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REVIEWS OF Clean Image Car Wash & Professional Detail Center IN Illinois

Greg Nelson

Came in for a full detail the broke the latch of my glovebox and tried to hide it had to call police to try to file damage report so they would agree that it happen then get in my truck to leave and they broke the roads in the driver power seat and they would not pay to fix it offered me a free car wash for the damage would never go there rather a dirty car then a broken one

Danny Fernandes

Great service

marilyn freund

Michael Adams

My car is beautiful !!

Steve Durov

Nice a little bit better then others.

lori haggard

Missed the center console. Outside looked fabulous.

John Graham

Absolute garbage. They broke my valve cap and didn’t even take blame for it. Cost me over 100$ to fix it all they said was a free car wash.

Randytrish Lake


Ray Mikrut

Tyler Parisi

My favorite place for a wash, the price is right and they always do a fantastic job, especially on drying it after, alot of places around shorewood fall flat on, and no one likes paying 20 plus for a car wash and having their car full of streaks and still looking dirty. Would absolutely recommend.

Shirley Podraza

My vehicle looked like new. Thanks guys!

Wayne Howard

They do a fantastic job on cleaning you car. They vacuum your car out and hand towel your car dry.

Dalton Skids

Heavy Swirl and towel marks on my paint. They are not using new towels or they are using the wrong brand. I brought my new Truck in to get a basic wash. I have only done a couple touchless washes until now. The paint was spotless. I'm not misinformed, I know this can happen on a small scale but these are deep swirls and there are a couple scratches in the same area. I can see how the guy dried off the car from the marks. I also do not understand how the "Rust inhibitor" "spray wax" "carbauba" products even work with their automated system. I can tell you, they don't. There is not enough time between the applications for them to do anything. It gets washed right off. I noticed there was soap on the back of my truck that must have collected in the bed then drained. I pointed it out. Instead of rinsing it real quick, this guy told me its fine they wiped it in. WHAT? what does that mean? is it soap wax carbauba what? No, It's worthless. I watched my truck go through the tunnel through their great display area. There is not enough time for debris to fall off the cloths from the car in front of you in the line. I can tell you without a doubt that dirt from the suv in front, landed on my truck and so on down the line. It's insane. But the icing on the cake Is when I decided to reach out and give them a call about the swirl marks. The reaction I got on the phone, from the MANAGER was extremely disappointing. I did not go on the line guns a blazing, I was calm I know things happen in business sometimes you just happen to be the casualty. I have my own business and employees as well. This guy's immediate combative attitude towards my concern, tells me one thing, HE GETS THESE CALLS ALOT. They are not trained in customer service. The "shut up go away" mentality in business will kill any loyalty you might have gained. That is a huge red flag. A customer's problem is your problem. If you solve it with praises you just kept that customer and their friends. So now, I don't want a refund I don't want to let my truck near this place to buff or fix anything. I'll take it as a lesson learned and go to someone who knows their business and their customers. I hope someone of stature pays attention to reviews like these because I'm probably one of many but I just happened to share my story.

Sujay Karvekar

Horrible... my first time there , i take the $24 option, which has a list of cleaning service they do including car trunk.. inside cleaning was horrible, dirt in coffee cup holders, trunk not cleaned, under the seat papers left!.. never going there again!

Tate Schwab

Debbie Kogelman

The car is always throughly cleaned. They have changed the vaccum station so service is even faster. Clean Image can get very busy on the weekends.

Haider Ali

Michael Louise

Always a great car wash

Kevin Ketvertis

Fast friendly service. They do a really good job on the interior and exterior of the car.

Bradford Billings


Tim Brociek

Came in and had my car detailed. They did an excellent job.

Gina Reato

Left streaks all inside the vehicle. Didn't clean windows all the way didn't dry all the way spots

Lucy St. John

This place is great for a cheap or expensive detail. But, when you get the $25 detail, you may leave thinking it could have been better. Still good though!

