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2416 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL 60202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Evanston Car Wash & Detail Center IN Illinois

Mary Offerman

Sony Thomas

Excellent car wash. Excellent facility. Excellent customer service. I was impressed. The employees were great. The employees got rid of so many scuff marks that I didn’t know could be removed. Best part is I didn’t even tell them to do it. My car sparkles. Thank you!

Shayne Kosyla

I lived 8n Evanston for years and they've always been very good. I'll give the 5 stars for doing a great service.

Ilan Cohn

Abdullah Taha

Bad service

Josh St.Cyr

Good car wash in a timely manner


Connor Hackett

Very inconsistent service. Some days they do great but most days they are below average. I ask for my rims to be cleaned with tire shine and all they do is barley brush the rims and it looks terrible. Once got an “in and out” wash and they did terrible on the inside. When I asked them to keep cleaning it I got attitude and the inside was still terrible. If you’re looking for a car wash in the area I recommend Spex. They do the best

Benjamin Urbina

One of the better car wash places in the area. Reasonably priced... they wash and clean well... you can pay extra for wheel cleaning which they do a decent job of (they also offer detailing service) Overall, I would go here first and has been my go-to car wash for sometime now. In October of 2017, they did a complete upgrade of the carwash system.

Jennifer Belmont

noman nisar

Dennis Grimes

Closed down. Doesn’t appear to be open anymore.

portia barber

Jennifer Meyer

Gilberto Almanza

Love That Spice

They do a good job and always consistent

Denise Reid

Loved it better when there were less customers. Now they just rush through not giving the same detailing as before


Not exactly the most affordable place but they are good at what they do.

Lloyd Jones

Does a good job cleaning the car at a reasonable price.

Emg Bb

Paid for the 22$ car wash and it was terrible value, the last thing you want to feel after getting a car wash is disappointment. I wanted my interior wiped and dressed but it still had a lot of dirty and barely any shine in the dash. I should’ve went to the hand car wash for 5$ done better self service.

Jinno Reinante

Would rate higher if i got the same results every time. I've come to this place for my car wash for about a year now always choosing the "high roller" option. My first few visits were amazing, but then it became inconsistent. some days are better than the others. Overall still a good place for a carwash. The staff is very nice.

juanita foster

Evan Zaya

Best car wash

Raimundo Avila

Wilson Wang

Excellent service. Will use again

Brady Sharbaugh

For a reasonable price they'll leave your car looking and smelling better than you'd hope, inside and out, all in a very timely manner.

Bill Loumbardias

Great service and staff. Quality car wash. Great location.

Matthew Hunt

Fantastic car wash. Great attention to detail.

Shua Popper


Washed the car, but didn't even try to vacuum car! Paid for the top service too!

Wendy Musto


Laikur Mohammed

Fizoires Nolan

playlist 1

Use to do a better job. Had to call the guy back over who ignored me when asking him to reclean a part on my dash and another section that was missed. Asked another guy to help and he kindly fixed the problem but I had paid more money for the upgraded services only to have spots missed.

Manish Kosaraju

Great place. Free vacuum included .. No not self vaccum.. They do it. Great car wash

Patrick Moran

Great car wash with comprehensive service!

Adis M.

Pure performance

Marc Pierotti

Fast and courteous service

Eugene Dunn II

I've been going to the Evanston Car Wash for years. Prices are good & the workers are wonderful! Even though I no longer live in Evanston, when I'm in the neighborhood & I need a car wash they are my first choice! Highly recommended!

Scott Trock

Cameron Full


Andrene Haye


Fast service and leaving the car sparkling clean with detailed work.

Eligio Quezada Velazquez

First time in this car wash. Theyve did a terrible exterior wash plus overpriced. In my mind was like really. Had to wash it my self afterwards. Not coming this place again. Bad service.

Eric Chan

The workers are all very kind and nothing against them but the machine chipped paint off several parts of the front part of my car and hood. Going to have to find correction paint now to fix the issue.

Michael Stano

Always an perfect job. And very friendly staff

Penny Koskiniotis

Live this car wash! My car is super clean and the people work there are just so nice!

Loheswaran Gopalsamy

Poor quality car wash for high price. They didn't clean the car properly even after spotting the areas. I will not recommend this.

Sherri J


I’ve been going to Clark and ridge for car hand wash until I discovered this place.. Theire service is great. I love the cashier(elder lady, she is such an sweetheart) always greets u warmly.., I always get the high roller(full service) and have no problem till today. They washed my car too quickly, didn’t properly clean the inside, I was very disappointed. The cup holder, I had a few stain on my leather seat that haven’t been touched/cleaned and side doors inside the car were still dirty. I felt they were rushing to the next car cuz they were cars waiting in line. But this shouldn’t be an excuse... please guys do ur job preperly.. very disappointed..

