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REVIEWS OF Detail Kings IN Illinois

Jan Pietrucha

The visit to Detail Kings was my first experience for an interior auto detailing.I received excellent service from the accommodating personnel who were able to rearrange the schedule a bit to suit my needs. The quality of the job was excellent as well... loved my vehicle even more after the amazing results! I purchased a Groupon for Detail Kings and got lucky! I am looking forward to returning soon even without a Groupon. I even received a great referral for the leather on my console to be repaired

kag cagnoni

Always happy with the service. Detail Kings take care of my car just as well as I do.

I. Meador

I just stopped in to Detail Kings for the first time today. I am new to the area and have been looking for a great hand car wash. Detail Kings is a home run! The staff was very courteous and meticulous. My car looked great after it was done and didn't have any swirl marks at all. The pricing is fantastic as well. I just went in for an exterior wash today, but I am looking forward to taking it in for a full interior detail in the future. Thank you Detail Kings, you have a new customer for life!

Jen Cresse

They were extremely friendly and did a fantastic job! My minivan looked like a brand new car by the time they were done, and that says a lot because I have two messy kids!

Debbie Bowen

Always do an excellent job, fast and very accommodating to fit you in for an appointment! Excellent customer service.

Edward Teelucksingh

The interior of my car was virtually like new after the cleaning I received from Detail Kings. While a little off the beaten path but easy to find in terms of location, the experience and service was top notch upon arrival and Detail Kings was also very conscious of time and not having you wait for hours. I will definitely return when my car requires this again or really any of the other services they offer.

IntegrityDental Zhu

Detail King did an awesome job at cleaning my car, both interior and exterior. I've used them for both my small sedan,and kid's SUV. Both jobs were done well

Jodi Redding

Detail Kings did an excellent job on both my cars detailing. They were very "detailed" in the detailing work. I would definitely recommend them.

Jake Salzman

Update - Because of my positive past experiences with this company I took up owner Paul’s offer below and brought it back for them to correct the issues. They did do a good job on the inside and fixed all the issues i pointed out. The outside however was still riddled with white wax on the trim and the body of the car. I took several pictures but I can’t figure out how to add them? Anyways the issue was worse than the first time after I explained to the tech doing the job. I really don’t know if it’s the lighting in the garage or incompetent employees but I have now spent way more time than I ever imagined taking 2 cars in each 2 times only to have to work on the car myself for another hour afterwards. Paul did call me and give me tips on getting the wax off once I sent him the pictures. Overall disappointing experience ... I have taken my car and truck here multiple times and in the past was always very happy. I drive quite a bit to get here from Arlington heights because I am picky and had a hard time finding a shop that did all the extra things these guys (used to) do. This time I took my car and truck but there within a few days of each other. We detailed the truck to get it ready to sell. When we got it home and pulled it out the garage realized it had wax all over it on different parts of the black trim that I couldn’t buff off. I had to take it back to the shop. Monique and kevin( spoke with him on the phone) her in person were super nice and fixed the issues. I was feeling better about things. But when I went back and looked at my car realized it has those same white spots in areas and the little fingernail marks that they used to always buff out during the Showroom detail I always get- we’re still there. I know it may seem nickpicky but I don’t know how to buff a car or I would do it myself. I’m sure if I took it back they would probably fix it but I live far and it’s pain to leave it again for a few hours. They also missed little things in the interior- overall not terrible but not what I’m used to from this company and for $225 or whatever I paid it’s disappointing

Vito Ippolito

Excellent, top to bottom

Steve Deinzer

Detail Kings was, without a doubt, the most professional and thorough detailers that I have ever had the opportunity to use. Santa Fe looked brand new and I will certainly return.

Roxana Cholewiak-Origer

Excellent service once again! Brought my husband's car about 2 weeks ago and such a great job was done on the interior detailing. Thank you once more!!

Phillip Werman

Detail Kings did a great job on making my vehicle shine both inside and out. I felt like a valued customer on my first visit and felt comfortable leaving my vehicle with them.

Diana algarin

Detail Kings came to my job on Monday. I saw that other employees gave them great reviews so I decided to entrust my Mercedes to the guys for an interior detail. Well, let me tell you, the hype was true! My car looked showroom new on the inside. They even took out a piece of gum that had gotten stuck in a discreet area (which is why I left it there). I can't wait for their next visit.

J. J.

The owner of this shop is friendly and curteous. I definitely recommend this shop no regrets.

Dennis Straple

The business is on the lower level of a parking garage next to an office building so it can be a little difficult to find for first timers. The quality of the work though is excellent, the work is done quickly and thoroughly, and you can wait in the expansive lobby or cafeteria of the attached office building. Prices are reasonable and they often offer deals on social media. Highly recommend Detail Kings.

Maureen Tamillow

I was very happy with the work, the consideration of the team and the opportunity I had to do work upstairs in the building. They let me use the Wi-fi and I was able to accomplish quite a bit while the Detail Kings went to work. l have recommended them to others and I intend to go there again soon.

Mutanu L

The location is a bit hard to find the first time there, but the service is worth it. My truck has never been so clean, inside and out, and I am definitely particular about detail jobs. I'm going to be bringing it in again soon!


So, I have done this service twice now, and the first time when I checked my car I had to point out where they needed to clean up more. This time, my car was parked in a dark spot so I couldn’t see all the detail until I went outside and inspected my car. I am very disappointed, because I paid specifically for an interior detail but many spots inside my car still weren’t clean. For a “detailing” they seem to have missed a lot of details. I feel I have wasted a lot of money and my expectations were not met. I’m very sad. The carpeting doesn’t look vacuumed in all places, the handbrake was dirty, had to clean it myself. I’m not happy with such a half done job. The following pictures were taken upon inspection after the service...

Kathy Lin

I have had my car detailed twice over the past 2 years at Detail Kings; both times, I purchased the Showroom Detail Package. Both times, I have left very pleased. They are polite and professional.. My 8-year-old car interior looks, feels, smells brand new. The exterior looks so much better too--looks years younger! They do a great job! I have taken my car in for yearly detailing over the past 5 years to 3 different detailers, and I would have to say that Detail King has done the best job for the best price which is why I have come back to them for the past two years! During my most recent trip to Detail Kings, I had no ride home, so I had to wait while the detailing was performed. They directed me to a comfortable waiting area off of the lobby in the office building under which they are located. During my my wait, I had access to wi-fi. I was told there was also a cafeteria where I could eat lunch if I wished. I will be back in 2014 :)

David Carter

Brought my 2004 Volvo XC 90 in for a full detail. This car has been thoroughly abused over the years. Wow. The paint shines like new and the inside not only looks great, but smells great too. The car is a pleasure to drive again. I will certainly return to Detail Kings in the future. They will make you like your old car again.

