a new car after an interior detail. Thank you

Sunset Squids

After coming here i will never go to turtle wax again. They are not exactly fast, but they are thourough. They take there time and do an excellent job every time!!!! Its worth the money, its worth the time, and a membership will definetly pay its self off!!! Go checkout the free coffee, badass carwash, and hot cashier!!

jason zamet

Francisco Valadez

Cobran oversize en una camioneta small. Estan mal eso es Robo

Valerie Luciano

Great job but our guy was slow.

Walter E Tappe Sr

A bit expensive the staff goes above and beyond

Cheryl Bronke

Great service, but pricey.

Kevin Hoffman

Good Sr vice . You need to join a membership ..that really makes it worth the money!

Daniel Kahn

LOVE Fast Eddie's! Love it so much that I have the best monthly package available. Usually stop in 2 times a week depending on weather. The staff is always pleasant and fast. Always pleased with the way the Jeep looks at the end. So glad if found this local gem. See everyone next week!

RA Richards

The car wash was excellent BUT the system of moving the cars through was terrible. I arrived and was second in one of the bays for cleaning the mats and the car did not move through the car wash until about 6 cars that came after me were through and gone. Need a better system of placing the cars in order of arriving to go through the wash.


Mostly good experiences, these stores are ranked the best in the business. Finishing staff are almost always extraordinarily conscientious.

James Rios

Great car wash

Shahrukh Malghani

valentino agig

job itself was fine but I was extremely unhappy they did not vacuum the back end of my SUV and I have the $60 wash


They do a good job

Rick Williams

These folks always do an amazing job.

Deb Moehling

The job itself was fine but I was extremely unhappy they did not vacuum the back end. I have a Buick Encore. Since this was my first experience getting this done I specifically asked the attendant what I package I should get. I told him what I wanted done. He never mentioned that for $4 more they would vacuum the back area which I would have been more than happy to pay. He mentioned the $4 extra wax which I did. When I called back to complain she said "It says right on our sign we don't do that unless asked." Since I talked to the attendant in length I felt he should have guided me.

Rachel Blocker

Good place to get your car clean. But not very detail oriented

Mohammed Hussain


Decent wash, but was a little too slow ironically. It was a busy day though

Lee Thielke

This place has become a joke. They over charge on everything. They don't clean the inside like they use too. Like a new Ford escape needs a 1 dollar upcharge. Thing is smaller then a Chevy volt. And they didn't touch the passenger side. Stay away. Didn't even get a air freshener anymore.

Diane Koziol

They take great care of me and my car

Skip Nikon

Danny Curtiss

Very pleasant people

Deborah Keating

Fast Eddie's is slow eddies. Disorganized and way too expensive.

John Bohun

Very slow. Half ass done

dusty gyetvan

Need help taking out a salt ring that accumulated over winter. I did not want to give up my car at a detail shop. They took care of it promptly. They actually did more than I asked. Wonderful job. Friendly and professional.

Kurt Gehring

Great wash, but even on a completely dead day it'll take them 30 minutes for a simple wash. Irony is calling it 'Fast' Eddie's!

Hau Kim

24$ in side still dirty

Earl Letiecq

Awesome service

Linda Dewilde

Do good cleaning inside and out of car.five stars if they did back windows better.friendly people

Dutch Bailey

Great work, speedy service.

Rose Nelson

Normally a great car was, but not this morning. Paid for ultimate car wash but floor mats were not washed, front passenger floor not cleaned, had to flag down a worker to do wheels etc after giving a $3 tip to some other guy. Not cool!

james taylor

Left all floormats on front passenger floor. Watched attendant knock Windshield Camera off mount. Then while hanging inside steering wheel, turned wheel and jerked wire out of mount! Front of Vehicle still dirty and I bought the Ultimate Wash $30.00 plus Tip!

Matt Schirmacher

They did a pretty good job, but a few big spots were missed mainly on the grill and passenger side.

Jesus Martinez

Fast Eddies is a Mediocre Car Wash Place. Unfortunately there is not much competition in the Area that would probably do a better job. Because of a busy schedule with work and Family i have the monthly Car Wash membership for my truck and my wifes truck too. On a scale 1 to 10 its always like a 6 the way our cars are washed. The staff is very friendly. Unfortunately moving to this area from the City has always set my expectations of Car Washes much higher. Fast Ediies will stay in business because there is no competition in the area.

Lois Duran

jon duczak

Mike Brehm

Always a thorough wipe down after the wash.

Ingrid Rendon

Colin Jeschke

Paige Eckman

Michael Carlson

Some what on the high price for a hand wash as opposed to running through the automatic but they do an extensive job! But I figure for a car they should lower the price a bit! M.CARLSON


Great service! the guys there do an awesome job, always making sure the customer is satisfied. best car wash in the area.

