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2407 W 23rd St #3714, Chicago, IL 60608, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ducky's Car Wash IN Illinois

Cristina Sahagun

Free vacuums and mat cleaners

Malik Faisal Abbas Awan

Bryan McGee

went to this car wash and it broke my rear license plate holder right off. woman working there could not be any less helpful. if you value your car i would not recommend going to this place

Ali Arslan Jawadi

Kainat Sifat

Raymond Farmer

Nice professional people , Great Business hours! Good Price for Unlimited Monthly Carwashes!

Virginia Villanueva

Sabra Letaief

Great location.

Y Banks

Vacuum cleaner sux. But no chance of tire damage

Ana Maria

Its one the best place for cleaning your car

Tillat Batool

I’ve been to luckys car wash several times, and the service is amazing, the people are extremely friendly and my car was cleaned so well, it stayed clean for days and days. Best car wash, I will be coming again for sure.

Arslan Ahmed

I went there last week, its one of its type in the town.

Jaime Garcia

Syed ghalib Raza

Clarence Triplett

This is a nice car wash and they have somewhere you can park your car and use the free vacuum

Stephanie Sanchez

Pedro Castaneda

I use to love this place, it was my to go every other day , but w the experience I had yesterday never ever am I going again. I got hurt by a screw that's by the vacuum area, cut my head open, ask the worker if she could do something for me she said "come tomorrow when the manager is here". Told another worker all he said was " Idk i just work here. "... if I could rate y'all a negative 5 star I would. Thank you for all the business I had w you ducky's. Lost my respect.

Quaim Hussain

The new tunnel is the best Carwash I have ever been to, I recommend everyone to try it

Eric Ortega

Ya lobestan dejando caer.

Basit Ali

juliana loredo

(Translated by Google) I do not recommend it, it is not yet 10 pm and the doors are closed. I have gone before 9:30 and they no longer let me vacuum my car. They turn off the vacuum cleaners very early. (Original) Ya no lo Recomiendo, Todavía no son las 10 pm y ya cerraron las puertas. He yegado antes de las 9:30 y ya no me dejan aspirar mi carro, Apagan las aspiradoras muy temprano.

Coraima Delgado

Theres double vacuums so you don't wait until the person next to you is done with the vacuum. The car space is also spaced out enough for your doors to open! The soap does smell good.


Smells very bad they need to clean this place,it has mold nasty

itskami10 GB

They do desirve their prize for their hospitality and great work on that . I do appreciate it and recommend everyone to go there.

rogelio diaz

(Translated by Google) Very good washing starting from the most economical, (Original) Muy buen lavado comensando desde el mas economico,

Leon Berry

The best $3 wash I ever been to very clean and does a very good job. Except the rear of car they should have attendant to wash down the rear of vehicles while entering automatic wash.

Sana Fatima

This is the best ever car wash I,ve seen in my life


Go Gilgit

best place for car wash, i visited there and i want to go there again i think.

aziza Kiran

Sophia Garza

Fast, efficient, no hidden fee, affordable price. One of my favorites in San Mateo for car wash. It's quick and efficient. There is google check in for a cheaper price.


Love it! Although is a couple of bucks more, I love being able to vacuum my vehicle from both sides and not worrying or waiting for the next person to finish off using it on either end which kills me. Definitely my spot.

yolanda luna

Worst carwash ever the workers are so rude yelling at the customers. The actual car wash does not work properly almost crashed into the car in front of me and to top it off couldn't even vacuum my car I played $16 and I wasn't even able to vacuum what a joke go elsewhere ppl

Alisha Abbas

Ducky’s car wash is cool people who works there are farindely

Lynda Fyelds

My car has not been washed in five six months. One watch with them and she was beautiful work the $6

Yessikhansa Sri Utami

Ana Mendoza

Aqib Rathore

Deny Hernandez Mijangos

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Kashif Hussain

Its good to see such a good Car Wash

Esme R

Good wash for $3 bucks!