Christian Sanchez

I went for an interior detail service. There was no line and the job was impressive. They even cleaned up my headlights (yellow haze on them) by polishing em for free! That was really nice. Overall great experience. I'm from Chicago and wish they had a franchise around the city.

El Jay

Detail Kings did an amazing job detailing my car after loaning it to a family with several children for an extended time. I doubted it could come clean, but seats/carpets were like new and spotless windows and dash. Outside looked like new too and it only took two hours to do it all.

Eric Collins

Good facility with ample stalls and auto wash

Quincy Means

These guys do a great job, had them to a basic interior and exterior clean and it was far better than other local competitors

Melissa Cornwell

I had a groupon for Detail Kings and I'm glad I used it. I own a 13 year old Jeep Cherokee that I love, but it definitely has some issues, like the air conditioner. It doesn't work. Not an issue, until I packed my jeep to the gills and moved across country in the middle of July. The front seats were saturated in sweat and started to smell. I also had some hay/straw in the back area that no vacuum could seem to remove for 2 years. The cleaning took a little longer than expected, but all in all- excellent job! The smell was gone, the seats were clean, and whatever super power vacuum they have managed to remove every hint of hay from the back. I'd go back.

Stephanie Hazinski

My Jeep was a MESS when I brought it in combined with being attacked by a mouse and it looks brand new! Kevin and Monique are so friendly. Excellent customer service. Will definitely be back!

Cindy Wagner

They came to our office building and I took advantage of the express wash outside and inside. They were friendly, professional and did a terrific job. The price is reasonable considering Delta Sonic is slightly less but I am typically not as impressed by the service. I would highly recommend this company & their services. I plan on continuing to use this company for detailing as well.

Nancy A

I recently had a showroom detail on a Mazda Miata. They did a great job with the interior. I am taking another car there this Friday. This place could use a few more directional signs. I had been there before.... a year ago.... and I could barely remember the way in. Also, when you have to drive thru puddles of water to leave, it kind of defeats the purpose of getting car cleaned. All in all, the cleaning job was great.

Robb Rogers

well...i don't know where to begin and its all about one's frame of reference. I had a business for years at Navy Pier I knew my customers by name as soon as they came into my store and i more often than not knew what they were looking to purchase so my point is I think its important to know the names of one's customers regardless of how many and in this case we are dealing with peoples autos so i would think one would put a G500 with the name of the owner/customer. I called the shop today i was wondering why my interior ceiling still looked dirty I was told the inside of the roof is not part of the interior...oh really and if i wanted it cleaned i should have paid the extra 25.00 dollars. i thought geez i thought i told him the car has been in the body shop for 13 months and had an off frame restoration...did he think i was kidding? i guess the seats and everything else in the inside of the car look great but the smudge marks from the body shop still linger so i called as i stated to see why this wasn't done. I have a unique MBenz its a station wagon now if u know Mercedes u know that the Wagon's are RARE how many wagons has this Detail Kings done in the past 3 days? then he needed my name i would have thought he would of pulled up the invoice on the wagon to get my name but no...he wanted phone number and my name at that point i thought hell i will bring this somewhere else to get the inside roof ceiling cleaned for i know in advance now he will not remember my name or my car...and that was all i needed to know he has no interest in building a relationship with my car or myself...too bad for both of us but i believe im better off in the long run

Syed Ekram

Excellent Service worth the price I had a service before with D-lt-aSon-c and it was way lower compare to this, highly recommended reasonably priced.

kathleen johnston

I had a great experience at Detail Kings. No, there is not a waiting room that was close but they were very gracious and allowed me to sit in the office area while the work was being done. I greatly appreciated this since I am disabled and cannot walk far. The car was beautifully done. They did more than I expected . I got the Groupon for $50.00 for an interior detail. They really spruced up the car. It was not this clean when I purchased it. This is my first experience with car detailing. I have always just cleaned the car myself but the car is older and needed professional help. I will purchase such a service from them again.

Andrew Pasulka

I've had several full-service details here and each one has transformed a vehicle from dull and worn-out looking to "ready to sell" condition. I would wholeheartedly recommend Detail Kings to anyone in the western suburbs looking for a detail.

Jason Wilson

The crew at Detail Kings did an excellent job on our Nissan Frontier. The truck looks like it just came straight off the showroom floor. We’ll definitely be back soon!

Stefan M

Purchased their $149 coupon from groupon for the ''showroom detail” good deal considering the stunning $300 regular price. Anyway not impressed with the final result, what they did was a wash, buffing and basic interior cleaning with washing the mats and carpet .The guys from Sudsational car wash do much detailed and quality work....

Steven Banghart

I have been to Detail Kings about six times and they have never disappointed. Very high level of performance whether it is a show room detail or an exterior wax job. We have been consistently impressed with their work.

Carrie P

I had had my car for 8 years without any kind of interior cleaning done, and have a young son, so my car was pretty gross. When I got it back after a cleaning at Detail Kings, it was beautiful. They did such great work! Both the interior and exterior were sparkling. It kind of acted like a little bit of therapy, since I felt so much better now that my car was clean. I will definitely be back!

Matthew Little

Detail Kings provides convenient top-notch friendly service. My wife was so impressed with work done by Detail Kings on my car that she insisted Detail Kings detail her car as well.

Theodore Roseman

When you find a detailing company that brings back the look you've always liked about your car or suv, you continue to go back for 5 years. Thanks Detail Kings!


This was my second Professional Detail. I had one done on a van I wanted to sell and it made a critical difference in how the car was viewed by prospective buyers. The vehicle sold quickly. This was on my own personal vehicle and the job was very thorough. I will do this again

Joe Saldana

Did an excellent job detailing my 2010 Camaro SS couldn't be happier. I know a good detail job when I see it, you won't be disappointed.

Robin Callen

Amazing customer service and the attention to detail - superb!! Will definitely be using them again.

Saadah Ottman

The quality of work is excellent. I got the showroom detail service and my car of six years looked like it just pulled out of the car dealership. It was sparkling and exceeded my expectations. It does take about a couple of hours for Detail Kings to work on your car, but it is worth it! :D I got a deal via groupon and paid half of the normal price, so it was a great buy.

Nick Changnon

I had a 10 year old car brought back to life. The staff was absolutely professional from the top down. But more importantly, they did a truly amazing job. Despite having a good amount of fine dog hair embedded in the cloth interior, the interior is now immaculate. I could not be more pleased.

Pamela Casey

My appointment was at 630 am. They provided great directions to their shop which is in the basement of an office parking garage. Without any issues at all, they called me a few hours later to pick up my Mercedes G500 (2002) and it looks brand new! Thank you. Great service--fast and professional. I will be back!

