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REVIEWS OF Cary Car Wash IN Illinois

Lina B.

Got an ultimate wash today and was still left with fingerprints on the windows, not all the bugs cleaned off the nose and and a dusty dashboard. Disappointed after being referred there smh

Carmelo Gutiérrez

Dennis Ohlinger

I don't know why the ratings are so low. They did a nice job for me. Depends on where you look though. Being that I was a manager at a full-service car wash and detail, I know explicitly what it takes to get this kind of thing done. You'll never make everybody happy and make money for the company at the same time. They could definitely do a better job getting the vehicles through more quickly. The tunnel is pretty nice. The place itself is relatively clean. Training, training, and more training. That's what they would need in order to be a great car wash and be more profitable at the same time, while bringing perceived value to their customers. It wasn't the peak season, it was extremely busy on and on unseasonably warm day. They weren't in full go mode. I don't necessarily blame them. The manager should have been out there washing cars next to the wash attendants. I'll go back another time, seeing as how it is so close. After that I will be able to decide if there is good value within that wash.

Rob Johnson

Got a simple exterior clean... simple turned into complicated... had important documents and equipment in my seat on the inside of car and somehow seat, documents and equipment get wet. Take car back and show them what happened and MGR Chris says it didn't happen from them! My seat and documents were not wet before I came here. Windows and sunroof closed but magically it's still not their fault. Goes so far as to grab cleaner solution and turn it upside down in car... and guess what the bottle starts leaking but still he sticks to his guns of something else must have happened. I will never come back to this and advise anyone to stay away from this place. Mistakes happen but no ownership when it does from these guys.

Kathy Hall

paul harris

Ed Becerra

Rodrigo de la Torre

Great place. Monthly car wash membership is nice and is an affordable way to keep your car's exterior in top shape. Many packages to choose from and the staff there puts they're all into the service they provide.

Justin Lowe

Had things stolen from my car. That's the last time I'll be going

Simon Zhao

Experience is pretty good. I've taken cars to wash here for a while, and the wash gets the car pretty clean, even if I just get the exterior only, still include a inside and out glass wipe down and hand dry. What makes this 5 stars is not from the wash alone. My wife's car (she bought before meeting me, other wise I wouldn't let her buy it) was an EX-rental, 30k of rental miles with cola spilled all over the rear carpets and seats probably have 5 different shades of soda and dirt. And after 2 years of leaving it outside, it had a strong sour/rotting odor. Was almost planning to selling the car at a loss, until I decided to get a interior detail from here, and they did a fantastic job. Rear seat is spot less (front as well) and odor is gone, for $109 it's a bargin. Very satisfied with the outcome.

Ray Andrade

Jennifer Fredrich

This was the first time I’ve visited Cary car wash. They did a phenomenal job cleaning my car both inside and out as well as getting up my dog hair. I had explained to the owner that I was done with Fast Eddies’s car wash because the last time I was there they didn’t bother to vacuum at all (when I had brought that to the owners attention at Fast Eddie’s his response was I should’ve checked it before I left). Not only did the owner here go out of his way to make sure my carpets were spotless from hair, he also gave me some tricks of the trade when I vacuum myself. Since it was my first time there, I asked the other patrons if the effort made on their cars was customary and they all said yes. This is by far the best car wash I’ve ever gotten.

Zachary Peter

Scratches all over car!!! When I noticed the scratches I kindly asked for them to look at it and fix the issue they caused and they turned me away! TERRIBLE PLACE!! DONT GO HERE!

Rob Konopka

Paul Gilliam


So heres the deal with this choose from 3 options, each one includes a little more washing and waxing etc. I typically get the middle option because it includes wheel shine. First, they vacuum your floors which gets the dirt that is easily reachable. They will not get into crevices or under the seats. Crumbs in your cup holders will still be there waiting for you. Then they run your car through a spinning brush car wash, towel dry it, wipe off the dash, windex the windows and slather some goo on the tires (if you paid for it). You can expect the car to be about 85% clean when you get it back. The whole process is sloooooooow. Go get a cup of coffee at the Dunkin Donuts next door because you've got plenty of time. They do have a nice waiting area with a TV. Bottom line, the prices are high for what you get. The middle option costs $21 not including tip. For $25 I'm not coming here with any regularity. However, they are the only game in downtown Cary. So you are paying not to have to drive to Crystal Lake or Barrington for a cheaper wash. A few years back I paid them a couple hundred dollars to completely detail my summer show car inside and out, claybar the paint, detail the trunk and engine bay, the whole 9 yards. Once again I felt like the car was about 90% complete. Overall not a completely satisfying experience for the prices they charge.


These guys are great. Not only do we take our truck there but boat as well

Rebecca Suarez


Typical car wash. Nothing spectacular (I just got basic wash though so take that with a grain of salt). But also nothing to complain about... Never mind. Really good. They just cleaned/dried my tires without my asking or paying for it. No one has ever dried the tires without pay in my experience.

John D Robinson

The only place in town.

chris pagels

Cristopher Espinoza

Clyde Banks

Excellent service, reasonably priced. They definitely take care of their customers.

