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1231 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bert's Car Wash IN Illinois

Mike Vite

Caitlin Boyak

Every single time I try to come here they are closed. Their hours state the are open til 6pm, not once have they stay open after 5:30pm, which is frustrating when you work til 5:15 and still can't make it on time even though you're right down Ogden. ☹️


Good full service carwash

Mason C

They did a great job on cleaning my car. It takes a long time when it is busy but they are pretty fast.

Maurice Jackson

Love this place first time gettin detail there It was well worth it especially when u got tan leather omg car wash was on point as well!!

Joanie Franken

They have even there forever. Good value, complete wash, hand dried, inside and out, $10.50. Efficient too

Joel Gonzalez

Excellent service

Joben Grimmius

I got the full detail here which is $145 cash. They did an excellent job on the carpets which I really needed and the interior really shined. The exterior was good though I needed to drive a bit to get all the clay dust off. There are no appointments so I got there at 7am and they were already in full swing. Car was done at 10:30.

Arthur Carvajal

The service is fast, and the attendants are careful with antennas, side mirrors, and wiper arms. The automated wash uses hanging cloth strips and high-pressure sprays to put water, soap, and wax on the vehicle. There are no nylon brushes. The process takes two or three minutes, as does the hand drying with terry cloth towels. The cost is comparable to or lower than other automated washes, and you can earn a free wash after buying nine.

Enda Mitchem

Simply can't live without Bert's Car Wash! Never need to drive around, wait around, and look for a trustworthy car wash place again. They come to you and take care of everything. Innovative, professional, and spotless! Great job.

Nikki S

Honorio Benitez

Miguel Cuevas

Not a real hand car wash

Edwin Cobb

Sam Goldman

Joshua Yeung

It's nice coming here airways quick. Avoid the weekends in a nice day. There will be a backup


Good carwash for the price, good crew working fast to get you in and out.

avani shah

Is this place closed? I have been there 2-3 times in the past week during their working hours but had to return as they were closed and no one answered the call. Anyone else had a similar experience?

Angela Horton

I've been going here for over 15 years!! They clean your car Very well, inside and outside and the price is right!!!

Kevin Karlowicz

Fast and clean

Nakia Lee

Quick and fast

Giorgio Bortolotto

Get there in the early morning! Very popular, they are really good

Tom Marcet

Azra Isovic

Ledell Champion

Very quick wash,and the workers just rush through everything,and dont pay attention to detail


Always do a great job. The price is reasonable too. You can get a hand or automatic wash.

Man as

Took my car there and never again those guys outside dry your car with nast towels which scratches your car, they didnt even complete drying. Overpriced for an automatic car wash pay the same price for a hand wash

Judy Nells

Staff did a great job washing my car. I was pleased and the service is outstanding

Clint Doss

Joe DiMasi

Great job great price

sofigamervlog h

Paid for the top package and was disappointed. The drying was an awful job. The interior was just vacuumed nothing else was wiped. Will not go back.

Rodolfo Korb

Bert's Car Wash is a good car wash for a reasonable price. The $10 off to check into Google is a nice bonus. Could use a waiting area with more frills.

Elena Gray

Got the ultimate wash here and picked this place because it was by hand but looks like it was mostly machine. The main body of my car looks good but it didn’t even get off the salt stains around my tires. Also anything beyond that exterior wash and interior windows is extra money. 17$ is a hefty price to not leave a car in sparkling condition. However, the people were nice and fast and got the job done I just question them rechecking their work at the end before it’s sealed in wax.

Drucilla Posey

Fast, reliable, & professional services every time. Reasonable prices as well. I highly recommend this car wash.

greg shepherd

Christopher Panek

Shane Colbert

Cruz Alonso Lozano

Super rápido servicio genial lo recomiendo mucho para que laven sus vehículos

Shereen Mo

Love this car wash. This time I just did the classic which is only $10.50 but it includes, interior and exterior. They wipe it all down with soft cloths after the wash. Really polite guys!

Ryan Segal

Did a great job shampooing my cars interior. Add some time to their estimate, lol


They normally do a good job but when they are busy they can tend to rush through the cars so that the line isn't too long. Overall not my favorite car wash in the city but by far not the worst. Good prices and if you are new here warning they can get extremely busy in the weekends so go early.