Rocky Koche

I've been through a lot of car washes & Ducky's is definitely the best! My black car has never looked so shiny & clean! They clean wheels great too! The neighborhood needed a car wash like Ducky's!

eddie reyes

Good cheap car wash. Free vacuums and I'm in and out very quick.

Kevin Taylor

1 of the Best

Nidda Shafique Abbasi

Nefertiti George

Gorge Lopez

I would tell it’s the best and longest car wash in the Chicago area, so clean, long washing tunnel multiple cleaning equipment tire shine and tire cleaner is very good . jus had a free carwash I was so happy with the employees and the vacuums was just super new carwash keeping the place nice and clean, we needed this for this area. so thank you!!

Ramiro Alvarez

You get a very good wash her compared to fullers on cicero. This one leaves your car cleaner and you get free water repellent with your 3 dollar wash.

Toqeer Hussain

Good experience

jahangir ali

Overall service is good but what i love about the place is its fast speed.

Vanessa Fernandez

Eddie Moreno

Just went through the wash for free 1jun 2018. Plenty of free spot to vacuum your car. Received the 20$ wash and was very happy. Tires came out sparkling. No missed spot on car frame. Lowest costing wash is 3$ same as place on rockwell and cermak. Soap was put on extra thick will see in a month if it was just a gimmick to recruit new customers. Degreaser worked extremely well.

Kazmi Explores

New car wash new owner, highly recommend

Sayed Abdul Basit Gardezi

Lora Carty

Guys this new carwash is great experience. I haven’t seen this kind of car wash anywhere els.Go there at night its looks great. New tunnel looks great . the people work there very friendly and pros.

Di Bucio

I opted for a 16.00 with tires and hot wax options wash, it was amazing seeing all the foam and different colors, well it was just attraction because the finish was bad, dirty spots everywhere, I was able to see the wax finish only on top, sides was bad, and the tires shine was really bad, same as wax, just in spots. The only good thing was the vacuum system, I won't wash my car again at this place, I can get a much better car wash for the same price.

Jamila Farid

The_queen 1

I do not recommended this place the vaccumes suck and when u ask for help the guy is never helpful and the office they have for the worker it stinks of weed all he does is smoke weed theres no point in asking for help cuz he only helps those who give him weed.... Thats right he actually walked up to my husband and suggested we get him weed and we can use the vaccume and the hand water gun washing thing unlimited time while being there no quarters needed

Ray price

Did an outstanding job on my car will return

Ruben Morales

Musannif Ali

Best in town

Zamira Larumbe

(Translated by Google) cool (Original) genial

Tommy Alan

New tunnel guys check this one out. I went there for carwash it was very different experience Very polite and good people. Maria was very polite and she help me go through the car wash. Thank you Maria

Amy Hanley

Kevin Arteaga

I've been trying to cancel my membership and all the employees say is that only the owner can do it, how is it possible for the employees to be able to give you a membership but can't help you cancel it, I've been dialing the number given to me, and emailed the business over a month ago, as far as now still no response from anyone.

Taihoor Ali

‘This is new car wash . They just open it last week . I went through their car wash my car was clean and their vacuums are powerfull Visit there one time you never have to go other carwashs

Muhammad Mujtaba

anees ul islam

Loved the place.amazing experience, the new tunnel is unique in the town.


(Translated by Google) I like it (Original) Me gusta

Ainhoa Indurain

juan Perez


Kikey Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) If it's very modern (Original) Si es muy moderno

Jose Jacobo

Desiree Peerman

The lower rating is because they do not keep the posted hours. They never open at 6am and often close earlier than 10pm. love this place when it's open. I have the $29 monthly fast pass that is automatically debited from my account and it is worth it. But three times this month they were closed during business hours that I went there. This past Friday they were closed at 8:10pm. The earliest ever. Then when it snowed the next day they didn't open or remove snow from their lot. I ended up having to pay at a different car wash. Not feeling too good about that when they debit my account every month.