Mariana Mancera

Stephen Adams -Cochran

Jaime Espinosa

WARNING! To quote the manager: "we damage a LOT of cars, and are NEVER responsible". That's what I was told when I asked for their insurance or contact information after they damaged my car. I stopped by for a quick wash (while my wife is at a spa near by - I had my baby with me). I chose to only clean the outside (not the inside), and even opted for some extra polish for a $35! When they were done, I found that they broke the driver's seat. It was stuck too far back and I couldn't drive the car! This is what happened next: 1- Ask for the manager (a neandarthalian big guy with an absent stare). I had seen him around earlier, but now was suddenly in a "meeting". I waited. 2- When the manager came out, the first thing he said, was "we get your kind all the time". ...I still don't know what to make of that. 3- He went on to boast that this soft of thing happens "all the time" and that they are "not" responsible for "anything" that happens to cars they service. 4- He refused to tell me how it happened, and even prevented another customer from helping me. 5- When it was clear that the manager was incapable of helping resolve the situation I asked for insurance information. That's when he explained, "we damage a LOT of cars, and are NEVER responsible" After nearly an hour I got the seat to move just enough so I can drive out of there. My baby was crying and I couldn't stay there any longer. That's when the manager comes out and tells me not to return - the dumbest thing anyone can say. So, be warned... THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE THEY LIKELY CAUSE.

Miguel Bermudez

Dwayne Small

Aidyn Kanagat

Dianne Fox

I’ve been here a few times now - the first was when I was getting ready to take my 2011 Nissan to the dealer for a trade in. They did a fabulous job! Since then I’ve been taking my 2018 Toyota for the “spa treatment” in between the Mobile Station car wash. I’ve always been pleased.

Priank Patel

Great value and workers always do a fantastic job on my car. Highly recommend it!

Ken Stone

Sometimes perfect and sometimes they leave streaks on the windows, the car or leave the car wet & dripping in places.

Olga Hernandez

Not a very good place to wash your car they did a poor job on my suv.i could still see dirt on the back after the wash

Travis Smith

Great spot

Max Tickman

This place was super efficient! Great interior and exterior cleaning for $14.99. Very attentive to detail.

Kevin Owings

Dominique Parks

Excellent staff

Shreepaad Dave

This place was great! I've been going there for 11 years, and I must say I like the new changes from the new ownership. Gentleman by the name of Heeten greeted me, and went above and beyond my expectations of a car wash (this too, not even knowing I've been a repeat customer for so many years.) I always used to come here for a quick wash and was always satisfied, but recently got a detail here after learning their prices, and I was extremely pleased with the results. I also recommended a colleague who wanted to surprise her husband with a clean detail after father's day and she too was ecstatic. Definitely recommend it, and the best value for the price

Alexandra Rueve

Cesar Marron

Like this place. Try to go when they are less busy. When they are busy, some things don't get done.


It's too expensive for the service they did. I found dirt after pushing the seats back.

Robert Waldron

Good mechanical car wash with hand dry.

Laura Berrum

This car wash is awesome. The staff really takes pride in their work and it shows. Only place I will take my car to get it cleaned!!

Chelsea Fox

Affordable, Fast, and Friendly. They did such an amazing job in so little time. I’m highly impressed.

Jeanne Matthews

Rami Gorges

ONE OF THE WORST car washes I've been too first of all no speaks English but the cashier, I paid for the "wheel deal" my car wheels were not nearly clean most of mod and rain staines were on my still when I lift never going back

Namita Virmani

Quick service and excellent job!

Mishpucha Kilstein

Nothing special, quick

Fred Berns

Got the "Ultimate Detailing", which includes everything, on my Audi A7. I was very happy with the cleanliness of the car, inside and out. Wax job was great and they took care of a small clear coat scratch. Leather treatment was good. Car looked and smelled nearly good as new! The black front car mats, which needed time to dry, had a whiteness to them -- not sure if that's as clean as they get (they're well-used) or if it was a dried soap residue. Was disappointed with the engine compartment clean -- the engine didn't look noticeably cleaner than beforehand. (I didn't want this service anyhow, but it was a part of the package necessary to get the leather treatment.)


There was a layer of dust still embedded on the car,

Andrew Eloff

Excellent quality and service every time.

John Lee Bingham

Do a nice job inside and out. Fair prices.

Jennifer B.

Pamela K

I have been coming to this car wash for almost two years. I try to go on off days, aka not the weekends. The weekends are ridiculously busy. I have never had a problem. Always professional and my car is cleaned and dried well. Two weeks ago, I had my carpets cleaned and my interior was sparkling. The prices are within the proper range for the Northshore.


45 min wait and huge attitude. Horrible service

Keyur shah

Zach Kirkpatrick

Shep Ellis

Only takes me about 45 minutes the Finish what these guys started!