Paola A Ramirez

I paid the top of their services, but it really doesn't look like it... you can see the bad interior clean job, especially on the front windshield. Service at the cashiers is great, and some of the guys are good, but the one that received the car and the one that gave it back have no customer service skills at all.. and the worst it's I spoke Spanish w them ... Finding a good car wash in the city seems almost impossible.

Heidi O'Hair

I love Bert' s! They always do a great job and are so nice

anita monroe

Attention all UBER drivers. You must go to Bert's for interior detailing. I am so happy that Bert's is a partner. I received an excellent rate for outstanding work on my car. It was unbelievable the fantastic job that they did on my car. I could not stop saying "Oh My God!" My car was completely transformed and looked brand new.

Ulanbek Bekmamatov

Charley Charmelo

Great staff, Very busy


Randall Brownlee

Get you in and out quick

Rahul Conda

Linda Gordon

These guys did an amazing job with my car! I loved the personal service and they went above and beyond to make sure my car was detailed to the T!

Kasim Arshad

Truman Barriteau

Chi Cabbie

As a livery driver I come here often. They do a good job.

Gray Jones

Kyle Cooper

gotta keep my truck clean

Edie Guardi

Excellent service at reasonable prices. Long lines on nice days, go early.

Leo Pizarro

Chavez Rene

Selorm Addom-Tetteh

Great Car washing experience


The best by far

Joseph Montgomery

i love the car wash

Roman Levit

Alejandro Rodriguez

Landon Shoop

Jafet Oropeza

Connor King

Good value fast service there is sometimes a midday rush.

Terry O'Grady

Great value.

Get Mo

This place is racist! They discriminate. I am a loyal customer for years and every time I come they say I didn’t pay. I take offense to that and feel everyone should be treat equal no matter what color they are

Chess ETC

Landmark car wash

David Joseph

Georges Delacretaz K

Kristie R

They do a great job. They are fast and have reasonable prices. I use them frequently and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Luminita Ispas

Everyone is fast and always leave the place content with the job.

Mo’ Nique

The price for the work they do are truly amazing. I went in to get a interior shampoo and it looks great but expect to take a day off and wait because there so busy plus I have a large van and I dropped my car off at 8:30 and didn’t receive a call to pick it up until 4:30. It was a experience. Just got to plan to rent a car for a day to keep life moving!! But overall I would go back but I would definitely recommend renting a vehicle for a day to make moves.

Craig Turner

Great service and fast

John Jacobson

Jeremy Estevez

Great service... Uber discount

Wesley Campin

left. line too long. n a bunch of 5.0 creepin

sujay patel

theo livingston


Irma ruiz

Chicago Rex

Well priced and fast, they always do a good job

Courtney Richardson

George Stewart

Jason Anderson

Great interior detail. Had an old garage kept 82' 280zx that just got the cover pulled off. Took the car here to detail the interior and it came out great. Got rid of the old musty smell and the dull looking dash and controls were refreshed.

Valerie Collier

First time here in many years. Great place. I went at 8:00 am and was in and out in no time. I will definitely return soon. Nice folks to do business with.

Ken Viloria

Kenia Osornio

Great service! You pay almost the same for a wash as you do at the “$3” car wash for them to clean the mats and dry it by hand for you. Love brining my car here and driving off with a sparkling clean car!

Hazel D

Our 9 year old car was cleaned, waxed and detailed to perfection. It was absolutely spotless. The interior was so shiny like it’s brand new again. Bert’s is amazing!

Kevin Zhao

They are not a hand car wash place.

Joshua Moore

Terrible service

Deep Shah

I had to wash my car again when I got home. Not worth $14

Pierre C.

Quick and efficient

Jaime Egan

phil kwasinski

Good wash

Harper Reed

Michael Johnson

Always professional and complete attention to cleaning details.

Maurice Covington

Great service.

Ann Brown

Great place and fast

Johnny Williams

Mark Nickel

Awesome wash and service

Lori White

What an amazing and convenient service. I usually don't have time to go to a car was so Bert's Car Wash works great for me. Since it doesn't use any water my car can be parked anywhere and these guys will make it look amazing.

Lentoyi White

The best carwash I've been to in a long time. I got my car detailed and I wish I had taken before and after pictures of my car seats, but I didn't. They did an amazing job. Amazing! The price is right, the staff are hard working, and committed to making customers happy. I will forever drive 40 minutes to Bert's Car Wash if they continue to do a great job. Thank you so much for the great service.