Mark Wilmoth

I wish I would have read these reviews first. My professional detail took 3 1/2 hours while I waited. Sure the van is clean, but when I got home I had to go around and wipe off all the wax residue and clean in all the nooks and crannies - the details. I don't even think my rims where cleaned. They still had dirt all over them. To make it worse, they wore through my leather steering wheel trying to clean it. When they tried to fix it with a Magic eraser, I think it made it worse. The owner told me that was normal wear and tear, and that I should go have it re dyed. Compared to other detail places I have gone to, I would not go back here. Even if it was free. For the amount of time I spent there, I could have done the same job.

Aleyce Gilmer

I used a Groupon deal for Detail Kings and was very pleased with the results! I have a child that plays travel hockey and the equipment and bags cause my SUV to smell like a locker room. Detail Kings got the smell out, as well as, other stains and spills left from the kids!

Harry Miles

They do a fantastic job to say the least. They are very professional and accommodating.

David B

Had the interior detail done yesterday. Very pleased with the entire service: was fast, friendly and, most importantly, the interior of the car looks amazing. I am taking my wife's car back in a couple weeks, we couldn't be happier for the price.

Briana Kornegay

MY UNBIASED OPINION - It was really great working with the Detail Kings! They have great service and can be there in a moment's notice when you need them! The prices were average and not too expensive. The results of the work were amazing! My first time using them. They are very responsive. You can inbox them on YELP and let me know what you need and they will get back to you asap with a quote. Take a chance and contact them for your detailing services.


I really wanted to believe that is going to be a good place cuz they took 50min to clean the car,but come on,this is a joke they didn't even did a good job at vacuuming and wiping, for 30$ they do a pretty miserable job,nice ppl though if thats a consolation

Wanpen Vechklang

excellent job I took my car to do professional details last week it was great they done a great job I am very satisfy I do recommends Detail King

Tracey Stills

Nobody does detail better. The personal detail to service is impeccable. The guys are very nice and I love the fact that they are dead on with timing from arrival to being done. This place's specialty is excellence!!! I've found the place!!

Denise L

I brought in my car to have it cleaned and was amazed at how speedy they were. I'm a very picky person though and noticed only minor things that were not "excellent". One- after the buffering, I'd hoped that the scratches would be gone...negative...but that could be because they were just too deep and any more would wipe the paint off. Two- tiny stains on carpet that perhaps they just couldn't get out. These were minor and maybe could not have been fixed at the price I paid. All in all, a good experience that would bring me back again.

Oksana Shevtsova

They did a good job on the Hand Wax Detail for my car. I love how the raindrops just roll off my car now, and it smells pretty nice inside. I had a lot of dust, but now the interior is shiny and clean. Just the "spring clean" I was looking for.

Aniruddha Dongre

This is a great place to get cars detailed. They provide a lot of attention to detail, are punctual and care about the customer. Detail Kings always cleans up cars real good from inside and outside. I always take Groupon with them and they honor my groupon price even if it's expired. That's a real nice gesture.

Chris Diaz

Happy with the finish, you can't go wrong with the show room finish it's worth the money, they know what they're doing, The finished product says it all. Oh and I had parked next to a construction site and paint was all over my car, It was like if nothing happened. My car looks better than the dealership after this wash. Awesome service.

Jamie Ranos

I brought my Ford Escape to Detail Kings with a Groupon, and was thrilled with the thorough cleaning it received. At the time, I had just moved cross country after leaving my job as an outside sales rep (where I basically lived out of my car) - so, to say it was messy would be an understatement. It looked brand new after they were finished with it! I've since recommended Detail Kings to many family and friends and will continue to do so. Continue to keep up the great work guys!

Ken Berberich

Great service and superb Interior Details for the 4 times we've been there. And owned by a Veteran. Paul and his crew do a great job !!

Buck Fones

Purchased a Professional Detail for our Honda Accord. Looked like a very nice job when a there shop, where it is dimly lighted. Brought the car home to find out the paint on top of the car was buffed on several locations through the clear coat and base coat exposing the primer. Tried to work the situation out with the owner to no avail. Got the total run around. The car was taken to our trusted body shop and they agreed that detailer could have prevented the issue. -- My fault for not examining the work closer before leaving the business.

abrar sait

I recently had a detail on a SUV. They did a good job in the interior of vehicle. Location is hidden in a garage and hard to get there. I found out later that there's an additional surcharge for a SUV. Overall I am very happy with the experience and recommend the service.

David Felgenhauer

Great job. Car looked new. Convenient, courteous. Small issue that was taken care of with no problem. Bringing other cars to have detailed. Recommend with no reservation

kathy costa

It took them only 1 1/2 hours to finish the job. They had five guys working at once.My car looked brand new. They even cleaned and washed the carpets in the trunck. I would highly recommend them.

Al Turnauer

I have had Detail Kings detail my wife's Camry as well as my Shelby GT 500. Both were done very professionally. I would rate their work somewhere between Very Good to Excellent. I am hard to please and these guys do an outstanding job. And further, since the owner is a vet, I will go to him as long as he is in business. He closed his location that is right around the corner from where I live so I now go to his original location. It is worth the drive!

Steve Gruber

My wife's Honda was the ultimate challenge. Four car seats, four grandchildren, with parties and road trips for a year. Melted candy, gum, dried food, ice cream drips, it was a nightmare. When we went to pick up the car it was amazing! The grandchildren thought we bought a new car for them! Thanks Paul and crew!

Jennifer Fischer

We brought our Airstream Mercedes Sprinter van in to be hand washed and waxed. It was filthy as we had just returned from a 5,000 mile camping trip. When we picked it up I could not believe how perfectly the vehicle had been detailed. It looked brand new. I will be returning with my car.

Mike Paggi

One of best detailing's I've ever had! Made my car like new and also they worked on my girlfriend's car and it was great as well. They really care about the detail and service that they give! I'll continue going to this place as they really care about your business.

Dennis Alifantis

Awesome workmanship, and service! Car looked like it was new!

Kate Kroger

I received a showroom detail as a gift for my birthday, and my car has never looked better. The staff that I interacted with were approachable and friendly and before I left they took the time to go over with me what they had done, including problem areas in my car where they pointed out certain spots they weren't able to make perfect again (very old stains, as I bought the car used), so that I had no questions later. They also hurried to get the car back to me in a timely manner, and because the seats had all just been cleaned provided seat covers so that any residual dampness wouldn't effect me or my passengers. I've been looking forward to going back because of how easy and thorough the cleaning was with this initial experience.