C Alston

Del Harvey

Excellent attention to detail and service!

Rintu philip

My experience at Evanston Carwash & Detail Center was amazing. I went in for a full interior and exterior detailing. It all started with a great customer service from scheduling the appointment to making you feel like you are at home with the comfortable atmosphere experience at this location. The price was right and the work was extremely good. The detailing made my car look brand new again. They have enough employees to get the job done on a timely manner. All the employees were very knowledgeable and professional. I will be back!

Jumoke Obelawo

Andrew Funk

Blue Man Sal

Best car wash service for your money

Olawale Babalola

Worst Car wash ever, you go there, they don't clean up the inside of your car properly and the carpets are never washed

Martin Villegas

This is the worst place to get car wash I paid $28 and my car still the same as when I walk in I talked with the manager and they said they cannot do nothing about it I never go back to this place

Joseph Perez

Keith R Coburn

This is your traditional mechanical Car Wash system. This particular Car Wash offers a variety of different options all accommodating to your budget and needa. Evanston Car Wash is one of my favorite car washes in the Chicagoland area, as they offer a Reward loyalty card! (for every 10 washes You by you get one free).! The staff at this location is always professional and do an excellent job. I would highly recommend this car wash for anybody who wants a great car wash at an even better price.

David K Staub

abdullah saafin

Keren Gelfand

It's hit or miss. Some times they do an amazing job. Other times not so much.

Dalia Bieliauskiene

Love this place!!!

Lauren O'Malley

Absolutely best car wash I have ever been to. There were chocolate and coffee stains all over my white seats that they got out in less than an hour. Very fast and very thorough. Worth going out of your way for.

The WriterLady2

They tried to over charge me when I came in, in my expedition. The first person said one charge but when I got to the register, the cashier said another. On top of that, they didn't want to clean my rims. Then when I got home, I noticed a bus pass (ventra card) I had for my son, had been taken out of the truck. It was only a few dollars on the card but still...I will never go back there again.

Greg Walkington

Asim Ali

Good details owner is friendly

Frank Moore

This is a very good full service car wash on the North Shore. The team here does an excellent job of cleaning the interior and exterior of the car. It's a little expensive for SUV drivers, but worth the cash spent.

Art Davis

Great job guy's


Angelique Smeets Caramelli

Katie Galvin

They do a great job and the place is clean. Just right for the price

Juan Gonzalez

Prices or really moderate for the service you ask for. Great service.

Sagar Shah

Love the service, the workers there are all very nice and do the job right. Never complained about the service and they are quick and precise with the job. You definately get your money's worth!

Richard Garnica

David Tapia

First time to this car wash and I was disappointed. The employees did not clean my windows properly, the inside was half vacumed and the wheels were some what cleaned. I mentioned it to the manager and he quickly got the issues corrected, but I should not have to point things out if they did their job properly in the first place. I paid for the $21.99 deluxe wash. I'll go to the $3.00 car wash next time and do a better job myself. Kudos to the Manager for being professional and taking care of the problem.

Minha Familia U.S.A

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muito bom

Bruce Tams

Jin Qin

Soumik Chaki

Great job done.

Gino Montalbano

A car wash with a good cleaning staff. The cleaning staff will clean your car like professionals.


Convenient location and cost less than if you washed your car yourself.

Lachezar Atanasov

Rofiu Abiola

Quiet and convenient place

Tim R

Fast and thorough. Very clean car for $20.

Kei bevido

Reasonable rates for 3 types of hand car wash and detailing. Friendly people inside and out. You can drive away with a dry car that's clean and not feel broke.

Guirlene Hyppolite

Very disappointed.They barely washed the car. The inside still had dirt and debris. Seats weren't wiped. I have to clean it again by myself. And they hit my car. A complete waste of time and money. First and last

Apples Oranges

It's a decent place for a quick carwash.

Cole Meunier

While I have always recommended Evanston Car Wash & Detail Center to anyone that needs their car washed in Evanston or Skokie, their quality has gone down hill. My car went through the wash, was wiped down, and was still covered in bugs. So not only was it not clean but when they wiped it down, they potentially scratching the paint with all those contaminants. Sure it got rid of the dirt and pollen... but so would a rain storm. While I give them credit for trying to rectify the problem at hand, would you really trust someone with your car after making a complaint about their service? Let alone when it should have been done right the first time? If you need a quick cheap wash by all means feel free to come here. If you care about your car and it's finish, maybe it's best to look elsewhere.

Prashant Bommi

A request to owner if you want to be in business, - find a better manager and train your staff to be polite and welcoming. I have also experienced the attitude of your manager. A few kind words, from both ends, will make our day but your miserable manager is just not fit for this job. We wish you the best beyond what we pay to wash our cars at your place and you should reciprocate the same way. It's that simple.