Howard Sharp

Very good clean up would recommend to anyone

Mark Arneson

I recently brought in an F150 to be detailed inside and out, it was absolutely filthy. The inside has black interior and black carpet that was covered in white dog hair. The outside of the truck was full of scratches. I got the truck back and can't say enough about how good of job they did. Almost impossible to get it as clean as they did, to any of the reviews out there that say they can't get dog hair out maybe you just better clean it yourself then. I also took them my family vehicle which of course was not as dirty but all I can say about that vehicle is the only time it was as clean as they got it was when it was brand new. Thanks for the awesome job!

Bruce Baxter

Ooohhh there where customers in there screaming today. Lol omg. I don't have the finger strength to type it out. Lol they are go in down fast. Was really great , but damn how things have fallen. Better get it back together guys. Was the best, now a HUGE fail. What do you mean u don't vacuum the back part of the vehicle???? Lol thought u guys were there to clean the whole car. Lol u r lucky I gave u 3 stars, because u used to be the best. Better fix it or I see u guys going the way of the last car wash that was in that building.

Roosevelt Wilkerson

Chris Pulley

fast eddies was very slow and wer only had the exterior done

rcivegotit c

I brought my Expedition there to be detailed and they did a wonderful job! Inside and out was done with such great detail.

Wendy K. White Eagle

This car wash is worth the drive for me! They do such a thorough job I compare all others to them and the others fall short. Keep up the amazing work!

ron lawrence

Jennifer Keippel

Alex the manager was super helpful! The crystal lake fast eddies did a horrible job and he was happy to provide a re-wash. Never going anywhere else!

Patrick Geigner

Tim Drish

Outstanding service. Highly recommend. They take their time and do excellent work. 5 star service Everytime! They treat you like family.


Great full service car wash. Always do a nice job and very friendly employees

Keith Buenzow


They do a decent job but it's expensive. I have gotten serious wheel damage from their wash. If you have low profile tires i would skip it. Signs are posted stating not liable for wheel damage.

Juan Sanchez

Great service!!

F Hembree

Paid for the ultimate car wash,did not get ultimate service they did not even vacuum the back seat. I brought the car around to complain and the young man told I could wait in line and they will do it. I was already there for a hour and the line was long so I did not wait. Called the Manager Noel no help all he said is he will let the guys know. The only reason I gave 1 star is I could not give a O. WILL NEVER GO BACK!

Javier Harrell

William Roberts

The best wash and detail.

Donica Nanez

Great job

Maria k

Kinda disappointed with my interior detail. My car is pretty clean and the reason I brought it for detail is because I have light colored seats and really wanted to get them shampoo'd. Only thing is, when I picked up my car - the guy missed a few panels of the seats! Not only that - still found some grass and crumbs on my back seat wondering how that was even possible. Waited an extra 30 min for the guy to shampoo the areas again. In the meanwhile, I went inside to ask for a manager, told him the problem and he said yeah the guy told me there was a spot on the drivers seat that he couldn't get out. He came out, I pointed out the issues to him, he said something to the guy and just walked inside. After he shampoo'd them again, the spots were gone even though he told the manger the one wouldn't come out! Again, I think he just did it quickly where he missed areas. I don't know if the car wasn't really that dirty inside that they decided not to pay enough detail to it - but I still paid $125 for an interior detail. As I left - I called the shop and spoke with the manager and told him you kinda just left me hanging outside when I spoke with you and you came out and just turned around and went inside - He was like "oh yeah, I had a customer". Well - would've been nice for him to say - excuse me a minute, I have to cash someone out - I"ll be right back - or something! Get home, realize that the vents were just closed and wiped down. But when you open then, there's still dust. They have brushes for that. Again, overlooked. Experiences like this that make it hard to return again..

Eduardo Vazquez

You are the best guys!!

Vadym Z.

Pay 25$ and spend 1 hour home finishing the car.Better wash by myself and safe 25$

Earl Gunther

Excellent place, great service and reasonable price.

Michael Bennett

They really did a phenomenal job on cleaning my Audi. Thanks guys!

Mark DePalo

Good service!

Schulenburg Realty, Inc.

Very thorough. Always a great job and willing to wash again if needed at no charge. Great friendly employees. Reasonably priced for the quality. Free coffee while you wait. Convenient location.

Carla Bollinger

Happy to finally get another car wash facility here in Huntley. They are very fast, (like their name says), and friendly. Since I like a clean car, I'm there fairly often. Workers are very friendly and the help inside are too.

Eric Dutch

Awesome job! My Truck looks like new!! They were very personable and professional. Quick turnaround and and I was blown away when I found paper mats on my floorboard when I got in it. Far exceeded my expectations.


Busy place but they do a good job on my car

Lee Whitcomb

Luca DeBenedictis

Majority of the Guys that work on your Car take pride in what they are doing. I understand when very busy it's hard to take a little more time. Abel is a Great Guy! Probably why he's always in Detail. Manager Victor is also a Great Guy, he took care of some issues for me and was very understanding! Don't Drink the Coffee there! Is my only Complaint.

judy Frazier

Good service and a clean car.