Cindy A

Today was my first visit to this business as it’s just a bit out of my way. I had the Top Shelf wash and was very satisfied with the results. I have to say my car was pretty filthy and after the wash, vacuum and cleaning it looks like I just drove it off the showroom floor. Well worth the drive. Thanks for doing a great job! So after posting this yesterday I noticed this morning that the whole front of my car including the side windows still has a ton of smashed bug remains that evidently did not come off in the wash so felt inclined to drop my original review from 5 stars down to 3. I will still go back for a second try but will probably take the time to remove all the bug remains first.

Tim Shafer

I had road tar on both sides of my car. They removed it and detailed the outside for a very reasonable price. The car looked beautiful. I have had several washes and the car looked great every time. The staff and All the people who work there are very nice and friendly. I would recommend this place 100%.

Melody L Henry

Fernando Vazquez-Barrios

clayton smith

This is literally the best car wash in the area! I can get a full clean and dry for an affordable price! Once you go here, you're hooked. Would definitely recommend as I'll be back!!


Harold Watkins

ramiro rangel

Tim Harrison

Nice place. Good service.

Paul Marciniak

Excellent job cleaning your car for you.

Larry Sahdev

A nice place to wash your car. Good service.

Patty Acevedo

Wesley Whorton

Juan Gonzalez

Fast and great

JG3 OutAndAbout

Came in told them what I wanted, gave me a price super fast & easy service. I will be back.

Ruth Koziol

They did a Fabulous job of cleaning my van. It really needed a good clean out and the gentleman who took care of my van made it sparkle inside and out!! Meticulous cleaning and detailing. They are a full service car wash and have quick exterior washes as well!! They do do detail work as well. Good selection of car accessories. Even Weathertech floor mats and cargo mats!!

Denise Cannizzaro

Zander Hinklemeijer

Always an easy, satisfying experience. They provide a wide-range of pricing and options, not just a wash or high-end detail.

Rocky Koche

John Pickering

Workers did a very good job cleaning the inside as well as the outside. Not too on of a wait.

Ben Bilter

Went here today and got the full service on my NEW 2 week old car. I drove it to southern Illinois yesterday and wanted to get the bugs off it. The wash was terrible, and most of the bugs were still there and I even asked them to pay extra attention to removing them, which the girl responded no problem. Well was I in for a shock when the car was finished. Several large scratches in my brand new car. Bug and all still there, And even a large leave sticking out of the grill. How could they not notice that!!! I immediately got the general manager and he said that he swears on his life that they did not do the Damage...really? On your life??? He said he could rewatch it again to take care of the bugs but they did not make any of the scratches which were on mostly one side of the hood. He said our dryers clean evenly and that if the damage was even on both side it would have been their fault. That is ridiculous and a stupid excuse. He said he couldn’t do anything about the scratches. I asked his name and said I was gonna write a review and then he said he wanted to see if they could buff out the scratches. Ohhhh, really, now you wanna help me when I’m gonna write a review. I told him that and he said he was going to do that in the first place. Yea right, if you were then you would have said that. He didn’t even say sorry or suggest giving my money back. I didn’t want him or his staff to touch my car again. I drove off and he still was talking to me and swearing that he didn’t do any damage. They also threw my weather tech mats in the back seat on my new leather seats and scratched the leather, which I didn’t realize till after I left! This place has really gone down hill. I have come here for years and all my Family and friends. Since posting about this incident on social media 2 hours ago I have had 12 people write comments on there horror stories with this location. Wow! Avoid this place at all cost. They take no pride in their work and just want your money.


My car was shiny for days

Edy Gies

They do a wonderful job without scratching. I'm really picky.

Mello Kitty

Pablo Parenti

I've been a long-time fan... just had my last visit though. Spent $30+tip on a ”deep interior” clean. 1. they accidentally rolled down a back window before prewash. Luckily they caught it about 10 ft into the wash & stopped the wash before it got wetter. 2. Deep clean was... Not extreme. Found wrappers under my seats before I left the lot; cracks of seats not clean, they used ” shine” in places not to be shined. Sigh. I don't recommend the interior clean. 3. I am at the free vacuum down the street finishing my trunk. ... I give it a ” good” rating because they have been great in the past. ... but the LAST few times have been sub-par.