Elena De' La Rosa

My Son In-law washed the car,in freezing temperature I froze but the car wash itself did a good job,close to traffic for potential customers,they need an attraction to get more customers attention

Maria Manteca

(Translated by Google) The place is new just opened last week the place is ample good service the vacuums are good the quality are really good I recommend it. (Original) El lugar es nuevo apenas abrieron la semana pasada el lugar es amplio buen servicio las aspiradoras son buenas los labados son de calidad real mente lo recomiendo.

Clip World

Such a wonderful service, an innovative and great experience

saul hernandez

Who ever works here is not doing a good job second time i come here and air freshener machine dont work..and no one to help you...


André B

Wow! This place is the first I have been to that actually cleans the car on the $3 wash. I felt the jets rocking the car. Will be back.

Madi Srdar

Highly recommended....

Edward Meyer

I like the wash. Inexpensive. Car smells nice when it's done.

Ashiq Khoja

Turtle MfSquirtle

Good service

Arslan Khurshid

geovannni dominguez


majida zia

jose antonio mora

Buen negocio exelente calidad.

Shakoor Muhammad

Ducky's car Wash is the unique in Chicago ,USA . I've never seen such amazing car Wash. I hope that this will be the best of all in coming future.

Alejandro Kandalaft

Good place to wash and they have the premium wash free this week

Juvairia Syeda

When it comes to carwash this is the place to be. Doesn’t matter if ur car is muddy, dirty, or just needs a quick wash ducky’s carwash will clean it with little cash

Shoaib Aftab

excellent place to go for car wash, state of the art building and friendly attendants, nice long tunnel washed my car in detail, very happy with service

Liz ortiz

This car wash was awesome left my car looking super neat and clean. And smelling good. I highly recommend this place !

Ibis abdullatif

Great place

Travis Koss

Love this place. I've been using it for about a year now. It's sometimes really busy but for the most part it will have vacuums open every time I go. They have free vacuums included with the wash. I bought a monthly wash. Super convenient if you wash your car regularly and are close by. They do not detail your car for you. It's mainly automatic and self serve.

Jennifer Clancy

Asim Raza

Mahboob Abbas

This is amazing car wash, sensational experience. Free vacuums and heated dryers. Never seen something like this before.

Aurelio Barrios

Terrell Johnson

No tire guide that scratches your rim! I'm sold!

Mane Alejo

Senge Hasnan Sering

Professional efficient amazing job


Horrible customer service!!! Extremely difficult to get a refund or the correct Car Wash when the system gives the wrong car wash that I paid for!!! You have to wait till a manager shows up, on their time, in order to get any kind of issues resolved. Manager is rarely there so the workers tell you to come back later on another day when the manager is there because they can't deal with customer issues directly. If the manager's not going to be there, why can't he give the workers permission to refund or rewash a car that wasn't washed properly?!

Luis Felipe

romero hernandez

the best car wash ever here in Chicago il i wash my car 2 times I like it , there are so many car wash all Chicago but this one is so clean , fresh,and fast 5 stars .

FSZM Corporation


Danish Hussain

Dewitt Kandle

Great car wash does a good job.The best part of all you don't have to leave a TIP.


Frankie Neptune

Louis Khor

Great carwash - nice and new, $3 basic wash.

Kaneez Fatima

Vicente Flores

Really good service washing my car is not expensive

Christian Ritchie

Great wash, they keep their vacs uber clean

Elaine Kelly



Grate Mashallah

César Vargas

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Abid Ali Syed

This carwash was terrific, did a swell job on my car. Cleaned it thoroughly

Jennifer Bravo

opened 10 minutes ago but gates are still closed and employees in their car blasting to music instead of operating for business. I am going ny the time shown on the web not by when employees want to work.

