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3932 IL-120, McHenry, IL 60051, United States

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REVIEWS OF Clean N' Shine Car Wash IN Illinois

Brett Jackson


I mean, it's a coin operated car wash. What do you want?

William Mueller

Daniel Palmisano

Stopped off at this car wash today for the first time and boy was I impressed. This car wash makes the surrounding area self car washes look and feel like second class. I would highly recommend this place if you're looking for a full service car wash. I live in the surrounding McHenry area and will go back.

Dana Colston Jr.

I tried the auto car wash here. Very simple to use. Insert money (cash or coins), press the type of wash you want, and drive into the car bay. Note the stop light has to be illuminated for the auto wash to begin. Initially I drove too far and nothing happened. I simply put car in reverse until stop light came on and it started up. Also bring towels to wipe car off afterwards as there is no dryer in the auto wash. But for the price, car looked brand new. Definitely recommended.

Josefa Orduno

Lou Dog

TommyRip Valentine

Easy access, automatic wash did an excellent job

Jessica Walsh


Linc Carter

Susan Kallerud

Clean car. !!!


Great carwash! I went to the other one in town a couple weeks ago and was not impressed at all... This week I go to this one and you can tell the difference in quality of products and the prices were excellent. Anytime I need a wash, this is the place I'll be going to from now on!


Finally a place that accepts credit cards

yeka Ortiz

Kristy Caputo

Leobardo Cervantes

Adam Scalise

Machines always working. Good pressure and air drier.

Bill Pilarski

Automatic wash not very good. Sprays don't work. Need the brushes.

John Douglas

Leah Lee

Donnie Chapman

Lisa Thomas

Great "touchless" car wash! Friendly staff and it takes credit cards.

Steven Hayes

Fred P.

I live in McHenry and this wash is the best around. Quality car wash and they accept Credit Cards. Their prices are great and I like how they are open 24 hours since I work late everyday.

HvH Meme

Good detailing


I love this place! Very well ran, updated equipment, clean and great prices. I go here and use both their Automatic car wash and their Self Serve bays. Real friendly employees too. They also have Dryers in the self serve bays which is pretty unique.

Jaylin Burgos

Ofelia Zavala

Michelle Hawley

Michelle Whitlock

family liquor

Has a debit card reader and the guy who works there is helpful and nice

Nick Nixter

Well mantained facility.

Nick Nelson

Jason Lee

Great wash place

Nick D

What a great wash! Great value


This is a decent place if you use self service options. All the chemicals and tools you need, and other than the foam gun, they are always full. The touchless wash however, is awful. I have tried it 3 times on a car that was barely dirty, to save myself the time of a detail spray. After the first time left my car still dirty, I tried the more expensive option they have, for dirtier cars. Each time my car still had dust and grime on the rear bumper, lower fenders and door panels. Not worth it.

Jason Sapp

Update (9:25 pm 10/11/2019) Thought I'd give them another try just in case my previous mishap was a rarity and this time it was worse. Machine broke after applying the first soap process (I paid for the ultra), i got stuck in the automatic carwash with soap all over my car. I had to eventually reverse out practically blind cause of the soap. The soap spots are going to be horrible tomorrow morning. I called their number and tbh, i was upset and demanded a refund. I'll update if they issue a refund or I'll reverse charge it via my bank. I have photos and video to document the process. I wanted a simple wash, but now my car left worse than it came in. I'll never go back to this carwash ever again. No attendant on site for refund, the machine (for automatic wash) didn't recognize all the bills I inserted in the machine, so I had to add additional money to get something instead of nothing, then the car wash didn't even clean my car. I paid for the ultra wash and got a basic one (steps skipped), so i paid more than listed for the ultra and got less in return. First time i left a review like this, my car doesn't even look like it was wash at all. I'm never coming back tbh

Joe pearson

It was ok sometimes you have new person working there that still learning was push thru too fast and once was push in reverse the person tell you too go foward when the car was allready on track you cant do anything

Luke Nina

They were AWESOME! Eloy is super nice and helpful on getting junk my Black walnut tree dumps on my car! LOVE the touchless car wash!!

Anthony Miraldi

We got a squeaky clean ride in no time @cleannshine

Jennifer Diebold

Brittney Hunt

Ok. The automatic is not that great.

Adam Subleski

Paid $7 for the touch free car wash tonight. There is DUST still on my car. The touch free is a joke and the fact that there isn’t even a dryer is worse. Go down the street to fast eddies for $2 more

Anthony D

Went to Clean N Shine Car Wash a few days ago and had a great experience. I had a few questions and the worker was very attentive and knowledgeable about everything. The foam brush left my car spotless and I am very happy with the quality of everything. Highly recommend this place & will be back!


I planned this cleaning trip a week in advance, got a roll of quarters, and drove 30 minutes one way, to shampoo the cigarette stink out of the second hand car we just bought. This place has one upholstery shampoo station, and it's out of soap. There's one dispenser of upholstery cleaner, for $2 per bottle, and that is out too.

Moe West

Best place to wash your car

Colene McClard

Paul S.

This is a great car wash in the town of McHenry. I have tried both their self service and their Automatic car wash bays. They must use high quality soaps because it does a great job and you get your car washed for very little money. They have a pretty cool car dryer option in the self-serve bays which i have never seen before and it dries the car really well. Overall a great value car wash with excellent quality. Clean place and kept up very well compared to other car washes in the area. I would highly recommend this place.

Andrew Green

Sasha Smile

Although the concept seems logical enough - a self operated car wash - it's more expensive than just having someone clean your car for you. Your ability to be more detail oriented than a automatic car wash is definitely the appealing part, however, that is where it ends. Each cycle, be it, water pressure washer or the soapy suds - each seem to last about a minute to two minutes per every $1.50. So by the time you have fully rinsed, soaped up, rewashed and blow dried the car you can easily spend $10.00 or more if you are looking to achieve a proper cleaning. Not to mention the cost of your time that you are investing. Personally I did not find that this place really provided gently used tool either. Did not end up soaping up my car as the brush they have provided shows clear signs of damage, split bristles, and years of dirt buildup. Seems kind of sketchy and would highly advise against its use if you do not want to scuff and scratch up your vehicle. Personally, this place is a skip for me - just resort to the old school method - hose, bucket, soap, and jean cut off shorts. It is the safest bet. ;]

Jc U

Clean place

Eric Larkey

Ruben Rios

No attendant on premesis , machine ate some of my change and there's no air drying for your vehicle .

Jimmy W

I am very pleased with the car washes I have received here. Best wash for your buck, that is for sure.

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