Good wash for the price.

mohammed talat Amjedullah

Leo Neumann

Always do a good job

Naitik Shah

Great price, car was still a little dirty after wash


Staff is hardworking and thorough.

Rohan Q

Saumil Shah

Quick service

Enrique Daza

Awesome service and an amazing job! They kept my car safe overnight when they were too busy to service my car one day

Tony Zee

michael fitzek

Antonio Thomas

For an automated car wash, it really gives your car that hand wash look. The guys ther hand dry and vacuum your car for no extra charge. (Tips are accepted) the ultimate is worth the $16 bucks. Uber drivers get a great discount off the ultimate and whole car detailing.

Vivia mhoon

Melissa Smejkal

Kris Forde

Ok so I rarely write reviews but after the Mickey Mouse magic that was just performed on my car they deserve the attention. So its Saturday about 4pm I am in dire need of a FULL detail I mean it looked like the interior of my car was an halfway house for a family of homeless raccoons..every single space in the car was horrendous I almost wanted to just park the car and run so they didnt know it was mine. I warn the guy that the car is dirty as hell and he looked at me as if to say "dont worry friend...we do this." So I come back just before they close and they pull out a silver charger and present it to me as if it were mine...I immediately think they must have scraped my car and just stolen this one from a dealership because there is no way this my car. But low and behold its mine...and every single spot in the car looks brand new. Now don't get me wrong I am one of those people that detail their own cars and it would take me about 7 hours...but what they did?! Yea safe to say I am a lifetime customer. This place is the true definition of a diamond in the rough. Pricing?! For the job they did definitely would have been worth $200+..but nope only $110. Seriously I will be back and will be referring everyone I know! Bravo guys! Sincerely the once filthy Silver Dodge Charger

Krzysztof Polak

My car got scratched and they don't do a great job washing cars not happy and they don't care would not recommend that cat wash to nobady

Hassan A

Fast good and economically priced.

goutham varma kalidindi

Saleh Muthanna

Fast and great service

Jamieson Brady

This place is an amazing deal $100 for 11 ultimate washes (inside and out of your car, clean mats, tire shine). The guys do decent work, it takes them 5-10 minutes to do what would take me over an hour. I’m gonna get my car detailed here soon for $160 not bad

Eddie Garcia

Good Job

Edwin Evans

Never left their unhappy with my car wash

Darryl Collins

Guys are not vacuuming thoroughly too much in a hurry always a good wash though will continue to go back.

Ella Here

No longer in business

Ryan James

Absolutely amazing! If you have a motorcycle it is well worth the 40$ they charge to detail it! I would never go any where else! Bike looked brand new after!!

Martin nettis

Rosalyn Watson

Quintella Wolf

Kevin Musiorski

Matt Zumbach

Great prices and very efficient.

NoeLoni Adams

Mac Mel

Ranesha Woods

DDC 87

This shop detailed my car inside & outside Clean!! Great Service....

Rebecca Tamason

Fast, thorough, and reasonable. Both car wash and detail service.


Mr. Pavil

Ramon Neira

Pathik Shah

I just had my car detailed and very content with the results; the clay bar detailing left the paint very smooth and immaculate. I can't comment on some of the negative reviews below, but you can't expect "detail" results from just a car wash, i.e. swirl marks can only be removed through a thorough buff job. All in all, there are a lot of car washes to choose throughout the area but I'd recommend the trip to Bert's you and your wallet won't be disappointed.

Greg mylastname

Rob Rodz

Excellent service. If you want a VERY WE DONE DETAIL bring your car to Bert'. I know a lot about car cosmetics and this is the best detail shop and carwssh. Very good management and perfect service.

Alex Alex

Eric G. Cochran

jessica bustos

Its ok but they don’t take care of detail on the vacuuming of a car. They missed some spats and you can still tell it wasn’t well done. But besides that they are ok

Christine Poggianti

Does not answer phone. Online information is incorrect. 30 minute wait to talk to personnel on site. Most staff unable to communicate with customer. Unable to answer basic questions such as:"If I arrive when you open, can you shampoo my uphostery". Many customers were more helpful than staff. Between phone time , travel time and onsite wait time they wasted close to 2 hours of my time and I left without any service. Worst carwash I have experienced.They simply do not care. I would have given them zero stars if it were possible.

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