Tom DeVaux

Been a customer for past 10+ years. Always get great service. Upgraded to the unlimited monthly package. A real bargain, having a black car. A fantastic value.

William Beagle

Great value

karyn Rodriguez

Great prices and they do a great job!

Greg Gersch

Randy Novak

Decent wash for the price. :)

Matthew Testa

Stopped in for a top shelf full service and they delivered. Best wash and service in the area!

Dianne Hrehor

Maura Davis

jakob granat

First review is by an employee I used to be an employee but quit due to problems I had there they do a good job

Mike Heinzman

AMAZING place! They're AWESOME!!

Petru Petcov


Patsy Schwichtenberg

This is been a very nice car wash they got a little pricey I haven't been there in a while I'd go back they need to bring back the 2-day guarantee all washes over 15 bucks

Frank Cich

They do a good job.


Love the service. Super cleaning and wipe down.

Harold Watkins

It's okay, last time there they half cleaned my windows, back window was extremely streaky, they have a tendency to leave towels in cars(happened to me a couple of times) there was a guy who brought back a towel while I was there. Believe they raised prices. Air freshener is now take one piece of cardboard and stick it under your seat.

Mark Jr

Always gave a 5* car wash! I always take my cars here!

Michael Smiles

Ask for Craig he is the man!

robert leal

They always do a great job and if something is not right they will make it right. I highly recommend going here. Keep up the great work.

Russ Vestuto

Hani Yacoub

The moment I reached for their tire shine I was threatened to have the cops called on me and told not to come back from the owners son who’s name must be Jessica. I tried explaining to him I only was using it because my personal tire shine wasn’t spraying from the can and almost brand new. I used to work here too! I even offered money and still was refused.

Dave Zupancic

Did a good job if my car which was a challenge inside. Missed a few spots and streaks on the outside but small so I can't complain. Best wash on the Joliet area.

Jose M Cornejo Jr

Michael Gilbert

Melissa Espinosa

Aaron Buffkin

Kevin Radford

Fred Ashford


Kayleigh Ann

Stanley Pikul

I own a Silverado Pickup truck and the car wash doesn't get all of the dirt off

John Henry

Good service

Jason Archer

Maria Griner

I haven't tried it but the reviews are terrible! Never will go there!


Joann Holba

Pavlo Voytsekhovskyy

I've been washing my car here for over 10 years. Never had a problem until a couple of days ago. My car has a lot of electronics (like automatic front windshield wipers, electronic parking brake, etc.) I always turn everything off before …

Jeff O

They are not open till 8pm like their page says

jeff meyer

Diane Wood

Did a very good job waxing and washing my car very satisfied

Bobbi Harlev

Dan Stewart

I just left this car wash first and last time I will very go here. Paid the 24 dollars for the works and the used dirty rags to wipe the interior down and the door runners where not even touched am very disappointed with the whole service.

David Ziebell

Awesome value, had my seats washed as well as my car and it practically looks detailed! Would recommend to anyone.

Jerry Veres

Sarah Once

I think I’m being generous giving this place 2 stars. I paid for the “full service” wash and received the bare minimum. They didn’t even wipe down the back of my seats where my daughter puts her feet because “it’s not included.” Or wipe down the inside of the doors. My rims look like they hadn’t been touched either. Save your money and go elsewhere to get a REAL FULL SERVICE!


Panagiota Gellis

Terrible. I keep giving this place a shot and I will NEVER go back again. I paid almost $30 for a full service car wash. After I had already vacuumed it myself because they always do a horrible job. After they were done they barely touched the inside. They used the same rag that they used to clean the mud off the outside of my car so now it was not only NOT off the outside, but was spread inside as well. Just horrible.

Grant Harrison

Clean Image Carwash has always been my go to spot! Price is right, service is second to none, and my kids absolutely love the unique soap colors! Keep being you Clean Image!