Matt Streicher

I typically don't bring my car anywhere for detail work, since I had a job during high school and college that I detailed cars, I always felt I did a better job and have been pretty meticulous. The job done by Detail Kings impressed me very much, they cleaned everything right down to my center compartment! And cleaned everything well. I haven't seen my wheels shine like they do now, I don't want to take my car out of the garage and dirty it at all!

Adam Hallihan

I went to Detail Kings in their old location in Naperville through a Living Social coupon. I was impressed with the service and the end result of their work. I would go back again and recommend their work to family and friends.

Staci Springer

The first time I went to Detail Kings, it was a little difficult to find. It is located in the lower level of an office building parking garage. However, there was great signage to find the business in the garage. After my first interior detail, I was so impressed, I went back again. I love how my car looks and smells after an interior detail. They do a great job cleaning up the mess my kids make with muddy soccer shoes and from eating in the car. I would recommend this business to others.

Chad Duffin

They detailed my 2007 Honda Accord and it looked good afterward. Overall a very good job done promptly, I was able to drop off in the morning and pick up at lunch.

Zeshaan Ali

Very accomodating for my needs! I just wanted one door panel to be shampooed and cleaned because my friend threw up on it. All the other places in the area only offered the full package starting from 120 dollars and would make no exception for lower price. They also wanted me to book an appointment for a few days. DetailKings (Brian) got me in the next day and did an amazing job. Kudos!

John Caperton

You are going to spend a little time waiting for your car, but upstairs is a cafeteria and outside a nice walking path around a lake. I enjoyed my wait. But it was actually shorter than I expected. I have a full size Silverado and I had the full treatment, inside and out, and it took not much more than an hour and a half. And my truck was looking great. Thank you.

Wanda Rivera

Not such a great job this time around. There were a LOT of streaks on the inside. I couldn't deal with it and pulled over to wipe it down and some dirt still on the car - on the outside.

Jonathan Bode

I brought my minivan to Detail Kinds for a full interior and exterior detailed. While the service took longer than I expected, I was very satisfied with the final result.

Mahmoud Hassan

Never thought anyone would be able to clean the interior my 10 years old car but they did make it look like a new car. I can see details in the fabric for the first time since I started driving it two years ago.

J Harris

Very professional team, they did a great job. The car looked like it came off the factory floor when they were done. They finished on time and were very professional. Only challenge was finding their location.

Robert Snaidauf

I called to schedule an appointment was able to get in the next day, that was a surprise. Most shops make you wait or don't meet your expectations. Detail Kings did an incredible job on my Audi, the engine, headliner, and exterior is like new. The attention to detail, service, and customer appreciation is a true example of Marine's background. Semper Fi.

Art Wilde

Fantastic experience! they were very accommodating with appointments. courteous throughout the whole process. they did an excellent job of detailing my car down to the finest detail. went beyond my expectations!

Michelle Balestrieri

After easily finding my way through the parking garage, I was then given directions by the owner where I could sit and wait for my car. I got the interior detail package and they did a great job! The price was right as well. My only complaint was that it took them a little longer than they estimated. I had to rush them along towards the end so that I could make my class on time. I wasn't upset, however, because the quality was impeccable. In the future, I may just drop it off. I also appreciate how they are always trying to take care of their existing clients by always offering deals and bonuses! Thanks...I'll be back for sure!!!

Jean Stuczynski

I couldn't be happier with the end results! Showroom perfect inside and out! Highly recommend!

Gail Hess

We found Detail Kings through a Groupon and could not be happier. They are detailed (no pun intended) and our cars look like they are brand new after their talented staff are done with them. We have visited many times since then and the service is consistently great; we also appreciate that they finish in the time they tell us so we don't have to wait for our cars. Highly recommend Detail Kings - you will not be disappointed!

Mike McDermott

For 3 years in a row now, I've taken my coupe to the Detail Kings for an annual full 'show room detail' package, and every year I've been extremely pleased with the results. They make my 10 year old car look brand new. They're very flexible with scheduling and very friendly and easy to deal with.

Brittany Wirtz

I’d have to say first, Detail Kings did a fantastic job at my car. I came in and got my interior of my 04 Accord done on August 27th. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. When I spoke to the gentleman there, we threw in the headliner to get done in one small spot (front drivers area). They were nice enough not to charge me for this small spot and told me that when they called to tell me my detail was done. On September 4th, I got in my car in the morning and noticed the back passenger side of my headliner was hanging (note, this wasn’t the spot that was cleaned). I called the company and they gave me the owner Paul’s #. Later on in the day, I went back in my car and noticed 3 areas were rippling. I texted Paul expressing my concern and showed him the pictures. He said he would call me the next day which he did. He explained with older cars, having the headliner cleaned can cause the headliner fabric to come off. I expressed my concern that this should’ve been told to me, especially since they are the experts and know this happens. He was extremely nice and told he to take my car to location that works on interiors for cars (keeping the companies name private since nothing was at their fault) and he would pay for the repair. I was so extremely grateful and impressed by the level of professionalism he portrayed. I thanked him up and down and mentioned I loved the company and sent numerous people over to his company for details. On September 10th or 11th (not 100% which day I went), I stopped by the interior car place so they can assess the damage and see when I can get it fixed. I explained what happened and he said he would call Paul regarding the payment on this. I received a call from this interior company on September 12th stating that Paul will no longer pay for the damaged, which shocked me completely. This personally upset me big time since Paul said he would pay for it. Why didn’t Detail Kings contact me too? I felt like the other company had to do their dirty work, which wasn’t appreciated. I texted Paul saying everything I felt and stated why he said he would pay for it when now he won’t. He said to give him a call, which I wanted to text. Evidently there was a family emergency, which is totally understood, but what is the difference between texting and calling? Texting personally is easier in my opinion. However, now its October 10th and I HAVE RECEIVED NOTHING SO FAR… If I had a upset customer, you bet I’d handle it asap regardless of what’s going on in my personal life. I have now a $400ish dollar repair now he will not pay as of now. This is EXTREMELY unprofessional saying I quote ‘we will cover the cost’, but now your not. I completely understand this is a steep cost for repair, but now one of your customers is left with a damaged car. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and the last time I will go there and the numerous people I referred. I would like to make one thing clear, Paul, I know you see these reviews. DO NOT CALL ME BACK UNLESS THE REPAIR WILL BE PAID FOR.

Kent Brost

Details Kings is where you should take your car for an absolutely top rated vehicle detailing. Price was fair, staff was courteous & the results outstanding. My BMW was immaculate - looked like it just came off the car room floor.

Roni Okubo

I had a Groupon for Detail Kings and used it for my nine-year-old Mazda. The Downers Grove location was a bit hard to find at first, but there were good signs pointing the way through the parking garage. I had never taken my car to be detailed before, however, I do take care of my car (I'm the only one who uses it) so it wasn't in too bad of shape. I wanted them to focus on the interior because I was expecting a child and wanted it clean for the new baby. It was okay for the price. I think I paid 1/2 of the original cost. I don't think I would pay full price. I did wonder if they didn't work as hard on my car because of the Groupon.