Global Cleaning & Restoration INC

i have been going to fast eddies with a monthly plan for over a year now, and i recently had a problem with my wheels being damaged and it was pretty bad, i spoke with the owner and alex the manager and they took care of the estimate to repair, i normally do not waste my time with reviews but i did notice a post claiming no responsibility from this company, which i am here to tell you that wasn't the case with myself!!! good people that work hard to please...

Travis Kearney

Wash and dry is fine. Their process is flawed. They can’t keep cars moving through. If there is any line at all the wash is stopped half the time.

Jill Lamb

They do a great job on cars!

Yu Ra

It doesn’t worth the money they charge. The result is the same $8 gas station car wash. I got $ 17.95 Full service plus waxing for $4. After washing my car was clean, but a lot spots was dirty. It should be vacuumed, but not. Also, I didn’t see waxing on my car. Be careful!

Marla Mallett

alex kouris

They do a absolutely fabulous job. I have the monthly subscription and I bring my truck in there sometimes Three times a week always clean always nice

manvir dhillon

Awesome car wash service, love your job. It’s expensive than my what my pocket can afford but that’s cause their job is extraordinary as well. My car feels like brand new everytime i get the ultimate car wash here. And if you care for your car, i think that’s what you need just once in a month. Thank you to your hardworking guys.

Ronald Cruz

Y'all rocked and took care of my baby!!! Mini coopers S in BRG...

Phillip Shaw

Happy with the level of attention and detail I was given. Always inspect your car before leaving. If there’s something that is unsatisfactory to you, point it out to the one of the attendees. They’re always accommodating.

Mario Villegas Jr

Jeff Cooper

Fast Eddie's is one of the very best Car Washes I've experienced and the staff is perfect in every way. I purchased a monthly agreement and glad I did. It pays for itself.

Jim Wallestad

The best in town!

Christopher Luscavich

One of the best car washes in town! I would give them five stars but they have problem removing dog hair. I go there about once a week and have to remind them to use the stone ( dog hair removal tool) because they just do a quick vacuum only get about 15% of the pet hair. Even after telling them most of time they still do a half effort job. I can say from experience it only takes a few minutes to do right!

Michael Karels

Decent car wash. If your car does get damaged you they will not take care of it and will most try like check to weasel out of it

James Fabian

I have the unlimited plan and it keeps my car looking brand new! The service is great and thorough;their really isn't any competition at this price level.

Curtis Snyder

Terrible. If I'm paying $28 for a wash and and dry. I expect not to see water spots running from my mirrors and door jambs. The car wash itself is apparently shot and the guys only make it worse trying to wipe it down after. I've learned my lesson and won't be coming back again.

Thomas Aguirre

Really good. My car looks brand new. They vacuumed really good and made sure my car was great I would definitely come again!

Maryanne Miller

Ryan Hennessy

Great car wash

Manolo Santiago

Great interior and exterior clean and the monthly deal is worth it!

Cindy Heigl

Alexandra Urquhart


I work down the street from these guys and have them do my car and truck and they never fail to make me happy, both vehicles turn out fantastic in and out and they even buff out light scratches for me. Noel is a great guy, very helpful.

Roberto Acevedo

I have been here roughly 8-10 times. I always get the full service, $18. I also tip $5-6. I have not been there in about six months. I figured I would stop in again. Unfortunately, AS USUAL, less than mediocre job. Vacuuming is terrible. I had fries and chips on floor and back seat. Dash board and console still dirty. Windows are dirty around edges. THIS IS THEIR USUAL WORK. Fast Eddie, you will continue to lose customers if your workers cut corners. $20+ for crappy work is not right. You should not cut on the quality to increase car volume. I won't be back.

dale steinke

Mike Ash

Best full service car wash in the area

Weston Oleszuzuk

Nice car wash. They do a very good job at detailing every part of your car. Worth every penny.

John LaMonte

Clean car. 1hr for car wash is a long wait. Very busy day.

Laurie Farr

We usually use the Fast Eddies in Crystal Lake and they do a phenomenal job there! On Monday my husband went to Huntley and used Fast Eddie’s there. What a disappointment!! He asked them to do a really good job of vacuuming out the back of our Tahoe… Paid extra… And when he got home to pack up for our trip we found that they hadn’t even touched the back of the car. The windows still had bugs on them and the inside front window didn’t even look like it was touched. We spent another 20 minutes cleaning the car after being here. And they took an hour and 20 minutes the first time. So disappointed with the service and the time.

Veronica Macey

Will Seib

Best car wash around. Please don't use the dirty side of the towels to clean the interior windows


They always do an amazing job. It’s quick, which I like.

Daniel Pike

Tim Morris

Personally I think it should be called Not so Fast Eddies. When it was Powell's you got your car done faster because they always had 2 people per car and they did a much better job, this 1 person per car sucks. The last time I was there I got the Ultimate and I had to call the guy back because he did a crappy job, what a waste of money. So if you want to spend a Sunday afternoon doing nothing spend it at Not so Fast Eddies.

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