Mazhar Ali

Irfan Muhammad

Pedro Torres

Umair Nawaz

george rivera

I changed from Fuller car wash on Cermark Rd. To Ducky's on Western Ave and 23st cause they let you wash twist a day. But afer one week with the monthly pass, I haven't been able to wash my car for 3 days cause something broke. Now I've got to wash my car at Fuller car wash and that's $18 that I'm out. Let hear what they have to say cause is always an employee there that has no answer to any questions . I'm glad that I didn't upgrade my pass like I want it to, cause is not right to pay for a service that they ain't giving. I even feel real bad cause I brought 3 of my friend from Fuller to this mess.

Zahid Hussain

Mike Cruz

This place is by far the best car wash in city of Chicago. They offer free vacuums and carpet cleaning self service machines that does great job. The vacuums are very strong and the car wash does really good job without scratching or damaging your vehicle. The wheel cleaner clean very good. the building is a piece of art. The tire shine works really good and stays shiny for days. I wish they had another place within the city of Chicago.

tayyab mehdi

Suzanne M Cervantez

Dr. Shafaat Mustafa

Amazing car wash

Jasmen Gomez

One of the most amazing car washes I've been through almost like an amusement park ride with LED lighting and see through roof and my van came out spotless . The best machine wash I ever been to,,, and all I have to do is put on my black magic Tire spray... Clean my windows on the inside and I'm done

Ynobe Black

Just went to get my truck washed.. went thru the car wash.. afterwards wasn’t able to vacuum out my truck. No one that works there want to explain why myself or others can’t clean out their vehicles. No one knows anything. Very unprofessional. Be careful where or whom you spend your money with!

gustavo santibanez

Good price for memberships!

Palwasha Batool

You people will not see such an owsome car wash around the world . I do appreciate their hardworking on that .

Richard Curry

This car wash is way better than Fuller's

Areli Uriostegui

Cevdet Canpolat

Amazing place with reasonable price, new management, professional and helpful people. I love it.

Luis Enrique Rivera Matute

En el secado de los carros no encienden el secado en caliente hay que pagar extra para secar en caliente en otros car wash es gratis tu carro se pica la lata si lo haces en frío como lo están haciendo en este car wash

Spencer Wade

This place is usually busy on the weekends, can take up to an hour to wash your car. The coin collector seems to go extremely fast, only one time have I ever been able to wash my small car for under 5.00. The coin machine can be extremely frustrating. Even when you use the spot free it seems to leave stuff on the car that shouldn't be there. Be cautious if you have under 5.00 don't use this place as there are many times where 5.00 does not cover the entire wash.

ayesha farooq

Nicholas Carr

Best, most thorough wash in town. My car looks amazing, and the service couldn't be better.

Nil Koksal

Akhtar Ali

Very amazing car wash. I receomend all to go there to have best experience in your life.

Adnan Hussain

Waww.... really amazing carwash by all aspects modern tec, design ❤

Amer Syed

The carwash took thorough care of my car, made it look all new again. The vacuums are free as well. I recommend this place to everyone.

jose aguilar

(Translated by Google) Fast and efficient (Original) Rapido y eficiente

Carolyn Ruiz

Loved it! ! Way better than fuller's car wash it left the truck so shiny and the tires are very clean they look brand new lol When the soap is going on the cars there are different colored lights and the soap is the same color as the light it's super cute!! Also the soap smells soooo good!!! I recommend this car wash to everyone if I could give it more stars I would

Angel Morales

(Translated by Google) It's worth what you pay (Original) Vale la pena lo que pagas

Bert Boi25

Jalal Nasir

Tariq Hussain

Do your car needs a wash, best place to be for you is Ducky's.✌

Arslan Gulraiz

George Castro

Juan Ortega

latrina humphrey

The regular wash is all you need! The wash cycle is amazing at this location & they have free vacuum

Salenna Williams

Great Service!!! Recommand This Place To Everyone!

Let start game Fortnite ROBLOX


Najaf Khan

best one


good service, good place, good people

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