Glenn Brosius

Really good people to deal with. They made my four year old car look like new again. I tried to find fault with this detail but my car was absolutely perfect. I'll certainly be back.

Alicia Duzinskas

Update: I called the owner. I was pretty calm, just explained the things that didn't look right. I wasn't mad at all about it. My last sentence on the original review just said I was disappointed. Along with the dog hair that I vacuumed up when I got home, there was a brown stain on my driver's side front seat that was not there before I took it in. He immediately became very defensive & said he was shocked that this happened. He said he would have his workers fix what wasn't done. He said that he personally wants to see my car & then he will have his workers fix it. We set up a time for me to meet him at the shop a few days later. I get to the shop at the time we agreed to. The owner was nowhere to be found. I call him, leave a voicemail. Then I text him asking if he forgot. He then texts back that a last minute out of town bday surprise happened. He said that his workers are there to help fix everything. I was taken back by this as he made a huge deal how he was going to be there personally to see this because he says this never happens. I totally get that unexpected things happen, but I would have thought it would have been nice & professional to call me a day before to let me know he wouldn't be there. He then calls me & starts to yell at me. I ask him not to yell. He says he's not yelling. Ok, so he talks very loud. He tells me that he never gets a day off & this was a surprise that just happened. He says that they don't write names/numbers down because they are very busy. Wow, ok...why would you tell me this?!? Sorry you don't get a day off?!? Is that my fault?!? He totally wasn't getting what I was trying to say -- didn't get the point it was poor customer service to not call me a day before to say an unexpected out of town surprise happened & he wouldn't be there. He then asks if I want a refund. I say yes. He tells me that his workers will fix it. So I let his workers do the fix. His workers are extremely nice. The brown spot is gone. My car interior looks nice now. I contact him back to see how he would be refunding me. We play telephone tag, finally he reaches me back. Tells me that he won't refund me. Then says, "You know I know "Susie Smith"..." This "Susie Smith" is a person he knows that I may know. I quickly ask him what that has to do with anything. It was so odd. He couldn't even answer that question. So unprofessional! He then tells me that in my original review I said his shop is dingy & dark & it's not. is dark! It's in the lower level of a parking garage! When I took my car back in, his worker couldn't even see anything because it wasn't pulled into the work area yet that has bright lights! He then tells me that I'm the only customer that's ever blown anything out of proportion. If he told me once, he told me what seems like 20 times that he has a credible business & been doing what he does for 24yrs. He pretty much then blames me for putting a bad review on here. Umm...dude, calm down! I do like his workers & I thanked them for removing the stain. I appreciate that. I just personally feel the owner is rude. Original review: Location is hard to find. Was not expecting this to be in a dingy lower level of a parking garage. They didn't even ask me if I was satisfied with the work. It is noisy & not well lit in this area they are in. I couldn't even see the inside of my car too well because it's not well lit. I didn't see the results until after I left the parking garage & was outside. I got home & had to do some touch up cleaning that they missed. There is still dog hair all over the back of the seats. I would not go back. Disappointed

Valerie Mietz

This is a joke. I paid $300 for the showroom service. I had an appointment at 12 today and the website says the service takes 2-3 hours. They called me to tell me my car was done in less than an hour and a half. Clearly they wanted to leave early on a Saturday as they were all gone when I returned to pick up my car and the work, or lack thereof, on my car would indicate they were in a hurry to leave. It’s dark in the garage where you pick up the car so it’s hard to see what’s been done. I drove out to the parking lot and didn’t have to look far to see that this was a rush job and didn’t have anyattention to detail as the name of the business would suggest. In clear view there were crumbs in the stick shift, the window was cloudy, the back floor hadn’t been vacuumed and there were Christmas tree needles still in my trunk. I’m amazed it even trook an hour and a a half to do this work. Total ripoff. I have pictures that I will try to post.

Nancy Goebel

I work in the building and find it convenient and affordable. They do a good job.

Courtney Romano

Detail Kings did an awesome job, and super quick!!! My car was so trashed from my two toddlers and they made it look brand new!!! Highly recommend.

Candace` Bishop

My car NEVER looked this GREAT, even the day I bought it, and it was a brand new car that day! Now, nine years later, it is the happiest car on the road, thanks to the amazing guys at Detail Kings. Hands down, the best $25 I ever spent! THANK YOU!!!

Eric D

Took Mercury Milan in for interior detail. The interior is a light color, but was severely stained and dirty from rigors of life and kids. I did not think it could be cleaned and had sworn off any interior color but black. However, when the car was finished, it looked far closer to new than I EVER expected. My wife was just as satisfied and we will have no hesitation about using Detail Kings in the future. Also, while the facility is in a parking garage, patrons can use the office building's lobby while waiting. It was very nice and had free wi-fi which allowed me to complete work while the work was being accomplished.

Vicky Tsambikou

I was very impressed with the quality of work and great service. I would highly recommend, its a great value. My car was exceptionally clean.

Ben Walhood

I've had 2 vehicles detailed with Detail Kings. The first was a Chevy Tahoe and the second was a Ford Escape. The results of the detail were terrific both times. I had purchased both details with a GroupOn, so the price was more than fair. I think it was $75 for a showroom detail. They charged a little extra due to being an SUV and detailed under the hood for a small additional fee, but the results were well worth it. My only critique is that the customer communication could be a little better. The first time I planned for the 4-hour completion time, but the vehicle took 6 hours. Not the end of the world, but no one informed me that they were running behind. So when I arranged for someone to drop me off and pickup the vehicle, it was not ready. Overall, very happy with the company and the product, and I intend to use them again. Both times I detailed the vehicle just before selling and it was WELL worth the investment.

Patrick Zeller

I was a little apprehensive about leaving my 1965 Corvette. However, Paul and his crew did an excellent job. It looked brand new. A car over 40 years old and looked brand new. I have two cars that will need spring cleaning. I already have the certificates. I will have to get a third one for the Corvette. However, the Corvette doesn't come out from winter hybernation until sometime in May. It is sleeping right now in its garage. Once again, Paul and your crew, thank you for the terrifc job on my 1965 Corvette.

Kim Viita

I went here after purchasing a groupon so the value was there.The service I received from Detail Kings was very good. My car was cleaned excellently and I was very pleased. The only downside was the location was confusing to find and once you pulled into the garage, there wasn't a lot of direction as to what you should do with your car, who to talk to etc.