Sue Mccollum

Edward Brewer

p teach

yo skit

One of the most reasonable priced detailing shops around our area that does a pretty good job


Great place for a car cleaning for a low price

David Montague

Valerie Richardson

billnceleste Paymaster

They really turn the place into a ripe off! I been going there for ten years but now it's a waste of money.

Peter Tyrner

Worth the price


Robert Ostrowski

My car always looks great after its washed!

Mo kor

Tuesday is ladies day. Saved 2 dollars

Lakesha Kuye

I gave three stars as I have a mixed review. I tried them for the first time a month ago and I was amazed at the service. The gentleman had my car sparkling inside and out, my mats were even clean.. I went back Friday and paid $55.00, $45.00 for an in and out hand car wash plus a 10.00 tip. I got on the inside and realized NOTHING had been done to it. Nothing had been wiped down at all, mats were still dirty. I was in complete shock. I had an urgent appointment to get to and not a second to spare to complain. I did say no armor all in the inside of my car, but not to ignore the inside, if that was the case, I would have only paid for the outside. This was a complete waste of my money and Im beyond disappointed. Needless to say, I think I will start going somewhere else if this is considered acceptable service. Its complete dishonesty.

Jennifer Cardona

Everytime we've taken our cars there they've done a spectacular job and with 3 kids they get really, really dirty! It's amazing how great of a job they do!

Derek Ghiotto

True professionals. I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else.

John Schulz

David Brower

Excellent detail work

Rick Collins

They do a pretty good job on my cars

konrad mikolajczyk

Debi Blair LaFaire

Great place!! We use this carwash all the time. Everyone is so nice and the location is convenient. It is also very reasonably priced.

Ray Kay


Ron Vallejo

I’ve paid this company $70 a moth for years and they have good people but I had it when I pullled in today for full service and sat there for 20 min along with 4 others in the full service line as all the exterior line allowed about 7 cars ahead of us. One lady in full service was blowing the horn to get the one attendants attention because she was tired of being neglected. I finally got through and asked to speak the supervisor Sergio he came up and defended his position about 2 guys in the back there when there was only one, telling us there is nothing he can do about the full service customers being forgotten about over exterior only cars. Another neglected full service customer was behind me telling them I was correct when I got to the counter to tell Sergio that they only had one guy also as he refused to admit we were correct. I went out to check my car and I get top shelf service and they did not whipe down my chrome wheels and did not put tire shine which is a repetitive issue I’ve had with this place they either do 1/2 of my tires or none so I would just do it myself after paying them to do it. Sergio saw me telling the porter next to me that they skipped the shine so he came out to address me about why am I bothering his men, his intention was clearly to argue with me, and when he saw I was correct he got irritated telling me to cancel my contract with them because “I’m never happy” we’ll yes because you forget to shine my tires quite often and I pay you to do so. Proceed with caution with this place, while they do ok most of the time it’s a shame that the supervisor cant use the constructive criticism to get stronger instead of taking it personally.

Anthony McGlothian

Good car wash and towel dry service.

Marieme Tohe

First time customer for a 30$ seat cleaning and I’m very satisfied!! Will come back

Joe G.

Friendly staff and good service. They did a great job on the car and got me in and out quickly. Call ahead if you're looking for a hand car wash

Magda Kot

Lupita M

The exterior was good. I cant say the same about interior. For the price I paid, I expected more. I will probably go back but only wash exterior there. Fast service.

Grecca Gonzalez

Wonderful experience with my first Interior Detail. The SUV looks perfect... looks brand new... No joke cleaned everything, things that i didn't expect to come out, came out... Black interior rugs + Chicago salt and winter grime all GONE. Would totally recommend this place 100% Sal & Edgardo did a WONDERFUL JOB! Sara was a pleasure on the phone... definitely using them again.

Silvia Dulghieru

Unprofessional!!!!!!!worse car wash ever!!!!!

Kelly Obodzinski

This place is horrible! They could careless about their customers! My 15 year old does a better job for less money! Save yourself stress & money...go someplace that values their customers!!

