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REVIEWS OF Atlas Car Wash IN Illinois

Susan Weaver

Don't waste your time and definately not your money! Paid almost 40 bucks here and have had better results with more attention to detail at other places for half the price. This was my first and surely last experience with them. Had to ask attendant to wipe handprints from the car and even had to stop and wipe missed spots on my windshield on the way home. $10 level car wash for 4x the price? No thanks!! .......Had to come back and drop one of the 2 stars I originally gave. Inside was not clean at all. Need to try and get to one of my regular places for a redo tomorrow. If this is standard quality for them, not worth going back to complain. Bad, bad, bad.

d lee

The car wash is fine but they take SO long, especially drying. Only one person dries each car, rather than pooling tips and 2-3 people dry each car. They seem to think they'll get a better tip if they take longer, but I just want to get out of there !!!

Larry Shaffer

Jeff Doherty

This was the first time I used this car wash. The staff was very helpful and tried to get the vehicle clean after a long road trip. I had the car detailed and it came out very nice. They understood my expectations and gave extra effort when trying to remove paint that got on the vehicle from painting the lines on the road.

Carl Myers

Great people and great car wash. Never been disappointed

Joyce Ruiz

Atlas does a super job cleaning your car while you relax sipping coffee inside.

David Herbert

Despite poor reviews I had a positive experience. Car was taken care of and cleaned and dried carefully. Wheels were hit and miss but it was late and the crew were obviously a bit tired.

Rose Martin

Atlas is a higher end car wash. For what they are offering prices are a bit over the top. Today I went in and was quoted $40 for a dashboard detail clean, however, at the counter the lady insisted I need to be charged $55. I question the price and said why can’t you honor what the original person told me and wrote on my ticket. She said it was an error and it’s regardless. She didn’t apologize at all. Then she was harassing me trying to get me to buy the more expensive air fresher (if that can be a thing) and she rolled her eyes when I picked out the $1.70. For the price I had to pay for a minor detail job, I expect to be treated much more respectfully. To be thanked for being a good returning customer. Would a smile have killed her? It’s regardless that they did a decent job on my car, the lady at the counter ruined my experience. I doubt I’ll be back.

vicki karry

They don't accept cars with roof racks plus a sky box. I have a Yakima Skybox on my car. And they turned me away.

dawn neilson

Don’t waste your time or money !!! This place is not good . I just paid 40 dollars for a car wash - I watched their machines rip my antenna out of the back of my car - The machine snapped the bracket that holds the antenna I know this because I am at the dealer right now getting it repaired !! - Spoje to the manager and basically was told this is not my problem !! Very disrespectful WHAT A JOKE !! All my mats were not put back properly and the inside of my car was not completely cleaned.. They charge you a lot of money you would expect it your car to be cleaned correctly!! This was my first time at this place and my last !!!!!!!!!! I was told it is going to be very expensive to fix !!

Paul Lanci

Best place...try their unlimited monthly wash plan

Ric Mondelli

Good place to get the car washed

Mark Bach

Great service. They drive car close for handicap customers

Emanuela Fiorentino

Great services and excellent staff!

Brian Varghese

Great wash! And also a very reasonable promotion where for a monthly fee, you can pay for "unlimited washes" (read - 1 daily wash anytime during business hours).

Jacob R

I do not recommend this car wash, they will rob you of your hard earned money. Pretty much if you want to be robbed then feel free to use this car wash but I highly recommend to look for others that are much more reasonable in pricing and even do more of a better job cleaning. Be very careful with the managers they do lie to try to get your business. In response to the owner's comments: This facilities is a car wash, I highly recommend before anyone going to this location call ahead of time to verify the cost as well as what type of work is included in the cost. I would compare this with surrounding car wash and you will see a major difference not only in the cost but the work itself.

Brittany Humphrey

Tom McGowan

Mariza Martinez

Dont let these people rip you off! They are the worst! Pushy and careless! My daughter for $19.95 got the outside of her car washed and barely vacuumed when you can find a place else to do it for half of that. And lets not talk about costumer service! Because they dont know the meaning of it! RUDE!


This is a great place to get a car wash! The staff is very friendly and they take care of your car like it is there own. I will never go anywhere else to get my car wash! There prices are very reasonable as well!

