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1000 E Southline Rd, Tuscola, IL 61953, United States

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David Angel

Don't just stop here for gas - they've got a lot more. Clean shop, friendly staff, and a pretty wide selection of snacks and drinks, at pretty reasonable prices. Car wash works as you'd expect - just be sure to get the wash before pumping gas so you get the fuel discount. Not too far out of the way, and I'll be keeping them in mind on my trips through the area.

Chris Filicsky


It's a gas station. Pretty good with local chocolates.

Lucky McKinzie

No smiley faces or hellos in here. Cold winter mornings at 0800hrs a man spending his cash deserve a smile an a hello. So I only got 40 on the diesel side

Gary Waters

Clean and food is good

Ilie St


Excellent and friendly service! Men’s restroom sparkling clean! Thank you BP!

Nah Word

Clean, friendly stop

judy ross

This place has it all!

Cliff Clifford

Huge gas station...they have everything!

Valdas Jackunas

ion borta

Michelle Adkins

Jeff M

Very clean inside & out. approx 10 truck spots directly adjacent to the fuel pumps and a larger lot further back from there separated by a short streey that runs between the two lots.

Greg Storm

Laurence Hartnett

Not happy they stopped selling locally made Amish cookies and products. They were the #1 reason we stopped here. Otherwise the place is clean with an assortment of drinks and snacks..

Ethan Humphreys

The inside is nice and good fountain drink.

Nelson C

Is a pretty good store it's got a lot of stuff in it from food to alcohol soft drinks gas in a car wash a good atmosphere.

Ashton Smith

A great place for gas and more. As a teenage girl, I love how the gas pumps have bright lights during the night. They also serve the best fried chicken inside. If you don’t try the rolls, you don’t know what you’re missing. Overall, it’s the best place in town to make a pit stop every week of if you’re passing by on the interstate.

jose ramirez

Great gas station, great service place nice and clean, I could give them 6 stars keep up the good service!!!!

Joseph Hamilton

Fried chicken and biscuits are excellent.

Terry Otradovec

Marilinda Jane

Artie Jezyna

Employee Helen is totally incompetent, stupid and rude! They cheat on fuel prices, my trucks will never fuel there again.

Tiffany Blankenship

Caytlin C

Very clean. We got 2 extreme cappuccinos french vanilla tasted like soap! Gross we threw them out. The made doughnuts were ok, a little dry, but better then the hostess powdered doughnuts those were expired or something. Sorry not impressed with the products we bought, but it was clean.

Alexa RK

Extremely clean and futuristic!! This GAS STATIONS bathroom is 100 times cleaner than the local DAIRY QUEENS bathroom without a doubt. So clean and well organized throughout the entire store!

Richard Stephens

Nice place

Zach Agnew

Clean establishment and all the pumps were working. I didn't have any issues with anything.

Laura Kyle

Best Chicken I ever tasted keep up the good work

Melody Sain

John V

AJ Coady

New building. Chicken restaurant attached. Gaming room. Walk in beer cooler. Great gas station.

Petar Panchev

Nice, small, clean truck stop!

Tiffany Frazier

Racism still exists in Tuscola. I feel sorry for the people here. My family and I stopped here on our way to a funeral on 4/12/18 at approximately 9:45am. We got gas and went inside to use the restroom and grab ice for the cooler. Upon coming out of the bathroom, we went to the counter to purchase ice. There were two workers at the “gas station” counter-female (Kim) and male. The male left as we approached. There was a female at the “food service counter” which is right next to the "gas station counter". Neither of the employees acknowledged us with a “hello”, “be with you in a moment”, “come to this side of the counter for service”-nothing. I spoke to Kim and asked if this counter was where we needed to be to purchase ice. She reluctantly stated yes and picked up the phone-that was not ringing, and dialed a number. We continued to wait. The male never came back into view. I noticed where Kim was standing, there was a sign asking the customer to go to the next register, so we moved over two feet to the next register. Kim still was holding the phone, not speaking, and did not further speak to us. Another customer came into the store and grabbed coffee and possibly a piece of fruit. He at first waited behind us. At this point, we’ve been waiting over five minutes with no word from any of the remaining two female employees. Suddenly the male customer waiting behind us, walks over to the “food service” counter, sets his items down and asks for cigarettes. The “food service” female employee walks over to the “gas station” side, grabs the cigarettes and comes back to the “food service” side and begins to ring him up. At this point, we state, we’ve been here waiting before this man-how is he serviced before us? The “food service” employee said she doesn’t work the “gas station” side. All the while, the other female employee Kim is saying nothing. We stated how are you able to grab cigarettes from the gas station side and ring him up before us. We’ve been waiting before this customer. To this, there was no logical answer. The customer then states we could have come to the food service side. We stated no one had acknowledged us or offered to tell us that-as a new customer how would we know that was the case or an option to be able to purchase ice from the "food service" side. Please note the employees and this customer that was serviced were white. My family is brown. We left immediately and purchased ice from another gas station. I wish I would have learned how they felt about us before I purchased my gas. I will never go here again and will tell all my friends and family.

ioulian markov

Yalin Fu

vladimir ivanov

Nice and clean. Store is loaded. Fried Chicken joint if that's your thing. Cold sandwiches,salads, wraps...Few semi spots in the back. I like it

Serj M

Bob Dugan

This place makes me very happy. It's clean and they have everything. The cashier dude was juggling and said, Jim Bob Jamboree as we were leaving. Big smiles. Lol

Andrew Velázquez

While on our last Labor Day vacation from Indiana, we stopped at this gas station to fill up before heading north to Champaign. Upon doing so, we stopped at the far eastern pump. My father paid the clerk inside and asked for premium gasoline. She printed the receipt, which said we had bought premium. When we returned to the car, my dad grabbed the black pump like he always does (since black is usually unleaded/premium and green is almost always diesel) and then hit the premium button. The pump said: "Begin fueling." We left the gas station, and right as we started heading north on I-57, the car started jerking violently and died. To make a long story short, we called the wrecker to take it to a mechanic. The mechanic told us that we had indeed pumped diesel into the car (even though the receipt said premium). Then, he proceeded to tell us that this happens routinely with customers who stop at this gas station because the station has switched the pump colors (diesel is black whereas unleaded and premium are green there) and refuses to switch them back despite customers' habitual complaints. In the end, we paid nearly $500 to fix our car, never made it to Champaign, and instead had to call a friend from Indiana to come and get us since the car took two days to get repaired. We later called the manager to let him know what had happened, but he only wanted to argue and offered no apology whatsoever. It is for this reason that we're giving Lambo's one measly star out of five and highly discourage others from giving them their business until they resolve this issue for others.

Sadie Sylvester

Very clean. Very friendly.


Dennis Fields

Very Clean, Friendly, and plenty of choices for food. Will be stopping/staying here when in the area...

dave g

Cleanest and nicest truck stop I've seen in a long time

Mark Helmuth

nice store, well maintained

Veronica Palumbo

Try the extreme french vanilla

Jeremy Gosney

Kathy Smith



Eric Gass

Kyle Patterson

The atmosphere did not give me my money. But it took it out of my account. They said they would do nothing about it. I checked they not only own the machine they also fill the machine. Crooked thieves. They will pay.. one way or another. . Bet..

Nik K

Not a good place... diesel price is cheaper across the hwy... rude lady at the register... no free coffee.. didn't let me pay for my food with points... I fuel 230 gallons...bad experience...not coming back !


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