Sue Ross

I have had several cars cleaned at Detail Kings, on four or five occasions. I have been very pleased with the quality of the work. The business is in the lowest level of the parkiing garage at Sara Lee corporation. I have gotten my car cleaned during weekdays, so I bring a book with me an read in the lobby of the Sara Lee headquarters. I highly recommend the service.

Bill Crosby

This was my second time using detail kings and they continue to go beyond my expectations. They are meticulous in their work, and the car turns out beautiful each time. They have a great little waiting area upstairs and I was able to get a wifi connection and work while I waited. For a van it was less time than they quoted me. All around, I highly recommend their service.

Mark Andrews

Have gone back several times. They do an awesome job and my vehicles always come out looking like new. Highly recommended.

K Yoon

Excellent service and communication (from the owner/manager) in timely manner. My van is a family hauler with 3 kids and they were shocked how clean the van was when they looked at it after detail was done. Thanks.

M Simba

They did a fantastic job on my Mercedes. I was nervous trusting my car to a business I have never used before. I was also unsure if they could give me a same day appointment. To my delight the manager said they normally can’t promise it but she will accommodate me. I had the interior cleaned and to my surprise it came with a exterior was and tires shined. Also, my car smells so good. As an owner of an auto service business, I can tell when a business is customer focused. I can also tell when the employees are treated well. I know the owner isn’t happy when he gets less than perfect reviews but I feel he cares what customers think and will try hard if expectations are not met. What more can you ask for.

Srdan Vasic

I'll give two stars for the effort. But they did very poor job on my Jeep two weeks ago, and then after 2 days supposedly corrected it but its still not even close to good. Btw you bwtter off pay somewhere like premium hand car wash for 30$. Rewponse: I already did and you said ypy fixed it and its like mirror, but it still had a lot of spots missed

Krish Krish

Got an apology from the owner. Revising my rating based on that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not on time , very bad customer service., Will NEVER go again I dropped off my carin the morning. I was expecting to be called when it was complete. No call ever came. In the evening when I went to pick up the car was told that they could not get to it. When I exprressed my frustration on the fact that there was no prior communication, no apology was offered. That’s not customer service.


Great experience. My 15 year old car (that I use to take my three dogs to the dog park in) looked like new when they got done - inside and out. Everyone at the shop was very pleasant. Wait time shorter than anticipated. Best detail shop I have ever been to. (and I have tried about 6).

Ken Kasper

These guys are very hard working and down to the detail. I dropped my car off for a interior detailing job and about 3 hours later I returned to a newly fresh clean interior. They don't skip a thing. They work as a team and do a thorough job of cleaning inside and out. You can't go wrong with Detail Kings!

Carolyn O'Connor

We took our car in for an interior detail. We had some old food stains and dirt that needed to be badly cleaned. Detail Kings did an excellent job. Our 1997 Toyota looked so brand new on the inside we had to do a double check to make sure it was the right car. Service was done on time and employees were professional. I will be going back soon.

John Christensen

Excellent work and good folks to deal with. Very reasonable. Got me in on short notice and did a great job - buff/wax/ interior/ and engine bay detail made my 15 yo E55 look showroom new. Sold instantly.

Jake Herman

I have never gotten my car detailed before. I usually clean it when it needs it, but after years of wear and tear I figured the car needed a full detail. A friend told me to give Detail Kings a try. I made an appointment for a Saturday morning and dropped off the car while I took care of a few errands. When I picked the car up a couple hours later I was amazed at how clean the car was. It was spotless inside and out. Detail Kings made my car look as clean as the day I bought it. I highly recommend Detail Kings and will use them a lot more now after seeing the job that they did. The staff was very friendly and the guys explained the whole process to me.

Sergio Ruelas

In reference to the Showroom detail, it was one of the most competitively priced detail packages I've ever encountered. Small paint correction goes a long way. Removal of fine scratches with polishes and light abrasives helped level out this 7 year old paint well. Tar removal and clay bar treatment helped remove small contaminants that we all know is a fact of life living in Chicago. I didn't expect all scratches to be removed, for the paint condition it was in, that's a well over $1.5k job. But for this price, this blew my expectations. Most detail places that do interior and exterior charge $200 and only wash the exterior by hand, and wax the vehicle. Some less commonly clay bar and even less do anything more. You can see the list of things done on the website yourself. It's not a short list nor is it a quick job. I expected about 4-6 hours and my vehicle and it was done in 5. The paint was smooth and small scratches were removed throughout. The black paint reflected much more light than before. I wish I had taken before photos, but I'm sure you can imagine the paint condition of a cooper who's paint went through only automatic car washes and occasional hand washes for 7 years. The interior was extremely clean. I checked every nook and cranny and it seems they got every inch. The leather looked properly hydrated and not just slapped with shine. Employees were also gracious enough to take my vehicle in even after arriving 40 minutes late to my appointment. Highly recommended.

Christine Clavenna

Detail Kings made my car look like a brand new car. Both the inside and outside look fantastic! Thank you all for doing such a great job!

Yoshi Turntable

The work is done with care, and the employees work hard to keep up with the demand, BUT if you appreciate the work done please GIVE YOUR TIPS DIRECTLY TO THE EMPLOYEES because the owner takes them. This is completely inappropriate! I asked him why this happens and Paul said it's because he pays them more than others (irrelevant), he gives discounts (irrelevant), and he has to make up for the wages... The guy seems polite, but he has anger issues. He overbooks and then gets mad and berates you when you ask for something simple. Recently the manager had to pick up her daughter, and she had a note annotated on the calendar more than a week prior. He publicly yelled at her. I thought it was a joke the first couple times, but he definitely doesn't have respect for anyone but himself, so I quit today. response to your fairness statement Paul. When you ask your customer, your manager asks the customer, and even the employees ask the customer if they want to put a tip on there for us knowing full well that WE WILL NOT RECEIVE IT, it is dishonest. I literally had to say thank you for something I wouldn't receive. Shameful how greedy you are to call it fair. As a former Marine, I know it's not the military that makes a man, it's what's in his heart. ..and I asked you as stated above saying, "I don't think it's right." I DID APPROACH YOU. SMH! You have contracts, you have your rates, and you have your bartering. But you are too selfish to say "what's yours is also mine." You've been doing this for years, and the Mexicans don't like it but are unable to speak for themselves, appreciating just having a job, so they are afraid to leave so you put your fingers in their pockets. This is not fair Paul. I'm not really concerned about what I may have not received, I'm not selfish; I'm concerned about what they didn't receive because they are awesome employees and you should respect them IN EVERY WAY as appropriate.

Cayman Racer 229

The folks at Detail Kings were professional and returned my car in excellent condition. Clean and nicely waxed. While there can always be improvements to any detail job, I think this is the best one I've ever seen. Admittedly I'm picky, but I left Detail Kings very happy.