Bob Nykaza

Sarah Jones

I love coming to Altas Car Wash! Managers are always hands on and my car always comes out spotless (even after going over fresh oil). I’ll definitely keep coming back!

stephanie midanek

Eric Sawyer

Megan McGrath

John Perez

Quality service

Claire Herbert

This review is a running average of quite a few visits. Car cleaning was not too bad, but it wasn't great either. There were still dirty marks on the outside if the car and several smears on the dash and trim on the inside. Service here is hit or miss; it really depends on who is cleaning. I did give tips to start with, but the service is already expensive and they don't remember me as a customer. Again had a poor outcome, with dirt on the inside and outside of the car. This time I complained and was told it was due to the salt. Yep, that's why I go to a car wash; to have it washed off. Very poor service today. I have found somewhere else to take my car and won't be back.

Eric Chung

S. R.

Good experience. Fairly thorough wash for the money. Friendly staff. Going there off peak hours is better (just a thought).

Maritza Villanueva

Galaxy IT Corp

Great car wash! Would highly recommend. A+++

Tony Ma

Great service here!!! No complaints! Their prices and coupon are on their website. I usually do the VIP wash for $36 which includes everything you need for a clean car inside and out. Includes a freshener and drink. Great customer service in a timely manner here! You can get your car windows tinted here too. I will be back again and again!

Aleksandar Stanojevic

Volha Mylko

This is after car wash pics.

Michael Osmon

Paid $24.95 for a car wash this morning after taking my car on a road trip. I am disappointed because there are streaks all over my windows and many spots they missed especially on the windshield, dog hair still covers my carpet, and there is still bits of Doritos between my seats and in the cupholders. Maybe between the seats is on me to clean up but it clearly says they clean center consoles which is basically a pair of cupholders in my car. And the hair on the carpet should've been cleaned better for what I spent. But hey my tires are shiny. Won't be back to atlas again.

stanimir stanimirov

Hello all who will read this! I rarely don't do reviews, but this time think I have to! Went for car wash 4/8/19 at Atlas in Mundelein! Beautiful day, left work early wanted to spend quality time with my family! On my way home stoped to get my car washed just outside! Been there few times, not impressed with the visits,but convenient for me! When stoped I have noticed the guy who took the vehicle had gloves on his hands,but went to the front not paying to much attention to that! When my car was done I went and drove away home. Upon arrival getting out of the car saw disgusting black finger and palm marks on my light grey canvas on the inside column between front and rear driver side doors! Called back immediately,person ask me to return for observation! When arrive the manager/someone said is the owner sister/ came over with arrogant attitude start questioning the story, trying to slide out of responsibilities for the happening, accusing me that I am the one who caused the spots by grabbing the seatbelt,even there is no sense in the movement she try to replicate! I was furious with her attitude and pointed at the person who was wearing gloves which looks left the marks of dirty palm and fingers! When I told her she didn’t have to believe me and wanted to leave,she blushed and shrugging shoulders say that they don’t mind to clean it “for free” for me! Leave the decisions on you readers!

Brian Morris

I would not take any vehicle to this place as they damaged my vehicle. Spoke with my insurance and took it in for an estimate to fix the damages. Damages include some body panel replacement and paint. Owner said he had his own body shop that could paint it but it didn't need bodywork. They refused to pay for all the damages.

jhovany badillo

Don't waste your time in going to this buisness, they do there job very bad. I paid $25 and when I picked up my car all the garbage was under the seats... they robbed me.

blown 101010

The last time the washer damaged the car but my I didn't walk around before I left. What ever you do check your car before you leave! I had gone to the car was a few time thinking it will get better it never did. They never wipe down the interior properly. Car was is just ok. Better places in libertyville that do a hand wash for the same price.

Vicky Finch-Martin

I went there today for an interior detailing. Don't get me wrong, My car was filthy and now it looks wonderful! However the manager Jeorge was incrediby rude. He rolled his eyes at me, complained about how long it took to clean, just would not let it go. I know it was bad, that's why I was okay with paying $200 to have it cleaned. I tipped well because the employees did a great job, but his customer service skills were horrible. He made my mom very uncomfortable at drop off because of how rude he was. I will not be returning to this location.

NSC Sealcoat

D Barrios

Consistently miss something everytime I've gone here. Usually it's a section of window not cleaned. During my most recent visit I paid for extra services to clean the dash and windows and they still missed a large section -- left water spots on the entire passenger side windshield. The attendant also said the wheels would be hand cleaned. They only did a quick surface wipe down and smeared brake dust and tire shine across the surface. I'd really like to give this local business my business, but I'm done trying.