Corey Valpatic

Went here to get the interior of my car cleaned. Paid for the $24 interior clean. They barely vacuumed and wiped down anything... waste of money. DO NOT go here.

vodka 0tter

Best car wash ever!

Terri McGurty

kenneth kelledy

Just paid $230 for a full detail. Received car back with wet carpets and all mats thrown in the back seat. Told me put them back in when it's dry. They didn't clean door jams or hinges, when I asked he wiped off. As for outside detail. Don't waste your money. Piss poor at best. I noticed wax spatter everywhere. Running boards handles and bed cover. By that point I just wanted to leave. Spend the extra $30.00 and go to a professional detail shop. Possibly you'll get a better detail service. I definitely will find out next time when I take my truck somewhere else.

Mary Benik

Awesome place to get your car washed! They do a complete job! Your car looks brand new! Everyone is courteous! Highly recommend this place!!

Phil Jones-LeDuc

They do a decent job but he sure to inspect the work to make sure. We usually have to have things redone when we go

Justin Camera

Had a complete detail done here on Saturday and the results were terrific! I was quoted 4-6 hours for the job, and it took a little over 4 hours. I have a mid-size sedan, but it has not been well kept (to say the least). They have 10% off coupons on the website which I used at the location without printing them (I just mentioned it to the desk clerk).

Pat B

Awesome place! My truck has not been this clean in a long time. I will defiantly be back!

Vanessa Lockwood

Paid just under $30 for “the best” wash. Awful. I come out to my dried car that has dirt smeared on it. I ask if they could run it through again they used a spray bottle which made it slightly better. I tip, get in drive off and the windshield hadn’t been cleaned, the seats hadn’t even been wiped, parts of the outside are spotted. I go back because I am literally wiping things down myself. So $30 later I have a car that was partially washed with dirt rubbed in while they dried it, a dirty windshield, carpet w stuff still on it and my dash/console/seats/doors not even wiped off. I asked for a refund for the interior of the car but that was not an option. Thankfully they give you a wipe so you can do it all on your own!

Tee T

$45 hand wash for in and out ... horrible. Car barely cleaned inside. Seats not vaccummed; dash not wiped down;carpet not properly vaccummed; door jams dirty .... the list goes on. Appeared as I waited people paying for the cheaper services got their car better cleaned than mine. I will never return EVER. I will also never recommend. Disgusted.

Rocio Elizabeth

Terrible experience, which was completely opposite from my first visit...this was definitely my last time going there. Even after my complaining about what was apparently "a miscommunication" and the manager saying they'd fix it...I get in my car and IT'S STILL NOT CLEAN. NOT vacuumed AT ALL and the mats just looked like they were rinsed. At that point with a crying baby; I couldn't go back in there, would've probably been pointless anyway. Waste of time and money.

bill winkle

Great carwash, really great price , best value for your buck.

Angela Townsend

Raymond Jones Jr

I got a hand car wash today. It was a gift from my kids for Father's Day, and the guy did a crappy job. My car was clean but still wet not completely dried and with a hand car wash you would think the door jambs would get dried. No door jambs dried, mud in wheel wells, and wheels not cleaned . I didnt have time to complain but I have had plenty of hand washes in the past and it came out great. The only reason I gave two stars because previous service is great. I was better off not getting a wash today.

john kogelman

Car wash is good but the price is getting very high. $25 for a full wash is a bit steep for Plainfield.

Gerald Brillon

Joan Rigoni

Christopher Tschida

Have been going to Clean Image Car Wash consistently in my 20 years living in the greater Plainfield area and have always received amazing service from start to finish.

Andres Bedon

Went 3 times. Paid for the handwash ($25) and acid washed wheels ($20!) Each time. All 3 times my sideskirts were left filthy on both sides of my car. Lower rear bumper was filthy as well. The third time i finally said something and they cleaned the affected areas. Its unfortunate cause theyre local to me. Never going back. For a $45 car wash i should not have to ask the detailers to go over it twice.

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