Mark Ghaowi

I am very impressed with the very professional experience provided by the staff and their treatment of my vehicle. Their showroom service took several years of my 20 year old car. Definitely will be back for additional services.


Mobile car wash that visits Central Park of Lisle is an outstanding amenity to the tenants of the building and they do an amazing job. My car has never looked better!

Jim Walsh

The guys at Detail Kings are good people. From scheduling the work through picking up the car everyone was courteous and friendly. The car was spotless and looked like it came out of the showroom. Great people and a great value......... Thanks Again

Patrick Liu

Detail Kings did an amazing job with the interior of my car. True to the name of the company, all the details inside were taken care of, making 8 years of grime buildup disappear. I had a spotless, new car look after they were done. Without asking, they also did a quick exterior rinse and washed the tires as well. Great service, great job and extremely polite. These guys are as good as it gets!

C. Kennedy

Detail Kings I have to say you've done my car three times and it looks beautiful. My car is nine years old and still great. I've recommended to three of my neighbors and they've done the same. Thank you --- Chuck

Jesus Juarez

They always hook it up! Got my ride looking GOOOODDD!!! Thank you!

John R

They did a great job. Finished on time and the car looked really nice after a winter of dirt and dust.

Nicole Hansen

This is scott hansen. I have been to detail kings twice and both times were an excellent experience and car looked amazing. The outside was well taken care; plus the inside looked like a brand new car off the showroom floor. Thank you guys

Bill Maresh

Wow, Great Job The work they completed was more than I expected, beyond my expectation. They were quick and completed the work when they said they would. It was a pleasure in every aspect, making the appoint, dropping off the car, and finally watching the beautiful shine when I got the car home.They get all five stars from me.

Amber Bales

My car was like brand new after the full detail service performed by Detail Kings! They were very professional and everything exceeded my expectations! The wax finish sparkled and looked fresh for 2 weeks after the detailing was performed. I don’t know how they got the floor mats and upholstery so clean – they were extremely dirty due to weather conditions and a child using the back seat as a portable restaurant and art studio for years. Thank you for a fresh start, Detail Kings. We will be back!

David Mangefrida

I have continued to use Detail Kings to do my heavy duty cleaning, and they continue to do an excellent job for me on all my cars. Highly recommended.

Pathik Bhatt

I have never paid to have any of my cars detailed, but the Detail Kings Groupon deal was enough to make me try it. I am happy to say that they did an awesome job on the interior of my car. I had just purchased it used and the previous owner did not give it to me in the cleanest of conditions; however, after a couple hours at Detail Kings the interior looked brand new! It was definitely worth the deal price - and probably worth investing the full price every so often.

Clare Briner

Had two of our vehicles detailed at Detail Kings and was very pleased with the results. Work was very thorough; not a stitch of dog hair or kid crumbs were left behind.

Megan McInerney

Detail Kings did a great job. We took 2 family cars there and they both came out looking great. Would definitely recommend.

Harvey Yarbrough

I own a cadillac dts that was in dire need of a professional detail. Detail Kings has my car looking, smelling, and feeling like brand new. I am still receiving compliments from total strangers. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!

Natural Healing

Did a unsatisfactory job, not a thorough interior detail. Part of the issue is they are in the basement of a parking garage and have no sun, even directly outside, so they do not have enough light. Areas of the dash were missed, dirt on arm rest was missed, dirt on carpet was not taken out, part of the detail (door handles / locks) were missed and a large area of dirt / dust in the opening of a door was missed. This is not a 'showroom' detail, it is an interior cleaning. Go somewhere else if you want a real interior detail. Pictures. Regard the below comment, I left a voicemail on Friday and sent an email to Detail Kings on Sat requesting you correct it. The below note is the first I am hearing back. Regarding the comments above, reviews are fine if a person has a good experience, but if they have a bad experience it is not okay to review? No. The pictures and review are an accurate description of the way my car was left.

Venkat Palle

Excellent service! They did an amazing job on my cars. I had the showroom detailing done and am very happy with the results. The cars look practically new appearance wise. Also, they are very nice people and will go to great lengths to make you a happy customer. Thank you and keep it up!!!

Joleen Graff

This facility is quite a distance from my house, but I had bought a coupon and thought I would try it out. It's a little tricky to find once you are inside the garage. Once I found it, I left the car there and proceeded to a very nice cafeteria upstairs with a beautiful view. The car was finished on time and I had a pleasant waiting area. I could have walked around outside but it was winter or raining. I took the car back a second time but was not as pleased as the first time. I didn't think the job done on it was as good and it was done a lot quicker. They told me the floor mats were all in the trunk--drying. I had rubber floor mats over the carpeted ones and the ones from the rear never came home with me. When I called, I was brushed off with I should just look again and they couldn't possibly be there because their facility is so small. With a note of sarcasm, the owner Paul told me "well, I'll call every customer that was in here that day and ask them about it. I must look stupid -- I knew he was not going to do that. So, I have not returned. Received a phone call immediately today from owner to rectify this situation. Will return to this facility as they do very nice work on your car and it is sparkling clean when they are finished with it. I will return to their facility in the future.

Kim Blackburn

Great experience with these guys - I was beyond impressed with the interior cleaning. I purchased the Interior Detail package and it was well worth the money - people are charging way more for this full service and I never thought it would be worth it. I have 2 kids who destroyed my seats/carpets with spills - or so I thought. All stains came out with this one cleaning and the car seriously looked brand new. And they come to my work which makes it a no brainer.

Theresa Cunningham

I had heard about Detail Kings from a friend and then she told be about a Groupon. I purchased it and scheduled a Spa day for my car. They are very friendly and did an awesome job on my car. I will be back!!! Great job!!

Yara Mekawi

Over all, I had a great experience with the Detail Kings. The location was a bit hard to get to, so I recommend calling before you go for directions, but they did an excellent job with my car and were very courteous. Made it look brand new!

Gary Pokorney

The past few years I have taken my 2000 Honda Civic Si to Detail Kings to get the Showroon Detail with engine cleaning. They do a great job of keeping my car look new inside and out. They have helped me keep my car looking its best the last few years and I will be taking it back to them for many more years to come for a top quality detail job!!

Marlene Souk

Went there for a more complicated detail on my BMW and it was beautifully done at a very reasonable price. Also, they listen to their customers, do exactly what they say they will/what you ask for, and are good about both appointment times and detailing speed. Like other posters said, I'll definitely be back (a lot more than once) and this is my new go-to .

ken gabry

I had the "hand wax detail" done on my car. Great experience from start to finish. Drop off was quick. Access to the café/cafeteria is perfect if you are waiting for your car. Super friendly atmosphere and the results were outstanding. My car looks like new.