Vic Maurer

Dr. Adrienne Smith

Very professional and they do an outstandingly job on the car.

Louis Guiamatsia


Angela Okpala

Rosie Pippens

Nice car wash

jeff meiners

Nancy Wynn


Amir Salaree


Wanda Monterrubio

Fast and thorough service

Lourdes Morales

Great place n Car Wax too

Pete Sremac

Kelcie Duffy

Love them!! They do an excellent job always. I know I’m paying for a good clean car 100% of the time.

Tony Vigs

Unbelievably horrible service. I had to get out and do most of the vehicle by myself there was streaks everywhere that use the same armor all that they put on my tires on my dashboard I almost freaked out. Who wants Armor All that just got rubbed on their Tire ours rubbed on they're dashboard and consoles and steering wheel. The top it off I have a truck and they are emerald my step I could have slipped and killed myself when you Armor All step you should wipe it off so that way it's not slippy. When I asked if they'd help do a better job on the Windows they just said well it's going to rain soon anyways. Worst customer service I've ever seen and it seems like they make up their own prices as they go. If you don't care about your car go there but it's still not worth the money go to the $3 Car Wash down the road and they do just as good.

Ralf Pohl

Guy-Armand Affolaby

Employees are not welcoming, customer service is very poor. After the car gets washed, there is no one that would let you know about it. So you may have your car parked on the driveway with your driver side door open. Also, they do not clean the outside of the car very well, they will leave dirt spots if you don't call them out on it.

Juan Villasenor

Quick service, time to go through is about 5 min, more if there's a line.

Family Buchanan

This car wash did almost $2,000 in damage to my car!! One of THEIR employees took my car as soon as I pulled in and drove it into the car wash with our bike rack on the back. They moved fast, without checking the outside of the vehicle or asking me if I had a rack on the back. The rollers got stuck and put several scrapes and dents in the back of my car (see pics). Afterward, no one said anything to me about the damage!! Thankfully, I happen to notice it before I pulled away. When I called the manager over, he initially tried to deny responsibility. I showed him the blue cloth from the roller stuck in the hinges of the rack and he couldn't deny it so he agreed to share responsibility because, although they have a sign saying remove racks, it was HIS EMPLOYEE who took my car and drove it into the car wash. He sent me to the body shop they partner with when stuff like this happens (warning!) for an estimate. When I approached him with the repair estimate, he said he was no longer interested in helping cover the cost to repair the damage. I think Hiten is a wolf in sheep's clothing, saying what people want to hear with NO INTENTION of delivering. He and his employees are also dishonest and can't be trusted as they were going to let me drive out without telling me what they'd done. And beware of his kind words, they mean nothing! Find somewhere else to wash your car!!

Paul Zalmezak

Kate Exo

Seymour Lepp

Great attention to detail

Kei Bevido

The men here do a great job on car. There're a few types of Washes. I believe the lowest priced is still a clean car; I get Happy Wash, 14.-15.. The Armor All they use actually STAYS on tires through a FEW bad weather rides. It might look like a single line to get washed, but it always moves fast. You can get a card stamped for a free wash or something, too. Many dudes working hard and fast; USE THE TIP JAR at the end of the wash. They do a very good job. I've been too a few hand wash places, my car looks better, longer -when I get it washed here. I can't see anyone having any complaints here.

Info LoveThatSpice

Good service. Nice wash in about 10 minutes

S. M. Simone

Don't go here. I've had elementary students do a better job at charity washes. I asked for a complete cleaning inside and out, told the attendant I was getting ready to sell it and that I wanted a detail. They barely washed the car. Backside was still dirty. The inside still had dirt and debris. Seats weren't wiped. Middle console was wet and sticky (wasn't when I took it in). Wheels hadn't been touched. I have to take it somewhere else tomorrow. Would have been better to take it to an automatic wash and vacuum it myself. A complete waste of time and money.

Bogdan Munteanu

George Kushashvili

Keriki Purkiss

Hiten Patel

Arkham Warfare

Very thorough

Omar Romero

Muy caro para otros lugares q hacen lo mismo y no te cobran esa barbaridad. Y cuando estas adentro no tienes opcion de no querer el servicio porque no tiene otra salida eso esta muy mal. La ciudad tiene q hacer algo a eso


Bart R. Domanski

AVOID THIS PLACE !!! Very poor quality for high price. Paid 25$ for the wash , left 5$ tip and the MANAGER gave me attitude when I pointed a mud splatter from the front wheel on the passenger front door which wasn't even washed off ! He said the car is washed ! Like he totally didn't care that I asked him politely to wash it better. Turned his back on me and got inside another car !!! So disrespectful!!! My rims were not even washed off the break dust ... Interior was done so bad I have residue stains from whatever they used in the black leather ! NEVER COMING BACK !!!

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