Dave McKenzie

Steven Bennett

Real friendly staff and does excellent work.


Did a great job cleaning the car.


I've been here a few times and they've always done a great job even on an absolutely filthy Silverado that I brought there to get done as a Father's day gift. I came here for the first time on the recommendation from a car dealer actually. It's a little pricey and out of my way but it's been worth it the past 3x I've gone.

Paul Bach

Justin Miller

I have always gotten first-class service at this place. The client is the king in this place!!

A_child 2.0

Chad Goldstein

Windshield was still dirty when they gave the car back to me.

John Revenaugh

Does anyone work here? 30 minutes to get through and there was no line at all. Wash itself was decent, they got the dog slobber off the back widows off the wagon when it having to ask which was nice.

Kay Phillips

Sean Meehan

Best wash I have had!!!!

Kimberly Giet Santana

Quality has gone down. Had to clean my car more after I left

Michael Oller

Dennis Bedka

The best Carwash I know I love it.

Alfred Whatson

Great car wash place, free WiFi too.


My sis washed her car there, spent $19.95, only for them to wash the outside they barely vacuumed and didn’t wipe the dashboard entirely like the package said it would. Their starving for money but do not care about customer satisfaction at a $3 Car Wash you get better service

Jenny OC

I don't know why there are some negative people on here, but I have been going to this car wash for quite some time now but each and every time the owner is out of this world. She makes sure you are 100% satisfied with the car wash you received. I have been going almost every other week and did not have a problem until the other day, but with just a conversation about an unhappy visit, she welcomed me back to get it redone for free. Definitely a owner that has my respect and will definitely be back for more washes!! Thank you for your outstanding customer service.



Tony Alvarez

Great service, best prices great people

Kenneth Jones

Mary D'Andrea

I typically go to this car wash once every three weeks. The last time I went, I noticed that my WeatherTech floor mats were not properly secured on their hooks, which meant that they could slide around. I hope that it was a one-time mistake because it could potentially be fatal if your foot slid while the car was moving. I will return in the near future because my past experiences have always been excellent.

Mike Andrews

I got a hand polish that was pretty well done (they missed the inside of the wheels). They did a great job on interior. The coffee bar is nice. I'll be back.

Dina Nasios

Love this place!

Jason Rehor

Best car wash in the area. They always do a great job and I will keep coming back!

Sarah Howell

Come here several times a month and have never had an issue. The owner is very nice and wants to make sure you are happy. Once we asked for tire shine but did not receive it so we came back and talked to the owner and she made sure it was done properly and that we were happy. We bring several vehicles here and refuse to go anywhere else now. They do a great job!

Jennifer Lugo

Worst place ever! Dont waste your time or money! You can get the same service at a gas station for 3 dollars! Plus cashier/owner is so unbelievably rude! You pay $20 and expect a good service well all you get is your floors half vacuumed some receipts were still there! And all she could say was you can upgrade. No apologies no trying tp fix it, nothing! I wish I could give it no star!

Tina Pascolla

Edward Brandt

Good service and hard workers.

Pawel Skora

Great service, quick turn around. I believe their tint service is overpriced by about 30%.

Alina Thompson

Great place, however, it's not touchless (which is what did a Google search for, and what we wanted), and if you only want an exterior wash, you have to wait in line behind everyone who is also getting an interior clean. They did however do a great job cleaning my car, and were quick to dry it and get us back on the road.

Edgar Guzman

Robert Marcheschi

Top Notch service.

Senor Carlitos

I've seen some reviews and not sure for the less than 3 rating but my experience has always been good. Car is clean , but perhaps a better job getting rid of the bugs on your front bumper is needed...since we do pay 20 bucks or more. I've had my car detailed and was very pleased; couldve given me a cheaper price since it didn't need a lot of work to it stored car , mint shape but for a last minute thing I appreciated the owners flexibility though. My only business recommendation; people now a days have multiple cars perhaps a monthly package deal for multiple cars vs standard price for one vehicle. Just a thought

Kym Damasco

Plan to wait a bit. They do a very nice job just a bit pricey. Golf Rose in Hoffman Estates is just a good and cheaper but I moved to I have to go to Atlas now. Always do a nice job. If you have a sun roof make sure they clean that glass too. Nice waiting room.

Cherie Darkblue

PC Wholesale Direct

This is my favorite place to take all my cars for car washes and details. They offer the best service. You must see for yourself. Their prices is very reasonable and they get the job done right!!

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