Jazmin Tuazon-Delgado

After searching around, I decided to give detail kings a try. My main concern is that my car had a lot of swirl marks and I needed only the exterior detailed before I put a sealant on my car. Response time to email was less than 24 hours which is good. I asked for mobile detailing services since I live over 30 min away but was told that they did not do that for only one car. Update on the website might be helpful there. So I proceeded to figure out when I could get in and texted Paul. He got back to me very quickly and a time was set. I paid $200 for an exterior only showroom detail. Here are the pros and cons: Pros: swirl marks gone besides the wheels, car looks nice availability of appointments quick email/text/phone response Cons: rims were obviously dirty no concession other than to drive all the way back to clean the rim properly **SEE PHOTOS ON YELP TO LOOK AT MY RIMS AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF IT WAS JUST DUST FROM THE DRIVE HOME I called Paul immediately when the hubbub brought the car home to inform him of the dirty rims. He stated that he stands by his work and I could bring it back in but also stated that it was probably brake dust from the drive home. I sent him 2 pics that show that it was an obvious missed spot and he still insisted that they used meguiars brake dust cleaner on my car and the rims didn't look like that when the car left the shop. Well, the hubby came straight home and didn't stop anywhere but that's fine. I finished the job for him and cleaned my rims myself. He asked what he could do besides having me drive all the way back. I paid the man already and expected either a small refund for my troubles or possible discount on future services should I decide to try them again. Neither was offered and I was not about to ask for something that someone in customer service should always offer when there is an obvious mistake and an unhappy customer.

Jackie Parker

Updated to Previous Review: I have changed my rating. Paul, the owner, reached out to me and apologized for the previous service I had received. He offered a complimentary exterior wash which I took him up on. They did a much better job on my vehicle and I was happy with the service. I will say, Detail Kings has GREAT customer service! 2 strikes! The first time I took my vehicle to Detail Kings I got the interior and exterior cleaning. I left feeling it was subpar. My windows were still filthy and they didn't even touch the inside of my trunk/3rd row seat area even though I had cleaned it out and there wasn't anything back there. When I looked in the hatch area I still have leaves and stuff all over. I didn't say anything but after paying extra for a SUV I feel ALL of vehicle should have been vacuumed out. Well, I decided to give them another try a couple months later and decided to just go with the exterior cleaning this time. Another EPIC fail! When I went to go get in my car I noticed that my entire front bumper still had several dead bugs all over it. This time I wasn't going to keep quiet. I went back and explained my discovery and the guy behind the counter apologized and sent 2 guys out to clean my bumper off. They did the best they could with just their rags but it definitely needed a pressure spray. When I drove off and left the garage and got into the daylight I realized, the driver's side view mirror had a film left on it that was never cleaned off and made it difficult to even see out of it. So I found something in my vehicle and wiped off my mirror. 2 not so great experiences left me unimpressed, which is sad because everyone is very nice, and it's so convenient since it's located in the building I work in but the effort and work put in is not work the cost at all!

Kate Leonard

My car was beat up! Running kids around to sports in all weather, road trips and a new teenage driver had taken their toll. Detail Kings made me love my car again, not cringe when I got in it! Polite, fast and accommodating! Thank you.

Chad Steele

They did a fantastic job on my car! Veteran owned and excellent staff.

Laurie Pawli

Great service, prompt, and personable people. I had the new car package applied to my 2007 Avalon. It came out great and I have received compliments from people who rode in it since. Definitely bringing my cars here again.

Christopher Ngai

I would say their service is pretty good. I think they come to the Highland Park building 1-2 times a year, and I got my car detailed while working. pretty neat. I always wanted to go back, just kind of lazy. I would actually prefer if they come to my work place.

Andrea Alterman Lachs

I brought in a minivan that had been through the war. Seven years old and it had never been detailed. I picked up a minivan from Detail Kings that looked like it had just left the showroom floor. Great work, nice people, highly recommend!!

Brian Jared

I was very impressed with how quickly and thorough the detailing was on my car. I would definitely use Detail Kings again.

Mark Dixon

First time customer two vehicles $525. Will never do business with DK again. Poor attention to detail, dirt, smudges and streaks. Doors & Wheel Wells were the worst. The back you see on door is after I wiped it with my finger. Should have known to expect poor quality since shop is in a dark corner of parking garage. But here’s the main reason for One Star. Someone decided to keep $20 bill and all the quarters from ashtray and I am not buying vacuum did it since it left all the pennies nickels and dimes.

Lane Poppert

I went in for the Wax Detail service, and I was very happy with the results. They have a large work crew so if you don't have a lot of time they can get it done in a timely matter. The car came out looking great, especially the rims and tires which were very dirty. I would recommend detail kings to anyone and would go back.

Doug Andrews

Detail Kings did a bang up job. Interior looks like new !

Eric H

They were great. My car has never been cleaner!

T J Furstenau

Detail Kings have done a great job on everything from in and out clean on my dirty Jeep, full detail on my wife’s Flex, to a quick wash on my Sportster. Very accommodating to get me in and out, and vehicles look great when done.

Lee Hudson

I had both of my cars detailed at "Detail Kings." I was very pleased with the service and results!

Kevin Redding

I was very pleased with the quality of work and customer service I received at Detail Kings. They were very efficient in detailing my Car. I would definitetly use them again.

Anne Murphy

I purchased a groupon for Detail Kings for an exterior and interior detail. I called to schedule an appointment with them and came in two days later. The entire process ran very smoothly. I dropped off my car, went shopping at Oak Brook for two hours, and received a phone call when they were finished. When I came to pick up my car, I was very impressed and my car felt like brand new. The employees are very professional and organized. I will definitely be back! Thank you again for your service!

Sheree Roberts

When they say they are full service, this is exactly what you get! I have a dark colored vehicle that had lost some of its shine/luster...however when Detail Kings finished with the wash and detailing it was almost like a different vehicle. They took extra care to clean the inside including all floor mats, windows and door pockets. Overall I was very satisfied with the service I received on my visit and look forward to the next visit soon!

Michelle N

We had an offer from Groupon that we used for Detail Kings. I was expecting a thorough cleaning of my mini van but when I picked up my van, I was amazed at how much cleaner the van was! It was showroom quality and I never imagined that my van could look that good inside! I have three children and my van was in desperate need of a deep cleaning. It was sparkling inside and out. We are going to be booking our next detailing with Detail Kings again this July because of the great job they did on the van. I would definitely recommend them!!

Jill C

I was very impressed with the detail job. Seems like a strange location, but it was well worth it. I have four kids and the inside of my car is downright nasty. They did an awesome job. I would highly recommend their services.

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