Marjorie Prezioso

Brad Blackwell

Celine Hobbs

GOOGLE MARKER IS WRONG on this! Type in the address 820 South Northwest Highway, Cary, IL or you'll never find it.

robert linam

the cary carwash stole 350dollars bogus charges on my credit card be warry of this shady owner he will not even try to work it out with me only use cash his workers do know to clean a car.

Lisa Chenow

Kevin Gallagher

Bob Hanson

Got my car detailed there. It was only supposed to be 4 hours but it took closer to 6. However, I chalk that up to a family full of kids all the time and rarely vacuuming the car over the course of the previous year. For a normal car wash, they get you in and out, have free coffee and do a great job. Very, very much recommended.

Daniel Avila

Phil Arendt

My car was sparking clean despite the frigid weather.

Erika Kwasny

Great service. I had a milk spill in my backseat and the detailing department was able to get it out. The waiting room had free WiFi and TV.

Daniel James

Didnt get the bugs off my car. Acknowledged they should have scrubbed before putting through wash but refused to wash it again. I used a groupon to try them thank goodness.

Nicolina Tuoc

Prices are typical car wash prices for $9 for exterior to $20 for most extensive car wash. They had my car looking beautiful even though it took longer than I expected since I used to work at a car wash center..but they didn't have many staff so that may have been why.

Andy Cote

The guys that day off your car, wash windows and spot clean your car are the best.


Robert Linam

the puke that runs the place hit my card for 350 dollars in bogus charges, has ignored me since he or his staff stole from me,now over a year. the workers do get a car clean no question.I just want to warn others if u have an issue there, the boy that runs the place may ignore you as he has me.Enjoy youre holiday dinner since its on me.shame on you crook.

Vaughn Mueller

Gina Falat

charles lawhun

Great wash. Dont go to the Turtle Wax. Its a waste.

Scott Kuperman

Konrad S

Ulia M.

Shanna Smith

We took my husband's car here for a detail. His car came out absolutely beautiful inside and out. We were very pleased with the job they did!

David Huffman

Sadly the quality of service has slowly declined. They do a poor job of vacuuming the interior and wiping down the car. The last time I was there and had my floor mats cleaned (number 3 wash) they were not dry and the individual that put them back into my car dripped muddy water all over my seats and interior. Im better of going to the $3.00 car wash and drying it myself, since I have to do it anyways.

Mike Mullaney

Just O.K. Unfortunately the price reflects much higher quality service than received


I don't know what it is the soap that they use leaves a really deep shine on my car. Makes it look like it was waxed with a clay bar and has it gives it a nice look every single time. A little cheaper than the known. Competition in the area as well and do a better job in my opinion.

Bryan Todd

The wash was bought a year or two ago and the service has remained consistent, as has much of the staff. The service is better than average, and the cloths used to hand dry the vehicles are microfiber. Better than average inside facility. Decent vending machines, clean bathrooms, and large comfortable inside waiting area. Could use another couch or two. You get what you pay for. The price is on par.

Kelly Huerta

Amazing results ! Especially one employee named Michael he did a great job

Barb Maguire

Detail job - car is looking REALLY FABULOUS & moisture beads up perfectly. Great people

Cassie T

jowie ocasio

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelentes

David Lopez

Very good service, cars are clean, clean!

Patrick Dunne

Anthony Fosbinder

Washed my car perfectly

Veselka Kostadinov

Jack Cole

Rebecca Bianchi

Did a great job washing my car

Roy Szarafinski

Purchased a local value deal online thinking I could save a few bucks but when I got the car wash I found out it was the same price either way. The wash was adequate but I'm never paying $26 for a car wash again.


frickin love this polace

Gregory Cole

We have taken several cars & trucks here over the last two years. I took in a Chevrolet Malibu today and decided to give a review. This day was not very busy, so I would expect they would take a little more care than if there was a line of cars waiting. This was not the case. There were several areas on the the body that were missed and the front rims were completely missed and looked terrible. This will likely be the last time for us to use the Cary Auto Bath. Disappointing, because they are in our regular travel routes. PS. Also noted later that the inside of the windshield was so badly streaked we were able to dive until it was cleared.

Bill Hoidas

They do a good job and employees are nice but they are agonizingly slow. Be prepared to wait a long long time. I would like to go there but don't have the time to wait so long. Even en exterior only wash takes forever.


only use cash here i had a big bogus over charge on my credit card owner will not man up and resolve shame on cary car ripoff

Sandra Nirva

Always do an excellent job.

Jeff Strauss

Went to get a car wash, deluxe. I asked the guy to clean/wipe some finger prints and he did it. When I got home I noticed the entire right side of my black Cadillac Escalade had 100's of tiny scratches. When I called them back and explained this to the all they could say is that it couldn't be their car wash. This truck is in immaculate condition always. I will strongly encourage people to think twice before having damage done to their car or truck.....good luck to all but Ill never go back at all

Chris Walneck

Their prices represent a good value, the quality is good, and the friendly smile behind the counter is nice. Though I've only used them for car washes, not detailing, it seems they really care about customer service, even taking the time to engage in a little idle chit/chat while they're ringing you up.

Hiten Patel

Sara Guzman

Amie Albano

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